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Small Girl No Dey Nigeria Again

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Dear Diary,

Today I want to talk about something that worries me deeply, and that’s the level of sexual perversion that exists in our society at the moment.

Yesterday I heard this phrase from three guys and a lady (at different times), which goes: “Small girl no dey Nigeria again.”

This got me thinking, what the hell does this mean? No be say I no like woman; I like woman, I dey straightforward. But I have limits, or standards, or a threshold below which I refuse to descend as it would feel like I have soiled myself. Maybe because I have gorgeous sisters who I worry about and try to take care of.

I have always known that we men are predators, but I never could fathom how serious this was until I had access to the Facebook of a young girl of about 17 or 18 who used my phone to access her account. Mehn! You needed to see the strings of notifications, friend requests and inbox messages that kept flooding in on a per second billing. Someone please tell me what all these men are looking for? Men of all ages, my egbons and the ones that are still coming up, all vying for the attention of this small girl who is trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. The comments, the flattery, the attention, is enough to set any little girl astray if she gives into it. The girl doesn’t even have to be pretty, just have boobs and aşs and a nice shape and the wolves will be at your doorstep.

I ask myself, has it always been like this? The truth is that it has, as men will always chase women but social media has made things a lot worse. Another truth is that it is the sickos and psychos out there that are the most persistent. Believe me these guys don’t give up! Flooding your inbox or WhatsApp with meaningless messages. How about you get a life? How about you get yourself some standards? How about you stop thinking with your dìcks and leave people’s daughters alone? Sure some of these girls thrive on the attention and develop narcissistic tendencies as a result, but the men are ultimately to blame. I have seen and I have observed. As at now, no woman of any age is safe and this is the main reason why I’m not so keen on having a girl child not just in this country but anywhere.

Yesterday evening I was chilling with a friend of mine at a barbing salon when this cute, fair skinned girl came buy and displayed her wares if we are interested in buying (she was selling perfumes). We all looked through and I told her I didn’t’t have any money on me but if she gave me her number I would control her to my apartment so she can sell one of her products to me. Normal guy scopes though, I thought she was cute and wouldn’t mind getting to know her better if you catch my drift. After she gave me her number and left, one of the area guys winked at me and told me that the girl had two children and was living with the man as husband and wife abi wetin I wan call am?

He encouraged me to still run the package that nothing spoil as e be like say the babe gbadun my parole. Say I go just run am on code. But how could I? I just felt this bitter taste in my mouth and lost interest immediately. This babe couldn’t be up to 20, at the very highest 18/19. At what age did she start fùcking nitori oloun? And she on her own, I’m sure she doesn’t mind still going around fùcking other guys on ‘code’ as long as say she dey see shikini money on the side from all her exploits. This is why they keep reminding me that small girl no dey Nigeria again but I refuse to understand. My heart just won’t accept it.

There are a couple of small girls in a female saloon opposite my house who are quite fond of me as I do drop change with them from time to time, sometimes they act funny, like trying to get my attention or something, other times my friends who visit occasionally tell me that these girls like me but I just don’t see it, based on the fact that such acts do not even register on my radar. They are too young and too small and I feel like I’m too old which I may or may not be as I’ll be turning 29 in December. But man gotta give himself small brain and prestige, you can’t just be following everything in skirt or constantly thinking of your next lay. Girls need to be more careful cos there are a lot of deranged fellows out there and nowadays you can’t tell by age, sometimes the older ones who you should be respecting will shock you with how debased they are.

In the end it all boils down to money and sex, but are these things really worth it? How many people are you going to sleep with before you make enough money? And for the guys, how many girls are you going to sleep with before you realize that there is more to life that hounding the lives of small girls that are just sprouting breasts? If I talk they will justify it by telling me that SMALL GIRL NO DEY NAIJA AGAIN. And lately the girls have started singing the same song too. You tell her she is still a small girl and she gives you that same bloody phrase. The audacity of it all. Maybe it’s time I get with the programme and keep my views to myself cos people look at me weird when I get all preachy as they don’t expect that from me. But why must you go for girls that are so young if you’re not a weakling and a predator? Cos they’re easy targets?

And last but not least, where are the parents in all of this? Where are the mothers? Where are the fathers? Where is the voice of reason in the midst of all this maddening chaos that deafens me? The matter really weak me o I no go lie. May God bless us as we navigate the rest of the year. Say AMEN!

Till next time,


Wayward Pikin.

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