The Curious Life of a Wayward Pikin

The Strength of a Woman

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Dear Diary,

Shaggy was probably on to something when he sang:

“So amazing how this world was made, I wonder if God was a woman…”

The lyrics may sound really blasphemous to my Christian brothers but don’t blame him, the nigga had to ask. That’s why they say that after God created Man, He rested. But after He created Woman, neither God nor Man have rested ever since. Women are imbued with so much power that it’s so funny that most of them don’t realize this. How was Delilah able to conquer Samson, a feat that the entire Philistine army couldn’t accomplish? Why did Adam eat the apple that Eve gave him despite God’s strict instructions not to do otherwise? Why did David (a married man o! chai) transform into a base creature; an adulterer, a fornicator, and a murderer over Bathsheba? Why did Solomon, the purported wisest king in all of Israel (or was it Jerusalem?) marry over 600 wives and 300 concubines? Where is the wisdom in that?

It all boils down to the strength of a woman.

And I’m not just talking about her ‘sexual’ power (cos I know that’s what y’all are thinking), I’m talking about her allure. That thing a woman has that draws a man to her like the Bermuda triangle, and it’s even more confusing for the man because he knows that it’s not even about the sex. The way she acts, the way she smiles, her intelligence, the way she bites her lips when she’s worried, the way she makes him feel, her knack for perfection, the peace of mind she brings, the way her hair smells, the sound she makes when she’s eating, the way she makes his world complete… It could come down to the most mundane thing, but it’s there and every woman has it.

A woman is a war machine carefully constructed to conquer the hearts of men.

You hear them saying that men are big babies, they are absolutely right! Once you satisfy their simplistic needs, anything you want, they will do. They will go above and beyond (David killed Bathsheba’s husband, Samson trusted Delilah completely, Adam defied God, Solomon probably stopped listening to the voice of God and became even deeper immersed in punna, King Herod beheaded John The Baptist on the insistence of his daughter who was secretly acting on the instruction of her mother – his wife) to please you.

This power that is innate in all women can be used for either good or evil. You decide what you want to use your power for, but always remember that what goes around comes around, and Karma has your return address. What we sow we shall always reap.

Are you a nurturer or a destroyer?

Beht, if you’re wondering how to unlock your power as a woman, that one na tori for another day and no be me dey teach that course.

Till next time,


Wayward Pikin.

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