When Love Used To Be Priority Number One

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Dear Diary,

Sitting here on my toilet seat this chilling morning, dragging my S.K, journeying down memory lane when men would cross the seven seas because of “LOVE” and after doing the silliest of things for example like washing a girl’s panties and still chest out with pride like Brad Pitt in Troy and shout at the top of your voice “Is there no one else? IS THERE NO ONE ELSE?”

You won’t even know you are acting stupid but that’s what happens when you allow your emotions control you, it makes you powerless. I believe that if you kill your emotions in your dealings with people then you’ve solved 99% of your problems because in every decision making of your life you’ll act with a clear head, fact over feelings. There’s every possibility we can still love and control our emotions, it’s reality or facts first and this is where self love or self interest comes in.

It’s not a bad thing to love but from what love has taught me, I’ll never put a woman first or on a pedestal again. It’s not “if you are happy I am happy”, it’s instead “I have to be happy enough to make you happy”. I need to love myself enough to be able to love some else because any other love you get out there is conditional, even the love from parents. Be the most successful in the family and you are mom and dad’s favorite child aka “The Asset”. Both sexes practice it but I’ll rather do a favor for a guy than a for girl, niggas appreciate things way more.

Buy a guy you are meeting for the first time a bottle of beer and your face is stored in his head for a lifetime, meet him 5 years after he’ll remember your face and reciprocate the gesture but give a girl the world and watch her throw you out of it when things go wrong, afterall it’s hers, you gave it to her.

“Before you give a girl the world, make sure you have a world of your own.”

  • Ken 1651 AD.

Like I said, in my dealings with both sexes in my 33 years of existence, guys appreciate things far better than a woman ever will, especially in this present age and in this part of the world.

Give her the world without having a world of your own, she’ll still ask you one day when things go wrong:

“Manchi, what have you even done for me?”

E go shock you!

Regardless, speaking for myself, I still want to get married and have yellow pawpaw kids like me. I might not be as handsome as Oshiomole but I be spec in my own way.

Would I love to get married? Of course, yes! Am I ready to settle down? Damn right I am because to even top it up I am an only child. But I have studied women, adding their drama to yours, it’s a course on its own. I am not in a haste abeg, plus It’s hard with our present generation of ladies.

To most of our present day ladies, relationship is nothing personal, it’s just a business in disguise. You give me sex under “we are dating” and I reciprocate with giving you money under same “we are dating”. Sad to say but it’s the fact, then I compare it to marriage and realise it’s just a tushed one waiting in front for me. You add someone else to your life, you are compelled to protect and take care of them. It’s handling a whole new responsibility but when you are comfortable and have stayed single for too long, the definition of peace of mind becomes glaring and this begs a quick question:

“Can a woman tag along and give you this kind of peace?”

For me, I still don’t have an answer.

I am single and I believe I get more sex than some guys in relationships, especially the ones in long distance relationships or the other kind where the babe is not a virgin yet puts the guy on “no sex before marriage” terms and still cajoles him into investing heavily on her. The dead man has to go get his sex elsewhere because he didn’t set the terms, she did. You were just stupid enough to buy into her bullshìt. She’s in a serious relationship but sending nudes to another guy (me) while another somewhere else is dying over her (aka the LOML crew), meanwhile we (she and I) both know our dealings are sexual. It’s a f’uc’ked up shit, me sef don love with all my strength and might, another guy has done it to me during the love hunting days so I am not even surprised, you only relate better with what you’ve experienced, some do it for long throat in our present age, things are hard.

Sometimes, I don’t blame them still, we are revelations of our government, all they do is steadily fuc:kkkkkk us in the ass and then milk us hard to rub insult to injury. No joy on the streets no more, we are the monsters they made, as my guy Odogwu said.

If you want to know women, try being the side guy for an eye opener. She would tell you stuffs to make the Main Guy look weak no matter how much of a man he thinks he is, she would do things with you she wouldn’t with the Main Guy. In plain terms, a Saint before the Main guy and her real self with the Side Guy.

I don’t even want to date, I love my peace and calm, when I finally meet her and it’s right I’ll marry. The more the wait the more value I add to my life, gives you more time to keep doing better but heaven knows I am not going to in the name of “we are dating” shoulder any woman’s responsibilities. A broke woman has no business dating, before you kill someone’s son with:

“Baby, I have not eaten since morning”

E no balance, I have my shit together and for me to be better and to take you serious you have to have your shit together too, nothing personal but if sex is all that’s in it for me, something we both enjoy, I’ll pass because it’s the cheapest thing to get. If it’s all about the pussy then she’s a total drag back. If that’s all there is to the game, I’ll never take anyone serious.

It has to go both ways, I want to be spoiled and pampered too, I can’t buy you a wristwatch of 30k on your birthday and I get a boxers, white singlet and handkerchief on mine, I am not a cultural or atilogo dancer.

And yes, I smoke herbs, it’s my therapy and the realest women I have met are herb smokers. They come with a whole new vibe.

Please don’t take it the wrong way, I am straight as a ruler so I love women, before someone tags me a misogynist or GAYbriel!

Just a clean heart venting.

I rest my case.

Me against the world,


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