Confessions – PART 2 (LOST IN ABSU)

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Here I was,in the sitting room in front of my Dad and Mum; I had summoned them earlier that I had something to tell them, I had come to the conclusion that the best thing was to let them know, one thing was for sure, even if I couldn’t tell them the truth I wanted and was willing to tell them something close to the truth, I felt it was safer and better that way, I had made up my mind, no going back. I could see the tension in my mums face, I guess she would be wondering what was so important I had to say, I had never in my life summoned them for a meeting before, so for me to have done that, it has got to be something really serious, my Dad sat at his favourite corner, legs crossed, waiting for me to spill what I had out, but only if they knew how critical and how crazy what I was going to tell them ll hit them, I was trembling where I was, even if I had summoned little courage to face them, I seriously didn’t know where or how to start, and before I knew it, tears was rolling down my cheek, cos I know I had messed up big time, when the tears started rolling, that was when they knew how serious it was,

“Nwachukwu, ( she called out my name in Igbo, meaning God’s Son ) what is it?, ke me ni?(Meaning what happened in Kwale, her native dialet), ke ne me e (meaning what is wrong with you), as she came close to share my sit with me


I left Eddy’s place to the park as soon as he broke the news to me that evening about the School Security coming to look for me, how did they get to know about me?, I seriously do not know, all I could think of was Cynthia’s neighbour that saw me that faithful day, maybe she told them something, I sincerely do not know, the only idea that came to my head was to run. I had nothing else on my mind rather than leave town, I couldn’t face my Brothers for fear of the unknown and I couldn’t afford getting caught by school security, so the only option I had left was run. I took nothing with me as I was leaving town, except for the boxers, black round neck inner wear and the jean trousers I was wearing, leaving the rest things have got behind, my apartment and everything in it, my life was more important than mere properties, lent a thousand naira from Eddy cos back then N750 was enough to see me through from Abraka to Benin, and hurriedly left to the park. Even at the park, I was restless, I just couldn’t wait for the bus to leave, my eyes gazing around consistently, from one end of the road to another, one word, ‘FEAR’, I wasn’t ready to face the consequences or punishment that was chasing me, deep down inside me, I was praying,

“God just keep me safe and see me through in one peace out of town and I swear to never return again”

I knew nothing was ever going to make me go back to Delsu again, my leaving town was for good, I was so restless to the extent, if I had

enough money on me, I would have paid for a few empty sits, just so the driver could take off. It took a while that evening before we finally had complete passengers, that moment was one of the scariest moments of my life, have heard of cultist who where killed at the park while trying to leave town, I just didn’t want to get caught, the fact that I had already shamed my parents was enough, when there’s life, then there’s hope, and when there’s hope, other things ll fall into place.

I hardly could breath,I was choking where I was, not till the driver left Abraka completely, that was when I finally had relieve. In the bus, as it journeyed to Benin City, I was thinking about my life, and the silly mistakes have made, was every single thing worth it?, where do I start from?, when my mates ll be graduating the following year and serving the upper year, what ll I tell my parents, and they have been so proud of me, are they worth the pain?, where did they go wrong to have made me disappoint them like this?, they gave me everything any son or daughter could ever ask for, love, support, they weren’t that wealthy, but I never lacked a thing, they sent me money more than I asked for, they did definitely everything just to make their only child happy, but this is how I pay them back, where they worth the pain?, as I thought about my mistakes, I was dripping tears right inside the bus, cos I was clueless at that point in time of what to do with my life, or where to start from, the bigger pain was that they brought me up well, I only just chose the wrong path for myself, no one forced me.

Just like yesterday, I remember when I use to sing and play the Piano in Church and from where I stood, I could see the smile on my mums face, we even wink at eachother sometimes when our eyes jam, she was so proud of me, sometimes after Church services, when we are home, she tells me and my Dad of how other women praise her in Church about having a son that is worth 10 sons, and I see how proud she says it, and I remember those days when she sees me off on my way to School, saying those words,

“Don’t join cult ooo”

And I ll always reply

“I dey mad?, do I have that time?, abeg my parents brought me up well, I no even get the mind”

My Dad could manage the news, just that I doubted if he ll ever forgive me, but my Mum? Damn!,’ sweet Mum I wish I listened to you, am sorry, I was just a young naïve boy, who had never tasted absolute freedom before, I got the freedom and over explored it, my intentions weren’t to hurt you, I wronged you bad, real bad, please forgive me’

The deed had been done, so the only thing left was to man up and face what was next squarely. Just to avoid prying eyes, and to make sure words don’t linger to my parents unexpectedly cos that ll break them down, I had to avoid all family members, Aunts, Uncles and cousins residing in Benin, I had just one place in my mind to hide my head for the time being, and that place was Joel’s place, he was a close friend, resides in the same hood in Lagos, I had visited him like three to four times in Benin, he was a Diploma student as at that time, and we both wrote Post UME at UNIBEN years before, just that we both didn’t get admitted, before my Delsu admission clicked. It was the safest I thought of at that moment, and I trusted him cos he knew how to keep his mouth shut, and besides that, apart from needing a place to hide my head, I needed advice from whoever ll give it to me, but this advice can only come when I open up, and the only person I knew I could open up to was this guy. I knew him well from our secondary school days, so I needed to tell him, cos I couldn’t go through all the agony, regrets and pain on my own, I might just end up rolling a rope around my neck, the pains was that much, what about the shame?, I might just end up making a bigger mess if I had done things on my own, I was just 20 plus. After I touched Ring Road Benin, I still had enough change to take me to Ugbowo, Uwasota Junction. I took a bus, and headed to his place.

Chapter 2


I got to Joel’s place at about 7.30/8.00pm, I didn’t even inform him I was coming, fear didn’t allow me switch my phone on, if not, I ought to have given him a call about my visit, though surprised, he welcomed him in, and thought I came for one of those random visits, cos I wasn’t even carrying anything, except for what I was putting on, as I got into his room, the first thing he said was,

“This one wey you just surprise me like this, how e be you nah, you no even say make you buy bread, Owu(meaning hunger) wan kill me as I dey so”

I managed to fake a smile, within me I was like

“Guy, if only you knew”

One thing was different in me, I hardly could talk, I found it hard, my heart and Soul were weary, I was down, it was like I had lost

everything, I was thinking about my mess, the last thing to even think of was dem girls I left behind,

‘To your tents oh Israel, everybody gats carry him cross’

I couldn’t tell Joel anything at first, cos I needed to take my time, I just tried hard to fake it like all was well, that night all I needed was a cold bath and bed to crash, there wasn’t even appetite for food. He had one concursion rice like that he prepared, he dished mine but I was only able to eat little and then jumped on the bed and dosed off, before I slept off, he noticed some strangeness in my attitude and he would ask,

“Oboy dis one wey you dey do like gborlo so, wetin dey do you?”

“Bro I dey alright, I just tire jare” I ll reply

I managed to sleep till like 2am, and when I woke to Pee, I couldn’t sleep anymore, the sleep had eluded me, so I sat at one end of the room, the next thing that followed suit was thinking, at first I was thinking about how to go about the whole thing without my parents knowing.

Apart from messing up and downgrading myself before my Brothers, there was more to it before I made the decision of never ever returning to Delsu, I was one of the pioneers of the war that has been brewing between two frats, and there was an 80% tendency that the opposing frat was looking for me, infact I was certain about it and coupled with the school security searching for me, it was enough reason to make me run. After lots of thinking, I came up with the idea of not letting my parents know, I ll just look for a job somewhere and start a per time course in another school far away, which to me, I felt was best, then look for lies to tell my parents the year they were expecting me to graduate, I just didn’t see myself sitting in front of them and telling them I ve messed up, I can’t do that. Another thing was there’s nothing hidden under the Sun, what if somehow the news gets to them, what about the friends I ve in school that resides in my hood in Lagos, wouldn’t they notice they ve not being seeing me in school?, how long can I keep it secret?, that was when I needed Joel’s help, his thoughts on the issue, but no matter what happens, my parents must not know.

I looked at the time, and realised I had been thinking for 2 hours plus, the time was some minutes to 5am, so I woke Joel, even when he woke up, he still looked drowsy, but I was able to keep him awake,

“Guy abeg I wan reason you one matter like that, you fit take water wash your face?” I asked,

“Omor I no fit go outside ooo, wetin be that?” He asked with a faint voice.

It was a one room apartment, the toilet and bathroom were located outside the compound, so for him to know I wasn’t joking and what I had to say meant life and death to me, I took a bowl of drinking water he had in his room, and poured it on his head, it worked like magic cos he came alive, jumped up from the bed and shouted,

“You dey mad?, nah because of one mumu thing wey you wan talk nah em make you dey pour me water?, the girl wey do you this thing wicked I swear”

“Oga sit down jor, wetin dey worry you?” I replied,

“Ok, nah which babe dey make your dada dey plait like this?” he asked and sat down laughing,

“By the time I finish wetin I wan yarn you, you no go see mouth take laugh again” I fired back,

“I hear, no be you wey I know?, like say e pass woman matter” he said

“Bro shut up and listen” I replied angrily, he was beginning to get me infuriated cos it wasn’t funny, so he kept quiet.

After few minutes of silence between the two of us, I cleared my throat, then started,

“Bro, wetin I wan reason you so, nobody know about am, after I reason you finish, then tell me wetin you think” I said.

“Bro, fire on, I dey hear you” he replied

I told him how and what led to me becoming a kushman, how it all started in the class room, the first day I and Salma met in the exam hall that faithful day, how every incident unfolded, the more I talk, the more interested he looked, I was busy with my narration to the extent we didn’t know it was break of dawn already, I didn’t exclude any vital detail, till it balled down to me absconding from school, I related every detail to how I got to his house the previous night and when I was done, it wasn’t funny to him anymore, he was speechless for a lonnnnnng while, eyes red and when he finally spoke, what came out of his mouth was,

“Nawa oooo, things dey happen oooo, I suspect, cos you dull when you enter yesterday, I know say something dey wrong”

I told him about my new plans of starting a per time course and working, and not telling my peeps at home about it

“Bro no just keep quiet, I dey run mad for here, wetin you think?” I asked

He looked at me for a while, and said,

“Bro, seriously you need let your peeps know for house, me sef nah System man, you no dey safe for here”

“You dey mad?, tell dem wetin?” I asked,

“Bro, I might sound silly ooo, but nah the best thing to do, dem gats know, just face the matter once and for all, nah wetin I feel ooo Bro” he replied

We kept arguing and deliberating all day, I didn’t want my peeps to know, It was difficult for me to accept it, so he left me to ponder about it for days, after giving me valuable reasons I can’t remember, my fear

was my mum, how she would take the news, am used to my Dad’s strictness, all the same, there was no liver to face them, how I wan take do mouth dey talk am?,

I reasoned what Joel told me for days, then one night, I woke up, and was having a reflection about my life and the disasters ve brought upon myself, it is always too late to say the words ‘had I known’, this particular night, I realised that a time comes in ones life, where what you are going to be, all balls down to one insane move which would either make me or break me, and this move was either telling my peeps or doing things my way, and whatever decision I make was either going to make me or lead me to my destruction.

Chapter 3


I was left with two options but one decision to make, whatever it was, I hope it was the right choice I made. Not like I bought Joel’s idea but I still felt it was better, the P now was how to face them, I had doubt in me, countless number of times I ll always ask myself, if eventually I summon little courage to man up for my mistakes, how do I even start, several times I come to the conclusion to squash it, cos its a difficult

thing to do. Goddddd, my mum was the only thing I was thinking of, she is the closest person in the world to me, there are secrets myself and my mum share that my Dad doesn’t know of till date. When Mumcy caught me with Esther in the house after she warned me to stop seeing her, even after seeing where I hid this girl in my wardrobe, she kept it secret and never told my Dad till date; She doesn’t even know I take alcohol let alone smoke weed, nothing you tell her to make her believe. There was this day at home, I was hanging out with friends drinking at a local bar not too far from my house, a friend to my mum saw me, called my mum that she saw me not too long drinking, that she saw lots of beer bottles on our table(in the your pikin dey enjoy manner), when I got home that day, what she told me was

“Mrs Okoje called me and said she saw you drinking at Calabar Village, I told her to clean her eyes well that my son doesn’t take alcohol, people won’t mind their business, Amebo (Gossip) woman,

I was shocked, this woman had 100% trust for me, she didn’t even ask if I was truly at the bar or not, she was sure of what she believed in, she loved me with everything, most quarels I had with my Dad happened when my mum wasn’t around, and whenever she came back and asked why it happened, I ll always tell her

“Mumcy if you where around, it wouldn’t ve happened, you know naw”

And she ll be like

“I know”

Our connection was mad, if you where to be by my side when speak with my mum on the phone, you would think I am talking to my girlfriend,

“Babe howfar nah, I don miss my Babe nah, so I say make I call my girlfriend, my number 1 iyawo, Chei Sweety, my love”

That’s how I talk to her, Maale go just dey laugh, she ll keep laughing till we are done talking, we are incredibly close, I don’t ask things from my Dad, I ll tell my mum then she tells my Dad, and its part of the reason I know how to speak her native dialet better than my Dads cos we ve been close since childhood, but My Dad?, lmfao Choi, the man no dey smile ooo, nah Grammaterian, to the extent whenever we talk am always in my best behaviour, come see as I go dey speak british English wey I no sabi, and I calculate the grammar before I speak am cos if I do mistake, Popcy go correct me, so whenever am home I hardly talk to him, I could be in the sitting room with my Dad for hours and not say anything, and if I stay that long, just know its a football

match we are watching, cos its boring watching a football match alone, aside that, I watch the rest things in my room,

“Oohh ooo, Ayegbeni pass the ball to Martins nah”

That’s the kind of discussions we ve, but Mumcy, My Queen, I tell her everything, she go even tell me amongst all my flock of Ladies I mingle with the one she likes the most and feel ll make a good wife, but ll still tell me, she ll accept any woman I bring home as wife.

Our closeness was off the hook, then please tell me how do I place my mouth when I want to break the news to them?, she ll be soooo hurt, cos many times when we talk on the phone, she always told me about her friends asking her when I ll be graduating, and she always told them I was in my 300 level to be graduating the following year, I know say I Bleep up die, as in pieces, but whatever that has happened in my life, was for a reason, I know I brought everything upon myself, though a young naïve boy, that carried the load of things bigger than him on his small shoulders that led to his downfall but I wasn’t ready to allow this downfall be the end of my life.

With Joel’s encouragement and advice, I was able to make up my mind a little about the face-off, I kept asking this guy,

“But guy, how I wan take start, Imagine my Mum to know say I don reach the extent of even carrying gun say I wan go snie person, you know the height?, something wey I almost do, Cheii, I am finished, so make I tell them that one too?”

“Them go respect you more for am, and you gats make them know say you don change, ask them for forgiveness say you don learn your lessons, I know its not easy, but you just gats try, tell them everything” he said,

“See as you dey talk am like say e easy” I said,

“Guy, see enh, anything wey make you tell them say you wan see them, trust me you go talk, nah to start be the koko, once you start, the rest no go be issue”

I had to reason with Joel cos he was making sense to me, I finally made up my mind, that whatever it takes, I ll try, though still wasn’t sure. I stayed in his place for 2 weeks plus, then made the decision to go home, exams in Delsu was over, I wanted to go home like I came for the break, all these while, my phone had been off, fear no gree me cos I knew lots of peeps where trying to reach me, I just called my peeps telling them I lost my phone, more money, I needed some clothes.

They sent me enough doe, which I used in getting clothes, cos phones where a lil still expensive then. Joel helped me with a bag, I changed the case of my phone to a different colour to make it look like I got a new phone, gathered the necessarry things I needed, got to Ohonba Line, that wasn’t too far from Uwasota Junction, and headed straight home to Lasgidi.

Chapter 4


I bought a new sim card, took just Salma, Chizzy, Cynthia and Susan’s number and condemned the old sim with the rest numbers, that of my Parents wasn’t a P cos I had theirs upstairs, I wanted to be out of reach, I couldn’t trust anyone, even after transferring these ladies numbers, I called none of them, I didn’t care if they were worried, pulling myself together was more important to me, I needed to get settled, then maybe, just maybe I might ve their time.

I journeyed home, my Mum so excited to see her son. Whenever I was about to travel home for any break I always told my mum before hand, the reason was, she would always prepare my favourite dish, Egusi soup and Semo or Eba, she doesn’t fail, all I needed do was just

freshen up then go to the dinning to meet my favourite food already set waiting for me to devour it, she would serve this meal the way she would to my Dad, sometimes if my Dad were to be around there, he ll be like,

” Sometimes I wonder who this woman is marrying, whether its me or you”

Trust me this one aint a joke, I know when my Dad is joking and when he is serious, Jealousy written all over his face like an intruder is trying to steal his wife, ‘reason is cos we aint close, and whenever am around, Mumcy spends more time with me gisting, joking and laughing, sometimes when my Dad comes out and meet us, he ll be like,

“What are you people even laughing and discussing about everytime, nah una know” and then walks away,

It wasn’t my fault that we weren’t close, he didn’t give me the chance to while I was growing up, he was so damn strict, so I grew up being very scared of him, just that I am a very stubborn kid on my own, I got use to the strictness that it become nothing to me, no be koboko wey I don dey chop from small? Mtheeeew, the only time I can remember my mum touched me, was when I hid a girl in my wardrobe, a dirty slap, till date, but if were to be my Dad, CHINEKE!!!, the house ll turn

up side down that day, but in all it made me more stubborn and fearless, that was why I had the mind to do the crazy things I did in Delsu, so to what end? Why the strictness?, It is now I understand what being strict does, it makes you live a life of pretence, cos when I got into the higher institution I wanted to explore everything I didn’t ve the chance of doing at home, how does a good kid walk up to a cult and says he wants to join?, not like I was threatened to be part of any fraternity, I willingly asked to be bammed, I explored ladies to the fullest, drank alcohol like crazy, smoked cigarette, smoked weed, but when I go visit my Parents, I still act like that innocent kid they ve always known, My Dad’s strictness led to my Pretence, if he had drawn me close like my mum did, I would ve been a better kid, all I ever did while growing up was use my Mum’s closeness to console myself, the strictness was so much that I can’t just wake up, pick my phone and call my Dad, if I dial his number, know its his birthday, I sometimes even forget to wish him a happy birthday, its that bad, my mum ll then call me,

“Nwachukwu, do you know your Dad is upset with you?, how come you didn’t wish him a happy birthday?”

This ll be happening a day after and he ll pick a quarel with me from there, its not my fault, just that he never crossed his mind to ask me why I ve never ever forgotten my Mums birthday, the answer to that is crystal clear, but all the same everything ve learnt and been through has made me a better man today.

I sat on the dinning, devouring my meal, as she looked and smiled at me,

“How’s the food?” She asked,

“E make sense die” I replied

She laughed and asked

“Gist me naw, how’s school?”

Immediately my conscience began to prick me, how ll this woman take this news, I was asking myself, I was having a rethink about the whole thing, I just managed to reply

“Maale school make brain, you know I just came in, make I relax, I ll gist you” I replied,

It was better not to say anything, than make her feel good then she gets to hear a heart breaking news later; very understanding woman, she felt I must be tired after a long journey,

“Enjoy your meal and rest naw, we ll talk later” she said.

After eating I ran into my room, pretending to be sleeping but was reasoning very deep, but the earlier I confronted them with the issue, the better, cos I don’t wanna lie to my Mum, I can’t excape gisting with her, it was a normal thing to us, and she doesn’t deserve me avoiding her, it was a friday, so I felt saturday was a good day to spill the beans, but only if I could tell them I got something important to discuss with them the next day, then use the whole night to think of how to go about it, at least doing that would be a good start, believe me these moments were the hardest moments of my life.

It took me the whole night, after the pain and tears, cos I know I was about to hurt them, I heard my room door opened earlier, it was my Dad calling my name, probably just to say welcome, but I didn’t answer (was in deep thoughts pretending to be asleep), late at night, like around 10pm, when I knew they ll both be in the sitting room probably watching t.v, after I had made up my mind, knowing finally it won’t kill me, I stood up from my bed, wiped my tears off, went to the bathroom to wash my face, wiped my face with my towel, came out, took a deep breath and then stepped into the sitting room, just as I had thought there were both sitted watching a movie,

“Daddy good evening sir” I greeted, I was seeing him for the first time since I arrived,

“How’s your trip, I checked on you before, but you were sleeping, so I decided to let you rest” he said,

“Yes sir, I was sir, the journey was fine Sir” I said

Believe me I was melting where I stood, the thoughts of narrating those gross scenes and miserable stories before them looked so impossible, I was like,

“God, can I do this?” I was asking myself

I didn’t want to sit cos definitely, the questions about school ll start rolling in, so I managed to say this

“Daddy I just wanted to greet you, am tired and want to sleep”

Turned back and was walking down back to my room as I heard him reply

“Ok, goodnight”

My courage failed me, I hadn’t the mind to even tell them I had something to tell them tomorrow, i went into my room and then leaned with my back against the door as i closed it from behind, I sat on the ground, back against the door, it was soooo hard, really hard, the tears started rolling again, cos I knew they ll be so disappointed, after a while I got hold of myself, went to the bathroom to wash my face again, cleaned my face with a towel, came out, slapped myself severally to psyche myself up and after lots of slap, I forced myself out again to the sitting room where they sat, without wasting time, I said,

“Mumcy, Dad, I ve something very important to tell you people, but it wouldn’t be this night”

“Hope its something good?” My mum anxiously asked

I didn’t answer, at least I just climbed one step,

” Maale, it is something we ll all ve to sit down and discuss like a family” I said shaking,

“Ok, tomorrow night when I get back” my Dad fired back,

Finally I did it, it was so hard, now they ll be waiting for whatever it was I ve to tell them, only if they knew how the things they ll hear the next day ll break their hearts in pieces.

Chapter 5


I ve always heard that familiar proverb, that

“The journey of a thousand miles starts from a step”

I finally took a step into a miserable journey I had been trying to embark on, a journey of great storm, tornado as critical as it comes, a journey of broken hearts, all I needed do was pray I was on the right sail, journeying on the right ship which Joel was my captain, since I

knew if I were left on my own, Heaven knows I wouldn’t ve thought about this journey let alone climb on this ship.

I was awake all night, how can I sleep?, when I had the craziest task to carry out on saturday night, I even wished saturday didn’t come, I was busy all through the night talking to Joel on Xtra Cool as it was called then, he was the only guy on my contact list, I was telling him how difficult the task seemed to me,

“Shey you don tell them say you wan see them?, the earlier the better oooo” he asked,

“See as you dey even dey talk am like say e easy, I don tell them that one, and I dey regret like this, if to say I never tell them, I swear I for lock up completely” I replied angrily,

We spoke at length as he kept hitting the issue on the head as a hammer would to a nail, giving me reasons why this decision was the best, why they needed to know, that though a tough one, but no one else ll give me the help I needed to go through all that agony and pain tearing me apart inside,

“Bro no matter what happens, your child ll forever remain your child no matter his sins, the respect wey them go get for you ennh, no be

here, do you know what it is to man up for your actions?” Joel said that

If it weren’t for this guy, I think I wouldn’t ve gone that far, I don’t know how he did it, some peeps are just inspirational talkers, I guess its his gift, me wey stubborn die, I was as calm as the morning breeze listening to this guy lecture me, and I was buying everything he was saying, finally with his creativity, he was able to instill in me that mindset of never turning back, after that night call I was filled with enough zeal and courage to face my parents and face the outcome, it would put an end to my crying and sleepless nights, at least I ll know the peeps that truly loves me ll accept me for whatever mistake I ve made in life, one thing in this life is certain, once in a while you might doubt the love of a girlfriend/ boyfriend, but there’s this particular love you ll never doubt, its the love of the ones that brought you to life, cos at the end its the same blood, little wonder there’s never a place like home, this love is guaranteed.

We spoke all through the night till 4.30am, this guy’s words, made me strong and courageous, finally I began to look forward to face them and get it over with. I caught some sleep afterwards, my cries were over I thought in my small mind. I woke that morning, trying to be my usual self, finally I was looking forward to facing them at night, ready to tell them the truth and nothing but the truth.

Through out the day, Mumcy kept asking me what was so important I had to tell them with huge smiles on her face, she wanted me to share a lil insight, within me, I was like

‘Who no know, no know be that ooo, I wonder if you ll be smiling like this after I tell her’

“Mumcy we go talk am for night, I ll tell you and Popcy at night”

“Nwachukwu, so you mean you won’t give me small expo, after you ll say am your girlfriend” she said,

That got me emotional, but all I could do was give her a fake laugh.

I don’t know if it was just me, the time was running very fast on this particular day, before I knew it, it was 12 noon, before I could say Jack, it was 6pm, my heart and the time became lovers, walking alongside holding hands, the faster the time read, the faster my heart beat. At about 8pm, my Dad was home, dinner was served, as we ate together, the questions began rolling in,

“Nwachukwu so what is it you said you wanted to tell me and your Mum yesterday?” My Dad asked,

My heart flew,

“Daddy please after we ve eaten, I can’t do it now” I replied,

“Seriously, you are beginning to scare me oooo” My mum said fearfully,

The pressure started mounting on me again,

“Was it not me that said I had something to tell you people?, I will nah” I said arrogantly but in a calm way,

So they freed me. After my meal, I went to freshen up, as I was bathing, I was rehearsing, word after word, how to start when I face them, I kept doing that till I was through bathing and dressing up, a boxers and a singlet, stood in the middle of the room to encourage myself first, called Joel briefly, telling him It was about to go down, he gave me a few words of encouragement, which psyched me up, then I took a bold step, stepped into the living room where my Parents sat waiting for me.

I took a sit, my Dad sitting in his favourite corner, my Mum sitted not to far from him, like they ve been suspecting it wasn’t an ordinary thing I wanted to say, they ve been seeing the signs, he took the t.v remote which layed by his side, stretched his hand out and switched it off.

Damn!, everywhere was quiet like a beach at night, except for the noise the waves ll make rumbling in my heart as I trembled before them,

I just noticed my rehearsals didn’t work cos I sincerely didn’t know how to start, and just as I was trying to force a word out, tears started rolling down my eyes.

Chapter 6



Don’t read this if you are hypertensive

I caught them by surprise, the tears killed the suspicion, it was obvious that something terrible must ve happened for me to start dropping tears even before saying a word, my Dad who sat with legs crossed adjusted his sitting position,

“Nwachukwu, ( she called out my name in Igbo, meaning God’s Son ) what is it?, ke me ni?(Meaning what happened in Kwale, her native dialet), ke ne me e (meaning what is wrong with you)”, as she came close to share my sit with me,

Now I wasn’t crying cos I couldn’t tell them, the tears were pouring out freely cos of the pains that was choking me inside, the pains of the time wasted in school, and the bigger pain for the tormenting news I was about to drop, I saw myself as a disappointment, being an only child all of a sudden became a big burden to me, as it seem, I was like their only hope, only eye as my mum ll sometimes say Ahhhhhhhhhh!, as the tears flowed freely I was shaking, as in obviously shaking like one with a fever, I hardly still couldn’t talk, before I knew it, catarrh followed,

“What is it, did something happen in school?,” my mum asked as she grabbed me by my shoulders,

“Don’t be surprised this Boy has carried his stubborness to school and he has been expelled, or even written an exam for someone and got caught” my Dad said angrily taking a wild guess,

My seat become hot, I stood and immediately went to the ground with my two knees, the first thing that came out of my mouth was

“Mummy Please forgive me, Daddy please forgive me”

“Nwachukwu what happened?” Maale asked,

My Dad was just looking at me, Kaiiii, I was crying out loud now, sotey the catarrh sef begin enter my mouth,

“Leave him alone, when he is ready to talk, we ll know, am going to bed” My Dad said angrily, he knew something terrible was wrong, just that he didn’t know the degree of it

As my Dad stood up leaving, I stood up, ran to him, grabbed him by the hand,

“Daddy please don’t go, I ll talk, I swear I ll talk, don’t go please” I said crying,

Damnnnn!, he knew how crazy I use to be sometimes, but for me to be this humble, gentle, and to grab and beg him like this, has never happened before, If I pick a quarel with my Dad, and I feel he was wrong, I won’t talk to him till he apologises, but this me, I tell you, one word ‘never been seen before’

He looked at me and sat down, as I turned, Mumcy was already dripping tears, maybe not for anything, but to see me that way hurts her,

“Did they expel you?” She asked,

I shook my head in the no way,

“Then what is it?, come and sit down” My Dad said calmly, like he was beginning to understand that there was more to my tears,

“Daddy No, I want to kneel” I replied as I went to the ground with both knees,

“Ok, ok, am ready to talk” I said

I used my singlet already socked in sweat, and catarrh to wipe my face, not like the weather was hot, but there are some kinda situation one would be in that ll make you sweat even if its cold, this was one of those situations.

After wiping my face, I tried to calm myself as my head moved from one end to another looking at my parents cos they sat separately, Dad at my right, Mumcy at my left,

“Please forgive me, I ve shamed you” I said

“Nwachukwu, what happened?, have you been rusticated?” My Dad asked, my mum was quiet at the other end, waiting for me to say what has been making me speechless,

“Daddy its a long story, but lemme start step by step” I said,

“We are listening” my Mum replied,

“I ran from school, I took part in cultism and it backfired” I started with that,

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaat!!!, you?, cultism?, Chinekemeeeeeeeeeee!!!” My mum shouted, I guess it was unbelievable, always thinking I was the churchy type that ll never ever go close to such,

“Upon everything I told you, this Boy has killed me, to the extent you ran, so what is it that is chasing you” she said crying, ahhhhhh! Damnnn!!, Maaaaaale, I do you strong thing oooo, I know say I do you strong thing.

“Please can you people just listen to me, so I ll be able to talk well, I want to talk now, Mumcy please stop crying naw” I said as I went to were she sat, crying and pleading for her to stop, I was scared for the first time in my life to touch my mum, my Dad was just sighing and shaking his head, I heard him say,

“I thought I had a son, my Boy Emeka, I wish you didn’t die, he lamented

That statement broke all my bones, cold entered my body immediately, do you know how it feels to hear your Dad or Mum regret having you as a child?, I can’t explain the feeling, cos I wouldn’t be able to find the right words to describe it, my Pman wished his dead son was alive, it meant I was useless, but since I had started, I had to finish my confessions to them.

“I deserve anything you people call me, anything at all, but please just allow me finish, I could ve kept it from you people, but I wanted to let you know I terribly regret every of my actions, and ve sincerely changed, Mumcy, Dad, am sorry, please forgive me, just listen to me” I said, as my tears flowed freely,

Before then, the last time I cried was when I was a little Boy, as far as I can even remember, believe me this was the hardest thing ve ever done till date, and this incident or this family FACE OFF as I ll call it changed our lives forever, myself, my Dad, my Mum, I saw another side of my Dad I never believed existed.

After several tries, they finally gave me a listening ear, as I narrated the whole thing, from the beginning to the end, nothing excluded, how I got bammed, the war, and then to the failed mission, the point of almost taking a life, my mum sobbed,

“So you mean my own Nwachukwu held a gun, to the extent of almost taking someones life, a killer, is that what we sent you to school for?, you were suppose to be graduating next year” this woman was lamenting, she couldn’t believe the things I was saying with my mouth.

When I was done, I had this deep relief in me, I was free for the first time in a long while, everywhere was quiet just My mum sobbing, I couldn’t go close, I was scared, while I was still soaking myself in her pain, as she kept complaining of headache, this one I won’t forget in a hurry, THE UNEXPECTED happened, I heard a loud voice screamed out,

It was my Dad that bursted into tears, I ve never ever seen my Dad cry, to know I made him do it was like putting an axe in spine, it was sooooo hurting, he cried out,

“Nwachukwu, Nwachukwu, Nwachukwu” he called my name 3 goodtimes, or lemme say 3 bad times and then said these words,

“What ve I done to deserve this?, do you want people to laugh at me, that I ve just one son and can’t control him or train him in school?”

This man wasn’t just crying, he was weeping like a baby, crying out like one being flogged,

Aaaaahhhhhhhhh!, I ll never forget this day.

Chapter 7


” Do you know everything I struggle for is because of you?, if I ve much to live in this world, it won’t be less than 30years” My Dad lamented, still crying,

When I thought of telling them, I was certain about my Dad getting hurt, but to cry like a baby in front of me wasn’t just part of it, his tears pierced my heart like a spear, it was a terrible night, My mum was just crying she wasn’t talking again, I know she must ve heard somethings about me before, I guess now became the time for her to believe them, but whatever it was, I knew I had changed and wasn’t going back to my former life.

My Dad spoke his mind, told me lots of things that night, many I can’t even remember, all I could do was bury my head down and swallow all of it, it was my call so I deserved whatever insults he rained on me,

‘He goat, silly son, I doubt if I even fathered you’

On and on he went, whatever it was, Yes, I agree.

They cried to their rooms leaving me behind, it took me another 30 minutes or so before I got up, got to my room, sat on the bed as I rested my back against the wall, with a pillow in between, I cried till I got tired, to the extent I started laughing, it became the mix of the two, the laugh wasn’t the amusing kind, agony was making me do that, but I still was a little free, cos finally I had let it out, I was up all night, thinking about my life, at this point, I needed no advice or lectures for me to change, my change was self imposed. There wasn’t even strength to talk to Joel, instead I just sent him a text,

“Brother, I don do am oo, we go yarn leta abeg, it was Hell, but thank God sha” the text read.

I tried forcing myself to sleep, but the sleep wouldn’t come, so I stood up, tip-toed to my Parents room, trying to listen to their conversation, I was only hearing my Dad, still awake as at 2am sobbing,

“God, what ve I done to make you give me this kind of son?, heyyyyy” he said, making those regret sounds with the thumb and middle finger, kpa, kpa,kpa and mutters.

As I heard that I walked back to my room immediately, cos e get the one wey I fit hear, dem fit just wake up for morning, find out say I don hang myself, cos it was that bad

I sat back on the bed and was having serious headache, of which I know say medicine no go solve am, my head needed rest, I went to shower, climbed on my bed and dosed off, this was like around past 2.

I woke up, thinking I had been sleeping for long, not knowing that I had only be sleeping for just few minutes , it was some minutes to 3am, and that was it. It was around 7 in the morning I finally slept till like past 1, good thing, nobody woke me, and when I woke up that Sunday afternoon, I was hearing voices in my Parents room, so I went to check it out, behold it was a Doctor friend administering treatment to my mum,

Mumcy was on drip, looking so weak and faint, went to where she was, touched her cheek, her neck then her hands, Damnnnn!, it was so

hot, she was running temperature, I sat beside her and started crying again.


My family was shattered like an unexpected volcano hit them, days past, weeks past, my Parents weren’t talking to me, it took a long while before my Mum pulled herself together, I know their pain and disappointment, trust me, if I wasn’t an only child, they won’t feel it that much cos hopes could still be raised high if they had other kids, believe me, being an only child sucks, sometimes I just wonder what ll happen to my mum if anything happens to me, my experience in Delsu opened my eyes and made me a man, after that experience I started seeing life differently, the world is empty, tomorrow is a mistery cos we keep having high expections about our future without even being sure tomorrow, nobody knows what it brings.

Without being told, I know I could ve died a long time ago, I might not be sure of any other thing but I ld say it was either I got lucky or it probably just wasn’t my time. I know how I felt that day with my metal in my bag, anger brewing inside of me, my quest for vengeance, ahhhhh!(Sighs) Heaven knows I ld ve killed that guy, infact anything that had posed as an enemy in front of me, the luck that guy had was that I didn’t get a better chance, if I had gotten a better chance I ld ve done it, and stiil kill some more, Solo was like my blood, as in real blood, that guy protected me, and opened my eyes to a lot of things, to let you know how bad it was, I was ready to wait till after his papers, Omor no be that guy time to die, even if he would then not by my hand, when you ve the chance to do something, do it cos you might never ve another shot at it, since I didn’t kill then I can’t do it again till I die, but thank God it happened like that, cos I ve been with guys that ve killed before and ve seen their quest for more blood.

Imagine make you just dey with your men dem dey high, make person just stand up,

“Oboy school dey dull, I swear school dey dull, abeg make I enter somewhere just shoot any frat make war start”

Look at someone’s thoughts.

Believe me many men wey dey 6feet today, their crime no even reach slap, slap too much sef, you ll be amazed what many rugged men had died for, some did nothing at all, but for sake of say you belong e stain you be that.

My attitude changed, my stubborness left me, though I might still be stubborn but not like the way it was before, I became very calm, as in calm like when you listen to blues at night, with what ve done to my Parents I shouldn’t even be told to change, the change came naturally by itself, the things ve seen and situations ve been in was enough to create change in me,

I remember been chased by Sly and his men, I swear I thought I would ve died that day, cos as I ran inside the bush, the funny thing was that I didn’t even know if where I was running to was a dead end, what if it the bush had led to a river, and I don’t even know how to swim, I ld ve rather jumped inside than allow my myself butchered, drowning would ve been a better way to die, cos then Solo hadn’t taken me to Benin to jazz myself up, and even if I was jazzed up, the rule is never allow your enemies surround you, cos you might find out that there are many ways to kill a rat, e get wetin juju go see em go make way, maybe when your head don burst the juju fit come enter your body back.

My mum was sick for weeks, she was later admitted in the hospital, I go dey with my mum, she no go gree talk to me, it was really sad, but with time, thank God, she became fine, same with my Dad, just that when I greet him, he doesn’t respond, my home became my hell.

I stayed at home for another 2 months plus, I really can’t remember but it was like I ran home around that kind of late november or so that year, and the following year when peeps where going back to school, I was still home, questions began to roll in from visitors, neighbours around my hood,

“You ve not gone back to school?”
“Anh anh, are you still around?, I thought you ve gone back oooo”

I wouldn’t be able to answer, sometimes when they ask, I see how arrogantly my mum looks at me, the look was so disgusting, it makes me sweat immediately, it went on and on like that, same questions kept rolling, I became ashamed to go out, I stopped going to church for fear of people not asking me questions why I hadn’t gone back to school, I stayed home, think, regret and sob, and with the fact that my parents weren’t talking to me wasn’t helping matters, as time went I ematiated,

Then one day something happened. REDEMPTION

To be sincere, the fact that my peeps weren’t talking to me, wasn’t helping matters, I layed on my bed on this faithful saturday morning, feeling depressed and sad, for the shame I ve cost myself and my peeps, thinking if they ll ever forgive me when suddenly, my door swung open, my Dad standing at the entrance, as I heard him say

“Come to the Palour, I want to talk to you” he said, closed the door and left,

I was frightened cos he hasn’t spoken to me for close to 2 months plus, same with my mum, but I wouldn’t blame them for that. Though frightened I was eager to know what it was, I came out, both of them were sitted waiting for me, in my mind I was like,

“Abeg make una no lash me again, God please let it not be something bad” as I prayed within me,

“Come and sit down” My Dad said,

I was panting, fear of the unknown, different thoughts were running through my mind,

‘Make e no be say dem wan send me out of the house, cos am worth that punishment’ I was only taking a wild guess though,

So I sat down humbly,

“Goodmorning Ma, good morning Sir” I greeted,

And for the first time in a long while they answered, oh My God, I had never been so relieved before, I can’t even describe how I felt, the feeling was unexplanable, I felt peace deep down inside me, as my blood flowed freely in my veins, just then I realised it was going to be something good, then my Dad started,

“Nwachukwu, do you know are our only Son?, as in our only hope?” He asked,

“Daddy I know Sir”

“You are suppose to know where you are coming from, from where you are going to, why are you in a hurry in life?, you ve really hurt us, you broke my heart, do you know that?” He asked,

“Am sincerely sorry sir” I said,

“Its not a matter of you being sorry, cos it has happened, I didn’t call you here to remind you of the shame, pain and disappointment you ve brought upon myself and your Mum here, but to tell what we ve agreed to do” he said,

I was panting, waiting for it to come,

“Nomatter what it is, you still my blood, we are giving you another chance but the last, to go to school again, cos I don’t like the questions people ask, learn from these mistakes ooo, learn, learn oooo, you ve lots of things to tell your kids, we forgive you” he said,

When I heard this part, I swear I cried, not for my pains, mistakes and regrets, it was tears of Joy, to be accepted and loved again, this was the turning of the beginning of a new relationship between Father and son, that didn’t exist before, ever since till date, there’s not a man on earth I respect more than my Dad, the quarels between us ended, my

confessions drew us close like a magnet, that man is my Pal today, we chat like friends,

“Wipe your tears” he said,

My mum was quiet listening,

“You are going to Bariga to stay (Bairiga is a place in Lagos, my Dad’s younger Sister resides there), you ll stay there and take another Jamb, choose Absu(Abia State University), I want you to school in my state and know your Fathers place, don’t get surprised ve never been to my Dads villa before, they told me I was 2years old the last they took me there, so that one doesn’t count. I ve a friend working in the school that ll make your admission easy, anyone that askes of you, we ll tell them you ve gone back” he said,

At this point, I was the happiest man on earth to see my peeps stand solidly behind me, and cover up for me, it was a wonderful feeling,

“Its ok, just forget what has happened, but right now, right here, you ll ve to make us a promise never to pick up that life again” he said

“Daddy, am not silly, I don’t need a seer to tell me, am a changed person already, am done with that life, I promise you people” I said

“Its left to you, cos this is your last chance, after this, I ll disown you, cos its better than not having a son at all, than you spoil my name, don’t you know you are my only eye, if you know howmuch I love you, you wouldn’t hurt me, you want people to laugh at me?” my Dad said about to cry

“Daddy I swear I Promise, I promise” I said,

“Ok oooo, arrange your things, I want you to leave here tomorrow, I called them that you are coming” he said,

I went to my Mum, knelt down, begged and told her I was sorry, begged on till she said it with her mouth that she has forgiven me.

“Another thing, stay away from women oooo, stay away from women, mind the friends you keep” my mum added,

I thanked them, filled with great Joy, and new reason to live, nothing feels better than acceptance even with your flaws and mistakes, I got

to my room, didn’t waste time at all, I just started arranging my stuffs, looking forward to the next day.

Chapter 9
I was the happiest man on earth that saturday morning, cos I had regain part of my life that was lost before and this life was my family, there was no greater Joy, I didn’t know what led to their decision even if it took them a long while, I was just lucky cos on a second thought if I had other siblings let’s face it they wouldn’t ve reasoned my matter, but all thesame to God be the glory.

I can’t really say what led to the kinda life I lived in Delsu, I was a brilliant and vibrant boy whose parents brought up well, I ve always been bright since my Primary school days, was Head Boy both in Primary and Secondary School, even at my Passing out of Secondary School I was awarded Most Gifted student, cos I was good in virtually everything, Arts (singing, drawing anod Painting), Sports (Table tennis, long jump and high jump,as well as the Captain of my school football team), I no sabi run sha and I no sabi dance, but I could do the rest, at the last Inter House sports before I left Secondary school, two teachers fought for me, exchanged punches, just to ve me belong to their house and at the end of everything I was told to choose which house I wanted to belong to, I was that good, both in education and social activities, but on getting to Delsu, cultism couldn’t make me keep up with the pace of school activities, sincerely speaking this so called

brilliant boy was struggling on a 2.1 gp, not like I wasn’t smart or brilliant anymore, but I had little time for my studies, little time to rehearse, cos Music was all about constant rehearsals, I was more involved and soaked in cult activities, trying to meet up with every little meeting, always wanting to be current, when its safe to be in school and when not to be in school, the only Kushmen that brag about cultism being the real deal is that Kushman that didn’t face a real war all his time in school, cos if you do, then you ll know howmuch tension you ll be in, that kind of situation where everyone around you is a suspect, that time when you walk alone on the road with the fear of not getting lynched by an opposing frat, those wey face real war survive am go tell you as e be.

I had a close friend that schooled in Ekpoma, a system man who got killed after writing his final exams, died in the arms of his girlfriend, he was shot, for those wey feel say Cultism make brain, wait till you face real war, make you see men dey hunt to take your life, then you go know as e dey go, I ve seen many crazy things in my life, that ll make many pee in their pants, many that’s difficult to say, all the same we thank God for the life.

I was given a second chance to put things right and live a better life, I hope I do it right cos I didn’t even know what was waiting for me in Absu. I was bright through out the day, called Joel and gave him the latest gist, he was happy for me,

“I talk am, shey I tell you make you no think am, I know wetin I dey yarn when I tell you make you tell them, shey you don see am now?” He asked,

“I swear you get mouth, I don even dey reason say you don scatter my life sef” I said as he laughed out,

For the first time in months, I slept peacefully, my mind was soooooo at rest. The next day, Sunday morning, I was the first to wake up and get prepared, cos even me sef don tire, I wan run comot from area, cos I no dey gree come out, cos of shame, not like people around know but i was tired of hearing people ask me if I was still around and hasn’t gone back to school, at least leaving my hood ll put an end to that and kill peoples curiosity.

After arranging my bag, I went to the sitting room to join My Parents, I was ready as early as 8am that morning,

“I ve told them you are coming and ve explained things to them, make sure you don’t go there and start telling them you left school cos of cultism, I told them they discovered your admission was fake after getting to 300level that your name was in the class register but not in the school register, that it was a fake admission, they felt bad about it, make sure you don’t go there and tell them something else” My Dad annalysed,

“Ok sir” I replied,

“I ll send money from time to time, I ll also send you money for the Jamb form, You ll ve to choose Abia state as your centre cos I want you to go Aunty Peace’s place in Aba to write it, I don’t want you in Lagos” he said,

“Ok sir” I replied,

“Go there and be yourself, if I hear anything, that you did this or that, its over oooo” he said,

“Daddy trust me” I replied,

“Ok oooo” he said,

“Nwachukwu, be yourself there ooo, and forget about women for now” Mumcy said,

“Maale ve heard” I replied,

After the sermon, he gave me ten thousand naira, as they bade me farewell.

Chapter 10

My Aunty and her kids were already expecting me, she had 6 kids, four girls and two boys, none were my mate, the last child was older than me but with just a year, so all felt like I would be the baby of the house, they weren’t rich at thesame time weren’t suffering either, they were just there.

When I got there, I went to my Aunts shop first, she welcomed me and told me to go freshen up at home. That evening, when everyone was around, the questions started rolling in, they were bombarding me from all corners and I was answering according to what my Dad had already told me before I left home,

“Nwachukwu, so you mean say you go start from 100level again?”, her eldest daughter asked,

“Aunty you don see am nah, na so oo, person need dey careful for this admission matter ooo” I fired back trying to bullet prove myself,

But their last son, who was a year older than me, had always been suspicious of me, he had this belief that I had a decieving and innocent appearance but possess a dangerous being inside, so he countered me in Yoruba,

“Aunty, shey en da Nwachukwu lohun, o ti lo join cult jor, bobo yi ya were gan oo, o ma ma shey bi eni ti o mo kankan, e ma da lohun jor” he said, meaning

“Aunty, are you answering Nwachukwu?, he has gone to school and joined cult, this guy is a crazy person ooo, he just pretends like one who doesn’t know anything, don’t answer him jor

Not like he knew but he was just suspecting as a system man that he was, he visited my house often whenever I was around, maybe he noticed somethings cos I ve never admitted to anyone in my life before that I was a cultist, if you start talking about cultism with me I ll stylishly change the topic cos I don’t see it as something one should be proud of or brag about, if you be King for your area leave am like that, that’s just me, besides it has done me more harm than good.

“Nwachukwu, is it true?” She asked curiously, and the rest kept quiet anticipating my answer,

“You dey mind Chima?, I resemble person wey fit indulge in cultism?” I fired back,

At the end of the day, I was able to convince everyone and made my cousin Bro(Chima) look stupid before everyone cos I really had that innocent and ajebotish look, baby face but a strong one.

It was a new environment, new faces, new lifestyle, Bariga was wey different from the kind of environment I grew up in, the place was more like a ghetto and very very busy, most of the boys in the environment were into one frat or the other, cos now you don’t ve to be a University student to be part of it, it has gone past that stage, it is been practiced in every community presently, we call them town decks, so most of the street boys around forming alagbara(strong man), my cousin included, but I was just busy observing pretending like I don’t know anything about it, I kinda like the ghetto lifestyle though, unlike were I grew up, in a fenced compound and hardly get to see people, almost every home had fence around it, quiet area, mind your own business, but in Bariga, damn, I just loved the busy aspect of it.

One evening, Chima asked me to accompany him somewhere, didn’t tell me where though, but nothing dey happen, believe me this guy was rugged too, the guy popular for the area dieeeeee, and all my cousins speak Yoruba more than any language on earth, they were born and bred there.

As we strolled out that evening, we ve not walked 3 streets, I had already gotten tired, not like the journey was stressful but this guy would exchange greetings with almost any street guy he saw and he won’t also fail to add to the greeting saying,

“Aburo mi le lei ooo, cousin mi”, meaning in Yoruba, this is my Brother, my cousin, I didn’t like it cos I was hiding myself.

We got to the intended place, one mad corner like that, I seriously can’t explain how the place looked like, there were lots of guys, smoking marijuana, the first thing he asked was,

“You go smoke abi?”

“Smoke wetin, you don see me smoke igbo before?” I asked back,

“Wetin dey worry you, shey nah me you wan dey lie for?” He asked back,

I had my reasons why I was keeping things from him, it was because he had a loud mouth, nothing you guys share that is safe, he can’t keep his own secrets, let alone mine, everyone knows in the whole hood he smokes, belonged to a certain frat, he even smokes hemp in public, his parents knows, he did stuffs without his brain, so it was better I kept things to myself, orelse nah em go still cast me, he ll tell any of his friends that cares to know if I told him, he was the kind that just opens his mouth and talk without you asking anything, he was sooo into the street life, I know what he was doing, he was trying to shake my defences and see if I ll open up, but too bad, I was a lot smatter than that, he knew there was more to what happened in Delsu than what I told them, but too bad, I wasn’t ready to spill it out.

“Egbon e mu smoke wa,(Bros bring weed come)” he said to the weed seller

“Melo?”(Howmany), a weird looking guy with black thick lips asked,

“E mu oni 200naira wa” he replied,

The weird guy brought two parcels, meaning it was 100naira for each, he paid for it, forced one into my hands,

“I never smoke igbo for my life before ooo this man, free me nah” I said, dropping it on his laps,

Not like I truly didn’t know how, infact, I was a King moller and smoker of weed, he didn’t love it as much as I did, I didn’t see anything wrong in it, but the truth was that if i would smoke, it wouldn’t be in front of him, that aside, before I left home my mind was made up to take a break from weed and women, but the woman matter might be a lil difficult sha but I needed to use my head cos Delsu experience changed my life forever, it affected every part of me till date, my attitude, my life style, it turned me into a very very calm guy, who started seeing life differently, taking things one step at a time, it affected my reasoning too as well as the kind of friends I keep, but this time, I choose my friends, I don’t allow friends choose me cos I know the kinda peeps I want and ll do me good, it made me more wiser than my normal self, bottomline, I don’t allow people influence me, it would take a long long while to know me and that is if I ve studied you well enough to allow you know me, not my fault, am just being extremely careful every single step of the way, till date apart from my Parents, none of my family members knew what happened in Delsu. The only thing I accepted from my cousin was allow him show me a friends house not too far from ours where I go every morning and evening to walk out(gyming things), trust me every young man in this area was James Bond, sooooo street, this was the first time I was experiencing a

real ghetto life that wasn’t related at all from the kind of environment I grew up, all I needed do was adapt.

My first week in Bariga wasn’t fun at all, I hardly came out cos I was trying to familiarise with the environment, associate with new peeps, new faces, new friends, nothing was as hard as that, then one evening I came out hoping to take a walk cos I got bored myself always being indoors except from the times I went to work out, I had stayed away from school life, stress , treking under the scorching sun for a over 3months, so I was looking sooo fresh and clean.

As I stepped out of the house with the hope of taking a walk or just sit somewhere not too far from the house and watch people walk pass by cos even if I wanted to take a walk I didn’t know anywhere, it was so ghettoish with different corners, you go see road for where you no ever believe say road fit dey for your life, stepping out, the first thing that caught my eye was this Pretty looking girl that sat down
Under a business centre umbrella selling recharge cards, the prettiest thing my eyes ve seen since I came to the ghetto, dammmmmmn, she was ebony skinned, long pretty face, from were I stood, moderate boobs, young sweet face, even if say I dey like big breast, it doesn’t matter, I fit still suck this booby out make e big pass as e dey before,

she was alone, I swear I didn’t reason anything else, the first thing that came to my mind was,

“Guy seeeeeee babe, forget that thing wey you dey yarn say you wan stay away from women, at least say e bad, make sure you don’t end today without knowing what her name is and without having her number”

I processed the thoughts for a while, the thoughts of Salma, Cynthia, Susan and Tina came to my head, but I had my reasons why I didn’t want to call them for now, I had their numbers on my new sim, but they couldn’t reach me cos they hadn’t mine.

I asked myself, Guy, wetin make you think you ll see a girl this pretty in an environment has busy as this without a bf, but base on a sharp guy that I was, I made my move stepping up to her, there’s only one way to find out, no be matter of make she get bf, nah make the guy tight pass me in all aspect.

Chapter 11

The closer I got the clearer and prettier she appeared, just that she looked younger than I thought, for my mind i was like

‘Make e no go be say this girl nah under age ooo, hope say even if e bad she go don reach 17’

When I finally got close that was when I saw what I had been eyeing well, she was really pretty just that she was slim, and the truth was that all my girls ve always being fleshy, I mean dem ass, dem boobs, I no mean orobo ooo, but this babe was just too slim for my liking,

“Hi what’s up, I don’t want to buy cards, I just want to sitdown and keep a pretty girl company, am Ken and you?” I said,

As I dey yarn, I don draw chair sitdown before she go talk no

“Dorothy” she said,

“Don’t be scared I came to spend some time with my cousins, pointing towards the house, so you might get to be seeing this ugly face often” I said,

“It’s my house too, and who are your cousins?” she asked,

I called a few of my cousins for her to know I wasn’t lying. As I was engaging her in conversations, I was accessing my container, cos I don’t like the cheap way out, like a situation where I introduce a girl to my friends and their reaction ll just make me know the babe been introduced doesn’t make sense even if they didn’t say it in front of me, I like a situation where I show my friends a girl and they are blown away, makes me feel like super man sincerely, but when you show Padi babe em squeeze face like person wey drink yoyo bitters, know say wahala dey.

Another reason why I didn’t like slim girls (small breast, dry bumbum) was that I was a born natural slim guy, I was so tiny that there wasn’t any difference between my chest and belly, as in no demarcation seperating my chest and belly, like a hot presssing iron was used to join them, It was that bad, nobody told me to start gyming.

(Lil story how gyming started for me:

At the end of every year, the guys in my hood came together and organised beach parties, we all get to contribute, hire buses to convey us to any beach of our choice, the girls ll cook while the guys organise drinks, the first time I went with them, it was so embarrassing, at 18, my mates were taking off their clothes and all I could do is sit down at a corner and trip for flat tommy, six packs and chest of other guys, while my own body nah so so ribs, the guys ll be rocking the girls, good body I don’t ve, dance I can’t dance, nah just sitdown dey wish, and at different intervals when they come to where I was and ask,

“Guy you just sit down for here, babes dey waste, music dey waste, which one you dey sef, pull cloth nah”

I go dey form, “I no dey like water”, if I hear, I was just ashamed of taking off my clothes and showing off my dry body.

Omor when this intimidation became too much, when sometimes I ll call my friends and ask

“Guy, howfar you dey house?”, they ll be like,

“I dey gym now with this guy, this guy and that guy” they ll reply,

I woke up one morning with anger, I had no gyming equipment then, but I needed start from somewhere, I went to the kitchen, lucky me my eyes caught our grinding stone, with immediate alacrity I started with it and press up, this kind one nah ‘Ken you must get chest oooo, say one wey or the other, I gats turn to grabees ooo nomatter what, with all the muscles, that was how I started, then from my mum’s grinding stone, I graduated into normal gym that I paid to be arranged for me, till it became my normal routine, I took my friends by surprise, no one knew I had a gym at home, they just noticed as time went by they were seeing changes, nah why I get mouth this days dey encourage slim guys wey like build up say,

“Bro don’t worry I was once like you, I use to be very tiny before, that my middle finger and thumb could go round my arm”, nobody go even ask I go just begin explain, ‘started from the bottom now we are here’ Lol).

Back to the matter: Whenever my friends ask me why I hated running packages with slim girls, my reply is always,

“Guy I slim, She slim, shey you want make bone dey chuk bone?, or make I born stick and hanger full house?”, they ll always laugh, not like Orobokibokibo in Sultans Orobo video but make she get flesh at least, breast, ynash, so that when I dey nack the Obosiasis from back and the

ass dey bounce, oh la la, it gives me Joy, than the flat rigid ones, e go be me like I dey punish the babe, I go dey use caution, I just felt a fleshy moderate girl ll withstand my strength better sexually than the Lepaish ones, but I go like end up with a slim girl so that when she has dropped one that’s when the hips and right shape ll start falling out, they last better in shape as the years go by than an already fleshy lady that drops one and within few years looses those golden shape that were blowing your mind when you guys were still dating cos sincerely speaking just few African women exercise, if you see a girl with an awesome shape here, then its natural, only few are products of working out, but my personal opinion though I still love them girls fat or thing, any which way, whichever kind of wife God gives a brother man, its wholeheartedly accepted, just that she should be ready to join me everyday in exercising, she gats dey work out to keep those lovely shape she once had when we were dating, I ll like to still see my future wife at age 40 looking sexy, it aint hard, exercise is the key.

For real she was young and innocent facially though, my best guess about her age was 17/18 and I was like 21, since she lived in thesame compound it was perfect, I never knew I how it ll be but as you all know things happen in mysterious ways for those that believe, they lived upstairs we lived downstairs, it was a face me I face you apartment, my Aunt and her kids occupied 2 rooms, she and her husband shared one, while myself and the rest 6kids shared a room, daaaamnnn, sleeping at night was some gangster shhhit, lol, if you are not watchful, you might wake up in the morning and find someones leg on your chest, small rooms, the experience no be small thing, but I preferred it, as long as it kept me and my secrets faraway from home.

I kept my conversation going on with her, it was through it I concluded in my mind that she was young, naive and innocent, that was how I felt, so I decided within me to make her my friend, then with time I ll know what to do. We finally got to exchange numbers, and as the day passes by, she ll send me text messages telling me to come keep her company, she loved my company, the way I make her laugh, talk, I was a smooth talker and know how to play with ones emotions.

I made my enquires and was told by my eldest cousin Bro whom I prepared being free to talk to than his loud mouth brother Chima. I got to find out she was just 17, had a boyfriend in that same compound, I was shocked, and was like this babe looked too innocent, since say she don get bf and don begin dey draw oil, I decided to draw mine too, thinking she was that kind of girl, I saw potentials in this babe that if she grew up, she would be a beauty queen, so I needed to keep her close for future laurels..

I decided to make friends with people she was conversant with, first her elder Bro, her Bro’s friends, her said bf and a host of other peeps and what made friends for me too, was that I looked so fresh, different from the normal ghetto guy, even in appearance, what would you ve expected, I had spent 3years on campus already, so I suppose know as e dey go, I should ve lots of experience when it comes to looking good, sometimes when I came out, I already knew I had a nice body, cos I had taken my time and built myself in the gym, so I boldly and

purposely just came out with a nice singlet showcasing my built body, an earring attached to my ear, then a 3quater, nice Jean or chinos trouser, I never knew how handsome and the troubles that was waiting for me bedically from dem ghetto girls. It trips me when my fellow guys compliment my body, #no homo ooo”, like

“I swear, you dey make me wan gym”,

“How long e take you to build like this?”

“Ken your body make sense”

Not like I was so huge, but just imagine a slim guy who has worked out, I just had a nice shape.

As time went by, I became known by people around, I held this conversation with her bf that went like this,

“Guy howfar nah, I like that babe ooo” I said, pretending not to know they were dating,

“Nah my smally be that abeg leave am for me” he replied,

“So this Queen nah your babe, nah my Padi oo, no fall the babe hand” I said teasingly

“I get another babe for somewhere nah, I just dey use her pass time” he said laughing,

Believe me this babe was too innocent and beautiful to just pass time, I became jealous whenever she comes to his room downstairs to spend time with him, all my mind be say this guy go don draw the whole oil for this babe body finish, I didn’t know what happened but it didn’t stop me from getting even more close to her which was infuriated the guy, she started spending almost all her time with me, I made this guy really jealous, act like I had something with her, I made this girl fall in love with me, she couldn’t tell but I noticed through her actions, how did I know?, cos I did the extra ordinary.

Chapter 12

She spending time with the guy still didn’t stop my intentions for this babe, we became use to eachothers company, whenever she was alone, she ll always send me a text to come keep her company, she became the only female friend I had, the closer I got to this girl, the more innocent I felt she was, but only time ll tell if the so-called bf draws her oil or not, she really had the potentials of damsel, who knows I might just end up making her mine, all the same, time ll tell.

I had spent 2weeks already and never knew I had secret admirers, I had been able to make friends with them guys in the compound as well as the place I go gym every morning and evening, so the ghetto was fun coupled with the fact that my cousin had made me popular with his influence.

I had this Celtel number as it was called then, it kept calling and sending me nice messages, how handsome I was, how she was my secret admirer, bla bla bla and all that, at first I kept my cool, but when it became toomuch, I was on a tenterhooks to know who the person was, so I showed my cousin the number if he had an idea, all he did was laugh,

“You don come Bariga nah, sotey na toto dey disturb you, Oboy, you dey hot ooo” he said,

He didn’t answer my question yet still allowed everyone at home knew I had been getting persistent calls and sms’s from a girl. This babe got me restless, whenever I called back, she wouldn’t pick, but ll call me whenever she pleased, wouldn’t reveal her identity, she kept saying I ll find out soon, she kept it going on for another week.

So one evening after I went to work out, came back, freshened up and joined Dora at her call center, I was forced to show her the number if she knew who the person was,

“Abeg you know who get this number?” I asked,

She took my phone and glanced through it,

“Yes ,anything?” She asked,

“Calm down first this babe, so who has the number?” I asked,

“My Sis” she said,

My mind flew outa my chest, I was like what the fuccccccccccccccck,

“Wait ooo, younger or elder Sis” I asked again, cos if it was the elder Sis we ve been walking pass eachother for a long time and wouldn’t say hi to eachother, never ever knowing she liked me that much, she was plumb, bursty, the kinda breast I like, assy, ynash gallant, she was pretty too, but all I do is just admire the goods and services she might render to a brother man, but never crossed my mind of drawing the oil, I don’t know how to explain it, my mind no just dey the babe matter, as in I no ever reason am.

“My elder Sis nah” she replied,

When she said her Sis, I was glad I didn’t tell her the number had been disturbing me, cos it would ve been awkward, she was my age mate then, cos normally girls go for older guys,

“So why is my Sister’s number on your Phone” she asked,

Cos she was surprised herself, she’s never seen us spoken to eachother before, howcome I ve her number, well that’s the dynamite question, but trust me, answer ll always come,

“I like her, so I wanted to be sure if it was her number” I replied, but only trying to be funny was my intent,

Holy Shit!, if you see the expression on this girls face, it was clear that she was so jealous, but whatever the case was it wasn’t my call, I dey my own jejeje wey Obosiasis creep come meet me, if you been dey plan to drink garri then from no where fried rice and turkey appear, shey you go talk No?, abegi who wan vex make em vex ooo.

Since I finally knew who the admire was, I calmed myself, it was left for me to play along till the admire was ready to unveil herself, cos if I begin dey add pressure say I wan see am, na that time the forming go bad pass, that was how I thought back then, so I followed my thinking hoping it yields forth good fruit.

She kept calling and sending me messages, unlike before I became so extra nice on the phone, the babe no know say I don already access the container wey dey Apapa Wharf dey wait for me for clearance, the only thing wey remain nah to open the container see if nah margot dey inside, in all I just hoped all my thoughts of seeing her naked and the other dangerous things that was going through my mind was worth it but once in a while, I asked her when she would reveal herself like I didn’t know who she was, she kept saying soon, and just like the way it has always been, when I see her, I ll walk pass her, but in my mind I ll be like,

“Babe do fast nah, you dey dull me ooo, belike nah the first oil wey the ghetto get to offer to Innocent Boy like me, I dey wait”

I made my findings from a few guys in the hood, this babe had a bf, maybe the guy thing too small, or em no dey draw am well, I might be wrong, or she fell for an ajebo boy in the ghetto, or for my built body, I don’t know, but I sure ll find out soon.

One sunny afternoon as I was taking a nap, my phone began to ring, it was this same number I had saved as ‘Admirer’ on my phone, her name was Chioma, so I picked up with my drowsy eyes and cracked voice,

“Hello” I said,

“Am so sorry, were you sleeping?” she asked,

“I was, but not anymore, I can’t sleep back after hearing your chocolate voice nah” I replied,

Babe bursted into laughter and the next thing she said was,

“Are you ready to see your secret admirer?” She asked,

Omor, as I hear wetin she talk, I jump up instantly from the mat wey I put near window,

“It is wa for u ooo, dem dey ask that kind thing why not” I replied, no time ooo, jungle don dey mature,

“Okay, am standing outside the compound right now” she said,

“Okay am coming” I replied,

Went outside, washed my face and mouth with clean water. Wiped it with a towel, enter inside, carry one of my Aunties powder rub, look mirror to see how sexy I dey, I been wan wear shirt before, but half way my mind stop me,

“Guy stop there, shey you know if nah your chest dey make am trip?”My mind asked,

I stepped out with my black singlet that gripped my body tight with a jean trouser, for my mind, go whine this babe, go and move the ministry to the permanent site.

Chapter 13
I walked outside and saw her where she stood, she was was looking fine leaning on the pavement, I knew she was the one but in order to add efizi(swag or style) to make it more dramatic, I went close looked right, looked left, turned back and was walking back inside, I was pretending I didn’t know she was the admirer, when I heard her call out,

“Hey, excuse me” she said,

I smiled and turned back, then asked,

“Are you the one that called me out?”

“Yes” she replied,

“So you are my secret admirer” I said,

“I am, why were you acting like you didn’t see me here?” she asked,

“Erema not my fault, we see like every single day yet never spoken to eachother, so it never crossed my mind that my secret admirer was you” I replied with a fake smile,

“Now you know, were can we chill out, you mind taking a walk with me?” She asked,

“Inside this hot sun, you want make I done, you for just tell me say I dey hungry you to chop nah” I replied,

Babe started laughing really hard,

“Yeye, funny guy” she said,

We sat somewhere outside the compound were the sun wouldn’t touch us, and talked some more as we got to know eachother better, I didn’t even know that my schooling in Delsu wasn’t new anymore, my loud mouthed cousin had spread the news that I went to Delsu but due to bad admission I left already in 300level, so she was asking me if it was true and all that, at a time the matter gimme rep but not the kinda rep anyone would ve wished for, would ve loved it if at 21/22 I had graduated, but there’s a reason for everything.

We spoke at lenght as I cracked her ribs, Dora was upstairs just angrily staring down at us, make she calm down, shebi she get bobo, before I knew it, I had gotten an sms from her saying,

‘Oga well done oooo’

After reading it all I did was laughed hard.

The more we talked the sweeter and better the conversation got, person no fit just wan be your admirer for nothing, something must be on her mind, so her attitude towards the conversation gave me reasons to explore and see were it leads to.

After I told her about myself, a few Delsu experience, my reason for coming to Bariga, letting her know my stay was only going to be for a while, she talked about herself as well, and when I got tired of that kind of conversation, I needed to put it on gear 2 like Faze,

“So when did you start being my secret admirer?” I asked,

“Right from when I saw you” she said,

“Hmm hmm, you mean am?, you just see me begin admire me abi how?” I asked,

“Stop nah, you look handsome nah, and fair too, and gentle as well” she said,

“You barely know me ooo, you are saying am gentle, cos me sef surprise as I came and saw you, cos whenever I waka pass you, I go just dey vex” I said,

“Why?” She eagerly asked,

“See the kind things wey you dey carry pass me nah, see front, see back, yet you won’t say hi, shey e good?” I asked forming serious,

She laughed out loud, laughing became too often, other peeps around started noticing we were together, cos no one has ever seen us talk before. She gave me an advantage and I didn’t care to know if she knew she did, and as a sharp guy I wasn’t ready to dull it.

I saw her off to Church service that evening, just trying to clear the coast for future laurels, after seeing her off, I gave her a tight hug

making sure her boobylashly touched me well, as I held her publicly, tight to myself I whispered in her ears,

“I swear your booby make sense die, if no be one thing I for no leave u” I said,

She let go off me immediately and slapped me hard on my chest laughing,

“Bad boy, I ll pray for you don’t worry” she said as we bade eachother goodbye,

Trust me, you don’t ve to be shy, let it out, those naughty things are what a girl really wants to hear, the naughty things might make her wet and keep her fantazing without you knowing, I go with the flow as it comes.

As she got back from church around few minutes past 8pm, she called me that she was back and needed my company with immediate alacrity, believe me, without doubt I was expecting that cos ‘Gbagbe Oshi’ all those laugh and slap she’s been giving me wasn’t ordinary, that Erema want something, make we dey see if I go fit give am the thing sha. Lol

I came out, unlike before the settings was much better cos it was already dark, so some kind touching things can still go dey involve, me wey be say for over 3 to 4 months I no know wetin booby be like, nah only cloth and tv I just dey see am, before this babe came like an Angel to cure my Konji, Chaiiiiii Nwayioma, better pikin.

We sat at a corner, she had already brought a long bench for both of us, so we kept gisting, I was saying many rubbish to make her laugh, menhnnn the laughing is important ooo, cos she go slap me,

“Ken u re so funny” she ll say,

Me sef go slap am back, nah small small, morale dey build up, if she fall on me, I go fall on am back, this ministry was moving forward, before we knew it, time had flew, it was almost 10, and they get to lock the outside gate by 10/30pm can’t really remember, my cousins had come to call me to come eat, but menhn, the food can wait, its been long ve been in this kind of situation, I needed to enjoy this moment.

We stayed outside till it was just the two of us left, it was time to say goodnight,

“Ken, we ll see tomorrow nah” she said,

“No p, just dream of me” I replied,

“You are not my bf nah” she said,

Nah today I don dey hear bf matter?, mtcheeeeeew, the fact that football has a goalkeeper doesn’t mean you can’t score,

“I hear” I replied,

As she stood, took a step to leave, I had watched the environment, no one was outside, Omor no jonsing, I pulled her back by the hand, and as she turned, I pushed her to the wall straight, my mouth cupped around hers, one of my hand on her boobylashly, took the other hand and dragged one of her hands to feel my hard Piakantus from outside the trouser, it went on for a while, one of my hand couldn’t even go round one of her boobs, then we stopped after a while, then told eachother goodnight. At least my mind was at rest cos I had started something, but I had a P, if finally I wan draw this babe oil, nah for where nah, I can’t do it at home, e no go make brain, but let’s see how it goes, ‘if tea come, we go find bread’.

As I got into the house, mat don already spread down, some of my cousins don even dey sleep, I got a message, it read,

‘Damn, I didn’t see that coming, bad guy’, it was from Chioma,

Base on a sharp guy, I replied back,

‘The Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, and the violent taketh it by force, sweet girl, sweetest lips ve ever kissed, most succulent breast my hands has ever touched, awesome night’

I ate, and for the first time in a long while, I slept like a Baby, God bless women ooo walahi. The next day, after the normal working out, bathing, eat and then take a nap routine, at around 3.00clock in the afternoon, Chioma called me out, I came to meet her at that same spot we chilled the previous night,

“Are you busy?” She asked,

“No, I just woke up” I replied,

“Come and see me off naw” she said,

“Inside this boiling sun?” I asked,

“Follow me jor” she said and dragged me by the hand,

So me just park well follow the babe like mumu, I didn’t even know what she had in mind, She took me to a friends house not too far from ours, the next street, not knowing this babe had already spoken with her friend, I didn’t see it coming, as we got in, she introduced me to this friend who surprisingly was a guy I knew, we work out in thesame place, the guy just laughed and before I knew what was happening my guy don cut out leave me and this Erema for room.

She locked the door from behind, now it was just the two of us.

Chapter 14 AS E DEY HOT

As she locked it from behind, turned around with her back leaning on the door, staring at me with that sort of look that says,

‘Now, its just the two of us’

The whole setting wasn’t what I expected or saw coming but any ways she can bring it on cos I was down for whatever. She walked majestically towards where I sat on the bed like she was counting her steps in a very sexy and tempting manner, while I just waited for it, believe me that crazy action I took at night had got her fantasizing all night wanting to get a taste of me some more, so my weird act propelled us into the situation were at the moment, and I was ready to do my best to make her want to ve me some more some other time.

As she came to where I sat on the bed, she bent down and gave me a quick kiss, looked at me and smiled, babe just had her bath, she was smelling tempting nice,

“Why are you smiling?” I asked,

“Nothing” she replied nodding her head from left to right,

Some girls love it gentle, some love it rough, with what transpired between myself and her, she seemed to love it rough, I might be wrong but in no time ll find out,

“What’s that behind you” I asked,

She turned to look at what it was, but it was only a decoy, before she could turn around and ask what it was, I had turned her over to the bed, no dulling reaching for her lips, at the same time my hand finding its way to her mamary gland, as we kissed, I massaged them and when I couldn’t but take anymore of her clothes been an hindrance, I helped her with her skimpy top, now looking at me gallantly in this bra was this boobs that reminded me of Susan, she pushed herself forward as I helped in unbuckling it from behind, as this boobs rejoiced freely like a prisoner who has been in prison for way too long, then fell in different directions, I almost cried tears of Joy inside,

“If this is a dream, I don’t wanna wake up, mehnnnnnn, iyaff teyed” I said within,

I helped her out with her mini skirt, so tight that brought the whole of her hips out, and what I liked was her flat tommy, that alone makes me trip, I helped in dragging the skirt off her thighs, and this beautiful half pant was staring at me, dammmn, been so long, I dragged it off her thighs as her clit greeted me saying,

“Bros, I ve been waiting for you”

My Piakantus had already gotten hard, I was rushing to take my clothes off like they were on fire, as she helped as well, as soon as my boxers was getting off my body, I was anticipating to pounce on her cos I couldn’t wait to get a taste of those big cute boobs, when she pushed me to the bed and reached for my Bianpolo cupping it with her mouth, as I felt a sweet sensation that reached my spine, she sucked on it like it were a lolipop, down and forth she went, as she kept on with that, I tried reaching for her Obosiasis pretending to finger, when I had felt her wetness on my finger, I stylish pretended to be scratching my nose with the finger, just to know if she was clean enough, either it was odourless or odourful, but I got a positive result, it smelt nice and odourless like a purified water,

“Wait, let’s do it like this” I said,

we switched into opposite directions, her mouth on my Piakantus and my mouth on her Obosiasis, it was damnn crazy, she was sucking and moaning out loud at desame time, after a long while of the crazy adventure, there was no need to rush, I needed to enjoy this moment, I made her lay straight on the bed as I kissed her sweetly, gently and slowly from head to toes, when I got to her boobs, instead of just sucking her boobs, it just strike me to try something different, I started

with sucking her boobs without the nipples as I caressed the other, I kept sucking them as I watch her twist on the bed like she would turn into a snake in no time, before I sucked on the nipples finally that was as hard as a rock, I kissed down around her thighs, as she came,

“Please Bleep me, Bleep me, you are killing me”. I heard her cried out,

I reached for my wallet and got 2cds I had been saving for a long time incase of necessity, times like this, cluck click, rolled in it on my Piakantus in record time, as she begged for it, I ld reach for her lips like I want to kiss her, only to back off when she presses forward, as she begged me to come in, I ld use my Piakantus to rub the surface of her Obosiasis and her clit, she would twist on the bed like she like she would die, then I finally inserted it inside to relieve her of her misery,

“Awwwww” she cried out with relieve,

It started with the missionary style but in no time I switched to scissors, pressing one of her legs to the east and the other to the west, lashed on her cunt back and forth, still switched to a position where she was on the bed, her legs raised up leaning on my shoulders, me standing, her Obosiasis facing my Piakantus, the way I grabbed her sef, and pushed her forward towards me, she was shocked, I saw the expression on her face, I was like,

“Baby please relax, I don’t want you to stress yourself, just relax and enjoy it ok, allow me do the work” I said leaning forward to give her a kiss of assurance,

Fixed my Piakantus into the gateway paradise and lashed on back and forth, winning my waist and dancing my usual circle, then turned her lastly for my finishing move, doggy things, her bouncing ass turned me on till I came.

Chapter 15 MY BURDEN

Nah so the thing go oooo. We had yet another round before we finally left there. After that day Dora started acting weird and when I confronted her, the truth was that she had been going through her sisters phone and reading her text messages, I was expecting worse only for her to start acting jealous.

Something else happened, there was this friend that was close to both sisters, I don’t know what Chioma told her, but I knew she told her about the sexcapades we had, cos I was never friends with this girl, as a matter of fact we ve never spoken to eachother before, but to cut a long story short, she became an admire, I later drew the oil for thesame place wey I draw Chioma own sha, but there was something I didn’t like, both sisters were keeping malice, Dora was like she thought I had feelings for her, then why play naughty with her sister, whatever it was, I seriously didn’t give a fu!cck, my stay was for a while, so any which way I knew they ll settle, cos e no go make sense make their elder ones or Parents ask wetin make dem dey quarrel then dem go say nah one guy Piakantus, ‘o ne e meme'(meaning: it doesn’t happen in Igbo)

As time went by, myself and Dora elder’s Bro had become good friends, he was my namesake, and the fact that we would both be taking Jamb that year made us even closer.

I informed my Dad about the Jamb form soon coming to a close, he sent me money for it but this time added rules,

“That when I fill the Jamb form, I would ve to choose any school in Abia state as my centre,

I would choose Abia State University(Absu) as my school both first and second choice”

He said he had a few contacts to make my admission easy, so who was I to say no, besides I needed to be far away from Delta State and Lagos for a long while cos of the things that has transpired months back. It wasn’t a bad idea, just that the thoughts of a new school, new environment, new friends wasn’t going to be easy, but it was worth it.

When I chose my centre, it landed me in Umuahia, can’t remember the school though, I was already getting myself prepared for travelling down to the east alone, first to an Aunts place in Aba, then travel to Umuahia to look for my centre, Aba to Umuahia, was approximately an hour fifteen minutes journey or even less, but just when I was planning and strategizing on how my journey would be like, cos ve never been to the east as a grown boy before, I only hear stories that I was in my Dad’s village when I was only 2years old, but knew I could take care of myself, when I got a surprising call from my Dad that he would go with me, follow me to the centre, wait till am done with the exams, travel down back to Aba with me, then leave me there to Lagos and then come back for my Post Ume.

Dammmnnn, I was amazed cos after all the pains, agony, tears, disgrace, shame, I made this man go through, I never in my wildest dream thought he would abandon business and go through all that stress with me, I couldn’t help but drop tears for the touching act, no

matter what, your blood is your blood, this was just a pure definition of a father to son love, if the world neglects you for your wrongs, the one true people that ll always stand by you, come sun, come rain are still the ones that brought you to life(mum and dad). With the kind of personality I felt my Dad possessed, that strict man who hardly smiled or joked or sat and discussed with me, I realised my costly mistake had changed our relationship for the better, my Dad I know that ll stay for 2months or more without calling, would bug me with calls, send me airtime without me asking, ask if his peeps in Bariga were treating me well, but most times when he calls, there’s always this thing he says that’s always heavy for me to take, its like a burden, a strong one, he ll say

“You know you are our only eye”,

Whenever I hear that, it ignites this burden in me, its ‘THE BURDEN OF BEING AN ONLY CHILD’, I still carry it till date.

Few days to my Jamb exam, my Dad and I journeyed first to Aba, he had a younger sister that resided there, then went to Umuahia to check for the centre, and then woke up very early on the day of the exam so as to get there on time.

Normally when you want to go into the hall, you leave your phones behind, so I did, he already knew my hall cos we checked it together.

As exam went on, me wey be say e don tey wey I write that kind of exam, I chose mass communication as my course of study, first and second choice, since there was no music, I needed a course I could relate with, so my subjects were English, Literature, Government and CRS.

I was able to attempt the English and CRS questions well but for Government and Literature, Kaaaaai, it was a disaster, expecially Literature that had to do with reading some few books, some William Shakespare matter, as time went by I still couldn’t attempt the questions, I was getting ready to do ‘tubutubu baskelebe’ for those that don’t know, it means picking random answers from each question, when one Mopo officer walked up to me, I wasn’t scared cos I had no hardware(expo) on me, he placed some papers in my palm and was like,

“Everything is there, your Dad asked me to give them to you”

I just laughed within me and was like,

“So Popcy has been hustling answers for me, unbelievable”

The same Dad was doing everything to make sure I was a student back in no time, that was one hell of a surprise for me and that was how I

completed my answers for that Jamb, and even still made a few corrections.

After my exams I was forced to ask him about the hardware he sent to me, he said he got it from a guy who was into organising special centre exams and had his students in thesame centre, he payed the guy for the answers and the Mopo to bring them to me.

We travelled back to Aba, then headed back to Lagos the next day while I waited behind expecting my result. Let’s hope it turns out well.

Chapter 16

I can’t remember how long the Jamb exam took to come out, like a month later or so, not this days when you write Jamb and before days abi nah a week Jamb result don come out, hahahahaha, naija don dey fast for technology small small.

My result was awesome, my score was 243, the expo worked, it was then I knew the guy that sold that sh!t to my Dad was a former employee of Al-Qaeda, as in ennnh tight bomb, cos I wonder wetin for happen if to say I do ‘tubutubu baskelebe’, maybe I for no reach 120 sef, not to talk of the cut of mark, one year extra go just go, “God bless you Dad”, all thanks to you it didn’t go that way.

I informed him about it, he was happy for me, he said he would come around for my Post UME, that he would accompany me to Absu, for my mind I just dey reason say,

“Mehnnn, Paale if you arrange another expo for me e no go bad ooo, I know you can still do it if you see the chance”, as in base on joke, I was just jonsing, not knowing my reasoning wasn’t even tight enough, the nuts needed some tightening and even some extra screws, my Dad had something beyond it in mind,

Pam pam pam, a week before my Post Ume exam he had showed up, not knowing he had made all his personal arrangement with my Aunt his younger sister, I didn’t know what was happening, I was sitting one cool evening in the sitting room watching two from my five best wrestlers doing battle, Edge and Jeff Hardy ‘that was before Hardy left to TNA’, it was a ladder Match, I wanted Hardy to win, cos he had never won the WWE Championship before, when I heard my Aunt ask my Dad as they both walked in,

“So should I call the guy?, in igbo”

“Yes, since everyone is around” my P-man responded,

My Aunt made the call, let’s say not less than fifteen minutes interval, two guys showed up, they started talking, guess what they were talking about,
It was my admission, I couldn’t believe it, my concentration by itself forwent the very important wrestling match to me without even pausing it and focused on theirs, my attention wasn’t needed, it was wanted, ‘wasn’t NEEDED by them, but their discussion was WANTED by me,

“So what are your names, I needed my sister and her husband to be here as a witness, I asked her a few questions, I need something, and i hear you guys can do this something for me” my Dad said,

“Sir no problem, we know cos that is why she called us and the reason we are here” the more matured and older one answered,

“I heard you guys school in Absu?” asked my Dad,

“Yes Sir” they both chorused,

“So what are your names?”

“Prince, Medicine, 500 level” said the older,

“Festus, Indo Chem, 200 level” said the younger,

“So how do I get admission for my Son?, how did you guys get yours?” Asked my Dad,

“It was Prince that worked my admission for me, my people paid sha” said Festus,

“So like howmuch did it cost?” My Dad asked,

“Sir it depends on the course, Indo-Chem is a hotcake in ABSU, we paid one hundred and twenty thousand for the admission” he replied,

“Is it that expensive?” My Dad shouted in surprise,

“He has been in one school before, Delsu to be precise just that something went wrong and i need him in a new school very fast, I didn’t pay a dine for the admission, his mum had friends there cos she’s from Delta state, I lost contact with the friends I thought I had,” my oldman explained, without anyone asking,

“Sir, it depends on the course and not just that, his Jamb result has to be good as well as his Post UME, so we ll pick it up from there, the better the score the lesser the amount, a low mark demands higher price” Prince explained,

“My Jamb score is 243, isn’t that ok for Mass Comm?” The ginger in me unleashed itself( caught in the conversation),

“Guy, for Mass Comm people dey plenty ooo, nah hot course, the score good, do the Post Ume get better score, makes your admission easier” Prince replied,

“So tell me about it, how dependable is your source” my Dad asked,

“She’s the daughter of the VC, we are close friends, she has the link and access, I give her the name and she takes care of it, you talk to her, pay the money to her and she settles me, I am just a middle man” Prince answered,

Whether nah true or nah lie nobody know, my Dad was that desperate to give me admission, like buying me another life, though not a physical life but a futuristic and educational life, lots where going through my mind,

“Is this really my Dad?” I was asking myself inside,

So this man loved me this much like this?, if someone had told me he would have gone this far, I wouldn’t ve believed, he had the love for me but scared me away with his attitude, his mistake, a lessoned well learned by me, to make sure I draw my kids close and never ever scare them away, make them feel free with me and express themselves, make them not just my kids, but my friends, imagine friends with desame blood, that’s the kinda of life i wish and pray to ve, my future wife were ever you are just keep those kids safe and kicking for me cos

a few years from now I would be inviting them to come join me(I mean us).

He brought out his Nokia camera phone, scrolled through a little, passed the phone to my Dad,

“That is her pix sir, I can as well call her so you speak with her, she ll be the one you talk business with, am just the middle man” Prince said,

He called the girl and my Dad spoke with her, at the end of their conversation, she billed him 100k if my Post UME result was ok, but would cost more with a poor result,

“What if the Post UME, isn’t all that good?” He asked her through the phone”

“Ok, one twenty thousand?, see let’s just leave it at hundred thousand ” my Dad replied,

I was like WTF,

“Is this man really going to do this?”

Chapter 17 THE NEWS

I was asking myself

“What if my admission worked itself, and he pays this money, how will he know it was these guys that actuality did it”

Whichever way the admission came, either through destiny or the opposite of destiny, ‘one word for it’?, cos I just felt these guys were scams, but it shouldn’t bother me afterall I wasn’t the one paying the money, I might not believe them but what if on a second thought it was genuine?,

After they had talked and he had hanged up that was when he asked,

“So how do I see her in person?” Asked my Dad posing the question to both Prince and Festus

“Sir, that’s how its done ooo, you can’t see her, your Sister knows were I stay, even knows my mum, I ve been helping people with admission since in my 200level, its legit” Prince explained,

“Ok, no problem what’s next?, payment abi?, I ll pay 50k then pay the balance when his name comes out” said my Dad,

“Sir, its not done like that, you pay the complete money or we don’t collect the money at all” Prince replied,

“Ok, so I can pay after his name comes out abi?” He asked jokingly,

“Sir, No ooo, we won’t do it ooo” Prince replied laughing with Festus,

“What if his name comes out, then who did it?” My Aunts husband asked laughing too,

I knew were his answer was coming from, the man just turned his spiritual believe on, its good to be religious but this man does it to the extreme, everything around him is a sin, you ll get a hint why I said that as the story unfolds,

“God did it then” I replied his answer,

“Thank you” he exclaimed,

At the end my Dad agreed, payed the money into the girls account. After writing my Post Ume, I bought a scratch card went online to check, my Dad was already in Lag then, scored 47/100, printed two copies out from the system as Prince had instructed, gave him a copy of both the Post Ume and Jamb result and kept the others for myself, still complained that my score wasn’t high enough that my Dad would ve to pay an extra 20k, so I informed him sharperly, the guy told me to lock up, that as far as he has given them such huge amount before, they were indepted to him, that 20k wouldn’t stop them from doing their job,

“Forget about it, I ll trash that out with him” he said.

Names started coming out afterwards, first list my name want there, second and third list my name wasn’t there, we started calling the Prince ooo make we know wetin dey xup, three list don come out yet my name no dey, so when will it come out nah, we were asking.

He said he has spoken with the girl, that a list was still going to come out, that the V.C ll bring out a list, V.C’s list what’s what he called it, that my name ll come out in that one.

Patience, freshers had resumed we were still waiting for list, before I got a news that a list was out, I urged Festus who was in school already to help me check, he did and gave me a call,

“Guy your name dey list” he said,

I was overjoyed when I heard the news, nothing knowing the news had disability, if the news nah human being, e resemble girl wey fine, you dey inside bus see this babe, tell driver make e stop, rush come down, as you walk up to this girl, whine am, whine am, she no gree talk, you think say she just dey shy, when she finally come talk you find out say her reason for not talking nah because say her mouth dey smell, as in ennh bad mouth odour wey be like mess(fart), that was how the news looked like.

“Bro, your name didn’t come out under mass comm ooo” Festus said from the other end of the phone,

“So which department the thing come go fall under?” I asked curiously,

“Guy, nah under Library and Information Science Edu(LIS Edu)” he replied,

That was how the genesis of my problem started, not even pure LIS but under Education, what kind of dumb course is that, when my mates ll go for their Industrial training(IT), me go go dey do Teaching Practice(TP), the course was processing in my head and I was getting deeper with my thoughts, I needed something I could relate with, my field of calling, courses like Music, Mass Comm or Theatre Arts, which are all inter related, I was grumbling within me,

“Shey nah wetin dem use the 100k do?, what sort of rubbish is that?”

But at the end, nah ‘half bread is better than chinchin’ dey always end am, I had to console myself that at least it was better than staying at home, maybe I might change the course with time who knows?. At the end of my thoughts, I called my Dad and informed him of the new development, that my name was finally out and the course too, he didn’t know much what the course was about, all they did was celebrate at home, since they were happy for me, I had to be happy for myself.

It was the first time in months I had a huge relieve, I was excited and I needed to explore this excitement, I brought my phone out and the first person I called was Salma, the conversation went like this as she picked,

“My love, My Angel,
Love of my Life,
My Queen of Queens,
The only woman who’s thoughts has been surviving me but scared of giving her a painful news cos I don’t ever want to see her hurt” I said as this babe kept quiet listening she was already conversant with my voice,,

For a while, like close to twenty seconds this babe wasn’t saying anything,

“Pretty Salma, please talk to me” I said again,

“Kenny why did you do this to me?” She said, and you know my Salma and tears are siblings, she had started crying,

“My love, my sweetness, how would I ve told you, many things happened, you should be happy am still alive, I didn’t forget you, I just wanted things to be at least a lil better before I summon the courage to talk with you, I just gained admission into Absu, please can I speak with the prettiest woman alive tonight?, I ll tell you everything, not holding a single thing back” I said, as in coolly and softly,

“I try your number every now and then, I thought you were dead, cos I know my Kenny, that he won’t be alive and not reach me, how could you?, do you know what ve gone through?” Babe said still crying,

I felt it, but what would you have expected me do?, I swear, it was the best decision I made, I wouldn’t ve been focused if I cared too much on women after the Delsu saga,

“My baby please, cry not, I wish I could just wipe your tears and give you a kiss, please lemme speak with you tonight”

She agreed, so I had a date on the phone at night, as I dropped the call, i composed a short text message and sent her immediately, it read,

“my Queen, did I ever tell you that my promises fail?, if it ever does, then this message is the mail, use it as an evidence to send me to jail, and tell the judge to grant me no bail, cos we are like a nail, you are the head and am the tail, so life without you is no sail. I love you deeply”

I needed to remind her, assure her of my love, and make her feel am back, then gave Cynthia a call too, it was a similar kind of conversation, just that Cynthia acted pissed, she should, but I don’t blame her from not understanding things from my own perspective, I was forced to book her for the night( midnight call things) as well. The question now is how do I speak with both of them?, I always find a way out, trust me, I had to send Cynthia a text too, hers was different, hers went like this,

“My Finest one, I wish you could open my heart and take a Peep, you ll see my plans were never to make you weep, cos I feel you so deep, praying I ve you for keep, I still want to be that man to buy you a Jeep, I never ever forgot you, you in my heart always making it beep, always dreaming about your lips, your hips, you ll always remain my sweetest. Am sorry honey, love you”

I needed to calm these ladies down, I couldn’t even tell Cynthia about my admission, babe was aggressive on me, but I feel her pain, at the end a man has still got to do what he has to do. I ll call the rest later I told myself, if not I might ve too many girls wanting to talk to me at

night and would not be able to handle it if peeps calling me became much, days plenty to do the rest nah.

That night, I was pondering on who to call first, how to handle the calls wouldn’t be a P, and at thesame time I must not keep any of them on call waiting, so I went to my divert call, kept my number on call divert to the number I dumped, so whenever anyone dials it, it gets to say my number is switched off, that way I could talk to any of them I choose to speak with first, this way I could be talking to one, and if the other calls, she hears the number is switched off, but yet isn’t.

I called Salma first cos she didn’t give me much problems, just that she cries too much. We talked for two hours, from 12.30 to 2.30, I told her everything and she was patient enough to listen, and truth be said, if I hadn’t met this girl I would ve graduated in one piece, I got lucky, her matter almost led me to my grave, and ve learnt that you meet some people in your life and they are blessing to you, while you meet some, no matter how nice they are they bring you problem even without them knowing these things, its just natures call. After I had narrated my reasons for leaving town without anyone knowing it, that was when she shared hers, the way the story came from her own view, every story has two sides, the side of the story teller and the side of the characters involved in the story, just that you share the story the way you saw it and the way it affected you, but shhiits happen, few live to tell the story. She was almost graduating, she had to leave her former place, she said some of my Brothers gave her trouble, expecially Chuks, that he felt she knew my whereabout and wouldn’t

tell, that she was threatened, school has been hell for her this final year period, that it was a good thing she would be writing her exams soon, there was no one I could trust, the only man I trusted was just Solo. So I had to make her promise not to disclose anything to anyone, I also asked about Sly’s peeps, if they were still on her neck or came looking for her again after the first time they came, she said she couldn’t tell, that she had been living in fear and has been extremely careful, that she hardly went out, after lectures, she goes straight home, that it has been her normal routine, and begged me to be extremely careful myself which I promised her I would.

After most of our conversations dwelt on the past, it became too tensed and scary, so I had to improvise, we deviated into howmuch we missed eachother, if we still had the thingy going on, how me missed the sexxx, eachothers touch, if we ve slept with anyone since I left, well she said no, but has a guy who was on her matter like seriously, when she asked me thesame question, this was my response,

“How do you expect me to think about sexx with this disaster that has happened to me, am still recuperating”

Wetin you want make I talk before! Say my Piakantus don enter another Obosiasis?, no nah, we only just started talking, I wasn’t ready to kill the reunion and the vibe just soon.

Chapter 18

We spoke well, went back memory lane, and the way our conversation went there were tendencies of seeing eachother again, and if there was ever going to be a seeing, she would ve to do the coming, cos I just can see myself travelling down to Delsu to see her, she sef know that one.

After talking to her till like 2.30, I had to switch gears, we kissed eachother goodnight, though she wanted us to talk some more, but I told her my battery was down and immediately I hanged up, then called Cynthia,

“I tried calling you, your phone was off” she said, after I had given her several missed calls till she woke up,

“Battery was down, light came not too long” I replied,

I had to take my time to explain the reason why I did what I did, thanks Jah, she finally understood, but within me I knew it was over with these girls, I just wanted to make use of the best chances I could get,

cos to be realistic, Salma was in her final year about taking her final exams, Cynthia was rounding up her 200level, by the time I would be in 100 level proper, Salma would ve graduated and Cynthia would be in her 300level while Chizzy was approaching her 300level in Madonna, ladies want to see their man progress, it gives them better hope and chances that they aint just wasting their time with you, what about the distance, travelling all the way from Delta to Abia state first before taking another bus to Okigwe or Absu, this involves time, energy and money, what ll be ll be, whatever comes my way or whoever I get to end up with, it means my life had been programmed like that, I felt the best part of life was patience, (ndidi as the igbos ll call it), but more importantly there are reasons why things end the way they end, all thesame I needed to be careful with my ways, stay far away from trouble and more importantly avoid everything that has to do with cultism, but Absu on its own was another domain.

I was sent enough money to get myself some new clothes and other stuffs to kick start the semester, I had no place to stay when I go to school, so I spoke with Festus about accommodation, he said he wanted to move out from where he was to a new place and that if I wouldn’t mind staying with him, we could join resources and get a place in Uturu, so I asked him to find a place and then lemme know.

Few days later, he called and that he had seen a place, a self-con, newly built hostel and made enquires and that it was just the payment that was left, he said the place was 70k, so I sent 35k out of trust.

A day before I left for Absu, since I didn’t know much places to get clothes, I met my Pastors Son, Marvis, his Dad was the head of my Church (The Salvation Army) Abia district, so he called a friend of his that had a car, but surprisingly we didn’t go far, we went to Asa road, I was sitting at the back while Marvis and his friend James sat at the front, on trying to drive into a filling station to get fuel, another car was also trying to come out from our lane, and mind you normally every filling station has two entrances, one way in and another way out, so James refused going out of the way, he wanted the man to drive back and take the other way that was suppose to lead him out, this man stopped his car, came down,

“What is the meaning of all this, small boys of nowadays, can’t you see am almost out?, and you are just about driving in, drive this thing backwards lemme pass” he said ranting,

When I heard that ‘SMALL BOYS OF NOWADAYS’, walahi I provoke, I was like

“Guy this man dey rude ooo, no drive this thing back ooo, if you try am me and you go get problem, cos like this we dey our right, make him go pass the other side, I like see wetin em go do” I said,

“Even if you no tell me sef, I for no still gree” James replied,

So as we agreed, he turned the car off and we all came down, this man took this thing sooooo personal like he would beat all of us, he was busy shouting and ranting, the more he did the more people gathered, and he was carrying a beautiful girl whom I assumed to be his daughter, I might be wrong at a time ooo, I kept quiet listening as James and this man were exchanging words arrogantly at eachother, people around were even blaming the man that he was suppose to take the other way out, yet this man refused,

“Look at all this small boys, because they are driving their Fathers car no respect again” said the man,

Omor nah em I vex, I had been quiet since, I was leaning on the car before, but after he said that I pushed myself and walked up to were he stood, some tiny distance between us sha, everyone was quiet, then I was like,

“Sir, please, check your pocket very well” I said pointing to his pocket, so everyone’s attention went to his pocket, truly he searched his pocket, and I was like,

“Anh anh, you no see am?” I asked,

“See what?” The man asked, his hand still holding his pocket,

“Your brain nah, since it is not in your pocket, nah be say you forget am for house” I said, without smiling ooo, I was looking so serious,

Omor, everybody burst laugh,

“Kai, guy you dey talk ooo, you get bad mouth ooo” peeps said from the crowd as in laughing out hard,

As people were laughing, the man just went into his car, revised and took the other way, we just started laughing, went into the car, got our fuel, and proceeded to get what I needed to get.

We still laughed about it when we got home, Marvis was like,

“I swear that time wey you dey waka go meet the man, I think say you been wan fight, you know say you sabi ginger”

“I swear me sef too, said James.

I arranged my stuffs and got ready for my journey the next day.


Chapter 19
With a liitle bit of excitement, I got up in the early hours of the morning the previous day, my Aunt had already gone to the market to get me foodstuffs and I had gotten myself enough provisions, once a student so i already know as e dey go.

It was my second ever journey to Absu, the first was with my Dad, but this time, i was travelling alone. I got to Abia line at Asa road, paid and got on a bus to Absu, before I got to school, Festus was already waiting for me at the school park, my already booked down room-mate, then took a bike to Uturu, the new place he said he paid for,(name of lodge withheld).

It was truly a beautiful lodge, one of the finest in that vicinity, the outside was painted brown in colour, situated in a location that looked like a hill top, with a stream very close to it.

Now I needed to adapt into a new environment, new neighbours, new course-mates, a room-mate I didn’t know who’s attitude looked like, but I was that kind of guy who ll tolerate anything but when it becomes too much I go gats voice out, so I don’t get choked, I hate carrying someone in mind but all desame it doesn’t stop me from wanting revenge if I was throne the first stone,(something I ve learnt to control now), sometimes one needs to just let some certain things go, I just prayed I coped, cos the course on its own was discouragement.

The next day was a monday, I went to school accompanied with Festus, as he took me to were I would do my registration, clearance and medicals. It took me close to two weeks to complete everything cos peeps were much, but was still trying to meet up with lectures.

My first lecture, a GST class, I stood outside throughout the class, come and see multitude, I just dey vex all through, like

“Omor, shey nah me be this?, nah this kind thing I wan come dey do for here?, I couldn’t even see how the lecturer looked like, coupled with the fact that I had no friends, the microphone the guy was even using was akparanwa(dead microphone), his normal voice was louder than it.

That one passed I swallowed it, then had another lecture, this one was one of my core courses, again crowd, I was asking myself,

“No be say I even dey department wey I like, I hope and pray I survive this whole thing”

I was able to at least meet the course rep and get my name registered as an LIS edu student, I had already met with my HOD in order to register my name under the department.

Omor, when this lecture was going on, I swear I no even dey understand wetin the lecturer dey yarn, God go punish people wey bring that course come, cos I already knew I couldn’t cope, I lacked interest in it, If I was ever going to do well, I was going to keep sorting my way out, cos I ll definitely fail in something I had little or no interest in, but failure in a situation doesn’t make me any less a dull student, the only reason why one ll call one dull in a situation like this was cos he wasn’t meeting up to expectation, all thesame o wasn’t ready to disappoint my peeps either.

I left class, called Festus asking him where he was, he said he was in Food Village eating, I had never been there before so I had to ask my way out, I was wondering why they called it Food Village, but when I got there, the place was soo phucking big, it looked like an estate were meals are sold, the shops looked alike, one can even miss his or her

way there. To avoid story that touches, I had to call him out, I was just like a stranger in another land, like I had never been a student before.

When we finally located eachother, I started explaining my difficulties coping with the course of study, that it wasn’t even pure LiS but under Edu, I never even really understood the course yet, until he started breaking down some things for me.

He said our certificate was different from theirs, that anything Edu didn’t just make sense, that companies as a matter of fact didn’t value Edu courses, that ours was just like the college of Education of Absu, some teaching occupation things, as he was saying these whole thing, I was just getting more depressed, angry and disappointed, those things he said alone killed my morale towards school, when he saw my mood, he started telling me there were things I ll still love that ll make school fun for me, that before the end of the semester, every students in their department gets to contribute a certain amount and visit the school mountains, they had 2 different mountains with caves and water fall, that I was going to party there with my mates and still can invite friends, but who gives a sh!!i!t, nah that one person dey talk about?,

I decided to just go home, and think this whole thing through again and see if there was some other way I could go about maybe switching department or anyway better way at all, I told him we ll meet at home,

cos that evening we had plans of going to Okigwe to get a few things for the house, like rug, tv, dvd and tv-stand.

I was suppose to walk to the school gate, then walk down my left to the junction and take a bike home, believe me I wasn’t myself, as in that moment I dey para like paralysis, I had just walked pass the school Cafe, when I heard a guy calling from my left,

“Heessss, guy show” he was with three other weird looking guys, and believe me this was the wrongest time to approach me, as in ennnnh wronnnnnngggggg timing.

Chapter 20
I was seriously not in the mood cos of how upset I was besides that kind calling no dey get mood cos we all know it doesn’t end well most times and it was too early for me to start getting into troubles, so it was better I used my head.

When I heard the voice called me, I sincerely knew it was me they were referring too, but I just locked up like I didn’t hear, I kept walking,

“Hessssss, this man”, the voice called out again,

I kept a deaf ear, was still walking,

Like they notified a guy walking towards opposite direction as me, so the guy was like,

“Guy, e be like say nah you those guys dey call ooo” he said,

So I had no option rather than look backwards, and then touching myself on the chest in a question like way, which one could interprete as,

“You mean me?”

Then one raised his hand and made a sign I understood to be come, I swear nobody don call me like that before, and if it were to be around were I reside, I wouldn’t ve gone, I would ve told them I was coming that I wanted to get something, find my way home no time, but I was still inside the school premises, I had no choice than walk up to them, at least make me sef get a taste of my own medicine, make I see as e dey be like.

I sincerely have never intimidated or obtained anybody before while in Delsu, anything that ll make you hear my voice, just know someone

has offended me, I had my own personal OT, cos you bully person collect em thing today, you know where una go meet tomorrow?, some people just ve that believe that cos the world is round and wide, then its big, but when you take your time to reason the world proper, you ll find out its a small and empty world, but ve watched men obtain people in front of me, sometimes when I see the fear in the person been obtained, I might just sometimes beg on the persons behalf, and be like,

“Hees,wey you, run comot for here”, or better still mind my business.

But this time, since I said I was now a changed man, lemme see how long I could maintain that fit, cos I was born a stubborn boy.

“Nna ennh, na wa you ooo, you see men dey call you, you just do like say catarrh dey your ear” one said,

“Omor I no hear nah, I hear nah em I no answer?” I asked back,

I wasn’t tensed or scared one bit, I had full confidence and control of myself cos me don dey the game, see all this things tire, and another mistake I didn’t want to ever make is never to allow any frat guy/s push me to the wall to the extent were I would ve to be forced to speak my frat slangs and make anyone know who I was in a form of

identifying myself, cos first it ll bring me those friends I didn’t want, and before I know I ll be soaked back in the game again, since I said I was done for good, I wanted to keep to my words, if I didn’t deserve it, my parents did.

” You wey dey hear wey we start to call you” another said,

“My name no be hess naw, students plenty wey dey waka pass, even if nah you dem call like that you no go answer nah,i replied smiling,

“Nna calm down ooo, Obi mmadu a wu u tomtom ooo,(meaning, person heart no be tomtom) use your head” another one again said,

Am an Ibo boy, but there’s a way these Ibo boys that grew in Aba and the east speak, they add ibotic intonation to the english, so it makes it sound sweet and funny at thesame time.

Before it turns into something else, I just had to use my head, cos there’s a way they ll talk I ll get upset and things can happen from there, so I deeped my hand into my back pocket and brought out my wallet, since there were four in number I brought out 1k, and gave it to them and was like,

“This one go reach to recharge una phone nah”,

Believe me, this act, meant I had bought them over to myself for as long as I was in Absu, even if I didn’t remember their faces, they ll know mine, that 1k that looked like nothing to me at that point in time as a student who was still fresh and loaded and had just resumed school, meant a lot to them.

As I handed the money over to them, they started shouting,

“Nna e di sharp, e di sharp”

“Abeg wetin be your name”

“John” I lied,

They introduced themselves to me, one after the other, and was like,

“Guy, if you get any problem for this school, Nna just call me, o we Ife ne me(meaning, nothing dey happen)”

But instead of allowing them ve my number, I allowed one of them call his, its better and safer that way

“Make una no think am ooo, I be Lagos boy, I just say make I do am foreign for una” I said,

“Nna e di sharp, e yi ri ndi Lagos”(meaning I looked like one from Lagos,)

That was it, I bade them goodbye and left, I just played the fools game, it didn’t make me less a man, cos I know what I did, but it was better that way and even to my own advantage, let’s hope the new friendship doesn’t blow out of proportion at the end.

Chapter 21

Myself and Festus went to town(Okigwe) that day and got a few furnish for the apartment, rug, tv, tv stand, dvd, to make the house look more comfortable and pleasing not just for ourselves alone but for visitors. I didn’t tell him what happened that day, and as a matter of fact he heard from my Dad that I once schooled in Delsu but i never ever opened up and told him the reason I left, I barely discussed myself, he was my room-mate didn’t mean he has to know everything about me, most times some things are better not told or said at all,

before you sit someone down and open up face to face your deepest secrets, know the person well, even at that, but the truth is you can’t really know everything about someone.

ABSU became like a lost Island for me, I had no friends, no girlfriend, I was barely coping with school activities, and I wasn’t even ready to go into something deep with anyone cos with the way I saw things go, I had this strong feeling about my chances in the school.

My connection has buddies with Festus really didn’t work out, I was beginning to get this disgust of getting my own place and staying alone, cos it later looked like he was accommodating me, apart from hearing rumours, we became three in the house instead of two, he was always with his girlfriend, and before I knew it, her visiting regularly had became a permanent stay, from a top, to tops, jean and skirt to jeans and skirts and then her box of clothes, imagine the three of us sleeping in thesame room everyday, wey no be say nah flat, I kept watching this guy, I didn’t tell me or say anything about it and I couldn’t ask him either cos I expected him to use his brain and the funny thing was that most things in the house were bought with my money cos my Parents made sure I lacked nothing.

Most times they ll sleep on the bed, and I ll sleep on the rug, I saw it as nothing, for my mind I be like,

“Nothing dey there, nah my guy”

I just felt she had accommodation problems and was soon going to get a place of her own, cos she was a fresher like me, I didn’t ask Festus for once while he gf stayed with us and he didn’t say anything either. Sometimes at night I just use my brrain to give them privacy and pass the night in a neighbours apartment.

I remember one cool evening as I sat close to the stream with a few of my neighbours, gisting and smoking weed, talks begot more talks, and you know smoking weed is when most guys speak their mind, say things they wouldn’t ve summoned courage to tell you on a normal day, we were four in number, Snoop, Snipes, Dele and myself. As we were gisting, Festus and the girlfriend came to fetch water from the stream, greeted us and left, that was how it started,

“Guy, this one wey he be like say you get two roommates, guy do rent your own house nah, highest 50/60k you go see self con rent, ordinary room 35/40k” snipes said,

“Unto wetin, we just pay for this place nah” I replied,

They started laughing leaving me wondering what was funny,

“Oga calm down, we know as e dey go” Dele said, they were still laughing,

I just used my head to reason well, cos these guys were all 300level students, same as Festus, though different departments, he was more closer to them, that was when I realised he had fed them with some crap like I was squatting with him.

“So this guy don reason una many many rubbish shey?” I asked,

“Unto wetin?” Snoop asked,

“Una sef dey jonse oo, wetin dey there wey una no fit tell me clean and clear, you dey try yarb me say I be squatty, dey use scope say make I get my own place, incase una no know most of the things wey dey that house nah my own, em tell me say house nah 70k, I give am 35k, so wetin una come dey yan now?, I no even ask am one day to see receipt” I said, as in I don dey provoke already ooo,

“Guy you mean am?, omor I go talk, nah 55k be house, nah 55k I pay” Snipes said,

As I heard it, the ginger and beast in me rose up, I stood up immediately,

“This guy no know the kind person wey I be nah why, em dey use me play, I no be fool, nah base on trust, but I go clear em doubt this evening” as I was completing this statement I had stood up, walking back to the house, no time, I hate nonsense

“Ken chill nah abeg, e go be like say nah we spoil em package” Snoop said, grabbing me from behind,

“See talk ooo, so I don turn to package now?, no go let me and you get trouble, free me guy” I said angrily,

But dude still held on tight from behind, wrapping his hands around me, I pushed myself to the wall hitting his back against it to get free from his grasp, as I did that, he left me, they knew it wasn’t a joke anymore,

“I dey go meet Festus, I like ask am all this things, and I like make em carry me go meet the landlord, I wan show my craze, I swear anybody wey hold me this evening, I go burst em head join” I voiced out for all three to hear, then directed my steps in anger back to the house.

The payment for the house ish wasn’t what was infuriating me, after every, he still had the guts to tell neighbours I was his squatty, wetin some guys dey even dey take person for sef?

“FESTUS GATS EXPLAIN, for em mind, em don job me”

Chapter 22

I was walking furiously to the house to confront Festus, and believe me there’s a way he would answer me that won’t go down well and would lead to a fight, whichever way it still ll lead to a fight, on getting to the door of our apartment, his voice came echoing, he was laughing out very loud with the girlfriend, I wonder what was funny, instead of going in,I don’t know what happened to me I just paused.

Then I started to tell myself,

“Guy chillax, wetin neighbours go think If them hear una voice, besides Snoop and the rest ll feel kinda betrayed like they were gossiping about Festus”, if they get to hear something about me, they wouldn’t want to tell me again and there’s a way this guy might upset me if the confrontation happens, out of anger I could just start revealing myself, ‘you know who I be’, ‘I be this, I be that’, so instead I decided to apply wisdom, I ll would play a game with him, a very matured game, were I ll hurt him but he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it cos its a game to everyone, i would just be the one that knows what I was doing.

I turned back to meet Snipes and the rest at the stream side, they were expecting to hear my voice when I left due to my initial reaction before I left, but were surprised when I came back.

“Em tell una say em dey squat me abi?” I asked,

But nobody answered, I just started laughing,

“Una know wetin, I wan play one game with this guy wey feel say em wise, the title nah ‘KING OF THE HOUSE, Aba boy verses Lagos boy” I said,

Everybody started laughing thinking I was high on weed,

“Because of this guy, all of una dey here, most nights nah one of una room I dey sleep, Snipes nah your room I sleep pass, now enh, we go see who carry woman pass for this house, I wan switch on my Kenny-D now mode” I said,

It was still funny, cos they all had gfs, but since ve been staying in the lodge, no girl has ever come looking for me, so I was like a guy without game.

“For this full house, nobody carry woman reach me, I wan clear all of una doubt now say I bad pass all of una” I said,

“Ken, no be by mouth, make the game start, we go see who be King” Dele said,

They felt I was just running my mouth,

“I swear, nah Festus and em babe go suffer am pass, cos them go sleep for outside tire, all the privacy wey I dey give am since, em must give me all the privacy back, no one go miss, una rooms kuku dey available una go accommodate them tire, then make em complain for me then I go let am know say nah me get house, my money nah 35k, em own

nah 20k, wetin make me wan come pack?, shey I resemble Indiana Jones first son? I said,

These guys were still busy laughing out loud, cos I was talking with anger, but with all my heart and soul, I meant everything I was saying with my mama’s breast that I sucked.

I brought my phone out, called Salma and as she picked, I fixed it on loud speaker,

“Me: Honey Salma: hmmm, Me: Sweety Salma: hmmm, Me: Sugar
Salma: hmmm( as in I was saying these things with attitude ooo), Chaiii, the finest girl in the whole world” I said,

She knows the routine, as I dey call am the pet names she answer me back. Before now, we ve been talking but ve not really been serious about her coming down to see me, as well as Cynthia,

” So what’s up naw baby, are you trying to say you are not missing me?, as in am dying to see you” I said,

“Baby I am too, am trying to clear some stuffs in school, hoping my name ll be in the first batch for NYSC, but hopefully I ll be in Port Harcourt next week” she said,

“PH is close to Absu naw, first you take a bus like 45 mins to Aba, then 1hour 20mins to ABSU, let’s just say at worst, say e bad, 3hours you are here” I replied,

“Ok, I ll keep you posted naw, once I touch PH, I ll let you know” she said,

“So howlong ll you stay with me?” I asked,

Everyone kept mute listening to our conversation like it was a programme on a radio station,

“Like 3/4 days she said,

“Stop naw, why are you like that, you ve not seen me for close to 8/9months and you think my Piakantus will be happy with you?, didn’t you miss it?, stay with me one week naw” I pleaded,

“Ok, lemme come around first, we ll see how it goes” she replied,

“Thanks baby, you are the best, love you so much” I said,

“Love you too dear, please take care for me and stay out of cultism and trouble” she said,

‘CULTISM’, nah there she take expose me small, but no P, it wasn’t her fault, how would she ve known I had peeps listening to our conversation.

“Thanks Baby, expecting ya” I replied, then hanged up

I saw the surprise on their faces, that was when they knew, I must ve done things before,

“This one wey una quiet, wetin do una mouth?, nah my sholly for my former school, no time oo, point of correction one of my shollies,” I said,

“Omor, nah big girl ooo, she don even gradge” Snoop said,

“Chill till you see the babe, then you go choose whether to gimme respect ot not” I said,

“Guy wait oo, wetin happen for your former school?” Snipes asked,

“Omor abeg die the matter, wetin don loss don loss” I said,

To avoid too many questions which I knew I wasn’t going to answer, I stood up,

“I dey come abeg” I said, then hurried to the Chemist shop at the junction,

“Aunty abeg gimme condom” I said,

“Howmany” Aunty chemist asked,

“Gimme 5packs” I replied, I swear I saw the reaction in her face when she heard 5packs,

She brought out 5packs of G-Circle, arranged it in a black nylon bag for me, I paid and left.

I first went to the stream to meet them guys, tore the packs of condoms and threw them away leaving just the condoms in the nylon,

“Una think say I dey play, make una go buy una own condoms ooo, cos like this anybody wey do mistake come ask me for condom, nah play the person dey be that” I said then left to the house.

I just purposely want make them see the condoms. I got to the house Festus and the girlfriend were lying on the bed, I just poured all the condoms on the rug,

“Ah ah Ken, who give you all this things, where you see am? ” They exclaimed,

Imagine the question, ‘who give me all this things, where I see am?’, I don suffer sha, I wonder wetin dem take me for before, maybe they felt my Piakantus wasn’t functioning,

“My Guuuuuuuuy, omor nah toto sure pass now ooo” I simply replied,

Then started arranging the condoms in different parts of the room, the four corners of the room, under the rug, four corners of the bed, as I was doing the arrangement, they were both laughing, its needed, when them begin dey pass the night outside, them go know.

“Omor nah the level ooo, so that anywhere wey me and the babe roll enter like this, nah finishing” I said,

“Nna which babes kwanu?” his girlfirend asked,

“Are you travelling anytime soon?” I asked,

“No” she replied,

“Why you come dey rush, you ll see’ them'” I replied,

They were just busy laughing out loud, thinking I was just doing my normal fooling around but if only they knew, cos I just started.

Chapter 23

After that day, I stopped passing the night in the room, giving them all the space they ve always wanted, and was just patiently waiting for what sounded like a joke to them to come into reality, i only came back to shower, eat, go to school, watch movies but would spend every night in someone else’s room, and within me, I was like,

“Omor when e start, I no wan hear complain” cos sincerely that’s when the real war ll start.

That weekend, something happened, the Caretaker of the house came around, knocking from one room to the other, that he wanted to see everyone and also wanted to know the real occupants of the each apartment, claiming that the highest numbers of occupants shouldn’t be less than two people, that he doesn’t want a situation were someone ll pay for an apartment and three or four peeps would end up in it.

During the so-called meeting, I noticed Festus’s girlfriend didn’t show up, she just locked herself inside, so I used the opportunity in asking,

“Oga Caretaker, abeg no vex for this question wey I wan ask ooo” I said,

“No problem” he replied,

“I know say nah the first time wey we dey see be this, cos when my guy wan pay for house I been dey Aba that time, so em just tell me price and I send money give am, I just dey hear different things, howmuch for this house sef?, and if another place like this day howmuch e be, I get friend wey dey find house like mad” I said, but I knew where I was going to,

“This place nah fifty five thousand, e still get one place if your friend serious, nah fifty thousand for that one” he replied, so who be your room-mate for here” he asked,

“Nah Festus” I replied, make I call the guy,

I stood up trying to fake a call, but all I did was to let Festus know I had gotten the truth, and was going to exploit it judiciously, so I had succeeded in making Snoop and the rest un-suspicious about how I got the truth cos everything happened before Festus’s very eyes. When the Caretaker later asked what’s up with my friend that wants a house, I just gave him a flimsy excuse.

After that meeting, I made Festus’s conscience prick him hard, by avoiding every means of him bringing up the issue, I didn’t want to talk about it and I sincerely was not upset, next time when he wants to act smart, he should cover his tracks well, his mistake, my advantage, cos as far as we both know I paid 35k and he paid 20k, the last time I asked for the receipt of the house, he said he didn’t know were he dropped it, cool no P, but making people think he was squatting me, a price I was going to make him pay dearly without even being voilent one bit.

When he finally had the chance to confront me, and was like,

“Guy abeg make we see”

“Ok” I replied,

We went outside, maybe he was trying hard not to let his gf know, as soon as he brought the issue of the house, I dismissed it,

“Guy, see die that matter abeg, shey I resemble person wey dey vex?” I replied, and as I was saying it I was discharging myself, no time for stories that touch, or I hear say em shoot bird, the mama fly.

Finally, we entered the week I was expecting Salma, she didn’t call not until wednesday of that week, so we fixed her coming on the friday of thesame week, before then I had pressed some buttons at home that I needed money, so I received quiet a huge sum, I wanted to make sure we balled when she came.

It was that friday that she was on her way, I went to Festus as he was on the bed with his babe watching a movie that I called him out,

“Guy,* one of* my babes dey show today oo, and she dey road like this, you know as e dey be nah” I said, trying to be in my best behaviour and be polite as I can, I stressed it oo ‘one of my babes’, maybe em never know the meaning, but the truth be say I meant the game just started,

He started hailing me, whether nah from em mind ooo, no be from em mind ooo, me no wan know, the real deal be say, he should do the needful.

“Oga calm down, see as I dey so e don tey wey I straff, all the sperm wey dey my body now go don even turn to agidi by now” I said, he was laughing, in other news I meant, guy no disturbance ooo, use your akonuche(brain).

So we both went in, he explained to his gf that my container was already on the sea arriving, she sounded excited, the truth was that everyone wanted to see how my Salma looked like, then maybe laugh, but they were all in for a shocker, they went out but still in the compound, maybe making arrangements on who’s apartment they ll be spending the night, as if I care, then arranged the house, swept, dusted, used omo and water to clean the appliances making sure everywhere was neat, just the way she’s always known me to be, airfreshned the room, then showered waiting for my phone to ring and hear,

“Please come and pick me I am at the school gate”

I was tensed, my sweetest heart I hadn’t seen in close to a year, I couldn’t wait to behold her, there was this Joy in me, I was feeling butterflies for so many reasons, seeing her pretty face again, her cute body, I expected her to even look better, the joy of not spending the night alone for days to come, hoping to make best use of everything but more importantly make my opponent suffer.

Like around 6pm in the evening, as everyone sat outside gisting, I finally got that call, the last time we spoke, she said she couldn’t hear me well but ll notify me when she’s close,

“Baby, am at your school gate” she said, as I picked the call,

“Wait, do I come with a bike or with my private Jet?” I asked,

“Kenny please don’t start, ok come with the Jet” she said laughing,

“Look around, is there enough space to park?, look at were you are well” I teased,

“Lemme alone jor, come before I start crying” she said,

Me wey don wear shirt, dey run to go take bike, as I got to front of the school gate and highlighted from the bike, she threw her bag down and jumped on me, I for fall ooo,cos she changed, she looked awesome, hips over fall out, she wore a mad top, that showed the division of her boobs, and a Jean to match, and hair I was sure she made for this journey, we kissed like mad right there, climbed on the bike with me at the back and zoomed home.

I asked if she was hungry, she said, she was, we stopped at a restuarant in Uturu not all that far from the house, ate and walked home, holding hands, gisting and laughing, and as soon as we stepped into the lodge, everybody stood up, see jonsing, some dragged her bag and helped her with it, we got into the house and almost all my lodge mates went in with me, she was just busy smiling,

“They ve been expecting you, don’t mind them” I said to her,

When other neighbours heard my gf was around, I didn’t know what they were told, but they just wanted to see this babe themselves, I rushed out, switched on the gen, full tank, I plan am, cos I knew the night ll be oblivion.

I made her stand up, held her from behind, my hands around her waist holding her belly firmly from behind, I wanted them to see her clearly, show-off

“Ken, I no go hide am, you get mouth” Snoop said,

Even Festus and the girlfriend also came to take a look at my Pretty Salma, (them dey craze nah, dem wan use me play, me wey dey hot, cos I dey form cool since when I resume school).

I later discharged everybody out, in a playful way, but meant it, told her to shower, and she shouldn’t open the door for anyone, except she hears me knock, so I left her, stepped out to get a few drinks, and then 2 tins of milk.

Before I came back, she was already done bathing, and had dressed up, but a top with no bra, and her nipp|es bulging out, set like a machine gun ready to realise its bullets, then a short mini-skirt.

As I stepped in, she was still trying to arrange her hair in a net, while I sat on the bed watching her, dammmmnnn, I hardly could believe she was right here with me looking astonishingly beautiful, prettier than she has ever been, like I was seeing her for the first time, small waist, massive hips, as she turned, she just saw me staring at her with passion, as she was walking to the bed to join me, I was like,

“No, baby just stand there, I want to take a good look at you, please”

So she did, and after a while, I was like,

“Please help me pull down your skirt, I wanna see your hips, you ve changed like mad”

She took it down, she wasn’t even wearing a panties, it was one of the most amazing things I had seen in long time, she spinned around for me, and after a while, she was trying to put it back on, I just fell under anointing, I stood up, walked up to her, held her hand and skirt,

“Stop, you really want to put that back on?” I asked,

She just paused staring at me with no reply, close contact, eyeball to eyeball, then I reached for her lips, my hands still holding her skirt and hand.

Chapter 24
We kissed on for a while, then I dragged the skirt off her waist gently, leaving just her skimpy top as we kissed our way to the bed fell on eachother and laughed, nothing was funny but the deep meaning for that was that we ve waited for way too long for this and ve missed these things like mad.

She reached for my trousers, un-belted it and pulled it off my waist, then my top and singlet while I reached for her top took it off her gently, we both knelt on the bed looking at eachother,

“Is this really happening?, my love is this you?” I asked, my hands rubbing her arms,

“Baby is this really you too?” she replied,

I was staring at her boo!bs like I had never seen one since I was born, everything looked sooo different, like the longer we stayed apart the better and sweeter it became, I had this crazy emotions running in my veins with a high voltage, I guess if any other person had touched me at that moment the person would ve been electrocuted to death, and I knew she felt desame way as I watched her panting.

We moved closer, kissed eachother some more passionately and sweetly, we were so calm that we weren’t even in a haste, we wanted to explore everything, as in every damnnn thing,

As we kissed on with every passion we had in us, cos normally I was a born natural warm guy when it comes to my body temperature, every girl ve done stuff with always asked,

“Why is your body hot?”

I ll simply reply that its natural, except in situations were we just both showered, but those cold nights expecially with the fan on, they would always want to wrap themselves around my warm body, but this

particular day with Salma, Chaiiiiiiii, it was warmer than usual, nah my fault?, no be something wey dey sweet?,

“Warm man, missed your body Baby” she said,

We kissed on and just when I thought we were lost in this kiss ooo, all of a sudden this babe just pulled back, freezed herself staring at me for close to a minute(I mean a minute, just imagine yourself kissing passionately and the babe just pulls herself back and then begin to look you for like one minute, count the seconds yourself, 1,2,3, you ll know its really long),

I was suppose to ask why she was staring but I didn’t know what held me back, for my mind I don dey think maybe I don get mouth odour without knowing, as she kept staring at me deeply, I was staring back but it got to a point were she got me wondering that I couldn’t take it again, I had to check my breath using my hand, breathing into my palm, it smelt good to me, I looked at her still staring deeply, when I was about asking her what was wrong, the next thing I heard was,

“Kennny” she said, then kept quiet again,

I didn’t answer but staring back, lost, wondering what she might ve noticed, then I heard,

“I swear I love you”

CHI-NE-KEEE, otutu mu mi(in Yoruba cold enter my body, e cassssssssh me),I was like an iron that melted in a fire, I didn’t see that coming, I was blown away lost in her love and beauty, water just roll from the eyes, no be say I dey cry sha, e just roll ni, then I replied,

“I swear, my dada dey plait for you”, deeping the finger next to my thumb in my tongue and pointing it to the sky in the ‘I swear’ manner.

That was when then real passion and action started, before we been dey do Skit and Intro,

At the sound of what I said, she gave me that huge smile with her dimpled chick that makes my soul glad, then we pounced on eachother. We expelled the kneeling, rolled and kissed eachother from one end of the bed to another.

I made her lay on the bed and kissed every single part of body from her hair, head to toes, didn’t miss a part, as in licking and kissing all

dem body sweetly and slowly all the way down, turned her over, kissed from the back of her neck all the way down her heels. I just kissed and licked her tits and Obosiasis a lil, leaving it for future laurels.

She turned me over and did the exact thing I did to her, from my head all the way down to my toes, turned me downwards, kissed my neck from the back all the way down to my heel, we took our time, we wanted to explore everything single thing we ve missed.

When I turned over, she reached for my Piakantus, massaging it with her hand, I knew what was next, cos I knew the next thing ll be me experiencing the seizure that comes from SUCKINGJAITIS,

“Baby wait” I said,

Laid her back and this time, sucked this boobs the way I never did hers before, sucked around the boobs, made her wait for long to put my mouth on her nipp!es, as she twisted on the bed, I did desame to both boobylashlies, then sucked on it with every passion dripping out of me,

As I was about to go down her Obosiasis, I remembered my last outing in Bariga, and remembered the sucking wasn’t bad, so I annalysed the style for her as she seemed interested, so we tried it on ourselves,

She sitting directly opposite me, my Piakantus in her mouth, her Obosiasis in mine, dammmmmmmmnnnnnnn, it was one crazy experience I ll never forget, we sucked on eachother like we were tasting what was sweeter than Vanilla ice-cream for the first time, this romance of ours took hours, as in hours, we sucked till when we couldn’t get enough, I reached for the corner of the bed, deeped my hand under and dragged a condom out, she was just turning to face me ready for what was next, as she saw me trying to tear the seal off the condom, she was like,

“Baby, no, no, no, I want to feel you, pleasssse”

She never even complete the statement I don fling the cd that found its way to were the tv stand was.

Chapter 25
Something crazy happened I didn’t take notice of cos I was lost in the hot romance, it was after the whole Saga she told me the following day, during the period of the many hours of deep romance, don’t know howmany times she came but I had sucked that too without even noticing, or probably been carried away by the heat of the romance coupled with the fact we hadn’t seen or being together ages, Chaaaai, toto!!!, something wey dey sweet.

I turned her down, climbed up, first it was missionary, sexxxing and kissing, and sucking of her tits at thesame, time, thrusting very very slowly though, but after a lil while, then I switched position, we only just started but her legs were vibrating, am sure if she had stood up to walk, she wouldn’t ve been able to do that properly.

Her legs weren’t just shaking cos I ve been hard on her or we ve been sexxing for long, besides the missionary style didn’t last for up to two minutes before I even switched to scissors, it was vibrating cos of the excessive romance and has reached her peak, the way she looked was different, she opened her mouth at intervals like she would pass out, I knew if I took it a lil step further something that has once happened between us might get to happen again,

So as I switched to scissors, me behind her, both of us lying side ways, one of her legs raised up while the other was stretched far at the bed, creating enough room for me to penetrate from the back then more importantly give me room to maneuver and play with her clitor!s the way I wanted.

As I trusted from behind, first accelerating with a slow pace back and forth, I was tickling her Cl!tt with my finger, like cleaning a stain on your body but in a fast way, that made her scream the more, me

staring at the posture of just her face like she would die, she was faaaar gone,

The more I increased my pace and dangled her cli!t, the more she screamed, I didn’t let go of her Cl!t as I held on to my thrust with her legs still vibrating,

“Please wait, please wait” she said,

I locked up, I didn’t stop but rather increased my pace still playing with her clit, I already knew sooner or later, she would erupt,

“Whatever you feel like doing, just do it” I said, thrusting back and forth, within few minutes, babe begin dey shoot, she was squirting,

As she started, I paused and dragged her to the edge of the bed, back to missionary but I wasn’t on her, she was on the bed and I was down, I continued stimulating her clit while I held on to my thrust, it was cool but I wasn’t really enjoying the sexx as much as she did cos she was squirting over my body, so I tried to put on a very fast thrust to make me come, her Obosiasis became soo slipprery and wet, and as I felt I was going to come, I freed myself with shouts of relieve as I quickly drew myself out, holding my Piakantus and allowing my ejaculation come out bit by bit, as it fired out like a bullet coming out of a gun

pouring on her body, while she laid tirelessly and aimlessly on the bed, using her hand to rub her cl!t, the bed was soaked, as well as the rug.

I laid on her, and held her firmly on the bed like one freezing from a terrible cold, not like the sexxx took long, it was a 15 to 20minute sexx, but it looked like forever, cos only the romance lasted for close to two hours, if not more,

After a longgggg while on laying the bed for close to 25- 30minutes doing nothing, I helped her up, as she looked soo weak like all her strength has left her, I helped her to the bathroom, we had our bath, we came back to the room, while she laid helplessly at the corner of the room, which I told her to do, I wanted to tidy up the mess on the bed, and side of the bed as well as the rug.

I tried doing a lil cleaning, got a new bedspread, helped her to the bed, and then covered her with a blanket, cos I was sure she wouldn’t be waking up in a long time, my thoughts though base on the first experience in Delsu.

I turned up a nice blues collection, couldn’t even take the drinks i bought for the both of us, she had already started sleeping, I just popped open one of the tin milk I bought, rushed it, threw it to a corner, cos I felt tired myself, joined her, my hands around her and then dozed off.

Chapter 26
We woke up around close to 5am in the morning, then started gisting, laughing and playing, it got to a point where we had to talk about us and what the future seemed, deep down within me I knew it was over between us and that I was enjoying her company while it lasted.

Not my fault and not hers too, maybe things were destined to be that way, look at her, graduated and ready to go for service while I was starting life all over again, somethings in this world, no matter how hard you try aren’t just meant to be, cos you find yourself in a situation were the love between you two feels right and perfect but due to some situations showing its ugly head, you just know you guys won’t be, even without you guys telling yourselves, except one way or the other one magical miracle happens but I was ready to answer her questions posed before me, this time not telling her what she wants to hear, but rather telling her what we both know,

“Baby, please don’t lie to me, what do you think about us?” She asked,

“If I tell you I know, I ll be lying, this is me here a hundred level student in ABSU, studying a course am not even sure of, then look at you a fresh Music graduate from DELSU, do you think I ve the psyche prowess to tell what the future holds for us?” I asked back,

Like what I said processed through her head as she was speechless for a while to respond back,

“Or you think am happy for what happened in DELSU, babe do you know what I went through?, just try an imagine a young Boy, a gun to his head, forced to become a man over night, neglected by your own parents, or how it feels to see yourself as a disappointment, bringing shame to your family?, babe please let’s not talk about this, if we both don’t wanna start crying” I said,

Just that lil speech, She had already started dripping tears(not crying, but tears was just flowing freely), this babe knows, she does, that she made me go through all that, but I ll always be a man and own up for my predicaments, whatever life has dished out to me, I played my own part in it, not like I was forced to, cos truly if everyone had the power to forecast the future, then we ll all be men and women who ll live our lives on earth without making a single mistake, once you foresee a mistake, you avert it, but mistakes are what makes a man, no mistakes, then no story, no story then no proud glory.

I might be naughty, stubborn but a better man, who has learnt to see life differently, wisdom is everything, naivety and lack of wisdom could make one make lots of mistakes, with time I ve learnt to drop the violent part of me, things the normal me would act upon before, I ll be

so cool about now, dem no dey tell man, you can’t make thesame mistake twice.

I didn’t ve to talk much before she reached for my lips and planted a kiss, then more kisses, she knows, she understands, but we ll always love eachother then and always. Till date I ve somuch respect for this girl, that when am conversing with a girl, and she says she’s from Ph, I ll just pick natural likeness and interest for you, not cos I feel like tearing your clothes off you, spreading your legs wide and make you go ding dong, but cos it reminds me of one name and one face that has been tatooed in my heart for life, reminds me of Salma shikina!!.

We just had to throw the conversation away, kissed for a long while, then she rested her head on my chest and in no time she slept off.

Sometimes when you hear of a married woman cheating on her husband with another guy, I just don’t talk, cos you are no judge, you don’t know her past, not every woman marries who they truly love, all thesame I don’t support it. Though she’s married now but picture Salma and me barging into eachother unexpectedly, that connection ll always be there, so its better we don’t see to a point were we would be alone, if we no tear eachother clothes, just to get down once more, make I know why, but since am a guy who wouldn’t do married women cos I wouldn’t want someone to do my wife, what goes around comes back around, I ll rather just run away or avoid it, except she hid her married status from me.

I crawled out that early morning, as she slept peacefully like a Queen in her royal bed, around few minutes after 7am, I locked her inside and stepped out, I had beverages, I just rushed to get bread and egg, tried my best to make sure I prepared her breakfast before she woke, cos I had never prepared a surprising breakfast for a woman before, hoping she would be the first, and Praise Jah, I succeeded while she was still sleeping, I just arranged a cup of tea and milk, bread and egg, I toasted with in a fry pan, something I learnt from a friend at home, borrowed a tray from one of my neighbours and arranged it nicely, just her breakfast alone, mine could wait.

I went to the bedside, licked her ears like a dog would to an open wound, till she woke up, and saw a tray by her side,

“Please, her Royal highness, breakfast is ready ma” I said,

She sat up, smiled with one hand covering her mouth to depict surprise, then was like she has not pasted, I leaned forward, kissed for a while, and was like,

“Kaiiii, freshest breath ever, I wonder why you still brush” I said teasingly,

“Liar liar, heeeeey Kennnny” she hailed,

“Seriously just eat jor, cos no be when I carry you go U.S now, you go come say you wan brush first, they eat before they brush there ooo,, am teaching you so better start learning” I said,

We laughed, I brought a small cloth, placed it on her laps, then placed the tray on top, just incase the cup of tea gets too hot, my brain just told me so,

“Where is yours” she asked with concern,

“Baby, I just wanna watch you eat pleaase” I replied.

Chapter 27
I didn’t know when I would get to see her again, so I wanted to make best use of these moment,

She smiled at my response, then ate as I sat beside her watching,

“You are staying with me here 1 week” I said,

“Relax, I just came in yesterday, why your blood come dey hot?” She asked,

“I just dey clear you on time make you know” I replied,

On a normal day, Salma and Cynthia were those kind of girls who were brought up speaking strictly English at home, so they were both fluent in it, they could go on and on conversing with you over a long conversation with just English, but base on the street boy I had turned myself into, I infected them with my slangs, that when they talk to me, they make it a blend of both English and pidgin.

After she ate, that was when I used thesame cup in making a cup of tea for myself and then ate too, while we had a lil chit-chat,

“You ve not said anything about last night, you just passed out till this morning” I said,

“My dear, it was crazy, you won’t understand, but Godddd, I missed you” she replied,

“Not as much as I did, you wey lemme fear sha ooo” I said teasingly,

“How?” She asked curiously,

“When we were so deep in the kiss, all of a sudden you just pulled yourself out, I swear I think say I don develop one kind mad mouth odour wey I never notice” I said,

“Nah you know ooo” she replied giggling,

“But in all how was the romance and everything?” I asked,

“Do you know I came like three times already before we even started making love” she said,

“Wait, so you mean I sucked and swallowed all that, Chaiii” I replied shaking my head playfully like I was sorry for myself,

We just laughed about it and talked some more, she asked were I ld be taking her to that saturday, told her I was going to take her round campus, that she would love it, told her how big Absu was, not like Abraka that had small small campuses scattered around the place, some campuses are even outside Abraka, like the department of Law in Oleh, and Agriculture located in Asaba or so, I also told her to get

ready to eat enough Cashew cos we had like an uncountable Cashew trees in Absu, as in e dey waste, so she looked forward to it.

At least make we comot make my guy and em babe get chance to draw oil as them like, cos when I show back, the house is mine, military zone keep off.

She accompanied me to the stream to fetch water, were I met snipes and the rest smoking weed that morning to start up their day, I sat with them as Salma sat on my laps, asked for the weed to be passed to me as I took a few drags, teased her with it to take just a drag, but she refused,

“No worry, before you go back, I must make sure to take this thing, if you no take, make I know why” I said to her jokingly, but the inside of me meant it, cos I was ready to make sure I shared everything with this special girl of mine before she left me, not knowing if I would ever see her sweet face again.

I told my neighbours about taking Salma round school, it was a full house at the stream, so a lot were interested with the phrase,

“Wetin person wan even dey house dey do sef”

And knowing I would love it if I had enough company, I agreed to pay some peep’s transport fair who seemed interested but didn’t want to go with us for lack of money journeying to and fro.

We stayed at the stream for a long while before I got two Jerry-cans of water, we went in, pasted, then when we were about to shower, I was like,

“Till you leave here, I don’t want you to stress yourself, I ll be the one washing you up, every single part of you, every single day, cream you up myself, then help you dressing up, all you need do is your make up as well as arranging the clothes on the bed you ll love to wear” I said,

I wanted her to carry the memory of everything we shared before she left, so that whenever she remembered those moments, they ll always end with a smile on her face.

She gladly accepted, with a huge grin and a simple,

“Ok Baby, noted”

As I told her, nah so the thing go ooo, I did what I said, I bathed her and she bathed me, creamed her up while she creamed me up, helped

her in wearing her panties and bra, her top and jean on, she helped me with mine, was a sweet and crazy experience, I was adding to my collections of naughtiness daily. She took care of the make up and was looking dashing and pretty, I called snoop to help me confirm if he was set with the rest. He said they were almost done and would give me a beep once everyone was set.

Finally, we all were, set to go play around, can’t remember howmany we were but close to 10 of us in number, some with their gfs that came to spend the weekend base on the game at hand ‘KING OF THE HOUSE’, then we all matched like soldiers but this time not to go do battle rather to go ve fun.

Chapter 28
W e strolled with friends round campus, reached almost every school block, Sciences, Medicals, my phucking education faculty, girls hostel, we wanted to even go as far as climbing one of the mountains but I didn’t plan for it so one way or the other I changed their minds, but Salma really wanted to, I took off my shirt and joined my guys to climb a Cashew tree, the guys were doing the plucking while the girls were doing the pointing and packing. We had a fun filled day as far as I can remember. We got back like early hours in the evening, stressed out from the days journey, meeting Oga Festus and his madam at home, like the guy was becoming smart cos as we came in, not too long he stood up with his babe, and was like, make I see you for outside, so I stepped out with him as he held me by the hand like I were his babe,

“Guy I fit see like 5h for your hand?” He asked, “Make I check” I said, deeped my hand into my pocket and brought out my wallet, “Guy nah borrow oo, no go think am, cos me sef get visitor” I said, handed the money to him, cos if not for just being generous or jovial whichever way anyone ll put it, guy wey job me collect excess rent for my hand, if I want to be mean, am not suppose to let him see my dine ever again, but I was already learning not to pay evil with evil, cos the real me wouldn’t ve taken that sh!!t, but all the same he was going to pay in a different way. “So when she dey go?” he asked, Aba boy trying to form smart, that was what he really meant to ask but didn’t want to be direct, so he was trying to digress, thinking I won’t know, so I decided to answer him foolishly too, “Today, now now now, as I dey talk to you like this she dey arrange her bag to enter road” I replied, “Nna wetin happen kwanu?” He asked with seriousness, “My Brother, the babe just dey tell me say my own too much say I wan use Blockus kill am ooo, say my thing don even big pass as e dey sef” I answered, and I was serious facially, He paused for a while, looked at me, kept looking, and then replied saying, “Thunder gbu oo gi e ba han( meaning thunder ll strike me in Igbo), see as i come serious dey listen to you”, “Just dey watch she go soon come out, wait for here no go anywhere, you go see me enter inside come out dey see am off” I replied, then was walking away back to the room, He just stood where he stood laughing and insulting me playfully, as I was walking away, in my mind I was like this man never even know as e dey go, game wey just dey start. I took the drinks I bought the previous evening and kept it in a neighbours refrigerator, we stepped out to eat in a nearby restaurant cos I just wanted her to relax, we could both do the cooking the next day, I had foodstuffs and all the necessary ingredients, we just got the

rest things left to make stew and a kilo of turkey. So when we got back she per boiled it, lying wait for the next day, then went to get the drinks, we drank, not for the pleasure of drinking and getting high but making sure we used the highness judiciously. That night was hot and crazy too, I can’t tell in details all that happened during her final 1 week stay, but we sure had the best moments of our lives, I treated her well the best possible way I could. She was to leave the following saturday, and that period we were all hearing about ASUU threatening the government on embarking on an indefinite strike, a day before she left, I took her clubbing, but we didn’t go alone cos its a risky thing going to a club alone expecially in an environment like ABSU, so almost everybody in the lodge went that day, I don’t know about now, but back then every fridays was Ladies Night at Uturu caves, so it meant free for the ladies and 5 hundred naira for the guys, I rocked her backside like mad and allow friends to rock since nah just dance, and when I allowed them dance with her, I kept ringing it in their ears, “Guy use your Akonuche ooo, no touching ooo, I no wan hear say you don high nah em make you dey touch” Cos guys if you leave them, dem go do pass their sef, some go know still wan collect number sef blame am on highness. I allowed her drink but guided her and made sure she didn’t drink more than her normal gauge. But something incredible happened, one of my unforgettable memories. Around that kinda 2 O clock in the morning, after we were exhausted from dancing, expecially her cos am not good at dancing, I was just on and off, (still hoping to learn how to dance though), but I had more drinks, tipsy but still had full control of myself, we went outside the premises to ve at least a lil fresh air, cos its been tough inside with the crowd, we looked for a nice dark corner to chill, from there kissing started playfully, but

the tension between us was getting higher, since we couldn’t explore everything the way we wanted to, trying to respect ourselves, we had kissed the living hell out of eachother, and my Piankantus had erected soo hard that she was feeling it, cos we leaned on the wall, infact she was leaning on the wall and I was resting on her, both of us standing, I felt like having sexxx but didn’t know how she would react since it was a public place, but when I couldn’t bear it any longer knowing we ve gone way back, I just voiced out, “I swear I feel like making love” At least that sounded more polite rather than telling her we should ve sexxx, but a different side of her graced on me, she just looked at me giggled, pushed me back a lil, turned around backing me, drew her bump short down, followed next was her low waist half pant, giving me her back from behind, cos I was first amazed, I quickly unzipped my trousers and then brought out Piakantus, and fired from behind, it got to a point were my zippers were hitting my Piakantus on both sides, making me feel uncomfortable, so I just unbuckled the button and allowed my trouser drop, I was wearing a normal jean unlike now when you get to slim fit your clothes, I lashed on, it was a hurry kind of sexxx, strictly doggy till I came(skin). As we hurriedly wore our clothes leaving, a guy and a girl were arriving, I was zipping up, as they saw us, we all just started laughing, “E ta wa go di thing?” The guy asked, which meant, ‘have I eaten the thing?, “Nna ta wa nu nke gi, o we ife ne me” I replied, go eat your own, nothing dey happen”, That was one crazy experience, we left there around that kinda five a.m in the morning, all of us, to avoid story that touches. She was to leave that saturday afternoon, it wasn’t easy letting go, but it was worth it cos the distance and uncertainty were things ll lead us made us made good use of our time together. I was sure she had an awesome one

week she wouldn’t forget in a hurry, likewise myself but deep down within me I was lost in a world of my own not knowing when I ll see her again. She adviced me to take life calmly this time and not to engage in cultism, and to be extremely careful in everything I did. I finally succeeded in making her take a few drag of weed one of those crazy nights, mad experience. When I was to see her off, I had a host of neighbours seeing her off with me, but to the junction, while I accompanied her to Okigwe, lucky for us, she got a straight PH bus there as I waited patiently at the park for the bus to get full as we kissed goodbye before she hopped in to take her seat while I waited for the bus to leave. I felt something big left me deep down but was just smiling when I remembered that I made someone sleep out for 7 unbearable nights, but the war only just began. GAME STILL ON.

Chapter 29
Though I felt like a stream that goes dry when no rain comes after she left, one word ‘EMPTY’, but I had to move on, blind and lost with no clue of when I might get to see her again. I was on for the next one, Cynthia. When I came back after seeing her off, I was getting praises from my house-mates on how fine she looked not knowing I still got another shocker for them. I tried calling Cynthia regularly from that saturday trying my best to convince her to come around and come spend time with me, but she was still upset telling me if someone had told her I would stay for months without reaching out to her that she wouldn’t ve believed, too blind so see things beyond her perspective, I was the one who wore the shoes and knew how badly I was hurt, but sometimes its just difficult to be convincing enough on the phone, just

only if I had the chance to ve her in front of me and hear me talk, she wouldn’t just melt but would cry, but yet it didn’t make me relent instead I pressed even harder, she said she was preparing for MISS DELSU that she was one of the contestants just that I wouldn’t be there to watch and see her win the crown cos I knew she would. When she saw that I wouldn’t give up and kept hearing of how ve missed her and would die for a moment with her, she had no choice than to give in to my plea, so we fixed a date for her coming, which was to be a week and five days after Salma left. She agreed to come on thursday and leave on sunday, even if It wouldn’t be as long as Salma’s stay I was glad she was willing to take the risk for me afterall. Before her arrival, I was already running my mouth of how the next babe that is coming to see me ll make them marvel at her sight, “Shey una dey say Salma fine, una dey play Mortal combat abi?, e get were you go beat person reach, dem go say make you give the person Fatality, that one wey first come nah the fight, this wan wey go soon show now nah em be the Fatality” I said to them, I had the courage to run my mouth loud and was proud of myself, “This babe dey contest for MISS DELSU this year” I said, I sweet talked everyone and kept them on a tenterhooks, that they were all looking forward to seeing her like an interesting movie catching ones attention with the huge interest yearning for the next scene. Somedays before the deal day, I needed to get something late at night, around that kinda 8.30 pm, can’t really remember what it was, but that stuff I needed to buy was very important and useful to me that night, it was either I was cooking and needed to get eggs, anyway what I needed to get that night was very important, I stepped out in the dark, and when you go out at night like that, you ve got to be careful cos 8/10 if you don’t get obtained, then you are lucky, so

most times you ld better leave your phone or phones behind. I was walking in the dark alone to get what seemed important to me, I walked passed a guy and a girl who stood in a corner of the road, as I heard the guy loud and clear, telling the girl, “Babe since wey I don dey toast you, you just dey do anyhow, shey I don catch you today, if you date me for this school I swear you no go get problem” It wasn’t my business and as a matter of fact it was so dark that day that I couldn’t see their faces. I bought what I wanted and as I was coming back all of a sudden, the toasting had turned into something different, “Pkoooooooozaaaa” I heard the sound of a dirty slap from the guy to the girl, “How I go dey toast you since, you dey do shakara for me, you dey mad?, you know who I be?” The guy said to the girl, Like she was trying to run away from him, he dragged her back, “Leave me alone, leave me alone, somebody help me” She shouted, I heard the sound of another slap, “Shut up your mouth, you dey craze?, I dey talk to you and you dey do anyhow” said the guy I had walked pass them, but couldn’t bear it, so I stopped at first, poor girl been humiliated or do I say harassed?, but on a second thought she wouldn’t ve come out alone at night in a place like ABSU, were anything as in anything could happen and you ll find yourself not being able to do anything about it, I had that urge inside killing me to step in, but flashed back and remembered how my P with Sly started, similar thing, but in this case I didn’t know who this girl was, “Abeg I no be woman advocate, make I dey go, nah dem know, something no dey do person two times, wetin concern you?, shebi you don buy wetin you wan buy” I was telling myself As I finally took a few steps forward going home, another Slap again, like the guy was using the slap to call me, “Leave me alone, leave me alone” the voice came out loud and clear this time

screaming, it sounded like someone I know, “Peace” I called out “enh, Please come and help me”, It was my neighbour, a girl staying in the opposite apartment. ‘Ladies don’t go out alone in a dangerous environment at night’

Chapter 30
When I heard the voice called out to me for help, I was confused at first not knowing what decision to take, cos you never can tell who the guy was, all thesame, I didn’t want to get myself into trouble again, since I knew it was her, one mind, I decided to walk up to them, big risk not even knowing if he had a weapon or not cos when I confessed to my parents, I told them of how far I went travelling down to Benin to get fetish means for protection. All the things I was told not to do, I had already started doing them after my confessions, stuffs like not cleaning your leg under a broom, having my bath immediately after sex, the night I knelt down telling my parents about the absolute truth, I had the ring in my pocket which I handed over to my Dad and I didn’t know if he either threw it away or burnt it, till date I didn’t ask, the only thing I remember I had not done till this very night Peace was calling for my help was having not shared an egg with anyone, so if I choose to intervene I was doing it at my own peril, cos I was back as any other ordinary man. I ve a stubborn mind naturally, I would ve probably embarked on doing something then at the end tell myself ‘had I known, I wouldn’t ve done it’. One mind, carrying my heart in my palm, I summoned all the courage I could get and walked up to them, not like I was trying to just help any girl but this was my neighbour

who’s apartment was directly opposite mine, if it was just anybody “wetin concern me?”, “What’s happening?” I asked, “I came to get something and this guy just held me down here since and wouldn’t lemme go, he’s been beating the hell outa me” she said crying, As she was talking, this guy was still holding her firmly by the wrist “Bros abeg free am, no be say nah gra gra ooo, nah beg I dey” I said, Omooooooooor, if you see the pushing wey this guy gimme ennnh, it took me off my feet cos I wasn’t expecting it, now I remember, it was eggs I went to get, two eggs to be precise, they broke immediately, “Omor comot for here, you dey mad?, nah your sister?” He yelled out, But instead of me to fight back, which would ve been a stupid thing to do, cos it was dark, anybody could ve killed anybody there, cos at a time my Papa no born me plenty, nah just one, since the lodge wasn’t far from the spot we were, like a 3/4 minutes walk, and a 2 minutes run. I stood up and ran back to the lodge cos that was what my brain told me, lucky me, almost everybody was sited outside gisting, as I ran to where everyone sat, me wey put food for fire, “One guy dey beat Peace for front make una come” I said panting, Immediately all the guys stood up, we were like 8 of us, the rest wasn’t back, just the guys joined me, the ladies stayed back. “Chichi, help me comot wetin I put for fire” I said to Festus’s girlfriend, We all ran to where they were, lucky us the guy was still holding her firmly, em no even run sef, base on the pushing which I tamed offence number one, and coupled with the fact that I had renegades with me, I no know who send me message ooo, the next thing was head-butt straight and that was the end of the whole thing, the guy just ran holding his nose. So we all happily came back, everyone was showering praise on me, my head was swelling like a bread been baked in the oven, the questions

started rolling in, “Come, you get luck, wetin make you sef go comot only you go buy something this kind night” Nonso asked(a lodge mate) “I didn’t want to bug anybody” she replied, “No dey talk that thing, if to say the guy rape you or press press you anyhow nkor, that is even if em never press sef” Snoop said, “Seriously, don’t try it again ooo, its not good, do you know him before?” Festus asked, “Yes, not like know sha oo, seen him like twice, he just came to me one evening like that when I went to get something and has been pestering me since then, this is the third time he is seeing me” she said, “Omooor, if una hear the slap wey this guy dey tear this babe, e be like dynamite, booom, boooom” I was demonstrating while everyone was laughing not knowing what would soon happen, “He knows this lodge?” Snipes asked, “Yes” she simply replied, “Omor make una sit tight ooo, if that guy no show this night, em go show first thing tomorrow morning” I said, but was only joking, trying to make fun out of it, All this discussion was happening outside, then Dele and Flight showed up, Flight was a Birdman, they didn’t know what had previously happened, Cos it was a normal routine to sit outside every night and make fun of one another, so they showered and joined us, and just as they were taking their sits, we just saw like 10 guys rushing towards the lodge, “Toooooooooozaa Tooooooozaaa” Gunshots?

Chapter 31
As she said the guy knew our lodge, I knew they would come, if not that night, first thing in the morning, I know the routine very well cos ve been part of it. “Toooooooooooooooozaa Tooooooooozaaa” The sound of a gun coming from a group that looked up to like ten guys

kept everyone at alarm, without being told knowing anyone those guys catch that night ll be a scapegoat, nobody told me, “Ken run” before I took to my heels, cos technically it was me they came looking for, I was their number one target, anybody else was an icing to their cake, but no one would want to be used as an example that night, Shey dem say Usain Bolt sabi run?, cos em dey manage dey gap all this small small boys for Olympics, Yohan Blake and the rest, I swear for just this particular night alone, Usain Bolt dey learn, Una wan try run?, I ran into a bush with three other guys following me, not knowing who was behind, omor nah me dey front ooo, we ran into the bush that night but the bush wasn’t good enough for me, I kept running deeper into it like I was in an Olympic stadium with thousands of spectators cheering me up, “Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny” When I felt like I had finished the race, though I didn’t see any finish line, I just made the calculations with my brain, like “Guy, e don do nah, only this race alone sef nah two gold medals in one” As I stopped, the rest stopped and the next thing was a burst into laughter, We laughed hard for a long while, it was when we even started talking I knew who and who ran into the bush or do I say forest with me, “Headbutt master, omor you dey run ooo” Snoop said, laughing hard, “Na wa oo, you wan go Jonse, cos if those guys hold anybody this night, e for bad” I said panting and laughing, “Why I dey follow una run sef, nah who those guys be, who dem come look for?” Flight asked, “Nah Ken nah, em go headbutt one guy ooo” Snoops answered Flight’s question, “Ah ah, Omor wetin happen?” He asked, “Nah one guy been dey molest Peace, when I go buy something ooo, dey slap the babe anyhow for dark corner” I said, “So wetin come happen?” He asked curiously, “I been don pass dem go come sef before, I just dey hear slap, the babe come

dey shout for help, as I hear the voice say nah Peace, I first go meet them, dey beg the guy, the guy just lit em na ala(push me for ground), I come run go house go call the rest people oo, as we reach there back nah em I just go dash the guy headbutt, nah em the guy hold em nose discharge” I explained Like the way I explained it was funny, we all started laughing hard again, “Em see your face?, shey em know you?” Dele asked, “No, nah there I take get luck nah, I for pack from this lodge this night” I said as we all laughed, “You know as girls be, make dem no go begin mend the babe now, she go come go show them your room” Flight said, “Nna nah the thing ooo, nah my fear be that, cos the guy no even sabi my name, If she get sense she no go try am, nah to lock herself inside house, if not, nah me go use my hand kill am” I replied jokingly We stayed inside this bush for a long while gisting and laughing, nobody was wearing anything under his feet, myself, Flight and Snoop were on boxers no shirt, it was only Dele that had a shirt on, “Me sef my own toomuch, me wey get babe wey dey find me come this thursday, make she no go show now, dem go come dey f. me up for her front” I said, And this incident was happening either on monday or tuesday night, can’t remember, but one of the two days. After our exile in the bush for close to 30/45minutes outa fear of the unknown, when the neighbourhood sounded very quiet and calm, we decided to come out from our Cages. We shared ourselves, so as to examine the lodge very well, myself and Flight took another way, Snoop and Dele took another way, then we all met back at the lodge, as we got back, the rest started coming out of their caves as well, those that ran out of the lodge were returning one after the other, we then locked the front and back gates gisting about the incident and laughing, Festus said instead of jumping over a small fence, he jumped

on it, showing us the bruises he had on his leg, I refused sleeping in my apartment, me wey know say dem most show the next day as dem no see anybody catch, Flight, Dele and Snoop kept using me to make fun, telling others how I was running deep into the bush like my Dad had a hut inside for us to pass the night. We hardly slept, the food I cooked, we ate it around in the morning, “If una wan sleep, nah eagle eye ooo, cos if them no show tomorrow, I go like know why” I said When we went knocking on Peace’s door, it took us a long while of convincing before she finally opened, cos I needed to be sure she didn’t disclose my identity to them, She said the guy knows she lives in the lodge but doesn’t know her exact apartment, that she ran in and locked herself inside and hadn’t opened until now, After her assurance, I finally was able to put my mind at partial rest cos I know it wasn’t over and then persuaded her that no matter what happens she shouldn’t reveal my identity. I passed the night in Snipes apartment, and very early in the morning, it was a loud voice that brought me back to reality, “Una must provide that guy wey nod me ooo, if not nobody go comot from this lodge today” I gently slid the window a lil to take a look at the guys face, I saw the face and sincerely I had never seen that face before, with a little plaster on his nose, he came with an entourage of about eight to nine guys, I was frightened thinking of what to do next.

Chapter 32
I was inside thinking of what to do next, cos I know if these guys get their hands on me, I ll be giving a drilling and brushing of a life time then still even get to pay on top and to top it up it was obvious they

came prepared, like this for their mind dem wan treat my fuckkup. “Guy howfar wetin you go do now?” Snipes asked, I was blank for a while, cos I know as some men react, if they get their hands on that girl(Peace) and touch her a lil she would reveal my identity, I was certain of it, some guys ll quickly even do desame out of fear let alone a girl. They kept ranting banging the entrance gate that leads to everyone’s apartment, and like this what I wanted to avoid was disgrace, cos I knew the kinda things they ll do to me, which ll draw the attention of other students living around the vicinity as well as the indigenes alike, “Then if I dey waka for road tomorrow, people go come dey use the eye dey look me, taaaaaaa!, God forbid” I said within me, Cos I knew what they would do to me, but the good thing was that none of them knew who they were looking for, not my face and not my name either, which I felt was an edge to me. “Guy gimme trouser, and shirt abeg” I said to snipes, “Make you take do wetin?, you wan go outside, you dey mad?, say the guy no know your face and name no mean say em no know your voice, cos even if nah you, you must know one thing” he said, I knew he was right though, just that he was misunderstanding my intent, “Guy chill nah, shey no be me ask for trouser and shirt?” I said, “Wetin you wan use am do?” He asked, “Guy just give me” I answered, “Una no wan open door abi, nobody go go anywhere today, like this we ready for una” Another huge voice was yelling outside. So he gave the me the trouser and shirt I asked for, then I wore them. “See like this, I wan follow back fence cut out, cos nah wetin my mind dey reason me like this, when the thing don calm, just call me, as in when them don go oo” I said, Back then, the lodge was fenced round but the front gate hasn’t been fixed, and the front fence and the fence by the right weren’t high enough still under

construction and had been abandoned for a while. So I went to Flights room, peeped from the window, cos one could get a clear view on the right side of the compound, nobody was there, There was no need taking a view from the left side cos part of the front fence was attached to that part, so they only had access to the front and the right, and this lodge consisted of three blocks, mine was the first, but I was with Snipes in the third block, each block had a front and back entrance gate then a passage leading from the first to the third inside. When I had verified and found out they only surrounded the front yard, myself, Flight and Snipes gently opened the back entrance, very gently the best possible way we could so it doesn’t make toomuch noise, it was a metal door, so even if it did, they were at the other side, so they ll hardly hear, the next thing was as we opened it very gently, I took a peep looking left, right, every corner of the backyard, then aimed for the fence, as I rushed towards the fence and held on to the top and flew over in one swift, never knowing I had spider-man skills all this years, Spider man himself go trip for me that day. I landed on the other side which had a small path way, with bushes around, Omor nah running sure pass, it was better I avoided the whole Saga, cos that’s students for you, no be everybody get mind, just the look on the faces of those guys, they might just start shouting, ‘Kenny, Kenny, that is his name, wait lemme take you to his room’ “Now am faced with the problem of having Cynthia coming around soon, as in very soon, how long ll I keep running from my house, and when ll these guys stop?” I was asking myself as I strolled to nowhere aimlessly.

Chapter 33

I was faced with a big P to myself, cos this might be my only chance at Cynthia coming around, I was hoping this incident or predicament I had brought upon myself would suddenly just end, how? I didn’t know though, I just prayed within me that one way or the other it ended, without me getting myself into trouble. I had my reasons for avoiding this guy and the mean looking guys that came with him, cos one can never tell what would happen if I stayed behind, and sincerely speaking fear was part of my running. I didn’t know how just in a speed of light I headbutted that guy cos with all the experiences I had gathered in DELSU I should ve known better, I acted with my ars!se instead of my brain, and what gave me courage and lots of confidence were my neighbours that accompanied me to confront this guy who I felt was humiliating my neighbour, who sent me?, I didn’t know, not like I was related to Peace or something, but what has happened has happened, I had switched on a music I couldn’t dance to, a song I didn’t know the lyrics and a language I didn’t understand, not like I even had any fertish powers, I just didn’t want to imagine myself getting laid out, tortured and humiliated making me remember my encounter at Abraka Resort when I took Cynthia swimming cos as a matter of fact I still carry the scars from that incident till date, two slight cuts close to my eyes, I wasn’t ready to welcome any unpleasant mark on my body ever again, cos if some guy headbutted the normal Kenny of the old time, if I no revenge I go like know wetin cause am, so this guy on his Part was doing what a normal rugged guy ll do. Some might call me stupid, a guy that likes accommodating troubles, a woman advocate, but to me, base on my O.T am just a guy that hates intimidation or oppression, if am there I ll talk, if you are a man with

balls then pick on someone your size, not trying to bully people, all my life as a Kushman, I never for one day obtained anybody, though went on some crazy packages one shouldn’t share, but collecting peoples property wasn’t my style, I was just a good christain boy who went awol, trying to be bad but willing to change and make up for all my wrongs. I flash back memory lane once in while, imagining guys I thought how to play the Piano, not even being able to stand were they play, that to the extent some play for bands, some hotels, I stand in awe when I watch them cos they ve really developed themselves while me who showed them how spending three years studying music aint even close to their level instrumentally, sincerely the last time I had time for Piano was when I left DELSU, presently I can’t remember when I touched the keyboard last, though can still play if I see one but not standard like when I use to Play in church, it ll take me weeks or months of constant rehearsals to put myself on the mark, cos one thing about it is once you leave it, it leaves you, expecially when its for a long time, you ll just find yourself making mistakes over and over again, you know the chords and keys but your fingers ll keep hitting the wrong keys at intervals cos of stiff hands, but Dude aint got time for music no more, just a talent wasted spent when cooking or probably just singing for fun, one thing ve come to understand in life is when you ve the time to do something, do it, time waits for no one, cos you might find out later that you lost a real chance and might never get a better shot at it again, and if you ever get another one, if definitely won’t be like the first; time waits for no one, make good use of the chances you ve, maybe at the end of my tale, younger ones ll understand better. I always boasted in front of friends, that if I ll ever get obtained at night that it has got to be a group of strong men, but

just one guy who isn’t carrying any weapon can’t take my stuff or stuffs, it can’t happen, cos ve been in situations were a guy ll be like “Them collect my phone” And when you ask for where?, how many them be? “Nah just one guy, I was scared, I no know wetin em carry with am nah” will be their response. But certainly not for a guy like me, except the obtainer is carrying a gun or some scary weapon, this leads us to the story of another day (trying to get obtained by a guy on chilled night). As I roamed aimlessly to School, not properly dressed, wasn’t having the best of clothes on for a lecture day, first went to food village to eat then take a lil walk round campus, from the lawn tennis court to a nice cashew tree, hoping and waiting for any of my neighbours to give me a call and tell me the latest when to go home, cos I didn’t know what was happening at home, so I decided to keep my calls and wait for theirs. I called Cynthia to know if she was still coming, if nothing has shattered her plans, of which she said her coming on thursday was a guarantee. I just finally made up my mind, if by any way my identity was revealed, I would call on those guys I once gave 1k, e no fit pass like that, cos I wasn’t ready to endanger myself let alone Cynthia, I needed to put this predicament away for good. After sometime, I got a call, it was Flight, “Nna howfar, Gini ne me Ogbua?” I asked, meaning, was is happening now in Igbo, “Guy show jor, dem don disembark” he replied, “Guy e di sure?” I asked again to be sure, “Wetin dey do you?, me no go like for you nah, e wu my man, dem don go” he said (meaning I was his man) After trying to convince me to come back, one mind, I decided to, but to be very sure, I would be careful on my path, cos it might still be a set up, e fit be say those guys don dey nack dem better drilling, so the call might be a bait to draw me back, cos me Ken, I trust no bagger, as a matter of fact Flight

nah system man, I know as e dey go I pulled myself together, strolled to the junction, got a bike to Uturu, told the bike were to drop me, I ll do the rest journey my way.etc

Chapter 34
As the Bike dropped me, I took another route home, so I could get to see the house from far away to be sure the coast was truly clear, cos I no wan ever do the mistake say ‘I hear say shoot bird em mama fly’. And when I had done things my way, truly from far away there was no one outside, they were truly gone, I could see the house clearly from a distance cos of the uncompleted fence, aside that the fact the lodge was on a hill top made my view clearer. So zI majestically strolled down to the house, surely they wouldn’t ve just gone back like that, some things would ve gone down, certainly, I was dead sure of it, so I needed to hear them and know what step to take next. I went first to Flight’s apartment, when I got in, I met almost all the guys in the lodge talking about my issue, as I got in, what graced me was, “Omor I swear you get luck ooo”, “You get luck say that guy no know your face if not wetin dem for do you guy” Everybody just dey talk em own, So I had to ask how the whole thing went, Flight was like leaving the house was the best thing, cos the guy said he knew my voice, that he would recognise it anywhere he went, that the banging on the gate became too much that they had to come out, they held the house hostage to the extent no one could go for lectures, nobody went out and nobody could come in either, as he was still narrating to me, everyone started narrating their predicaments “You know how many slap I chop because of you?” Dele said, Guys were voicing out that they were mal-

handled faced with interrogation of who and where I was, as they were talking the scarer I became, already thinking have been sold out and probably look for the next means, way forward, cos I had limited time, when Flight continued his narration, “Nna, the good thing be say dem no know your face, nah me even follow dem yarn small base on things, dem touch snoops well well, nah em dem touch pass, but we tell dem say you no dey live for this house, say you come see person, dem wan know your department and name, but nobody talk sha” he explained, “What of Peace?” I asked, “She no gree open door till them go, we don follow am talk, incase the guy go block am again for road, say make she tell am say she no know you” he said, “So when dem comot here?” I asked, “Nna those guys mean business nah, try dey control your temper this man, we drop money for drink before them comot here nah, all of us contribute raise 3k, give dem, nah beg the guy take collect am sef, dem dey claim say wether we know howmuch wey em take treat himself ” he said, When I heard all he said, I came alive, cos I was wondering how to go about it, this guys came very early in the morning and when I looked at the time, it was few minutes past 11, “I go tidy una the bar, still carry una make we go drink this night, if everybody don show for evening” I said excitedly, for my mind freeeeee at last, thanked everyone for having covered my ars!sse. So that evening, I went to Okigwe to withdraw, gave them the 3k they used in sorting those guys, and then took dem guys out that evening for a few bottles of drink, that was how I escaped that hurdle, as we drank, they all adviced me to be very careful, which I promised I would, but sometimes trouble just seemed to find its way to me, but I hope this one was a lesson well learnt. As we drank they asked about my Babe that was coming around but still mocked me, like “The babe

for just come, come dey nurse wound” “She for just come, come see bruises for your body, the honey moon for turn to bitter moon” They made mad fun of me, and from that day, a new nickname was given to me ‘HEADMASTER’, I gladly accepted it, And sometimes when we sit out in the evening making fun of one another, sometimes when anyone wants to yab me, they jokingly shift back and be like, “Make I dress go back, before I talk the one wey headmaster go take give me headbutt” I finally regained my peace of mind, knowing Cynthia’s stay was going to be trouble free, cos it would ve been messed up for me. Thursday finally came, we kept talking on phone from DELSU on her way to ABSU, till she finally told me she has landed and that I should come pick her at the School gate, I quickly informed everyone that my container has arrived, and since I had been painting her white, telling them how pretty she was, everyone started rushing out, wanting to see her, saying they would sit outside till I returned, patiently waiting outside, “Ken she don show?” “Ken she don show?” As they asked one after the other. And the new style I adapted into was that I only tell Festus that same day my visitor would come, even if he gets pissed, he keeps it to himself trying hard not to show it, but me no send am. I dressed up, “Make una wait, make I go bring my Erema come, una go believe nah” I said proudly, Then stepped out to bring a Contestant in the Miss Delsu Beauty Pageant.

Chapter 35

” Don’t put ur mind on the waist of a woman…for if u do, ur mind becomes a waste.. Word” My problem has always being women, most

of my troubles that led me through my hard and critical times in life were mostly women, but what would you ve expected from a guy who had his very first sex in his parents room, maybe it might be one of the reasons, I just seriously can’t tell, but if it were, I was just a naïve young man who didn’t know the implication of his actions, cos most of the things ve done today, I never in my wildest dream thought I would be able to do them, I was a dedicated church boy who never missed Sunday services or weekly activities, but anyhow sha I keep asking God for forgiveness now that ve grown into a man, more of a man mentally. After that 1st sexxx, my urge for sexxx and women was alarming, I don’t know what other guys look at when they see a girl, but I know my own case is abnormal. The first thing that catches my eye when I see a girl is her boobbs, before I access the face. Sometimes when I look at the booobbs and it doesn’t match the face, I ll be like, “Na wa ooo, see this kind ugly girl nah em carry this kind boobyy, Kai” Or I ll be like, “This girl make sense, but the boobyy no match the face, e too small” As in those kind of silly act, who knows, maybe I just love breast like my life depended on it, if I look a girls face first before her boobbs then it wasn’t my intent, its a mistake. I even get silly to the extent when a girl sends me her pix, its the the boobs I analyse first before other parts of the body, same thing when I check out a girls dp, Lmfao, or maybe am just naturally naughty, and if it gets me lost, I get to voice out so I don’t choke, like “You ve a nice front ooo” dirty talker, I wouldn’t ve anything in mind, but its just my attitude but now have cautioned myself, enough for women, chasing money now cos its time the Ladies chased me and its time I got serious with life too, they ve always led me to my downfall. Sorry for the break in transmission, back to the main gist. I reached for her lips, to get my

dream kiss like it was my first, I held her tightly to myself, our eyes closed, its been a long time coming, we kissed passionately like couples on their wedding night who had waited a long time for that moment, then after a long while, I pushed myself back and said, “Baby I missed you like mad” If it were to be Salma, I would ve done more than just kissing, maybe slipped my hands into her trousers to feel her bare ass!s like I couldn’t wait, but with Cynthia, daaammm!, I act so fearful and gentle and till date I still don’t know why, maybe I see her as a goddess and get frightened by her beauty, or maybe I see her beauty too much for me, or still hasn’t faced the fact that a girl like her was falling for a guy like me, I just get to be extremely cautious around her and still didn’t figure out why till date, she was like an egg in my palm. “So you left me for months and didn’t call, do you know ve not been myself since that day you almost got killed at Campus 4?” She said, staring directly into my eyes I was speechless just watching her lips, if only she would see reasons from my perspective that I needed to do what I did, “Do you know howmany times I cried each time I try your number and it doesn’t go through knowing if you were alive you would ve reached me, for howmuch you said you loved me?” She said, her voice beginning to break, It was too early for that, we hadn’t even spent up to five minutes, I didn’t want to start nursing her tears or her sad heart, so as she was about to go on talking, I rushed and reached for her lips again, this time it wasn’t just a passionate kiss, I was indirectly telling her to keep quiet that it wasn’t the time. After a while I looked directly into her eyes, our foreheads touching eachother and I was like, “Baby, you just came, let’s do this later please, my heart would break in a million pieces if I see you drop a tear, lemme help you with your clothes so you freshen up for me ok” I said very calmly

“Ok” she simply replied For Christ’s sake we had four days, four solid days to spend together, so why start the first five minutes with tears, I knew she was hurt by my actions, for not reaching her for so long, but whatever I did, there was a sincere reason attached to it, which I knew I would justify later and make her see reasons from my perspective, this wouldn’t be a phone conversation any longer, she was with me flesh and blood, so I preferred the one on one heart to heart talk cos it was better, one could read the other’s reaction to sincere words shared, and probably able to comfort eachother when the talking gets mean and rough, cos what she wanted was a genuine reason, and I was sure going to give it to her before she leaves. We kissed a lil more, and then I helped her take her clothes off, one after the other as gently and calmly as I could like the morning breeze even though I had a panting heart like it was my very first, damnnnn, it was that same oyinboish, mind blowing and glowing body, glittering like stars in the Sky or do I say blinking like a diamond in the dark, her pubic region same like ve always known like a single hair has never grown on it before, I had thesame old bad intentions inside, I just had to take full control of myself After that, She helped herself with her shower cap then i led her to bathroom, “Do I help you out?” I asked playfully.

Chapter 36

“Do I help you out?” I asked playfully, “Yes” She simply replied, “Baby just shower ok, we ll do that together at night, except you want me to

leave the door open and watch you shower” I said, Womannnnnnnnnn, sighs, woman no go kill me shaaaaa, Kaiii,. I stood at the side of the door, watching her shower, my Piankantus almost riping the zip of my trousers apart, but there was nothing I could do, knowing fully well I got her within my nest for the next four days, so there was no need to rush, my Piakantus was just acting normal, responding to stimulus. As I was watching this babe I was as well imagining things in my mind, the sight of her beautiful body with the water dripping all around it was an amazing sight to watch, cos even Angels ll marvel at the sight of this embodiment of beauty, little wonder some Angels left Heaven and came down to earth in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah in the bible to ve a taste of what I was seeing standing before me, so if the Almighty angels can fall for these creatures who come me ordinary me?. The truth was that I could hardly believe she was mine, she was a beauty to watch, from her head to the soles of her feet, and what killed it all was her glowing skin, I was lost in her beauty smiling all through, in my mind I was like, “So I ll be with this babe for good four days and four nights” That feeling alone was enough to make my heart cry for Joy, was enough to give me peace of mind, and make my world seemed like everything was alright at the point in time, calm as ever, putting all the troubles of the world behind me, and just enjoy every single moment with this damsel while it last, these moments was the best gift she ll ever give which I knew I would crest in my heart for a long time to come. “I swear I get lost, when I look at you sometimes, I don’t always know what to say” I had to voice out, as she washed up, “Please know what to say cos it matters to me” She replied and grinned. I purposely wanted to take this babe out, if not for anything but for show-off, cos

any guy in my shoes ll do desame, cos we go like even when the babe don go back make guys still dey ask us, “Nna, so nah you that babe find come, e di sharp” As in the praises makes one head swell, but when the babe nah babe wey just dey there, not too fine, not too ugly, you don’t reason show off, but if I don’t with a girl like her then wetin I come gain?. This was what was going through my mind, so after she had showered, I told her to get some clothes on so we could go eat at that same Joint I took Salma to, nothing gives a guy more rep than when friends see you with a girl everybody knows is beautiful without doubt. She said she needed to rest and would eat later but I was urging her, wanted to show-off some more cos I didn’t want the day to get dark before we left, lmao , so people would see us very well, just that she didn’t know the reason, “Baby no, let’s go eat now, then when we come back we ll know we won’t be going out again” I said, After lots of persuasion and kisses She agreed. When we first stepped out, I held her firmly by the waist “Come lemme introduce you to my friends” I said, The same friends that helped her in carrying her bag, shouting when they saw us, the same neighbours that walked her down to my room, lol, Chaiii, silly things we did, all nah for show, I took her were they sat outside and started introducing them one after the other to her, name calling, as she was smiling all through, as I was doing the introduction, for my mind I be like, “Shey una dey see am, shey una dey see am, come on guys take a good look ooo” After the showcase of a goddess, we strolled down to the junction, then first stopped at Aunty Chemist’s Shop, “Aunty I don show with my Wife, oya see am” “Kai, Onyeocha(meaning Oyinbo), how are you?” She asked, “Am fine ma, she replied, “So this stubborn Boy is your boyfriend?” She asked?, As she said it, I was behind Cynthia, nah em I

cut eye give am, make she use her brain, make she no go talk wetin she no suppose talk, cos she saw when Salma came, so she understood and just smiled, “So where are you people going to?” She asked, “We wan go Chop for that restaurant for that side” I said, pointing towards were the restaurant was located, “Oya make una go come, Ken, take care of her oo, this kind one nah so so oyibo una go born full house” she said, “Aunty I hear, thank you ma, we dey come nah, Aunty Aunty, Aunty me” I replied and teased, then we stepped out We went to the restaurant, ate and walked home majestically taking a different way back home, my idea trust me, I wanted to gather and treasure all the respect I could get, so that tomorrow when dem see me with ugly babe dem no go too feel bad, at least people don see me with Erema wey make sense. We got home, and when the day had gotten dark I switched on the gen, cos light for Uturu back then na die, allowed friends to bring their phones to charge first and as I did I was letting everyone know they aint getting it back till the next day cos of my honeymoon things, make nobody use em reggae spoil my blues, then locked the door permanently behind me. We helped one another take our clothes off and then fixed a movie to watch, then me sitting on the bed my back against the wall and she in- between my legs, her bare back resting against my chest, “Kaiii, what a feeling”

Chapter 37
Though her stay was for a moment but for this period, like the rain this babe washed away my loneliness, like the sun she shined her light in my path and like the rainbow she decorated my life with her colours, but all I could do was wish that these moments could last for a life

time, that special moment when you are with someone that really makes your mind skip, you forget all your worries and it just seems like its the two of you that’s left in the world, your soul is set free and everything feels alright, I wish I could even find the right words to describe them, but the question is can one really be in genuine love with two girls at thesame time?, I can’t tell, but to be sincere to myself, I was in love with Salma truly for who she was, her personality, then I was in- love with Cynthia for beauty, cos I hardly can express myself when am with her, lost in her beauty, when I spend time with these girls, though the feelings are different but unique in differs ways, and what completes it is the fact they love me back, it makes the feeling awesome. We dream dreams, but the truth is not every dream comes true, sometimes we even dream dreams and watch people live our dreams, I always had the dream of ending up with any of these girls, Chizzy, Salma and Cynthia, but somethings in life are not just meant to be no matter how hard we try, they only ended up as dreams cos I never in my wildest dream thought I would get to 300level and wouldn’t graduate, e get anybody wey go reach that level reason that kind thing before?. I was sitting on the bed, my back against the wall and she in-between my legs, her bare back resting against my chest, whenever I see this babe naked, if I ll put my hand on my chest to feel it beat, then see what’s next, I doubt if I go fit even know, as she laid on me like that, I couldn’t concentrate, all my attention was on her, trying to smell the freshness coming out from her hair, eyes rolling round trying to get a glimpse of her body, like I was seeing her for the first time, as the radiant of the t.v that was watching me poured its light on us, I couldn’t just wait to get a taste of her, its been sooooooooo long, so instead of continuing to wallow in my fantasies, I

decided to force them out of my mouth to her hearing, “Baby, let’s shower naw, let’s ve a cold bath” I said gently, Of which I know say activities must happen from there, cos no matter how naughty I could be, I hardly can express it with her, and nah the things wey she fit even like hear, so nah always style I dey use, but on the phone, I expressed myself more cos I wasn’t seeing her face to face, but she was the first and last girl to make me act like that, I ve out-grown all that now, person dey grow pass something nah. “Ok” she simply replied, For her mind she dey watch film before, something wey I sure say dey her mind too, no be something wey dey sweet?, something we both know we ve not done for long, we suppose dey even dey tear eachother clothes sef, cos if it wasn’t on her mind, she would ve said she wanted to watch the movie some more nah. So I stood up, no time, delay is dangerous, before I hear say ‘shoot bird em mama fly’ fly go were nah?, I stretched forth my hands to her to hold on to it and get up, just as Jesus did when Peter was drowning in the sea, as she held on tight and stood up, I playfully carried her on my hands and turned her round, “Am still strong ooo, so I can still carry you” I playfully said, as she was laughing, then I held her up a lil then bent down too and reached for her lips as we kissed, and then after that, I held her by the hand and led her to the bathroom. There wasn’t any need for a sponge cos I showered before going to pick her and she had her bath too before we went out to eat. We just rubbed soap on our bodies, and used a bailer to pour water on ourselves, and after that, with the water still on us, I dragged her to myself tightly, “Baby I swear I missed you like die”, I said, like I would cry, making sure she saw the seriousness in my face, “I missed you too” she answered like a lil baby

that hadn’t seen her Dad for a long time, then we reached for eachother’s lips, and began the passionate kissing session.

Chapter 38
We kissed there for a long while and when we couldn’t get enough we found our way to the bedroom and then we landed on the bed, Then I started my usual kiss-lick from head to toes, I kissed and teased every single part of her, one after the other as gently, slowly and sweetly as I could, turned her round, infact just the exact same way I did with Salma, and if there was ever any difference it would be just a slight one, sucked round her booobs and allowed her wait for it till I finally cupped my mouth on her nippIes, sucked hell out of her yellow paw paw puss!y, the way I wouldn’t suck a vanilla ice-cream cos this particular Obosiasis had a better taste, as she moaned and twisted on the bed and when I was done with her, she did the same thing to me, and then to cut a long story short, we made mad love. We slept after two rounds and woke up early in the morning and got it on once more to start our day. The normal me would ve preferred staying at home with her alone but that friday morning, I made her shower with me and hanged her to myself like she were my books and took her to school, attended lectures together, went to Photo stand, took pictures, took her round campus, ate at food village, I was just feeling myself, purposely took her to Festus’s department, Snoop and Snipe’s as well like I wanted to come say hi to them, but all nah for show, and you trust Ibo boys, they must talk when they see something, “Nwanyi Oma kedu?”, (Fine girl how re you?), we heard that a lot as we walked passed different peeps That Friday evening we all arranged to take her

to Uturu Caves, I wanted her to ve a nice time, so myself and a few neighbours gathered ourselves that night as ma Baby dressed to kill, we drank, danced, I was guarding her seriously, to make sure she didn’t drink more than usual, but as time went on, not like I know how to dance but I wanted to finish this backside with rocking, sometimes we rocked till the extent my dick gets so hard and I get to put my hands around her belly, pressing her to myself and allowing her feel the pressure of my very hard Piakantus from behind, cos she was putting on a short gown, gripping her body very tight, exposing her laps and beautiful legs and bringing out her a!ss and real shape, so if I no guide am wetin I gain?, I tried my best and made sure nobody came close to us, whenever I got tired dancing, I carried her along with me to rest, I carried her everywhere I went to avoid stories that touch, we would kiss, touch and go back to the dance floor. It got to a time, as we danced, I was in front of her this time, my hands around her waist, was tipsy but yet had full control of myself, kissed and danced on and on like that, then one Guy from nowhere just appeared with sweat all over his body, I was in front of Cynthia holding her tight, this guy was just forcing himself on her from the back, as in he was pressing himself on her, as the music blasted on, for my mind, me be like, “Where this one come from nah, you dey come club you no get babe?” Base on gentle man wey I be, I was like, “Guy, you no see person for her front?” She no want nah, “Nna forget that thing, nah club we dey, nah dance” he replied arrogantly, As in when I begin see the guy reaction, I knew he was high, and there were tendencies he was sent to look for trouble, so I thought, We continued dancing, Cynthia was kinda tipsy since I had my hands wrapped around her she was relaxed, as long as I was there with her there was nothing to worry about, but this guy was

beginning to get annoying cos Cynthia was beginning to complain to me that the guy was pressing himself on her, “Guy wetin be this rubbish naw, nah only this babe dey here, guy si e be pu o”(comot for here” I said angrily, then pushed him with all the force my hand could gather to the extent he went to hit someone else, The next thing he did was still come back, rushing towards me, so I turned Cynthia backwards and placed her behind me, in order to face him squarely but before I could do all that he had already thrown a punch catching me by the side of the eye, I provoked, I didn’t want to know if he was sent or was drunk, and I hate make person dey first gimme first attack, the thing dey pain ennnh! The next thing was.

Chapter 39
I was filled with rage, ready to ve a fight with this strange guy, but just when I was making the move, my friends and some peeps that saw what transpired rushed, held us and stopped us from fighting, dragged us outside. I was so upset, I just couldn’t get enough, the more my friends held me the angrier I got, I wanted this guy, I was yelling at the top of my voice, as Cynthia and the rest were trying to calm me down, “On why em go punch me kwanu?, unto wetin?” Me raking, I was pissed and knew if I had gotten a chance with the guy one on one I would have exhausted some broken bottles on him, cos he came to me and asked for trouble, but as time went on, I calmed down when Cynthia kept rubbing my chicks, “Baby for my sake forget about this thing, please, my love” she was pleading, saying all the sweet names she had in her collection of pet names, While my friends kept telling me to let it go, I did though, took me quiet some time sincerely but my

mood was already spoilt. It didn’t end there, still same old me wishing vengeance like I couldn’t let the punch go unpunished, but to what end?, I marked the guy’s face and kept it intact in my mind, deep down I was like, “Any day wey I go see this guy one on one, me and am go enter one trouser” I said in my mind, I was that upset. After the incident, still having the habit of not forgiving and forgetting, I became quiet all through the night, the partying and dancing ended for me, Cynthia tried cheering me up, but I preferred staying outside with her while we kissed and touched cos I was avoiding the sight of the guy that punched me. We got home early hours of the morning, as we both slept, she slept with what she wore to the club but I was able to take my clothes off leaving just my boxers, I woke up and looking at the time was past 9am already I sneaked out of the bed, went to get eggs and bread and tried making breakfast before she woke, which I succeeded in doing, made tea, toasted bread and egg, inserting the eggs in the middle of the bread, just the exact same way I did with Salma. I licked around her ears till she woke up and met breakfast ready in front of her, she was excited about it, placed it in front of her forming watching her eat while hunger was dealing with me seriously inside, ‘things we do for girls’. I later ate after she did. We had a fun filled day, didn’t go out at all, except for when we strolled out to get fuel, she was to leave the next day, tried persuading her to stay a day or 2days longer but she refused that she had an important lecture early monday morning, so since she was going to be leaving the next day, we decided to spend the limited time remaining judiciously. That saturday night, we talked about everything, what transpired before I left, cos she didn’t know what really made me leave, though said my peeps according to her description Hefty and a few brothers

confronted her a few times about my where-about, but Salma had a better hit. We finally landed at what we avoided when she came, while I left her for so long, but after my explanations, especially when I narrated how ve managed to survive after then, things ve been through, my confessions and issue with my family, she cried and had to stop me first with kisses, and from there we made a very emotional and reconciliation love, it was awesome cos we both made it with tears and sincere hearts. We hardly slept through out the night, we just talked about life in general and howmuch we would miss eachother, I asked if she was going to come around again, she agreed that she would, wished her success in her pageant, guaranteeing her about winning, in all that we spoke we still didn’t talk about if she was dating anyone or if I had someone else now, and I didn’t care to know, as far as I could always reach out to her, getting her love, kisses, touch and time, it was perfect for me, The next morning, I saw her off to the Park and got her on a bus to Aba, she could handle the rest. On monday morning I prepared for school, feeling fresh after my honeymoon, during my afternoon lectures around 1pm, I was sited in class ready for the lecture, waiting for the lecturer, something just told me to look back, cos I like looking around me to be sure am safe cos of my sins and conscience, but my eye unexpectedly caught the face of someone, it was the face of that same guy that punched me at the club just few days back, I kept staring at him at the far corner where he stood at the extreme end of the class with some guys that looked like they were waiting for desame lecture, cos we were much so not all my course-mates I know, I was first frightened when I saw him thinking he was stalking me, as God ll ve it, since I wouldn’t take my eyes off him, our eyes caught eachother, delay is dangerous, trying to put

myself on guard, I stood up from my sit and was heading towards his direction in anger to meet him, as he saw me walking towards where he was, he left the guys he stood with and was walking towards me as well, as I we got closer, in my mind I was like, “I go clear this guy doubt today” in anger.

Chapter 40
I was brewing with anger as I walked towards him, still filled with the rage of what had happened few days ago at the club, though we were walking towards eachother, but the difference between the two men was that one carried a frowned face obviously pissed about something, while the other had a smiling face on, it was me frowning and the other guy smiling as we got closer, what was funny I didn’t know, hoping when I confronted him I would smack the smile off his face, We finally met at a spot in the class, eyes on us, but his silly smile only forced me into asking, “Guy why you dey follow me?” “Guy why you sef dey follow me” he asked back, “Follow you for wetin, nah my department be this” I replied, still filled with my grudge, “Nah my department be this too” he replied, “Guy, I swear you get…” Trying to complete my statement, he interrupted, “Guy I know, abeg no vex, I know say I ffuck up that night, I don high nah, all that thing wey you see me dey do you think say nah with my clear eye?” He replied, from his demonstration and face it stroke me that he meant it, so my anger towards him fell to a better countenance, “Guy you get luck oooo I swear, cos if to say them leave me and you, I for put bottle for your throat ooo” I fired back, “Guy, e ne wi we Oku ooo,(meaning I ve a terrible anger) you for just kill person pikin be that nah, because you

for beat me die sef that day” he said demonstrating with a funny face, Me wey carry anger come begin dey laugh, One talk begat more talks and soon we had started chatting like we ve known eachother for long, and that was how the genesis of a new friendship started, we sat down together and received that lecture that day, got to know eachothers name, Uche was what he called himself, We even went as far as going to food village that day to eat together, he asked about Cynthia, so I explained to him that she was my girlfriend that came around from another school to spend the weekend with me, I just noticed I was laughing all through my time with this guy, he was a funny and easy going young man from what I observed, for a moment I pushed myself journeying down memory lane about what happened at the club, and realised if I had fought him, it wouldn’t ve been worth it, he was just a normal guy who acted under the influence of alcohol, and I might as well ve stabbed him severally in my quest for vengeance over a mistaken punch all drawn to forcing himself on Cynthia from the back, lesson finally learnt but little did I know I just met my best friend in ABSU. That night, I called Cynthia telling her what had happened in school, when I told her I met the guy, she was just so eager to know what happened, the first thing she asked was, “Baby I know you, you fought him right?” “Calm down nah, shey nah me suppose gist you, why your blood come dey hot?” I fired back I narrated every detail how it all went down and how we finally became friends, She was stunned, she was like, “Baby, you ve changed ooo, so you mean somebody punched you and you became friends with the person” she playfully said, Finally I was glad I didn’t react that it ended the way it did, who knows what would ve happened, the truth is that when sh!!ts happen, what one need do is just overlook them and

move on, you ll be surprised what you ve achieved by doing that, something I had always found difficult doing, ‘QUEST FOR REVENGE’ or ‘PAYBACK’, its a small world, no one knows what tomorrow brings. ‘ANGER, a moment of madness, its good not to act when angry, cos at the end, what you ll get to destroy ll be more than what got you angry’: word


Chapter 41
After Salma and Cynthia’s visit, I gained incredible respect from my friends(neighbours), my mouth became as sharp as that spear that pierced Achilles heel, that’s if not even sharper, since I had earned their respect I had one million and one reasons to brag and be so full and proud of myself, no be my fault, nah normal thing, my rep increased and the way dem guys spoke to me became a lot different, though the game hasn’t ended I was already seeing myself as the chosen one, the crowned King, I had already started calculating my next move checking my list to see who was next to invite, cos for me nah invitation things sure pass now, some ready made shhi!t, no hassles, all I needed do was dial the persons number I wanted, keep constant conversation through regular calls and then sweet talk the Lady in question into coming to spend time with me, even if she doesn’t ve transport fair, no p, when we get to that bridge we ll definitely cross it, as long as there’s an agreement between us, assuring me about her coming, since it adds to my laurel or accolades,

putting me in a better position of winning the crown and the next target on my list was Susan, I had already made up my mind about this, but base on my pride, if I was going to call her, I wanted to do it infront of Snoop, Snipes and the rest. I waited till it got to that saturday morning, when we all get to sit at the stream side, gist, make fun of one another while smoking weed, so the matter started, it was a full house, Flight, Dele, Snoop, Snipes, Festus, Paulo, Tony, myself, After giving everyone the gist of how I met the guy that punched me at the club, how we became friends, how myself Cynthia met in Delsu, the slap and everything, the slap part got them cracking like hell, then also how I met Salma, it was that day Festus got to know we had a game going on but didn’t ve the slightest idea I instigated the game cos of him, he just felt it was a general game to determine who was KING OF THE HOUSE, so I wanted to add swag to everything, “Game still dey on nah, make I call the next babe” I proudly said, But that only got me into trouble cos they felt I had loads of them to control to come over, they started countering me one after the other, “Ken no vex ooo, see we don confirm you with the two babes alone wey come see you, but if you wan prove am to us say you get mouth, say you wan finish work, control ABSU babe, run babe for this school” Snoop countered, “Nah true sef, because we no know howmany wey em get for that side” Festus joined, For my mind I come dey provoke, “When una begin bring rules into the matter” I asked back, “Forget that thing guy, control babe from here, make we confirm you finally, nah easy access you dey do nah” Flight replied, “Nah true sef” Dele protested, They were beginning to annoy me, my mood changed immediately but the truth was that the only reason I was getting upset was cos I hadn’t even a single female school friend yet let alone babe wey I go draw her

oil, were I wan start from, how I wan take do am, and I wasn’t ready to date anybody yet, “Oya nah I hear una, I must make sure say I collect number when I enter school on monday, if I Piakantee any babe from this school I win, una gree?” I asked, posing my question for everyone, “Ennnh, leave am, we gree” Festus answered, Within me I was like, wetin dey worry this one sef, for em mind em think say dem don gimme the hardest task ever, so it was left for me to take the bull by the horn and prove everyone wrong, how do I do it was something I didn’t know, but it was something needed do to silence my critics. “Oya nah, game on” I replied, but yet the task still seemed difficult to me. We all finally had a deal. I was busy all through that saturday lazing about, was just busy watching movies through out, that kind of day were you just don’t feel like doing anything aside eating, lazing on the bed with a movie catching your eye from the T.V screen, so I didn’t shower through out till it got dark, and the reason I came out to get water was cos the gen went off. Around that kinda few minutes to 8pm I decided to go to the stream to get water, cos I needed to freshen up before sleeping, I was beginning to get uncomfortable with my body, I got a bucket, came out, my neighbours were outside gisting, I hailed the peeps I saw outside and matched to the stream using the light from the screen of my phone as torchlight, when I got there it was so quiet, the only thing you would hear is the noise from crickets and frogs, since my house was close I had no reason to be afraid, but as I matched on to get water, from nowhere a guy just appeared, where he came from I didn’t know, was standing infront of me, and the next thing he said was, “Guy, gimme your phone” Since I was a guy, who had been into stuffs like that I confidently wanted to see who was talking, thinking it was someone that knew me trying to

play pranks with me, cos my mind didn’t ever tell me that just a single guy ll seriously want to obtain my phone from me, ‘Me Ken’, though dark, but I could clearly see his empty hands, his 3quater and black singlet, still thinking it was a joke, I was like, “Abeg who be this?” Raising my phone, trying to use the help of the phone’s screen light to look at his face innocently, but what graced me unexpectedly was a dirty slap “Pkooooooooooooooooooza” “I say gimme your phone” he said, reached for the hand I had the phone on, while I wouldn’t let go Dammmmmmnnnnnn, it was so fucking hot that the bucket fell from my hand at its own will. Then…

Chapter 42
What I felt was a prank on me surprisingly had turned into reality cos if it were, I wouldn’t ve gotten a slap as crazy as that. The bucket that was firmly in my grasp fell off by itself freely cos of what has shockingly hit me, while he reached for my hand that had the phone in it, too bad I remember the phone but can’t get hold of the name, but it was a Nokia N series phone, instead of the slap to imbibe terror in me it was anger that brewed up, my mood immediately switched to a very very angry man, the mistake this guy just did was that he wasn’t messing around with some random guy, but a guy who sees or fears no evil especially when that threat or enemy is just a single soul of which there were tendencies of me being more fearless than him. While he was trying to get my phone off my hands and stubborn me wouldn’t let go, I had first studied the environment and saw he had no acquaintances if not they would ve showed up or I might ve probably heard their voices and I also have taken concrete note that he hadn’t

even any weapon on him, that moment I said to myself, “Anything wey wan happen, make he happen, me and this guy go die here today” I was fukkking anger high that if anger were alcohol I would ve been staggering at this moment needing people to hold me while I walked, as in my anger it knew no bounds, He went on, still tapping me on the chick, lil lil slaps, not as hard as the first but I guess he was cooking a even more hotter one from his storeroom of slaps or maybe punch while within me I had vowed that if this guy collects this phone from me make I dieeeeee!!! “I say free this phone this man, you wan show me say you stubborn abi, you go like die for this phone?” He said as he tapped me by the chick while I watched his hand to know when his punch or slap would be coming, I still didn’t let go, but he didn’t know the more he did all that the more my anger was trying to explode itself out of me, and just then his tap on my chick was getting harder as I dragged my phone with him, Then unexpectedly when I couldn’t take anymore of the bullssh!!t and harassment, from nowhere am sure he didn’t ever believe his eyes that it could happen, my anger had pushed themselves out of me and I stoned him a terrible head butt, his face was close to mine, and I made sure I caught him between his nose and mouth with every energy, every anger, every pain, every force my small head could gather, as it landed, even me heard the sound of it, “Kuuuuuuuumm” Immediately the guy went down, this wasn’t the first time he had been collecting people’s stuffs single handedly, it was clear by his actions, but for a guy like me, as crazy and stupid as I can be when angry, trust me it has got to be a bad day on job, He went down immediately, using his palm to cover his nose and mouth, I still threw one more punch catching him on the ear, burning in fury and that was when my voice encompassed the whole stream for the first

time since the bout between us started, yelling at the top of my voice, “Wetin be all this rubbish sef, you wan collect my phone unto wetin, you dey mad?, you know who I be?” I voiced out angrily, mistake no 1, I hadn’t gotten enough, I took the bucket flogged it on his head while I heard it broke, “Anything wey wan happen today make e happen, nah my house be this, go call anybody wey you wan call” I yelled as I left, I was still brewing in anger as I walked back to the house, Snoops, Dele and the rest that were sited outside had already heard my voice even while I was still in the stream, but my mistake was that I hardly could control this anger, it had overwhelmed me, taking the whole of me, so I was saying things freely cos of it, “Nah everybody be jew, wetin sef, unto wetin nah, one and one, you go need to kill me before you collect my phone be that nah” I said as I walked back, “Ken wetin happen?” They had started asking as I approached, “Make I go fetch water for stream here, nah em one guy, just one guy ooooooo begin dey tear me slap wan collect my phone” I replied, “So wetin come happen?” Someone fired back immediately “Nah wah u oo, nah so dem dey collect?, you know wetin I don run before I come this school?, anybody wey that guy wan go carry come I dey here, shey naah cos person dey keep quiet sef” I replied angrily So some ran to the stream to check if the guy was still there, as I sat angry in a corner outside the house, sighing every two seconds, They came back saying they saw no one, Flight brought back the broken bucket, and asked, “Shey nah the guy break the bucket?” “I follow the guy with head first, nah when em go ground I flog the bucket for em head, anything wey wan happen today make e happen, if I run make I know wetin cos am” I answered, And for real I meant everything I was saying with every drop of my blood, that if that guy would show back, I was ready to stay and face

whatever happens, cos I was certain I won’t die, I did no wrong as far as I was concerned, It got to a time, I wasn’t talking to anyone again, calm and tender like a first kiss, seated in a corner, I had a feeling he would re-enforce and come back so instead of staying inside the house, I stayed out, one after the other everyone kept sharing experiences of getting obtained, both the one they ve heard and the one they ve witnessed, It wasn’t up to 30minutes shy after the incident, we saw close to 6 guys walking towards the lodge, as I saw them I knew it was about time, when trouble come, all man go disappear, all man cleared gathered themselves in a far corner, while I fearlessly stood to face my predicament, all man for himself, one thing I was sure about ‘I WON’T DIE’

Chapter 43
I stood up were I sat, waiting to face my predicaments or do I say outcome of my actions, this particular time I had made up my mind that I wasn’t running anywhere, still fired up with anger all over me, not like I wasn’t scared when I saw them coming, but one mind, anger had made me gather all the courage I had inside of me, within me I was like, “Wetin sef, anything wey wan happen this night make e happen”, this was the point I had boiled into My friends(neighbours) had gathered themselves to one end which I read to be “Guy face your wahala by yourself ooo, we don’t want any part of your troubles” Or “We wish to help but we are scared” No be new thing so I understand perfectly, e just be like make guy buy pant and bra for em babe make another guy help the babe pull am, so I was left to carry my cross and face my warrant, Where I stood I was panting, heart beating faster

than usual but I was ready to face this fears alone, if I were the one that instigated the whole problem, I would ve absconded before they came, but in this case I stood for what I believed in and fought for what I knew was the right thing for me to do, so why should I run? “Where the guy, where the guy, where em dey?” They voiced out as they came closer, I don’t know what happened, I just had this belief in myself, but I knew it was cos of what eyes had seen, and what hands had done, I took a few steps walking towards them as they got close to me, “Nah me be this” The first thing they did was rushed me, all of them on me at thesame time, hitting me, “Go down, go down there” Sincerely speaking it was bloody, but instead of the beating to put fear in me, it instilled even more confidence in me, like say dem know the kind beating wey person don chop before, “Wetin I do?, wetin I do?” I yelled out like a man left with no food and water crying out in the wilderness, But I had to use my head, instead of allowing myself to keep standing for them to continue hitting me, I went down, which allowed the beating to stop, and as I did, I yelled, “Wetin sef, no be say nah mouth, one soldier with no weapon no fit collect my phone from my hand ooo, even as una dey like this person no fit just come collect phone for una hand?” I angrily yelled The noise had alerted everybody at home that day and especially when they heard my voice peeps in my lodge started rushing out of their apartments, “Make we drag this guy comot here” one of them said, Funny enough the guy I had the bout with wasn’t even among them, it was when they ve stopped hitting me I noticed, I was just wondering what he must ve told them, maybe I attacked him or so, just taking a wild guess, but I ll find out soon enough, Like two dragged me up, holding me by my shorts firmly, like they were scared I would run, if I hear say I run, My neighbours

were pleading on my behalf, but these guys wouldn’t listen, “Make una free my nicker nah, wetin wan make me run?”I asked arrogantly and as I did, I was forcing their hands off my shorts, “Make una leave am, em no go run” one of them said” I gave Festus my phone to hold for me, and followed them like a soldier held captive, “Make una no think am, I dey come back this night” I confidently said, voicing out to my lodge mates to keep calm and not to panic while I followed them in the thick of the dark, I might not be scared of what else that ll happen when we get to were they were leading me to cos I was certain I won’t die, I had just one fear, and the fear was hope these guys aren’t belonging to the same brotherhood with the guy I headbutted for Peace’s sake, cos if I guessed right, he would want to see this guy that headbutted his brother, and according to him, he knows my voice, but one mind, I followed them to kill the curiousity, but deep down just prayed they aren’t desame people cos if I guessed right then ve been led to a DEAD END.

Chapter 44
As I followed them in the thick of the dark with no clue of where they were leading me to like a prisoner in their midst, but not into a bush yet cos if I no bite somebody find my way I like know why, but I knew I hadn’t committed such huge crime that ll make them want to take my

life, just that it was obvious the guy I had the bout with didn’t tell them the truth cos if he did I was certain does guys wouldn’t just keep hitting me like that, cos as I voiced out about a single person trying to obtain me, their violence stopped, but whatever it was, I was sure ready to face it just that my only fear was that these
guys shouldn’t be thesame guys with the weird guy I had issues with who was harassing Peace, cos if e do mistake be like that, Kaiiii! E don be for me be that, so I was fasting and praying seriously inside of me.
We finally got to a hostel, and as we walked in it was just guys I saw sited outside taking a smoke obvious they were waiting for me, and as we got in, I got a heavy push from someone behind me, “Oya go down there, go down” different voices said,
“Guy, no dey push me, I no kill person, una just dey knuckle me anyhow, una no ask una guy

wetin happen?” I voiced out angrily,
Finally the guy I had the bout with, threw me a heavy punch that caught me at the side of my mouth, but what can I do?, I couldn’t fight back, not knowing his reason was not to make me talk what really happened, it was a heavy punch, so a guy amongst the guys that brought me held him, “Guy calm down” he told him,
“Guy leave me, I say leave me, see my nose nah this guy tear my nose” the guy was yelling,
But the thing was the more I get hit, the more fearless and confident it made me, that moment I wished I could just get hold of the guy and strangle him, so the way he was forming James Bond, as his guys were begging him was pissing me off, see person wey I wan kill for stream side, come here dey form super man
“You wey I wan kill for stream side, cos you see your men dem you dey do like say you too much, you see punch throw?, I come here you come dey

blow my mouth” I angrily said, cos I had started bleeding a lil,
Another guy slapped me from the back,
“Guy you no dey fear sha, you still dey talk?” He said,
“Guy no try am again, if you jam me one on one you for fit slap me?” I said and stood up cos the guy that gave me the slap was one lanky dude like that,
I had gotten enough I couldn’t take anymore of it, if una wan kill me make una kill me today, I had gotten to that point I was down for whatever,
The weird guy I had the bout with had gone in to
bring a machete, for my mind I was like e don be for me, truth was I very familiar with this particularly set of frat men, I will rather voice out than get bladed, it’s better they know I know the exact thing they know if not more orientation wise,

Just then a guy that sat at a corner that had been quiet all the while I came, stood up, drew

his belt out,
“Dozie, calm yourself” he yelled out referring to the weird guy
Walked towards me,
“Go down” he voiced out
I humbly did, but as he came closer, it was a familiar face, he comes to my lodge to look for a girl, and several occasions whenever I see him, I was always like
“Bros I hail ooo”
“My guy howfar” he would ask
I had met them both like twice or so when she was seeing him off.
Normally am a down to earth person and know how to respect people, and besides, then he was a lot like a Big Bros to me cos he looked very matured with beard around his face, and ve heard Festus, Flight and Snoops sing it like a song whenever he comes around that he was a number one of a frat in school(name of frat

When I saw it was him, I was like, “Bros I hail ooo”
“Ah ah, Ken nah you?”
Funny enough I didn’t even know he knew my name,
“Nah me Bros” I replied
“Wetin happen, why you attack my Boy” he asked,
That was how I narrated everything that went down as they all kept quiet listening, I made sure I didn’t miss a single thing, how he stopped me and wanted my phone, the initial slap, to my head butt, punch and breaking the bucket on his head, I purposely did cos I wanted everyone to know I dusted him well, as in well, when he heard the whole gist he burned with fury,
Oya go down there, he yelled at Dozie, gave him a diry slap, cos nah insult to them, if I go that kind mission sef wey gimme blister, I go keep am

to myself, nobody ll know,
“Come on drive yourself” he yelled at him landing another dirty slap on his cheek ,
My guy just dey tender everything wey dey em body,
“Ken dey go, I go see you after”, he said to me, ordered two of his men to walk me home.

Chapter 45
I took my leave immediately as two of his men accompanied me home but it got to a point in the journey I told them not to worry that I could take care of the rest myself which they agreed as I thanked and bade them goodnight. I got to front of my lodge with almost all my neighbours outside, they weren’t this much when I was been matched out, but I was sure words had lingered from one ear to other making what transpired that night the topic sentence of their discussion, it was me they were talking about, I was sure most of them would ve been wondering what has been happening to me where I was led to, some would doubt my coming back that night and even if I did, then with lots of bruises, everyman must ve probably had his or her thoughts. As I finally got close to where they were, everyone rushed me, it was one question to another, some had torch-lights and were pointing them over my body to take a look of those huge marks they were expecting to see, not their fault cos the drilling started before the

very eyes of some of them, and with the force those guys came with, the gist must ve gone round so everyone expected something worse. “My love, what happened, did they injure you” Peace said, turning round me looking for bruises, but lucky me, I had no physical marks except for the pains I felt at the side of my mouth, with a lil tear I felt inside thanks to the nasty punch I got from Dozie. “Make una calm down abeg, wetin I do wey go make una wan see mark full for my body?” I asked, “Ken, wey dem carry you go” they were almost asking in unison, “One hostel like that, down down” I replied, “Wetin come happen as una reach there” they kept on bombarding me, as in everyone was on the edge wanting to know what happened, I was ready to explain, I needed to cos I had to clear the air for everyone, the last time it was cos of me the lodge was held standstill, no one went in, neither did anyone go out cos of my involvement in Peace’s issue, so let it not look as if I was always causing problems here and there making some peeps who didn’t know what really happened see me as a troublesome guy, I had to take my time to break everything bit by bit what happened in the stream, what led to some guys coming to drill me a lil and matching me out, why I didn’t run this time around and finally what everyone was waiting to hear, what finally happened when they took me away and at the end I got an applaud after my explanation, “Ken you get mind ooo, this and that, different praises” Though earned me lots of respect cos most might see it as bravery or being a hard guy, but the truth was I stood for what I believed in, in summary, I faced my fears. I had to voice out and tell Lilian(the girl the guy that saved me was always coming to see) to help me thank her bf for saving me and asked how he got to know my name, this was what she said, “One day like that I was seeing him off and you were coming

back from somewhere and greeted him, so he asked what your name was that you are always greeting him when you see him and ll bow your head when greeting with one of your hand on your chest” I was born and bred in Lagos so I had gotten use to that Yoruba style were you bow to greet your elders, it just became part of me as I grew till date and I never knew he took notice, even once when he stretched his hand to me for a shake, I bowed to shake and did it with both hands, one for the shake while the other holding my wrist, maybe he must ve felt I was greeting him that way cos I might ve heard one or two things about him, but the truth was that’s just how I was bred up, cos he was shocked when he saw it was that gentle boy who always bent his head with a hand on the chest while greeting him exibiting the crazy and stubborn attitude he saw. After telling me that, she then corrected me that they weren’t dating yet cos she had not said yes to him cos she was scared of dating a cultist, since had I gotten what I needed to know, it was her problem to tackle, I need not cross the line, I just told her he said he would see me later but whenever he comes around, she shouldn’t fail to thank him for me. At the end everyone was just laughing at Dozie while some pleaded I showed them who he was if by chance I ever see him and they happen to be there, (some amebo things), some wan kill their curiosity, after the long gist, I took another bucket and headed for the stream to get water to shower and as I was leaving they were shouting, “No be say you go go there go nod person again ooo” Festus’s voice, “Help me tell am, the one wey you nod before don do ooo” Flight added, “Since say we don get Bruce Lee for this lodge nah to dey find trouble nah em remain oo” Juliet a lodge mate On and on it went as they kept teasing and cracking themselves up while I joined to ve a fair share of the

laughter as I majestically walked away and was firing them with funny replies as well. The next day which happened to be a Sunday, that evening as I was watching a movie, myself, Festus and the girlfriend, we heard a knock on door, which happened to be Lilian “Kenny please I want to see you, her voice said from outside penetrating through the net door, I stood up to open it from within for her, but she said there wasn’t need, that Osama(the number one that saved me the previous night) was in her place and asked her to come get me for him, so I told her I was coming, I was having just a 3quater on, so I got a top and then headed to her apartment to know what the outcome of the seeing ll be.

Chapter 46
I stepped out straight to Lilian’s apartment, “Knock Knock Knock” I banged her door gently as I got there, “Come in” She called out from inside, like she already knew I was the one. I slid the door open and went in, Lilian was sitting on bed the while Osama was lying facing downwards, but my presence made him turn around making him lie side ways facing my direction using his head to lean on one of his palm(like using his hand to support his head). “Bros I hail oooo, good- evening” I humbly greeted as our eyes caught eachother, me taking a lil bow as I did, “No dey form all this things wey you dey form for me, bad boy” he countered me, “Aaah, Bros no ooo, form keh, Bros I be Omor Jesu oo(meaning child of God in Yoruba?)” I replied, “Nah all this one you take dey deceive us make we no dey as e dey go, Nwoke Ojoo(bad boy in Igbo), sit down jor” he fired back, “Bros thank you ooo, bros gimme chair sitdown, kaiii, Bros you get mouth dieeeeeee,

twale fun Baba agba(words of respect in Yoruba)” I teased as I sat down, “You wan use Yoruba dey curse me now because I no dey hear am abi” he said, “Me?, I wan die, e mean say my two hands dey up for you ooo, Bros jokes apart thank you for yesterday ooo, if no be you by now nobody for recognise me if anybody see me today, nah blisters for just full all my body” I replied, He looked at me, looked, kept his gaze for a while smiled then gently said, “Ken, how e dey go?” “Bros I no understand” I gently replied, hitting one palm against the other which was a sign meaning ‘I don’t know what he was talking about’ “Ken how e dey go?, you know wetin I mean, you know why I dey ask that question, pikin no go do wetin you do last night, there’s something behind your ginger, Ken I say how e dey go?” He repeated himself, this time without smiling, I looked at him, paused, I knew where he was going to, he already knew no ordinary guy would act with such boldness he saw the night before, he wanted to confirm it himself, allow me say what he needs to know with my mouth, then if at the end I happen to be an ordinary man, the next thing would be toasting me, wanting me to belong to his frat, so I was left to do things right, set the tone, I was still looking at him for a long while, confused with what to say, then what first came out of my mouth was, “Bros, when men were men, where were you ?” He sat up, replied me first gingering, spoke some of his frat slangs then I fired back identifying myself with my mine as well, then told him Absu wasn’t my first school that as a matter of fact I had gotten up to 300level in another school but didn’t graduate base on things, he seemed very surprised and interested to know but I just couldn’t talk in front of Lilian, I saw the surprise in her face too cos she was a 300level student as well, nobody knows were it ll finally get to, my reasons for doing what I did was so

he knows I was a system man who was in a new school and didn’t want to pick up from where he left, cos if I don’t, he would be on my neck with his boys and I ll be the one to suffer it, cos one doesn’t belong to a frat twice, they ll start pestering my life. “At the end of our lil chit chat he was like, “I talk am, I know say person wey no chop witch no fit act as you act, you no notice say I first dey for corner dey observe you?, you know wetin dey go through my mind?” He asked, “Bros wetin?” I asked smiling, “Who be this wey get ginger like this, you dey were men dey you still dey let dem know say nothing” he replied He said he would hang out with me on a good day so we would relate better, which I said whenever he needed me I was at his disposal, but I just needed to be extremely careful in my dealings with him, cos too much closeness might turn into a big P for me, before peeps friends and enemies alike starts mistaking me to be one of them, before I enter wetin I go find am difficult to come out from, this new friendship is one I needed to run far away from, since I know what was best for me, I certainly know how to use my head, he was the first I opened up to with the intentions of him being the last, and it was for a genuine reason. After a while I stepped out, and thanked him once more for bailing me out of last nights predicament, that I owed him for what he did for me, and teased him about watching out for his girl for him, which we joked about, then I took my final leave. As I got back to my apartment, sure thing Festus wanted to know the outcome of the seeing, which I just summarised for him. I slept that night in Snoops room, allowing my Oga and Madam at the top enjoy themselves, and before I did, I was looking forward to the next day, thinking of how to face the new task that has been assigned to me, how to get this new catch I didn’t know but I knew I was in for a long thing, meeting this

new girl, getting her number, being friends, inviting her over and then getting down, dammmn, it has been long I went through all that process, I just had to face this challenge squarely and prove all my critics wrong I could actually do it, how and where to start from, I didn’t know, there wasn’t even a single female friend I had to start with, now ve got to start being more social if I want to carry out this task, I didn’t even need much, I just needed a scapegoat, nah to dey careful sha, make I no go chop bone way go hook me for throat. Monday morning, I got set for school, making sure I looked good, my clothes well ironed, “Today nah today, omor see fineee boy” I said in my mind praising myself to raise my hopes high as I took one last look in the standing mirror then took my final leave. After my GST class that morning, I had no time to look for my new friend Uche, it was after the class we met at the department for our core courses, so we met in class, while waiting for another lecture for the day we got talking, one talk led to another, then finally I landed on this, “Nna ennnh, guy wahala dey ooo” I said, “Wetin happen Nwanne(brother)” he asked with concern, “Nah my lodge mates ooo, we dey do competition” I fired back, “Which kind of competition?” He asked, “We dey do who carry woman pass ‘King of the House” I replied, “Which one be that one again?” He asked bursting into a heavy laugh, “Why you dey laugh, you think say nah play?” I asked, “I think say nah one serious thing the way you take strong face talk say wahala dey” he said, “E serious nah, two babes don find me come now, the second one nah em be that yellow pawpaw wey you see me with for club, but now as them see say I don dey control babes, like comptroller of road safety dem come change the rules say e do me, say make I run ABSU babe if I get mouth, and one babe for this school I no get as friend” I lamented as he

listened and laughed at me, “Una no go kill person with laugh, that one no be problem nah, after lecture we go stroll small make we search” he replied, “You dey mad?, which one be make we search, comot the ‘we’ for there, talk say you go escort me then I go search, abi you sef dey like am?” I teased, “Nna ennnh, lekwa nu nsogbu ooo,(look at trouble oo) I go get blockus, iiyyyyyah!!!” He said and exclaimed, “You for tell me sincccee nah” I teased, We both laughed about it, talked about other stuffs till the lecturer finally came. After a few lectures, we went to eat at food village first to gather strength for the mission ahead, laced our toasting/chiiking shoes and then started our hunting hoping at the end of the day we should ve conquered a few female numbers.

Chapter 47
The hunting started as we began snooping around from place to place, our hooks thrown in the river waiting for the next catch, we kept looking around till we got to my favourite pix stand, Emek’s photos, lucky us some girls were there taking some shots, two sitting while Emeks was busy with a girl who kept changing postures as he concentrated on her, “Emeks my man ” I hailed, “My man, kedu kwa nu ne me nu?( What’s good in Igbo)” he took a quick look replied and continued with what he was doing, We looked at both girls that sat down, nah em we cut eachother eye, It was a long bench under a cashew tree, “Please can I join you girls” I said and joined them without waiting for them to answer, One was chocolate and the other was light, I sat beside the chocolate one while Uche sat beside the

other fair one at the other end, At first I didn’t even know were to start from, cos its been a long while I went through that routine, as I was pondering on what to say next, the girls stood up, like it was their turn to take shots, “Nna ennnh, this girls dem no go just go like that ooo” Uche said, “Nah to find way collect their number nah, person go pick am up from there” I replied, We watched as Emeks kept taking photos of them while they changed postures. They took some pixes together then took seperate pixes of themselves, Before getting there, we hadn’t intentions of taking pictures, but for it not to look glaring that we purposely came there because of them and since it was my best chance to take a shot and start something, I stood up immediately when they were through, then I said, “Emeks, make I see the ones wey you snap them”, The Photographer was using those long digital cameras were you could view pictures taken from the screen, so after glancing through them I was like, “Godddd!!!, see as person fine, if I no snap with these girls make dem make my pictures fine make I know wetin cos am”. I said, I painted and made the pix look so beautiful with the golden touch of my mouth, and it helped cos I could see the huge smile on their faces as they quickly rushed to come check the pixes for themselves. Uche didn’t dull, he added pepper and fried chicken ontop with his sugar coated mouth, “Emeks nah wa you oo, you no tell us say some girls dey come from another planet come take picture for here nah” he said, which got them laughing hard, I grabbed both of them by the hand, and was like, “Emeks just dey snap us dey go” Without wasting time he rushed and when he was about to take a shot, Uche joined, “Guy stop nah, you go spoil the pix, make I follow them take personal first” I said, “Thunder strike you there, Emeks dey snap this thing dey go before dem go change their mind” Uche fired

back, The two friends were just busy laughing, and before they could see taking a shot or two with us too late, smart Emeks had already fired us a shot, then two, and after that I pleaded with the dark one to take a shot with me whom I still didn’t know her name, good thing she complied and Uche didn’t miss doing desame with the fair one. I told Emeks to calculate everything, both theirs and mine, with the mind that it would be a good way to trap especially the black one I was interested in, in my head I was like, “Nah me pay for your pix, so you gats pay me back by responding and at least say e bad, drop your number” I asked when I ll get the pixes cos then It takes a few days for the pix to be ready, he was like on thursday. Immediately I had calcu’fasted’ that just incase the babe dulls me and doesn’t give me her number, I would collect both their pixes and mine then use it as a bait to lure both of them into seeing us again. Conversations started immediately from there before the vibes die down, as they were leaving we chased them wanting to force ourselves to see them off. “Anh anh, so you girls would leave without even saying goodbye even if you won’t tell us your names, fine girls no dey do like that oo especially those ones wey from mercury come” I teased as we caught up with them, “Nne why why” uche said directing his attention to the fair one So I faced the dark one, who was of average height, bursty, as!!s not too big, good body from my investigation I had made so far but wasn’t all that beautiful facially, but at a time she try in all. “Babe am ken, you can’t just leave without telling me your name naw” I said, “Am sorry I ve a class now” she replied, Within me I was like, “If I slap you ennnh, after saying I ll pay for your pix you come dey form” “Since you ve a class, I ll love to see your pretty face again, so please, nah beg oo, no be say nah gra gra, lemme ve your number” I said, “What for,

don’t worry, we can always see” Can you imagine, in a school as big as ABSU, “Make I kneel down then” I said and faked wanting to kneel down, if I hear, she grabbed me by the hand, the fair one had already given Uche hers and he has flashed her line to confirm, we both saw them since they were very close to us, that helped, so she took my phone and typed her number, and in order to be sure it was a genuine number, I flashed her to confirm and it rang, in my mind I was like, “Confirm, you go pay for all this forming wey you do”, how? I no know but I was certain she would, “So what name do I store it with?”I asked, “Chiommy” she said, “Chibaby, Nwayioma, thank you so much” I said, Then as they walked away myself and Uche shook eachother and began laughing, phase one has been crossed, unto the next one.

Chapter 48
I resumed duty that evening, called her twice, she didn’t pick, tried again late at night she still didn’t pick, and it was just her number I collected, I called Uche and asked if he had called the other one, he said he has, I asked if she picked, he said she did, I started lamenting on the phone to him that I had been calling the dark one and that she had not been picking, he was just busy laughing at me. I locked up regretting I shouldn’t ve just stopped there and would ve gone on rampage for some more female numbers, mistake I intend correcting the next day, cos whether I like it or not I gats fulfil this mission by all possible means to prove everyone wrong if not it won’t be funny, so I just kept it at the back of my mind that I would do better and get some more numbers when I touched school the next day. Later that night, as I sat down with the host of my neighbours enjoying the cool breeze of

the night, gisting, laughing and cracking one another with different stories, just trying to get the best fun we can like we always did every night, my phone finally rang, as I glanced through the screen, it was the least number I thought would call me, Chiommy, but I saved her name on my phone as Chibaby. Just when I thought she was forming hard to get and wouldn’t pick, I looked at it and gave myself a dangerous smile, so I wan form big boy, I ended the call with the intentions of calling her back, but before I did, I was like, “Una know who just call me?” I asked, Everyone was taking a wild guess but were all getting it wrong, so I had to put them off their misery, “Nah base on the game wey dey ground, I meet one babe for school today, nah to package am remain, I been dey call am but she no dey gree pick, I just surprise see say nah she dey call me now” I said, hinting them, After the hint letting them know I was seriously tackling the assignment given to me squarely, I dialled her number, “Hello Chi what’s up naw, called you like three times you didn’t pick” I said, “Am sorry my phone has been on silent, I didn’t know it was ringing” she replied, “Ok, I thought you were avoiding my calls” I said, “No ooo, why should I?” She replied, Our first time on the phone wasn’t bad, we had a nice convo, but we didn’t really talk about something special, but after that first conversation, I had to give it a better push. I tried seeing her in school the next day, but it seemed a difficult task cos she said she was very busy with lectures, so I kept my cool till thursday of that same week, hoping I could lure her with my bait which was the pixes and finally it worked. I called her after going to grab the pixes that I had them with me and that if she wanted to get them, she’s got to go through me, She agreed to meet me, so we met at the my department, after the days lectures as we both walked home, we got

talking, we had a nice convo and from what I found out she had a bf, but I still didn’t want to just let it all go like that. I didn’t let that bother me, shey nah today ynash don dey back?, I still went ahead telling her to come over to my place that saturday, “Ken, what am I coming to your place to do?” She asked with curiousity, “Nothing, just a visit, I won’t bite” I said, “Forget it please, Its not happening” she said, So I kept persisting but she turned me down point blank and left, but I didn’t allow just asking her once to come to my end and she turning me down to be the end of it all. Let’s see how it goes down nah, nah this kind thing make Sound Sultan go sing ‘One day the bush-meat go catch the hunter” One day monkey go enter market e no go come back, we ll find out how it finally balls down.

Chapter 49
I wouldn’t let go, I kept pestering this babe with calls and sms, not like I was in love, but was giving her all the attention she could ever get irrespective of what she tamed me to be, a lover boy, a guy who was drunk in love with her, a naughty stalker, in other to get what you want sometimes act like a fool like your full life depends on it, am sure she must ve mocked me before friends, but shey I send?, me wey don plan say I must draw this oil nomatter what it takes, and I didn’t even know what happened I just kept going without quitting cos she was raising my hopes high base on talking very nicely on phone to me, Days ran into weeks, weeks had speedily ran into a month, I was still on the matter, this babe still kept putting me on a long thing, and I still didn’t stop about her visiting me, “Ken biko, what am I coming to your house to do?, everytime come to my house?” She would say “Nothing, just

make you visit me make we just dey, buy you a bottle of wine, prepare you a nice meal, serve you like a queen, we watch movies and laugh, for just one day, shey your guy don ever cook specially for you before?” I would say to her trying to upgrade since the ordinary I won’t bite, come to my house and be with me, watch a movie thing wasn’t working. What made it more difficult was the fact that upon how I get to bath her with calls and nice text messages, telling her how she’s the prettiest girl that ever caught my fancy in ABSU, how her bossoms blow my mind, how the way she walks and shakes her backside for me makes me go gaga, but yet never ever told her one day I was in love with her or her being my gf, though she told me later on clearly she had a bf but didn’t rub it much on my face as some girls do, I just told myself, “Guy, no dull, hold on, just dey tackle this babe dey go, one day she fit finally get quarrel with the bf or need shoulder to lean on or even be like ‘everytime come to my place, lemme even check this guy at his place even if it is once, make em allow me rest” Anyhow it goes, I didn’t let go with my flirting attitude, one day It got to the extent I told her if she allow me draw her oil once she go like taste am again, she just laughed it off and called me a spoilt brat, though thinking I was joking, or I just know how to talk, but if only she knew that deep down, I meant every bit of what I was saying with every blood that ran in my veins, We became good friends on the phone but She ll never come to my house, my guys for house wan even begin downgrade me, so one faithful day as I was strolling in school with Uche, we met this two friends walking towards the ETF building were we ve Indo -chem department and some other Science departments, as she saw me she was like, “Bad boyyyy, you don find dem come here abi?” “Me?, anywhere your nyash dey my heart dey

always locate am, dem be 5/6 nah” I fired back, “You dey always get answer for all your questions” she replied laughing hard, “Continue running, you don’t know what you are missing” I said to her, “Abeg, abeg abeg, make I hear, my bf dey give me the thing well” she countered, Make I hear say she dey try to make me feel bad, I told her how good she looked and she said I looked good too that my haircut suits me well, and that she missed me, just trying to pull my legs, Uche was busy with the friend, As I heard ‘miss’, my ear stood up, so I brought up the issue again, “Chim, but why you dey do me like this kwanu?, play enter my side this weekend nah make I entertain you, I be Vampire?, you go just dey avoid me like say I go rape you” I said, “You fit?, you no go even fit sef, infact make I come see how this your house be, this one wey I no dey hear word, everyday come to my house, better keep better” she replied, So as not to let it look like she was playing with my intelligence, I had to ask her to repeat what she said again, and she assured me that she was going to come, “See, I dey cook die, if you taste my food, nah red-card your bf go collect I swear” I teased, Finally she was coming, that news gladdened my heart, and made me smile through out the day and the day after, cos babe just entered the Lions den, this one?, if I catch am for corner gaaan, nah finishing, I planned, prepared, strategized and drew my plots and diagram, with the belief that my hook ll finally catch the fish, I got one chance and needed to utilise it well cos I might not get another shot at her again. How the thing go, nah em be the question abi?

Chapter 50

I had sleepless nights waiting for this weekend to come all because of Chiommy’s visit, so it was left for me to make good use of this chance which could be my one and only opportunity. Before the deal day, I had spread the news to all other competitors involved in this game that my ABSU catch was finally coming on saturday, when I told Festus about it that I wouldn’t be needing any disturbance and that as a matter of fact he shouldn’t come anywhere close to the house when my racket shows, his response was, “I no go near here, first time wey she dey come, nah em you think say you go fit fukkk am?” “Be like you no know me sha, you go watch the action film, shey nah all of us dey this lodge” I replied, Snoop, Flight, Snipes, Dele and the host of others shared desame thoughts as Festus, doubting my ability to carry out this task and what was their reason?, simply cos it was her first visit, she wasn’t my gf, I was laughing inside me, but little did they know that the more they doubted me, the more courage they gave me, and I was determined to clear everyone’s doubt, On friday after school, I dashed down to Okigwe, went to a wine store, I seriously wanted to give this girl a treat, a nice one, this kind of treat nah nothing goes for nothing, I give you something and get something, I no need to tell you to give me something, if you no give, I go collect am with style. As I stepped into the wine store, “Bros abeg I need confirm wine” I said, “E plenty nah, alcoholic or non-alcoholic?” the Wine seller asked, “Make I explain am give you, wine wey get alcohol but light and sweet for mouth, wey babe fit drink dey enjoy am dey go” I explained, He took me round and was showing me all the types he had, asked what about calypso, I disapproved it, that shhi!it is too common, since there were lots to choose from I told him to pick one for me, he brought out one that caught my eye, it was the first time I was seeing a bottle of Andre,

as my eyes caught this fancy bottle, I picked interest immediately, I grabbed it and took a good look, “Abeg howmuch for this one?” I asked, “Nah 3k last” he replied, “Bros make we no drag toomuch, I go give you 2k5” I said, After a lil negotiation, he agreed, He packaged it for me while I paid and left. No one seemed to understand, this babe must go down this weekend. I got home, immediately handed it to Peace to keep it chilling in her mini- size freezer for me, On saturday, I did a thorough clean up in my apartment, dusted everywhere, cleaned all the appliances with water and detergent, made sure everywhere was neat, then arranged eggs, tomatoes, fresh pepper, indomie noodles, specially for this visitor, funny enough what I ate was different that saturday. After making sure everything was set, I called to confirm if she was still coming, she said she was, so I had my bath, sprayed up, wore a 3quater and a white singlet, on gen, balance dey wait for my visitor, Nepa hardly gave us constant electricity, my reason I left the bottle of wine 24hours plus in Peace’s freezer. “Peace, abeg help me check if that wine don cold small” She checked and gave me a feedback, that it has, so I told her to leave it that I ll pick it when I was ready, She didn’t come around till past 4pm in the evening, I ushered her in, music banging, headed straight up preparing her indomie and fried egg, me wey be say if I wan chop indomie and egg sef nah boil I go boil the egg, if I do mistake say I wan fry am, I no dey use fresh pepper and tomatoes, nah grind pepper I go use, all nah for something sha, that one thing, that same thing wey dey sweet. She was just feeling the atmosphere, as the igbedu dey blast, when I was done with the food, come see arrangement nah, I borrowed a tray, dished it in a Kingly manner, with a clean glass meant for the wine. I served her the food then presented the wine, as I served her I was teasing her, “See

as I take serve you like say you be Queen of England, if she do mistake see as I dey serve you, if she no trip say who be this babe wey Ken dey serve like this make I know wetin cos am” She was just busy laughing, though she wore jean trouser, nice t.shirt, looked simple and good, but Jeansss nah, to pull am no be childzz ooo. “This wine nah 3k I buy am oo, just for you, you don see am now, come my house, come my house, you go dey form for me” I teased on, She was finally in my nest and could hardly talk, she was just busy smiling, her reactions alone made me know I blew her mind. As she ate I was pouring her wine, “No dey look the wine like that oo, dey knack am join with the indomie so that everything go dey enter the same time, no be say the wine go go one place go settle then the indomie go go another place go settle ” I teased, As she was eating her well spiced up indomie and her bottle of Andre like she was in Mc Donald, I joined her to share the wine, but since it was hers, made sure she drank more, She was done with her food, so as time went on, we kept gisting and sipping from our glasses, when I took my first sip, I loved the drink immediately, light in the mouth, a perfect drink a lady would enjoy, has this sweet soft taste, I noticed she was laughing to everything I was saying, funny or not, so I kept talking, I just know say this one?, the drink don enter am Her hysteric laugh upgraded with time, into hitting me whenever something sounds funny to her, so when she hits me, me sef go hit am too, “Kenny, you are funny” she woud laugh and tap me, “Chibaby Nwayiomam, hope you are enjoying my end?” I would say hit her too From hitting, it upgraded again, she would tap me fall on me laughing, me sef go wait when she raise body comot, I go fall on am too, for my mind I be like, “I ll finish you today” calcu’fasting’ my next move before I go hear say she say she wan go make I see am off.

Chapter 51
Hitting eachother and lying on eachother went on playfully as I cracked her up with words I thought funny, naughty, dirty anything I could think of and she helped by laughing and falling on me, “Kennnn, you are so funny’ she would say in a weak tipsy tone, All that led me to planning my next move and planning it hard, I was just watching her every move, babe was fuc!!king tipsy, from what ve noticed this babe likes me, especially the part of me that cracks her up, it was glaring, When she laughed and fell on me again after hearing something funny, as she was raising her head up, the next thing I reached for her lips unexpectedly, sure she didn’t see it coming, as I was reaching for the lips, I grabbed one boo!!bs and pushed her as we fell on the bed, she was trying to struggle but guy man didn’t let go, I pinned her tight on the bed, When I freed my mouth from hers, she was saying, “No, no, ken stop, stop” But sincerely the ‘stop, stop’ didn’t look convincing enough, maybe cos she was saying it in a tipsy tone, so it was more like she was joking, instead of me to listen, I passed my hand through beneath her top giving me access to get in contact with the boobylashly through the bra, but that wasn’t good enough for me, as I was doing all this, she was still struggling, but I didn’t let go slipping my hand through her bra getting hold of her nipp!e and licking round her neck at the same time, this time the reaction from her was different, she gave herself up, after kissing and massaging one of her boo!!bs at a time for a long while, her eyes were closed and when I finally carried my lips to her mouth, I got a different response cos the ‘no, no, stop,

stop with her faced squeezed has turned into her kissing me back in return, and when I twist her long nipp!e lightly, she responded by vibrating, pushing her belly up. As I continued with that, I was thinking of how to take her top off cos delay is dangerous, so I just went on playing with her boo!!bs through her top as I ve systematically dragged them out of her bra, as the kissing went on, I was stylishly raising her top lil by lil till I succeeded in dragging it up to her chest level and then Usain Bolted straight cupping my mouth around one of her boo!bs, and that was the finishing move, as the awww sound magically came out of her mouth which was a relieve to me that this oil was a sure draw for me, I wanted to laugh when I heard it but I struggled and ended up controlling myself and save the laugh for later. Na so the thing go, like play like play shirt don magically fall out from her body, as I was busy sucking on her mammary gland, I slipped my hand beneath her back, trying to unbuckle her bra, I kept trying and trying until i managed to undo it and dragged the bra off her as I watched her boobbs freely rejoiced, this was when the Obosiasis was stamped, signed, sealed and delivered certain for me finally. I took my time, to play with her boo!bs, kiss around her neck, hands, belly up to her waist part, I really took my time, cos I wanted to play a long while to make her wet down there so that when I dey try comot her jeans trouser she sef go free herself or dey follow me rush pull am, Finally it paid off for me, after I had succeeded in unclothing her, I rushed and took mine off, stretched one of my hands and reached for under the bed getting a cd and sharply cluck click, rolled one on my Piakantus, then fired home scissorsically. After the scissors, I switched to my finishing move, dog!g!y lashing from behind while she moaned out just that the sound of the gen at the window side with the heavy music banging covered

what we were doing in secret, by the time I was through it was past 7pm, I was sure she didn’t plan on staying that long. When I came, I tied the mouth of the condom hoping to show it to them guys involved in the game so they wouldn’t ve any chance of doubting me, as she laid on the bed, I covered her with bedspread, I was like, “Omor, this one like this, if she no pass the night make I know wetin cos am” I was hoping she did, cos I hadn’t gotten to my gauge, say make person dey on a normal level 2 rounds at least, as she laid on the bed, I carried my cd with my sperm in it like I was going out to dispose it, hid it in my grasp, good thing Flight and the rest were all sitted outside, I went to where they were and was like, “For the record, make una see proof, I don cancel round 1, cos I no wan hear say person come begin dey doubt me” They hailed while I begged them to bring their voices down and left them heading back to my aparment leaving a message for Festus, “Guy no near that house this night oo, be like the babe dey crash”

Chapter 52
I went back to join her where she laid on the bed relaxed, I was already sensing she would spend the night so I didn’t want to be too forward by asking cos it was getting late like around past 7, 7.30pm and she doesn’t reside in Uturu.

I had soup, so I prepared Eba (cassava flakes), for us to eat, after that she showered, and while she was doing that, I finally had the feeling this Erema would crash, meaning though tipsy she enjoyed my Pian.
This was desame babe that cleared me severally she had a bf, same babe that took over a month plus to come to my place.
I took my time then, why rush, since I had her already, it was a ticket I would ve her again.
We ate, then she asked for the bathroom that she wanted to shower, I quickly went to the stream to get two buckets, then she had her bath, climbed the bed and dosed off.
I didn’t sleep, sleep bomb!!!, me wey wan draw oil, I wanted another round, the truth was I didn’t know if she had her clear eyes on when we did
it, but I knew she was tipsy, I find out about the rest,
I showered, sat on the rug at a corner of the

room and watched movies till the gen went off at night, and when it did, I joined her in the bed but couldn’t sleep, I just placed my hands around her waist, massaging back and forth hoping she would respond, but babe was far gone, she was faraway in dreamland, when I saw the alcohol took a big toll on her, nobody told me to let her be and sleep.
Early Sunday morning at about 6am, I had woken up while she was still sleeping, I placed one of my hand around her waist started massaging back and forth again, I wanted to see if she would allow me draw her oil with her clear eyes, infact, I wanted to see her reaction.
I kept massage her back, down to her bare as!!s, back and forth till she woke up and as she opened her eyes, before she could say anything I had quickly rushed to give her a kiss,
“Morning Sunshine, have been watching you since, you look so pretty when you sleep,

especially without make up, you just woke up, yet look at how beautiful you look” I said Immediately after I dropped the kiss,
Story that touches the heart and soul, room wey dark pass anything, the morning light was managing to penetrate into the room through the light curtain material, so if I hear say I dey see
her face welI, I just dey whine am make the head swell, before she go change am for me say I made her drink alcohol to ve my way with her, But what graced me in return was a thank you from her, mtcheeew, no time, I started kissing her from there, we were both naked, I dragged the bedspread she used in covering her body, exposing her unclad body,
“Just relax, don’t stress yourself ok” I said, like the perfect gentleman that I am
I kissed her from her forehead, down to her navel, sweetly and slowly, taking my time like I was appreciating her body, kissing every part of

her body, while I used one of my fingers to play with her clit as I did all that, got to her boobs, I kept sucking them round, making her wait for me to put my mouth on her nipp”es,
Now she was acting under her real self, there wasn’t anything like her being tipsy again, while I kept doing that, she voiced out,
“Ken, I love the way you suck my breast” Those words were like were two negative electrical wires mistakenly bridge, it gave me a huge electric spark in my head, “Kprakpakpakkapkpa”
These are the kind of things I love to hear, cos some girls, no matter howmuch they tend to enjoy it, they won’t talk, maybe till after you guys are done, or even a long time after you guys did it and maybe one thing leads to another you guys just get to revisit the issue, when she said that I got inspired and continued the exploration, while the her long n!pp!es had gotten so damn

hard like it were a dic-k.
My body had become very warm that she was asking,
“Why is your body hot?”
Babe just dey notice, ok, highness make am no notice when we being run package after a bottle of wine and the made in Britain indomie noodles, nah play she dey,
“That’s how I am especially during romance and sexxx” I replied,
I had already known were the condoms were located cos I personally hid them, so I just stretched one of my hand at the far corner of the bed and then brought a cd out very fast, tore the seal, rolled one on, then started with scissors, I lashed on while I dangled with her cl!t at thesame time, as I went on, I was marvelled at the things she was saying, this same girl ooo, that I was doing every thing I could that she comes to my place, this same babe that had told

me clean and clear she had a bf, a serious relationship according to her,
“I swear anytime you want to fu!!ck me just call me, I ll come, I swear I ll come” she said
Ahhhh, I couldn’t open my mouth to show surprise at what I was hearing cos I was busy, but deep down inside me, I had that ‘WTF’
surprise expression written all over me, the more she talked, the more she gave me more courage to handle her, the way I dragged her to the edge of the bed when I wanted to switch position, I could read her expression, it was a kind of missionary style but I wasn’t on her, she was on the bed and I was down, she wanted me lie down so she climbs me, but since she was praising the way I was handling her, I wanted to be in charge till the end,
“Nooo, babe relax, trust me I don’t want you to stress yourself ok?, just allow me do the job for you, enjoy it just enjoy it ok” I said

Lolz, you need to hear the kind of things that falls out of my mouth when am on duty, I dey talk rubbish ennh, but at a time e dey make sense cos I mean them,
So she nodded in way that meant “Guy fire on”,
After that, then I gave her my finishing move, do!!ggy, from the back, this babe was shouting, but her ringtone bad, e no make sense at all, I don’t know how to describe the sound, like say she dey eat soup wey pepper full inside, exactly the sound you make when eating something very pepperish then with some lil ‘aah sounded added to it, but in fast manner’ even me gan I dey hold the laff, it is after I was through I took my time
to laugh but not in front of her.
After the sexxx, she started interviewing me, I was trying to arrange my room, she ll call me, come first, I ll stop what am doing and walk to meet her like the Captain of Dundi United, I ll be

” what?”
“Come, where did you learn how to fu!!ck like this?, who taught you all these things” She asked,
“Nah talent nah” I replied,
“You be lagos boy abi?” She asked
“Nah by Lagos boy?, just tell me say I fu!!ck pass your boyfriend” I replied teasingly
“You are good in bed I swear, the way you suck my b!reast, the way you handle me, I swear I love it” she said,
I was feeling soooo fuk!!king fly, my hair just dey plait where I stand,
“You don see wetin you dey miss nah, come my house, come my house, you dey do shakara for me since, shey you don see am now” I replied.

Finally we just laughed over the whole thing, I don’t know about other guys but I respect women that can be this free, no forming , no trying to act shy, we are free to say whatever shiiit we want. I see them as lively, such women got their spelling on me even without them knowing.

Chapter 53
She stayed for a lil while longer dressed up and then I saw her off. That Sunday afternoon, myself and the rest guys hanged out in Flight’s apartment cracking eachother out, I broke everything down how it went with Chiommy and all they could do is laugh out loud like crazy, demonstrating with my hands and waist as I narrated the whole episode to them and finally get to earn my long overdue respect Some didn’t agree I had won and wanted the game to go on that it was just one ABSU babe I just cancelled, but who gives a fu!!uck, dude aint running, I was down for what ever. As we kept cracking one another, we decided to go sit at the stream side, smoke up as we talked. We all went there, full house, Festus went too but he doesn’t smoke cos he is asthmatic. There we were talking about everything, sports, school, life but women issues dominating our conversations, we kept having a good time and before we knew it, someone brought up the issue that if we added a bottle of 501 or Ponche to our smoke that it wouldn’t be a bad idea, so we contributed a lil change then Flight strolled to get it. He came back with a bottle of 501, got tumblers as well, smoked up, drank and was gisting, some students were around there too washing clothes, when suddenly a black beautiful girl on low cut showed up

carrying clothes, it was obvious she wanted to wash, she caught our attention immediately, “Who be this fine babe?” Was the question some of us chorused out, “Una no know am?, so una never see this babe before?” Festus asked, “Who she be, I never see am before” Snoop said, who seemed more interested than all of us, “Nah Judesco Sister” he replied, Jude was an indigene of Uturu and a student as well who came to our lodge to hang out with us most times, he was a system man belonging to a certain frat though, but was a very good friend to all of us, “Kaiii, so Judeski get fine sister like this, Chaiii, nah student?” I asked curiously, “Wetin dey worry you, you no go calm down?, no be you babe find come yesterday, go today?, Festus follow me yarn, apu onya(leave this guy)” Snoops countered me, “Taaaaa, nah your babe?, yarn us di koko jor,” I replied, posing my response to Festus to ride on, “No be student, she just finish secondary school, Jude say em go runs admission for am next year” Festus answered, Truly the babe was fine, even on low cut, curly hair, well carved, dark skinned, she still looked good, “Shey Judesco sabi do people sister, thunder go fire am, nah God catch am today, I never draw any indigene oil before, if I start with em sister no be bad thing, Ken na so you dey use talk am nah abi?, nah to draw oil sure pass” Snoops fired back Snoops stood up, making an attempt to go meet Jude’s sister where she bent trying to arrange her clothes on where looked like a pavement, arranging her buckets, “Guy wait make I reason you something” I said to Snoops who had taken a few steps, So he stood waiting for me to tell him what I wanted to, but he was shocked when I got to where he was and walked pass him quickly and headed straight to where this babe was, as I did that, he was cursing seriously as everyone was laughing out loud like mad, he didn’t see me

overtaking him like that, I kept a deaf ear to his curses. “See am, woman wrapper, Otu ge gbu gi(pussy ll kill me)”he curesd on “Nwanyi oma, lemme help you out with your clothes naw” I said as I got close to her, I climbed the pavement then squatted, meanwhile she was down, her buckets and clothes were on the pavement, it wasn’t all that high, so she needed to bend down, cos it would ve just been better if she had sat on the pavement, the buckets on the ground and wash like that, but maybe she didn’t want to sit down facing us, though were we sat and were she was, was quiet some distance, but as I climbed on the pavement what graced me was her breast that was showing from the round neck shirt she wore cos of her bending position. I tried pretending not to look or see anything but I see sha, well well sef, and at a time the package make sense from my position, there’s only one way to find out how it looks without the top on, and as she noticed she stopped washing, stood upright facing me and the first thing she said was, “What are you doing here, I don’t like fair guys” See this one, you just gave me a clue you like me, nah em you no shout say make I leave you, or tell me I am disturbing you, “So why don’t you like fair guys” I asked her, “You guys always act like you are too fine” she replied, Immediately I started laughing cos that has ‘I like you’ written all over it, and since the Bro was a good friend there were tendencies she knew me, cos Judes house was more on the hilly side and even with the lil fence around my house, one could see my house in full from his. “So what’s your name” I asked, “Amara, I say I don’t like you” she said, She does like me, she wouldn’t ve said her name, so I just decided to play along, “Am Ken, you know what, lemme allow you wash cos if I stay here, you won’t wash cos you ll think am looking at your something, when you are done, just play around and come to

my place, even if its indomie, anything, just come and prepare for me” I said, “What thing?, I can’t ooo, I won’t come, so don’t even expect me” she said, I had watched her every move and from our conversations knew she likes me, so I told her to drop by that I was expecting her, but she said nothing ll make her come look me for, if I hear say I beg, I just told her to wash that we would see later. Let’s see if she comes or not.

Chapter 54

I left her went back to join dem guys, “Woman no go kill you” Snoops teased, “Oga calm down jor, e no stop you from running the parol too, first person wey go draw the oil” I replied, “No ooo, I don free am for you” he fired back. We stayed at the stream side for a while and it was beginning to get real sunny that the cool spot we hung out under a huge tree that served as a shade for us was beginning to get hot, we all decided to go inside, but this time chill at my apartment. Festus quickly ran to get fuel at a filling station not too far from the house, got the gen on, we played music banging loud while some were trying to dance to the beat, still gisting and cracking ourselves out, that kind of day were everyone just wanted to be around eachother, talk real silly stuffs and laugh. I decided to prepare jollof rice so we could all eat, I shared this joke with them, lemme share it here too I was like, “One company post handbill full everywhere, ‘Win 1million Dollar if you think you ve the biggest Diccck, if you got it then come flaunt it, Its

Diccck Competition'” Everyone kept quiet listening, music was turned down, since everyone seemed interested, I fired on, ” So e get this guy, em Piakantus dey reach em kneel, the guy don already dey celebrate say em don win, the guy just dey certain, em don tell all em friends make dem dey drink dey go, say em go pay when em win, go price car, go price house join too, So the day of the competition come reach, em bath, dress tight, Bro was looking hot, then ma guy come reach the venue of the competition, the gate man look this guy, look this guy, look the guy well well then come ask, “Guy, abeg no vex oo, shey nah this competition you come for, abi you come watch?” “Anh, anh, nah the competition nah” he replied, “Your dic!!k big so?” Asked the gateman, “See question, if e no big I go come here?, I don already win like this,” Bros replied, “Oya make I see, if e big tru tru” said the gateman, The guy look left and right, nobody dey around, ma guy just bring out em Piakantus(wow the thing reach em kneel for em mind)” The gate man looked at him and hissed, mtcheeew, “So nah this small thing nah em you say you don win abi, oya wait,” said the gateman, The gateman unzipped, brought out his Piakantus too which he has folded , unfolded it, surprisingly the thing dey touch ground, Bros shock like “WTF, nah person Piakantus be this?” The next thing he heard a baritone voice from behind, “Guy abeg excuse me jor” As em turn, nah em ma guy see person wey tell am excuse roll em own for neck, as em turn left make em run, see person dey push em own for wheelbarrow dey come, make em turn right, nah em ma guy see person load em own for trailer wey just show for the venue, nah em ma guy faint, Bottomline, nah were person craze stop another person own start. Everybody was laughing Bleep!ng hard, some eyes red, some veins coming out of their necks as they laughed, just like that,

we kept saying really crazy things to crack eachother out, and the truth was that the reason most like being around me was that nobody knows when am serious, even when am serious I still act like its a joke, except the thing had gotten out of hand, am always joking, trying to not to take life too serious, easy does it for me. I served the meal after I was done, two to a plate, after eating some peeps slept off, music was still banging. I went to the stream to fetch water to shower, met Amara still washing but almost through, so I went to where she was, “Na wa oo, since that time? If you had allowed me help you out, you would ve been done”I said, “You?, like you would really help” she replied, “What’s there, just gimme the bras and panties, as far as e no get otu-tu if I no wash am I go like know why” I teased, She couldn’t say anything rather than laugh, I kept her company for a while, I think till she was done, then she left and I got my water, I didn’t bother asking about the coming again. I got back to my end, had a cold bath, freshened up, wore a trouser, a singlet, fixed myself at a corner of the room, meditating waiting for sleep to pick me as I allowed myself flow deeply with the banging music, after a long while, like 20 to 30mins later when the sleep was about to come, I heard banging on the door, I stood up to check it out, and behold it was Amara who was looking really pretty after going home to freshen up, I was shocked at first, the first question I asked myself was, “How this babe take know this exact room?”

Chapter 55

I opened the door for her to come in, offered her a sit at the corner of the room cos I had friends around, some were still sleeping. Everyone started going out one after the other, I went to get her a bottle of malt and before I returned, she was the only one left in the room, I presented my Kola to her, “I thought you wouldn’t come, welcome to my humble abode” I said, “Thank you” she said and smiled, her head moving from one end to another like she was observing the place, “I like your room, its fine” she said, “Thanks, I just cooked naw, you saw my pot outside abi?” I asked, It was a self con but there wasn’t kitchen inside, so we built a shelve and placed it at the side of the door where we cook. “No oo, cook gini, I just came to say hi” she said, “So how come you know my place, so if I had looked for your trouble, you would ve packed your gangs and come tidy my f,up bah?” I playfully asked, “I know nah, is my Brother not your friend?, so I know” she replied, The way she sounded I was sure they must have been talking about us from time to time and must ve spoken about me too, for her to just come straight to my house like she’s been there before, meaning she’s known me for quiet some time but I just got to meet and know her that day. She stayed for a long while, we just talked as I cracked her up, we exchanged numbers, She said her Bro told her I was a bad boy, when I tried bringing words out of her mouth, to know what she meant by me being bad, as in in what way, I realised through her answers that Jude had played them lots of things cos I heard he had lots of sisters cos he was from a polygamous home, he had told them about the game going on, and what each individual living in my lodge involved had achieved, like they use whatever goes down at our end to pass time and laugh at their own end, even what happened at the stream, since she knew too much already, I needed to take it one

step at a time before I chop bone wey go block my throat, but more importantly it was obvious she likes me. We just talked and laughed and I allowed that day be, acted like the perfect gentle man that I am. That day past, like on thursday of that week, I accidentally barged into Chiommy in school, she just hung me around her like her handbag and wouldn’t lemme go anywhere, I asked Uche when we saw if he had cancelled the friend, he said no, I told him I had cancelled Chiommy but he was doubting me asking how I did it, that was it that Saturday she came that it happened?, I explained how everything went down while we laughed about it, he said her friend wouldn’t come to his place and she wouldn’t tell him where she resides either that she was forming hard to get, “Nah babe she be nah, if she no form hard to get, how e wan take sweet?, if that day wey we meet them she just drag you go corner, open leg say make una do, you go do?, you no go run?, she wan see if you serious for the matter” I told him forming tutor. After school that day, Chiommy dragged me down to her house like joke, she was staying alone in Okigwe, as we got there, she gave me a nice treat, prepared something nice for me to eat, nice place, it was tight, was impressed by her neatness, it was tidy even before we got in, everywhere well arranged, I was really impressed. I would ve passed the night, but I had early morning class the next day, nothing happened cos some friends came looking for her, then she saw me off. During the weekend of that week, we were all jobless as usual, after the days house chores, we sat at the stream, smoking up and gisting, thinking of what we could do to add spice to our weekend, even myself, I didn’t know how the weekend would look like, from time to time Amara had been calling and I had been reciprocating her call too. As we sat at the stream gisting, I wanted to wash too, my clothes and

buckets were beside me, but I hadn’t started, I was still caught in our conversation, when suddenly I got a message on my phone, I checked it, it was Chiommy, this was happening around 9.30 to 10am, I checked it, the message read, “Where are you?” “Home” I simply replied back, Few minutes later, I got another message, “Am on my bed, can you come over, I need hard fu!!ck right now” As I read it I shouted in shock, like, “Haaaaaaa!,” with mouth opened, cos I never knew it would get to this level, So Festus, Flight and the rest were tempted to ask what it was, instead of me to tell them, I passed the phone to them, make dem use their eyes see am, “Abeg make una follow me read” I said As they read it, passing the phone to one another, trust guys nah, “Who be this babe?, who be Chiommy?” The questions were rolling in, “That babe wey find me come last weekend nah” I replied, “Kaiii, that our school babe?” Snoops asked, “Yes, that babe no get my strength jor” I said forming James Bond, I called her and had it on speaker so they could all hear, As she picked, first thing I said was, “Babe, are you serious?” “Yes nah, please come nah” she said, “When should I come?” I asked, “Now, my bf is coming to see me today in the evening, so come now” she said, Her bf according to what she told me was schooling in IMSU then, so if he came, he would be leaving the next day, “Be like you dey mad abi, nah me you wan dey use play?, you want make your bf come catch me abi” I said to her, “I swear he won’t come now, I told him am reading in school and that I won’t be back till 6 in the evening” she said, My guys beside me had already started laughing, holding their mouths in amazement so she wouldn’t hear, cos even me I was like what the fu!!ck is this babe saying, “See if your bf go do mistake dey knock wey I dey ontop you, em go wait for outside till I realise oo, and if em do anyhow enter

meet me wan come dey wan gimme wahala, I go nod em mouth ooo join” I said, “I don hear come, he won’t meet you” she said, “Ok, expect me in the next 30mins” I said, then hung up, and as I dropped it, everybody scatter laugh, Festus ran to were I was carried me up, “Nah my guy, nah my guy, I don give am the crown” he was saying, I come begin dey feel myself, I was like, “Nah wa for una oo, I dey fuc!!ck nah” I said “Ken for that babe to beg you to come wey her bf dey come today, I confirm you, you dey fu!!ck, but girrrrrrrrls sha” snoop said, stressing the girlllls in the statement, As dem dey yarn the matter, I packed my clothes back inside, the clothes can wait, freshened up, came back, everybody gimme handshake, “I dey come nah, make I go represent, make una no worry, I go draw una own join” I playfully said, then stepped, as I was leaving, Festus was shouting, “See as you don slim finish, Ashawoooo” We laughed it off, I took a bike, first to school, then from school took a bus to Okigwe, then a bike to her place. I got there, the door to her apartment was a lil opened, as I found my way in, she was lying on the bed with a bump short and a female singlet, no bra, it was pointed telling me welcome, she didn’t even know when I came in cos she was busy with her phone, I just made sure the door was properly locked, that’s when she knew I was around, then went to where she laid, no goodmorning, no how re you or how was your night or did you sleep well or ve you had breakfast?, I just went for her bump short straight, dragged it off her waist arrogantly, shebi nah she say she want hard fu!!ck say make I come, she was just looking at me, I didn’t look at her face, she wasn’t wearing panties, I raised both of her legs up, exposing her Obosiasis, slapped it lightly three times, resting my palm a lil as I slapped.

Chapter 56
After the tapping, I left her legs, reached for the my wallet at my back pocket, quickly brought a cd out, the sight of her Obosiasis had already given me a hard on, tore it very fast rolling it on my Piakantus like I was in an Olympic stadium racing to get first position in an hundred metres race. I joined her two legs together, raised it up holding it firmly with one hand, positioned myself like one posing for a sexy pics, one hand behind me, inserted my Pian and started winding my waist judiciously, I fired on as I increased my pace gradually. I hadn’t gone three minutes on her, she forced herself out of my thrust ran to one corner of her room, closing her legs and using both of her hands to cover her c.un.t, “Haaaa!, yeeeaaa” she was saying, I was surprised, “Wetin happen now?, what is it?” I asked, “My legs nah, you want to kill me?” She asked back, “That small thing, were you not the one that said you needed hard fu!!ck, come here jor no use me play before my package go vex go down” I fired back, This babe refused ooo, telling me she wanted to rest, WTF was that, I never even cum sef, I was upset like I should give her a dirty slap, why she come dey make mouth for phone wey she no get strength, “You dey fuc!!ck up oo, you don’t even ve my strength, your bf don use grandmama and grandpapa style ontop things take finish you, come nah” I said to her, I use mouth finish the babe, I yarb shege comot for her body cos the thing vex me, finally we just started gisting, she cooked, we ate, it was after the food we finally went two rounds but I took it easy on her, the babe like dey ontop make she dey in control, in all she allowed me handled her but asked me to take it easy at intervals cos I was just turning her anyhow I wanted, no strings attached, just sexxx. After that day, we both developed a new slangs, whenever I see her in school, or we talk on

phone before we say anything, the first thing, I say is, “Can you draw the roo-oo-ope?, can you?”, “Yes nah, why not, can you draw the cir— cle?, can you?” She ll reply, I ll be like “Me Ken, if I handle you enh, come nah, you go know if I fit or not” Then we ll laugh about it and talk about other things, my neighbours and friends started using the slangs. I finally left there without the bf barging in us, and when I got back everyone wanted to hear the gist, trust me nah, funny me, as I dey talk dey demonstrate nah so everybody dey laugh. That period myself, Cynthia, Salma, Chizzy were still talking on the phone, the only sholly I hadn’t called since I left ABSU was Susan and the Tina who should ve been through with service as at that time cos when I was in 200level, she was in 400level. Amara kept calling me frequently, would come over to my place, I tried making moves but this babe already knew too much about me, so she was giving me a hard time, she wanted us to date, she wanted commitment but I didn’t see myself dating her, it wasn’t just possible for me, but we kept getting real close with time that everyone was already noticing the closeness, she ll come around, cook, tidy my room trying to form wife material, for my mind if she dey do all those things I go just dey laff and be like “This one, nah play she dey, is you play you are, lol” We were talking one day, about a wedding she said she attended and when I asked her how it went, she said something I read deep meaning to, I was like, “So when you go do your marriage, cos I go come even if you no invite me”, she was like, “The day I ll do my marriage, your Mum and Dad ll be there to witness it, I ll be in my best that day” Omooooor, my brain boot like Blackberry immediately, “Ma Broooother, use your akonuche ooo, if you do mistake go give this babe belly, itaff finish be that oo, this one dey reason marriage ontop your head ooo” One saturday like

that, myself, Amara, Festus and the gf were all at home watching a movie, Festus and the gf was on the bed, while I sat on the rug with Amara lying next to me, her head resting on my legs, when suddenly the net door swung open, behold it was Judeski, dammmmmmn!!! —–

Chapter 57

He walked in hailed me and Festus like there was nothing, sat at a corner, I was sure he must ve heard lots about his sister always being around me, I noticed he kept quiet where he sat unlike before when he would gist with us, we crack jokes and laugh, he was trying hard to hold it but it was written all over him he had something deep down inside of him so I was beginning to get very uncomfortable with his presence. I stylishly raised her head off my legs, stood up and went outside to chill for a while, as I was going inside, he was coming out too, so I waited where I was till he got to were I stood, “Guy howfar” I said confidently, “I dey, Ken hope say no be wetin I dey think?” He said, “Think, as in?” I asked demonstrating with one hand pretending not to know what he was talking about, I wanted him to say it out plainly to me, “No dey pretend, if nah wetin I dey think I no go allow you do my sister the way you dey do other girls, if not me and you go get problem” he said, “Nah wa you oo, your sister nah small pikin?, as she dey so shey she no know wetin dey good from wetin dey bad?” I fired back, “Ken I know you well well, use your head, use your head

ooo, no talk say I no tell you” he said like he was warning me, When I saw it was getting kinda personal, I got a lil upset, “Guy no dey warn me abeg, call your sister warn am, person force am come here?, me nah guy nah, nah your Sis you suppose caution” I replied, Why I had no reason to be scared was that he had already told his sister lots about me which was suppose to be enough for her to stay faraway from me but yet she comes around, so who’s fault?, am sure it aint mine. “No P, make woman no make us get problem sha” he said and left, That same day before She left as I was seeing her off, I told her that her Bro didn’t like the idea of her coming to my place, that I wouldn’t want her to be the reason I would be having a problem with the Bro, her response was, “Nah em go marry me?, he should come and tell me” I just looked at her and said to myself “Hope say you never dey reason say nah me you wan marry sha” All this indigenes sef. After that day, I don’t know what she and the Bro talked about but she kept coming around, sometimes cook and bring for me, it was getting more obvious by the day, but still no sexxx, she still wanted commitment before she does anything with me. Myself, Jude and the rest would hang out and smoke up and he never brought the issue about Amara again. One evening, my phone rang and as I picked it, the voice that pierced my ear from the other end was sooo tempting sweet only to find out she dialled a wrong number, and just as I was anticipating to call the number back and tell her how angelic her voice was and how I would want us to be friends, the number called back and as I picked it, “Am sorry, I just wanted to tell you I love your voice” she said, “You ve got to be kidding me, I was going to call you back and tell you desame thing, your voice is so sweet and captivating” I replied, “Thank you” she said, “Am Ken, so pleassse what’s the name dear?” I asked, “Okay,

am Precious” she replied, I swear this voice was so delicious like my favourite dish semo or eba and egusi soup, the rich egusi soup oooo, it was so sweet and tender that as I was talking to her I had already ascribed the prettiest face and body I could ever think of to the voice, thinking say nah like so e suppose be, so I didn’t want it to just end there, “I don’t know how you ll feel if I ask you this” I said, “And what is it?” My unknown Angel in my small mind asked, “Please can I call you tonight?” I pleaded, “Is that it?, no problem” she replied, “Aiit naw, thanks baby, take care” I said trying to be extremely nice. I called her that night and I loved it, she was sweet, nice and very lively on the phone, so we kept talking like almost every night…(This story continues ‘WHEN A PLAYGIRL MEETS A PLAYBOY’) One evening, it had just stopped raining like a few hours back, so the weather was very sweet, (you got it right, weather for two), Festus and the girlfriend were on the bed, I don’t know what happened, I just decided to try cos I couldn’t hold myself, I picked my phone to call Amara to come over, that I was lonely and was missing her, since she was the closest around, not like I believed in her coming, but I decided to try as there’s no harm in trying, Luckily for me, she came, we ve never kissed before now, but I was ready to take things a lil further, though no intent of sleeping with her but at least get some sort of romance or just be around a woman to make me warm and better cos my love-birds( Festus and his gf) were making matters worse for me, they led to me calling Amara over, cos that day I wasn’t in the mood to leave the room yet, around that kinda 7pm, e too early nah, and there was light that day. Festus and the gf on the bed, then myself and Amara at one end, after a short while, Festus left with the babe to get bread and egg for tea, we had the rest ingredients at home, the bread he was to get

was for us all, leaving myself and Amara behind, which I saw as my window of opportunity to explore, I went to bolt the net door from behind, drew the cotton well, came to where she was, dragged her up, carried her to the standing mirror, held her from behind, my hands wrapped around her waist firmly, then as we both stared at the mirror, I asked her, “Yellow fine boy, dark fine girl, what kind of kids do you think we ll ve?” I asked her, It was the perfect question since she was the marriage type at her young age of 19, “They ll be very fine ooo” she said as I watched her smile at me through the mirror, As she was smiling, I turned her very fast and as she was facing me, before she knew that someone turned her, my lips was already cupped around hers, so she kissed back cos I kiss like its the best thing happening to me at that moment with eyes closed, you would see the passion in me, babe wey no sabi as e dey go see me that moment, she go be like, “Dammmmmnnnnn, so this guy loves me like this” If I don’t ve feelings for you and I kiss you like that its just cos I love romance a lot, As we kissed, I placed my two hands on her boobs and step by step, like it were a choreography, I had led her to the bed, she was caught with the moment of my actions, never seen me like that before, I sped up ran to the door to close it, switched the lights off, cos sometimes with the light on, some ladies gets shy when a guy sees them naked for the first time, just incase it balls down to that, I wanted no hindrance, before I go come dey hear stop stop, when person don already get hard on. I used my boobss sucking style where I get to suck around the boobsss first, making her wait and beg me to put my mouth on her n!pples, and I was sure if I finally get down with this babe, I ll be sure non of her indigene bfs has handled her like that before. As I went on with my passionate romance, still working on her

head, neck, down her navel, this babe pushed me on the chest raising me up, and the next thing I heard was, “Do you want to fu!!ck me?” What kind of question is that, when she’s already felt my hard on, “Yes” I simply replied, anything wey wan happen make e happen, one mind, As I said it, she stood up, and undressed herself cos she still had her top, bra and jeans on, just that I had forced her boobbss out of her bra and had forced her shirt to her neck. I reached for a corner of the bed, brought out a cd, happy that finally it would happen today, (gbagbe oshi). We started kissing, while she reached for my Pian and was dangling it, so I did my normal routine, something I always did when I am to have sexxx with a girl for the first time, I never miss, I reached for her Obosiasis with one hand like I was going to finger her, touched it well, made sure one of my finger feels her wetness, while the wild romance still went on, I am so skilled in it that the girl won’t even notice what I was doing, I carried the finger to my nose like I wanted to scratch my nose to perceive the odour of where my Piakantus was about to enter and dammmmmmmmn, It Was Fuc!!king Stinky I swear the smell that came out was like a spoilt food, abandoned for days, Immediately I lost interest in the sexxx, my hard dic!!k fell gradually till it came to its normal size, then I stopped the romance but she went on, when she noticed my Piakantus had fell, she was like, “Kenny what is it?, pleasee fu!!ck me” Story that touches, she tried playing with my Pian to make it stand, but trust Junior, Junior said noooo, After several tries, She was like, “Kaiiii, Kenny, weak man, better go treat yourself ooo” Stood up, hissed, went to the bathroom to shower, Within me, I was just laughing, I agree I be weak man, Mtchhheeew, see wetin person dey hustle for sinceee, sotey Jude nearly blow my eye WHAT A WASTE OF FINE PRODUCT.

Chapter 58
the girl with the sweetest voice kept talking on the phone like almost every night, the more we talked the closer we got, so one day I decided to ask her how she looked, “I ve a round face, fat, flat tommy cos I sit up, but people say my fat is pretty that it fits me” she said, She asked how I looked too, “Am tall, light in complexion, I don’t know if am handsome, that’s yours to tell when you see me” I replied I decided to take the risk with the believe she was fine and didn’t just want to tell me the truth, and the truth was that I love girls with flat tommy, it blows my mind, this was my first ever blind date, never been into one before, so I decided to give it a shot cos we had gotten so close that I was sure if I asked her out she would tell me yes since she claimed to be single. She said she schools in IMSU, a fresher and since IMSU wasn’t all that far from my school, we could always work something out about seeing eachother and I would even prefer it cos I would be free at my own end. I took the risk of asking her out and just as I anticipated, she agreed immediately. GAME ON, We talked about how we would see, I invited over, we fixed a date of her coming to be on a friday, I had already told my neighbours before hand that I had an august visitor coming cos they know how to welcome one and make the person feel very special. Finally, the deal day came, she got to my school and called me that she was at the school gate, not knowing how she looked, there was nothing like 2go or whatsapp or BBM then, it was strictly text messages, so I left blinded on how she looked, praying she was alright and believed all that she’s told me about herself, As I got to front of the school gate, I saw a girl at the school

gate truly and dammmnnn, she was fine, pretty round face, fat like she said, but the fat looked good on her cos of her flat tommy, it was the first time I was seeing a fat girl with shape and seemed interested, as I highlighted from the bike she welcomed me with a smile cos with the description I had given her, she knew it was me. I crossed over, gave her a tight welcome hug, took the waiting bike and headed back home. I had already told Amara and anyone that would be any form of inconvenience to us that I wasn’t around and had travelled. She stayed with me that weekend and I enjoyed it cos she was fun to be with, lively as she was on phone, before she travelled back, she was like she truly loves me and that we should take the relationship serious, so for the first time in a long while I concurred. From time to time, she was coming around to see me, while I was busy studying her, I noticed whenever she was coming to see me, she would change my name to ‘MY SOULMATE’, and when she leaves she changes it back to Kenny, and trust nokia phones then, even when you change a person’s name, the sent messages and previous call logs still carries the old name. When I noticed, I was laughing within me, if you want to be smart with me, be in your best and make sure there aren’t any loose ends cos am a smart guy too and when I find out someone is trying to fool me, my own response dey bad gaaaaaan, playgirl trying to form smart and faithful, she doesn’t know she’s messing with the wrong guy. What finally blew my mind one day was that I was trying to reach her, her phone was on call- waiting for over 30mins and when I finally got through to her and asked who she had being talking to, her response was, “My elder Bro in Unizik” I laughed and was like, “Who called who?, you or him?” “He did” she replied, “Really?, your Bro is nice oo, looking out for you, so what ve you guys been talking about?” I asked,

“Nothing much, school, life, how am doing and all that” she confidently replied, I was laughing hard like mad, “Help me greet him the next time he calls ok, tell him your friend says hi” I fired back She don see pikin wey she dey lie for, Badoo like me, no P, we go see who go finally win for this game, I confronted her one day on the phone, as we got talking, I was like, “You playing with me abi, that thing you doing, am badder than you ooo” She got pissed and told me to come off it, that what do I take her for, so when I saw she was forming anger for me, I acted the fools game, pleaded and told her I was sorry say nah love cos am, Let’s see how it goes.

Chapter 59
‘PLAYGIRL FORMING FAITHFUL’ I kept noticing a lot when she was around, her phone was always on silent, meaning she goes out to answer her calls so I wouldn’t know, it was on security code so I could hardly ve access to it, and I didn’t ve that time to start changing my attitude towards her or query or question her about it make she no go vex then e reach night she go come dey thing face wall for me say I dey accuse am of infidelity, I already knew that a time ll come when I ll discipline her but for the time being, I wanted to enjoy the Pulala so well while it lasted, no be something wey dey sweet?, I just never one day since I knew her slept with her without condoms, though she’s made moves on me going skin with her, but base on a sharp guy I don’t ever dull or fall for it. What I did was locked up, looked the other way about it and acted like nothing was happening, kept my cool and acted like my normal self, just kept plotting, one day I ll let her know

who’s the boss. Kaiiii, come and see where this babe is forming love like am the only guy in the world, aside me there wasn’t anybody else, so I acted the same way too. I tried asking one day why her phone was always locked even while she was with me, “So that anybody that steals my phone ll ve to get it flashed to use it” she said, to her it sounded like the perfect excuse, but she goes through my phone whenever she wanted to, sometimes when it rings, she ll be the one to grab it and glance through the screen and see who’s calling before handing it to me and if its a girls name, I ll ve to explain who the female caller was, for her mind she dey form nobody calls her, she doesn’t pick calls in front of me. The long ASUU threat about embarking on an indefinite strike finally held, so we were all forced to reinforce cos students started leaving school and with every single day school was getting dry and when most of my lodge mates had travelled, I decided to travel down to Aba, I didn’t want to visit Lagos yet. Before the strike, Cynthia had fed me with the news about her winning Miss DELSU, we were still talking and trying to fix a date for her coming over when the news of the strike came but what finally hampered the whole plan was that almost all my lodge mates had travelled leaving me as the only guy behind, and school was so dry that we had to reschedule our seeing till when school was back in session. After staying for a month and yet there wasn’t any sign of the strike coming to an end soon, myself and Precious made arrangements to see eachother, she was to come to Aba to see me, but the lil P about it was that she would love to spend some time together with me alone and she can’t come looking for me where I resided in my Aunty’s house, no way. I still had quiet a huge some in my account, so we made plans of lodging in a guest house somewhere at Asa road myself

and my Pastor’s son Marvis had already gone to scout where we could ve ll the time the wanted to ourselves, We planned on staying together for four days and the agreement was that she I would pay transport fair that from Aba she ll be heading to Lag, which I agreed I was going to do. I gave my Aunt an excuse of going to tidy something in school and would be back soon. The deal day came, she was in her Aunts place in Calabar according to her which a guy has picked her phone one day I called her, I called, what I heard was, “Hello” a guy’s voice, “Please can I speak with Precious?” I asked, “She is bathing, maybe you ll ve to call back” the baritone voice said, “Ok, no p Bro thanks” I replied, “So who should I tell her called her?” The voice asked, I got confused at what to say at first, but was fast enough when I got hold of myself to chip in a reply, “Abeg, just tell am say em brother call” then hanged up I made this call before 12noon, this babe didn’t reach me, till around 7pm in the evening, and as she called, which I knew she had been thinking of what to tell me and the best she could up with is that, “My cousin told me my bro called not too long that he forgot to tell me, I checked and saw it was you, you are funny oo” she said laughing, me wey know say nah fake, chai ah don suffer sha, “That voice thick die, wetin you expect, come even tell me say you dey bathroom, that’s why I lied just incase naw” I replied, “Funny you” she said faked laughing, “He was in my room as at when you called, so how are you?” She said and smartly deviated from the main subject, and trust me, I locked up like I believed her, I didn’t ever bring it up again. When I call, she hardly picks, from one excuse to another, and I tried twice forming to speak with her self acclaimed cousin, still excuses, ‘He’s not around, he’s busy’ just like that, I was still acting normal, but told myself this babe, she must collect for my

hand, after dealing with her she won’t forget name, neither would she forget my face. I got to the guest house, paid for four days, 2k per day and checked in, we sat at the reception cancelling a few drinks, me doing big stout while Marvis was doing Star spicing it up with fried chicken waiting for my visitor to arrive, cos I had told him about a fat beautiful girl with nice shape so trust guys, he wanted to see this babe himself. It was till around, 4/5pm in the evening she showed up, I only told my guy about how she looked, how lively she was, how she winds when on me and how her as!!s bounces when I do it from the back, I didn’t tell him about her bad side which made him more interested to get a glimpse of her, I had already made up my mind that this babe ll know who the boss is when she comes, As she arrived, we welcomed her, then I helped her with her bag and led her to the room upstairs, introduced them, and truly he confirmed it she was beautiful, giving her compliments as she opened her mouth wide grinning. He stayed a lil while, then I saw him off as she went to shower. “This is it, this time, just the two of us, mind is made up, am ready for you, anyhow you bring it, and anyhow you want it, we shall know who the boss is soon” I said to myself after seeing Marvis off as I headed back to the guest house.

Chapter 60
I got into the room met her with a towel and a black hair net on, smelling fresh she just had her bath, a pink elastic short ve seen her on before that brings out her massive a!!ss whenever she’s on it was on the bed with a singlet which she was about to wear, as I locked the

door behind, I didn’t ask how her journey was, if she was hungry or allowed her rest a lil after her trip, I grabbed her from behind, freed the towel from her body and turned her round facing me skillfully fast and immediately she faced me straight up I went for her lips, as we kissed I pushed her to the wall, everything I was doing, I did them very fast, very rugged and rough, I wanted to make sure I treat and fu!!ck her like a b!!tch till we part ways. As we kissed, both of my hands were on her bosoms cuddling them roughly at thesame time, and the fact I was performing under the government of alcohol cos I don’t know about other guys but for me, its dangerous when I bang under the highness of Big Stout, I can’t even explain the way I act, but its crazy, I wanted to handle this girl according to all her fu!!ck up printed in my heart, When I took my mouth from her lips, it was her bosoms I went for, doing my things very fast, sucked around her boobbbs for a long while as she moaned lightly and then her n!pp!es, and while I did that, I had used one of my hand to part her legs fingering her very fast, she still leaning on wall, both of us standing, All of a sudden, I stopped all I was doing, held her by the hand, took a step back, looked at her with passion mixed with all the fire my eyes could carry, like I was so in-love and lost in her beauty, shebi nah Hollywood we dey, I be Denzel Washington, she be Sharon Stone, oya nah make we dey act dey go, make I put in my best act for this period I ll be with her, I wanna give her an Oscar award performance, I looked at her the way I never did before, then said, “Without you, I ll be living to regret a life without a wife, dammmmmnnn, I love you sooomuch” I said, “That’s sooo sweet, love you too baby” she replied, “I ll stop loving you when the Sun starts shinning at night and the moon shine during the day” I said still staring at her giving her that passionate look like I meant it with every

desire in me, I wan finish the babe with acting and punch lines, if you were to see me this moment, you go know say Ramsey Noah dey learn how to act lover boy, The acting was so perfect that it looked like her love ll make me cry, for her mind, this guy is so in-love with me, you never know anything, my perfect acting skills made her drag me back, then from rough kisses and rugged caresses, we found our way to the bed, then I unleashed myself on her like a starving Lion, I kept tossing and pushing her round anyhow I wanted. Normally during sexxx when I want to switch positions, I get to be very humble, disciplined and respectful, like, “Please, Baby let’s switch positions, yah turn like this, good baby, good” “Please, no no no, don’t stress yourself, just relax ok, allow me do the job” Very polite, no be something we dey sweet?, after every when the babe remember how you take treat am when una dey draw oil, she go like wan taste your package again, but this babe, I wanted to keep fu!!cking her like a b!tch. When we were done, she was like, “You ve never handled me like this before?” She said, “As in?” I replied pretending not to know what she meant, “You ve never made love to me this rough before” she said, “I missed you like mad naw, what do you expect?, its been a while we saw, I miss you mixed with Big Stout, baby check out the combo naw, it gats be mad” I replied, making a joke out of it, we both laughed and then kissed. I kept handling her like that whenever we had sexxx, and I was Bleep!!ing her often, turned her to my sexx tool for the few period we would be together shebi she like sexxx she don see her match and use being high as a disguise, cos since it was a guest house, I always got high, after every meal at least one bottle of Big Stout go follow, she isn’t on her own much of a drinker, a bottle of Gordons Spark babe Is done, if she takes two, she’s lost. I always had this mindset that big

girls are better drinkers cos their big body helps in absorbing alcohol making it slow to get high, but she prove my theory wrong, its all about blood, not by body or size. Whenever she comes visiting me in school, since I acted like I didn’t bother about her phone, I kept studying her, watching her whenever she wants to punch in her security code but had never succeeded, I already knew the kinda girl she was but I wanted to still see for myself what she’s hiding, cos I knew there was a lot. When I take her phone from her, she stalks me, became extra romantic, it is that time she ll want to kiss me or do something to make me just drop the phone, the few times she doesn’t do that, I just go straight to her games and applications, then we both play whatever game I pick, trying to see who comes out with the highest score. The only time ve managed to go through her phone was when she was cooking one day, though still stalking me but I was able to find out through her old dialled calls that she changes my name from Ken to My Soulmate whenever she was coming around, cos the old dialled or received numbers still carry Ken, while the recently dialled or received ones carries My Soulmate, I wasn’t able to access her inbox or sent messages, she didn’t give me the time and space. This period I had made up my mind to perfect it, I kept watching her fingers whenever she types in her code. She asked me for her transport fair, so the next day we went to the bank, I withdrew 12k, to give her 7k which she demanded for, to use some for tfe and the rest for herself, before we even met at the guest house, I had already made up my mind I wanted to tidy this babe’s f!!uck up that she won’t get a dine from me, so I wanted her to see the money, knew I had it, but yet won’t smell it. From the bank, we hanged out at a Mr Biggs joint that wasn’t too far from where we lodged, I called Marvis to meet

us there, he asked if he could come with his babe, I told him there wasn’t a P. My sit and Precious’s sit were very close to eachother, she knows how to act love, putting ice cream in my mouth, licking off anyone that stains my face, kissing me when she so pleases, but base on Denzel wey I be, eyes on the ball, eagle eye, phone addict, she didn’t know I had all my attention on her phone pretending my mind and eyes wasn’t there, since she wouldn’t let her phone be, I grabbed her code after the third or fourth time she typed it. I watched her severally after that to be sure I was right, it was thesame way I had grabbed. I kept laughing unnecessarily as we all sat talking, funny or not I just laughed, evil intentions in my mind, I purposely talked about swimming cos she loves swimming, that we should all fix a date for the next day which was a saturday, cos we checked in on thursday, Marvis said he knew a hotel we could all go to, so she was very excited looking forward to it, we stayed there for a long while, I payed and we bade Marvis and the babe goodbye and both couples parted ways. When we got back to the Guest house, she requested for the 7k, my response was, “Why are you rushing?, its here with me, you ll ve it when you want to leave naw” So she just kept quiet and believed since I had withdrew it there was no way I wouldn’t give it to her. Now I remember, the agreement between us was that, I would pay for 3days and if we enjoyed ourselves we would pay for an extra day, so I did. That night at about 7.30- 8pm, we went somewhere else to eat, I wanted to taste something different from what I had been eating at the Guest house, so after our meal, we decided to stroll a lil from Ehi road to Market road, from Market road to Tenant road just like that, and on our way back still a lil far from the Guest house, it started raining, we didn’t run, we just allowed ourselves got soaked, our hands

entangled on one another firmly, I held her tight like I aint ever going to let go, the way Jack held Rose’s hand in Titanic before the cold made him pass out, as we strolled inside the rain, we got to a spot, I just drew her close standing in the middle of the road kissing her, my hands on her as!!s, “I love you sooomuch, your lips taste better inside the rain” I said still showing off my acting prowess, I turned her on on the road before we got to the Guest house, and as we got into our room, I ripped her wet clothes of her, likewise mine, my d!!ck already hard cos I had been anticipating what I ll do to her when we got in, sharply rolled a cd on my Pian, I fired home on her, acting the exact way I had been acting since we met, after the rough ride, not too long she dosed off.

Chapter 61
While I was riding her, I kept seeing flashes of light from her phone, it was on silent as usual, calls were coming in she didn’t go through it before she slept, and when I was sure she had travelled deep into dreamland, I picked the phone, typed in the studied security code and one time it opened, “Yes, make I see wetin this mumu dey hide sef” I happily said to myself I started from the missed calls, she already had over twenty something missed calls, the missed calls shared among different guys, then entered her inbox, new messages waiting for me to open them, I opened them one after the other and just as I thought, I saw crazy messages, “You not picking, cream dreams love” “I missed your lips and body” “When are we seeing?” And some other long ones, on and on it went, there was something I noticed, there was this particular guy, name saved as Kingsley, some of his messages were,

“Baby I noiced you ve not been picking your calls since yesterday, “Are you in PH now?”(Sent the day she came) “When you get home lemme know sweery”( sent the day she came) “I missed your touch, wish you didn’t leave today”( sent the previous day too) The one person who should know this much about her trip has got to be no one else expect the guy that picked my call and said she was in the bathroom, her self proclaimed cousin, it was his place she has been, and told the guy she was travelling to Ph. I went further to check the received calls, and boom, his name was changed from My Love to Kingsley the day she came, I was just laughing, mumu, for her mind she too much, monkey like am, checked her sent messages and saw a few crazy sent texts, my name too was changed from Ken to My Soulmate the same day she left Calabar for Aba. I woke her up, as she woke up and saw me going through her phone, the sleep vanished from her eyes cos she must ve been wondering how I knew her security code cos it was on a 30sec lock, a lot must ve gone through her mind how I did that, I started, “Hope you know I love you a lot?” I asked, “I do” she replied with a faint voice like one scared, “Why are you doing this to me?, is this what you ve been hiding on your phone?” I asked, talking like I meant all I was saying, Instead of her to reply me, she started crying, the babe was an expert actress that catarrh was coming out of her nose, I was acting like I was heartbroken too, allowed her cry for a while, pleading, “Kenny am sorry, I don’t know what is wrong with me, bla bla and bla, on and on she went kneeling down, As she continued, unexpectedly I reached for her lips and kissed her passionately for a while, “Its ok, I forgive you, stop crying” I said, helped her clean her eyes, got tissue and cleaned her catarrh, in my mind I was like “Shey nah Pr!ck you want, no worry I go give you in abundance, you think say you sabi act

abi?” I changed my acting pattern from Denzel Washington to Antonio Bandaras the way he did justice to the movie ‘Original Sin’, I already knew what to do to her, I kissed her passionately, calming her nerves, making her relax her mind, “Its alright ok” I said at intervals, as the mumu nodded her head in response, “Am sorry” she would say, I rolled a condom on my hard Bianpolo, but the job I was about to do, a condom wouldn’t be able to handle it, cos it was certainly going to tear, I excused myself, ran to the toilet quickly and rolled another, then came back positioned her for scissors and lashed in back and forth applying force to every thrust, ladies pus!!sy are different, some are deep and some are not, she was in the category that wasn’t deep, so I don’t put all my Piakantus when I bang her, but this time, I didn’t want to know, I was giving her long range, turning her arrogantly when I switched positions. When I finally positioned her for the finishing move, do!!ggy style, as I stood at her back legs spread wide positioned the way Cristiano Ronaldo does before he plays a free kick, ready to for the final blow, I folded her weavon which was long to her back level around my right hand like the way a horse rider would hold the ropes attached to a horse firmly like one who was about to win the best horse race of his career, lashed on her wildly, I no wan know sef if her neck dey pain am or the weavon go pull comot, she was saying, “Awww! You hurting me” but I wasn’t listening, so she kept quiet after many tries. I wasn’t feeling a dammn thing coupled with the fact I had two cd’s on, before I came I had to bring the imagination of Cynthia’s face into play When I came brought my package out, it was lightly stained with blood, I went to to toilet, dragged the cds off one after the other and flushed them, showered, squeezed my wet clothes, hanged them where air could touch them, climbed the bed backing

her ready to sleep, “Kenny, why did you f!!!uck me like that, do you know I bled, you injured me?” She said, “Really?, use cotton wool and plaster nah, free me abeg lemme sleep” I replied, She kept trying to talk to me but I no dey see or hear who dey talk, she finally left me when she realised I wasn’t interested or listening to a damnn thing she was saying. At 6am the next morning I had woken up, she was still in deep sleep, I stood up quietly, arranged all my things, waited till some minutes to 7am when the day was bright enough for me to leave, then gently opened the door and zoomed off. First I went to the reception asking for my balance, but he said money paid was non- refundable that It was clearly written on the receipt, so I just locked up and bounced, shey we plenty we dey draw her oil, make she call one of them to send her transport fair wey she go take travel go Lag, or better still if she trek no be bad thing, she could use it as an exercise to loose some weight since according to Doctors exercise is good for the body.

Chapter 62
Please don’t take this personal, it was years ago and in the past now.

I left the Guest house and headed straight to Marvis’s house, I had called him on my way, “Howfar, no be 3days you pay for?” He said when he opened the door to his room for me to come in with his sleepy eyes,
“Ma Brooother we go yarn later abeg, make I sleep better sleep” I replied,
He was curious to know what had happened through his reaction thinking myself and Precious must ve quarrelled, but I wasn’t just in the mood to explain.
I really needed the sleep cos the past two days had been more of work and less sleep, but when I thought I had gone faraway dreamland, the vibration and ringtone of my phone brought me back to reality, I purposely left it on cos I knew she would call, I dragged the phone out of my pocket to glance on the screen first to be sure

before picking and I guessed right it was her, I looked at it and allowed it ring off and then silent it to continue my sleep, hoping when I wake up I would get more calls from her and text messages, I really wanted to go gangstar with this babe, if she thinks she was a playgirl, she aint, cos playing a guy like me then she needed to step up her game, her version was the old one, it needed upgrading and since its a game, I didn’t just want to be among the list of guys she’s fooling, I wanted to make a strong impact, one she ll never forget, call me a monster but my mind was made up, she aint getting a dine from me, if I hear say her Cousin-mugu no give am
bar before she remove from Calabar make I know wetin cos am, lots of us naw so enough money dey her account e sure me, I already knew all her gimmicks.
I woke up finally at around few minutes to 1pm reaching straight for my phone first, expecting to

see lots of missed calls and a few insulting text messages to be surprised to see just four missed calls, no text, I was like
“Wow, I knew she could take care of herself, she’s a big girl of course”.
That was it, she didn’t call again and I didn’t either, it was later that evening as I was going back home to my Aunt’s that I explained to Marvis while he saw me off what went down between myself and Precious, and what he said was,
“If nah me I for do pass like that, I no dey like make girl dey use me play thinking say she smart, and the babe make sense die, her face dey innocent, she no be like person wey dey do that kind thing, no be person wey dey form love dey kiss you for Mr Biggs yesterday?”
“You don see am nah” I replied,
“And my babe come dey admire una, say she like the girl body say una fit, she come go spoil our

outing” he teased,
“No be that one, she no dey no mean say we no fit groove guy” I replied,
“Una don talk since then?” He asked,
“She call for morning like 5 times I no pick, since then she no call or message me till now” I replied,
“Guy money dey that babe hand, if that calabar guy wey she dey em place for weeks no give am money make I die, hope say you no go that girl skin o oo, abeg ooo” he teased,
We just kept talking about her till we got to my place cos we live not too far from eachother.
Days ran into weeks, weeks into months, conversations between us just ended like that, I deleted her number finally from my phone.
Six months later, I had changed my number, 2go had started trending but very new, one day something just pushed me to call her cos she had an easy number so I had it in my head,

I dialled and as she picked?, “Hey what’s up” I said,
“Am fine” she replied,
“So what’s good, what’s popping?” I asked, She recognised my voice immediately, “Jesus, Kenny” She said,
I felt she shock and surprise through her voice that went cold immediately,
“Am I safe?, this one you called me today?” She asked,
“You are now, so how ve you been?” I asked,
We talked freely like nothing happened between us cos neither of us brought back the Aba saga to the conversation and that was it for that day. As time went on, we were both calling eachother on the phone, so one day, I decided to add her on 2go with her number, she accepted my request, and from there, we started chatting, One day we were both just less busy almost for the whole day, or do I say one talk kept leading

to another and when we finally couldn’t run away from what happened, we had to talk about it, she kept hitting it that do I know she bled?
“You made me handle you like that, cos you were forming smart” I replied,
She admitted she wronged me, we argued about a few things though especially the part I was really mean, but whenever I told her the truth, she would melt and I ll ve to ask if she was still there before she responded, when I saw she acted guilty and I was sure no guy has mal- handled her like that before, I was the first to say I was sorry, then she said she was sorry too.

After that day we squashed the issue between us, things took a drastic turn around, we ld talk more, I ll call her to come online, she would do desame too sometimes, I ld use her for my Profile Pix,

“My Orobo” “Prettiest Face ever”
Just like that, she ld do thesame, from chats, night calls followed, she always talked about the rain beating the two of us as her best part, that she always remembered it, the kiss and caresses in the center of the road with rain pouring on us, how I shivered when we got back and the mad sexxx, we talk till the extent she ll tell me she was wet, I ll tell her I ve a hard on too, just like that we were getting closer, I hadn’t a girlfriend, so one day I sat and thought about her and after thinking about what I did to her, I just felt if we had another shot dating it would be awesome cos now she knows what I was capable of, she would be scared of the things I would do if she dares play with me, she won’t, I was certain about it, so I decided to ask her out.
While chatting I was like,
Let’s play ‘true and dare’, so we started, when it

got to my turn, I kept picking ‘true’ cos there were lots I wanted to ask her,
“If you were given a chance to date me again, ll you?” I asked?
“Yes” she replied,
“What are the things you would correct if you were my girl again?”
“The lies, am tired of that life, I want to be serious for once in my life” she replied, “How would you prove it to me that you ve changed” I asked,
“I ll send you a relationship request on facebook for the world to see am in love with you, at least for a start” she replied,
And this babe had lots of friends, she had gotten a thousand friends base on Miss Bold and Beautiful that she reps and she gets praises from guys that’s sparks fire in me, lots of comments and likes on her pixes, while I was still struggling with two hundred and something friends then,

I believed her cos with what we ve both been through I was certain about her answers, I asked her out and immediately got a yes and was like now its just the two of us, I got the relationship request the same day and accepted it and that seemed like the beginning of a new dawn for both of us.
I wanted to tell her, if you doing anything, do it and this time be smart and don’t lemme know, but on a second thought I made up my mind it wasn’t necessary, for once let her know you trust her, so I allowed my thoughts win my imaginations
It was cool, I learnt to love her and she did, when we saw, I didn’t bother to go through her phone, cos she stopped putting it on security code, everything seemed normal, and it felt like this particular us would take like forever.

During one long hols, I visited Lag, one sweet day

I decided to see an old high schoolmate, we had already spoken a day before that I was coming around, so we looked forward to it.
I got there, you know how it is when you meet your old time friend, you hug eachother very tight like two men in love, you look happy, you ll want to talk about everything you ve both missed in one another’s life, ask of other old friends trying to see who and who you still keep in touch with, just like that.
His name was Efe, when I got there, a cousin of his I met there came that same day from Agege to see him, base on my Padi’s cousin that he was, I was free with him, talking like we ve been friends before, so one thing led to another he was going through my phone, I was sitting next to him, he entered my gallery going through my pictures and when he saw Precious’s pix, he was like
“So you know this babe?”He asked

“Nah em babe oo,” Efe replied cos I had him on my 2go list, so he had seen me flaunting her pixes, and was familiar with the facebook relationship sh!!t as well,
The guys reaction just make me know something was wrong, cos he just muttered, took his hanky out and cleaned his face,
“Guy wetin happen, you know am abi?” I asked, “No oo, she make sense ni, nah why I ask” he replied, which didn’t sound convincing enough to me,
“Guy, reason me well, no think am” I protested, He still claimed, there was nothing that it was the first time he was seeing her,
I locked up and we talked about other things, but the fact I knew Precious’s past didn’t allow me let go, I brought back the issue and this time, I came real hard like a wrecking ball,
“Guy see, you no know where me and you go see eachother tomorrow, you no go see me carry gun

wan shoot my self for head then you go free me make I do am, ok make I break am down for you” I said, confidently knowing this guy had something to himself which could be of help to me”
I broke things down as Efe and Omokaro his cousin listened, what I had noticed, what happened in Aba, how we started dating again with the belief she wouldn’t dare try rubbish, and when I was done, nobody told the guy before he started talking,
“Guy, since say you don use your mouth talk am, and say you know, make I just follow you relate, nah my area she dey stay, I don ynash am before, I fit even tell you her street, tell you the number of her house”
As he said that, my heart began to beat fast, “Abeg when you bang the babe, shey nah recently?” I asked?
“Nah this month nah, I don ynash am once

before, tey yey before this one, make I no lie you nah my area that babe dey stay, guy that babe no be am, just dey ynash am abeg, no try take am serious” he replied,
My ears, eyes, nose and mouth all stood up like a di!!ck turned on cos what the guy said had aroused them, I was short of words, cold all through till I left, even when I managed to contribute to discussions I used a fake smile to disguise but the news I had gotten had eaten me deep like termites putting holes into hills.
I asked the guy to give me her address, so he called out the name of her street and house number for me, which stuck into my brain immediately.
I got home, called her that midnight, stylishly asked her to give me her address that I wanted to pay her a visit and what she called out for me was the exact thing Omokaro said, I was like,
“Dammmmmmm!!!, what do I do to this bi!!tch?”

I was hurt, but trust me, I be strong man, no be today nyash don dey back, I still showed her love acting like everything was alright, she was just using the facebook thing to deceive and trap me down, I didn’t bother to make amendments to the facebook issue yet cos I got some other plan and I didn’t want to make her ve the slightest idea that something was wrong somewhere, I know what to do to this girl, maybe hurt her real bad,

I called her one day, I don’t know what kinda plans and arrangements she had but when she picked, she was like,
“Am there now nah, where you said we should meet, where are you?” She said,
I didn’t say anything again, I just hanged up, Later she called not too long and was like,

“Hey Baby, how you are? “Am fine, you?” I replied,
“You called me now right?” she asked,
“No ooo, I don’t ve airtime on my phone right now” I replied,
“You dey find who go kill you abi, the one wey I don do you before e be like I no handle you well, no worry, you ll see what I ll do to you” I said to myself when she was done talking to me
Like her phone was blind so she was to meet with another guy and they ve been conversing, when I called she just felt it was the person
she’s been talking to all along that called, I might be wrong and at the same time I might be 100 percent right cos she must ve realised something was wrong.
I still acted like nothing, so I went to meet a friend in the next compound,
“Michael, I like make we run something” I said, “Wetin be that?, shey e go bring money?” He

“Oga calm down, I wan give you one sure babe on 2go” I replied
“Oya nah, he said grabbing his phone that was resting on the table,
“See wetin I want make you do, this babe think say she wise, nah my babe oo, but just dey run her parol for 2go if she accept you, you sabi wind babe nah, you go fit do am?” I asked,
“If she come go gree for me nkor?” He asked, “Control am, ynash am, shikina!!!” I said, “Your babe ooo, make I ynash am?” He asked looking at me like I must be joking,
“No be me dey follow you yarn so?, ynash am if she gree” I replied,
I gave him her I’D, he sent her a request immediately, hours later I was home when I got a text, I checked my inbox it was Michael,
“Bro, she don accept” it read,
“Oya, begin work, fire down, remember you don’t

know me” I replied.
Days ran into weeks, they were getting acquainted, from 2go, to night calls, getting better by the day cos he was giving me feedback, and I was giving her all the time she wanted, to the extent after talking to Michael she ll call me forming she just woke up faking her voice to look that way and he was doing his job well even sending her airtime, he said he asked if she was in a relationship, that she said she was just there, nothing special, all this while I kept my cool was still acting nice to her, then I kept persuading him to fix an appointment when they would meet and when she does agree to see him, he should let me know, then I ll tell him what my plan was.
Days later he got me informed that she has agreed to see him, the day he sent me the message, I was playing Playstation 2 at home, I abandoned my game halfway immediately, me

wey love game and ran to his house, then told him what to do
“Make she come around come see you, make you lodge am, I go dey the background just hide for one corner where she no go see me, make sure say you don draw her oil first, then Flash me or before she show, pay for the room, me and you go follow go, or you text me the room number, but when you don cancel her, just Flash me
make I show, then we go treat her fuc!!k up” I said,
“Wetin we go do am?” He asked,
“Shey nah plantain she want?, she go chop am tire, we go ynash am desame time, I wan burst her ynash this time around, we fit dey ynash am desame time, you for pu!!ssy, me for ynash or anyone wey you want, I wan fu!!!ck everywhere wey hole dey for her body, her ear, her nose, anywhere at all wey my package go enter” I said, as he was busy seriously laughing, only if he

knew what I wanted to do to her.
This babe used her money in transporting herself from Agege down to a Guest house at Okokomaiko, he succeeded in sweet talking her that he would pay for her tfair back, at least a Guy who can pay for a big room worth 2500/3k and has been sending her airtime even without asking should be able to take care of her tfair plus even extras, her and her shallow thinking, not knowing everything was a bait to lure her to me and get all the punishment of a lifetime from a soldier like me, not knowing Michael paid for short time, 2hours 1k.
Just the way we planned, we got there early while I was reading my so-called gfs conversation what they would do to eachother when she finally arrives, I was just shaking my head in anger, girllls, they make us hate them sometimes, but thank God girls aint desame cos ve met really awesome ones,

We first both sat together, I was angrily consuming a bottle of Big Stout while he was doing desame for the job ahead, waiting for when she tells him she was on a bike to the Guest house where we were, I would just hide myself somewhere till they ve checked in, as we drank,
it was her matter we were talking about, cos he was giving her directions as she came.
When it was time, I hid myself before she arrived and after a long while I went to get a sit somewhere not too exposed, just incase if she comes out early which I knew as long as she followed him in, e don set be that, dem must draw.
Where I sat, I ordered another bottle trying to cancel it to kill every gaddamn conscience when I walk in through that door to confront her, like 45mins later, Michael flashed me, I stood up from my seat immediately, my heart pounding hard with every step I took, not cos I was scared

but cos I was terribly angry to the extent I could feel my legs shaking on the ground like I was being electrocuted, I got to the door, knocked and heard her voice from within asking him, “Who’s that?, are you expecting anyone?”
Why won’t she ask such questions when she’s not pure,
“No, I ordered for something, its a surprise” he replied,
The next thing I heard footsteps the door was unlocked from within, but wasn’t swung open, so I took my time to walk in very slowly, and as she saw me, she was in disbelieve, her mouth wide open, she was sited on the bed, the bed spread wrapped around her chest, my eyes were red but big boys don’t cry, I locked the door from behind, “So this is the life you want abi?, you want to fool a guy like me, after today, if you hear my name anywhere, you go dey run” I said as I
faced her and was unbelting straight up no time,

walked to where she sat as she looked confused not knowing what to do, the next thing she started crying,
“Kenny pleaseee, don’t do this pleaseeee , pleasseee, am sorr rry, ahhh God” on and on she went
I wonder why she was calling God, as if he had something to do with it,
But all of a sudden I was irritated, as I watched her crying and pleading, I looked at her, spat a lil on the floor which was a sign to mean God forbid,
“If I reason your matter I fit just use anger kill you I swear, Guy, wear cloth make we disembark abeg” I replied and left the room to the reception waiting for Michael.
He came out,
“Omor she still dey there dey form cry” he said laughing,
“Na she know, abeg change the matter, die am

like that I no wan remember make I no go back go discipline am with anger”
We were suppose to take a public bus home, but instead I stopped a bike and told him to take us straight home.

Chapter 63
I got home that day and slept it off, I didn’t want to think about it, woke up to find out the babe got balls to send me a long text of how sorry she was, after reading I deleted it visited facebook and changed my relationship status to single. It was when I came outside the compound for fresh air that I called Michael to meet me outside cos his house was next to mine with a fence separating both buildings. “Howfar hope say you nyash am well?, gist me how thing go” I pleaded, “The babe dey fu!!ck ooo, see as she dey whine when she climb me, I swear that babe nah ba!! stard” “I dey tell you, if I calm down tell you how I don take ynash this babe before cos of this her character, I no believe say she go fit still do rubbish, nah her life sha, so make she fire on” I said, I still narrated the whole thing to him. I had her number but wasn’t calling, if she calls I wouldn’t pick, make she dey her zone abeg was how I felt. Just went I thought it was the end of the whole drama, months later, I wanted to see what was new on my facebook handle, friend request, comments and messages, I clicked on my inbox to reply the few I had and saw this message from a guy that read,, “Bro, howfar, beware of that babe Precious, she has been using

our heads, lots of us, I had been watching her, I hacked her facebook password, here it is please check it out for yourself and see howmuch of a b!!tch she is” Immediately I logged out my account and tried hers, it worked, and went straight to her inbox, dammmnnn, come and see rubbish, appointments, chats about sexx, when this person was expecting her, date she gives this other guy she would come around, just like that, it was damnn crazy, I just dey laugh, I logged out, logged in my account back and told him thanks that I saw a lot, that it was her life so she should fire on, the guy was like he sent thesame message to all the guys she has been fooling, got as many numbers from her phone when she came to see him and has spread it that she’s a deceiver, but it didn’t shake me cos I had long gotten her off my mind, and as e be whenever I just feel like wasting time, I just invite her over for the weekend, we have sex, I give her some cash and she lives, no hard feelings. After her f.up, the first time I invited her to come see me, it took her a long long while to make up her mind thinking I had evil intentions towards her, she was sooo scared of me, and I love it cos it gave me an edge, it took quiet some persuasion before she finally managed to believe, which I felt she didn’t believe me one bit but just took the risk, as the saying goes, no risk, no reward, so it was cool with me, whenever I needed her, I got her for free, One weekend, I was bored cos I was alone in a different environment, I allowed her feel free, pick her calls, I no send cos that’s the definition of our friendship, friends with benefit, this weekend, two things happened, After sexx one day, she was forming being in love with me, that I was the best guy she’s ever met, whether nah true or nah lie, nah for her pocket, everything that comes out from her mouth, I take it as a lie, even if she calls for real and says she’s dying, It won’t move me cos I

won’t believe cos the the kind of personality she has shown me, so after sexxx, she was like, “So its just fu!!ck things between us right?, no strings attached, no feelings for me” she looked at me sooo passionately, like she would cry or like I was the love of her life, I looked at her back for a long while as she gazed back waiting for a reply, when I saw she really wanted me to say something, “Mtchhhhew, abeg gerrout jor” I said to her hearing, person wey I know, That same weekend too, on a saturday, someone that answers calls in front of me, cos the way I acted it was cleary written in my attitude that it was nothing but the pu!!ci, my phone rang, twas a girl that likes me soomuch that called, but she was in another state, I picked it up, and was just gisting and cracking her out, so it got to a point where she asked, “I know you, I know there must be someone with you” “Me?, I get that time, if babe dey with me I go tell you nah, no babe for now, my single is tight like a virgin, soo fresh” “But who what about the girl’s voice I heard?” She asked, “A friend jare, she just came to say hi and charge her phone” I replied, saying these things on purpose, I just wanted Precious to know she aint sh!!t to me, before we ended the call, I just purposely told I love her and she said she loved me too, but all nah play I noticed her mood changed and when I confronted her, she was forming tears, “I know I don’t worth anything to you, but she shouldn’t ve answered the call in my front, its not fair?” She said, I looked at this babe like I should wipe her a dirty slap, cos I was shocked like “Wetin dey worry this one?”, “I swear bomb dey your head ooo, you want me to go outside and answer my call in my house, when you speak with guys in front of me, are you mad?, be like say you no dey fear me again abi?, don’t repeat that thing again oo, if you want to cry, go cry to your papa” I angrily replied, “Have you heard

me tell anyone I love you?” she asked , “That one concern you ooo, be like say you need Prick abi, just tell me, e dey here” But yet she kept talking and I finally got pissed off, ashawo wey dey form love, “Oya carry your things and get out from here, this one dey mad ni?, you are forming Jealousy for me, are you mad?, do I look like your boyfriend?, I say get out from here” I yelled at her, For where? I think say she pack her things tru tru, naaaah she didn’t, after all the initial gra gra, she still collected my Piakantus that night, midnight, sucked my Pian and licked around my balls, rode on her before I saw her off sunday evening. I stopped seeing her after a while, been years we saw last, but though still friends on whatsapp and till now, she’s tried talking me into coming to see me, but wetin don loss, don loss, I ve moved passed stupidity now, from all indications I doubt she has changed, even if she has nah for her pocket, I no wan know, we still talk once once though but I prefer to leave it like that.

Chapter 64
The ASUU strike had made me stay in Aba for a month plus, When I newly came I didn’t stay up to 2weeks, neighbours went to look for the mother to my Aunts maid, that she should come get her daughter before someone kills her, cos sincerely what the lil girl who was barely 15years of age was doing were too much to be frank, she sleeps by 11/12am at night, gets to be the first to wake up, boil water and bath the three kids, prepare their food, take them to school then comes back to prepare for her own school, fetch water, still go to pick the kids from school and for the period I stayed before her mum came for

her, she never one day made it to school early, and if she doesn’t do somethings well, she gets scolded and sometimes beaten for it, all I did was watch. Since this maid hardly had enough sleep, when she wakes up in the morning for the usual morning general prayers, she’s always nodding her head, and if she’s caught, she gets slapped, sometimes severally right in the prayer session, the one that blew me away was while we were praying one early morning, cos they get to wake everyone as early as 4am or few minutes past 4am, and whenever I get woken up I always get angry, myself and my grandma, cos we shared a room, so this day, she was nodding her head while the husband(my in-law) was praying, like he opened his eyes and saw her nodding her head and the next thing I watched him do was use her head to hit the door real hard that was next to her to the extent I was so amazed but could only say to myself, “This one too nah still born again act, can you hit any of your kids head on the door like that?, and you know the things the lil girl does, while won’t she nod every morning during prayers when she does things bigger than her”, When I noticed she was doing too much, I had to start going to fetch water to relieve her of that and in Aba, you could go very far to fetch water except you are lucky to ve a borehole close to your environs, so I would go to were they sold water, wait till it was my turn, I ll be given a truck with six jerry-cans inside, the first one week was crazy, cos one has to master a way of pushing the truck with the water in it(those living in Aba would understand better), my first week una wan try sweat?, I got use to it with time anyway. The girls mum heard of it, paid them an unexpected visit and was like she wants to carry her daughter, my Aunt begged and that she should at least come on a weekend so they could get her some clothes but the mum refused,

and the truth was, they kept using this girl while most of her clothes are rags, except for the few ones she wears on Sunday for Church, but the mum refused and finally took her daughter to go and never return back again. The strike was still on and there was nothing one could do rather than patiently wait, since there wasn’t a maid anymore my Aunt had turned me into a full blown houseboy, I ll wake up early morning by 4am to boil water for the kids, if there was light I would use an electric kettle to boil water 3 times and if there was no light, I ll use a kettle to boil water on the stove twice and while the water was on fire, they ll conduct their normal early morning family prayers, I would bath the 3 kids, make sure their uniforms are well ironed, wait for my Aunt to prepare their food, then I ll take them to school, come back to go push truck so as to get water, always be at alert watching my time till it was 3pm in the afternoon, then go get the kids, while the eldest comes back himself cos he gets to wait for another one hour for extra lessons. I was humbly doing all my duties well, no complains, cos I just felt it was for a while. One day, my Aunt’s husband or do I say my in- law approached me one evening, sending one of his sons to come drop me a message(they had three kids, two boys and a girl, the first son was 9 then, the second 7yrs while the girl was 5yrs). “Brother, my Daddy is calling you” the little boy said as he came to where I sat outside the house looking at passers-by and playing with my phone, Oluchukwu was his name. “Where is he?” I asked, “In the palour” he replied, I stood up immediately found my way to the sitting room, and as I got in, he was sitting at his favourite corner watching a Programme from the stables of The Lord’s Chosen Tv, part of the reasons I preferred staying outside cos that’s the only thing they watch when they are home. “Brother, I hear say you wan see me” I said, “Sit down”

he replied, I took a sit ready and willing to hear what it was to kill my curiousity, I waited as he cleared his throat, reduced the volume of the tv and then got talking, “This one you people are on strike, why not follow me to the market, make some sales, even if it is N500 you get daily, use it to hold your side” This illustration sounded simple and nice but carried lots of deep meaning, since for weeks I had been calm and carrying my duties acting like someone that knows nothing, this man wanted to take complete advantage of me, cos if I accept, soon a time ll come when he ll just wake up in the morning, call me, hand me over his Key,(he deals in 2nd hand clothes, okirika) “Take, go open shop, then sample market, arrange everything well” while he stays behind or comes whenever he feels like since he has a new boy. I had forseen the whole thing, and it wasn’t like I was lacking money cos my Dad was sending me enough of which he knows, cos sometimes my Dad makes the mistake of sending them money like 20k and ll tell them to take 10k and give me 10k or take 12k and give me 8k, but a time came I told him to always send mine to my acct and give theirs to them. I had enough then cos I wasn’t even going anywhere, was always indoors or be at Marvis’s place that was just a street from my house. “Brother, abeg I no come Aba come do business, nah school I come for, I no need the money, my Dad they send me enough” I calmly explained, telling him how I felt, not like I was being rude or was trying to hurt anyone’s emotions, I had a right to say yes or no, so my answer was no. I never knew that he told his wife what my response was and they took it personal. My body no be firewood, sometimes I find it difficult to wake up early cos I hate stress, infact things I did there, I ve never done them in my life or in my house before, I just noticed that whenever I sleep off and won’t boil water or bath her kids, she frowns

through out the day like it was my duty and I hate rubbish, I was asking myself, “So whenver I fail to boil water and bath your kids while you are healthy sleeping, you take it personal, shey I no be human being too?” But yet I continued with it all. They had a tenant who had 3daughters and a son, the eldest daughter was 17 then and was in SS3, Ruth by name, so she was always coming close to me, wanting to be around me all the time, she was beautiful, matured physically but I had nothing in mind cos I didn’t see myself taking advantage of a young girl cos she was tripping for a Lagos boy and ABSU student, and it wasn’t like we hide and talk, she sits with me were everyone sees us, my Aunt, the Husband, the girls parents and other neighbours, and since I was a very social and jovial person everyone liked me, and things aint too good with them, sometimes when the mum ask’s me to borrow her money, I do and told her not to worry cos I knew they were managing, not for anything or I wanted to use it to get to her daughter, Ruth comes to our sitting room when everyone was around, we sit sometimes at the front of the house and just talk, the babe just like me and I no ready take advantage, nah so e just be One evening Ruth’s mum called me to a corner that she wants to see me, I thought it was the normal me helping her with some cash cos the husband’s business was bad that period, but I was shocked when she started talking, “Nwachukwu wahala dey ooo, Papa Oluchukwu come warn me and Papa Ruth, say em no wan see Ruth with you again, say wetin you and Ruth dey always talk, say make I warn Ruth to stay away from you, if not nah quit notice if e continue and you know say we still dey hold for house” she said with the heavy expression on her face that she was scared and threatened, I was hurt and disappointed, I looked her her speechless for a while, asking myself what the hell was that?, “So Ruth

being my friend nah bad thing?, em know things wey I dey do for school?, some people just think say na so life be, so make we imagine now say una dey una own house, gateman dey, shey em fit clean em ynash, enter una compound, then sitdown tell u and Papa Ruth say make una warn Ruth make she stay away from em wife brother, e make any sense?, all this people go dey do like say nah them go church pass, meanwhile nah dem carry evil for mind pass” I said, angrily sure that my veins were bulging out of my neck while I was demonstrating, I was hurt and pissed, “Inshort I dey go meet am” I said, stepping away to go confront him, but she held me back, “Abeg no go meet am oo, make em no say I come report am give you, I no want quit notice oo, I no want wahala abeg, Nwachukwu e do” she pleaded, But my mind was already made up I wouldn’t be satisfied if I don’t pour my anger out, so there wasn’t any going back, “No worry, e no go reach that one” I said and then walked away to confront my Aunts husband, anything wey wan happen make e happen, what nonsense, I said to myself.

Chapter 65
I walked to the sitting room, same me brewing with anger where he sat with my Aunt watching the usual Lords Chosen Tv on one Aba network cable like that were the cable had like close to 100 stations but the only station I saw reasonable was ‘E tv the South African station’ the rest were Christain stations while their favourite stations were The Lord’s Chosen, Emmanuel tv and Deeper Life Tv, nah them form holy holy but nah them do bad thing pass, so the only time you ll find me in the sitting room was when no one was around and if there

were around and I was in the sitting room with them, then know it has got to be WWE Entertainment on E. TV cos I ve a passion for wrestling, “Brother abeg I fit see you?” I asked very politely trying very hard to control my anger but it was late cos my anger had taken the whole of my being, threatening Ruths family cos of me was just way out of it for me naw, “Hope no problem?” He asked with eyes still focused on the TV screen, “No” I replied and took a sit not too far from where he sat, my Aunt was sitting next to him, it was boldly written on her face that she was so interested in what I had to say, it was when I took my sit that he reduced the volume of the Tv and was like, “So what is it you want to see me for?” He asked and for the first time since I got in, he managed to look at my face, I tried controlling my anger the best way I could to be very polite and careful with my words, but my anger’s speedometer had passed 180 cos it forced itself out of me, so instead of me speaking, it was my anger that was in control while I was at the passengers sit, “Brother, wetin I do?, wey go make you go dey threaten Ruth parents to give them quit notice?, the fact say una dey see me with the girl all the time no mean say nah my girlfriend, or we dey do something, shey you and my Aunt dey comot go market every morning dey come back for evening, no be me and Ruth dey dey this compound?, if I wan do anything with am, nobody go know, Aunty una do me strong thing ooo” that was my anger speaking, my head faced down, I wasn’t looking at their faces cos I wanted to be free enough to say what’s on my mind without looking at their faces and stammer with my words, “Nah who tell you?, I say nah who go tell you” said my Aunt, taking it personal while my In-law was just quiet, “Aunty forget who tell me, I no be small pikin, you know me well say if nah respect nah my food, I don ever confront una like this?, una dey look down on

me, meaning say una no even trust me, if I wan do anything una no go know, I no dey stupid to come dey carry woman enter my Aunt matrimonial home, shey I swallow bomb?” My anger still talking, “So dem don dey do amebo for this house abi?, you don get people wey dey give you news, we shall see” she replied, went outside and the next thing was me hearing her voice yelling, “Mama Ruth you don get person wey dey do amebo give my nephew abi, you don get who dey give my Brother news, no wahala, make una continue, The husband was with me inside sighing continously at intervals without even uttering a word, but with the sighs it was damnn obvious he was in support of his wife like I messed up for coming to confront him, No be strike cos all this nonsense?, if I hadn’t come around and in order to be nice, humble and respectful, I humbled myself as low as I could go, to do everything I was told to do, wake up very early, boil water, wash school uniforms, iron them, when there’s no light I use charcoal iron, go to Ehi road to push truck of water with 8 jerry- cans of 25litres each, wash the husband clothes, bath their kids, take them to school, as in full time Professional houseboy, to the extent neighbours in the compound couldn’t hold it but say it to my face, “Guy you dey try ooo” No be say I stupid, I just wan help and I no too reason as anything, I didn’t see anything cos my stay there was for a while but e come be like say dem wan take advantage of my humility and respect, before this incident, a guy that lives in the compound took me strolling one sunday evening like that, when we came back, my Aunt called and was warning me to stay away from the guy that he doesn’t want to see me around him, what’s her reason, her reason was, “The boy nah carry carry, I no wan see you around that kind person” Mehhhnnnn, wetin sef, this one with Ruth’s Parents was the height, I need to put of on

track, change am like Terry G.
——————— I stood up, walked out, and the next thing I did was I went to Ruth’s apartment, knocked, “Who be that?” Her mums voice thundered from within, then my Aunt had already gone to the Kitchen after her yelling cos the Kitchen and bathroom was located outside, “Nah me, abeg help me tell Ruth make she come out, say I like see am” I said, Without wasting time, calling Ruth, “Ruth, Ruth, Nwachukwu nah kpo gi” (meaning I was calling her) She came out and without saying anything, I held her by the hand, took her to sit outside directly opposite my Aunt’s sitting room window (it had two wooden windows, so it was always opened till 10pm when they want to go to bed, so whenever one is inside you could see things clearly happening outside cos the window had a transparent net), shey they don’t want to see the girl around me, am not a baby, you don’t tell me who to make my friends and who not to come around me, stubborn me, when it enters my head to do shi!!t, trust me I don’t ever look back and I always fu!!!cking don’t give a damn, if una dey control everybody wey dey come stay with una, you guys aint doing that sh-!!t to me, As I took her to sit at the spot directly opposite one of the the sitting room windows, the babe was already feeling bad, she was in SS2 then and the reason she was home that period was cos she took ill, she was a boarder, so her parents were considering allowing her complete her secondary education as a day student. She was looking downcasted cos of the news she must ve gotten, no doubt she likes me but where is it written in the Bible even if you claim Christainity that a guy and girl can’t just be friends with no stringed attached, I might be a bad boy quiet alright but my pride aint bigger than my brain and my brain isn’t in my anus either, “You know what we are going to do now?” I

asked holding one of her hand, “What Bros Chuks?” She asked dully, “They want you to stay away from me abi, nah now I wan let this people know say they can’t depict and tell me what, when and how to do things, that dating, I wan start to form am with you, make I see wetin go happen” I said, Where we sat I was sure my Aunt and the husband had seen us, cos people inside can see people outside but those outside can’t see those inside, except you go close to the net and rest your face on the surface, She just gave me a weak smile, the next 30/45mins we were still there and by this time, I had succeeded in making her come back to live already, making her laugh at intervals as we shared gist. Oya nah, make we see who go tire or how everything go finally be…

Chapter 66
A new game had started and I was ready to play cos I love games and revenge, if revenge were food then it would be my favourite meal, if it were a babe I wouldn’t mind dying for it like the way Romeo did for Juliet. Most times not like I purposely want to do it or prove a point but it just drives me crazy when people do things to you they can’t do to themselves or do things to you that they wouldn’t normally take, so I ll always want to pay you back in your own coin sometimes to get a taste of your own medicine, you fit do am to person abi, make me sef do am back give you make you see how e dey be like, but I ve limited that now, In this case, there wasn’t anything to avenge rather I had tolerated enough and had made up my mind I aint taking any of the bulls!!ts anymore, before it turns into something else, Myself and Ruth stayed there till it got dark, not for anything but I had my own way of

fighting back without using any harsh or insulting words, but I wanted to fight back through my actions and making them feel uncomfortable then make I see if one day my Aunt or the husband go carry cane come flog me, that is if it ever happens nah then dem go know say AC no be fan, I don’t take rubbish. She was enjoying my company that when she was called upon to come take dinner, she went in and brought her food to were we ve been sitting and having a nice time, the plate of rice had two spoons, without been told I knew it was one for me and one for her, I just told her not to worry and enjoy her meal, I ll eat mine when I go inside. We left eachother at about 9.30 to 10pm, first I stepped into my room I was sharing with my GG ( Gorgeous Grandma), as I walked in the first thing she said was, “Iri gi a jufuloyi, o no na Kitchen” meaning my food was cold and it was in the Kitchen, I went, ate my cold Eba, cos normally she would send her eldest Son to come tell me my food was ready but cos of the new development things changed from that day. I had my bath and slept, It was my Aunts voice that woke us up as early as few minutes after 4am, “Mama, Unu bia pkepere” She said banging our door( meaning we should come join them in prayers) It annoys me waking up that early, but am not worried about myself it was my Grandma who was forced to come join in early prayers every single morning, yet upon all the prayers you no go see the changes for their attitude,(Aunt and em Prince Charming) That morning family prayer gave me a shocking surprise, it was my in- law that led the prayers (they pray and shout that the whole compound ll be trembling disturbing the sleep and Peace of others usually), I was marvelled at his prayers that changed my relationship in that house forever, infact it brought out the beast in me, the prayer went like this at intervals, it was mixed with lots of Igbo, but I ll say it

in English, “Anybody from this family, our enemies in this compound is using against us to get information or sell us out, Holy Ghost fire kill the person” on and on similar prayer went, “Holy Ghost fire kugbo han” Holyghost fire kill them, While it was just my Aunt that was shouting a loud Amen continously, but at a time things dey happen sha oo, I needed no interpreter to tell me it was me they were praying about, shey dem want war, they just drew the battle line, this particular fight I wasn’t fighting to win cos I had nothing to loose either but I wanted to show this Church goers, Deacon and Deaconess that they aint sh!!!t, Stubborn me, I didn’t walk out while the prayer was going on, I stayed till the honourable Deacon finished and as he did, while I was stepping outside the sitting room, it was the man’s voice I heard, “Nwachukwu use that electric kettle boil water wey this children go take bath” People dey use person play sha, base on houseboy number ONE wey I be, that one sef dey. I closed the door behind me, went into my room and slept like a baby, make e carry cane come beat me say em send me to go boil water I come go sleep, or try using my head to hit the door hard like he did with the maid that left, As I slept peacefully I was waiting for someone to come touch me or wake me up, anybody at all then they ll be shocked what they ll get in return. Battle just started, Story continues…

Chapter 67
I slept peacefully waiting for the outcome of whatever was going to happen, woke up to find out She had bathed her kids and had prepared them their food, they were eating at the veranda, looking

fresh and clean with their uniforms on, I said to myself, “So you know how to bath your kids and make dem look good like this abi?, confirm, why I come dey disturb myself” When I came out and greeted her she didn’t answer me, her face strong like Zuma rock, like I care, the husband had already gone out before I woke up and that was it cos from that day I put a stop to the boy-boy treatment, no more bathing kids, waking up early and other silly stuffs, what I kept doing was just help in taking them to school, fetch water and that was the end of the job, Her husband became even scared to give me his clothes to wash, my happiness eluded me, so I was always frowning around them but kept a better rapport with the neighbours. They had me in mind cos my rapport with them became infected cos they hardly spoke to me, I called my Parents informing them of what was going on but since there wasn’t any other relations around I could go stay with, they begged me to tolerate whatever I saw that I wouldn’t stay there forever, I concurred but on a second thought my mum brought the idea of me travelling to PH to spend some time with his immediate elder Bro, I loved the idea cos I sincerely needed the change of environment so my Aunt and the Husband don’t get to push me too much and when I just cant take enough of the nonsense I trust myself I ll just one day snap. After my Mum spoke with my Uncle, he gave me a call and told me when he would be around he would let me know cos he leaves alone in PH cos of work while his family resided in Delta State, we ve only been exchanging pleasantries on phone but hadn’t got the chance to be with him and know what his attitude was like but he sounds nice on the phone whenever we spoke, cos one can’t tell about a person until you get to spend time with the person. I stayed back and kept tolerating, this strike had gotten to the third month

when finally my Uncle gave me a call to come around and spend sometime with him, I arranged my stuffs without wasting time, I finally stepped in PH Rumuola/ Rumuokuta. He was glad to ve me, the house was four flats of 3bedrooms each, two flats down and two flats up, my Uncles apartment was down, the front flat. I was so comfortable cos he doesn’t even act like my Uncle, we talk like mates and even sometimes when we talk about women, he humbles himself and listen till I was through like there was something he wanted to learn, I went there on a Sunday got there before 12noon cos Aba to PH didn’t ve much distance between them, at worst 1hour if there’s no hold-up cos sometimes the hold-up between Aba and Porthacourt road use to be terrible. He started blowing my mind when the day I visited, he took me out that evening without telling me where we were headed but was surprised when we drove to a Guest house around, he ordered for a bottle of Star and asked me what I would like, I ordered for Harp too, I couldn’t hide anything cos he has given me the hand not to, the me then would only take Harp if I just want to drink on a normal day but would go for Big Stout or Legend if I was drinking with girl cos after highness e sure say the next thing nah to draw oil. He ordered for fried chicken they had in their show glass, we just kept gisting about different things and before we knew it he had cancelled 3 bottles while I had cancelled four and while we were driving home, he was like, “3 bottles is my gauge, if I do more than that then its the end of the day for me, am not much of a drinker, see you small boy of that time taking alcohol more than me , imagine you taking four and still looking gallant” he said while I just laughed, I thought that was the end like he just wanted to give me a good welcome but only realised he was just a free person and a man that loves flexing and enjoyment, he

works at Chevron so his kind of Job was be at home for a week and be at work for a week, just like that. He was that free to talk about everything with me cos he didn’t look at me as that small boy he knew many years back the last time he visited my home, he acted like I were his mate and it made me respect him the more that was when I was free to tell him about the DELSU Saga cos he heard rumours I left school on getting to three hundred level, even if I couldn’t give him every detail, I was still able to tell him most of the things that led to me leaving, which he gave his sincere advice after my narration and pleaded with me never to go into that act again, then told me I was his favourite nephew, I didn’t know if he was trying to make me feel good or better but it made me come alive and felt good. On the friday of that week, he said a friend invited him to come clubbing and if I would love to go with him, but warned, “This place, the things you ll see are crazy oo” he warned that his clubbed in this particular place a few times, so it made me seemed more interested but I never knew it was going to be as crazy as the things my eyes saw. ——————————-
——————————————– We went to this club, the first thing I noticed was that there posters everywhere talking about a show that would be holding that night, I just went close and took a glance, didn’t really give it a proper read, my Uncle led me to were his friends sat, because of the show, tables and chairs were arranged outside the premises, people were inside and people were outside too, and a stage was set outside as well, we took our sits outside while he introduced me to his friends as his nephew schooling in ABSU, and they welcomed me well. They ordered for drinks of different types St Remy, Andre, beer and a few I can’t remember as well as beer and meat, you wey sabi drink, make your choice. At first it was just music

banging and people dancing, no be my first time to enter club be this nah, I just felt that was the show and say highest nah to bring in one surprise Artist to come perform, when as time ran late into 11:30 to they were urging people with a microphone to sit down that the show was about to start. Shockingly for me, what ve never seen in my entire life before this day happened, girls just started coming outside completely nude, as in no bras and no panties dancing and stripping for everyone to see, beautiful and very clean girls that you would want to chik on a normal day some where moving from table to table while like 3 or so positioned themselves on stage, when one finally came to our table, she placed one leg on the table while the other leg was down, making her pus!!sy wide open for everyone to take a good look, her breast standing and well pointed, “Are you guys just going to look, won’t you drop something?” She said with very nice intonation and good english, Dammmnnnnnnnnn, We were all just looking at her, I reached for my wallet and brought out 5h, “Correct Guy” she said as I was trying to drag the money out of my wallet, I stretched my hand to give it no her, “Put it in my pus!!y” she said, I withdrew my hand and looked at her, I aint doing that sh!tt, truth was I was scared, I refused and just slipped the money inside my pocket back, took my glass of drink and took a sip, I just didn’t know, I couldn’t just do it, they don’t allow you touch them, but they can sit on you, play and turn you on, it was like 3 of my Uncles friends that slipped some naira notes in her pus!!y, before she left our table she still later collected mine from me but it was from hand to hand, While she was still with us, dancing, rubbing and touching us, when she places her legs on the table making the Punana very visible, I was always like, “Omor, nah pus!sy this babe dey show us like this ooo, ahhhhh!!!” I can’t even explain, but at a time

I was wondering how other girls would feel who were at different tables with guys watching their fellow girl show of.

Chapter 68
The show went on I fed my eyes seeing things I would only ve watched on movies, it got to a time, the music was killed and there was silence as one of the girls who was on stage annouced to everyone’s hearing with the help of a microphone that they needed a guy outside, that the volunteer ld get a special treat, a chair was placed at the centre of the stage, a nice position that could catch everyone’s eye. At first, no one seemed to have the guts to come out, so she went from table to table looking for who to drag out, she came to our table, her eyes just went straight to my Uncle, “Fine man, come naw” She said as she dragged him by the hand, This babe who was moving around looking for a volunteer was completely nude, her b!!oobs dangling as she walked. My Uncle’s friends were urging him to go with her cos as she grabbed him, he was resisting trying using one hand to hold his sit, pinning himself down firmly, but the crowd cheered and his friends kept on with their persuasion as well, so he stood up and followed her as she held him by the hand but on getting to the front just about to climb the stage, I don’t know what went through his mind, he just pulled his hand from her grasp very fast and rushed back to join us laughing while his friends and people laughed with voices teasing him, “Na wa for you oo, why did you run naw” She said, She walked into the crowd again and caught another fair young good looking guy at another table, teased him while he followed her diligently, she took

him by the hand, they both walked to the stage, she made him sit at the chair that has been placed in front of everyone while his both hands were tied to the back of the chair, it was those fancy plastic chairs with steel legs, while people hailed, I was just quiet at were I sat observing every single thing cos never ve I seen anything that has carried me away like this before. Music came in banging lightly, a slow blues track, can’t remember the song, while everyone was quiet and focused watching her dance slowly, twisting, winding, putting her hands around this guy, rubbing his body lightly as she danced, this babe was awesome at what she does cos the mere sight of the whole thing gave me a hard on, as in a terrible one, while her dancing went on, the whole place was fuc!!!king quiet watching, she unbuttoned his top slowly like the first two or three buttons or so giving her room to slip her hands inside rubbing his chest, going down, back and forth slowly like that, the guys hard di-!ck was visible with time through his trousers, she would sit on him, wind her waist on him, spine her head backwards like her head would touch the ground, it didn’t though but her long hair did, she kept this going on, showing off her skills while the guy was her tool, I don’t know what the guy said to girl or what the girl said to the guy, she stood up, bent down unzipped his trousers and brought out this guys di!!!ck, maybe he couldn’t take the arousing any longer, but whatever it was I can’t allow my d!!ck be brought out in public like that nomatter how aroused or high I was, but one can never tell cos I wasn’t the man tied to a chair. She went on, rubbed it with her hands, and for the times she backed the stage while her hands was still visible to me from where I sat, her movement made me understand she was massaging his Piakantus with her brea!st, I was sure everyone on our table had a hard on, She sat on him again but his

d!!ck wasn’t in her pu!! ssy cos we could all hear the guy cry out telling the girl to sit on his d!!ck, but she refused, cos it seemed her job on stage didn’t include sexxx, but surprisingly, the dude who was suppose to be tied had freed himself from the rope that was used to tie his hand, grabbed the girl tight and made her sit on his hard di.cck, I was certain it entered her, but she forced herself up from him and ran off to one end of the stage while people bursted into laughter and that was it, some guys who are suppose to be security men, were fast enough to stand in front of the guy and directed him back to his sit politely, I am sure with time he would realise he shouldn’t ve stuck his raw d!!ck in a hole I assume to be public. The show went on, I noticed people inside were coming out to watch and people outside were going inside to watch as well, meaning a flock of different girls were inside, I excused myself, poured a lil drink in my glass and went inside to see what was even happening, and as I stepped in, the heat was off the hook, it hit me like I was thrown a stone, its impact was immediate, crowd gathered forming something like a circle, so I forced myself through to take a glance and ve a fair share myself, and I saw four pretty completely nude girls giving the crowd a nice show, dancing, squatting, winding, bending down , legs wide open and whenever they did that the pu!!sy would be clear for all to see, just giving the crowd a nice show. It got to a point I had to try and bring myself back to reality to be sure I wasn’t dreaming if what I was seeing before me or all I had been watching since we came were real, cos the things I saw were too magnificient for my eyes but whenever I tried bringing myself to reality it dawned on me that what my eyes were seeing was reality itself, cos while I sipped my drink and watched I was imagining everything, what would make a girl be naked like this in

public, opening her puss!!y wide, walking, dancing, doing all sorts with many eyes watching, yet still act like everything was alright cos its so crazy for me to believe that these girls were once virgins, dammmmmnnn, what must ve promted it?, cos this one is just the height, its so extreme, do they ve any plans for the future?, not like they are even paid millions, but instead of killing myself I had to free myself from my thoughts and allow my eyes enjoy the show while I grabbed things first hand that I ll find difficult to forget, and the truth was that these girls are beautiful, they take care of themselves real well. When I ve had enough after a long while of feeding my eyes I went to join my Uncle at the table, the show went on and around that kinda 3am, we drove home.

Chapter 69
I slept and woke up that early saturday morning around that kinda 6.30am to 7am cos it was environmental then just started cleaning the house, cleaned all the appliances with detergent and water, tidied everywhere till I was satisfied and when I peeped through the window outside, environmental was going on in the compound cos I was hearing voices and when I did peeped I saw this portable fine girl, so I wanted to take a good look, I stepped out like I wanted to take part, I did though and finally helped myself to kill my curiousity about her cos I got what I wanted, which is to take a good look at her, she was portable, small in size, not tall and not short either, not fat and not thin either, bossoms through her clothes was ok, it matched perfectly well with her body, I hadn’t seen her since I came cos everyone was in

his/her apartment, I just made sure it was were she was I was too,just to start a convo, and I started like this, “Easy with that stuff you are carrying and please don’t hurt yourself” I said, “Thanks, she replied, “How are you naw, am Ken, came to spend some time with my Uncle and am bored as hell cos they aren’t anybody to talk to” I said, “Eyaa, sorry, am Lucy” she simply said, “This strike is killing I just hope they call it off soon, before someone dies of boredom” I said trying to keep up with the conversation and to make her know as well I was a student cos I was certain she would ask what school I was, and gbam it worked, “What school are you?” She asked, as we talked we continued with what we were doing, not knowing my Uncle had woken, looked around for me and then peeped through the window and saw me working outside, “ABSU, LIS 200level” I replied lying to upgrade my level cos no way I was going to tell her I was a fresher, “Wow, its nice, am in Uniport, Accounting 300level” she replied, Within me I was like, I no talk am?, nah even 300level she dey, e no bad sha, thankGod say I no too fall my hand. We kept talking and when she was done with what she was doing and was about going inside, I was like, “Lemme ve your number naw, I could call and talk to you whenever am bored, and you could call and check on me too naw, hope it isn’t a bad idea?” I said, and without hesitating, she collected my phone and punched in her digits, no forming, no shakara, doing it with a cute smile. When I was done, I went in and met my Uncle already in the sitting room and the first thing he said was, “Be careful with that girl ooo, she has a boyfriend that comes around every now and then cos she stays at the back flat” “Uncle nothing ooo, is she staying alone in that big flat?” I asked back to get more info, “Not really but most of the time she’s alone cos her people Brother travel just like me” he replied, I just

smiled, he saw the way I smiled and knew I had somethings in mind, “Why are you smiling, just be careful, you are grown up and I know that number you collected wasn’t just for play” he said looking at me straight in the eyes, I bursted into laughter immediately “Choiiiiiiiiiiiii, I don dieeee, Uncle so you saw me sha, Kaiii, I swear I dey learn” I replied while we both laughed before I greeted him goodmorning. I need not be told he must ve seen us when he peeped through the window or watched us, one of the two. That afternoon around some minutes to 4pm, I wanted to watch my team Man United play cos it was an evening match and as well ve a few bottles of drink while I watched but I had to call Lucy first, and told her I was going to watch a football match over drinks, if she cared joining me, she said she would ve loved to but she doesn’t like football that when I came back I should let her know, I tried persuading but she wouldn’t agree, so I decided to keep our appointment after the match. I told my Uncle where I was headed, he asked if I knew were I would watch it, then I told him yes, that I would go to the guest house not too far from the house he took me to the day I came, he warned me to be careful that UNIPORT girls come to hussle there at weekends that if I would do anything I should use my head, but I just shunned him laughing, “Uncle, I don’t do such” I replied forming a sign with my mouth, raised my hand dangling one of my fingers the exact way Ronaldo Delima does when he scores a goal, I mean the way he does his finger, cos whenever I say those words (I don’t do such), there’s a funny way I do my face and mouth adding the dancing finger, so he just laughed, asked if I had money, “Yes I replied” But he still told me to wait, went in, came out and handed me 1k to add to the one I ve, and I already had like 6k in my wallet, the money was just there cos lately I hadn’t been spending on

anything. I got to the Guest house and the first thing that caught my eyes were the beautiful girls at the reception, they were littered around, strolling from one end to another at intervals to get noticed. Minutes my team started playing while I watched, just me at my corner with a small table were I had my bottle of Harp I had ordered for, with some pieces of fried snail that kept calling my name in a sexy way from the show-glass that I couldn’t just resist, it was my first time of eating snail and it was delicious. I had eaten three pieces of snail meats already but instead of me to order for more, I wanted to show myself, I stood up and went the the person in charge and told them to give me three more when I heard a female voice say, “Hi what’s up naw, buy me drink and meet naw” I turned my head to take a good look and my eyes caught this pretty thing, “Take whatever drink you want, and take 3 pieces of snail meat” I replied immediately, “Thank you” She replied, I took my meat back to my sit, continued watching my match not knowing I just bought trouble, I kept watching the girl, I knew she was among the things my Uncle warned me about, I watched as she went into the entrance leading to the toilet and other rooms, where I sat I could see the toilet doors cos ve seen some guys and girls walk in and come out too, with the inscription placed at the top of the doors, male and female, tiny from were I sat, this babe was with another girl standing at the entrance wearing very attracting stuffs, very short gown exposing most part of their laps, talking, and looking towards my direction, I knew it was me they were talking about, maybe she was telling the other girl I bought her drink, I don’t know what their discussion was, After a while I didn’t see the main girl I bought stuff for anymore, it was the other one who just stood at the entrance, whenever I looked at her, she would cut her eye for me, the

first time, I gave her my cutting back, I ll focus on my match, take another look, she gave me another winks, I smiled back the second time but she became more like a distraction to me, I stood up to go take a pee, not like the pee was serious, but I just wanted to go close to where she was and see what’s up, as I got to the entrance, she was like, “Fine Boy, what’s up” she said and held me by the arm, making me pause, “Please lemme pee first” I calmly said, I went in, took my pee and came out and just as I was opening the door coming out and zipping up, She grabbed me by the arm firmly, dragging me to a room already opened wide with the babe I bought drink for standing at the side of the door inside, “Wait naw, what’s this?” I said but she had dragged me already close to the front of the door. “I swear, we ll treat you right” she said, “Fine Boy, please come inside naw, don’t be afraid” the other babe at the door said, Kaiiii, Nah this kind thing make Psquare sing ‘DANGER’ ——-

Chapter 70
“Fine Boy, please come inside naw, don’t be afraid” the other babe at the door said, “I left my drink on the table and besides am watching a football match” I replied, “Tina go carry em drink come” the one dragging me by my hand firmly said to the one at the door, As she was about leaving, I held her by the hand, “Babe forget it please, am not interested” I said, “Leave me alone please” I said with all the seriousness and meanness my face could gather, forcing her hand off my arm to free myself from her grip, And just as I was leaving, she was like, “If you won’t come in, then buy me drink” She said, “I don’t ve a

problem with that, take whatever drink you want” I replied I went to my sit, While I sat, I stood up, carried my bottle of drink and the lil left in the glass as well went outside and poured it out cos they held my down for a lil while so I don’t know what must ve happened while I was away but just to be careful trying to be on a safe side to avoid story that touches, I just had to, then ordered for a new bottle of Harp when I came back in. As I sat I was asking myself what the fu!!ck just happened?, what if I went in and I end up doing nothing while the girls cause a scene that I would ve to pay them for sleeping with them when I didn’t cos these girls can be that wild, and people ll support them cos the big question ll be what was it I went into their room to do, another mind inside called me weak daring me to go back but the truth was I ve never done a prostitute so I don’t even know how it would look like cos I doubt I would be able to perform knowing when I walk out of the door some other guy is waiting to come, as in its what she lives on, cos I agree I might ve done a lot of silly, unusual and fuc!!ked up things but paying for sexxx wasn’t my kind of thing, not my style, I like to hustle for it, toto never hook me reach like that. While I was busy reminiscing, my attention was called upon by the babe that grabbed me at the toilet side, I didn’t know her name and didn’t even bother to ask, from where she stood she was trying to show what she took and talking to the Barman which I read to be she telling him the bill was on me, She took two bottles of drink and a pack of cigarette, the Barman raised his hand up giving a sign which I interpreted to be, “Are you the one paying for the things she took?” I gave him a thumbs nodding my head in response which he understood that I was cool with it, but instead of her to go her way, she was walking to where I was, within me I was like, “Ooo ooooh God, which kind wahala be this

now” I just didn’t want the recognition before other girls there go come begin open office for my head and there were people at different tables and it was clear to everyone who these girls where, when she came she was like, “Thanks ooo, I could join you if you don’t mind” she said sitting down before I could even give her a response, sat next to me placing her pack of cigarette on the table and her bottle of Star leaving one behind, maybe she would grab the second from the bar when she was done with me, I don’t know what she has in mind, This girl was beautiful just that she looked wild cos of her numerous piercing, like three different earrings on her ear, two on her top ear and one on her nose, the babe dey find market sha, she just want make I draw the oil, but I wasn’t comfortable with her around cos she made lots of eyes steer at me which made me really shy but kept my composure, “Am cool don’t worry, I ll come to your room after the match” I said,, “Wow, nice” She said, “Howmuch can I ve you or both of you” I asked, “When you come ll talk” She said, stood up, carried her stuffs and walked straight to the entrance leading to her room, for her mind the guy don fall finally not knowing I did all that to discharge her. As the match went on, I was gauging it with my drink and when I saw it was 85mins on the clock I went to the bar to clear my bills cos I didn’t know if she was monitoring the match inside, cleared my bills, and everything both girls took and as the referee blew the final whistle I found my way out sharply, disembarked before she even knew, as I was getting close to the house, I called Lucy, and told her I was close to the gate, this was around close to 6pm, “Am almost home, how do I see your fine face naw” I said as she picked, “What did you buy for me” She asked, “I told you to come with me but you refused, come out lemme see your fine face naw please” I pleaded, “No, you come” She

said, “Where?” I asked to be sure I heard her well, “Come to the back flat” She said, “Ok” I replied, Interesting I said within me and then bounced into the compound, passed our apartment and headed for hers.

Chapter 71
I got to her apartment, knocked on the main entrance and she opened, smiling as she saw me, and that was what got me more attracted, she’s always having this beautiful smile on her face which confuses me, maybe she does that cos she likes me, or maybe that’s just how she was, I was only taking a wild guess and I was the kind of guy that would find out. She swung the door open and paved way for me to come in, wearing a short skirt and a short top exposing part of her flat belly, portable and beautiful, “What about your parents and siblings” I asked as I took my sit at one of the beautiful cushions in the sitting room forming like I didn’t know that most of the time she was alone at home cos I had already gotten the necessary information I needed from my Big Bros. “I stay with my Big Bro but his Job keeps him far from home for a long time” No need explaining how the apartment looked like cos it was definitely tight. Nothing serious happened rather than the normal me who just cracked her up as we talked and right there Chizzy had called me severally cos we were having serious issues then, then Cynthia and then Chibaby, at first I tried wanting to avoid picking all calls cos I didn’t want to loose any chances with this girl should incase the need arises but I had no choice to pick them, as they kept coming in at intervals disturbing our conversations, “Ladies man” She said after I had answered a call like for the fourth time or so when

her phone hadn’t even rang once, “Nothing serious my dear, they are just girls bugging me jor, they want my Pian, that one thing, that same thing, you know the thing abi?” I replied trying to turn everything into a joke, “I don’t know oooo, please don’t spoil me” She replied, laughing hysterically “That sweet thing nah, but I keep telling them, you people leave me alone, I don’t do such but they won’t listen” I said, putting my both hands on my head and moving it from side to side like I was serious then was like, “Cheiiii, I don suffer” The babe laughed out hard taking all her time, “Shittt, you are funny, your mates are in nights of a thousand laugh and you are wasting your talent, you are a fine boy naw, Onyiocha (meaning a fair guy in Igbo), so what do you expect” I stood up from my sit, hitting one hand on my chest, saying, “Me?, I can’t believe Lucy just called me ‘Fine’, Oh Lord, I ll testify to you tomorrow in Church” I said with all seriousness looking at the decking like I was looking up to Heaven She laughed and that led us to another face of our conversation, “So what Church ll you be going to tomorrow” She asked, “I know anywhere for here?, I ll do my service at home” I replied, “Come with me naw, Let’s go to my Church” She said, “What Church?” I asked, “Catholic, you ll ve to wake up early cos 6.30am I ve left” She said, and without hesitation I concurred immediately I was with her till like almost 9pm just gisting and laughing, that my Uncle had to call me and ask where I was, I told him I was in the compound at Lucy’s place, he just laughed and dropped the call. When I got to my place, I made my annoucement that I would be going to Church with Lucy the next day, “Are you a Catholic too cos I know they are Catholics” He said, “Am not, but I just don’t want to stay at home” I said, “Then go to that Redeem Church at the Junction, that’s were I worship sometimes” He said, “Uncle, I ve already told her

I ll be going with her” I said, He looked at me and just laughed, while within me I was, “Uncle its not my fault, no be something wey dey sweet?” The truth was that before this day, I hadn’t worshipped in a Catholic Church before, but there’s always a first time to everything. My Uncle explained to me that he would be travelling for his Job and would be coming back a week later as usual which meant I would ve the whole house to myself for a whole week, that night he gave me quiet a huge some of money to last me for the whole time he would be away, the money was too much cos I had everything I needed at home, all kind of food stuffs ranging from eggs, to frozen chicken, rice, beans, cartons of beverages and a few to mention, but I still collected the money. That midnight, the ringtone of my phone brought me from faraway dreamland into reality, I glanced through it with my sleepy eyes and I was surprised when I saw it was Lucy calling, wondering what it was that must ve promted the call, I picked it up, “Hello” I said with my cracked sleepy voice, “I woke you up right?, am so sorry for disturbing you, don’t worry sleep tight” She said, “You can’t just wake me up and tell me goodnight, how you doing” I asked, “Am fine, I just felt like talking to you” She said, Babe enjoyed my company well if not she wouldn’t ve rang me in the middle of the night. We started talking randomly talking about different things till I caught her with an unexpected question which took her a moment of silence before she answered, “You like me right?” I asked, “Yes” she replied after a moment of silence, “What are the things you about me?” I asked, She started her narration, “You are funny, social, lively and I like the way you dress too” She said, I was wowed by her choice of words in describing me cos that was the things she had noticed about me, so it made me feel good sincerely “Wow, thank you, but is that all?” I

asked, “You are fair and fine too” She said while I heard her chuckled, This was when she killed it, my head stand, my dada plait immediately, “Honey, Sweety, Sugar, Peperempe, Maggi, world’s finest girl” I teased and yelled on the phone. Since she had given me enough insight of how she feels about me, it was the window of opportunity that would give me the confidence to do more notwithstanding she had a bf cos as a matter of fact, I ll love to see this guy in person, and besides, she wasn’t the first girl that has a bf I had gotten down with, so I no dey even dey reason the matter, if the guy tight she go close her legs for me,(my though), which I knew I might be wrong and at a time, I might be right too. We talked for close to one hour thirty minutes and decided to call it a night cos of the early service in the morning. She woke me up as early as 5.30am telling me to get prepared, so I did, not to long my Uncle came out prepared while I helped him open the gate as he dropped a few words for me before he drove off. I followed Lucy to Church as we walked side by side like couples, I forgot to say she was chocolate skinned, she was looking elegant in her native attire. She led me into to big hall which was the biggest attendance I had witnessed in a Church service, it was my first experience worshipping in a Catholic Church, we kept standing and sitting at intervals, memorizing some catholic prayers while I chewed my mouth as she looked at me at intervals and laughed while I winked back. After the service, She said she would love to take some pixes, so we took some personal pixes and then still took quiet a few together with me holding her confidently by her portable waist, and other different postures, if a layman saw the pixes they ll definitely tag us dating and if the bf sees it, I was sure he would besiege her wanting to know who the guy in the pix was but since she was cool with it, I decided to let go, the

photographer told us we would get it three or four days later or so, we were only able to take a look at them all through the help of the screen attached to the digital camera. As we were coming back home, we stopped at an eatery, my idea though, not far from the house, ordered for two plates of fried rice first and chicken, two bottle water, then after the food, I ordered for ice cream, we just sat there enjoying the atmosphere and gisting, when I heard her confess to me, “Do you know this place is close to my house and yet ve never been here before?” I was shocked, and was forced to ask, “Like seriously?, you no get guy?” I fired back, She looked at me and then smiled, “I do, but its a long story, the guy is not romantic at all, nah bookworm” She replied, “You tell him the kinda things you like to spice up your relationship nah, no be by book alone” I replied, We talked some more and just as we were about to leave, I bought her a pack of takeaway ice- cream big size and two meat-pie, not like I was trying to show myself but some guys fail to understand lil things matters, its bad when another guy does things for your babe you don’t do, not that the money is not there but some guys don’t just know how to thrill their woman once in a while. This lil thing I saw nothing enveloped into a massive feeling for me and the crazy part was that I stayed next door, we took our leave, I carried the nylon that had the takeaway content, accompanied her home to her door, handed it to her, opened my arms, “Miss portable, abeg nack me one sentilating hug nah before I enter house” I said, The smile expression appeared on her face then she gave me a tight hug while I gave her a peck and immediately turned around and took my leave.

Chapter 72

I got home and just as I stepped in, the first thing I did was give her a call, “I just want to tell you thank you” I said as she picked, “For what?, am suppose to be the one saying that” She countered, “I mean it, I had a nice time, its been a long time I smiled like this, I had fun with you seriously, So thanks” I said, But she kept dragging it with me that she was suppose to be the one telling me that, but I kept quiet and allowed her say what she wanted to and when she was done I was like, “All I wanted from you was to tell me am welcome and trust me you ve made my day” I said, “Am sorry, you welcome” she said, “I ll see you later” I replied and then hung up. She had already given me clues and insight how she feels about me and ve seen quiet a few reactions when she’s around me so the call was just to shake her defences and make her uncomfortable and as well put me a step closer to the Obosiasis which was my main target since it was what a bad guy like me wanted knowing my stay was a premature one so I was trying to make judicious use of it. I had my bath and then freshened up, then fixed my self a nice movie I can’t remember the name to while away time, cos I had the belief of two things in mind which I knew I had broken the ground for that day that either I would hear a knock on the door which would be her or she giving me a call to come to her place cos during our conversations at the eatery I chipped in the info that my Uncle travelled that morning, any which way I was certain about the options that one must work. I kept watching movies as time had flew, two hours no calls from her and no knock at the door either, I still didn’t give up my hopes still raised high and before I knew it, it was close to 6pm in the evening, one mind inside me was already telling me, guy call this babe make you wind her head say you dey come make you no go dey here 12midnight go reach you no go see any call

but stubborn me won’t swallow my pride with the belief I had done enough and already blew her mind. Like 20mins later or so She called, “Miss Po’r’able wad up” I said , “You didn’t even call me to come around after you ll say you are bored” She attacked immediately, not knowing we were both in the same situation waiting for who to do the first invitation, “Not that, am so sorry, I actually slept off and woke up not too long” I lied, “En-joy-ment” She said, “What are you doing?, should I come around?” I asked, “Yes” She simply replied, I stood up immediately, put off all the appliances and then headed straight to her place, knocked and one time she opened up, we stayed together just gisting, laughing, it was left for me to take the next step but I didn’t want to rush her. I was there cracking her, though sited a lil far from her, just talking and more importantly observing and studying things about her so that when time reach when the craze enter my head when I touch am for that one place, that same place she no go fit talk no. I was there till like 7pm when we heard knock on the door and when she went to get it, it was a guy which I presume to be her boyfriend, as the guy walked in, she hugged him and as he sat down, we shook as she proudly introduced us telling me clearly at the end of the introduction that he was her boyfriend, after the introduction I was like, “Lucy later now, lemme fix myself something to eat” I said to discharge myself and give them space and all the time they want and sincerely I didn’t feel bad, no strings attached so there wasn’t any reason to feel that way, nah today?, nah by boyfriend, babe wey don fall for me wey dey next door, mtcheew, the guy just showed up unexpected without even giving her a call but whatever it was it wasn’t my business, when I saw him that was when I understood when she said he was a bookworm, not like I am condemning him but the

truth was that he just dressed anyhow, his shirt folded at the back like something that was suffering from Pressing- Ironjaitis ( a cloth suffering from ironing, you can check your dictionary for further analysis), hair rough like combs where on strike in his house, why your babe no go fall for another guy, but all the same she said yes when he asked her out so she should live with it, I hadn’t asked her but I suspected it was all those kind of relationships that from studying together, him helping her out in courses she was lacking behind, that’s how I feel cos this babe too fine for this guy. I went to my own end and continued the movie I was watching and around few minutes past 8pm she gave me a call telling me to come around that he was gone, I was surprised when I got there, she came to where I sat asking me if I was upset but for crying out loud why should I be?, she stood up after a while when I wasn’t really jovial the way I should ve been which made her feel I was upset not knowing its all part of the game, after a while I bade her goodnight forming tired and sleepy and then took my leave within me I was like, “Babe no go there oo, if nah drawing of oil, you go see am dey run ooo, cos if e start, this same guy wey I see so wey be your bf, you no go let am touch you again cos nah my Pian you go dey reason” She called me that night and that was when the real me unleashed itself, one talk kept leading to the other, I was fu!!cking raw in the conversation talking about everything that has to do with bedmatics, but all I could hear her say whenever I hit something is, “Badddd boy” “Baddd boy” Not like I was telling her what I ld do this and that to her but I just say it in a way she would picture or imagine them in her head, all this while, I didn’t ask how long they ve been dating or anything about them, I just shut the guy out of our conversation. The next day, She was in school all day till like 3pm,

that’s if na true cos she can still dey with the bf but didn’t want to tell me, girls wey I know, that she wanted to tidy something, school wey dey strike, I just swallowed whatever she said and act like I believe her and as she came, she called me immediately after she had freshened up, and wore that same short shirt and half top the first day she invited me to her house, I sat at the dinning while she laid at the cushion facing my direction as we kept talking, and just as devil take enter trouble the whether changed and it began to rain. At first it was just a normal conversation between us, so she started acting like she was cold, so I asked, “Are you cold?” I asked playfully, “Yes ooo” she replied back, “I want to go and sleep, this whether suppose be whether for two nah, so if I go ll you miss me?” I asked, and her response was, “Use your tongue to count your teeth” was what she simply said, I thought for a while, gave it a deeper meaning and interpretation and then stood up went to where she laid, stretched both hands to her, “Stand up first” I said, And without hesitation, she cramped my hands and stood up facing me with her eyes blinking countlessly, tension written all over her face and as she did, immediately I carried her up by the waist and held her tight while she wrapped her legs around my waist and then I reached for her lips as we closed our eyes and kissed with a burning sensation.

Chapter 73
We kissed passionately still standing up cos she was light for for me to carry and hold on to, after a while as the tension of the romance went on, I placed her on the cushion lightly making her lay down with her

back then we continued kissing, I took off her top, skirt and while I unbuckled her bra, I saw shyness written boldly on her face then pulled of her panties while she laid on the cushion like a deadwood, I took just my top, singlet and trousers off just leaving myself with my boxers, dic!!k already erected at the sight of her portable nude body, trying to force its way out my boxers, nah me just dey tell am to relax first, I redirected myself to where she laid and while I was busy kissing her, I noticed she just laid still like she were dead, cos normally all my experiences with ladies as we kiss, caress and do dem stuffs they massage, rub your head, your back, as in they respond or react in return, but in this situation it was me caressing my pillow, when I noticed she just closed her eyes and was still as I kissed her lips, I had to voice out, “Touch me naw” But I was shocked when I heard I her say “Where should I touch?” WTF, where should you touch?, nah so you and your bf dey do una own?, immediately I lost interest, my erected Piankantus fell and the next thing was me standing up wearing my stuffs back, while she kept asking, “What is it?, am sorry naw” She said on and on like that, “Why would you be asking me where should you touch me, nah talk be that?” I said angrily, “Its not what you think, stop naw, lemme explain” She said holding me by the hand, but it didn’t stop from dressing up but I didn’t leave I just went back to the dinning to sit. When she saw my mood, she came to where I was, drew a chair close to mine and then started her narration, “Ken, its not what you think, I went to a girls primary as well as a girls seminary college, coming to UNIPORT was my first real chance in associating with the male folks, and the guy you saw yesterday is my first guy, he was the one that deflowered me and we ve not had sex up to 5 times that’s why am like this” She explained, “Wow, and how long ve you guys

been dating” I asked curiously, “We ve been dating since my 100level” She replied, “The guy sef dey f.up, and all these years you mean you ve not had sex close to 5 times, taaaaa, comot there” I shunned her” “I swear, whenever he comes here we do nothing, we only just gist, he is this born again kind of guy” She replied showing me the expression on her face to make me believe she was serious, “So you mean all your time at home you didn’t come in contact with any guy” I asked finding it difficult to believe her, “My secondary school was a girls school and I was a boarder, during hols I hardly go out cos my parents are very strict, I swear, why would I lie?, I want to learn, please teach me” She said, I looked at this babe for a long while who looked very serious to me, wetin you expect, when you dey with guy wey dull, no wonder she was acting so naïve, but teaching a grown up girl who should be around 22/23years about romance and sexxx wouldn’t be an easy thing, but I can cope sha, “I was wondering nah, you just laid on the cushion like a log of wood, I was thinking maybe I was irritating you or maybe your conscience was pricking you that’s why you were giving me that attitude” I said, “Am serious, now you know” She replied, Since I felt convinced by her words and seriousness, I decided to compose and believe what she said, “Sure you want to learn?” I asked playfully, “Yes” She replied, “I carried her up, just like I did the first time but this time led her back to the Cushion, took off her top she had worn back without her bra and her skirt without her pant as well leaving her nude, then was like, “Now, take my clothes off” I said, She stood up walked up to me shyly, “Feel free its just the two of us here” I said, While she summoned courage, reached for my top, trying to take it off.

Chapter 74
She reached for my top tried taking it off while I bent a lil making it easy for her, my singlet and then my trousers leaving just my boxers, my di!! ck was already hard erected inside pointing directly towards her,
“Won’t you take this one off too?” I asked as she blinked her eyes continously staring at me,
She reached for it, dipped her fingers between both sides and slipped it down freeing my hard Pian and making it breath fresh air, while she stared at it continously forcing me to ask,
“You like it?”
“Its too big, is it this thing that ll enter my body?” She asked shyly forcing me to burst into laughter,
“Is it that big?” I asked playfully, took one of her hand, placed it on the standing Pian, then one of my palm on hers as I helped in moving her palm holding my Pian back and forth slowly allowing

her feel it,
“You like it?” I asked,
“Yes, but its fat and long, its big” She said
calmly, acting very shy, but it can only be that big when she’s probably seen a few Pian

All this while we were standing completely nude, so I led her to the cushion making her lie down with back facing me, then we started kissing, as we kissed, I kept taking my mouth off at intervals,
“Rub my head gently and slowly” I ll say, When she does, she ll ask,
“Like this?”
And when she does it right, I ll tell her, if she doesn’t, I get to tell her too,
“Move your hands down, rub my back gently, go up and down” I said,
When she does, she gets to ask,
“Like this?, am I doing it well?” She ll ask,

But sincerely it was so awkward, but all the same make I still just continue I was saying to myself as the dry romance went on, telling a grown up girl who was barely my age mate what to do during romance was really weird, if she were a virgin, or a much younger naïve girl it would had felt a lot better, but she knew how to kiss.
As we continued, I had done my usual checkup routine of stylishly deeping my finger in her already wet cu!!nt then place it on my nose like I was going to scratch it to know if she was clean down there enough and she was, as it was odourless, when I had certified her clean enough after the examination I had just put her through even without her knowing, I dragged her down a lil, making her lay on the cushion very comfortably ready to do to her what I was sure her bf wouldn’t ve done, cos her actions alone had made me know the guy wasn’t trying

When I had placed her and set her to my satisfaction, I was like,
“Close your eyes”
She did, then I started first kissed her forehead, then her nose, then pecked both of her chicks, licked around her ears slowly as she reacted by twisting her body in response, then pecked her lips, went down, licked around her neck lightly then kissed around her shoulders down to her tiny fingers, while she made slight moan at intervals, I kissed around her boobs, sucked them lightly, then hardly without the n!pp!es for a while, while her hands were on my head rubbing them hard, then after a long while, I pressed downwards kissed her belly then around her navel while she was trying to drag my head back to her boo!bs, but stubborn me won’t give in, I wanted to do things the way I pleased, which I knew this drill was her first experience, I was

certain about it, shebi she wan learn, oya let’s go there naw, and I wanted a situation that even when I was done with her and when I was no longer in PH, if she remembers my face and name, she would want to travel down to see me, I wanted to creat an impressive and lasting impact.
I went downwards, kissed her clit, her wetness was already visible to me, I kissed around her laps slowly, while she vibrated like a nokia 3310 phone at intervals, I kissed slowly down to her legs, and then went straight up, took my time this time to suck her boo!bs, with all the passion built inside of me, sucked round it, mixing it both lightly sometimes and hard sometimes and then placed my mouth on her n!pp!es while she moaned out loud with relieve rubbing my head, just when she taught it was the beginning of the end of her estacy, I was about to give her a even bigger shock, I might be wrong though but I knew

even if her bf had managed to do half of what I ve done he didn’t look like a guy that would do what I was about to do to her next, my thoughts though
After I had sucked her moderate pointed boo!bs for a while, I stood up,
“Come and stay like this” I said, making her sit resting her back against the cushion, while I was placing her she looked confused not knowing what I was about to do next, I parted her legs wide then placed my lips on her already wet cu! nt that smelt and tasted good and then sucked on while she moaned out loud without holding back, I sucked and dangled my tongue around her clit while she twisted and at some point would seem like she was going to choke me with her laps she kept using to press my head outa excitement, she kept moaning and rubbing my head, and after I felt I had given her enough, I sat down and the next thing I said was,

“Suck my d!!ck”
“I ve not done it before, how do I do it?” She knelt down facing me, her hands rubbing my d!! ck back and forth, she ll wipe the tip, take a look at it like she was seeing a d!!ck for the first time, “Look at me” I said, then slipped a finger in my mouth and then sucked it back and forth, demonstrating to her,
“Just like that” I said,
She pulled herself together, summoned courage and then cupped her mouth around my Pian, tried moving her mouth on it up and down and was like,
“Did I get it?” She asked, “Yes continue” I gladly said,
So she fired on, but sometimes hit it with her teeth,
“Its just your lips and tongue, don’t allow your teeth touch it” I coached, base on Manchester United manager that I was,

She kept trying and followed my instruction and formation in the playing field, and after I had gotten enough, we positioned ourselves sideways according to my instruction, me behind her, and located her p.uss.y from behind, which gripped my Piankantus firmly with her wetness making my insertion not too difficult, just the kind a Nigga likes.

chapter 75
I inserted and fired starting with a slow acceleration, the truth was that there weren’t condoms in my wallet and it was way to late for me to dash out in the rain to get a pack, so make e for no loss nah skin end am, I handled her gently switching positions and ended with doggy, all the while we switched positions, it was all base on my instructions, she was acting so sexually naïve, one would easily know cos of her confused state on how to position herself whenever we switched, nah me go be like, “Stay like this, Turn like this, put your legs like this” on and on like that, Sometimes I need not tell her, I ll just drag her gently into position, It was just one sweet round, but at a time I enjoyed the Obosiasis cos the Erema oil sweet no be lie, just that what I noticed during penetration was that she was holding back her moaning, making sounds once in a while like she was bearing it not wanting to

let it out. She rested her hands on the cushion, bending down, as!!s faced towards my Pian, while I was doing my drwaing from behind, her legs were vibrating on the ground like my Pian was wired with electricity making her legs dance in motion like they were being electrocuted, her foot could hardly keep their balance, and the thing about me why I like ending most sexxx from the back, taking doggg!gy as my finishing move is that it has its way of turning me on and making me come quickly and I don’t even know why, when I was about coming, I used the withdrawal method, coming out of her before ejaculating, holding the edge of my Pian and releasing my sperm bit by bit at intervals trying to control the force and pouring it on her and when I was done, She used her top in wiping her body. After the sexxx, I laid on the cushion, my hands folded backwards while my head rested on them, like I was using my hands as a pillow supporting my head that rested on the part of the Cushion that looked like a pillow facing upwards while she coiled her portable body resting on me, her boobs pressing my chest both of us unclad, then we started gisting, me doing most of the questioning waiting for her to give me answers in reply, “Did you enjoy it?” Was the first question I asked, as she laid her head between the top of my chest and neck, her head facing sideways, like she was resting, “Yes” She replied, “Your brain didn’t tell you you are suppose to say thank you?” I patted her hair slowly as I asked, She looked at me, smiled and was like, “Thank you” and then turned her head sideways back resting on me, “Has he ever made love to you like this before?” I asked politely trying not to use the word fucc!! ck or sexxx, “No ooo” She replied, Has he ever sucked your boo!bs like that before?” I asked, “Not at all” She replied, “You like the way I sucked it?” I asked, “Yes” She replied, “Talk jor, this one you are answering

one one, I go change am for you oo,” I playfully said, “We just kiss and then he climbs on me” she said, which I knew she meant missionary style, “So he’s never taken his time to appreciate your body, kiss you from head to toes, you know naw, do fun things” I curiously asked something that was obvious already, I just wanted her to talk, but she couldn’t talk much, I guess she was shy, so I decided to let her be, nah only during night call this one go fit express herself well and probably after we don draw again she come dey free with me completely. “So why were your legs shaking?” I asked on purpose, “I don’t know” She replied, Since I noticed she wouldn’t talk much out of shyness, I just decided to pet her, I kept patting her by her hair very calmly and before I knew she had slept off and I joined her too, when I woke up it was already dark, I woke her up, woke her too, dressed up and went to my own end to freshen up, I wanted to spend the night but I wanted her to ask, but she didn’t when I called to say goodnight cos I wanted her to invite me herself. I was sleeping when my phone woke me up at around few minutes to 1am, it was certainly Lucy, we got talking and after a while she became free and was really expressing herself telling me how she enjoyed the sexx, how she loved the succking, how funny it was with my d!! ck in her mouth, we joked and laughed, we talked about a whole lot of stuffs cos its this kind of questions I even like, as she was talking I was picturing the whole thing that earlier went down between us, while my Pian was getting hard, as we kept talking, I was really going explicit on her, I explained to her that whenever we had sexx again that she should always let out her moan, that its a turn on for me, that most guys love it a lot when their woman moans, it gives this guy the specially feeling I can’t even find the words to describe, it got to a point I had to ask, “You are wet right?” “Yes, very very” She

replied, “You want my Pian right?, Choi, something wey dey sweet, so what do we do?” I asked, “You want to come?” She asked, Without even thinking twice I concurred cos the konji hold me die like mad, and I sure say nah so e go hold am too, “Open your door down am coming” I wore a singlet to my already worn boxers and sharply opened the door and slid the burglary gate open as gently as I could, all this was happening around that kinda 2am, I walked quietly to her apartment door already opened, things we do for Pus!!sy, something wey dey sweet, wey be say sugar and honey no dey inside yet the two put together no reach am for sweetness, something wey that guy for Titanic taste finish all the wires for em brain disconnect sotey em even die ontop the babe matter like Wizkid, the funny thing be say as you dey even wind your waist dey do the thing you go dey find the Sugar and Honey were e hide put yet you no go see am, something wey be say Presido Goodluck Jonathan taste from Mummy Patience hand even if the woman dey bombard citizens with grammar ma guy no wan know, and what is the reason behind all these, very simple cos nah something wey dey sweet. I crept into her already opened apartment while she closed the door and slid the burglary back, turned around facing me tying a wrapper, base on how the thing being sweet the first time, no wasting time, I dragged her close and cupped my mouth around her lips, I picked her up from the ground after letting her wrapper free her body collapsing on the ground, as she wrapped her legs around me, with me still standing, I matched forward step by step to that same cushion, that same place, that one place the first one happened, but what I heard was, “Let’s go to my room” She said which sounded like a whisper, “You lead and I follow mam” I fired back with my konjidized voice looking deep in her eyes lost in passion She

stood up from the cushion, held me by the hand and led me to her room which was very close to the sitting room, “Take them off” I said, referring to my boxers and singlet, As she was about climbing on the bed, I drew her back, went straight for her lips, the fact she was portable and light when been carried made me always explore the carrying her up thing with she wrapping her legs tight around my waist, then gradually I placed her on the bed and climbed on it too, I had every intention to spoil this babe the best way I could cos it was obviously she willingly wanted to learn and I wanted to create a lasting impression something the bf was too blind to see or do I say wasn’t ready for, if you know you weren’t ready for sex, you should ve left her a Virgin cos life just has its own drifts, cos now she has been infected with a guy like me coming around and when girls eyes open up like this by another guy, dammn the bf has certainly got to ve a problem on his hands he didn’t know were or how it came about cos even me knew perfectly well the only reason I was in PH was cos of the strike cos few weeks before now I didn’t know a girl like her existed, if we saw eachother somewhere we would walk pass without even taking a second look, but shitttts happens and when it does we flush it, so this was us on the bed in her own room stark na.kked. She laid on the bed while I did the exact routine I had used previously, taking my time on her body like I was appreciating it, slowly, sweetly and gently, before I got down there she was dripping wet, when I was done with her, for the first time, She climbed on me, taking her time to kiss every single part of my body, something she’s never done before for any man, not even her bf, sucked my Pian and this time, did it even better, the Coaching lessons was still going on with this babe and her learning process was on adrenaline, When she was done, we sat down

according to my instructions, she directly opposite me, our legs in- between one another, I plugged the charger to the socket as we sat up facing eachother, inserted slowly, first the cap and gradually after slowly trying to penetrate, I went on till half of the Pian entered, “You like this style?” I asked, But I sure say the reason why she no answer nah cos of say e sweet, after a lil while of accelerating back and forth very slowly while she closed her eyes and supported herself with her hands rested backwards firmly , I was like, “Come and sit on me” I said, while I laid flat on bed ready to Coach and see if she’s got skills being on top and winding her portable waist judiciously.

Chapter 76
She tried sitting on me, trying to insert my Pian slowly which she successfully did, she tried bouncing on me slowly, tried the first time, a second and a third but it seemed the Pian was too big for a girl like her who hadn’t had sexx much, two things ‘tight and naïve”, as she was trying to move up and down she had this expression on her face that looked like she was hurting, so I placed her for scissors, both of us side ways, one of her legs raised up, me behind her then located the Obosiasis and then thrusted very slowly, while she was still at it trying to hold back her moan, “Just let it out ok, remember what I told you, free yourself” I whispered in her ears that was slightly close to mine, minutes later she let the moan out which made a lot of sense with her babyish voice, I swear the sound of her moan blew my mind, it sounded so perfect cos of her voice, (chaaaaiii, see as una dey make me remember crying), that one thing, that same thing, something

wey dey sweeeeeeeet, Chaiiii Principal, Her moans made me come alive cos of how perfect they sounded in her mouth, and she doesn’t just moan out, when she says it, she stresses the ‘awww’ like it were a song and cos of the slow thrust, she does it with every thrust, I wish I could even find the right words to describe it, one time I knew if this babe continues like this, sure thing, she go baaaaaaaadddddd gaaaaan, like seriously the sound of her moan ll make you want to do it with her again, cos of her tiny voice that made it melodious, it is and still one of the sweetest moans I ve ever heard, cos you ll see the seriousness in her face, veins bulging out of her neck when she does it, maybe she was really feeling it or there was something else, I dunno, I just know it made mad brain, I took my time on her if not for anything just to hear her lovely moans that forced me into voicing out to her hearing, “I swear please don’t stop I love the way you moan” I confessed, She gave me this cute smile, moved one of her little hand backwards reaching for my head and patting it all over while I continued with my thrust, it was an unexplainable feeling that made me forget all the worries the world had on me and just focus for the wonderful moment at hand, who says a girls moan doesn’t matter during sexxx, abeg show me the guy or girl make I tell am say nah play em dey, ‘its play you are’ Lolz. After a long while, we switched for my finishing move, we both came down from the bed, she holding on to it firmly and me behind her, still the slow thrust, I felt like it shouldn’t end, her legs vibrating on the ground like they were shivering from heavy cold, cos I was on a slow thrust and she giving me the award winning ringtone the sexxx took a lonnnnng while, and when I was to cum, it was still thesame withdrawal method, it was one mad slow sweet sexxx. When I finally came on her body, we both went to the bathroom to shower, she was

looking faint and exhausted, and the normal me would ve wanted a second round cos normally say e bad make e just complete two rounds, but as we climbed the bed, me making her feel good, letting her know her moan was the sweetest ve ever heard, and then went further asking her questions about the fun we just had, she was a little bit free to talk un like the first time when she was answering me by a single word, but the shyness was still there though, not too long when I was anticipating for more, she slept off wrapping herself around me, we lying sideways facing each other, one of her legs stucked in between mine with my hands wrapped around her small portable waist, I just allowed her sleep hoping to get one more round later. I had to put my phone on alarm for 5.30am then slept off too, immediately my alarm woke me cos am not much of a deep sleeper, lil things wake me up, nomatter how little the sound is, She was still sleeping, I tapped her till she woke,, kissed her sweetly, her actions made me understand she isn’t the kind of girl that has the strength for too many sexxx, one good sexx and she passes out, so we just kept talking and when it was few minutes to 6am I told her to come open the door for me while I sneaked out back to my own apartment. ——–
The bf came around the nexxt day in the evening, and when I saw him, I just shook my head in my mind, nah play em dey, its play you re Bro, dressed like a pastor carrying a book that looked like a ‘Rapsody of Realities’, I really didn’t see it well, but the part I saw looked like it, tucked-in his shirt, had a medicated glass on, with one kind shoe like that wey dust full, like say em trek from desert come, em babe love am like that sha, I hope he learns and does the needful, no be all this ones wey em dey do, “What’s up naw” I said when he got to the gate cos I stood outside

taking an evening view of pretty faces passing by, “Am good oo Bro and you?” He asked, “I tight like Virgin” I replied, “Bad guy” he answered and smiled, “Ah dey telllsss you” I replied, “Please is She inside?” He asked, “She should, check naw” I replied, Cos myself and Lucy hadn’t really seen that day, she went out and came back not too long, so we hadn’t really spoken, “Ok, thanks” He replied and went in, As he left I was laughing but nah only me know the reason wey make me dey laugh. I never knew the sexxx we had earlier was going to be our last, cos her Big Bro came back that night, and he was always home till my Uncle returned on the Sunday of that week, though we talked every night, make appointments to meet and draw oil, our plans kept failing cos we were both no longer alone at home, we talk to the extent she ll be like, “I wish there was no one around, you would ve just sneaked in”, “You are wet right?” I would ask, “Very very, as in like mad” She would reply, “So you want my Pian shey?” I would ask, “Yes nah, b4 nkor” she would say, “I swear I miss your Sugar moan” I would say, on and on the discussion would go but yet we had no means of drawing. Before then I was hearing rumours of the ASUU strike soon to be called off, so the upper weekend my stuffs were ready to leave for Aba and the get set for school, we tried but just couldn’t see, we spoke a night before I was to leave and finally came to the conclusion that she would come around to see me, she was crying at the other end that she would miss me, though we couldn’t ve that one seexx, that same sexx, that sweet sexxx, though normally to make up for not being able to draw, we hung out at night, stroll, gist and kiss madly, touch a lil before we both go into our separate apartments. After my uncle rogered me enough doe, as in pepper rest die, She saw me off to the Park, gave me a very long warm

hug, though we hadn’t another shot but I was sure I had opened her eyes and had given her that one Pian, that sweet Pian that ll always make her smile when she remembers my face and name or glance through the pixes we took together, hoping to see eachother again. FINALLY, SOMETHING WEY DEY SWEET.

Chapter 77
I travelled down back to Aba, patiently waiting to hear the real gist that the strike had been completely called off. I stayed extra 2weeks before I left for school but something happened during those two weeks. Back then, there this thing MTN does when you register with them, they get to send you list of people to chat with through a number I can’t completely remember but the chat number starts with 33–something like that, maybe 33325, 33110, something like that sha, and they charge N10 per chat and send you a message that if you chat continously 10times with a single person then you guys can then exchange numbers and you can as well stand a chance of winning a N750 airtime in their weekly draw. I had been receiving list of different chat names, strictly girls, close to 10names at once, some peeps must ve experienced it I guess, but I just kept ignoring them. Within the first week in Aba, a day came when I became so bored at home, when I suddenly received a set of new female chat names, so I picked one name randomly and decided to give it a shot, I won’t forget the name I picked, PRINCESSA224, the name just make brain for my eye. I sent a message through MTN reaching her that read, “Hi, can I get to know you?” Then add # to her Username either at the beginning of the message or at the end can’t really remember, then waited patiently for

her response, Like 20mins later her reply came in, which read, “Ofcourse, why not” This babe reply tru tru sha was what I said to myself, and even if I had the money, I didn’t see myself chatting constantly for 10 straight times, 100naira don go just like that before we fit exchange numbers and sometimes I can be so foolish, cos instantly I was using the name to match a beautiful face, ‘Ode main Boy like me’, I dey can fu!!ck up sometimes sha. When we ve both chatted like four straight times exhausting 40naira each, on the fifth chat we talked about exchanging numbers, so in her 5th message she was like I should try writing my digit in words if she would receive it, so I sent it to her like this, “Zero eight zero, three four two one, on and on like that” Not less than 3mins a number rang me and when I picked it, it was a female voice that pierced my ear from the other end, “Hi, MTN think they are smart, this is Princessa” She said, “Wow, finally, nice finally hearing your voice” I replied, The voice sounded cool, she speaks well, and that was how we started exchanging calls and getting to know eachother lil by lil, She said she was a student of Unizik and I told her where I was schooling too. Few days before I finally left for school when I had gotten a genuine news of the strike being called off our conversations had graduated from just mere calls to midnight calls, where we were able to talk more and better, This babe started blowing my mind, with the things she was telling me, that she was a cousin to Oge Okoye the actress, that they have desame face, same height that the difference between them was that Oge was lighter and that she doesn’t ve a ‘K’ leg and that she was bursty too, so base on bad guy wey I dey think say I be, I was already picturing her with the looks of Oge Okoye and the bursty part had already got me fantasizing that James Bond had gotten a new catch, at least nah rep for me say I

draw Oge Okoye cousin oil for my mind. The things this Erema told me made me step up my game cos there was no way I was letting this Obosiasis slip away, so I turned my Play Boy mode on, blowing her mind with every skill I had, the sweet texts, the dirty talks at night and good thing she was responding and falling to all of them. When I resumed back school the hit became more intense cos the next thing nah to invite am over, no time for childz play, I had already told all my guys in the lodge that I had gotten a new catch, and even went as far as telling them this catch was Oge Okoye’s cousin, so they were all looking forward to seeing this babe, though lectures was intense cos every lecturer was rushing us to meet up with the already fixed exam date which was just two weeks away, but I couldn’t wait for this fresh meat to come see me after exams, aside anything I wanted to even see how this Oge Okoye’s cousin looked like, Precious was her name too. I convinced her with all the magic I had in my mouth to come over, telling her all the crazy things I want to do to her and base on all the wild things I had told her, she had no choice than to give in to my plea and come see me too, so we fixed a date to be on a thursday to leave on Sunday, jungle don mature reach the extent wey be say nah “Sunshine” this babe dey call me, that I make her extremely happy, that though she’s not seen me but am her perfect man, even me my dada dey plait. Finally thursday came, I had already boasted among my neighbours that one of Oge Okoye’s cousin was coming to see me even went as far as telling them how beautiful she looked, Otee main boy like me, mumurity, babe wey I never see for my life before, I just believed every gadaaamn thing she told me, she must be smoking hot I had already concluded, Normally that evening I had freshened up and chilled outside waiting for that call, that one call, that same call, all my

friends, Festus and the rest all in high hopes to see this babe, around that kinda 5pm or so my phone rang it was Precious the 2nd a.k.a Oge Okoye’s cousin, “Hello Sunshine am at your school Park now” She said, “Ok, I ll be there before you know it” I replied and dropped the call. “Omor, she don show, she don show” I gingered so all my Padis could hear, I ran in, to wear my top, use one nice speck take cover face to complete the swag, got to the junction and then took a bike and stopped at the school gate, crossed and found my way to the school park, as I entered everywhere was dry except for one weird looking babe that stood at a corner but I no reason the girl, I just said in my mind, “This can’t be Oge Okoye’s Cousin nah, if I hear” I took few steps forward searching for my damsel, took my phone out and was about dialling her number when my guest started calling, “Hello, am at the Park, where are you?” I said as I picked it, “Turn around” Precious ‘s voice said, As I turned around, I couldn’t believe my eyes what they were seeing, it was the weird girl dressed like a deeper life member, big skirt, a top, this hair all this deeper life use thread(the rubber type) in making and then to make matters worse a small ‘ghana must go bag’ and she wasn’t even tall. For my mind I just halla, “Guy you don dieeee today, you don fuc!!ck up” To even run nah problem, which excuse I wan give my guys for house, cos when I dey yarn about the babe I dey make mouth like say me and am don see before. “Chaii, Ayaff died today, what do I do?” I asked myself.

Chapter 78
As I turned around looking at her, I could hardly believe the weird girl I had first seen and walk passed was actually the self proclaimed Oge

Okoye’s cousin, and I don already fu!!ck up cos I no fit even run, if not I trust myself cos if to say I never fuc!!k up allow am see me, run small nah, nah disappear I go disappear. I walked up to her in disappointment base on guy wey no get choice with my face squeezed like sh!!t wey rain beat, but trust me frowning my face wasn’t going to solve the issue, and to make things even more critical for me this babe came all the way from UNIZIK, as I walked to where she stood, I was telling myself, “How me and this babe wan take go house cos there is no way I am sitting on desame bike with this Ngbueke” Chaiiii, how I wish say day don dark e for even good small, the only thing that was right about her description was her being bursty cos I could obviously see that through her top, but wetin I go tell my guys for house, cos only this one fit spoil all the reputation wey I don dey build since when the ‘King of the house’ game start, “Am tired, please take me home” She said, That was the first thing she told me, I was just staring at her like a slowpoke, “Oya let’s go” I replied with a sad heart, As if that wasn’t enough, as she jacked her Ghana must go bag to follow me, she reached for my hand trying to hold me and walk side by side with me, me Ken, kai ayaff suffered, I looked around to see if anybody knows me first and managed to leave it that way till we walked out of the Park and then stylishly removed my hand and made sure she was behind me increasing my pace as we walked to the junction where bikes stay waiting to convey passengers to Uturu. As we got there, she was like, “Sunshine, its here we ll take a bike to your place right?” Ayaff died, “Babe compose yourself nah which one come be Sunshine again” I angrily said to myself looking at her, “Am allergic to bike, they get accident on daily basis especially on this Uturu road, so I prefer buses” I replied You and who wan climb bike, e be like say she no

know say the reason why I dey carry am go my house nah because I no get choice, I was trying hard for people not to code she was with me cos the Ngbukeish look was written all over her. We boarded a bus and highlighted at my bus- stop, and as we came down I don rush come down dey front make she dey my back, no way we are walking side by side cos if Aunty Chemist do mistake see me with this kind babe, I trust am she go use mouth finish me, e go just be like say finally I no get choice say nah anything wey dey under skirt I dey follow as far say the thing get hole. The Ken I know on a normal day won’t walk pass Aunty Chemist’s shop without saying hello even if I don’t stop by I must hail her from distance, but this me on this day was SPEEDMAN of Justice league, I walked passed her shop like I never knew it existed, this babe at my back, I tried as much as possible to give her space so people won’t notice cos if not the story go travel go far. As I got to front of my lodge, behold all my friends were outside waiting to see this Oge Okoye’s cousin that has been making me run my mouth, immediately I saw them, no be smallllll thing ooo, I just started sweating profusely, nah situations like this dey make person talk, “I CAN EXPLAIN, ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK” It was critical, very very critical, it was me that appeared like I didn’t come with anyone not till they saw the person who was behind me and immediately every fuc!!king person bursted into laughter at the sight of her, I didn’t know what happened I started laughing too cos the fuc!!ck up was toomuch for me to frown my face, I walked straight passing them headed to my apartment and ushered her in. While she was bathing, I went outside to meet them guys who were still seriously laughing and when they saw me, the laughing increased, the first thing I said was, “I swear e no go better for MTN ooo” “Wetin do MTN” Snoop asked, who was sitting

on the floor laughing so hard with his eyes red “Nah that stupid MTN chat nah, I resemble person wey fit run package with this kind girl?” I asked, explaining without anyone asking me to, “Sharap jor, no be here we dey wey you dey use am boast say nah Oge Okoye Cousin this and that like say you and the babe don know before, why you come dey deny am like say you no know am?” Festus attacked, “Ma Brooooda, today nah the first time wey I dey see this babe, if I lie make I die” I protested, “I swear em and Oge Okoye be like twins, Kai dem resemble die, shey una no see the resemblance?” Flight mocked while everyone was laughing hard at me No be small thing ooo, dem yarb shege comot from my body even me sef no fit cry, nah shame and scope I take discharge go inside. When I got in, she had already had her bath, wearing a singlet and a baggy nicker, her boobs making mad brain, she sincerely looked better without those rubbish she wore when I went to pick her but she was certainly not my kind of girl. Make I no lie, that night, as something lead to one thing, when I undressed her, she looked really fine without her clothes on just that her face didn’t match the the nice body she had, all this deeper life people sef, no offence sha, I just dey clement base on my experience. Make e for be say food enter Lions den em no chop, nah two condoms I roll for my Pian before I draw the oil ooo, sincerely nah with one mind ooo, I dey even dey dodge my lips if she wan kiss me. Before we slept that night, she was telling me how she loved fair guys, how handsome I was and how she just wished we could get married and ve kids, while she was busy saying all that, I was just looking at her, in my mind I was like, “Nah play you dey, you and who wan marry?, you must be high on boiled sperm, abi this one dey misuse some hard drugs wey no dey good for her system” I slept off while she was saying all those many

many things that I didn’t want to hear and the next day which was friday my friends were still at it making fun of me, I just told myself, “Guy, this can’t go on ooo, you gats discharge this babe cos me and this babe no fit dey this house till Sunday. I kept my cool thinking of a way, I was just watching her, She cooked, ll go to the standing mirror severally looking at my pix that was fixed to the standing mirror, even me dey wonder wetin the babe dey look. When she dished the plate of food, the next thing was she going outside to stand, directly opposite the door, I purposely didn’t go to school cos I didn’t want her roaming about so others that hadn’t seen her won’t know I had such visitor, She stood there for a long while that I had almost eaten my food halfway, “Come inside and eat naw, Come inside and eat naw” I kept yelling at intervals while I ate, “Am coming, Am coming” she would simply reply I finally received a text message from her which made me understand it was what she had been trying to compose all the while she stood out there, the message was talking about howmuch she loved me, how she dreams of having kids with me, me promising never to break her heart, and ended the message with ‘I love you somuch Sunshine’, and that was what she kept calling me since her arrival, me go just dey squeeze face. After reading the message, I just laughed within me telling myself, “This one never know as e dey do am, Ngbueke in love, its play you re, I swear nah play she dey” She walked in and started eating and then asked after a while if I got her message, “Yes I did” I replied, “So what do you ve to say about it?” She asked, “Its nice” I simply replied. She tried persuading me to talk more about the text she sent, but I didn’t ve that time. In the evening as we both sat watching a movie, I faked receiving a call like I was talking to my Dad, “Daddy goodevening Sir, Ok, you want me to come to Aba

tomorrow? You mean you are in Aba now? Wow, you didn’t even tell me you ll be coming around, Oo ooh, do I ve a choice? Ok sir, ve heard you Sir, Yes Sir Thank you Sir” After the fake call, she was like, “What’s it?” She asked looking so concerned, “Its my Dad, I need to be in Aba tomorrow, there’s something I need to help him out with” I said, “So you mean you ll be travelling tomorrow?” She asked, “Yes” I replied, “To come back when?” She asked, “At least before exam starts” I fired back, “Oohh ooh, but I was suppose to spend time here with you till on Sunday, can’t you travel after I must ve gone back on Sunday” she said with a frowned face, “Its urgent, I need to leave tomorrow” I replied, “I ll miss you, meaning I ve to leave tomorrow” She said resting her head on my shoulder, “Same here” I replied, That evening, I went to meet Flight and the rest when everyone was out gisting, and as they saw me they started laughing out loud again, “Make una stop naw, e no funny oo” I protested, “See, una go gats help me tomorrow oo, I don discharge am like this, so first thing tomorrow she dey leave, but una go gats join me see am off, cos only me no go fit escort am” I explained So after mocking me, they agreed. The next morning, I ran into the bathroom and had my bath while she had hers, I dressed up like I was really travelling, she dressed up too, arranged her stuffs and just as she was about to leave, I ran to each of their apartments telling them, “E don set oo, howfar naw, she wan go, oya come make we excort am nah, save a dying soul” I pleaded, So they all came out, Snipes helped in carrying her Ghana must go bag, while she walked in our midst, I was behind all of them, bad guys they just tried cracking her up with some funny things while she felt wonderful laughing all through as we matched to the Junction, before we left I handed her some money but she refused collecting them, with the words, “Its you I love not your

money” She said, Within me I was like, “Chaiii, Ken, you don suffer sha” I stopped a bike waiting for her to climb it, instead she was just staring at me and before I knew it she was making move to do what I was avoiding, trying to drag my head and give me a public kiss, I dodge am so reallllll, She climbed the bike, waved everyone and left, as the bike zoomed off all of us bursted into laughter, holding one another as support from the terrific laugh. They laughed and mocked me as we matched back home. She called me later that day that she had gotten to school, and then called the next day when I was at the stream with dem guys smoking up and gisting, “Hello, Sunshine, how re you?” She said as I picked, “Come, stop all this Sunshine nah, my name is Ken, no be only Sunshine nah Moondark” I replied, everyone sitting with me was laughing hard, After my unpleasant conversation, she sent me a text, “Hope its not want am thinking, don’t break my heart” it read, Me and am nah who break eachother heart?, if to say she tell me how she be tru tru shey I for put head ni?, you wey clear me say you be Oge Okoye cousin nkor?, park well jor. I just stopped picking her calls, she go use her brain tidy the rest cos this one, this same one, I swear nah something wey dey bitter.

Chapter 79
I just ignored her calls and messages, let things slid, lesson well learnt promising myself never to make such ruthless mistake again. Time flew, after the second week, my first semester exams was to start on the monday of the third week I resumed, so I needed cash that would last me for the period exams ll last, though I just resumed and still had lots of foodstuffs, but the extra cash was needed for emergencies and

other necessary things I might be needing, cos one can never tell, anything can possibly just come up. It was suppose to be a simple ride to Okigwe cos that is were most banks were situated, but then robbers were terrorising all the banks at Okigwe, so they all temporarily shut down transactions till further notice, meaning if I needed money that bad, I would ve to journey down to Umuahia to make my withdrawals, the use of ATM cards was rare then. Since I needed the money that bad, I dressed up that friday morning, took a bus conveying me to Umuahia which was close to 45mins/ 1hour journey, just to make withdrawals. I touched down Umuahia safely, took a bike to Bank road, and when I got to the bank, I was amazed at the amount of people I saw, my own bank was crowded with people to the extent I said to myself, “If it gets to my turn and I finally withdraw today, then its a dream come true” I even saw some familiar faces I knew, while we stood on the long cue waving one another. Time flew and finally, it miraculously got to my turn, I wanted to withdraw just 10k, but when I thought of the stress and everything I had been through for that day, knowing if I needed money I ll ve to make this same stressful routine, nobody told me to just double my amount once and for all cos as a matter of fact I am not prudent with spending. I got what I wanted then, found my way to the Park and then boarded a bus back to ABSU, before I got back to school it was around 5.30/6pm, it wasn’t how long I spent on my way that caused it but the time I spent at the bank, cos it took me hours before I could finally make my transaction. I got to school but something just told me to at least get to my department first, so I did and the place was dammmn dry cos peeps were preparing for exams which was already at the corner besides it was late kind of already, I felt I looked good and shouldn’t just go home

without taking a few photo shots, so I went to the Lawn tennis court, took a few pixes, never used this particular guy before, but I just allowed him take me shots, I paid and then asked for when I would be getting my pixes and boom, he told me. I headed to the junction were bikes wait to convey passengers to their different destinations in Uturu, normally my Lodge was a very very popular one, so once you just tell the bike take you to ( …) Lodge, they ll take you down straight without asking you another question till they drop you in front of my lodge, you pay and they leave. I climbed on this bike, told him, “Abeg, carry me go … Lodge” “Ok” he replied, This guy fired on, but when he got to the ‘T’ junction leading to my lodge, he took the wrong bend, “Guy, howfar, why you no just tell me say today nah your first time, abeg nah the other side my lodge dey” I attacked him, “No vex abeg” he politely pleaded, It was then I knew it was his first time hustling with a bike on that road, Mr was new in business, He turned around and wanted to cross to the other side, I was seeing Jude at the other side, who was waving me shouting, “Ken howfar” But the c!!ocksucker of a bikeman didn’t look right or left to look if vehicles were coming, he just foolishly zoomed into the express lane trying to cross to the other road that leads to my lodge, but on getting to the middle of the road, it was too late cos a car on adrenaline speed was fast approaching, I was still sitting on the bike watching this car run into us, the bike guy was confused not knowing whether to move either backward or forward and the next thing was a mad face to side collation, the car running into us with its face, while the bike was in the middle of the road trying to cross to the other side, I blanked out and the little I can remember was me inside a gutter, me bleeding, while I was hearing Judes voice, and voices of the crowd that had

gathered too “Nah Ken, ooo, nah Ken ooo, Ken, Ken” he was yelling my name, At first I hadn’t really known what just happened, I tried standing up from th gutter which I successfully did, but when I got up with my two feet, I slummed back inside, There was a kind of fight between Jude and the guys that were in the car, it was when I slummed I realised I had dislocated my waist, that my waist, that same waist wey sabi wind like break dancer, Chaiii, they rushed me out from the gutter, two people carrying by my head and shoulder, and another two carrying my legs and placed me at the back seat of the car, bruises around my body, the bikeman’s bruises was worse cos he was stuck on his bike and the bike scattered beyond repair, while he landed at the tiled road, all his body pearled, they positioned him at the front seat too People gathered, and then the guy that owned the car rushed us to Marist Hospital inside Marist Comprehensive College while Jude was on a bike behind us.

Chapter 80
I passed out when we got to the hospital, after I had been admitted and my fresh wounds administered to then placed on drip. The hospital was situated inside Maris Comprehensive Academy, Uturu, a mixed school comprising of both male and female students, day and boarding I guess. When I woke up hours later, as I opened my eyes I realised both sides of my bed was full with friends, not on my bed though so I wouldn’t get disturbed, almost all my lodge-mates guys and girls were all present, “Kenny how re you feeling?, Kenny sorry, What ll you eat?” Different questions kept pouring in at the same time,

and sincerely I hate being in this kind of state, at first I tried sitting up, using my pillow to place behind my back against the wall, then sit up like that but I kept struggling while I did it, it was then I knew how much damage that had been done to my waist (my one in a billion asset), “Do your parents know, ve you called them?” Festus’s girlfriend asked, “No, please I don’t want them to know now, maybe later” I forced myself to reply her. Been an only child is such a terrible stigma, I didn’t want them to know it was that bad which ll put them in lots of fear and panic, making both of them want to travel all the way from Lagos to come see me, cos I was sure my mum ll break down if she eventually finds me in that state. If its money to take care of my bills for the time being, I had enough, before I left PH, my Uncle handed me a whooping sum of thirty Five thousand naira and an extra thousand naira for transport fair and my Dad had been sending me money for a while, so all together I had fifty five thousand naira plus in my account, I wanted to exclude my parents from the shocking news for now at least, when the time is right, I ll know how to get whatever I must ve exhausted financially from them. Like one of the nurses told the doctor I was up, so he came around, a very young man who I was later told graduated from ABSU as a medical Student the previous year, when he came to check on me, he was like, “Have you informed your parents?” He asked, I had to explain to him from my perspective why they shouldn’t know at least for now that I could foot the bills cos before the Doctor came, Jude told me the owner of the car was a student, that he dropped 7k before they admitted us and left, that everyone of them in the car was drunk, that was the reason for their high speed and that he doubted if that guy ll ever come back but I shouldn’t worry that he has marked the guys face and ll recognise him

anywhere. After explaining to the Doctor, he understood me perfectly and agreed we did things my way but if there were some other important things beyond his power and would be needing their consultation they ll ve to know. When I checked my pocket I realised I still had my balance from the 20k I withdrew but my phone was missing and I was only conversant with just three numbers, my mums, my Dads and Precious’s number (the Orobo), I could hardly believe it, Salma, Cynthia, Chibaby and the rest of my sweet shollies, how do I get in contact with them, I told Jude to help me go to the scene of the accident and ask if anyone saw my phone but he came back without a positive result, within me it was killing me for loosing all my contacts. For the first three days I couldn’t get up from my bed, so they arranged a wheelchair for me and took me to their Xtray department within the school premises, and after conducting it, the result came out and was later interpreted to me by the doctor, that I had a shift in my waist, then arranged for one of the nurses that looked like a giant who they said had some kinda speciality in massaging people, so she first started massaging me morning and evening, it was the most excruciating experience I ve ever had, when she massages me I cry like a baby and shout out my lungs with the whole male ward vibrating, “Sorry oo Sorry oo Sorry oo” I would even hear voices as far as the female ward trying to console me, but it didn’t stop me from shouting, sometimes once she just comes, before she even starts touching me I had already started crying knowing the amount of excruciating pain I was about to go through, the routine went on like that for a while, but there was something even more worse. After a week plus, the doctor would always ask, “Have you urinated since you were admitted?” “No” I replied, “What about toilet?” He asked, “No” I replied, “From now till

nextweek, please keep drinking like five sachets of water daily, its important you urinate and toilet, so I ll keep you in check till then” he said At first I thought it was a small thing, I did as I was told to, while the normal treatment went on, but after a week of adhering to the Doctors instructions, there wasn’t still any sign of me peeing, no matter how hard I try to force myself, it just doesn’t come out, when I knew how critical it was was when after a week had past since his instructions, he came to me and was like, “Am sorry, if you can’t pee, we would ve to pass a urinary bag to your urinary tract, we ll pass it through, then it can come out by itself and settle in the bag which ll always be with you, if it goes on then am sorry we ll ve to transfer you to Enugu Teaching Hospital” The sound of the news frightened the living daylight outta me, wondering how the hell will I ve a urinary bag with me, “So like when are you considering doing it?” I asked curiously, “Let’s leave it till tomorrow” he said, That night I drank as much water as I could, till the next day, tried hard to pee yet no avail, when am being carried out by friends who were available at that point in time, we always get back disappointed, I get to be carried out both sides, someone helps in bringing my Pian out, that my Pian, that same Pian, (omor devil nah liar ooo olohun”. The deal day came, the doctor came to me in the evening and was like, “My friend, how are you?” He asked, “Am fine” I replied, “Have you urinated or gone to toilet?” He asked, “No” I replied, “Am sorry, we ll ve to pass in the Urinary bag tonight” he said, I looked at him and cos I felt I had no choice I accepted, I tried all I could just to make sure it didn’t happen, trying and forcing myself to pee, yet to no avail, when he showed up that night with a pack kit of brand new urinary bag and a long tube which was going to be passed through my urinary tract, I was gripped with

fear, I couldn’t just imagine friends coming to see me to see that, I was gripped with anxiety, shame and a host of many other things built together in one. “Please, Doctor just leave me till tomorrow night and if I don’t pee, then do your job” I begged, He looked me and saw the seriousness in my face, I was about shedding tears cos never in my wildest dream with all my stubbornness and how strong I thought I was and every lane life had taken me that I would one day be in such situation, which had completely made me humble, God willing , he agreed. That night I hardly slept, I looked up to Heaven, cried and prayed to God that I didn’t want this, that if he saved me from this predicament I would give thanks and be forever grateful to him, for the first time in my life, I prayed with somuch seriousness, passion and tears, when man dey trouble nah then dem dey always remember God. It wasn’t new again cos the news had spread that a urinary bag would be passed through my urinary tract, and all this while I was on the sick bed exams had started and I wasn’t participating in my first ABSU semester exams, The next day I tried all I could to no avail, drank as much water as I could, yet nothing, finally the Doctor informed me to get ready that he was coming to attend to me, Uche, Festus, Festus’s girlfriend and a few other friends was at the ward with me that night, while the Doctor was getting prepared, I asked Uche and Festus to carry me out one more time, so I can try to pee, they did, one holding me at my left, another at my right, we got out, they helped me unzipped, brought my Pian out, I kept trying while they asked at intervals, “E dey come? E dey come?” They were becoming frustrated at my own frustration, and when I had tried all I could for close to 20mins while they held me outside, “Nna e don tey wey we dey here, if e wan come out e for don come out” Festus said, “Wait

small, I dey feel this thing” I countered, “Has he urinated?” A nurse asked behind us I guess she was asked to come fetch me, “Oboy make we go inside” Uche said, And just when all hope seemed lost, I felt it down there like something would come out when they had already gotten tired of my attitude, and behold with every determination I had, not ready for anything passed through me, I kept trying hard, till a lil drop dashed out of my Pian, and then lil by lil the urine started pouring out, as it was coming out tears was rolling out of my eyes, it was tears of Joy, as Uche rejoiced while I was urinating, I turned my head to look at him, his eyes was filled with tears, running down his cheek, No be God?

Chapter 81
It was a wonderful feeling that affected everyone around me, knowing through God’s mercies I had conquered that bridge was enough to make me cry tears of Joy, when they carried me inside I was smiling all through when I was being carried to my bed, the Doctor was already at my bedside waiting for me with the necessary materials he needed to carry out his job, just as we entered the males ward, it was Festus shouting, “Em don piss ooo Em don piss” he was saying repeatedly then joined by the nurse that was sent to fetch me, Uche couldn’t talk, the joy was too much for him to handle, the tears was still in our faces. When they laid me carefully on my bed, the Doctor looked at me and smiled and then said, “God is really wonderful, you are a blessed man, thankGod for your life” “I had been crying and praying since last night that I didn’t want this to happen to me or get transferred to Enugu” I

replied still crying for joy, All my friends joined in the celebration, Festus’s girlfriend didn’t know when she stood up shouting, “Praiseeeeeeeeeeeee the Lord” While others chorused Alleluyah, even patients who were getting better on their bed joined as well, but the Doctor begged that they brought their voices down, it was really a night of great Joy. After that day my health took a drastic turn around, my pee started coming out every once in a while, for a start like once in 4/5 days and then was getting better with time but it took a while before I took a sh!!!t, the first experience was terrible cos to start with I couldn’t even squat, my fractured waist couldn’t allow me bend down, so I just positioned myself the best way I know I could, using the toilet wall to support myself, it was hell though cos it took a long while just like my first pee before it came out, I didn’t lack friends cos everyday they were always around, even if some weren’t doing anything, they just try to say and do things to make me laugh, so it was still Festus and Uche that carried me on my first sh!!t, and just like the pee incident they kept asking, “E don come out? Howfar, e don come out?” I could hardly squat with both legs, it was terrible and even when the sh!!!t came out, I was feeling pains all over. I complained to the Doctor, so he prescribed some drugs and sent a nurse to get them in the school pharmacy for me. When Jude’s sister heard about the incident, she became my regular companion, going home to prepare almost every meal I had, after church the next place she was headed to was my bedside, sincerely she was soo caring and loving. With time, I was getting better, first I started with double crutches in walking, while the massage went on and other medications, so one evening when most of my friends were around, Amara came to me, kissed me in front of everyone and then pleaded telling me to get up without the

crutches, I told her I couldn’t that I was still feeling lots of pain, she kept begging and before I knew it others had joined in the persuasion, and that was how I started learning how to walk, She dragged me up, held me tightly and told me to follow her steps one after the other, sometimes she would leave me and when I want to fall she gets to catch and hold me firmly, it was so crazy, I was no different from a baby learning how to walk, and that was how she started that routine that day that lasted for as long as I could remember, she did that with me everyday and with time from double crutches I started using just one. It was when I knew I was better I informed my parents about it, but didn’t tell them how critical it was before, that though I was in the hospital but recuperating very fast, just as I thought, they tried making arrangements to travel down to see me, I had to strike a deal with the Doctor to help me tell them it wasn’t something they should be worried about that I was ok, so he did, cos I knew if they came around and saw me with crutches they would still feel bitter and terrible, they had to speak with my Roomy Festus who told them he was taking care of me cos sincerely he was, if others left, not him, himself, the girlfriend and Uche kept sleeping with me at the clinic every single day, cos himself and Uche were responsible for helping me shower, as in they get to bath me and clothe me cos I couldn’t do that on my own, Amara bathed me a few times too the few times Festus and Uche weren’t around cos exams were going on then. ——————————-
——————————————– Something really funny happened, they were these set of girls like 5 of them in number that always walked together, they were students of the school as well, all boarders and friends to Amara. Amara brought them to come say hi to me on my recovery bed, so after their first visit they kept coming around to

check on me at intervals, sometimes when they are on break and sometimes after school activities, but one amongst them was becoming extremely nice to me, I noticed she started coming alone, would bring me food, sometimes,shortbread biscuits, lucozade, get well cards, then provisions, would stay with me, keep me company and then leave, that routine went on and on like that, then one night, her friends came to see but she was missing, when I asked about her, they said she was in the dormitory reading, I had to ask again to be sure if she knew they were coming to see me, one of them said she wasn’t feeling fine, base on the fact she has been extremely nice to me I was very concerned, I asked for her number but they wouldn’t give it to me, after they had kept me company Amara saw them off, and when she came back, she wore this huge smile on her face that forced me in asking, “What’s making you smile”, “You” she replied, “And what is it I did?” I asked, “Do you know why Vanessa didn’t come with them?” She asked, Vanessa was my good friend who had been very nice to me, “Why, is the illness that bad?” I asked with somuch concern “She’s not sick, her friends told me she’s in love with you, and ve been crying but ve told them before you are my boyfriend, she thinks because her father has money she can ve you, ‘mtchhhhew'” she said and sighed, I just shook my head in my mind, small children, me wey dey bed wey no get waist nah em una dey fight for, Chai, abeg how dem take know say that one thing sef dey sweet?, just taking a wild guess though. Inlove with me on my sick bed?, very interesting I must say.

Chapter 82
Right before my very eyes, I saw people lost their lives, a young guy that was two beds away from me, and then what finally opened my eyes to see why I should be grateful for still having my life intact was when one night three people were rushed to the clinic, a bikeguy, a guy and a girl who happened to be the guys bf, exams was still going on when this incident happened, the guy was a 300level student while the girl was a fresher on campus. I was hearing loud cries outside so as Festus, Uche and the rest peeps that were with me rushed out to see what it was, I carried my crutches and helped myself limping outside to see what it was and behold I met three fresh bodies a bus had just brought in, the Bikeguy who should be within his early twenties was already dead with his skull open and blood coming out of his nose and mouth, it was a very horrifying scene, while the guy and girl laid helplessly on the ground, rolling from side to side moaning in pains with blood all over their bodies, the guy’s head had a big and deep cut too as well as the girl with other severe injuries waiting to be attended to and just as bad news sells faster than pure gold, the Bikeguy who was an indigene already had his people around, his sisters as well as other siblings, one of his sister sat on the floor, placed his head on her laps crying and begging him to say something, fucccc!!k, I cried that day when I saw the whole drama. The one million and one question was how did it happen?, some peeps who were fortunate to be at the scene of the incident said they had a direct collision with a car, as in face to face, that the car had just one working headlamp, so the Bikeguy must ve ran into it thinking it was a bike, and the worse thing was that the owner of the car absconded abandoning his vehicle behind, the school also had a small mortuary, so strong minded

siblings were making arrangements for the guys body to be kept there, while the nurses attended to the other guy and his gf. According to friends they said, the girl was in the guy’s place through out that day, according to a guy who was speaking with somuch anger and pain, “This babe dey em house since morning, nah to see am off this night reach junction, I no know why em come climb the bike, abi em wan escort am reach her house, which kind love be all this one” he was lamenting, But we are mere mortals not knowing what or where the next 5mins of our lives ll take us to, if he knew would he ve climbed on?, or if I knew I would ve an accident that ll cost me my waist would ve I climbed on, life just ve its drifts and turns, one can be happy this min and don’t know what the next second holds, but that guy no go understand, who be you if your babe wey you care about tell you say you must see am off reach her house, but the reason for the guys pain was cos the guys condition was worse than the girls. The guy couldn’t talk, he was admitted in my ward but was transferred to Enugu a few days later, like his condition was too much for them to handle cos he couldn’t eat, liquid food was passed through a pipe either through his nose or mouth can’t remember, within the course of the few days he was in my ward his coursemates were trooping in in massive crowd while the girls who were soft hearted were crying out loud at the sight of him, even guys, it was that bad, he was popular cos he was their class rep. I went to check on the girl in the female ward after the guy had been transferred, and when I got in she sat up eating, part of her hair barbed with huge stitches, then some part of her body plastered, at least it was far better than the guys condition, I sympathized with her as well as she sympathizing with me cos me ma dey on crutches. I had to take a big review on my survival and gave thanks to God cos not

like I was better than those I watched died, it was just by his grace that it wasn’t yet my time, it wasn’t my first time of surviving death either. As time went on, I was recuperating pretty good, from two crutches to just one, and when I felt I was strong enough though still limping I knew it was time to leave, few days before my departure I asked for my bill, when I was told, I related it to my parents, told them to send the money to Festus’s account, ready to be discharged, signed a withdrawal slip for Festus to help me withdraw so I could foot the bills and get the balance from my parents later when he receives the money from them, I had to lie about the day I was to be discharged, I think I was billed close to 40k or so, can’t remember the amount but I had enough money to take care of the bill. The sunday I was to leave, a young man was brought in, same accident, this guys right leg broke to pieces bent and shaking like something suffering from a severe cold, I had compassion for the young man who should be in his late twenties as at that time crying like a baby, same incident like mine had a face to face collision with a car. “I no dey leave for Uturu, eeh God, who go take care of my business for Onitsha, I just come greet my brothers ooo, nah yesterday I enter this town, nah em this man come do me this kind thing” he was lamenting, I pity the guy like mad, He was crying directing his pain to the man that hit him, the man himself didn’t know what to do or say, an elder who should be in his 50s I guess, “I ll take care of the bills, don’t worry, I didn’t hit you on purpose, it was an accident, I was coming from the other side and you were coming from the other side” he was gently saying, “Who tell you say I need your money? Abeg carry me go my papa house, make dem treat me traditional way, chaii, my business, who go come dey handle am for me now?” He kept crying and lamenting. Vanessa came to see

me once more but I wasn’t able to get her number and she couldn’t get mine cos I hadn’t a phone and she didn’t even know when I left the clinic, I spent I think 2months plus cos by the time I left the hospital students were already done with exams and exam I no write, my parents knew about it though. Time went on, I was getting better using just one crutch but truth be told I fell wrecklessly many times and was ashamed of it with peeps running to come assist me up, I was ashamed about it cos I hate been pitied knowing I wasn’t like that before. After exams lots of students still stayed back cos they ve been home for over four months already. Amara was always coming around and one faithful day while we were alone, she was playing with me, it started from a kiss, touch and all that before we knew it, the mood was set right and she was ready for me and the truth was that even though I knew she wasn’t clean enough down there I still wanted to at least test my Pian if it was still functioning or if things were alright with me, we got na!!ked and she rolled a condom on my Pian, after my insertion I had to back out cos I was still feeling pains around my waist and that was my last intimacy I had in a long time. I got a call from my Dad telling me to come home and come recover fully, he asked since I didn’t participate in the exams what was next, but all I could say was I didn’t know, so he urged me to come home and come recover completely while I agreed, but stubborn me didn’t want to travel to Lag and allow people, friends and relations alike see me on crutch cos I hate that, “Eyaaahhhhh, Chaaiiiiii, Sorryy” Wetin do you? Chaiii, nah accident?” I heard this sh!!!t uncountable times, I hate those things with passion, so instead of travelling to Lag, I stayed in school for a while, then stayed in Aba for a long while till I could walk without the crutch but get to limp in walking kind of. When I felt I was much better

I travelled to Lag while momma took really good care of me always massaging me regularly at first but later on I registered in a trado- medical clinic were I go every morning to get massaged, the doctor suffer for my hand sha. Months later I was able to walk perfectly but noticed inbetween my a!!ss there’s a bone stuck out, little bone hidden down there, though not visible except I take your hand down there and which is the permanent scar I ve finally gotten till date as a result of that accident. I wrote another Jamb, wrote entrance exams in a Private University and weeks later got my admission letter to study Mass Communication (name of Private School withheld).


And that leads us to the concluding part of the story of my life. Watch out for PART 3: FINAL CONFESSIONS (ME AGAINST THE WORLD).

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