The Curious Life of a Wayward Pikin

Did You Live Up To The Hype Others Had Of You?

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Dear Diary,

Thinking back to my school days, can I say that I was the life of the party? People gravitated towards me in wide eyed wonder, and I could never understand why. I would be walking with a friend and so many people would stop me to greet me, or would be so happy I knew them. Everyone knew me by my name and got super excited if I knew their names too. You know, one of those guys that are quite popular and whose gist is one of the ‘hottest’ topics on campus. Yeah I went through quite a number of ladies.

So many people expected a lot from me, and I never asked for any of that responsibility. I even got me this very hot girlfriend that every guy desperately wanted and admired (the “love of my life”). No, I didn’t have money or anything, just an enterprising “broke àss” student with a personality that shone brighter than the sun. Then, the shoe began to drop. I experienced a major setback in a business I tried to establish in school in my 200 level. I’m talking TOTAL FAILURE. And this was me going through a phase in my life where I felt like the world was my oyster. I was doing a very lucrative voiceover contract job for Nigerian Idol which also ended around that time, dragging my safety net out from under me.

After a tumultuous on and off relationship, my girlfriend at the time finally left me, devastating me completely. Some of my supposed friends tried to get with her, and I was regaled with tales of how she was the hottest thing in town, enjoying life, seen in different rides and locations. I managed to keep it moving, but my confidence took a major plunge. I wasn’t as on top of the world as I thought I was. I withdrew some more into my shell. Between my 400 level and extra year, I managed to set up a profitable laundry business in the heart of campus.

So many people were surprised I ventured into that cos I had always been that “fresh” guy. It felt like I had lost some of my spark and was now, quite literally, a regular guy, which I always was anyway. At this point, the yahoo boys had fully taken over the scene with different kinds of rides on display. Once in a while, when discussing with an old friend, they always start out saying how I was such a big deal back then, and how I have so many talents I never utilized and blah blah blah. I can never quite capture how they all saw me, but I obviously didn’t live up to the hype.

Till next time,


Wayward Pikin.

Oya, over to you guys! Did you live up to the hype others had of you?

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