Confessions – PART 1

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Arrrgh, growing up wasn’t quite easy, from a family of four Mum, dad and two sons, I had lost my younger Bro a few years ago, he died the last time my mum took us to her village, Delta state, Abbi town, he was killed by my step grandmother according to what I heard, she poisoned him, life became a little difficult for me, i had no siblings to talk to, i missed him dearly but i wish life was like video games were you could earn extra lives,so wen the current one dies you could use the other but too bad i will never see him again. One evening, I stood in front of my hous e just outside the gate,ttwo kids were fighting,i wanted to settle them but something held me back instead i watched them profusely like a football match, it was obvious one was older than the other, so without doubt you ll know the older one is bullying the younger, the next thing was that the younger one’s brother came, didnt even ask but joined the fight, together they fought the other boy till they overpowered him,this time i had to stop them. After a while i asked myself if i get into a fight who ll fight for me, tears ran from my chick down to my eyes, i realised that those kids just thougth me something who ll fight for me now? i said soberly to myself,theres nothing like blood wish i had a bro or sis, i was just four years old when he died, i hadnt realy enjoyed that brotherly love,the words ‘Emeka i miss you’,its so lonely and sad being an only son.

At 18 i had already grown into a spoilt boy, i was an only son and was pampered like an egg, at that age i had already watched porn movies that would last me a life time, but still have’nt had my 1st sex, smoking cigerate followed and then beer came in, my dad n mum both go to work early and come back late, my Dad is a

Businessman and my Mum owned a Supermarket, i was still asking my 1st love out and Chizzy hadnt said yes,have been asking her out since i was 16, and now at 18 the yes had’nt come, she was just scared cos she was 15 then and was still a novice that hadnt even gotten her 1st kiss. Always wondering what my 1st sex would be like, an icing on the cake Esther came into the scene, she stayed not to far from my Mum’s supermarket. I often go hang out at my mum’s shop and sometimes help her sell. When ever Esther saw me she called me her African Prince, the song was reigning like no one has sang a song in Nigeria at that period, she kept doing that wenever she saw me, so i started calling her my African Queen too. One thing led to another we became close, we wrote our Waec Exams then,we attended different secondary schools. she fell in love asked me out,i said yes, even without having feelings 4 her. I was still striving for my 1st sex, so why should i say no.
Six months into the relationship, we stiil have’nt had sex, she comes to my house, and all we kept doing was kisses and caresses, i just find myself refusing her.
On June 24th 2004, this faithful day history was about to be made, she came to my house with her face frowned, i knew something was wrong. As she sat down the next thing Esther said was ”Ken, do you love me?”, ”Why the question i asked?” , ”its six months now and you ve not had sex with me or do i disgust you?” She asked, ”please dont sound like that i replied”, ”you must sleep with me orelse your parents will meet me here today”, she said, you could see the seriousness in her face. I laughed went to my room, not knowing she was right behind me, standing at the entrance, i took my pijamas off, tied my towel, as i turned to enter my bathroom, she rushed then grabed my dikkk holding it together with the towel,”sumtin wey get mind of em own” it rose so hard standing like a Lion steering at his prey eyeball to eyeball, i held her and was pushing her straight to the sitting room, instead she dragged me to the opposite room not far away, it was my parents room so it was always locked if they were’nt around, i pushed the knob down(just to check if it was locked), all of a sudden it sprang open ”that’s awkward i told myself, JEZ! So they thought they locked it, i said, i draged her in, she was looking at everywhere with surprise, ”this room is spacious and beautiful”, she said, ”its my parents room what do you expect”, i replied, my dikck still standing strong like Olomo rock, i pushed her on the bed, you want sex shey, ”bad gurl u want 2 see my bad side?” I asked, ”i doubt if you are bad” she replied, ”make i clear your doubt” i said.
I pulled her top and bra off, drew her skirt up, she was wearing a low waist sexy blue pant, i tore it off her waist out of desperation, my middle finger went into her wet cunt, and my finger was going to and fro, while my mouth was doing damage sucking one of her boobbs,and the other hand squeezing the other boobbs, she was moaning,”awww you are bad? ‘please i need you inside me, she

said, she was so wet, i slotted my dikk in2 her wet cunnt, and was riding her like a horse, i was very fast with my thrust, if Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world,he wouldnt beat me on a 100 metres sex race at that moment,he ll be shocked dat his world record was mere a fluke,i was damn fast,my hands were doing damages,1 was on her boobs,the other was rubing her was my 1st so it was the normal ontop stlye, i was the capt on the ship, i finally came inside her after, 12 to 15mins, Ken you are bad you ve done this before, she confidently said,i swear its my 1st and what a bad way to start, on my parents matrimonial bed, can you imagine, i replied. You go bad gaan be that, said she, the adventure has just begun i replied,she packed her clothes, i arranged the room, made sure it was neat just as i met it, we closed the door and headed to my room, she droped our her clothes, i hung on to my towel and we headed for the bathroom.

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After that day a new book was written, that was how i got a job in d sex industry, i became a worker on active duty, myself and Esther kept having sex at my place, not knowing a woman who lives to next to my house, had noticed the girl always coming around wenever i was alone at home, she has a shop attached to her compound next to her gate where she sells provisions, not knowing she had told my mum about the new development. My mum warned me and told me to stay away from Esther that she doesnt like her family background, but i had already become sexualy active so it was difficult for me to adhere to her warnings.
On this faithful day i invited Esther over, not more than 10mins she came, i heard someone banging the gate, i peeped through the window as the gateman opened it, i was on tenterhooks to know who it was, Behold it was my mum, not knowing the woman that lives next to us selling Provision(Mrs Igbokwe) had told her Esther was around, as i saw my mum i began 2 pant very fast, i draged her to my room, pushed her into my woderobe and locked it, but left the key at d mouth of the lock. I rushed back to the door, luckily i hadnt kept her waiting, she had knocked just once,i was always very cautious, Esther’s footware was always under any of the Cousons in the sitting room, my pijamas was still on me but i wasnt putting on the top. I greeted her but she didnt answer, with the look on her face she was certainingly searching for something, with the belief were i hid Esther was safe, sat down with my eyes glued to the T.v but believe me i was restless inside, she was busy searching everywhere, the kitchen, visitors room, store room and other rooms, every corner of the sitting room, my eyes still glued to the T.V, she went to the other side of the house, my room was in thesame flat with that of my parents, while the visitors and store room were in another flat with the sitting room having doors

connecting both flats together.
The next thing i was hearing little noises from a distance ‘ Shey Maale don see this girl?’ i was asking myself, the noise kept inscreasing and at long last i could hear my mum n Esther’s voices clearly, she draged her from my room to the sitting room, gave her a dirty slap in front of me, ‘WTF, so Maale see am sha,i don die today,i said in my mind… Ken what is this girl doing here? Mumcy asked me…

Emm, emm, before i could say a thing she gave me a dirty slap, i begged her to leave Esther alone, i invited her so lemme claim the blame, she removed her hand from her top, i brought out her hidden footwear under one of the cushons, gave it to her and she left, your Dad ll hear this, she said angrily and left, i ran to my room, dressed up, rushing to her shop, as i was on my way i kept calling mumcy, she would’nt pick, i got there started begging, she agreed not to tell my Dad, with relieve i pecked and thanked her,’ my Dad wey be James Bond, one disciplinarian like that wey no get Joy’,he was a very strict man. I was already sexually active in the sex Labour market, we still hanged out in a friends place, away from home and have sex,time went on i had improved in my sex skills,pulling new stunts.

2007 i was already in Delsu, 21 studying music,200level, Chizzy had said yes a year before, she was now a full woman, at 18 studying Eco in Madonna. There was this thing me and my friends did since we left Secondary school, we held a get together Party every year, so the one for 2007 wasnt an exception.

There was this babe back in the days I use to love like mad, Chizzy was her name, she was my very first girl, it took her 2years to say yes to me cos she was scared and I was her first as well, she was my first love, so I loved her with my heart and soul.

She was and still is the only girl ve sent two love messages everyday for a full year non-stop, nah just natural love oooo.

There was this thing myself and my friends did since we left Secondary school 2004, we held a get together Party every year, so the one for 2007 wasn’t an exception .

The deal day came, 27th of December,the Venue was Rannel Hotels along Agbara road. Its a show off party to know who was doing well amongst us, so we came with our finest chicks ‘who else i wan go with if no be Chizzy?’.

We all sat at the VIP section upstairs, our corner was full of drinks already, competition, everyone was ordering, as we joked, teased and talked about old times,

” Baby i want to get something downstairs” my babe whispered in my ears,

I was so into the gist with my friends, I just nodded my head,so she left.

Five minutes later, we noticed everyone downstairs standing up from their seats,

” wetin dey happen sef, make we no dey here war dey happen and we no go know” Efe said(a friend at our table).

Everyone stood up ran to a side looking like a Balcony, peeped downstairs, it was the gathering of people, as i looked down in d midst of the crowd from the top view where we were, a guy was in the middle of the crowd and a girl was sitting on the ground, her head down like she was in pain or crying, it was when I took my time to look well that exclaimed,

“Jezz! Nah my babe o”

We all rushed down, i was pressing through the crowd like the determined woman in the Bible with the issue of Blood who pressed hard through a crowd to touch the helm of Jesus’s garment, i was aiming for the front row, finally i got there and as she saw me the cry increased, the next thing that came out of my mouth was

”Baby what happened?”

” He slapped me”, she cried out in reply, with one of her hand pointing towards the Guy at the middle with the other hand holding one side of her cheek,

I didn’t even ask the guy or wanted to know what led to the slap, as everybody watched, i ran out of the crowd to the nearest table, grabbed two bottles of star with half drink in them, broke the two, one each on each hand, the sound of the broken bottle created awareness, everyone paved way, the road was clear like the Appian way, even if it was Spartacus himself, he wouldn’t have bested me in a fight at this moment, my eyes were red while my body was numb, I was raging with fury, even if u go beat me at least i will die trying, Babe wey take 2yrs and 6months before she said yes, those were what ran through my mind as i raced down to confront the Slapper with my broken bottles..

“Guy abeg, no vex, am sorry”were the things i wasn’t in the mood to hear.

Finally here comes Spartacus Vengeance Season 3 the original, we got into the fight but he was kinda reluntant, i guess thats what happens when one is guilty of a crime, i kept using the broken bottles to stab his head, while he threw punches at me, as i tried swarving and fighting back in return, he was carrying the Afro haircut, one fresh dark looking dude like that, but not so fresh anymore as he was bleeding from his head all over, his shirt was already getting absorbed with his blood, but the bouncers were too late, i had already made a statement, the fight was intercepted and then we were dragged outside, i was still in fury guess i wanted more, my friends and his were already holding us, they had succeeded in taking the bottles off my hands,

“Baby its ok please”, Chizzy said still crying,

I was stained with blood too, but lucky me it wasn’t mine, my friends had to drag me away, my partying for the day was over, after trying to calm me down, I tried hard to convince them that ve heard them that they could go back inside, I asked my gf if i could take her home, Samuel another big boy a classmate that came to thesame party, offered to take us in his ride his mum bought him that year during his 22nd birthday, we drove off, droped Chizzy at the front of her gate, i told her to take care, then Samuel took me home.

I was quiet till we got to my place cos the anger was still there. I told him thanks, he said he would holla back at me. I went inside, straight to my room, had a cold bath while the thoughts of the whole incident blew my mind and i was like

‘Kenny did you really do that’?

That night i didnt sleep, 12.30 on the dot my phone had started ringing, i gave her a customised tone so i already knew who was calling, i picked up,

“Hello Baby how are you?” her sweet voice asked from the other end of the phone ,

” am fine and you? “I replied.

I hadn’t even known the enormity of what i did, there was nothing she didnt tell me and nothing she didnt ask,

“Baby so you love me this much that you ll do a thing as crazy as that for me”, she asked,

That incident changed the perspective of our relationship, it sky rocketed it to a whole new level, the love and respect she had for me increased, she had already called her roomates in school giving them download of the gist, she was a student of Madonna then. I finally asked what made that guy slap her. She started narrating,

” Honey as i went down trying to get some more crocker fish, this guy came to me, trying to start up a conversation, i ignored him like i wasn’t hearing anyone talking, he said i was beautiful and that he wanted my number, i told him my bf is upstairs that i came with him, she continued…maybe he felt i was bluffing or something, as i was leaving, he grabbed me by the hand and drew me back, then i asked him if he was high or something angrily, the next thing he said was that i was stupid to be forming for him,ugly thing like me,

“Really?” I asked,

“Yes” she replied and then continued her story,

“I told him it was his sisters @ home he was refering to, the next thing he said. Was that I was a bittcch and wasn’t his type, and Baby you know i hate dat word(bittcch)”, she said,

“yea i know” i replied, so what happened next i asked eagerly ,

“Honey i got even angrier and slaped him and that was when he gave me a dirtier slap that took my feets off the ground, so that drew lots of attention,till my superman came”,she concluded.

I understood better, funny though but yet still felt i did justice,

“next time the guy go know say babes wey em see for places like that nah another guy like am carry am come’ i said jokingly while we laughed about it.

” Baby we need to see tomorow, i have something special for you”, she said softly and sweetly,

“and what is it” i curiously asked, “its a surprise” she said.
I agreed not knowing i was in for a shocker, after the long conversation that lasted till 4.30am,

“please keep my surprise package well for me” i said, “you bet i will” she replied,
” Kenny i love you soooomuch”, she drew the ‘somuch’ in the statement to make me know she really did,

” same here Angel” i responded,

We exchanged pleasantaries then called it quit for the night, i went to bed looking forward to the new day, what is this surprise package?, i was reasoning as i dozed off.


My phone wont stop ringing, most of my friends i hooked up with the previous day kept calling, same issue, if twitter were active then, i would have been the number one trend and would have the highest followers, cos what happened the day before really spread like an inferno,

”guy nah wah for you o, i swear i dey respect you”, everyone kept saying thesame thing on the phone,

I was given a location where to hangout with them, this time just the guys alone. I showered, but as i was dressing up, that customised tone on my phone rang out loud, (nah my Swthrt, Chizzy), i picked up,

”hello Baby meet me at the usually place”, she said, ”ok, are you there already” i asked,
”on my way there, i ll be there in 5mins”, she replied, ”i ll join you soon” i replied back.
The usual place was Clef Guest House, Okokomaiko, Igbo-elerin area, i use to hang out there with her, we chilled there most times during breaks, we could lodge there like three/four days, and our parents wont know we ve been in Lagos, have mad fun till we decide to go to our respective homes.

”Make i chill with my babe, my guys can wait”, i said to myself.

I dressed up and dashed off to Clef Guest house, she had already

paid for a room, she was just sitting at the reception waiting for me.

I got there, met her at the reception, I sat and took two big stout while she took two bottles of Gordons Spark, believe me we weren’t just drinking for fun, we were preparing for the battle ahead, i carried my remaining drink, dragged her by the hand, she was through with hers, and off we dashed to the room.

We got to the room, and i popped up the question as we walked in, ”where’ s my surprise package?”,
”Shhhhhhh!” Puting a finger on my lips,

”Baby you blew my mind yesterday, till i die, it will remain the happiest day of my life”, she said emotionally as tears rolled down her chick, i needed no soothsayer to tell me it was tears of Joy, i held her close told her i could do anything for her, she rushed my lips, we kissed a while, she paused and pointed her hand towards the table saying,

” That’s your surprise”,

I went close wanting to know what it was, mhteeeew, two packs of Supreme ice cream was in a white Mr Biggs nylon,
“is this it?”, I asked her 2 b sure,

”you ll see how the surprise will turn out, this is just a tool for the surprise” she replied.

She undressed me and i undressed her, it was our style, i do her job and she does mine, we entered the shower, i bathed her and she bathed me, as we got back to the room, she layed me in a position she wanted, opened a pack of Supreme ice cream, and said,

”i want to do this to you that even when you grow old and remember me, you ll remember this and never forget my name and face”

She poured the ice cream all over me, she took her time and made sure it went all over my body from head to toes, she licked the icrecream from my skin slowly, sweetly and gently from head to toes, she poured some more on my dikkk, from the tip down, fixed her mouth on the tip down, ‘headd of life’, the coldness on it tickled my whole body, i could’nt help it, for the 1st time i heared myself moan like a man, up and down her mouth kept flipping, after a while she stopped, i love this game, this girl must have been watching alot of movies recently i said in my mind, i layed her down, Opened the

ice cream, its our style my turn to do mine, i poured the ice cream all over her, licked it off her skin, nicely, slowly, and gently, she was moaning, i opened her legs and spread it wide, poured the cold ice cream from her navel, watched it as they rolled down to her pu$Xy, i poured some more on it, fixed my mouth on her clit and sucked it just the way i would have sucked an icecream, she moaned aloud like never before, words of Ken you are the best came out her mouth, she was so wet that i felt it around my jaw as i kept suckkking,my corkkk was so strong that i could pot a ball with it if wer used for a snooker game at that moment, i fixed it inside,and flip flap up and down i went, my fingers were caressin her clitoris, while another hand was massaging, ,her boobbbs, as i inter-change it with my mouth, as i was thrusting, she had come twice already, i turned her sideways, inserted my dikkk from the back, kept thrusting, while my hand caressed her boobbs, i felt her wetness dripping on my laps,i had goten the best sex ever, i felt the electricity in my brain, before i knew it i had come, i turned her facing me, held her tight,a s her legs were glued to my waist, like bees to honey,

”kenny i love you somuch” she whispered,

” love you more Angel” i replied, we both smiled at eachother, ” how was my surprise for you?” She asked,
“best surprise i ve ever had, dont think anything ll ever beat this, u are the best i replied, thanks Baby” i said


Sex of life’ was just the right word to describe it, weeks and months, the thoughts of it lingered in my head. At 200level i had realy entangled myself with the wrong friends, joined the cue of hemp smokers, i became bolder as time went by, the fear i use to have as a little boy about my Dad had left me. Two weeks after the incident at Rannel Hotel, my close friends in school had gotten the gist, how bad things fly i dont know, friends that called me on fone then had a special name for me, James Bond, Commander, Bruce Lee, the list was endless. On this day i got into an arguement with my Dad, i did something he didnt like, instead of talking to me like am grown now, he was scolding and yelling, gone are those days of my fears, i spoke back, out of anger and left the house just to calm my nerves, but where i was going i had no idea. As i was walking aimlessly with no direction, my fone rang, i picked it up, Ken howfar where you dey? It was Augustine,a friend in my hood, i dey area i replied, come meet me for Ajilo Hotel for that iyano sashi side, he dey happen for here, he added. I stoped the nearest bike and before i could say Jack i was

at Ajilo. As i entered i dailed his number, guy where una dey i just enter i said, he waved his hand from where he was, it was a full table when i got close, i knew the guys he was with, we are friends from thesame hood, as i got close, the way they hailed me drew attention from different angles, i already understand, my story was still trending.
I left the house at about seven, we where gisting, tissing, drinking, before i knew it, it was quater to 10pm, by 10’0 clock they would have locked the gate, and i had never gotten home late before, i jumped up bided dem goodbye, they all had an Okpo(ashawo) each, so sure thing they ll be spending the nite there.
I got outside and geting a bike was tough, i finaly did but before i got home it was about twenty past ten. I knocked at the gate calling Ibrahim the gate man to open it for me, and just as he did, my parents came out, my Uncle Sunny was around then, he was my Dad’s immediate younger brother. Go back from wherever you are coming, came a loud voice, it was that of my Dad’s, i was still coming close as i heard my mum pleading on my behalf, my James Bond Dad kept yelling, as mumcy was still trying to calm him down, my Uncle picked it up to, he was yelling and walking towards my direction, who do you fink you are,insulting as he was coming close. I was expecting him to help me beg my Dad then maybe scold me later, not do that in front of them and make them feel they didnt give me a good upbringing, but as he did, it made my Dad’s shouting increase, i was already pissed and my highness had vanished into thing air, as he came towards me(my Uncle), trying to force me to go back, the next thing was an asorted slap, everewhere was quiet like a grave yard, WTF! m y uncle was holding his chick, i didnt even know when my hand got to his face, it was so fast just in a speed of light.

I positioned myself in a way he could see my fist set and ready, am sure i would have fought him if he had made the move, my James Bond Dad just walked back into the house quiely, i had given him more than he expected that night, my Uncle was quiet as well, i still stood where i was, my mum came to me and draged me by the hand, we entered the house straight to my room, she asked me what was wrong with me, lashed at me and left my room angrily. I had one goal, ”this place sucks, nah school sure pass” i said to myself. After i had calmed down, i thought about my new performance that night, i knew i really went out of line, i went searching for him in the rooms and apologised, he was quiet, didnt say a word to me, but the deed had been done, as i went back to my room, i started thinking about how my other family members ll feel when they hear about it ” my cousins, Aunties, other Uncles ”, the kind of person they would see me as, cos i had broken a family record and made history in a bad way.

Weeks later i got my things together,i was set to go back to School, Abraka here i come again. In my 100 level, i stayed with some of my cousins, two girls both in 300level,” Juliet and Mary”, they stayed in a room self-con around grammer school area after campus 2, Angels lodge. I was the easy going type so making friends was’nt hard. After a semester i became conversant with the people around, i knew who was a cultist and who wasnt. ”na Abk so no be new thing”.
I was a good pianist, i could play anything circular music on the piano but wasnt familiar with interpreting a staff, but the circular thing gave me a distinction amongst others in my department, meaning i had an hedge, so it made me friends from 400 down to my level, both guys n girls, but i still had to learn the staff thing, if not my passing the Grand Piano course wont be a sure thing.
I had this friend i had just met in my level, Raphael by name, he knew perfectly well how to read the staff even before he got his admission, same way i have been playing circular in church before i was admitted too. We struck a deal, he teaches me staff and i teach him circular. We made an arrangement to practice all night in school. ”we call it ”Awoko”. For music students then, we did our rehearsals at campus 2, but attended our lectures at campus 3 in Ekrejeta.
That faithful night, i tried calling Raphael but it wasnt going through, i knew his house, so i decided to go there, it was 9.45 already, my house wasnt far from campus two, his house was at the bush end of my area, i gathered all i needed and took the risk of checking him at home. I took a short cut, a bush path, not knowing what was waiting ahead for me, my heart kept beating as i was alone in the dark, before i knew it, i had run into a midst of like 20 guys all in black and black, with something like a red ribbon tied to their heads, i took a step with the attempt to run, i clearly heard the cockkk of a gun ” If u move ” said a voice loudly from the dark.

I have never been that scared in my life before, i freezed immediately ,” enter the middle ” the same voice said again, i humbled myself like a prophet, walked into their midst, they stood round in a circular form, 3 guys were in their midst sitting down on a chair, i could see their faces with the help of the moon light ” come on go down ” another loud voice said, i knelt down before he could even complete his statement, one of them searched me and brought out my fone and wallet, i was already choking with fear, my stubborness flew like a bird out of me, i was sweating outside but feeling cold inside of me, all my body was shaking, my heart was almost failing me, as i looked up trying to get a glimse of the guys sitting at the middle, i recognised a face of the guy that sat in the middle of the three, i knew he was a cultist, but very quiet and peaceful, he hardly speaks. I am very smart, i looked at the arrangement and sitting position and without doubt i knew he was

their Capon, then remembered that one of my cousins Juliet told me he was a cultist and was from Delta State, Ukwale to be precise, same place with my mum, as lucky as i was i speak my mum’s dialet very well cos i was closer to my mum than James Bond(my Dad).
Out of desperation i voiced out ” Bros Ajè Sir o” its a way you greet your male elders in Ukwalè, the next thing he said was, ”i bu onye Ukwale”(meanin are you from Ukwale?), i said my mum in hesitation, he replied in our dialet sayn ” my brother get up”, so i did, ” how you take know say i be from Kwale”, he asked, ”, ”nah my Sister tell me” i replied, ”who be your Sister”? He asked ” Juliet for Angel’s lodge”, ”oooooookay ,so nah your Sister be that?,” ”yes i said, ”stand up,but wetin you find come this side”? As i stood up i started explaining, i been wan come meet Raphael make we go do awoko(all night reading) together, ” Raphael don go since nah, no waka this kind time again o,nah Abk be this, make una give am him fone nah my brother” he said, as the guy who searched me returned my wallet and fone, ”oya gimme your number” he said, ” anybody wey find you trouble for this school make you tell me, i go call you tomorrow, oya dey go house straight. I felt a big relief thinking he saved me, not knowing i had just encountered a scene that ll change may life in a negative way on campus for the remaining years i had left in school.

Days past, he started calling me often(Chuks the Capon), checking on me like i was his little Bro, kept inviting me to his house, out of fear i obliged, he takes care of me, gives me lots of money while i ran errands for him, wash his clothes, go get him food, ” i go make you bad, nah me go use my hand balm you” he ld laugh and say in front of his other cultist friends. As time flew i chilled with them most evenings after school, i smoked weed and drank with them in their compound, i started loving the life, they taught me how to smoke my first weed, while Chucks himself taught me my 1st drag, and out of highness i get to tell them the lil crazy things i did before i got my admission, so he(Chuks) ll say he knew i was tough but i shouldnt worry cos i ll be living the tough life soon. Chuks and his colleagues lived in thesame compound and everyone that lived there were all cultist of thesame Fraternity, his friends would always ask him(Chuks) ”Capo wen we go balm this guy nah” , they claimed they love my attitude and charisma, before i knew it i could speak their Slangs pretty well, and without doubt i knew the way i was headed i ll be one of them soon.
Still in 100 level, i had made alot of friends. One friday like that, i was suppose to be having the Grand piano course, but the Lecturer didnt show up, so my colleagues gathered around the Grand piano, Raphel was on the hot sit, playing something nice, but was interpreting it from a staff he placed in front of him, ” omo nah tym to catch babe be dis ” i told myself. I pushed myself into their midst

and as Raphel saw me he stopped” nah my Boss be dis o” he said as he shoke me, he stood up and begged me to play, i sat and without looking at anything i was freestyling a song from Bob Marley, shaking my head as my eyes were closed, Raphael just kept hailing me, it was kinda funny so out of amusement i stopped, all of a sudden i noticed the class was fuller, i was seeing faces of colleagues from different levels, a pretty girl asked ” were you the one playing that stuff ”? yes i replied ”please play it again”, everyone was gathered around me, some at the back struggling to get a glimse of my face, ” 4 my mind i be Superstar” (u wan try swag?), i started again playing thesame sound track as i closed and opened my eyes at intervals, played hymns, worship songs as they sang along, i knew i had made a name and created a huge awareness for myself as well. ”Please i want to see you outside” the pretty girl whispered into my ears, ”and i loveee fine Girlsss, oh Jesus Christ”. I stopped almost immediately went out with her, ”strength of a woman as shaggy will say”. ”Am Tina 300level, you are in 100 right?” she askd, ”yes” i replied, ”whats your name?” she asked, ”Ken” i replied, ”howcome you know how to play this good?” she asked, as she was busy doing most of the conversations, ” i was a choir leader in church, so have been playing and singing for a long time now” i replied, ”where?” she asked, ”Lagos” i replied, ” please i want to be your friend i need to learn alot from you” she said, ” no p” i replied, then we exchanged numbers. Singing and playing the Grand Piano was a nice combo for a music Student then, so it fetched me lots of Girls, ”shebi dem wan learn?, I go teach them,make them no worry, Lol”. As time flew, Tina and I were hanging out alot of times, rehearsing and getting to know eachother better, she began to add emotions to our friendship cos i see the look on her face when other girls call me and book me down for the Piano thing, i wasnt bad for a guy, i was funny, very fair in complexion, tall and i had started working out a year before, so my looks were’nt bad, i had my freedom cos my gf(Chizzy) as at then was writing her Jamb geting ready for Madonna.
One night myself and Tina went to school to do the all night rehearsals thing(awoko), we had already secured a Grand Piano, and each Piano had its own small room. We were inside and we locked the door behind us. After Rehearsing for a while, she asked me to sing for her, so i did, singing her ”Paul Play’s Angel of my Life”, but i was only freestyling, she took it personal thinking i meant it,cos as i sang i added emotions,holding her hand and rubbing her by the chick, she got carried away as lil tears rolled down her eyes, and before i could say Jack we had started kissing, ‘(and me, my hand dey sabi do pass emself), i grabed her booobbs, as i was taking off her clothes, she was taking mine off too, and finaly we were starked naked, i lifted her up and placed her on the Grand Piano, kissed her from head to toes, while she kept moaning aloud, ”do you have a condom”? She asked in a sweet low tone, (me wey don get carrier

for sex industry couple of years back), i reached for my wallet and brought out a cd, as she helped me roll it on my Piakantus, she leaned on the Grand Piano, then i thrusted from behind.


On Saturday morning the following day, my fone rang it was Tina calling, ”Hello Sweety how are you?”she said, ”am fine hope you slept well” i asked, ”i did, thanks for last night, it was awesome” she said, ”and what happened last night” i asked in pretence, ” stop jor, i will send you a text now, its my address, i want to see you before 12, and please lemme know so i can prepare something before you come” she said, ” ok i let you know” i added. She droped the call and after seconds i had gotten a text, seem like she had already typed it down before she called me, ”take a bike, just tell the bikeman to bring you to Queens hostel, Monkey Joint” the text read.
The name Monkey Joint rang a bell in my head, i have heard lots of rumours of how bad the area is, that a jew-man (someone who isnt a Cultist) couldnt go there, if not you ll be striped of your belongings and even your clothes if what you wore made sense to them. I was kinda scared, but i am the stubborn type, i love experiences.
I love doing things my own way, instead of 12 o clock that she gave me, i adjusted the time to how i wanted it, i hung out with a few friends at Flex Bar in Ekrejeta close to campus 3, then left there at about 6pm, called Tina i was coming and that i had been busy, with the sound of her voice i knew she was excited, ”e be like say this Babe don fall for me ooo” i said in my mind. I took a bike to Monkey Joint and kept searching for Queens hostel but we couldnt find it, i just had to pay the bikeman and let him go, and as annoying as it was her number wasnt reachable, we use to have network problems then.
I kept searching for the place and at thesame time was trying her number, we really do have bad days cos i finally ran in2 a host of some weird looking guys smoking weed, all gathered sitting in front of a house, ”Guy show” one of them said, i walked to where they where, ” who you be” another guy asked, i said i was looking for someone, he stood up and the next thing was a dirty slap on my face ” Guy i say who you be, wetin you dey do for this cove”?, the slap was so hot that i couldnt reply and this time unlike my first encounter i wasnt scared, instead i was burning with fury, i know that slang and with the colours they wore i knew who they were,(yellow Boys, RB, Rugged Bucchaniares) ” go down my friend” another one shouted, they had searched me and collected my fone and wallet(again oo), i knelt down but this time stubbornly, i tried to say something, the guy slapped me again ”come on deck your cappings(meaning keep quiet), you talk when you are been spoken

to” he said, at that moment had gotten so angry that i wasnt feeling any pain, ”who you fine come this cove”? the slapper asked again while others surrounded me and watched, as i was about to say something my fone started ringing, the guy with my fone looked at it and asked ” who be Tina?”, ”the babe wey i fine come” i said angrily, he answered the fone and said ” Tina come to Evil Arena, you need to identify somebody for us”.
She knew i was in trouble and within 5mins Tina had showed up, her hostel was the next street, as she saw me ”Ken what happened,what did he do?”, she asked them, ”ok so you are the Tina?” the Slapper asked, ”yes” she said, ”you know this guy” asked the slapper, ”yes, he is my boyfriend” she replied, ”Guy stand up, no vex, nah so e be for here oo, we just dey try OBS you(meanin to observe me) for safety reasons” i stood up then they gave me my fone and wallet.
I was still burning with anger, i knew it that my face was red cos i was feeling it, she held me by the waist as we walked to her house,”am sooo sorry for the embarrassment,i would have waited for you at the junction”. (mtcheew when the thing don already happen). We got to her place but i couldnt stay, the whole incident kept ringing like an alarm in my head and i sighed every 5secs, she brought me indomie and fried egg with 5alive, i couldnt even eat,i was still boiling with fury, and after like 10mins i told her to see me off, she couldn’t complain or ask why i didnt eat, she understood perfectly how i was feeling at point in time.
She saw me off, i took a bike, passed my house down to Chuk’s house, we lived in desame vicinity, as i got down from the bike and payed, they were all outside, smoking, laughing and drinking, i got to were they were and they knew i wasnt lively like i use to, i kept quiet for a while and all i did was sigh and finaly i said something, ” i wan balm, i want mak una balm me now now now, i cant take this intimidation again”, every body kept quiet immediately, turned their eyes to where i was, ”wetin happen” Chuks asked, ” i say i wan balm now now now” i repeated myself again loudly and clearly.


”Calm down Ken” Chuks stood up, came to where i was, saw marks on my face and knew something big must have happened ( i fair well well so wetin you expect), it took me a while before i gave them a full download of what happened, and then Yellow Boys and Black Boys hated eachother. Chuks was so upset cos i was more like a Broda to him ”you wan balm shey?” he asked, ” i say make una balm me eehh!” i kept repeating it over and over again, ”you remember their faces”? Flames(he belonged to the fraternity) asked me, ” even if i forget the rest face, i no fit ever and will never forget the Slapper” i replied. ” we go run am no worry” said Chuks, they passed

me already wrapped weed, i smoked up and drank and before you new it i was laughing again like nothing happened but still treasured the face of the Slapper in my treasure box upstairs.
At 200 level i became bolder, badder, more confident, and had more attitude(if you know what i mean). I moved out of my cousins apartment, got my own place at Ekrejeta, not too far from Campus 1, got a roommate(Esosa, met him during our Post Ume and kept in touch ever since) cos once in a while you need someone to talk to.Tina was already in her final year, but our friendship didnt stop at the 1st sexxx we had at the rehearsal night, she had a bf but we had sexxx whenever we hung out, more sexxx excapades kept happening at our night rehearsals, i guess she must have probadly loved it but it became a normal thing, we had it a couple of times at her house but guess like 3 times, i hardly go there cos i will only be trading on enemies territory. When you are very close to a girl(i mean the kinda closeness where you could tell eachother your deepest secrets) and you guys are’nt dating then one thing leads to another, you guys have sex, you ll find it difficult to stop, even if you try as long as you are in thesame enviroment, its beta u guys had kept it at just being friends, Tina’s experience thought me that, and for the fact that i was the kinda guy who will never pay money to a girl for sexxx, beg for sexxxx, so we kept doing it cos she gave me cheerfully, i could stay away from sexxxx for as long as it takes, but if i see the zero i go put my one inside, and if you are very close to a girl and you guys aint fukkking, she ll take you like clown, engage you whenever shes bored, and shock you with an insult of your life, another girl’s experience thought me that(story for another day) .
I was hanging out with Chuks and the other guys at the front of their creep, doing the usual smoking and drinking thing on a chilling evening like that, a bike droped 1 fresh looking young guy like that, ” Osalobua! Its a lie, who the fukkk am i seeing” i cried out like a man in the wilderness, i started laughing cos i thought i was high, i cleaned my eyes again very very well, as in very well( lmao), i realised i use to hear that phrase ‘its a small world’ would you believe? It was the Slapper that humiliated my life when i went to Tina’s place for the first time.


It was about 5 or 6 months gone already, i doubt he could still remember my face. Where i was you could picture the huge smile on my face,(trust me it was an evil smile), at that moment the only thing on my mind was ‘Pay Back’, i stood up from where i was gave someone my smoke to hold for me, they still hadnt known who the guy was, then i intercepted him on the way, his fone was on his ear ” am there now please come outside, dont keep me waiting” he said to the person he was speaking with on the fone, then hung up, i

knew a Girl had brought him to that environment, ‘aint life a bitch?’ lol, Chuks and the other guys were quiet and just watching, they thought it was an old friend i hadnt seen in a long time, even at that they knew i had my own attitude, i was so unpredictable and fearless, so they respected me for that.
” Guy howfar nah, shey you remember this face?” i calmly asked him, he kept quiet for a while like he was trying to recollect, after a while he said ”No but i guess have seen you somewhere before, your face looks familiar kind of”, i started laughing cos he hasnt realised what he’s just gotten himself into. I was extra careful, i stayed away from trouble and avoided stepping on peoples toes, so as not to get stepped on too, but if you bring the trouble, am down for it, when you want to hurt me, you ll have to kill me cos if you make me come back for revenge or pay back i do worse, my motto was ‘i do to others what i want them to do to me’ and ‘treat people the way i would want them to treat me’,thats just me.
”Guy you sure say you no remember this face?” i calmly asked again, my guys were still watching, ” guy i no know you jor, shey you know me” he asked, then i directed my mouth to his ears and whispered to him saying ” you remember that guy wey u slap anyhow with your men them the day i come see one Tina girl like that for monkey joint last semester?”, i saw the shock on his face, he was quiet for a while, as he was about to say something the girl he called showed up, came to where we were then hugged and kissed him right in front of me (insult number 2), ” Guy abeg no vex shey we settle am that day, we just dey try OBS you that day, nah to keep our mothership safe” he said (see confidence sha), bringing his hand for me to shake, i pushed it back, ”guy i don apologise abeg clear road” ( lol see mind sha), ”you forget say forgiveness nah sin?”, i asked calmly, ” Guy clear road abeg” he said trying to shove me out of the way (people get mind sha), holding his girl by the hand, it infuriated me, before he knew it, he had gotten an unexpected
head-butt using all the force my head could gather, landed my head between his noise and top lips, the force was so much that it gave me a slight cut on my forehead, but his top lips had been bursted open, his mouth was pumping blood as if you were trying to inflate a car tire
Chuks and the other guys stood up from where they were in shock, no one saw that coming, from where they were they felt i was talking to an old friend, ”Ken wetin happen, Ken wetin happen”?
They were asking me at thesame time, ” nah the bastard wey slap me anyhow for monkey joint the day wey i come back dey para”,i said (exactly wetin nobody wan hear at that moment), his girl had already started crying, i know she lives in the vicinity, we say hi whenever we bump into eachother but a man has got to do what he’s got to do, ” come on go down there, go down” Chuks and the other guys were shouting at him as he was getting slaps and punches from different angles, while the girl kept crying. The noise

aroused the neighbours and people staying around, people started coming out from their hostels. ” wida u?”, ”Abra-ka-ya”(meaning i dnt know, lmao) Chuks and the other guys were asking him, i went to a corner took my shirt off, ”abeg make una free am, make em get up, nah between me and am, i wan fight this guy one on one, man to man” i shouted as i went to their midst while people gazed on, ” abeg make una help me draw circle” i said. They drew the circle, i was like a ferocious beast, i wanted to unleash the pain he made me go through, he was reluntant to fight, maybe he was scared or something(i dont know) but that gave me a hedge, i threw him some punches, his mouth was still bleeding like a tap,at 1st i didnt give a damn, people came close and was begging on his behalf, his gf(whether na em babe i no know for them) knelt down held me by pants, pulling, crying and begging, so i freed him, told the girl to get him water to clean himself, she did, but he was still bleeding, so i called a bike, payed him to take him home .” guy no vex we just dey try OBS you” i said (at least he should have a taste of his own food and see how it feels).
I and the other guys sat outside, strategised and prepared, cos normally we were expecting him and his frat coming to fight back, so we sat and waited patiently..

We waited that day nothing happened, waited the 2nd day nothing happened, and nothing still happened tiil date. Am sure maybe he didnt tell his guys what really happened that day cos if he did, they wouldnt have gone down without a fight, ‘sure thing’.
I had gotten alot of female friends, i guess the Piano thing made it alot easier cos evreyrone wanted a rehearsal night winks, but there was this particular Portharcout girl(their swag no be here ooo, Lol) , Salma by name ‘ we just liked eachother, (you know that kind of friendship where you ll just like eachother for no reason), i didnt ask her out but for no reason we just started dating, how we met was realy weird. Chizzy had gotten admission the previous year in Madonna. She visits me frequently in school, but Salma was closer to me cos i spent time with her often but i luvd Chizzy mor, she was my 1st so i just had that permanent respect for her, we ve been close since kids. I still had it going on with Tina, she was such a cheerful giver, she gave willingly, freely and judiciously and i recieved gladly, humblely, happily, the feeling was mutual, she liked me naturally and added emotions in everything we did. She would invite me over to her place i would refuse (guess you know why), so we did lots of nice rehearsals.
During exams that semester, i carried a course over from my 100 level, so i wanted to re-write it. I took my time, read very well, the course was History of African Music 102. On the exam day i went to the hall, where i sat, someone tapped me from behind, ” please hope you read for this course very well” it was Salma, ” i did small

sha, anything?” i asked, ” i have been carrying this course since my 100 and am in 300 now, if there’s anyway you can help me please do” she said, ” ok we go rugged am no wahala” i said ” thank you she replied.
As the exam went on, i placed my answer sheet where Salma could clealy see it, made her copy almost everything, then left her behind and went to submit my paper. After exams like that i hung out with friends just outside the department talking about the Paper, so i hung out with a few friends talking about the Paper not too long Salma came out of the hall very excited looking for me, saw me, came to where i was rushed me with a hug, i knew it was out of excitment, she probably might have never written that well, ” am Salma, ken thank you” she said, ” how did you know my name” i asked, ”i saw it on your script , she said”, ” i for fear(we both laughed), hope you wrote well?”i asked, ” i did thanks to you” she said. She collected my number and said she was going to call me ; and she was really looking sophisticated(you know as Ph babes dem be nah) and very very Pretty too, ‘chocolate looking girl like that ( OMG how i love chocolate).
I and my friends kept talking about the paper, as i watched her walk away (this girl make sense oo, see front and back sha), i said in my mind at first, when i couldnt condole the Beauty anymore i had to voice it out, make e no go choke me ” this erema make mad brain, Salma i dey wait for your call i swear” while evryone bursted into laugher. I watched her as she was arguing with a guy from a distance, the guy kept pointing at me, and i hate it when people do that(you must tell me wetin make you dey point if you no wan buy market), as i was pondering the pointin (wetin make this guy dey point me,i was askin myself), what i saw next was a dirty slap from where i stood with my friends, the guy slaped Salma, ( see babe wey make mad sense like this) ; and for me i hate it when a guy hits a girl, i cant lay a finger on a woman, a girl has slapped me before i walked away James Bond son like me, my mum thought me that anyway, ”she said if you can beat a girl you sleeping with, dont be surprise if your son beats your wife(it could be her stop mum), aside that i treat women and their matters with caution.
I could’nt hold myself, the slap gave me an insight about the pointing,(he saw her collected my number,and when she hugged me, he must ve felt i had chiked her and maybe she had fell cheaply, or maybe he felt she disrespected him for doing the things he saw her did in front of him)so i thought, i went to where they were as people gazed on(una know as people dey gather for department block after exam), the place was full, the whole attention was just focused on the both of them. Somehow i knew i was part of the reason he slapped her, ” guy even if your babe do wetin piss you off, chill till una reach house, no be for public” , i said angrily, ”e concern you? Nah ur babe?” he asked, ”shey you don pay her bride price, which eye you want make people take look am” i asked back ,

”gerrout make i no slap you too” he replied,(Ah! ah! i don suffer sha, evrybody wan slap me, c wetin baby face dey cos, God no just bless us with bierbier),” you no go like even wan try am” i said,”, i became infuriated, and trying to rephrase him he…

As i was trying to rephrase him, he slapped me(again ooo) in public, ‘i have a very Babyish face, right now am 26 but still look 22, but a strong and cute face too’, maybe nah why e dey easy for me to collect slap. I felt it stood in thesame exact position when the slap hit my face like i was a paused movie, everywhere was calm, with eyes gazing waiting to see my reaction, normally my friends and people in the department that really knew me knew i wouldnt let that one go without a fight, or at least a head-butt or something. I was upset but all of a sudden i started laughing(whats funny, i dont know)while people kept gazing as Salma watched in shock, i went closer to the guy, lean close to one side of his ear and said ” Bros you go get my message soon” and then walked away. People where surprised cos that was so unlike me, but fighting in public at that moment wasnt just the right approach to make i thought to myself ‘there are many angles to score a goal from’, but i was certain it wasnt going to just end there, ”Guy your father i dey wait for you, you know who i be?” he shouted as i walked away, i kept a deaf ear like he wasnt talking to me(there’s only one way to find, i go know soon no worry, i said in my mind).
That evenin as i hung out with the guys, i narrated what happened and told them i would take care of it myself, and they knew i could. At about that night, i woke up to pee, took my fone and flipped through, i noticed i had gotten like 4 to 5 missed calls, an unknown number, i wasnt familiar with the number so i gave it a beep, expecting the number to call back, within minutes, after i had peed, the number called back, i picked it kept quiet waiting to hear the caller speak 1st, ”(i heard a lovely voice from the other end)Hello Ken its Salma”, ” hey whasup, how are you” i asked, ” am fine, have been calling” she said, ” am sorry my dear, been sleeping, hope your Rambo Boyfriend isnt there, before he slaps the living hell out of you again and probably give me mine through the fone” i asked, ”(she bursted into laughter) no i stay alone” she replied, ” babe how you take dey cope with that guy, a girl as pretty as you are, please you deserve better, not a guy who’s suppose to be protecting you messing you up in public” i asked, ” my dear this isnt the first time he’s done stuffs like that, he hits me and the next minute apologises and tells me howmuch he loves me and want to keep me, but yesterday’s own was way out of line for me, i broke up with him, Stupid guy” she said, ” why did you break up nah, you fuck up ooo, you for wait make em kill you first nah” i said as he laughed on, ” Ken thanks for standing up for me, and for the slap you took for me(laughing)” she said, ”just that ordinary slap, i can do more,

even Jack died for Rose in Titanic” i said, she couldnt help it but just kept laughing for a while, then when she finaly got hold of herself she said ” you are so funny sha, my ex the guy too serious, but seriously thanks for standing up for me and i apologise on his behalf”, ”babe you no need apologise for am o, nah between me and am, if there should be an apology he should come do it himself, if not i ll force it out of his mouth” i said, ” Ken that guy is dangerous, please let it go, i dont want him to hurt you” she said, i already understood what she meant by him being dangerous, an ordinary guy wouldnt just slap two people in public like that,thats certain, as she said that i started laughing, “whats funny?” she asked, ”him hurting me is funny, cos i walked away shouldnt make you think am weak,what makes you think i am not more dangerous as he is, he should be scared cos he doesnt know what i have in mind” i replied, ”make i hear jare, aje-butter like you” she said, ”you really mistaking my looks, you should have asked him what i told him in his ear” i said, ”and what did you tell him” she asked, ”if you cant ask him, you ll find out soon enough” i said, ”you dey talk like say you belong,shey you belong” she asked, ” there’s only one way to find out” i replied, ”how” she asked, ”when you come close to me you tell me the answer” i said, ”wow i think i like you, we are flowing like have known you for years” she said, ”for me i dont tink i like you, i have graduated from thinking, i know i like you” i replied, she laughed and after a while she said ”can we see tomorrow, maybe hangout or something” she said,( you wan try blushing? I was waiting for her to say that), ”ofcourse why not” i replied, ”so how do we see, do i come to your place or you come to mine” she asked,(i tought for a while)then said, ”my place will do, or what do you think?” i asked, ” am cool with that,where do you stay?” she asked, ” Ekrejeta” i replied, ”ok text me the address when we are done talking” she said, ”i will do just that, so tell me more about yourself” i said, ”why the rush? You have all day to get to know me tomorrow”she said.

Salma and I had a very nice converstation that night, we talked liked we ve known eachother for a long time, and after Mtn made us quit talking around 4.30am, we slept lookin forward to seeing eachother at the dawn of the day, i sent her my address as soon as she droped the call(delay is dangerous, lol).
At about 10am, she called and said she was set and on her way, i rushed into the bathroom to freshing up, sprayed all the sprayables, wore a pant trouser and a singlet, i wasnt even through yet, she had called again, telling me to come pick her outside. I went outside the gate and behold, before me stood this amazing, georgous looking queen, she was dressed like one going for a dinner party or an award night, she was wearing a Beautiful red gown that brought her mad hips out, and to match was a nice pair of shoes(was she trying

to impress me, i said to myself), i swear i was speechless at 1st, all i did was gaze, then finally ” you are the Prettiest thing have seen in a long time, Salma you are Beautiful” i said(lost in her Beauty), ” thanks” she said, she held me by the arm as we walked inside(that guy dey flex sha, i said in my mind).
We got into my apartment and offered her a seat. ”you have a nice place, you even have a piano” she said, ” its for the fellowship i play for here in School, i use it to rehearse and tutor our colleagues as well” i said, ”i dont understand you,how can you be bad and good at thesame time, nah wah ooo things dey happen,anyhow sha you stay alone?” she asked, ” i have a room-mate but he traveled to Benin” i replied. We had a nice time, gisted and laughed for hours, then i asked if she ll love to drink, she agreed. We went to Flex Bar not all that far from my house, ” what ll you love to drink” i asked, ”Stout” she said, ”that means you are my Sister in Alcohol’ i replied as we laughed.
I took two big stout and she took two small Stout and one Gordon Spark, then we went back to my place. (Iyaff tey wey the babe don dey drink), she still went to the kitchen, prepared indomie an egg, we ate, and then she slept off. Around 8 to 9pm i woke her up to shower, she did and slept back, then i had mine too.
Later i slept too, i woke up at intervals to pee and check on her, at about that morning we woke up facing eachother ,kept quiet and kept staring at eachother’s eyes, as a sharp guy nah i just slapped her with one sentilating kiss like that(anything wey wan happen make e happen), she cleared my doubt by responding to the kisses, as the kiss kept going on, i reached for her boobbbs, it was soft as a wool,(she must have taken off her bra after she had her bath, she knew this would happen, good say i no dull,i said in my mind), as i caressed them through her gown, she reached for my boxers and grabed my Bianpolo, went below and reached for it with her mouth, as she sukkked me, no doubt i knew she had master degrees in Sukkkilogy and Bedmatics, Damn! She was good, she sukkked my dikkk so wild i thought she was going to devour it, when she was done, i reached for her gown and took it off, i noticed her undies wasnt on, at that moment i knew she knew it was going to happen, i made her lay on the bed, tickled her with kisses from her fore-head, eyes, licked and tickled her ears, kissed her nose, lips, jaw, around her neck went down like that, sukkked her bursty boobs, sucked and danced my tongue around her nipples, kissed and tickled her down her belly, navel, then her thighs, down to her legs, came back, spread her legs wide, she had gotten so wet she was already dripping, ” i need you inside Ken” she whispered with her eyes closed, i reached for the bedside, deeped my hand into my store room of condoms, as i tore the seal off, she opened her eyes and took it from me (shey nah skin this babe want make i go? I asked myself), as i was pondering, she brought the cd out and rolled it professionally on my dikkkson(ph i hail ooo, i said in my mind), the

next thing she stood up, and then bent down with one hand touching her kneel and then supported the wall with the other(nah which kind wild babe be this, shey you dey hear of ph babes, nah them be this, i laughed in my mind), doggy and things all the way, she realy loved it from the back, and i love challenges, i had to face the task in front of me squarely, i pulled her by her hair, and rode like i was riding a horse to a war, i thought she would complain, but she didnt, instead her moaning filled the whole room like a fragrance, after a long while we switched postion, she sat ontop of me and was whining her hips like a Dj on the wheel of Steel, Damnnn! Never fucked a girl that good, shes got talent i must say, i realised the difference between sex and a good fuck, she kept it going with her eyes closed like one meditating while i caressed and squeezed her boobs, she made me had respect for ph girls, ‘the babe really represent well’, before i knew it my morning bell had rang.
Kenaz PAGE 17
After that one mad sex, Salma and I kept it going on afterwards, no one said ”i love you” and nobody asked the other out, we just liked eachother and started dating(maybe it was meant to be like that i dont know), she refered to me before her friends and anyone that cared to know i was her bf, and i gladly accepted her as my gf. After we had it that morning she wore her clothes and asked me to see her off, i persuaded her to chill that it was early but she kept insisting she had stuffs to take care off at home, that she would come around in the evening and even cook for me, so i saw her off, waited till she got a bike back home.
My hostel was built in twos then, with each apartment sharing a gate with a neighbour. I had this Pretty looking bursty girl, Susan as my neighbour, she was of average height, plump and of average height, she was dating a guy with a ride then who happened to be very popular on campus belonging to another brotherhood, so i had my limitations with her, cos going too close can get a nigga killed, though we had a very good rapport as neighbours, we joked over a few things, converse when we had the time, and barge into eachothers apartment borrowing stuffs, ‘Ken gimme salt’, ‘Susan gimme maggi’, ‘Ken i wan take powder’, ‘Susan borrow me haircream’, we did that alot, and most times when she had dressed up for school, she would come around and ask me how good she looked, ”babe go murder them” i ll always say, she would laugh and say thanks, and i did desame as well wen i had dressed up for school too, but yet used my brain and didnt cling too close, no sentiments cos she kept lots of male friends.
After i saw Salma off, i came back and slept cos it was still early, and when i woke up later during the day i arranged the house, did a few chores, headed for the bathroom, had my bath, then went to my

mirror stand, looked at myself while i creamed up, i reached for my haircream, opened it and realised it was finished, ”make i go Susan room go borrow i said in my mind as i walked to her room”, on reaching there, i knocked once, held the knob and forced my way in, we had gotten use to barging into eachother even without telling eachother to come in.
As i got in behold, my eyes got more than it had bargained for, she turned to face me in shock starked nude(she was creaming up too), as we steered at eachother with my mouth wide open, i was dumbfounded, i dont know if she was confused too cos she didnt even bother to cover her nudity, steering at me was her mighty tits, shining like a crystal with no lightening ontop(stretch marks), i was lost, my dikkk didnt even help matters, just like in Biology it responded to stimulus so fast, it was glaring, she could see it directed to were she was, it was almost fighting its way out of the towel, after a while i brought myself back to reality ”abeg no vex, i didnt know you were naked” i turned,locked the door behind me and headed for my room without bothering for the haircream again. As i got in, i rained curses upon myself, worried about how pissed she would be, ”what the fukkk just happened” i asked myself, thinking of a better way to apologise. As i was wondering what just happend, i heard a knock on my door ” who be that, i shouted angrily”, a female voice replied from the other end, a voice i was very conversant with ”its me Susan”, my heart flew out of my chest, i walked slowly to the door, imagining the insults and shouts she would dish on me, i opened it ”can i come in” she asked, i was guilty so i couldnt even say a thing, i just slided the door wide and paved way for her to come in. I quickly closed the door, so other neighbours wont hear her shouting at me, ”Susan i swear, my bad, i didnt know you were naked, it will never happen again” i said, as i was goin to continue my begging, she reached for her towel, realised it as i watch it fall to the ground ”Ken please help me, am tired of living my life like this” she voiced out in a crying tone, my heart was panting fast, ‘is this babe for real i asked myself’, ””Susan help you with what?” i anxiously asked, ” am still a Virgin and am tired cos my boyfriend doesnt have my time,he sleeps outside since i cant give the sex to him ”, (did i just hear her say Virgin?), i was more shocked cos i and the other neighbours misjudged her wild attitude and company of male folks for sleeping around(just the way it was in 2face’s Virgin Prostitute), ”tell him to do it naw” i replied, ”we ve tried a couple of times, he got tired saying i was too tight” she said, ” so you mean you are ready now?” i asked to be very sure, ”i swear i am” she said, ”ok i will try, lie down on the bed” i said, she humbly did, then i knew how desperate she wanted it, so i reached for my olive oil and versaline.

I gathered my tools for the job, went to were she layed on the bed

”Susan are you sure you want to do this” i asked fearfully(a nigga has got to be sure, to avoid stories that touches the heart later), ”please do it,please do it” she answeared repeatedly, so i relieved myself from the fear, since i could see the seriousness boldly written on her face.
No kisses, no romance, no bobbby sucking, it was just straight to the task before me. I have had same experience with Chizzy, deflowering a girl isnt a day’s job, its a really difficult thing to do. I told her to hold one of the pillows, and just when she feels like shouting base on the pains she was about to go through, she should use it to cover her mouth, so as to reduce the sound of her shout. I spread her legs wide open, opened both of my equipments(the olive oil and versaline), applied them on her pu$$y, to as to make it easy to penetrate and very slippery, i applied them on my ‘Bianpolo’ too as well, then started the oil well drillage, for real she was very very tight indeed, little wonder her bf gave up the drilling job, my dikkk head couldnt even go in, so i held on tight to the penetration while she kept shouting with a pillow stucked to her mouth, and with the help of the olive oil and versaline, my dikkk cap bursted through as she started bleeding immediately, she couldnt help it but scream, i stopped ”its a good start, at least my dikkk cap entered, we ll have to keep doing it often, so it ll keep opening” i said, ”it is very painful” she said crying and laughing at thesame time, ” its your first, your bf didnt even do anything thing sef, you werent expecting it to be sweet, were you?, i asked, ” i know” she said, ”go to your room and freshen up, lecture continues tomorrow” i said jokingly, she laughed and said thanks. As she left, stains of blood were on my bedsheet, i had to quickly soak it, cos if Salma came around and saw it i wonder what explanation i would have given. I redressed my bed with another bed-spread and then re-arranged my room, then headed to the bathroom washed the soaked bedspread and hung it outside, came back and had my bath again. I wanted to cook, but Salma already promised preparing me something nice, so i went out to my favourite eating spot next to my house, bought a plate of rice, beans, plantain and meat and went back home.
I layed on the bed, watching a movie, but i wasnt concentrating cos lots were going through my head, i paused it, then was reasoning what had happened between myself and Salma, and then Susan just within two days, after a while, i got hold of myself ”na wa sha” was the only thing i could say, then went ahead with my movie.
(With your busy body eeeh!, with your busy body eeeh! eeeh! eeeh!), it was my phone ringing, at about few minutes past 5pm, i looked at the screen, it was my Pretty Salma, i picked it up, ”hey Baby wats up” i asked, ”hope you are home? cos am in the market and when am done your place its next?”, she said, ” where else could i be” i replied’, ” alright see you soon” she said and hung up. 15 to 20 minutes later, there was a knock on the door, without doubt i knew it was her, i went to get the door, she came in, gave

me a kiss and headed straight for the Kitchen, i followed suit trying to engage her in conversations, she brought out all she bought, ” so wetin our wife wan cook for us” i asked trying to be funny”, ”there’s only one way to find out like you ll always say” she said(laughing), ”fast learner thats good” i said(but i had already taken note of the stuffs she bought, it was ingredients for vegetable soup).
As she was cooking, i was in there with her still chating her up and making her laugh, but i had one evil goal at the back of my mind, i cant forget that slap in a hurry, when i told him he was going to get my message, i meant it, its the rule of the game ”forgiveness is a sin” and nah revenge dey sweet pass.

”so what’s the name of ur Rambo ex bf” i asked, ”Sly” she said,
”so how long have u guys known eachother”, i asked,

”we ve been dating since my 100level, i met him during my registration” she replied smiling, (i was going somewhere),

”really? What department and level is he?” i asked,

”yep, English and Linguistics 300level, i had gotten his name, course and level, but something was missing(you read my mind, his address),
”so he has been laying his hands on you all this while, yet you stayed put, his something must be really sweet o,am sure its even sweeter than mine” i said, she couldnt help it as she left what she was doing, sat on the floor and was laughing hysterically, just exactly what i wanted for the killer question, ”whats funny? Where does the Commando even stay sef” i asked her rushingly then faked myself laughing with her too, she was carried away with the laugh and voiced out finaly ” Kings Palace close to Campus two”, (correct, just what i wanted as i celebrated inside).

It didnt end there, i still kept the conversation going on, i still wanted more but this time its something i will need to get trickishly. ”so what kind of songs do you like?” i asked, ” every kind, hip pop, r n b, dance all and the rest, as a music student you need to” she said smiling, ”its true my dear, lemme go through your phone and see the kind of songs you have, i really dont have much on mine” i said, she passed me her fone, i went straight to her phone book searched for Sly and ‘yes’ got his number, went to her pictures, she had a few of his pixes, i sent two codedly to my phone, as i did that i still engaged her in conversations, ”so why do you like me, we barely just met” i asked, ”seriously i dont know, am just drawn to you” she

replied(smiling), i walked to were she was, held her from behind(trying to be romantic,just trying to draw her attention from our previous chats, girls their head can boot anytime), placed my hands around her waist ”choose any song and i ll sing it for you” i said calmly, ”hmmm, loverboy, just sing anyone” she said(always smiling showing off her dimples), i sang her OJB’s ‘Beautiful as you are’, as i caressed her by the waist, she fell for it, i sang her some more songs and when she couldnt take any of them no more, she turned around, placed both hands on my shoulders, while my hands still held her by the waist, we kissed for a while and then she said ”do you know have always been watching you, people talk about you about you alot been good at playing the Piano, but i just didnt like you cos i was always seeing you with different girls, i see you as a flirt not till that that day we both got slapped, i just respected you for standing up for me”, i was quiet for a while ”nothing special, they are my students i said(laughing), she was going to continue but that wasnt the right time, i covered her lips with my mouth, and then moved my hands to her boobbs, we had it going on and before i knew it, she pulled down her skirt and undies, while i unziped my pants and brought out my Bianpolo, bent her back with her hands leaning on the sink, i thrusted from behind as we had a quicky.
After that she continued with the food and after she was done she said she was leaving, that she had to prepare for her exam the next day, i wore a shirt, saw her off, watched as her bike left. I stopped the next available bike ”Grammar School howmuch?” i asked, ”50 naira the bike man said”, i sat and i was off to Chuk’s place. As i got there Chuks was outside with the other guys just infront of the hostel doing the usual hemp smoking thing, i paid the bike i walked towards where they were as they hailed me ”Kenny Danger, Desert Tormentor”, we exchanged the usual frat Pleasantries and it was straight to business what took me there, ”Shey una remember the guy wey i tell una say slap me few days ago after one of my papers?” i asked, ”eennn yes” they chorused, ”wetin happen” Solo asked, ”for like 2days now i dey strave that em babe, she break up with am dat day wey the thing happen sha, and i don enter her system spiritually, she don voice out the intell them wey i want” i said, everybody bursted into laughter, while they hailed and called me names, ”Desert Tormentor, Action man, wetin be the intell” Chuks asked ” Baba the guy name nah Sly, English and Linguistics 300level, Address- King’s Palace around campus two,em pix and phone number dey with me like this” i annalysed, everyone shouted and hailed again, ” nah to strike the idiot remain nah” Flames added, ”guy calm down, nah strong man too, i need one Black bra to do a job for me” i said, Chuks rushed me ”for wetin?”, ” Capo everything nah Akunoche, i need her(the black bra) to go close to the guy, find out were em belong, the exact room where he leaves and when em dey stay for house and when he is not at home” i said, everyone was Silent for a while ”i swear i dove for you, you dey reason” Perry

said(one of us there), Chuks brought out his phone ”Ebere where you dey? Come caba now now, e get wetin you wan do for me” he said and hung up.
10 to 15mins later a bike dropped a slim pretty girl, she came to where we were hailed us and sat next to Chuks, ”ken tell am” he said, i brought out my phone viewed his pix, gave it to her ”the guy step on the Viper’s tail, name-Sly, English and Linguistics 300level, i want you to go close to him, get his exact room address, were em belong, when em dey dey house and when he is not at home, no linkages, no loose ends, i narrated, ”ok i know, have done it before” she said, ”Ebere collect Ken number make you dey inform am as e dey go” Chuks said, so she did, then passed my phone for others to get a glimse of his face as well, ”so badman wetin you go use em number do?” Flames asked, ”you go know soon no worry” i replied, as everyone laughed it off.
It was getting late so i bade everyone farewell, Solo saw me off, i took a bike i headed straight home.

Exam kept everyone busy, my roomy(Esosa) had returned from Benin the next day to continue his papers, he was tall dark skinned, red lips and very handsome, and he had the best sweetest mouth that could manipulate any Lady, he was really good at it, at the times we hung out together, he didnt have to think of what to say to women, it just flowed naturally, it got to a point i even thought he was using some sort of Jazz(fertish means), he had more game than i did, sometimes i was even scared to leave my woman with him cos something happened that almost tore our friendship apart, guys would always be guys, we settled, patched our friendship, but that connection that use to bind us together lost his taste. Tina came to see me one-day, before then i had been telling Esosa about Tina, how we met and how we ve been doin stuffs ever since, so he’s been wanting to meet her, so that day Tina came they were meeting for the first time, but i have allowed Esosa speak with Tina on phone those times we had a long conversation, ”Tina this is my roomate i have been telling you about, Esosa” i said introducing them, since they ve talked on phone before, they got along well, ” I dey come make i buy our visitor something”, i rushed out while Esosa kept Tina company, but on my way i had realised that i had hastingly left without my wallet in my back pocket, so i hurried back, as i got to front of my door, i just got a crush to wait a while and listen to their conversation,(that awkward feeling you get), it rhymed with my mood at that monent so my brain obeyed my body. I stood at the door and was listening to them both, i heard Esosa’s voice ”Do you know you are a very pretty girl” he asked her, ” thanks” she replied, ” am serious i mean it, before a guy would admit something like that know you swept him off his feet, thats what happened when i saw you” he said again oo,(where this guy dey drive this motor dey go i

was asking myself), ”thanks’ she answered, ”you know what we could hang out if you dont mind, shey you hang out nah?, but it will be on low key so Ken wont know, you dont have to tell him everything” he said, ”and why will i want to do that, is he not your friend?” she asked, ”thats why i said you dont have to tell him, take, here’s my fone just put your number there”(guess he must have slided or passed his phone for her), he said”, ok no p”(guess she typed, lol, i don suffer) here’s it have saved it” she said, ”na so sure babe, theres no big deal there, what name did you save it with” he asked, ” my name Tina, i wonder what name u would have wanted me to use” she replied(he laughed after she said that), i went in, or whatelse do i want to hear again? Nothing, ”i stupid ooo, i don almost they reach Madam Grace shop finish before i notice say i no carry my wallet” i said, he faked laughing ”na wa for you ooo” he said, i went to the bedside where i always hid it, it wasnt there, ‘then definitely i must have left it in the pants i wore the previous day, so i thought’, i went to my woderobe searched for it, found it and as i was leaving Tina winked at me.(what the fukkk was that, like she knew i was at the door, na lie jare, i said to myself”, ”should i come with you” she asked(laughing hysterically), i was wondering what was funny), ”you are my guest i will treat you right”(abi you dey fear make i no poison your drink i said to my self, you never know as he dey i go clear una doubt), i went, got her a bottle of malt and one shortbread( i know say una go say me wey like wahala, wait nah, you no if at the end i go burst am for Esosa head?), i came back, went to the Kitchen, got a plate then put the biscuit on top(nah my mama teach me, for Kwale, Delta State them dey call am Kola), i offered her d Malt and the Kola, the babe was so relaxed eating the biscuit, drinkin the malt with confidence, Esosa was even more confident gisting and engaging her in conversations, making her laugh, i was boiling(guy table the matter, my good and bad in my mind were waging war against eachother BRING AM!, NO BRING AM!, GUY BRING AM NAH YOU DEY FEAR!, MTWEEW, HIM NO
REACH NAH?, it kept on going for a while, i almost had heart attack, the war would have killed me sef, but at the end nobody won they kept fighting till i saw Tina off.
As i was walking her down to get a bike ”Kenny did i offend you, you dont look happy” she said, ”what make’s you think am not happy, do i look sad”(faking a laugh) i asked her, ”your rommate is not a good person” she said, ”and y did you say that” i asked her pretendin not to know anything ”the idiot was telling us to hangout on low key without you knowing, he asked for my number and i typed your number and saved it with my name, am not stupid, tell him i told you, if he deny’s, call me and i ll say it in front of you him,(cold catch me, you are the girl i said inside, ” i swear if you had’nt told me, i for hurt you and still let you know why i hurt u’ i said.

”Ken am not as bad as you think, i have never cheated on my boyfriend not till i met you” she said, ”at least that should mean somethin to you, i dont know am just attracted to you, i find myself trying to stop all that stuff going on between us but yet cant control it” she added, ”please dont go fighting him, the way you dealt with that guy that slapped you when you came to my place” she continued, i was just laughing(cos nah only me know wetin i carry for mind), ”Tina have heard you, you ve proven yourself to me and i respect that” i said, ”the fool was even telling me there’s money that he was going to spend on me, he was goin to flex me and all that” she said,(so the guy continue after i come carry my wallet, the anger don begin increase), ”Tina later now, ‘Bike’ ” i shouted, a bike came, i payed for it as she sat ontop, ”i will call you maybe we could hangout tonight, pecked her before the bike zoomed off ” i ll be expecting your call(shouting as the bike was zooming off), wetin i go do dis guy em no go believe, as you get game reach, you disrespect me reach the extent sotey nah me you do this kind thing for(talking to myself as i was walkin back to my room).
As i got in i went straight to where his phone was, took it, went to his phone book and was searchin for Tina, to be sure she saved my number truly with her name, ”Guy wetin happen, abeg gimme my phone” trying to take his phone 4rm me, ”Oga calm dwn first” i said,(pushing him back with one hand), i had seen what i was looking for, Tina wasnt lying, ”Guy so you carry this your despicable attitude come where my woman dey, you no even fear sef, or you dey feel say because you be my guy i no go fit do you anything shey?” i asked, he was quiet steering at me, i went to the door, locked it behind us, then slipped the key into my pocket, so just incase i hear what ll infuriate me more and it turns into a fight, the neighbours will only just hear us fighting but wont be able interfere, my eyes were already red like i had just finished smoking one bag of Indian hemp, ” i stand for door when you dey yarn the babe all those crap nah, abi you wan deny?” i asked, he still kept quiet looking at me like when you catch a child redhanded stealing meat from the pot, ”Guy answer nah or shey you want make i clear your doubt?” i asked(angrily), ”no vex, i think say you no like the babe” he calmly said, ”e concern you? How that one take disturb you?, guy see for your life make e no ever happen again, if not i go treat you f.up so real, fucking jew man, God just save you say we be roommate” i said angrily, went to the door opened it and strolled out.
We forget about it but my trust for him was already dead, i still kept it in mind but with no intentions of hurting him with the belief he had learnt his lessons.
Everyone was focused on exams, so i couldnt continue Drilling 101 with Susan and with the fact Esosa was around made things kinda difficult, she also had an elder Sister, she wasnt always around cos

she was a runz girl(girls that sleep with guys for money), but she was around fully during this period of exams.
I stayed back after exams, Esther(the girl that gave me my first sex) came around to see me in School, Esosa was still around then, she came on a friday, Esosa, one of his gf’s, Esther and myself hung out that day at Mudi Beach, it was fun, we both booked a room and slept there that night. On Saturday, we went back home except for Esosa’s gf that went back to her hostel, Chuks called me during the day, informing me there was a gathering till dawn that night, that it was the last for the semester, but my p was how do i leave Esther alone till the next day, i ran out of lies to tell, i called Esosa, he knew who i was so there was no need hiding anything, i told him the the development, ”i go cover up for you, i go just find one lie tell am, if you show tomorrow una 2 go sort una self out” he said, ”na em be say you go gats sleep here nah, idiot i no tell you make you ynash am ooo, this time i go just kill you i swear’ this time i go just kill you i swear” i said, ”stop nah, i dey craze?, no bring that old issue up, e don pass” he said, ”oya nah help me keep am company till i show” i said, with the almighty belief that what happened in 1960 wouldnt repeat itself, we settled that part, and i was glad he had me covered. Around 8pm that night, i left in a hurry telling Esther i was coming, but knew i wouldnt come back. I showed up the next day around like 7am, after the gathering, i had to take a nap. I got back home, knocked for a while but it took Esosa and Esther time before they opened(i was already geting suspicious something had happened cos i dey fear the guy), i noticed his pants wasnt properly zipped, Esther was still forming sleep, my eyes was going round everywhere and finaly it meet wat looked like a torn part of a condom sachet(very tiny) at the end of the bed, (una no smart reach), i picked it up, ”Guy wetin b dis? ”i asked

As i picked it up”Guy wetin be this?” i asked, ”wetin be that?” he asked me back, i placed it on my palm, went very close to him, ”look am well, abeg wetin be this?”, ”nah pieces of cd, nah you use am, e go be say you no sweep that bed side well the last time you run package, e go don hide for that corner make you no see am” he said(walked back to the bed, sat down and leaned his back against the wall), i stood in the middle of the room lookin at him as he gazed back, then i had a recap in my head ‘the last time i had sex was with Salma and it was in the Kitchen and i disposed the cd and its pack myself, and the last girl i had something to do with on the bed was Susan but i didnt use a condom, since Esosa came back he hasnt brought any girl home, this guy is messing with me, those were the thoughts going through my head as we kept gazing at eachother’, Esther was still sleeping(i knew she was forming it), after all my thoughts i know i wasnt wrong, so this guy fukkked a girl that came to look for me all the way from Lagos, what the fuck did he tell

her, ”guy so you fkkk this babe shey” i asked him as i moved closer, as he was trying to stand up from the bed, i angrily kicked his head to the wall, it was so loud that the person forming to be sleeping stood up, i pulled out the big standing mirror from the wall, i was burning with fury, she reached for the door and ran outside immediately, i slammed the mirror on his head, the sound of glass noises alerted others, as funny has it was the dude couldnt defend himself, the force of the slam gave him a cut at one side of his fore- head, ”so after i tell you make you no ynash am, i warn you the first time, abi i no wan you?” shouting at the top of my voice, i couldnt help myself but threw him punches as he raised his hands trying to cover his face, the noise drew the attention of the neighbours, ”wetin dey happen, wetin dey happen” i hear the neigbours asking themselves, ” nah them Ken and Esosa place e dey come from o” they continued, all this while i was busy slugging it out with Esosa, ” wait wait make i tell you abeg, see see i no mean am” he was stammering, the fact he knew i had caught him made him defendless, i had bursted his mouth open, i felt like just putting a bullet in his Skull. A few neighbours rushed inside, trying to seperate us, i held him on the shirt i was dragging him around the room, we scattered everywhere ” i no warn you before? Dem use toto swear for you?” i was still raking at the top of my voice(and i hate am if i dey fight make person dey seperate, or dey hold me say he don do, except i don do wetin dey my mind, orelse i go face you), ”abeg make una no use because of woman kill eachother” one of the neighbours said they tried pulling us apart, evenually they succeeded, ”guy free me” i said, he dragged me outside, ”Kenny calm down, calm down” he said, still holding me tight just as he was calming me down, they brought Esosa out too,”make we rush am go that Chemist, i got infuriated, ”i never do anything una wan go Chemist” i was shouting, forcing myself to reach him, but the guy holding me held on tight, ”guy lemme nah, i go make you buy this fight oo” i was telling him, but the idiot still held me, before he knew it i headed butted him, his hands left my clothes immediately as he held his nose, it gave me room, i picked up a wood i had been timing all the while the guy held me, as i was running to where Esosa was somebody dived me from nowhere, they became two, then three and finally they hold me tight and succeeded in collecting the wood from me.
This thing aint ending here ooo ‘this guy gats learn better lesson’ ”Ken calm down, abeg” one of them said, ”una know wetin em do, shey una know?, i leave my babe with am, person wey i call my roommate, before i show, em don fkkk am, i for no even know, nah condom nylon wey i see” i was shouting, ”where the girl sef” someone asked(i didnt know were Esther hid herself,she was nowhere to be found). ”guy i go hurt you, just watch” i said, i went in, pasted, pasted, took my small hand bag, i came out, people were still gathered outside, talking about the issue, as they blamed Esosa

for what he did, i walked pass everyone as they all watched, ”Ken Ken Ken” some where calling, i was still boiling, i called Salma it wasnt reachable, then i called Chizzy, i just had to speak with someone that could make me feel good at least something to ease the anger. I needed to chill somewhere, no place seems to be appearing on the mind, i just decided to keep walking then decide later where to go to, i took my phone out and typed him(Esosa) a text ” everyone wants to go to heaven, not for the love of God but for the fear of hell fire, pack your things, leave the house before i come back, if you forget anything, dont come back for it, if not
…”the test read, i sent Esther hers too , ”pack your smelling things and leave today, make sure i dont meet you when i get back.


I took a long walk not even knowing where i was headed, i was so exasperated, with the thoughts of what just happened went slowly through my mind, my brain was still trying to process the way, he must have sweettalked her, and the styles he must have used on her(lai-lai, this thing cant end like this, i said to myself), and to exacerbate things it was desame guy i warned just last night, infact do i even need to warn him?, (he has tried it before with Tina nah) ”so i cant leave my drunk girlfriend with someone i call my roommate to urgently do something and then get back?, he would have slept with her before i got back”, i was telling myself, i need to smoke up, reason and clear my head(and am not talking about cigarette, i meant weed) ”Bike” i called(a bikeman drove to where i was), ”Grammar School” i said, ‘whereelse would you have expected a guy in my shoes at that moment to go?’, i was headed for Chuk’s place.
The bike took me there, i highlighted and paid, as they saw me they knew something was wrong cos he was with them last night, i left this morning and 30minutes i was back steal wearing thesame clothes, they where murmuring to themselves, as i walked to where they sat. Some where washing, some where smoking, it was so abnormal for me to be there and my face was looking so mean, ”we know say e no dey hard dem don tear you slap, who slap you again this time?” Solo asked(everyone was laughing), i kept a deaf ear ”abeg who hold weed?, make em gimme make i roll up” i posed the question for anything who was listening, ”take” Flames passed me his, already wrapped, he only just started smoking, everyone was quiet cos they were sure i would say something, i dragged for a while , kept quiet, dragged on, inhaled, puffed, until finally i said ” una go believe say last night wey we dey hear together, my room mate dey house dey fuk¤k my babe?” i dropped the ground breaking question, ”Eennnnnh” everyone chorused loudly like a choir, the question was so unexpected that out of shock everybody paused, ”your roommate?” Solo asked to be sure he heard me right,

i nodded in return, ”shey nah that babe wey give you intel about that Sly guy, Chuks asked, ”No, this one find me come all the way from Lag, just a day before yesterday ooo” i answered, ”Ken wait, how you take know” Perry asked, ”as i reach house knock for door, it take dem time to open, 1, as i counted, and when the b¤ast¤ard even open, em zip for trouser no dey well, 2, i see piece of cd for room, 3, the place wey i take even see the cd, i wonder how my eye take reach there”, i expatiated as they listened, i stressed further ”the last time wey i strave babe nah for Kitchen, and nah that babe wey i tell una about that night wey i com here, and nah me use my hand dispose the cd, for days now i dey sweep that house well, sweep the corners of the bed, nothing like that, and since when em show from Benin em never strave any babe for that house, nah devil wan just catch am today” i concluded, ”so wetin you do am?” Hefty asked, ” my neighbours just dey hold me anyhow, i no even touch the guy well, nah my standing mirror i burst for em head, and small cut for mouth wey i give am for mouth” i answered, ”make una go move that guy come, shey em dey house?” Chuks asked, ” i send both of them text say make dem move before i show back, but em suppose dey cos em go need extra time to pack em things” i answered, ”wait oo Ken, shey the guy know say you belong before?” Solo asked(looking very interested in my answer), ”na wa for you ooo, person wey know say i dey go meeting, em know nah” i answered demostrating, ”for that guy to know who you be, then still go ahead sleep with your babe, nah height of disrespect be that, no atom of fear, that guy need better lesson” he said angrily, he continued, ” and for am to disrespect you like that, em disrespect us be that” he added, ”Solo make you, Flames and Perry go match am come” Chuks said. They went in, dressed up, came out with each of them wearing a small hand bag accross the shoulders (this one no be hangbag of lipstick and other make ups, they are hang bags carrying battle make ups), ”make we go match the idiot come” Solo said, as they stepped, ” i no wan hear say una no meet am o” Chuks shouted as they left.
I sat down, crossed my legs, smoked up and was laughing(i just dey reason the beaten wey em go chop and the trouble wey em just go himself into, i knew they would meet him at home, cos what the text i sent read was obvious, ‘if you forget anything dont bother coming to look for it, if not …’, so i knew he needed extra time to get his stuffs, and that extra time would land him into a very big penalty, make them meet am abeg).

I was busy smoking out my anger with Chuks and the other guys when suddenly two bikes came, one carrying Flames and Perry while the other was carrying Solo with a guy putting on a boxers,(these guys dem dey vex sha, boxers from that far place, lmfao), as i saw him i couldnt help but burst into laugher, they dragged him to

where we were ”Come on go down” Solo yelled at him, he knelt down immediately, it was obvious Solo and the other two had drilled him a little before bringing him, ”guy shey you know wetin you do?” Chuks asked, ”yes” Esosa replied, ” oya tell us wetin you do” Chuks asked him(with a dirty slap landing on his chick), ” i sleep with Ken babe” he answered fearfully, i just sat where i was like they werent there, cos with my anger at that moment if i go close i might just kill him, (let the guys handle it i said to myself), ”come on lie down flat on the ground” Solo said (flogging him with a belt to his bare back), he obeyed immediately, Chuks took the belt from Solo, flogged him 50 times as everyone counted to make sure it was complete. The scene drew attention of Passers bye and people around the vicinity in no time came begging for him, where i sat i had gotten like three calls already, from the neighbours at home begging on his behalf. When the scene drew attention of many, they dragged him inside the compound, i took my Chair inside as well, i really need to enjoy this. Flames got a bucket of water, poured it on him where he layed on the floor, ”next time when you see your padi babe, you go give am 100yards, f¤vkking jew man” he said, Solo grabbed the belt from Chuks ”make i flog you my own 50” he said, ” make sure you are counting it if not i will flog you more than that” he added(talking to Esosa that layed on the floor), ”Ken i know say i f¤vkkp up, abeg help me beg, i use God beg you” he said to me where i sat and watched, ”you mean am?” i asked him mockingly, ”abeg anything wey them want i go give them” he said, but i wasnt listening to the crap he was saying, he looked up to Solo who held a belt standing next to him, ”Bros abeg no vex, i know say i f¤kkk up”, he said, ”so you sabi beg like this, when you dey f¤kkk, if them tell you say e go end like this, you go believe?, you go draw another guy oil, come on lie down there, next time you no go try am again. Solo flogged em another 50 and made sure he counted it himself, i stood up went to where he was, took the belt from Solo, ”shey you know say i never flog you my own” i asked him, ”Ken abeg, pity me, see my back” as he begged, ”everybody wey dey here go flog you 50 each before you comot here, you go talk whether you pity for the pvs$y when you dey put your 1 inside the zero” i said as everyone laughed, the marks on his black back was already showing red, belt marks scattered all over, ”Esosa so you mean say if i leave my babe wey high with you, make i rush quickly get something, before i show you go don take advantage of am be that, this nah something wey fit get a nigga killed on Campus, you are even lucky you are my roommate” i told him. I still gats treat your f.up, ”if you can do that to me it means you can kill me” i said, later i just had compassion for his back that already had different colours, ”stand up”, he stood up, still begging, “guy when you reach that house, park everything wey be your own, i no go like meet you when i come back, and deliver the message to your Sweetheart if you see am, cos like this i dash you the babe”, i said.

He was looking like someone who just got mobbed and his boxers was wet, ”Guy you know wetin you go do? Make i annalyse your punishment for you, if possible make them give you book and biro make you write am down, this semester don finish” Chuks said, he continued, ”next semester, when you dey come School prepare hard oo cos everyday Saturday by 5pm every evening, dey bring two crates of beer come here, if you miss any weekend, you are in trouble, you go do am till the semester finish” he added, ”shey you dey hear so?” he asked him, Esosa nodded his head fearfully, ”Nah your punishment be that, if you play with the beer then you are putting your life in danger” Solo said(as everyone laughed), ”guys make una sef prepare well next semester ooo cos every weekend nah flexing, nah only pepper soup we go dey hunt for, Or Capo shey make em add peppersoup join the list?” Hefty asked(trying to be funny as everyone laughed out hysterically), ”No the beer don do, make em save the pepper soup money take pay him School fees” Chuks replied, ”guy you fit go now, shey you don hear wetin dem tell you, if you miss any of the weekend nah you know o, cos i wont be there to beg for you” i said to him, ” shey you need bike fair?” i asked mockingly, ”i no mind” he answered, i gave em 50 box ”upon say you tear my erema kotokoto, i still pay your bike fair” i said(everyone was laughing), ”Ken you nice sha ooo” Flames said (laughing), as Esosa left.

I stayed with the guys till like 6pm in the evening and by the time i got home Esosa had moved out with every of his belongings, we were already through with exams, maybe he had gone home cos he resides in Benin, Benin is like approximately an hour journey from Abraka Delta State, or he must have moved his belongings to a friend’s place, i didnt care that’s his business. Esther had gone too and that was the last time we saw till date, she must have been ashamed for her indecent act and maybe couldnt face me, i hope Esosa must have learnt his lessons too.
Susan stayed back after School too, probably she had plans while her elder Sister had gone hunting as usual. Some neighbours came around that evening after i had freshened up, ”Ken Esosa no be better person ooo”, ”that guy get mind ooo”, ”nah you send those guys make them come carry am?”, ”you tell am make em pack em things?”they were throwing me different questions that i wasnt in the mood to answer(amebo people, i said inside ,mtcheeew ), ”abeg we go yarn later, i wan sleep like this”, i said (trying to stylishly ask them out, instead of being rude, cos the questions were already pissing me off), so they left.
I fixed myself a nice movie, layed on the bed and watched, i just needed to do something that ll take my mind off from what happened during the day. I watched on and didnt know when i dozed off, it was a loud knock on the door that brought me back to

reality, and even when i did i was still lost(the way one gets confused when you get forced to wake up from a very deep sleep), the knock on the door continued, i got hold of myself, stood up with my sleepy eyes, looked at the time, it was few minutes to 8pm, i went to the door ”who’s that” i asked with my very cracked sleepy voice, ”Ken its Susan”, (oh! Susan), i opened the door, gave her way to come in, she did, ”where you sleeping before?” she asked, ”yes” i answered, ”please am sorry maybe i should go, i ll see you tomorrow” she said, (this her coming isnt ordinary, she doesnt come to my room to check on me before, things just changed all of a sudden after that day), ”you have already woken me up, dont worry, i dey forget sef say i never chop” i replied, ”i was just lonely, my sister has traveled to Lagos” she said, (already i knew where she was heading to), ”so you girls stay in Lagos” i asked, ”no ooo, she went to one of my cousins place, we stay in Benin, Aduwawa” she said(trying to cover her sisters a¤$¤$, ” i know that place, i did my primary school in Ikpoba Hill” i replied, ”wow, so what happened between you and Esosa today” she asked interestingly waiting for my response (ooh oo God!, not this routine again, i said inside me), ”the guy f.uped nah, shey you saw everything?” i asked, ” No oo, i wasnt around, but when i came back this evening the gist was everywhere” she said, ”what gist?” i asked in pretence, ”that you guys fought, he slept with a girl that came to look for you, and that you called three guys to pick him up” she said, i couldnt help but just laught it off, ”so that’s what you heard?(laughing), amebo people wan use fake gist break your backbone” i said(still laughing). I finally hinted her first hand how everything went down, we kept gisting and before we knew it, it was 9.00 pm already, i told her i wanted to prepare indomie to eat that i was hungry, ”dont worry, i cooked, rice,beans and Chicken, lemme shower , then i ll dish yours” she said, ”nah wa o, ‘Chicken?’, una dey flex oo” i said, as she walked out laughing.
Minutes later Susan came back, dressed in her nighties, smelling so fresh and so clean with a plate of food with two spoons sticking out of the plate, (my mind wan dey play me like say this girl fit spend the night here oo) i wasnt looking at the food when she came in, my eyes were steering back at her b¤o¤o¤bs that was steering back at me through her nighties, some parts were visible, and she had her key in her hand as well, ”do i lock my door or you are still going out” i asked systematically, ”No” she simply said, i didnt need to bother asking her if she would be spending the night with me, the ‘No’ response had said it all, as i tried smiling i just started hearing voices in my head, ‘wetin dey make you happy now? No be say you wan f¤u¤kk one kind better f¤u¤kk ooo, you just wan dey clear the coast for another guy, guy remove that smile my friend, you go use work kill yourself this night just watch’, i wanted to smile and be happy before, but the voices i just heard in my head changed my mood lightly, cos i knew there was a huge task ahead of me, then i heard

another voice saying in consolation ”no worry today own go different, you go kiss and you go $¤u¤ck enough b¤o¤oby, you fit even fat before morning”, finally i smiled cos that was fair enough, i can manage that, its worth the stress of the day. We ate together, layed on the bed, watched movies till midnight and then …


We ate together, layed on the bed and watched movies till midnight, sincerely my mind wasnt on the movie, as she layed next to me, my eyes couldnt help but gaze at the visible part of her b¤oo¤bs that glowed out from her nighties(if only she knew howmuch i was dying to put my mouth on her nipples, suck them as i listen to her moan, ‘if only’), ‘i tried picturing it without her nighties on, the way it looked when i barged into her room the other day’, all these thoughts were just rioting in my head(babe howfar shey show no go dey today?, that was the million dollar question but i could’nt say it out), but the ‘P’ is where do i start from?, ”guy you better look for somewhere begin touch this girl now, you think say she come spend the night to watch only film?, use your head ooo” my mind said, we where both lying side ways with our faces steering at the T.v, and i was behind her, my Bianpolo was already hard, but i leaned my waist back from her a¤s¤s, so she wouldnt know, ” guy if you continue like this, this girl fit watch film till day break oo or she go sleep off, you better make the first move, see time, its 2.00am already” my mind was gingering me, immediately i gained my confidence back, moved closer to the extent her body could feel mine, placed my hand around her thighs ” are you going to watch this movies till dawn?” i asked(turning her to myself and made sure we were facing eachother), ”am not feeling sleepy thats why” she replied, one of my hand was placed on her a¤s¤s, caressing it up and down, i felt it and knew she had no pant on, and she didnt complain, (na wa for you oo, you just dey dull yourself since, mumu, my mind said), ”howfar with our lectures nah” i asked, she just started giggling hysterically, as she did that, i drew my head close and reached for her lips, OMG!, the way she rushed my lips and almost was chewing it like chewing gum even got me more aroused, i wasnt surprise howmuch of a good kisser she was, she had a bf, acted b!tchy and kept lots of male folks but the fact she was a Virgin all these while was a misery i couldnt comprehend(guy forget that thing, focus jor, my mind brought me back from fantasizing, the way she kissed made me understand i had kept her waiting for it, we were both just silly waiting for who would make the first move.

As we kissed, my hands kept caressin her all over with her eyes

closed as both of her hands were massaging my head, it was a Short nightie, i placed my hand beneath it while i moved it slowly upwards, reached for one of her tits, squeezed as the kiss went on(guy why the rush,take am jéjèly, if you rush enter sex you know wetin you go face nah, my mind warned), i obeyed with alacrity. I took her nighties off and behold steering at me was this gigantic structure of a thing looking at me straight in the eyes(shey nah one person get all this breast?, i asked myself), i made her lay flat with her back on the bed, her tits were so big that they fell to opposite directions, one was facing East and the other was facing west, i located the nipples with my mouth took my time, sucked slowly and gently as one of my hand caressed and squeezed the other, i made switches at different intervals(i swear this kind massive breast over worth yesterday’s stress, even if i no go enjoy the putting of my 1 inside her zero, my mind was hailing me inside, ALL HAIL KING KEN!), I sucked hell out of this booby, to the extent i was feeling tipsy out of excitement while the sound of her moaning filled the room like a perfume over powered the sound of the T.v, as she moaned she grabbed my d!!k through my boxers as she squeezed and caressed it, my D!!k was so hard that it could lift a full bucket of water, she stood up and helped me pull it off my waist(babe am not yet done nah, its not yet time for Drilling 101, i said to myself), i made her lie down back just as i wanted again, and this time from her fore-head kissed her sweetly, nicely and slowly down to toes, every single part of her, as i did that, her moaning became even more louder and she had already gotten more louder and she had already gotten so wet that i could see them come out of her p¤u$$¥,(its almost time for the core course oo,Drilling 101), i sucked some more tits, while she massaged my dick, and when i couldnt take the pleasure anymore i reached for my equipments(my olive oil and versaline, she had given me a wonderful pleasure, it was my turn to reciprocate the favour), ”its time for the 3unit course” i said trying to be funny, but she just smiled, she knew what her job was, she grabbed a pillow and held it very close to her(just incase of… winks), i opened my equipments, rubbed the olive oil around her c¤u¤nt, and did thesame thing with the versaline, then applied it on mine too, and got the drilling job on the way, it was very slippery, i tried thrusting forcefully but gently, as just the tip of my d¤!¤ck went in and out, and kept trying to force it in a little more as she screamed with a pillow stucked to her mouth.

My night with Susan was awesome, with the help of the Olive Oil and Versaline that made her pu$$¥ slippery, i came, even if it was only the tip of my d!ik that was able to penetrate, i couldnt help forcing it too hard when i looked at the pain in her face and the noise she made with the pillow stuck in her mouth, but Damn! sucking a br€a$t as big as that made my night, one word to describe

it ‘awesome’ winks. After that we slept off holding on to eachother like love-birds that were inseperatable, the good thing is that she knows about Salma, she lives next door for crying at loud. We woke up that morning facing eachother just desame way it happened before we had it during the early hours of the night, we started with a kiss again and before we knew it, we had taken the fight to round two. I stayed in School for another five days or so, and we had it every night till i left School for Lag, before i left i knew i had done a good job in the drilling industry, she was still very tight but not as tight as it was when i was hired for the Job.

I got home preparing for the semester ahead that promises to be lots of fun, ”Esosa was going to be our brewery, supplying us beer every weekend, i still hadnt given Sly his pay back, Ebere hasnt called me yet and i ll be needing a new roommate” those were the thoughts i had, in all i was looking forward to a fun filled semester.

When School finally resumed for 2nd semester 200 level, i still stayed back at home for two additional weeks, i did that on purpose, i didnt want to go back while everywhere was still scanty and more importantly i wanted my friends who had arrived in School to miss me, so when i finally come i ll get celebrated like a special guest, i just loved the warm welcome where everyone would want to be around me at that time.

I got to School two weeks after resumption and stayed for another extra week before resuming for lectures, i ll never forget my first lecture for this particular semester, it started in a very crazy way, it was a bad way to resume lectures.
I woke up that day, brought out one of the brand new Jean and wrangler long sleve i just bought in Vespa when i went to get some new clothes for the new semester, feeling so excited like i was about going for my very first class as a Fresher, the excitement was because lots of my female and male friends must have missed me, most expecially my coursemates. I went to the bathroom, had my bath, creamed up, got my new clothes on, sprayed my brand new Mascolino perfume and Big-Attiude body spray, ‘make i go kill them’ so i thought, feeling so fresh and so fly, got a bike and headed straight for Music Department Campus 3, the bike dropped me in front of the gate, they dont allow bikes in, i payed the bike, then walked straight to my department(you wan try bouncing?, i was just feeling myself), i looked at almost all the glasses of the cars i walked pass, (see as i make sense, for my mind sha).
Finally i got to my department and just as i predicted lots of peeps were happy to see my face, guys, girls, my coursemates, i couldnt count howmany girls i hugged, cos i virtually hugged almost every girl that knew me and shaked almost every guy too, i was still in my happy mood enjoying the moments ”oh Kenny you are back in

School” the girls would say with hugs and pecks, little did i know that my party would soon turn sour.
I chilled with my padi of padis in my department (Raphael) with two other guys Eddy and Valentine at one corner of the department, we just sat and gisted waiting till our lecture time, we talked about different things, sports, how we spent our various holidays, drinks, cars and our number one favourite ‘Women'(something wey dey sweet), as we were talking about women and how within the holidays most of our colleagues have changed and how good they looked, all of a Sudden was this georgous looking pretty girl coming from a distance, it was an unfamiliar face, so that made her catch our eyes even more, and we sat one after the other where i was the guy at the extreme end ”Omo who be dis babe?” Eddy shouted(the way guys do when they see a mind blowing girl), and he was the one at the other end, we were all caught and lost in the beauty of this Damsel, we murmured and kept asking eachother who she was while she walked towards our direction, as she got to where we were, walking pass us, Eddy tapped her by the a¤s$ (very stupid boy) and then she had already walked to were i was, Eddy was so smart that before she turned to look who the tapper was he had already composed himself neatly, well perfected, as she turned, she looked at all of us, i was next to her, and the next thing was PKOOOOOOOOOOOOZAAA!,
A slap that sounded like an atomic bomb landed on my face. WTF! TO BE CONTINUED…

The slap landed on my face like an Atomic Bomb, ”!d!ot” she said as she walked away. The sound of it made everyone paused, just like 2pac i had ‘all eyes on me’ , what a way to resume lectures, so after the warm welcome, the hugs and the pecks(the babe just spoil my party sha). It was sincerely the most embarrassing day of my life, the slap was so hot that i got confused, i still sat down and couldnt react, i didnt know whether to cry, or chase her and give her mine back as well instead i was ‘Speechless like Michael Jackson’, sat where i was so calm like the evening breeze.

Where i sat i was talking to myself
”guy what is happening to your life, last semester, you collected nothing less than three to four slaps, today again first day of the semester, you are resuming with a slap, a disgraceful one for that matter, hope say this thing no be swear sha?”, i was busy asking myself,

”Guy, today own go gats different ooo, this particular one wont end like this, enough has got to really be enough”, i was still lost in thought”,

The loud noise of my $tup!d friends awakened me from my deep thoughts,
i stood up,
“Eddy shey you know say nah you make that girl Spurlush me slap?” i asked him with my eyes red like i had just finished smoking one bag of weed,
People were still watching,
he kept laughing, laughing out so loud in a very irritating manner that got me even more exasperated, the sound of his laughter made people still kept their gaze on me,

Another slap again, (WTF!), ‘relax’, this particular slap wasnt for me, it landed on his face, i applied all the full force my muscular hand could gather, and all of a sudden everywhere was quiet, no one could laugh again, not even Eddy,

”Guy i serious dey ask you something you dey, shey you dey crase?, wetin funny?” with my voice so loud as i stood in front of him.
Raphael knew i wouldnt end it by just that slap, he stood up immediately and held me tight, while Valentine was trying to calm me down, the scene drew more attention,

”Guy make una free me eehh!, that babe Spurlush me better slap because of am, una serious dey laugh, una think say e funny?” i was angry, yelling at the top of my voice while Eddy sat down quietly at the spot he was when he recieved his own slap,

”Ken chill nah, compose yourself, nah department we dey o, calm down abeg” Rahael said as he held me tight, other guys in my department came to where we where and was still trying to calm me down.

I still need to put an end to this slap issue, i had gotten enough, i just couldnt take it anymore, begging aint stopping this ish, trust me, my mind was already made up.

”guy come on die it, calm down for wetin? make una free me if not somebody else go buy this fight” i yelled,

”the only way, wey i go fit die this matter be say Eddy go need go look for that girl, i no even wan know how, bring the babe come, make she come apologise to me, for that exact same spot wey she slap me, and i dont f!kking care what he tells her and how he does it, i swear if not i go shock this guy” i said still burning with fury, everyone saw the way i was raging and knew i meant every little bit of what i said.

I forced my way out of Raphael’s grip, pushed my way through my friends and was walking towards Eddy, he heard me yelling, and i guess he must have heard me pop and plain. As i walked towards where he sat, he stood up,

”Bro i dey come make i go find the girl, he said, but i kept a deaf ear like he wasnt talking to me,

I sat at that same exact spot i recieved the slap, as everyone watched(make them tink say nah joke first), watched Eddy as he left the department, while Raphel and the other guys came to where i was, still trying to calm me down, but i just wasnt in the mood to listen to anyone, that apology must come, and it must happen in front of everyone

I was still sitted so quietly like someone close to me died, sighing almost every two seconds, thinking about the embarrassment i just got, it was over fifteen minutes Eddy left and yet still no trace of him,

”Raphael gimme Eddy number, make that guy no go think say i dey joke sha” i said and sighed,

”Val abeg give Ken Eddy number” Raphael said to Val, he brought out his phone, called me Eddy’s number, as i dailed it on my phone, it tried calling him trice with my phone on loud speaker, as Raphael and the others listened, but the dude wont pick, i locked up and kept my cool, and after five minutes, i tried again he didnt pick, i was dailing a Second time when one the the guys with us said,

”See them, them don dey come” i looked up and behold saw Eddy from a distance coming with the girl…

I sat where i was quietly as they(Eddy and the girl) walked towards where we were, everyone at the department that witnessed the incident were watching us like they were in a cinema,

”hi” she said,(jittering),
”hi” i replied, kept my cool waiting for her to continue,
”he has told me everything, you were the last person, after i had almost walked pass you guys, with the way you guys were sitted, i thought it was you, am sorry, i was embarrassed, so i just reacted to how i felt at that moment” she said with her voice shaking, as we all listened,
”am calm now, its ok, i just wanted him to go get you, i didnt know how he was going to do it and i really f!k!king didnt care, i just wanted him(Eddy) that caused the whole thing to bring you here to

apologise to me this exact same spot, it wasnt funny you know” i said,
”please am sorry, he said he tapped me and not you, i really do owe you an apology” she said,
”am good now, am glad you know finally i didnt do it” i replied, ”ok, so are we good now?” she asked,
”yea, ofcourse” i answered, ” so can i go now” she asked,
”yea, why not, lemme walk you down” i replied,

I stood up, confidently held her by the hand, as we walked side by side, i was finally relieved, Alas!, i could breath finally, cos when i initially recieved the slap, i noticed the complication in my breathing, like i was going to choke and with the eyes i had on me, it didnt help matters, i guess it was because i didnt see the $h!t coming,

”soft hands, how come you slap that hard, you almost took my teeth off, innocent boy like me” i said as we walked, she chuckled,
”am so sorrrrry” she stressed, with smiles on her face,
”that slap almost got a Brother killed, do i have marks on my chick” i said as i turned to show her the chick where her slap landed, this time she couldnt help but laugh hysterically,
”you are so funny, whats your name” she asked,
”i for fear ooo, i thought you wouldnt ask, am Kenny” i replied, ”am Cynthia, there is , but just lil” she said giggling,
”are you serious?, that means you ll be needing my address, cos you need to come help me massage it with hot-water” i replied, she laughed out again hysterically,
”is that your department” she asked, ”yes, what about you” i asked,
”fine art, you should be in theatre arts, you really funny” she said, ”you are the one who should be in theatre arts, you wasting your beauty in fine arts, at least i ll be able to watch you on T.v, what are you even doing there, fine art no be just to draw?” i replied,

Seriously she was really pretty, with all the dangerous curves at the right places, ‘maybe the slap was to bring us together, who knows”, she was light in complexion, i was just a little taller than she was, pretty face, mad hips, not to big and not to small boobs as i gazed at it through the top she wore, i still held her by the hand and wouldnt let go, and she wasnt in a hurry to take it off, maybe i used the slap as a yardstick against her, no way am letting her go without getting her number, ‘Hell no’. I was walking her down to her department which wasnt too far from mine, just opposite the school field,

”i just have passion for arts, its what i really want to do” she said, ”so you mean when you wrote your jamb, you indicated it?” i asked,

steering at her and waiting for her answer,
”yes of course, first and second choice at that, am sure it wasnt music you really wanted to do, there must have been a mistake in your admission” she said giggling,
”are you a prophet, how did you know?, you go dey carry first position well well when you dey school ooo” i teased as she laughed,
” i knew it cos its kinda hard to just fill it in your jamb form that you want to study music” she said,

I was enjoying my conversation with her cos we were relating like we ve met or talked before, we just flowed, i knew there was no way she would resist if i asked her for her number, but i needed to do it nicely,

”what level are you?” i asked, ” hundred, you?” she asked,
”two hundred, am your bros” i replied as she giggled,
”bros indeed, maybe i should just start calling you uncle Ken, Uncle Ken!”, she yelled,
”yes granny” i yelled back, she laughed uncontrollably and hit me hard on my shoulder,
”so how did my friend find you” i asked,
” he just got lucky, he met me buying zobo, i got scared with the way he was begging me, that i needed to come see you, thats after he confessed, so i felt guily” she replied.

We had already gotten to her department, i was almost entering inside her class with her,

”its enough nah, or you want to recieve lectures with me” she grinned,
”i dont mind, except you want to give me your number to be sure you are alright” i replied and grinned too

”i knew you would ask me, if my boyfriend catch’s you, he ll break your head” she teased,
”its worth the beauty, Jack died for Rose in Titanic” i said, she laughed, took my phone and dailed her number. Yes!
‘’I ll call u later Miss Delsu’’, i said, ‘’ok’’ she replied with a grin
I blew her a kiss as people around watched and walked away, (you neva know as e dey go, i said to myself), that stunt she just pulled wasn’t funny, ‘if my Boyfriend catches you, he will break your head’ (hope its a joke sha, so i thought as i hurriedly walked to my

department), but i wont be surprised if it wasnt a joke, a girl as pretty as she was should have a bf, expecially in a School as big as Delsu,( guy forget that thing ‘the fact that football has a goalkeeper doesnt mean you cant score’, i said within me, trying to console myself).
I got to my department and all my colleagues were in Class, Mr Okoro our Opera Lecture was already in class, i stood outside with the fear of getting yelled at by the Lecturer, but Suprisingly he asked me in which was a very unsual thing, i guess he was glad seeing me for the first time of the semester.
Since i resumed i have neither seen Tina nor Salma, at least i was lucky they werent there when that Sholly slapped me, it was better they heard the gist than witness the incident, it would have been more embarrassin. We must have been missing eachother in School, maybe when i had classes, they didnt and when they, did i didnt.
After Lectures for the day, as i walked with Raphael to the school gate i had to make a few calls, firstly, i called Salma
‘’Hello Baby you ve really not had my time shey?, howcome you have not bothered to see me since i came’’ i attacked her,
‘’Baby stop naw, i have been busy trying to prepare for my presentation and all that, i ll spend the night with you tomorrow promise’’ she replied,
‘’ wait! Wait!! Wait!!!, whats that sound am hearing, who’s touching you upstairs there, ok so you think i wont know?, myhrt is showing red light and it means danger’’ i said, she couldnt help but kept laughing hysterically for a long while, and when she got hold of herself she replied, saying
‘’ its been a while i laughed, have missed your funny attitude, who
be that wey go touch your thing wey no dey fear,
‘’oya shout it 3 times ‘ken i love you’, i persuaded, she did,laughing
her ass off,
‘’i believe you now that no one is touching you, alright take care’’ i
‘’so Baby you mean you wont tell me you love me too’’ she asked
still laughing,
‘’i will, but till we see, your thing, that one thing, that sweet thing is waiting to tell you itself’’ i replied, as she was busy laughing i ended the call.
‘’guy you stupid ooo’’ Raphael said laughing as well, i had already dailed Tina’s number there was no time to reply him, as she picked i started yelling on the phone

‘’Honey, Sweety, Sugar, Salt,
Maggi’’ i said, but she was busy laughing,
‘’can you imagine am callin only one person all these sweet names, and all she does is laugh, you cant even answer anyone, you want make i vex’’ i asked,
‘’No’’ she replied still laughing,
Raphael was busy listening to my conversation with her and was laughing too,
‘’ok am giving you another chance, if you like dont answer me, you ll
see what i ll do to you’’ i said, i yelled again
Me:Honey Tina:hmmm Me:Sweety Tina:hmmm Me:Sugar Tina:hmmm Me:Maggi Tina:hmmm, Me: Pepper Tina: (laughing) Me: Curry
Tina: (still laughing)
‘’so you dont want to answer the rest’’ i asked jokingly’’, ‘’kenny thanks, how are you ?’’ she asked,
‘’my dear have been seriously sick, forget the fact have been joking, am dying like this’’ i replied as i faded my voice,
‘’are you serious?, whats wrong’’ she asked sounding so serious,
‘’my dear i got diagnosed o, the doctor said am suffering from TINA- JAISTIS, and if i dont see you,i ll die o, am shaking like this sef, he said you are the cure, please where are you biko, delay is
dangerous’’ i replied,

She couldnt help but burst into laugher, Raphael was almost spoilt my conversation cos am sure even Tina could here him laugh out loud,
‘’Kenny i swear you must be sick’’ she replied laughing,
‘’ thats what i just told u nah, abi i tell you say i well?’’ i asked,

‘’you got me scared initialy, am a lil busy, you know its final yr tins,
she replied,
‘’Choi, myheart oooo, delay is dangerous ooo, i didnt say so oo, it was the doctor ooo(coughing), Tinajaitis ooo’’ i said with my voice shaking,
‘’Kenny i swear you be really character, have missed your funny attitude’’ she said,
‘’ are you coming to cure the sickness or not’’ i asked with my voice shaking like one who’s shivering,
‘’ i dont want you dead, i ll come and cure you’’ she said, ‘’today shey?’’ i asked,
‘’lemme see if i ll be spending the night’’ she replied,

‘’Omg, am blushing, thats the sweetest thing have heard this year from the sweetest girl have seen in Delsu, muuuah, sexy girl’’ i replied, as she was busy laughing i ended the call.
‘’guy so you dey jonze like this?’’ Raphael asked laughing
‘’dey there nah, you think say dem dey do Shakara for p!!$y?, no jonze nah whether you go see zero wey you go put your 1 inside’’ i replied as we both laughed and took a bike home.
Raphael stopped at my place, said he wanted to chill with me till it got dark, we got home, i asked if he was hungry that i wanted to prepare Indomie and egg, i had all i needed, stuffs i brought from Lasgidi cos i just resumed, i spueezed a lil change from my purse and bought 2 crates of eggs( freshings things till owuu show face, Abraka people go say nah ‘e don red’), i didnt need to go to Mama Èki’s shop not to far from my house, as i went to the Kitchen to cook he sat close, he engaged me in a conversation, it went like this
‘’guy this one wey you take time come back when you escort that girl, e sure me say u don collect her number’’ he said, i laughed and then replied,
‘’Me? I dnt do such, wetin i wan use the number do?, i asked

‘’oga park well, i know say you never forgive that Girl,
‘’My Brother am not God, only God forgive sins, i dont, am mortal
thats why that slap wont go unpurnshied’’ i replied, ‘’i talk am’’ he echoed,
‘’Bro that babe go pay with her Pu$!$¥, i go make sure i draw her oil so real, i go do anything to settle the score’’ i said, he giggled and replied,
‘’you go fit so?, the Babe make sense die o’’ he said,
‘’ i go clear your doubt, when i Spurlush the babe i go let you know’’
i replied,
‘’so how do you intend doing that?’’ he asked,
‘’guy no dey interrogate me(i yelled), you be Police?’’ i asked
‘’all you need know is that i ll do it, i dont know how but i must Spurlush am, change the matter abeg, no bring am up again expect you wan bet, no matter how a woman fine reach somebody dey yanssh am, no be person dey fuck Omotola, Genevive, Nadia
Buhari’’, calm down’’ i stressed.
We dragged the issue till i got tired of him, he ll find out soon, since he couldnt believe, it must have meant the Girl was really Pretty for him to rate her that high that i couldn’nt do it, even me too, i didnt knw how but ‘if i no do am make i know y’.
I dished out our food in different plates , we ate and talked more, and before we knew it we had both slept with our plates next to us, i guess it must have been a stressful day.
It was a knock on the door that woke me up, i stood up to get it, it was Tina , i urshered her in. I Looked at the time it was past 6. I woke Raphael up, introduced both of them, he stayed for a little while , told me we where going to see the next day. That was so thoughtful of him at least he was there when i made the call that i was sick, it was a good thing his brain worked that good,
‘’guy shey before tomorrow you go don dey alright?, no carry that
sickness come School ooo, shey if you take the drugs you go well
instanly?’’ he teased,
‘’nah instantly i go well, i go come sha, that is if take the drugs the normal dossage’’ i replied, laughing as i shot the door behind me, i waiked towards Tina drew her up from the bed where she sat, i give her a very warm hug and held on to her for a while as i hailed her,
ABRAKA LIMITED”, I said, i still continued,

‘’Omg! See love and respect, nah your name start the name of the
company while my own
Dey the end, who dash me, make i put my own for front, shey i no
dey fear’’ i added, she started the usual thing laughing hysterically,
‘’so am the only one with that name, from international to Abraka’’
she asked,
‘’you ve gone far and wide, you are everywhere’’ i replied ‘’ then why is ur name dar”, she asked,
‘’its a way of compensating you, for savin my life, its not doing anything on the companies name, nah just body guard tins, make no1 look for troubie’’, i answered,
I took her to the normal joint not far from the house, Flex Bar, i loved it when she was high cos it changes the tune of our Sex, she got wilder. I called for one of the attendants,
‘’bring me one 1 big Stout and one Gordon’s Spark and two plates of peppersoup’’ i said.
She did, after we took that, i said i wanted another bottle and a plate of pepper-soup, she said she wanted another too, we took another round, it was getting late so we had to leave, there was curfew back then and it starts by 8pm, i payed and we left.
We got home and as we entered inside, i held my chest,
‘’my heart oo, the sickness don increase’’ i said.
I held her firmly, pushed her slowly against the wall, held her by her tits, as kissed her gently, i reached for her bottons on her top, unbottoned and took it off, drew her a lil towards me and reached for the hook in her bra, unbuckled, as we kissed on, i unzipped her trousers, drew it down and helped her take it off her feet, reached for her pant too and pulled it off,
‘’Kenny have missed you’’ she said in a calm tone.
Thats not the time for talk, i dnt do such, we have all the whole day to tell eachother that, i covered her mouth with a kiss, she helped me undress too, i still held her by the wall firmly, as we kept kissing i placed both hands on her br€@$t, and tickled her n!mpl€$, and after a while, i held her by the hand and took her to the bathroom…
We got to the bathroom,
‘’oh my shower cap’’, she voiced out, went to her bag to get it while
i waited patiently like a perfect gentleman.

She came to join me, i bathed her like a lil Baby and she did thesame to me as wel, i sucked her boobs for a while. She leaned her back against my body, then hands stucked on her b’oo’b$, as we allowed the shower drizzle on us like it was raining, its been a while i did something crazy, having it right there in the bathroom wouldnt be such a bad thing, have had it in the Kitchen before with Salma, sex on the bed was just the usual thing, i wanted to explore something new.
As the shower was dropping on us, i turned her facing me, my reasons for us getting high was because i loved how she gave it to me crazy and wild, so i didnt want to allow the highness waste, my hands firmly placed on her tits as we kissed, she kissed me with lots of passion and energy like my lips was her dinner, with her eyes closed like she wasnt going to open them again, i kept tickling her n!pp|€s with my hands as i squeezed and tickle at intervals.
I pushed her against the wall, raised one of her legs up directing my finger into her Pu$$iatus, the first thing i felt was her wetness, i caressed my finger slowly on her c|¡toris, as the sound of her moaning filled the bathroom, i fixed my finger into Pu$$iatus as i thrusted it to and forth, she grabbed my Piankantus, held it tight and massaged it, when she couldnt take anymore she pushed me against the wall, knelt down and reached for my Piankantus with her mouth, as she placed her warm mouth on it, i felt the electricity down to my brain, i closed my eyes like one under annointing, she kept the movement of her mouth on my dick down and forth like she was going to devour it, as a hungry Lion would to its prey, she spat on it severally and then kept the movement of her mouth on it, she used her tongue to tickle the tip of my Piankantus, the electricity made my body jittery.
When i had gotten too much and couldnt take anymore of the excitement, i had gotten to my Climax, i was in Paradisé, i had to bring her to the level i was.
I picked her up and leaned her against the wall just the same way she did to me, the shower was still on, but i had reduced it, i knelt down and parted her legs open, located her <|itoris with my mouth, like she had already gotten into estacy, as she moaned louder with both of her hands massaging my head, i sucked placed my mouth on her Pu$$iatus and tickled it with her tongue, i felt it as her legs and body were shaking as if she was having an electric shock, one of my hands was placed on her mamary gland squeezing and tickling her tips.
I stood up, rushed quickly to my bedside and got two sachets of condom, she still leaned her back against the wall, with her eyes closed, massaging her bosoms.

I raised one of her legs up as she stood with the other, i raised it in a way i could insert my Piankantus for penetration, she had climaxed already as i could see the discharge, i tore one sachet of the condoms open, cluck click, rolled one on my Bianpolo, inserted it slowly, as she made the usual noise all girls make during sex
Her p¤u¤$$¥, gave me a tight but slippery grip, i kept thrusting to and forth slowly, and then increased my pace of acceleration, as i kept thrusting she kept making that same sound, (that sound dey blow my mind, e dey make me know say she dey feel me), the sound of her moaning filled the bathroom and my ears, the sound was sweet like the birds singing in the morning, i kept thrusting varociously but when i noticed her leg on the ground was shaking and couldnt carry her anymore, it meant it was time to change the formation.
I closed the Water Closet, sat on it, with my d¡kk still hard and pointing upwards, i wanted more, she sat on it backing me, as she whined her waist on it judiciously, she kept it going down and forth and after a long while i stood up turned her, made her bend with boths hand placed firmly on the W.C.
I could see the Obosiasis steer at me from the back between her legs like it was asking ‘is that all you ve got?’, i replied within me ‘’just like Peak Milk, its in me’’.
I inserted my Piankantus from the back, took off her shower cap, dropped it on the floor, grabbed her by the hair (shey nah me you dey ask ‘is that all have got?’, lemme show you, i said inside), i thrusted varociously from the back, with my hand firmly placed on her hair, and was riding like i was on a horse, thrusted and at intervals whined my waist slowly behind her, like i was using my di<k to draw a circle in her Pussiatus, she kept moaning aloud and didnt bother about her hair, it took a while as i kept thrusting fast before i finally came.
I took off the condom, threw it in the w.c and flushed it, then we had another round of bath and then went to the bed.
We still had a long night to go,
‘’this one nah part one’’, i said within me, she placed her head on
my chest, then a hand on my D!<k.
She placed her head on my chest, a hand on my d!kk, and while i was hoping we could hit another round, gathering my energy together, she slept off.

Around 2 pm, she woke up to pee, and as she came back, i rushed her ‘delay is dangerous’, we had it thrice before dawn, She got up very early, had her bath, got dressed and asked me to see her off, i got something to put on, walked down as we had a lil conversation,
‘’thanks Baby, am ok now, you administered the treatment to me perfectly’’, i said, she giggled,
‘’what did you call the name of the Sickness again’’ she asked,
‘’fake doctor, how can you forget the name of the Sickness you just cured a patient from’’ i asked, shaking my head,
‘’what is it jor’’, she insisted, ‘’TINAJAITIS’’ i replied,
‘’so what causes it’’, she asked,
‘’it happens when Kenny hasnt seen Tina in a long time and for this whole Delsu nah only me fit get the disease, thanks for curing me’’ i replied,
We laughed, i stopped her a bike, told her we ll see in School, watched as the bike zoomed off and headed back home.
I was geting prepared for the day’s Lecture, Cythia came to my mind, ( how i go take Spurlush this girl, guy no let her beauty frighten you, you are capable, i said to myself), i brought out my phone, dailed her number, somehow as it began to ring, i find myself frightened for no reason,
‘’Hello, goodmorning, Cynthia here’’, a lovely voice answered me at
the other end of the phone,
‘’hey Cynthia, goodmorning its Ken, how’s your night’’ i asked, ‘’fine, please which of the Ken’’ she asked,
‘’wow, so we plenty, this particular Ken was the one you slapped
yesterday’’ i replied, she laughed out,

‘’i was just pulling your legs’’ she replied, ‘’i wanted to see if you are alright’’ i said, ‘’thanks Deary, i am’’ she replied,
‘’hope i ll get to see you today in school, maybe we could hang out and do stuffs, or probably lets do lunch together’’ i asked fearfully. She laughed, i was wondering what was funny before she said,
‘’you want to take me out for Lunch, my boyfriend will break your
head o, well my time table says i ll be busy today, but you could
come around my department when you are less busy’’ she replied,

‘’alright, till then, am preparing for a class now, take care’’ i told her
and hung up.
(E be like say dis girl like me, or shey she dey pity me base on the Slap?, i asked myself).
I got set, went to Susan’s room to ask her how i looked, but her door
was locked.
I got to school, had a few Lectures, i really wasnt concentrating, the thoughts of Cynthia were going through my mind, i called and asked if she was busy, she said they were free at that moment, so i hastened away to her department.
I took her to a restuarant opposite campus, got two plates of food, we sat directly opposite eachother with just the table seperating us. I just sat, kept quiet, didnt touch my food, all i did was gaze, i made it very obvious that i was steering at her, just appreciating this Jewel of a Beauty, i steered at her pretty eyes, face, lips, the hands, her bo!!obs through her top.
She became very uncomfortable and then, she asked
‘’Ken, why are you steering at me like that’’
‘’What does it take for a guy like me to date a girl like you’’ i asked.
The question sounded like a Dynamite to her, she dropped her spoon, looked round, trying to see if the people around heard what i just asked, then kept her gaze, we were steering at eachother eye ball to eye ball, for like three minutes she was quiet, and then when she pulled herself together, she asked,
‘’Sorry, please what was your question again?’’,
‘’what does it take for a guy like me to date a girl like you’’ i asked
I knew she was thinking of what to say and i doubted if she had an answer,
‘’wow, i dont even know how to answer that question sincerely, but please, why did you ask me that, she asked,
There was no time to start asking her why she answered me with a question, guess she hadnt what to say,
‘’for no reason i find myself scared to talk when am with you, i get intimated by ur Beauty and most times, ask myself if i could really have a girl like you, it hasnt happened to me with any girl, you make me run out of words’’ i said,
I could see it all over her, she was blushing like hell, so i continued,

‘’i just get lost in ur Beauty, sometimes i get tempted to ask, if probably made yourself, cos i guess you must ve taken lots of time to Beautify yourself to the extent if you really take a good look at yourself, am sure you would’nt want to date anyone, except yourself, so you could give the best things to yourself, i wish i had you, so i could keep you safe and make sure you dont have to stress yourself’’
She couldnt say anything, all she did was gaze,
‘’Cynthia, you Beautiful’’ i added,
‘’wow thanks’’ she replied with a huge smile on her face, then i asked again,
‘’what does it take for a guy like me to date a girl like you’’,
‘’Kenny we just met yesterday, i think its too early to ask me that’’
she said,
(you never know as e dey go, i go enter any extent to make sure i put my one inside your zero, even if nah to turn my Ramsey Noah on, i said to myself). Did she just say the question came too early?, no p, i ll give it time, but i was sure i could take this girl to bed, anyone who watches Ghana movies ll be familiar with Nadia Buhari, she had similar looks, same skin complexion but the facial beauty was different. I am a very fair guy, but loved the Chocolate skin girls, since i was flashy, i went for the cool colour, Chocolate and Beautiful, Cynthia was the very first flashy girl that caught my eyes.
I didnt bother wanting to know if she had a bf or not, that would taunt my chances if she said yes, so its better she kept it, if they were that serious, she wouldnt have allowed us go do lunch together,
‘’alright, tell me about yourself, i asked, she had gotten back her grip and had started eating again,
‘’Am Cynthia, from Delta State, Isoko to be precise, from a family of six, two boys, two girls, then Mum and Dad, and you?’’, she asked, i told her mine and asked,
“what are the things you do for fun’’
‘’well, have not really done much cos my parents are very strict, am the kind that doesnt leave the house, i hardly go out, i guess this is my opportunity to start having fun,
If it was so, she just made my job easier. When a guy sees a very very pretty girl that knocks him out, he gets scared of walking up to her with the fear she might embarrass you, but have noticed they are the ones earsier 2 talk 2 cos lots of guys are scared walkin up to

them and they realy want to see the confidence in a guy who could break the jinx, i knew i ld get her.
I remember her telling me she was a fine art student, she is in for a shocker, cos i just got a plan to blow her away and i hope it works.
‘’hope you wouldnt mind to come around my place this weekend” i
‘’whats happening at your place?” she asked back,
‘’maybe we could do stuffs, like go swimming, lets just try nd catch fun’’ i said.
I wasnt sure about what i just said, but i know if she truly had a boyfriend, she would resist going,
‘’on one condition” she replied,
I was on tenterhooks to know, i rushed her immediately,
‘’what condition’’, i asked almost immediately

‘’that you are going with me to Church this Sunday’’ she said, ‘’my fellowship ll look for me, i play the Piano for them’’ i said
‘’wow, you even play for a fellowship(laughing), which of the fellowships’’ she asked,
“Winners’’ i replied,
‘’wow, Big Boy, well thats the condition, if you cant then forget the
outing’’ she said,
‘’and what fellowship is that’’ i asked, ‘’Believer’s Love World’’ she replied,
‘’(Oo ooh God!, c condition sha), ok i will’’ i said, “we have a deal then’’ she replied,
I became relaxed with her and after a nice conversation, we headed back to School.
That at home, as i busy waiting for Salma, it crossed my mind to send Cynthia an sms, it read,
‘Oh Loving night, please give me Cynthia, and when i shall die, take her and then cut her out into little stars and then place her up in the Sky, cos she ll make the face of Heaven so fine, that the whole world ll be in-love with nights’. U BEAUTIFUL
Not too long i got a call. PAGE 35

I knew it was Cynthia, i picked it up,
‘’Hey Baby whats up’’, i asked,

‘’am fine, thanks, i got your message’’ she said, ‘’hope you like it’’ i asked,
‘’its nice, thanks’’ she replied,
‘’alright see you in School tomorrow, sweetdreams’’ i said, ‘’alright you too”, she replied.
I hung up, but when i was busy talking to Cynthia, Salma’s call was on call-waiting, i tried calling back, she wouldnt pick, then later not too long, she called back and asked if i was home, that she was on her way, and that she cooked and was bringing mine, it was the first time we were spending time together for the semester.
30mins after she called, i heard a knock on the door, i went to get it, it was Salma, looking so hot, she was putting on a nice top that griped her body and a very short tight skirt(as in over short wan kill the Skirt), i was gazing at her
Like it was the first time in my life i was seeing her, from her hair, boobs, tommy, maddd hips, i was steering at her and forgot myself to the extent i forgot to tell her to come in, i finally did. She was just busy laughing at me, then asked me as the Ladies ll always do when a guy is always steering too much,
‘’Ken what?, why are you steering at me like that like you ve seen a ghost’’, she asked(laughing),
‘’Babe wait oo, you mean all these things are my property?’’ i asked,
She just kept laughing, and one thing about Salma is that she laughs alot, sometimes even when we aint talking, she could just look at me and start laughing, and if i ask her whats amusing her, she ll say its me, how?, she ll be like everything about me makes her laugh.
Since she had already turned her laughing gas on, i kept talking,
‘’how many people whistle, or shout excuse me when you dey come, with all these things wey you carry’’ i asked, my laughing Jackass was busy laughing on the floor,
‘’sometimes i just feel all these your properties are too much for me, one day, me and you go dey this house, robbers go barge in, if them ask me my money or my life, i go say my babe, see load(touching her boobs and hips), nah wa o, God are these things not too much for one person’’, i said,

She kept laughing hysterically, coughing almost wanting to choke, i still continued,(shey you know how to laugh), i knelt down like i wanted to pray, held her hand, with my eyes gazing at the celiene,
‘’Father God, is not like am complaining, i cant express how grateful i am, please dont let this cup pass over me, i want to keep the cup’’ i said,
Her laughing increased, She was laughing with tears in her eyes, jumped on me, sat on my belly and then covered my mouth with her hands,
‘’Kenny please shut up, dont talk again, my stomach is paining me”,
she said, still laughing.
She held my mouth for a long time, made sure she stopped laughing before she finally let her hands off, lied on me and reached for my lips with her mouth, we kissed for a long while, then she said,
“I swear have missed you, i just came and havent stayed up to
5mins, and have been laughing, i miss your funny attitude, Silly’’ she
‘’so you ve turned me into your personal comedian shey, everytime you miss my funny attitude, didnt you miss this one(i frowned my face, held her hand on placed it on my Piankantus)’’. She started another round of laugh again,
‘’whats funny now? You dont know that is the number one thing you are suppose to miss?’’ i asked with all seriousness, my Salma wont stop laughing but she was able to say she was sorry and sealed it with a long wild romantic kiss(you know what i mean).
My night with Salma was just off the hook, it was awesome, and i had gotten use to her laughing attitude, she was just fun to be with, sometimes i mock her and tell her shes suffering from
‘’LAUGHINGJAITIS’’ and i was the cure.
I woke up in the middle of the night, grabbed my phone and sent Cynthia another text, that read,
‘’Hun, i woke up in the middle of the night just to check on you, this is me covering you with a blanket, with a peck on your chick and saying sleep on Sweety’’.
I was really looking forward to our outing that weekend, i had already started picturing her in those sexy bikinis, watch the water roll down her beautiful light skinned body, the looks on people’s face when am seen with her walking side by side with my hand holding hers, how playing in the water would be like, the fun we
would have together ‘omo nah Saturday sure pass’ i said to myself,
it was Salma’s voice that brought me back to reality.

I had to save myself from the hillarious questions of why i was awake or if something was bothering me, i just cuddled her close, kissed her with my eyes closed with my hands caressing her tits.
That morning after i saw Salma off, got back, had my bath, i was in a haste, i had 8.00 clock class, and as i was trying to lock my door, my phone began to ring, It was Cynthia, i didnt pick it, i knew she wanted to talk about the text i sent her in the middle of the night,
‘’Babe i ll talk to you later’’ so i thought,
As i was about picking a bike, my phone rang again, i checked who the caller was, already thinking it was Cynthia again, but behold it was Ebere, the call i have been waiting for,
‘’Erema whats up’’ i asked,

‘’Bro, i have gotten the details about the Sly guy ooo, she said,
‘’Ok, lets do it like this, i ll call you after my class, cos i have it like right now’’ i said,
‘’alright no p’’, she replied, then i hung up.
Before i got to School Cynthia had given me another 3 missed calls, i had to quickly send her a text that i was in a class and ll call her as soon as i was done. I made it to class before 8.00 clock, cos those Lecturers in that department, they can be so mean, you could miss a whole lecture for coming to class five minutes after the normal time.
As the Lecture was going on i got a text(my phone was always in vibe mood whenever i was recieving a lecture, to save my phone from getting seized) i checked it quickly, it was from Cynthia that read,
‘’so you really got up at night to send me that, Lol, thats so sweet, call me when you are through with class’’
After my first class i made a few calls, the important ones.
Firstly i called Ebere back, got the details, Sly lives at Kings lodge, second room by the left, he’s always around at the weekend, and he was a Pirate, i asked if some other Pirates live there, she said just himself and the roommate and they are both Pirates. That isnt a mission i would go alone, i have a plan and i ll have to tender it before the Brotherhood, but it ll be spearheaded by me cos it was my personal payback to my offender. I asked if she had briefed Capo(Chuks) about it, she said she had done that and he instructed her to give me a briefing.
I noticed since i resumed i hadnt seen Susan my next door
neighbour for quiet some time, in order to be my Brother’s keeper, i

dailed her number wanting to check on her, She said she had been with her boyfriend since she resumed but she ll be home fully that evening(so i don open the thing the guy don dey flex the Obosiasis, or maybe its a new catch, just a wild guess).
Then the last person i called was Cynthia, she was so excited to hear my voice, i started getting a mixed feeling she was really getting to like me and meanwhile i was just trying hard to impress her and get her to bed, (maybe its time i change my mindset, she seems to be a nice girl that hadnt really seen things, done stuffs, maybe her true freedom was her admission, what if she was still a Virgin after this whole stress, guy focus jor, she had better worth it, no be say when i finally succeed reach dar, i go come find out say nah blocus wey big pass my own she carry, or make the thing no get grip, i fit hang myself. I was just lost in thoughts)
I really didnt have much time to spend with her cos i was busy with lectures, from one to another, but tried seeing her before i left school that day.
When i got home, after i had showered, eaten, as i was busy relaxing getting prepared to hang out with the guys that night to strategise how the mission was going to be like, i thought of what to do with the Sly guy, maybe cut his hand off, chop off one or two fingers, i just kept wondering what to do to him, i thought of the men i would love to go with, who were down for whatever, maybe Solo, Flames, Hefty and myself, these were men that had made a name for themselves before i got my admission.
I started a recap of the Scene that happened, how i he slapped me disgracefully in public, did i really deserve it?, what was it i did that warranted the slap, i thought about how i helped his so-called Girlfriend in a carry over exam she had, and how he appreciated it in return was a ‘Slap’ for a thank you, i did good, he payed me bad, the more i thought of it the angrier i became.
I went to 1 of my traveling bags, searched for a sim card i kept there, which i used once in a while whenever i need to send a text and avoided getting reached back.
I wrote out Sly’s number on a plain paper, fixed the sim on my phone, typed out a text, all in capital letters, that read,
I sent it and took out the sim, dumped it where i always did. The incident became fresh on my mind again, and i know he must have forgotten about the incident that had ran into months and i was

sure stepping on my toes wasnt his first, he ll find out who sent him that text soon. I was moody, i needed to smoke up and clear my head, i got something to put on and was headed to Grammar School to see dem Guyz.
I got there, but unlike other times no one was outside, i opened the small gate and went in, they we seated in the compound smoking, i asked why they werent sitting outside, Perry said they heard Police came a day before to raid Hemp Smokers not too far from the house that they ve decided to keep the smoking thing a low profile by doing it within the compound for a while, so i joined the cue, i needed to clear my head and as well get some sort of Inspiration before tabling the matter at hand.
As i was siping my Ganja and feeling myself, Chuks asked,
‘’Ken i teh Ebere make she call you, shey una two don yarn?’’,

‘’Baba nah y i show, make person reason as e wan take be, nah bursting things nah shey?’’ i asked,
‘’I don teh everybody here already, so wetin you get 4 mind to do the guy’’ he asked,
‘’I swear if i talk say i know like this i dey lie, nah em i dey reason for house since, anything wey the guy c make em take, so nah which men dey with me’’ i asked,
‘’Flames, Hefty, Solo, Perry and Samba(pointing them as everyone was listening), including yourself, una be six like that, una go dey in twos, Flames and Solo, make una follow the back passage, Perry and Samba go knock the guy door like gentle men wey come visit person, then you and Hefty go dey front passage, cos if you dey among guys wey go knock, e go cast things small, when dem knock and em(Sly) or em roommate open, Samba just raise ur shirt up show am ur Bull(gun), then the rest fit dey show in twos from back, then you and Hefty show from front, una don burst them like that, six armed men against two, then Ken fit do am wetin em want, nobody gets hurt, you guys must come back here to me, the exact way you went there, if the guy dey fear blood and he is ready to pay for his sins, match em down here, you guys ll do it on a Saturday
evening from 7.30’’ Capo analysed in details, he continued,
‘’the question now is when’’ he asked,

‘’make we run am upper weekend’’ i pleaded,
‘’person wey get mission don lamber, so guys keep that in mind, any questions?’’ he asked,
‘’Ken wetin do dis weekend’’ Samba asked,

‘’make we just use 1wk take dey pull ourselves together, Baba Ebere fit dey do some more digging for us’’ i answered, putting my observation to Chuks.
We finally agreed to make it the following weekend, i had an outing with Cynthia that weekend, i just wanted to be relaxed and focused, so that when am with her, my mind wont be on other things, i was ok with the analyses Chuks gave, the idea i had wasnt even close to gud compared to his, they’ve been in the game a long time before i did, they ve been runing crazier shows, i guess this Sly ish would just be a piece of cake.
Finally i could put my mind at rest, i was just sorry for him(Sly), he doesnt knw the kind of truck that was about to hit him, ‘i go like see that hand wey the B¤a$ta¤rd take slap me and i ll like to see the
look on his face when he sees me’.
I remember whisperin to his ear that he was going to get my message, he must have forgotten about me and would have counted me weak and would have as well added me to his list of people he has publicly assualted.
As i was smoking i was really feeling good, we kept gisting, cracking jokes, teasing eachother and laughing, i got carried away and before i knew it, it was past 9, i decided to spend the night there, i could sleep in anybody’s room.
‘’guy where you dey dey on Saturday’s since you resume’’ Solo
‘’Bro nah rehearsal things ooo’’ i replied,
Everyone was laughing out loud, i was wondering if i was high and what was so funny about the question,
‘’wetin dey make all of una dey laugh now’’ i asked with curiousity,
They kept laughing(all these guys don mad sha, they must be fucking high on some ganja shit), not until someone relieved me from my strainous thoughts
‘’your padi wan use beer kill us nah, u wan try drink?’’ Perry said,
‘’So Esosa dey carry beer come here tru tru? I tink say nah play Capo
dey o, nobody even buzz me’’ i replied,

‘’BUZZAMENTUS, you buy credit for anybody phone?’’ Flames asked,
as we just laughed it off.
Then i remembered i needed a roommate, so i brought the issue up, but deep down it was Solo i wanted, he had the attitude i liked, i was closer to him than the rest, maybe i ll tell him personally later and see what he thinks, (no be the kind one wey go come tear my babe Obosiasis again).

I slept in Chuk’s room, i got lost in thoughts thinking about Cynthia then sent a goodnight text that read,
‘’I peeped from my window and steer into Space, suddenly i saw the Stars come together to form your pretty face, that sweet face gave the Sky a beautiful look, you gave me that Smile that makes my Soul glad and then asked me my wish, i said i wish i could be with you tonight, hold you tight and kiss you till the morning light, but too bad my wish cant come true today, sleep well Honey’’
Mins later, my phone began to ring while i was still going through the text i sent.
‘’My Princess how are you doing’’ i asked,
‘’Am fine, just got your message, its lovely’’ she said,

‘’I ve been thinking about you, i just had to send it, except you want me awake all night’’ i said,
‘’(laughing), stay awake doing what’’ she asked,
‘’Thinking about you ofcourse, at least have been able to pour down a lil of my mind of how i feel right now’’ i said,
‘’alright, thanks anyway” she replied,
‘’I hope you like it’’ i asked, i wanted to know if i was really getting into her,
‘’i do, thanks’’ she said,

“you like it or you love it?’’ i asked again,
‘’Ooh oo God, ok i love it’’ she said hesitatingly,
‘’OMG, the finest girl in Delta State, Agbani sef dey learn were you dey, you just made my night’’ i said,
‘’Kenny, abeg goodnight’’ she said(laughing),
‘’alright see you in School tomorrow’’ i replied, ‘’Sweetdreams’’ she said and ended the call.
After talking with her on phone, i had a big grin on my face, i was feeling like i was in love, as in so in love, i guess i was f¤kkin high on weed, it must have triggered up my emotions, but even if she had really made me fall for her, it wasnt such a bad thing, who wouldnt fall for a Beauty as that, even the Birds and trees would sing her praise, while Angels would bow at her Beauty, she was that Beautiful, was i really falling in love, i ll find out soon.

I was busy thinking about Cynthia the way have never done before, i was begining to wonder if i was still hunting for her Obosiasis, falling for her Beauty or maybe i might just end up dating her afterall(just lost in thoughts), and before i knew it i had dosed off without even knowing how or when, i just woke up in the early hours of the morning, got home, i was preparing for School wen i had a Knock on my door, it was Susan,
‘’Babe whats up, when did you come back’’ i asked,
‘’Have you forgotten i said i was coming back yesterday evening? I
checked on you, you werent @ home, you didnt sleep here last
night abi’’ she asked,
‘’I got bored with no you to talk to, slept in a friend’s place at Grammar School area’’ i replied,
‘’one of your many concubines, i trust you’’ she said, ‘’Babe, relax, nah one of my guys’’ i said,
‘’Ok oo, so you got bored or you missed me?’’, she asked(walked to where i was and stood right in front of me as i was putting my top on),
‘’its desame thing, if i tell you am bored, it means i missed you, so you ve been with your boyfriend, the one i know or a new racket’’ i asked with curiousity,
‘’new guy, he’s been asking me out a long time now, i broke up with
that other one’’, she said,
‘’Babe wait ooo, which time you resume wey una don begin date, this nah the third week of resumption’’ i asked with surprise(e don tey wey dis girl wan spoil),
‘’it was during the holidays he asked me out’’ she replied,

‘’am set for Class, we go see when i show, this one you are still on your nighties no Lectures today’’ i asked. It was desame crazy nighties she wore the last night we spent together d previous semester, part of her gigantic b+oo+bs were bulging out, she was really looking sexy, she was a fine girl though, nah height just fall her hand,
‘’i thought you said you missed me’’ she leaned on her toes to catch up with my head, as she dragged my head down with her hands and reached for my lips, i got stunned by the kiss, so i had to make a decision(to¤to and Lectures, guy choose one, abegi na toto sure pass, lecture can wait, no be just one class i go miss? Shey nah just to collect note copy, i had made a choice, as we were kissing, guy face this thing, i said to myself),

I reached for her nighties and took it off, she wasnt even putting on a pant, meaning she was horny before she came, the conversations we had were just mere disguise. I reached for her Boobylashly with my mouth, as i sucked one, i squeezed and caressed the other and changed my mouth at intervals while she was busy trying to unbuckle my belt, looks like she was finding it a lil difficult, so i paused and undressed completely, with clothes littered all over, we were even stepping on them(something wey i suffer iron, see wetin p**$¥ dey cause sha), we kissed our way to the bed, i did my usual kissing and licking from head to toes thing, as i did i saw her dripping out juice from her Obosiasis, she turned me down and made me lay with my back, spat and sucked my Piakantus(guy which day dis girl begin wild like this, i was talking to myself), when she had sucked me bad that my d!!k was so erected pointing straight to the celiene, as i was about trying to pull her over and reach for the usual versaline and olive oil, she sat on me with my Piakantus stucked in her Obosiasis, no shouting, no sign of pains, there was grip but this time a lot different(Eeegwo! Kweke!), she whinned and moved forth and down accelerating on my Piakantus, i was shocked, she gave me more than i expected, it was obvious she had used the holidays making herself feel good, the babe just cleared my doubt, i had to relax and enjoy it.
I relaxed and enjoyed the ride, i just allowed her sit on me all through as i watched ger wined, she really took me by surprise cos i wasnt expecting what i was seeing, at least i expected at worst, a slight sign of pain, after a while i came, i really didnt enjoy the sex the way i would have wanted to, cos all the while she sat on me boucing, i kept wondering how all of a sudden she had become so good.
After the sex, i left her on the bed, headed for the bathroom to shower, so i could get ready for School, i just applied the Soap on my hair alone, it wasnt long i showered, at least to smell fresh, then allowed the shower pour on my head, as the water of the Soap ran down my body, I use my hands to wash up quickly with my eyes closed,
I was almost done when she walked into the bathroom naked to join me(ooh oo! Which kind wahala be dis nah, make this babe no lemme use anger f!!k am oo, i said to myself), She leaned her body against mine with her gigantic boobs pressed against my chest, while the shower poured down on us, She was carrying the Anita Baker kind of hairstyle, i was just watching her from her head down(one short thing, hahahaha, though Beautiful, i said inside, as stupid as i was, i couldnt keep the laugh inside, i tried controlling it, somehow it just echoed out),

‘’why are you laughing”, she asked curiously,
‘’i just remembered that day i barged into your room when you were creaming up, and everything that went down that day, it was crazy’’ i lied, she found it funny and joined me in laughing, (abi i for like tell am to her face say nah her height?, e go red for me be that nah)
I bent my head down and reached for her small red lips, placed both of my hands on her b¤¤b$, caressed and squeezed them gently and tickled her n!ppl€$ at intervals as we kissed, i bent a little more and reached for her b¤¤b$ with my mouth, sucked one and kept caressing the other and exchanged at intervals as she moaned lightly while her hands were rubbing my head all over.
She bent down, reached for my Piakantus with her mouth, i reduced the Shower, making it drop very slowly, directed it pouring down on my d¡<k, as she sucked it to and forth, damn!, that shit was crazy, i could feel the electricity all over me as i felt my legs virbrate, the way she sucked it brought different sounds, maybe cos of the shower pouring on it(so this is what this girl has been practicing since, so i thought), sometimes she clunged so deep like she would swallow it, my d!<k was standing so erect and hard,(guy if you leave this babe, she go continue thinking say she dey lick Lolipop ooo),
I grabed her by the hands and jinked her to the wall, with her hands placed against it, made her bent her back to the position i could see her Obosiasis from the back, with my d!<k standing big, strong and reliable like Union Bank, I inserted my Piakantus from the back, started with a Slow thrust and after a while, increased the pace, but the slippery wall wouldnt allow us enjoy it as her hands kept going off from the wall cos of the shower that has poured on the tiled walls,
I moved her to the water Closet, slammed the cover close, while she placed her hands on it, with her back bent, i searched for her p¤$$¥ with my d!<k, inserted in and brought it out again completely at intervals, then finally placed my hands on her shoulders, then penetrated, i thrusted slowly at first and then when i had felt the grip of her c¤nt on it, i increased the acceleration, as she echoed,

I made it faster just as she requested, as the sound of her moaning filled everywhere,


On and on the sound went, i paused at intervals, and danced my waist behind her, as my d!<k rolled in a circular form inside her Obosiasis, as she kept her moaning going slowly, she kept getting wet and getting dry.
I sat on the W.C, with my d!<k still erected hard pointing upwards, then she sat on me with my one inserted inside her zero, facing me, as she bounced up and down with her eyes closed, i grabbed her gigantic b¤¤b$, i leaned forward as i placed one in my mouth, sucking it and caressed and squeezed the other with my other hand, as her hands were placed on my shoulders, she massaged my head at intervals with her eyes closed, as the sound went on
(I swear this girl nah nympho finally, so i thought). The initial cold water on our body had become warm, it has turned sweat, as she sat on me and bounced, i was feeling the signs i would come soon, as i had one of her b¤¤b$ in my mouth,
I carried her up, her legs wraped around my waist, leaned her back against the wall, kept my thrusting very fast, after a while, when i felt the signs of me wanting to come, i droped her, grabbed my dick, and allowed my sperm to come out slowly, i held and released at intervals, as we watched it dash out like a bullet from a gun. I went to the Shower, turned it on completely as it poured on me, then she joined me.
We had our bath and then she went back to her room. I took my time to arrange the room, why the haste?, when i was already late for School, I dressed the bed, got something else entirely to put on, then took a bike and went to School.
That night after School, I and Cynthia did Xtra Cool, getting to know eachother some more and also talked about were we would meet, (Girls!, we agreed initially she would come to my place then we ll go together, she just wanted me to beg my ass off), so i begged, pleaded and persuaded, i was able to convince her still after a long argument.
‘’hope you have a swimming vest or bikini, i asked’’,
‘’i bought one recently, after you told me about the swimming thing” she replied,
‘’so you mean you dont have before?’’ i asked,

‘’i do but i dont have them here, left them at home, have not gone swimming in School here’’ she said,
‘’why?, you just decided not to or what’’ i asked curiously,

‘’no Guy has succeeded in taking me swimming, its just the normal outing, eatery stuff’’ she answered,
‘’(laughing), shey nah fear abi how?’’ i asked, ‘’I donk know ooo’’ she replied,
‘’seriously that day i was telling you about the swimming thing, my mind was beating fast, you should have noticed my mouth was shaking, i was scared too’’ i said,
‘’really?, of what’’ she asked, ‘’dont worry’’ i said,
‘’Hope you ready’’ i asked, trying to wave the question off and jink into something else but she wouldnt let go, she kept her tenacity on the question, she asked again,
‘’Ken, tell me, scared of what?’’
I paused for a while, thinking of whether to answer the question or not,
‘’Ken, scared of what naw’’ she asked again persuasively,
I was already regreting why i brought the topic up, cos i wasnt sure if she really was into me or saw our friendship as just platonic,(well for her to allow me take her swimming means she likes me, i concluded),
‘’Scared of your Beauty, i dont know, i was scared you would say no or wouldnt want to hang out with a guy like me, you very Beautiful, its not my fault, even when i talk to you on phone or when we are together, i get cautious of the things i say, so as not to piss you off, i just get to compose myself’’ i stressed,
She kept quiet for a long while and didnt say anything,
‘’Cynthia, are you there’’ i asked, ‘’yes, i am’’ she replied,
‘’so why where you quiet’’ i asked, ‘’what you just said’’ she replied,
‘’what about it’’ i asked, anticipating her response,
‘’am i that Beautiful for me to do all that to you, well i like you alot, you good looking too, i wonder if you ve ever thought of that, have noticed something about you’’ she said,

‘’please what is it’’ i asked with curiosity,
‘’you look down on your self-esteem’’ she said,
‘’I wonder how you would have felt, if i had come to you and start praising myself about how good i look and the nice things i could do, wouldnt you have looked at me like one proud and selfish
ba¤$tard?’’ i replied,
We spoke at length and at the end of the night, we had gotten to know eachother even better, we agreed we would go for the outing by 12noon and come back late in the evening,
Finally after the call, i couldnt sleep, i was just eager to go out with her, i couldnt wait, the Girl was just knocking me off my defences, i was going gaga, for real no girl has made me feel that way. I had given her my address already at night when we talked, i just got prepared, arranged a small bag that had my swimming pant and a few other things i ll be needing.
I couldnt eat, i tried eating but the food wouldnt pass, i was feeling very awkward, like a teen who was about to have his very first date and expecting his very first kiss, i kept steering at the clock at intervals with every little time i had, it was surprisely slow to me, i sighed whenever i glanced at it and it wasnt near the hour mark (Choooi!, Woman!, Woman!!, To¤to, something wey dey sweet, if nah Church now, i no go dey observe time like that ooo, mtcheeew, smh), i was just restless.
Finally it was 12, but she didnt show up untill about some minutes to one, she called and asked me to come out, i did, went out held her by the hand and walked majestically side by side feeling like a Super Star, some of my neighbours were inside the compound, some were washing, while some hung out drinking, smoking and gisting making loud arguements, as we walked majestically into the compound very slowly, everyone paused,
“Jesus! Ken who be dis babe’’ one of my loud mouthed
neighbourrs(Alex) exclaimed,
‘’Oga calm down” i replied, as we walked into my place, i got my bag, locked my door, held her by the hand, Susan heard the noise of guys shouting, as she came out, saw Cynthia, you could see the glaring look on her face like one just hit by a truck
‘’babe whats up nah’’ i asked, as we both walked out holding hands
like two love birds, with the guys who kept shouting.
‘’Kenny Baba, we hail ooo’’
Myself and Cynthia couldnt help but laugh hysterically as we marched out.

PAGE 41 ”Wow!, you look astonishly Beautiful” i said, as i stopped and took a good look at her again. She wore a nice top, well griped to her body, and a nice short stretch tight skirt bringing out her curves, a nice pair of shoes and a Ladies big hand bag to match, as well as a nice make up. It was her first outing so i wasnt surprised with her looking that good, now i understood better why my neighbours were shouting. I wasnt bothered about Susan seeing us, we aint dating, if it were Salma, my heart would haved skipped a bit, with my legs shaking inside my pants cos she was one girl i didnt want to loose, i doubt if i would be able to face the wrath, i just couldnt play the faithful boyfriend thing, at least for the record she thinks i am, as long as i dont get caught, then am good to go, at least if i must cheat, it has got to be someone prettier than my current girl, its worth it, i ll only be killing my self-esteem if i cheated with a girl below her, so even if she would break up with me, she would have to put her thinking cap on and be like ‘is that other girl better than i am?’, i was down for whatever, even if any of her friend’s catches me, when they her tendering my case before her, they ll be like ”OMG!, Salma i saw Ken with one Beautiful girl today, you need to see her, the girl is really fine” At least thats better than, ”Salma that your boyfriend is a he-goat, he doesnt see women with his eyes, you need to see the disgusting thing i saw him with today, the girl is not even worth cleaning your shoes”. I knew a twist that wouldnt tarnish my name would be in the story if am caught, so i was f!kking relaxed. ”thanks, you look good too, your haircut suits you” she replied back my compliment, ”you are certainly the finest thing have seen today, hope you have your swimming vest with you” i asked, ”No, i wont swim” she replied, My walk step changed, the pace reduced, ”you kidding me right?” i asked soberly, ”I was just kidding, lets go” she replied laughing as she came back and dragged me by the hand, ”you almost gave me a heart attack, e for be like play i for collapse for here, me that didnt sleep after we talked at night, i couldnt even eat till now” i said very calmly, ”why” she asked with curiosity, ”cos i was looking forward to our outing, not like i wasnt hungry, just that the food wouldnt pass, with the thoughts of you on my mind” i replied, ”this is serious, am feeling like a Queen” she said, as we laughed it out. Finally this is it, another p is that i know i wouldnt be the only one that wants her, i knew there would be loads of other guys, i just hope we both have a fun filled day and at the end she doesnt get me into any sort of trouble, ‘me sha no go like make one guy from nowhere dey come tap current in the name of teaching her how to swim when i dey there, make something stupid sha no happen’. We took a bike and headed for Abraka Resort Centre, as at that time, there werent much places one could go, if it wasnt the Resort, then it was Mudi Beach. We got there, i payed the normal gate fee for us both and we entered like

couples, my hands firmly rested on her waist(like this i dey let guys know say make them clear road, this Erema na my own, nah me bring am, military zone keep off). The place was jam packed, filled up with Students, as we walked inside looking for where to relax and then change into our vest, i got a tap at my back, i turned around with Cynthia and behold standing before our eyes were Eddy and Raphael, ”Bad-man-tin” Eddy Shouted, i hailed back while we shoke and did the guys kind of hug with our shoulders hitting eachother.
After the pleasantries, i returned my hand back to Cynthia’s waist(show off things, i was indirectly passing a message to Raphael like ‘nah the babe wey you tell me say i no fit enter be dis o, we for bet nah’), she was calm and relaxed, you ll think we are dating, and she had that Flashy look that glitters in the Sun that you dont get satisfied with just a look at her, you ll want to take another look and another look again, and when people kept doing that, they were hiping me since we just glued eachother as we walked, and she was really shy, she was just all over me, as she grabbed me tight by my arms, ”so nah here una dey come flex every weekend, una go just enta without letting una Manche know abi” i asked them, ”park well jor, Cynthia whats up” Raphael asked, ”am fine, Eddy hi” she said, waving her hand to him like she was saying bye-bye, ”hi, Oyibo vs Oyibo, you guys look good together, are you guys dating” Eddy asked, I knew were he was driving at and nah falling hand to me for Cynthia to tell them say we be just friends, i dived into the question before she could say anything, ”Guy go ask V.C, anyhow we go see later, make we reach front, i gave him a wink, as we all laughed, shoke them, and then we walked away At least it was better like that for me leaving them with the puzzle to crack. ————————
PAGE 42 She held me by the arm, as we walked away from Eddy and Raphael, ”God!, Ken, can i swim in front of all these people, they are sooo much” she said, stretchin the ‘so’ in the ‘much’, ”there’s only one way to find out” i replied with a smile on my face” She clunged on me so tight as we walked, looking for where to Chill first, i was almost becoming shy myself cos anyone that steered at us, always took another look. We finally got where to sit, ”lemme hold you, put your hands around me, you got me going crazy girl turn me on turn me oo o on, Yea, that song of Kelvin Little was jaming very loudly as we watched people dancing, drinking, eating, swimming, I drew her head close to mine, then spoke directly to her ear, ”so whats next, do we get something to eat and drink or get changed first, maybe we could do that later i asked, ”you are the one who needs to eat, i did before i came, she said, ”lets just change, we ll get somtin later i replied, I lost appetite for food completely, i guess i was just over xcited about our hanging out, i had been looking forward to it for days now, ”Ken lets go get something please, am here now, so you wouldnt say the food cant pass” ”i go sand you now, what re u feeling like” i said jokngly grabbing her by d hand. We walked to the Ladies bathroom

for her to change, while i waited outside, observing the environment. After a while i got a tap at my back, i turned around and behold i was stunned by what i saw, i couldnt say a thing, my mouth was just wide open, she had a white shower cap on, she was puting on a pink bikini, the top was no different from a bra, with the other parts of her very fair body exposed, she tied something that looked like a Scarf around her waist, with part of what looked like a pink pant showing inside, Dammmmnnn! She was really awesome, i was lost already, i felt the increase in my d!<k, a nigga was just carried away by the Beauty that stood before him, i had to bring myself back to reality before my Bianpolo embarasses me, her body was wet, like she had washed up in the bathroom, her body glitterin like Gold inside the hot Sun, ”how do i luk, this one u re just steering at me like that” she said, ”I swear i 4got myself, you look(paused for some seconds) Amazing Cynthia” i said finally, ”thanks” she replied, ”so whats next” she asked, ”lemme change too” i replied, I placed my hand around her neck(one mind), we walked back to where we were before, she sat down, while i went to the males bathroom to change and had a quick shower, then came out. I wore my swimming pant, then wore a beach 3quater ontop, with the rest part of my body exposed, came back to where she was, another guy was already engaging her in conversations( Oooh God, who be all this one again, wey wan pour sand for person Garri, i said as i walked to where she sat). The guy’s eye was read like Zobo, it was obvious that he was high, ”as you can see, my boyfriend is here, thats the person have been waiting for, she said ”guy abeg no vex, the babe sitdown alone” he said(stretching out his hand to Shake me)” ”nothing does you guy, i hail” i replied”, then he walked away with a bottle of star in his left hand ”he was asking what to get for me, his mouth oozing so bad of alcohol” she said, ” A fine Girl, sitted alone all by herself what do you expect” i replied(giggling) ”nice body” she said, ”thanks” i replied ”are you swimming with your 3quater on” she asked, ”i wont but be careful with your ears looking downwards” i replied as we both laughed, I took it off, arranged our bags and kept them were i could clearly see them from where the swimming pool was, then she held my arm as we walked to the pool, her head bent facing the ground shyly, ”can i swim in front of all these people” i asked, ”there’s only one way to find out” i replied my question(lolz), She hit me a little by my shoulders. We got to the pool, stood and watched, then i saw a spot we could chill, ”can you swim” i asked, ”there’s only one way to find out” she replied, pushed me into the pull, as i stumbled into it, then joined me later. It was fun, swimming playing, pouring eachother water, i was guarding her from other guys like a bodygaurd, blocking them like a defender who was avoiding an opponent from scoring a goal in a football match. After like an hour or so of playing in the pool, sitting at the edges at intervals with her resting her hands on my laps, she opted to go get us something to drink and eat, i insisted on going

with her, but she said one of us had to watch our bags,(the babe wan just flaunt wetin she get sha), i allowed her. I told her to get money from my bag but she said she would take care of it that i shouldnt worry, so i locked up. I sat at the edge of the pool, and after a long while, she hadnt returned, i went to where the bags were and begged someone who sat close to help take care of them as i went looking for her.

I went looking for Cynthia, lots were just going through my mind, (shey she forget say she keep a Nigga waiting?, or she has been held down by another guy?, or that guy i met her with has stopped her again?, if i eventually find her left me waiting and was relaxed conversing with someone or stucked in some other Guyes table, i ll just go get my stuffs, off am home, i hate rubbish, i had concluded within me).
As i was searching for her, i had made up my mind for Plan B, just
incase she f’s up, and Plan B was when i get home, i ll call Salma or Tina up, try and get my groove back on, Susan would give me hassles but i know if i sweet talk her well and press the right buttons, i could still spurlush her, i see her as a nympho. I just knew she was upset cos even if we aint dating i saw some atom of jealousy boldly written all over her face when she saw me with Cynthia.
Susan made me understand a few things about Virgins, that there are Virgins who are truly novice, there are Virgins who are just looking for the opportunity to Spoil, there are the ones who have done lots of crazy things a B!t<h would do but still have theirs intact cos the guy who handed them wasnt just man enough or strong enough to handle them, She was one of the spoilt ones amongst the the company of Virgins, at least she was my prove that some Virgins musnt love you before giving their Virginity away, little wonder some Guys ll say ‘’virginity is lack of opportunity’’.
I went to where they sold drinks and meat, she wasnt there, went to stand in a Spot where i could take a wild look at everyone, my eyes gazing all over, no one seem to look like her, i would have tried calling her but our phones were in our bags, i look straight at the pool stretching my neck from where i stood, she wasnt back either(see gobe sha) if this was some sort of joke then its an expensive one.
I took the other route, pressing through crowd, my eyes moving from one end to the other, hoping i would see a light skinned Girl in a pink Bikini and a white shower cap on, yet there was no trace of

her, it was geting to over 15/20 minutes, i was beginning to get exasperated, wondering why she opted to go alone.
Finally i heard a voice from afar that sounded like hers,
‘’Please leave me alone, you are hurting me’’ the voice thundered,
I was wondering who would be hurting someone in public, i located the spot were the voice came from and i was like (oooh oh God!, this cant be happening), behold it was Cynthia, with a weird Guy holding her firmly by the hand,
‘’I have told you am not leaving you except you tell me your name’’
the weird guy said,
‘’i ve been looking all over for you’’ i said, talking to Cynthia,
He was putting on a red singlet and a blue jean, eyes red like Zobo, black lips, then holding a can Stout in the other hand, i knew this was trouble himself, just what i had been avoiding, her hands were already red, you would know he had held her hostage for a long while now,(dis 1 mean business oo).
‘’Bros abeg free her hand, i use God beg you’’ i said gently(make
person no punch my eye)
‘’please help me tell the fool oo’’ Cynthia added,
‘’where dis one come from, i know you? Guy who you be?, abeg jazz out from here’’ the weird guy said,
‘’guy nah my babe you hold like that so, free am abeg Bros’’ i said
‘’guy clear road, if you no want make men lie you down now now make you collect, you just come here from nowhere, abi you high?’’ he said arrogantly,
‘’Bro, i waka jeje come here, see you dey hold my erema for hand, dey even beg you make you leave am, you begin tell me say i go collect, guy code your lamber, no repeat that thing again, no lemme vex abeg do well, free her hand’’ i replied angrily,
I reached for his hand trying to drag it off, but he kept his grip even harder(people just wahala sha),
Our drama drew the eyes of many, but people prefered watching rather than get involved, with the guy’s confidence i knew he wouldnt be alone, they should be more behind his confidence,
‘’nah me u dey tell make i do well? (rushed his drink, dropped the can on the ground) thunder fire you, (doing the waka sign in my face pushing my head backwards with his hand),

That got me infuriated, i punched his hand off hers, stood in- between them,
‘’e clear say you don high’’ i said,
He slapped me on my bare chest,
‘’guy i swear men go lie you down now now now, you go collect for here life Live’’ he thundered,
Cynthia held me by the arm, begging us to leave, it was just right fighting there, before i knew it one, two, three, four, five guys had showed up,
‘’Timber wetin dey happen for here?’’ they asked the weird guy

‘’see this guy dey come here come punch me for woman wey em no know before, dey claim say na em babe, i swear this guy go collect for here live’’ he said, as he ran out like one going to get something, while one threw a punch to my chest
‘’guy jazz down there
‘’Guy i say make you jazz down there, you dey mad?’’ another said, grabbing a chair and landed it on my head, i tried using my hands to block it, and when i did, i got hurt, i felt the pains around my hand,
I was getting more infuriated with every little time that was passing by, but there was nothing i could do, taking six guys on who might probably have weapons somewhere would mean, signing my own death warrant, Cynthia was in tears, she held one by the shirt begging for them to stop, i was sure the weird guy went to get something,
The crowd was getting larger with some peeps climbing chairs to get a glimse to what seem like an interesting movie, they were busy watching a Block Buster movie in an open cinema, this certainly wasnt how i planned my outing to be cos what seem to be a fun filled day for us had turn out to be a black day, our date had turned sour and messy, filled with annoying drama, right before my very eyes these guys had already crashed my party.
I remember hearing lots of stories of how very pretty girls got niggas into trouble, but never knew i would face desame fate, as a matter of fact i had been avoiding stuff like this, she just wanted to flaunt her Beauty and now am paying for it, i started wishing she had stayed back while i did the buying, or if we had gone together one would have eluded the calamity, and watching her cry hurts even more.
As the rest were hitting me trying to make sure i went down, the weird guy showed up carrying an Axe in his hand, when the crowd

saw him they gave space, i just cant believe this $h!t was really happening, using me as show off, a guy i knew i could handle if it were to be a one on one bout,
‘’guy you still dey form hard man shey?’’ i say make you jazz down there this man’’, he slammed the axe on my head so hard with the flat part, as it landed on my head with full force i felt a burning pain in my head,
Raphael and Eddy came, joining the crowd, they were scared of coming close,
‘’nah Ken and Cynthia oo, nah Ken and Cynthia ooo, wetin happen’’ i
could hear the mummur,
Raphael’s house was next to Chuk’s, he had his number i was sure, he gave me a sign with his hand, which i understood to be ‘guy nah wetin happen?’, jew man wey no fit come close, how to i explain from here i thought, there wasnt time for that, instead i gave him a sign i thought he would understand, i placed my hand on my ear like it was a phone, then said the words ‘call Chuks for me’ like i was whispering.
I was taught never to go down for anyone, it was part of the O.T(ORIENTATION) i got, Cynthias cry had increase, they kept hitting me to make sure i went down, She held the weird guy by the singlet,
‘’please leave him alone, why are you doing this?, ok my name is Cynthia, shey you want to know my name?’’ she cried out,
‘’nah now you wan teh me your name abi?, una go just dey do anyhow sha, you see as life dey be, nah desame me wey you dey call fool so you dey beg, abeg free my singlet, tell am make em jazz
down, if not em go collect till em pass out for here’’ he replied, he
was feeling himself, show off things,
‘’Ken-nn-ny ple-ea-see go down, before they kill you here for me, am begging you with God’s name, ple-ea-see’’ she pleaded with her voice shaking, crying her eyes out, siliva dripping out of her mouth,
Seeing that gave me a second thought about considering the offer, the tears in her eyes was like a knife pierced to my heart, i noticed i hadnt seen Raphael and Eddy, and i was preparing inside he understood the sign i gave him, if not nah dying things.
The weird guy kept hitting on the ‘fool thing’, he just wanted to
humiliate me in front of her and enjoy it to the fullest,
‘’guy i say make you Jazz down there’’ he thundered, slamming the axe on one side of my Chick so hard with the flat side again, this particular pain was severe, i bent my head down with one hand holding the just slammed chick trying to bear the pains, when another dirty slap hit the other Chick by another guy

‘’guy you stubborn ooo, or you want make men begin dey cut you, Jazz down there, if not the mending go pass like this oo’’ he said,
‘’Kenny please go down’’ Cynthia said, her cry kept increasing, i
became numb, out of anger i voiced out,
‘’If you believe yourself guy, make we run am one on one’’ posing my statement to the weird one, but another flogged me a chair and i heard part of it break, i couldnt take anymore,
‘’you get mouth to talk’’ the weird one said, hitting the axe on my head lightly, maybe it was the sharp part, i felt blood dripping, i touched my head, it had busted open a little, he was laughing, Cynthia had cried till crying couldnt make her talk,
I was anticipating running into the crowd, maybe reach for my bag,(Chuks on my mind) but i was surrounded, still hitting me trying to make me go down, when i heard gun shot, i heard people running,
‘’una dey mad?’’, a familiar voice said, it was Chuks, who had showed up with an entourage.
When i heard Chuk’s voice, i felt a huge relieve down my spine, (so Raphael understood the sign i gave him, i said to myself), i owe him one big time, Dude just saved a Nigga from getting really badly wounded.
Cynthia was already in panic when she heard the gun Shot, before i heard Chuk’s voice i thought maybe it was one of the weird guys people, cos my head was down, when they were dishing out beating to me, trying to make me go down.
The sound of the gun shot made them pause, when i looked up, Chuks was with like 12 guys, that included the men of men, i call them my own Justice League, Solo, Flames, Hefty, Perry, Samba, Mountain D and others, every one had a bag around their shoulders, i was certain when Raphael called he must have told them i was been beaten up by 6 guys, so they came fully prepared,
When Chuks saw my face, he shouted in slangs, and was like
‘’wetin be this?’’ pointing a gun to the weird guy’s head from where
he stood,
‘’make una collect that axe from dis guy’’ he thundered,
Everyone had brought out their weapons, Solo, Mountain D, Hefty and Flames, had their guns in their hands, Mountain D and Hefty walked up to the weird guy and collected his axe, with both a gun pointing to his head and naval,

‘’all of una make una go down, before i release groundnut(bullet) for
person body,
As them see gun, they all went down, una neva see anything, the crowd had disappeared, they watched from a very very far distance, i even hadnt recuperated from Sly’s Slap, now this beaten, my confidence came back, Cynthia was still crying,
‘’guy you wan kill me ontop my own babe wey i carry come, you burst my head, because she no gree tell you her name, you hold am tight for hand, turn am to your hostage, sotey like gentleman i even dey beg you make you leave am, just like that you and your men dem don mend me anyhow, pray say dis market wey u just buy, say you go fit carry, guy you do me anyhow, i swear you go see anyhow’’ i narrated,
I told Raphael to take Cynthia away, cos i didnt want her to see what was next, i didnt plan it like this for her to know who i was, who knows, with a Girl of her Calibre it might be over, but she wouldnt go, good thing she had started crying.
The manager and workers of the place close, trying to plead for us to take it elsewhere, but when they saw guns they backed down, it started there, it was going to end there,
‘’Bros no repeat that thing again, where una dey when dis guyz dey mend my Boy’’, Chuks yelled at the manager with his eyes red,
‘’am not going anywhere, i was right here when they started beating
you up for no reason, Raphael leave me alone dont you touch me,
look at my hand’’ she shouted, as Raphael was trying to drag her away from the Scene, she stretched out her hand showing off where the weird guy held and squeezed her, it was so red, different from the rest of her Skin.
‘’Raphael free am’’ Chuks ordered, so he left her,
She sounded like she wanted to see the weird guy pay for his sins, i was cool with that.
I took part of the broken Chair that was used in flogging me, everyone was watching, wondering what the f¡kk i was doing, i drew a very big circle, went to where the weird guy knelt,
‘’guy shey you been dey ask who i be, make i tell you’’ ‘’Rugged you, tell am make em know’’ Solo Shouted,
‘’Nah me be Rugged Ken, Desert Tormentor, full Rugged B_a_k A_e’’
i shouted, i dragged him into the circle in his own slang,
‘’Jazz up, make we run am one on one, oburu onu cho cho
cho(meaning, no be to make mouth),

Everyone watched, it was just my way, if i knew i could take an offender one on one, i ll do it, and the guys really loved me for that, all they needed do was watch my back, no weapons, no broken bottles, just fist for fist, it was what i even wanted.
He was finding it relunctant to fight me but who gives a f!¡ck, after my injured head and bruised face, i wanted pay back and i wanted it my own way, i went very very close to him, my face right in front of his face
‘’guy you dey fear to fight me?, nobody go touch you” i said, and immediately i landed a headbutt in between his nose and lips, with all the force my head could gather, and his top lip tore open just i was taking my head off,
The sound of it made everyone shout, he held his mouth, but who cares?, i rushed him with punches immediately, i love the first attack in a fight, infact it wins my fight for me, he was already bleeding profusely, i didnt bother about the other guys that joined in beating me, the theory of the whole drama thing was propounded by the weird guy,(who even dash am timber?, mtcheew), we got the fight on the way, i rushed and punched as hard as i could, while he threw his too in defence, this fight has got to be from start to finish, one person has got to quit, and i was sure, it wouldnt be me
It was survival of the fitest, Battle of the strong, a taste of strength and endurance, the two men were slugging it out, one was fighting for Survival and the other was fighting for Vengeance, at the end of it all whoever wins was going to gain alot of respect from both either fighters as well as the spectators watching.
I was still burning with rage, as the fight went on, the flashes of getting slapped so hard with an axe to the chick, getting flogged with chairs, getting bullied and intimidated, getting slapped and punched at, the blood that rolled slowly from my head down and the most annoying part of it all watch a girl i took out cry loudly in public for no justifiable reason rang in my head like a bell, yes!, it was me fighting for vengeance, fighting to pay back everything i went through that day, knowing i wasnt fighting for just myself alone, but for Cynthia and the brotherhood that stood and watched, i dare not disappoint them, even if its going to take the last drop of my blood, if i couldnt win, i knew i would die trying, but deep down with the rage i had inside i knew i would live up to expection.
The weird guy was bleeding from the mouth profusely, the headbutt had really devastated him, loosing lots of blood was already getting him dazed and that gave a nigga an upperhand, but i didnt stop, my well of pity or sympathy had gotten dry, there wasnt a single drop of water left in it, i was still focused, ‘its vengeance or nothing more’

‘’Ken show am say you rugged, say we no be dem say, dem say, or
by mouth’’ Flames thundered,
‘’let dem know say your own no be water, you enter bush’’ Chuks
thundered his,
And before i knew it everyone was dropping a line after the other, it was like an additional strength to me, just like in a football match when you have the whole supporters shouting praises at you,
I added more force, watched his hands very well, gave myself good timing before i threw punches with both hands at intervals, with all the force my hand could gather, tried at different times to reach the already injured mouth with punches, that made him bleed even more.
To my surprise, i heard an outburst of tears,
‘’Kenny please its enough, its enough please’’ a familiar voice cried
out from the spectators watching,
It was Cynthia, girls and their soft heart, not too long she was crying for me, now shes crying for the weird guy, (isnt that awkward, so i thought), but my heart was as hard as steel, i was even acting like someone was talking to me, this was one of the reasons i didnt want her to be there, i continued,
I had beaten the weird guy to my satisfaction, with my hands stained with is blood, but men would always be men, they didnt want to stop the fight, they wanted a situation were he would voice out he had had enough. For me i went into a fight where the brotherhood were spectators and i ended up quiting, giving up or surrendering to my opponent, i was as good as dead, there was a huge consequence for that, i ll rather die in that fight or pray it comes to an end somehow than quit with my mouth, maybe it was desame thing he didnt want to do cos i suspected he was better ranked than his friends who were kneeling down and watching, so we kept the fight going on but i had already done justice.
‘’wetin dey happen here?’’ a loud voice came from behind,
He pushed his way to the middle with like six to seven guys with him. I had seen that face before, how bad news flies, i wonder how he got the news, he was a Capon of another Brotherhood which the wierd guy belonged to, we had had a war between eachother before, were both Brother hood had to meet for Peace talk with both Capons coming together to shake hands while others watched, that was how i became familiar with the face.
I stopped when i saw him, not because i was scared, but for respect, to be number one for anywhere no be beans, normally to even carry first for class no be beans. They came fully prepared incase it balls

down to something big, but i was sure with the information they got, it was obvious they didnt come for war either. He walked to were Chuks Stood while the rest stood in the middle were we ve been doing battle, they talked like matured men and Chuks called myself, the weird guy and Cynthia close, as everyone gathered around, asked Cynthia to narrate what happened, she did(crying), i narrated mine too, the weird guy’s Capon(dnt wnt to say the name of the frat for security reasons) asked him if it was true, but he couldnt answer, he slapped him so hard even while he bled and was like they ll tidy em later, he apologised but Chuks said they had to pay for damages, so he agreed and was like we should all go to a bar at campus 4, Chuks agreed.
Cynthia and I went to where our bags where, and she was like,
‘’Ken take me home’’,

‘’with my bruised face?’’ i asked,
‘’Ken if you care about me take me home’’ she said,
Did i just hear her say ‘’if you care?’’, sounds to me someone is in
love. . PAGE 47
She went to change in the Ladies bathroom, i changed back into what i wore when we came where i was waiting for her, She got back, arranged what she bought for us into her Big hand bag, she was so quiet, she wasnt saying anything, and i was quiet too, i just felt she was angry, and would start avoiding me, it wasnt part of the plan for her to find out who i was like this,
“$h!ts happen, when they do, flush it’’ so i thought,
Lots where going through my head, ( she might see me like some sort of a dangerous guy now, i tried to make sure she didnt watch what she watched, but to no avail, she was too stubborn to leave, if she sees me as a bad guy , am cool, at least what i did was good, call me a Bad-Good Boy, i knew i had the good side of me, ‘every good girl would like a bad good boy, someone they were sure confident of’ i flattered myself.
The reception between us was still quiet as we walked to get a Bike. She told the Bikeman to take us to Campus 3. We finally got to a Beautiful hostel with a black gate, i could see the Predigree call from where we stood, it was a walkable distance from there. As we got down, i jumped on the bike quickly,
“i want to rush home, clean myself up and meet up with my friends”
i said,

‘’ok call me when you get home, and please do something about your head before you go there’’ she replied,
‘’alright i will’’ i replied,
The bike zoomed off while she stood outside and watched me leave, and as we left i turned my neck back looking at her, then did the phone sign with my hand on my ear i was like ‘i ll call you.
As the bike was on its way to my place, i had flashbacks and voices in my head,
‘’guy forget that babe like you, shes not been in a situation like this
before, she was quiet because she just didnt know what to say, i
recaped how i went searching for like a lost treasure in ‘Ultimate Search’, how i was beaten, the fight, and smiled severally about it, my mind told me she must have been blown away, but i shouldnt come so fast with a conclusion yet.
I got to my gate, payed the bikeman, peeped through the holes of the gate, trying to see if any of my neighbours where outside, cos i wasnt ready to be bombarded like bokoharam with diffent questions, i wasnt carry any bomb proof to withstand the questions cos after all the hailing this morning, i come return with face mixed with different colours, i go explain tire, but the ones wey go talk rubbish go still talk even if no be your front.
I snicked in like a thief, quietly walked to my apartment, Susans Burglary proof was open, it meant she was home, i opened my door, went in, undressed, went to the bathroom, had my bath, while i was bathing my phone was ringing, i couldnt just rush out and get it, i wasnt just in the mood for that, by the time i was through, i checked my phone and had already gotten four missed calls from Chuks, Solo, Cynthia and Salma, i called Cynthia back and as soon as she picked the first thing she said was,
‘’ i told you to call me when you get home’’,
‘’i wanted to freshen up before calling you’’ i replied, i just had my bath, i want to get dressed now, i dont know if you mind me calling you at night?’’ i asked politely,
‘’I was going to call you tonight too, i really need to speak with you, i dont mind” she replied,
‘’aright talk to you later’’ i said,

“call me when you get back’’ she replied, ‘’ok i will, i said and hung up.
While i was busy with her on the phone, Chuks’s call was on call- waiting, i picked it and he gave me direction on how to get to where they were that they were waiting for me. I hurriedly dressed up,

looked at my face in the mirror, one side red while the other was my normal colour, it was obvious i had bruises, the scars of the Axe been slapped on my chick were evident, i waved it off.
I locked my door and was on my way out when my phone began to ring, it was Solo,
‘’Rugged geh! Geh!!, were you dey?” he asked, ‘’on my way oo’’ i replied,
‘’you know the place?’’ he asked,
‘’Capo don describe am for me’’ i answered,

‘’no lemme call you again oo, if not you don price me be dat, and you go pay’’ he yelled,
‘’Baba i dey show soon’’ i replied.
I took a bike, stopped by at my favourite Chemist store, got my head treated, i begged her to carve the plaster into the size of the cut, it wouldnt be good it was so evident, if not i wouldnt be able to withstand questions. After she did i looked at myself at her sliding door like a mirror, (its not all that bad i said to myself then gave myself a buoyant face). I payed and left.
I took another bike and headed for Campus 4, told the bikeman just the way Chuks told me, we finally got there, it was a nice looking bar, i payed the bike and went in, and as they saw me, Chuks stood up with the rest of the guys, they kept shouting,
“Rugged You!
Make dem clear road!, Rugged You!,
Clear road!,
They kept ranting, i was very flattered, Flames ran to get me a chair, cleaned it with his hanky(in a jonzing way), then i sat down
I sat down feeling very flattered, i just couldnt say anything cos they kept ranting, Chuks left were he sat, came to where i was, anchored me(brotherhood shaking) hailing as he did,
‘’make una bring Beer and pepper soup for my manche’’ he shouted,
I swear i was feeling so honoured, before i knew it everyone started leaving their seats, one after the other, just to have the Brotherhood pleasantries with me, when they kept doing that, it got my Shy, as the weird guys people just sat where they were, watched and laughed, what Chuks and the rest did, drew attention of the others

who came to drink at the Bar, they wouldnt understand, with the respect they gave me, a stranger there would think i was the Capon.
‘’Oya clear road for our future Capon in the making’’ Perry
Just like how it was during the fight, everyone started dropping lines one after the other hailing me, all i did was smile, i was quiet, very very Shy.
As a Young Fine Girl was bringing a bottle of beer and a plate of Pepper Soup that seems to be mine, Mountain D stood up, ran to her, collected the tray from her,
‘’wey you, gimme make i serve am by myself, you know who em be?, na my guy’’ he said,
He took it from her, brought and placed it in front of me, i was just busy laughing, i understand why everyone was giving me the warm reception. I opened the drink, took the label off, turned it backwards and sticked it back to the drink (if you no belong, no try am for public oo, cos your beating no go get mate), i took the drink with my left hand poured it into a glass, still drank it from the glass with my left hand,
‘’Ruggeeeeeeed You’’ Solo thundered,
The weird guy wasnt with us, he should probably be somewhere, treating himself, i noticed his Capon had been watching me, i didnt care what he had in mind, everyone was drinking and eating peacefully together like a family, it was just to make Peace reign, as funny as it was, we could drink like that that day, and end up being at war the next day, anything at all could happen, what everyone had was in their mind, the boyant face was just a mere disguise.
‘’guy which level you dey” he asked from where he sat(the weird guy’s Capon), he was sitting next to Chuks,
‘’baba 200level’’ i answered,
‘’Before you show dem dey reason your matter, how you take dey tidy things, your mind, your stubborness, i dey impressed’’ he said,
‘’ Nah my Boy, nah my bring am up’’ Chuks said,
‘’Baba thank you sir, i dove for you(bowing my head down in respect)’’ i said,
‘’I dey like guys wey dey get mind, and wey no dey look for trouble, but if you pinch them, you go bleed for the pinch, my boys dem say upon wetin dem do you, say you no still gree go down, to the extent even when your men dem show, you no take advantage of am, you still use your mouth say you wan fight timber one on one, if nah me, i no get dat time, groundnut go don enter person leg tey tey, i

reason am, guy i respect you for that, that makes you a man’’ he
narrated, as everyone kept quiet listening to him talk
He stood up with a glass of drink in one hand, stretched out the other towards me for a shake, i stood up immediately, bent my head down, and reached for his hand, giving him a very firm shake, everyone began to clap, shouting, ranting in slangs, some were banging the table,
‘’abeg as we don come together jollificate, make the matter die like that, my Boy fuck up, una own boy use em hand take care of am’’ he added,
‘’Nah my Boy nah, nah me rugged am, nah we make am” Chuks kept
I was honoured, we stayed together drinking and gisting till about 8pm, i had taken three bottles of beer and two plates of pepper, i needed to start going home.
Just as i was pondering about going home, my phone began to ring, i took it out from my pocket, it was Cynthia again (this babe no dey call me like this before oo, wetin dey xup, i said to myself), picked it up,
‘’Hey!, whats up’’ i asked,

‘’dont tell me you are not home yet’’ she asked aggresively,
‘’not yet, i cant be home and not call you now, am i mad?’’ i asked,
she laughed,
‘’watch the time, you know there’s curfew in this town, i want you home safe for me, i have already had enough heart attack today’’ she said,
‘’ok mummy, am on my way home like right now, i ll call you as soon
as i get down from the Bike’’ i said,
‘’ok, please leave right now, am waiting for your call to tell me you are home’’ she said,
‘’i will, trust me” i replied,
‘’take care’’ she said and hung up.
After the call, i started reasoning, Cynthia wasnt calling me like this before, i remembered the phrase ‘i want you home safe for me’’, this is getting interesting, after our midnight call, i ll really know whats up.
We all left there same time, i was lucky to get a bike so quick and headed home.

As the bike dropped me in front of my Gate, i payed and dailed Cynthia’s number immediately, just as i promised, i was already tipsy, as soon as i got down from the bike i dailed her number, like she had been patiently waiting for my call, it didnt ring up to five Seconds, she had picked it,
‘’my dear are you home?’’ she asked, ‘’my dear am home oo’’ i replied,
‘’Awwww! ThankGod, my mind is at rest now’’ she said,
I was like what the f¤¤k was that, or am i the one high, this babe is sounding so different, as i was speaking with her on the phone i was banging the Gate so someone would come open it for me from inside,
‘’please shower, eat something, i ll call you back, i just wanted to be
certain you are home’’ she said,
It was then i realised i wasnt really high, my mind has just been
f¤¤king with me, what happened today changed Cynthia’s attitude, i wasnt scared anymore, cos i always get to compose myself like it was the first Lady of Nigeria i was talking to,
‘’i ll just shower, am not hungry, i took pepper soup’’ i said,

‘’ok, hope you got ur head treated before you went there’’ she
‘’i did mummy” i replied,
‘’alright, i ll call you soon’’ she said.
She hung up, someone had opened the gate for me, i still had to knock for Susan to open the Burglary Gate we both shared, then we still had another Burglary Gate at the entrance of our doors.
The Babe opened it and didnt look at me twice, she just walked back into her apartment.
Base on highness, i just stupidly went knocking on her door, at that moment my brain was just telling me to Sweet talk her not because i wanted $€x but to pave the way for future putting of my one inside her zero(cos make una no go dey ooo, the babe dey f¤¤k oo, her b¤¤by nah the eighth wonder of the world, very massive, i no go like make the Obosiasis just go like dat).
I started knocking on her door, yelling, doing my usual sweet name calling thing,

Please open your door nah, The sexiet girl in Delsu,
Choi, the girl with the sweetest waist, Please open nah,
I knew i heard her laughing, she opened the door, frowing her face,
‘’Kenny please am not in the mood for that this night’’ she said,
‘’why are you talking like this, your guy fell from the Bike today ooo,
look at my face nah’’ i said, forcing my way into her room,
‘’are you serious?, (she closed the door behind her), lemme see, how come?’’ she asked, came close, trying to see which part of my body was injured, she was putting on that her crazy nighties, that always left her giant b¤¤b$ bulging out, i was high, it was the only thing i was looking at,
‘’it was after i saw that my coursemate that came to look for me off nah, from there i went to see a friend, as i got there, he said it was his girlfriend’s birthday, that he wanted to make it a lil get together party, as i was coming back, the bike i took, i noticed the guys headlamp isnt bright, the thing just be like low current, i was high nah, i just know say i fall for ground, i no even know how, it was the guy that took me to a chemist, see my head nah, even mark dey my back(me wey dem wan use plastic chair finish my back for Resort),
I really didnt care if she was going to believe me or not, it wasnt planned but after i went into that room, saw her on that nighties, that mad gigantic boobs f¤¤k!, i made up my mind i wouldnt leave if i dont have §€x with her, i didnt know how, but sha my one must enter this zero Live, e no get wetin anybody wan tell me,
‘’eyaah, so that girl is your coursemate?, shes fine oo’’ she said, ‘’i dey tell you about accident, you dey tell me about my
coursemate, mtcheew’’ i said, faking to be pissed and was forming to walk out on her, as i was walking out on her, inside of me i was praying,
‘’abeg draw me back ooo, please dont let me leave’’
And just as i prayed, it worked, she rushed me immediately, she grabbed me by the hand,
‘’am sorry nah, you want me to help you boil hotwater and massage it for you?’’ she asked,
I was about to reply, my phone started ringing, no doubt, i knew it was Cynthia,

‘’ Ooh oo God!, have told this babe to stop disturbing me, whats wrong with her sef, abeg no be her own dey do me now’’ i lamented,
I brought the phone out and kept it on silent then slipped it back into my pocket,
‘’which Girl’’ she asked curiously, anticipating my answer,

‘’one babe i met at the get together oo, see me see wahala’’ i said,
She giggled,
‘’no be you give am number?, lemme put the hot water for you jor,
it wont take long, i ll use the boiler’’ she said,
As she turned about walking towards her Kitchen, i reached for her hand and pulled her back, as she turned with the force i applied in pulling her, i went straight for her lips (highness things, delay is dangerous, i no wan hear say ‘shoot bird em mama fly later’) as we kissed, i grabbed her boobs and pushed her to the wall.
I pushed her to the wall, my hands resting on her b¤¤b¤ through her Silk nighties, i could feel my palm lean on her n!ppl€$, i didnt give her space to say anything, my mouth stucked in hers and her reciprocating to the kiss made life even easier, when it comes to sex, i just find her easy to manipulate, i guess it must have been because of the history between us, i turned her around, my back against the wall, raised her nighties up, my hands reaching for her @$$, grabbed it, she wasnt wearing a pant, i guess she was getting ready to sleep, cos she was smelling fresh like, she had just had her bath, We kept on with the kiss, i caressed her @$$ slowly and then squeezed it at intervals while she leaned her body closely against mine with no space in-between, resting on my d!<k that was already erected, pressing it against my body, it was so strong, alcohol must have triggered its quick reaction. I turned her back against the wall, raised one of her legs up, then directed my hand to her p¤$$¥, as i reached for it, i immediately felt the juice on my fingers, i directed my middle finger inside, felt the juice some more, then pushed it in and out, kept on with the acceleration as we kissed, she took her mouth off, and face her head the other way, as she kept moaning
I raised the nighties to the extent were my hand could pass through, reached for her b¤¤b$, squeezed and caressed it, i tickled the tip of

her n!pp|€$, as she closed her eyes, making different expressions
with her face.
I accelerated faster with my finger still stucked in her <unt, as the moaning got louder, i stopped and help her take the nighties off aggitatingly, she reached for my top, helped me take it off too, singlet, reached for my trousers, unbuckled my belt like someone in a haste, like she couldnt wait to get hold of what was hidden in them(shey nah me high or nah she, i asked myself), unzipped it and dragged it down, got it of my legs, and quickly reached for my already erected d!<k pointing towards her, raising up at intervals like a finger pointing and dancing towards one when warning the person, She caressed it slowly as we kissed.
I raised one of her gigantic b¤¤b$ up, reached for the n!ppl€$ with my tongue, and sucked it hungrily like it were what i was offered for dinner, then massaged and caressed the other, i went on for a while, on and on, like i shouldnt just stop.
When i had had my fill of br€@$t milk and couldnt take anymore, cos of the electricity running from my brain down to my legs, i carried her like the way a groom would carry his bride, and staggered to where her bed was, dropped her gently on the bed, with her b¤¤b$ facing me, but spreading with n!ppl€s pointing
towards opposite directions, i seemed confuse for a while as i stared at her gigantic b¤¤b$ and already wet p_$$y, dripping out juice and staring back at me, like they were both asking me that million dollar question,
‘’Ken can you handle this?’’, ‘’yea i can’’ i replied inside,
(B¤¤by chill jor, e don tey wey i dey suck milk, dey press you, relax
nah p_$$¥ sure pass, i said to myself). I dragged her to the edge
Of the bed, her legs spread wide, wrapped around my waist, my knees on the ground, there was no time to even reason condom, did the cross sign around the Obosiasis in my mind(nothing dey happen i consoled myself), i slotted my hard erected d!<k into her already wet <unt, it was so calm and slippery, with a tight grip around like a tight gripped to the body, she made that sweet sound i love to hear, this time she stretched it,
She placed her hands around my @$$, massaged them while i thrusted very slowly going back and forth, she moaned according to how i kept my pace on the thrusting, i made switch at intervals,

making my acceleration faster, the faster i went the faster and louder her moaning became,
‘’faster’’, she would scream at intervals, My thrusting as sounding like a clap,
‘’pa pa pa pa pa’’
I paused between intervals, driving my di<k round her p¤$$¥ like i was turning a steerin, while she closed her eyes tightly and moaned some more, we went like that on and on and whenever i was high i take a long while before i come.
I made her kneel on the ground, while i was behind her, held her head to the bed, with her ass raised up behind me, i located her Obosiasis with my dick, then thrusted from behind, cos of the highness, i didnt bother to ask if i was strangling her, or if her neck was paining her, i just noticed she kept changing the position of her head, i thrusted as fast as i could, but reduced my pace whenever her moaning got louder, make the acceleration slow, and rolled my d!ck in her <unt in a circular form, while she stretched the word,
I banged her from the back for a long while, as she kept getting wet and getting dry, before my Pennisulla could hardly enter, now dis base dey collect me full(i told myself as i help on to my Penetration), i finally felt like coming

‘’Knock Knock Knock’’
It was me knocking on Susan’s door, my di<k was still erected in my boxers, but not as hard as it was when i was on the bed, thinking about the mad $€x we had not too long, even if she would notice, it wasnt such a bad thing to me, shes been there before,
‘’Susan its me Ken, have you been knocking on my door before’’ i
She opened the door,
‘’are you that tired?, just now now, you ve slept off, do u know how
long have been knocking, i even called you severally from the window, i was upset sha, but thought you must have slept’’ she lamented, then pave way for me to come in,

‘’am sorry jare, after i showered, i didnt even know how the sleep hit me, wheres the food?’’ i asked and went in,
Damn!, all the while she stood at the door lamenting i was just busy staring at the visible part of her big b¤¤bs, that was staring back at me in return, $h!t, i just cant get enough of it(the babe b¤¤by dey blow my mind like bokoharam), and watching her on that her crazy short nighties were knocking me off my defences.
I sat at the bed, dragged her phone, looked at the time, it was a few minutes past 1O, while she went to the Kitchen to get the food,
“thankGod ooo, time still dey” i said to myself,
She brought the food, rice and beans jollof with fried fish on top. It wasnt what brought me there cos i wasnt hungry, it was the other food($€x), but how do i start round two, a nigga has got to be f**king creative.
I held the spoon for a while and the only thing on my mind was $€x,
i dropped the spoon back and was like
“for me to eat this food, you gats eat with me oo” i said, “seriously Ken am not hungry, my tommy is so tight” she said, “that means i wont eat nah” i said,
It was just part of the plan i had in mind, and it had better
work(Damn! See br€a$t, i was staring at her as she sat next to me, like say no be thesame br€a$t wey i just suck not too long, i swear highness nah ba$tard).
“ken i can see you are not hungry” she said giggling,
“says who?, i want you to feed me” i said with a huge smile on my
“ok is that the problem?,” she asked then drew the plate to where
she sat,
“oya open your mouth” she said trying to feed me;
I complied immediately, she went on and on putting the food in my mouth, and i ate with delight, i kept smiling with my eyes just stucked on the visible part of her b¤¤b$,
“whats amusing you” she asked,
“my dear you wont understand, people are blessed oooo” i said
laughing(guess i was high)
“tell me, i want to know” she said,

“i swear your b¤¤by dey blow my mind pieces” i said, i was just
feeling so confident of myself
She paused, and when i thought i had offended her with what i had just said, she started laughing hysterically,
“i swear you are high, howmany bottles did you take” she asked
I shoved the question off, after i had had enough of the food, i drank a lil water and told her i was ok, i took the spoon, took big part of the fish and placed it in my mouth, reached for her mouth, stucked part of it in her mouth, she ate it and from there i didnt stop, i started kissing her, my hands located her b¤¤bs immedaiately(delay is dangerous).
My d!<k had already erected very hard, touching her body as we kissed, as she felt it, she grabbed it with both hands,
“wait” i said,
I dragged the nighties from her, rushingly like an angry Lion, my heart was beating faster than normal, she pulled the boxers and singlet off me as well, they were littered on the ground, the plate, left over food and cup was still there, if only they had eyes to see what was going on.
I pushed them to one side of the wall, but as i walked to the bed, she turned me over, my back lying against the bed, she went below, caressed my Piankantus with her hands, later i felt somethin warm and wet on it, she had dropped saliva on it, not to long her mouth was on it, goin down and forth, she changed the pace at intervals, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, it was kinda pepperish, i knew it was cos of the food we ate but all thesame it felt so good, she went on for a long while, spat and sucked, as she did my hands were caressing her b¤¤b$.
I stood up, turned her over and made her lie down with her back just as she did to me, went straight to her b¤¤b$ that had been calling my name, the size made it spread to opposite directions, i sucked as hard as i could, caressed the other with another hand, exchanged my mouth at intervals, went bellow, i could see her dripping already, her clit was red staring at me, i reached for it with my mouth, and just as my mouth held it, i could feel her vibrate, she held the bed so tight like she was going to rip it apart, i still kept my mouth on her <unt as i dazzled and tickled it with my tongue, her moaning got louder,
“awww Aawwww

The pace of her moaning kept increasing with every tickle i made with my tongue, after a long while i saw a whitish fluid come out of her <unt, she had reached her peak, she had reached orgasm.
She stood up, pushed me forcefully to the bed, my d!<k erected so hard pointing towards the ceiling, she sat on me, grabbed it and slotted it into her Obosiasis,
“Damn”! I said, it just came outa my mouth, the feeling and electricity that ran through my body was crazy, it was so heavenly(who talk say $€x no be life, i said to myself) she bounced her a$$ on me and wind her waist judiciously at intervals very slowly, i was beginning to wish we ll never stop.
When she was beginning to look tired kind of as she had be accelerating on a slow pace for a while with her eyes closed, i raised her a$$ up a lil, and while i was still under i thrusted very fast from beneath, with her moaning loud
I stood up, held her hand and took her to her reading table, made her bend her back with her hands leaning on the table, located her
<unt with my d!<k, and thrusted from behind variously, i could feel her b¤¤b$ bouncing, it felt so good from the back, i danced my d!<k around her <unt very slowly at intervals, as she moaned silently, i continued with my fast acceleration and when i was about to come, i took my d!<k out and poured it on her a$$.
We went on like that for a long while, but our eyes were still glued to the T.V, my eyes were on the movies but my mind was focused on her, the room was dark, except for the t.v that poured its radiant light on us, her eyes were focused on the movie too, but i doubt if she was concentrating cos as time went on, she had gotten very wet, her hand kept rubbing my head all over, my finger still placed around her <unt as i tickled her <|itor¡s lightly, my other hand were on her b¤¤b$, squeezed and caressed at intervals, tickled her
nipp|€$, moving from one b¤¤b$ to the other.
My d!<k had gotten harder and was pressing against her a$$, she moved her body to the side a lil, giving my d¡<k space, it became free, as she kept rubbing my head, she reached for my erected d¡<k with the other hand and then caressed it down and forth very slowly, as our eyes gazed on the movie, i asked myself
(hope my wedding night will be crazier than all these crazy moment one has had?, i just wonder what other crazy stuff one could do again).

The light caresses had gone on for a long long while, if not 45mins, then maybe an hour, i was going to turn her over anytime soon, cos i had gotten enough of the caresses, and when i do, i aint stopping till we ve done justice to round 3.
Just as i was about to make the move, she freed my d¡<k, reached for the dvd remote that was next to us, paused the movie, she left me and sat at the middle of the bed,
‘’come here’’ she said gently,
Like an obedient child, i concurred without hesitation, i sat in front of her, she came very close, her laps were on mine, her <unt against my d¡<k, her br€@$t pressed against my chest turned, we reached for eachothers mouth, kissed eachother passionately, our tongues licking eachother at intervals as we kissed, she leaned her waist backwards a lil, in a position were her hand could freely caress my d¡<k down and forth, as she did, i reached for her <unt with my middle finger, and thrusted it in, accelerating in and out, i could feel her juice around my finger, she shied away from the kiss, placed her head on my shoulders and moaned lightly as i kept my thrust with my finger, her hand held my d!<k tight as she caressed it and tickled the tip of it.
She pushed me to the bed, as i layed down with my back, reached for my di<k with her mouth, she moved it down and forth on it as with her tongue and lips clunging tight on it, electricity ran from my head down my legs, as she sucked on, i reached for her nippl€$ and tickled it, the more she sucked, the harder my d¡<k got.
After a long while when the head had gotten me over excited, i turned her over, made her kneel on the bed, her body resting on her elbows, her a$$ raised upwards, i knelt down too behind her, i tried locating her Obosiasis with my piankantus, but it looked like i was finding it hard, she out-stretched one of her hand, grabbed my d¡<k and directed it to her p¤$$¥, as it went it, she leaned on her elbows back, i grabbed her by the waist and kept my thrusting varociously from the back, i started with a slow thrust and increased the pace gradually, the moaned according to how fast i made my thrust,
‘’awwww f!u<k
Awwww f!u<k’’, she moaned out on and on,
After we had fu<ked like that for a long while, i felt we needed a change in position since she had been resting on her elbows, i turned her side ways, layed down side ways behind her too, raised one of her legs up, creating way for me to penetrate easily, i located her <unt, and thrusted slowly, then increased my pace, the sound of her moaning filled the room, as i held on to my thrust accelerating in

and out, her hand was on her <|it, rubbing it lightly with her eyes closed, sweat was dripping all over bodies.
After a long while i turned her over, making lie down with her back facing me, Her eyes were closed, she was so into the s€x that she was biting her lips, her boobs were so big that they flipped towards opposite directions, she placed her legs on my shoulders, her thighs placed close to my knees as i knelt on the bed, her legs were open, her <unt dripping out juice facing me, i inserted my Piankantus into her her <unt, it was so warm, i thrusted in and out varociously, very very fast , the sound of my thrust made sounds,
“pa pa pa pa pa pa’’,
Her moaning was so pleasant and sweet to the ears, as it went on and on,
“awwww Awww Awww
It became like a music to my ears encouraging me to go on, as i trusted fast, i paused at intervals and wind my waist judiciously making my d€€k dance inside her <unt, like i was writing a letter ‘O’ with a pen on a book, she stretched her hands forth reaching my
chest, and cuddled my body down and forth, held my nippl€$ and twisted it, and not too long when i got the signs i would come, i made my thrusting faster, and just as it was going to come out, i brought my d¡<k out of her, and poured my juice on her body, vibrating as it came out one after the other, then i fell on her.
This night is really going to be one hell of a night and i suspected it ll be a long one, i just finally concluded it was going to be a night of questions and answers, it was obvious she was going to be the one doing the questioning while i ll have to sit back, relax and sprain my brain and make sure i give her good answers, and not just answers, i ll have to answer her to please her, whatever answer i gave. Counts, i guess she must have sat down and planned the questions bit by bit, that is if she no even write am one after the other for book sef, see question wey she just ask sha.
I didnt fight the weird guy to please anyone, i did what i did out of anger and how i felt at that very moment, what would anyone have expected me do?, the guy fvvcking humiliated and embarassed me in front of hundreds of Student’s haba!, but shey she want answer, no be me?, i go tell am wetin she like hear, not what she needs to know.

‘’Cynthia sincerely, my heart was heartbroken when i saw you crying, i almost cried too, but wetin people for yarn, say guy and em babe cry for Resort, nah bad story be dat but i had to control myself, it got to a time i didnt care anymore even if you get to know who i was’’ i annalysed,
I stopped talking but she was still quiet for like a few minutes, so with the feeling that my answer had blown her away i continued,
‘’remember i told raphael to take you away?’’ i asked,
‘’yes” she replied, her voice very calm, like she was waiting to hear
‘’you know why?’’ i asked,
‘’why?’’ she asked in response,
‘’i didnt want you to watch what would happen next, cos my friends would have really dealt with him, but when you refused, it gave me reason to want to prove myself, so i didnt fight to impress you but rather i fought for you, i fought for every tears that guy made you drop’’ i replied,
She still kept quiet for a long while, then it was then i knew i had murdered that question, i felt it that the right words came at the right time,(girls wey like praise, you never know as e dey go, i said to myself),
‘’Cynthia are you there?’’ i asked, cos she had kept quiet for too
long, i was already even expecting another bokoharam question,
‘’yes i am, i dont just know what to say or what to tell you’’ she
‘Babe you must talk that thing ooo, cos my answer enter her body die, for am not to know what to say, body just dey sweet me, like say nah honey dey run through my veins’
‘’please say something” i pleaded,
‘’what happened today was the craziest thing have seen in my life, i stayed up all night and thinking about everything, i told my neighbours am close to, even called my close friend in school to come to my place, do you know it is what have been talking about since i got back?, she asked,
‘’wow, and what did your friends say’’ i asked in aggitation, my blood was hot and was on tenter-hooks to know, cos some friends can dey sabi spoil person show, people with different opinion,
‘’they were like wow, i should hold on to the guy, that he loves me, and could protect me too, that its what most girls are dying for on campus’’ she said,

Body wan sweet me die, i was lying down before but base on say jungle don dey mature, i stood up from the bed make i for dey hear her lamber well,
‘’wow, are you serious?’’ i asked, trying to keep my cool at the other end of the phone,
‘’yea, they were like, what else can a guy do again to win my heart, i was having doubts if it was me you fought for, cos i told them too, some said what else could it be, that it was definitely me, thats why i had to ask you’’ she said,
‘’and now have cleared your doubt, why would i want to impress you?, nah office we dey?, i had to fight for you, if not for anything, at least your tears’’ i replied, giving her the knock out punch,
‘’wow, thats so sweet, i have lil tears coming out of my eyes right now, not like am crying ooo, am just feeling so good, emotional
things’’ she said,
And just then i knew i had won her heart with my extra-vagant performance, but i need to hear some sort of guarantee to make me sure,
‘’so what does it take for a guy like me to date a girl like you, at least now you understand the twist to the question’’,
‘’Ken, in asmuch as i want to keep this to myself, i cant help but tell you’’ she said,
I rush the babe, ‘their mama left ear’, ‘’tell me what?”,
‘’i tink am falling for you”, she said,
I knew i heard her well, but i wanted to be sure i heard her clearly again, i begged her to repeat it,
‘’i said my falling for you”, she repeated, ‘PRAISSSE THE LORRRD,
I shouted inside me, God go bless those her friends for allowing my ministry to move forward,
‘’wow, am speechless right now, cos thats the sweetest thing ve ever heard, with the fact its coming from you’’ i replied,
‘’i ll come to your place tomorrow after Church, help you massage your head and face, you were suppose to go to Church with me
today, that was our agreement but i ll pardon you till you ok’’ she

I was excited about her coming to my place, it was really an awesome development, the answer she had given me gave me lots of confidence and assurance, i wasnt scared anymore, unlike before when my heart gets to beat faster, making me choose my words carefully, since i had won her heart, it was up to me to change things, step up my game and take things to a whole new level, i was sure there’s nothing i say that could piss her off, even if she would at least its worth the try, ‘no risk, no reward’’, there’s only one way to find out, and i was about to find out soon,
‘’Babe hope you know you ve not answered my question?’’ i asked, ‘’and what question is that?’’ she replied me back with a question,
‘’have asked you countless number of times, and yet you ve still not given me a geniune answer, what does it take for a guy like me to date a girl like you?’’ i asked again ooo,
‘’Ken what do you want to hear now?, have told you am falling for you, what other answer do you want?, and the funny thing is that its not been more than a week we met, everything is just crazy’’ she narrated,
I felt good, cos sincerely it never crossed my mind that i was going to get her attention so soon, like she said, it has been really one magical week. Out of no were, we met in an unforgettable way, very drammatic, then had one hell of a weekend that ended with scars on my face, head and body, ‘awesome’, but above all, what got me glued, held me down that i couldnt just let go was her Beauty, it was two things,
‘it was either i was lucky or fate hooked us up’,
‘’yea, it had really been one crazy week, cant forget that slap, with
your soft hands, you slap like a guy’’ i replied,
She couldnt help but burst into laugher, it felt so good, it was like i had honey running through my veins, body just dey sweet a nigga like i had just gotten my first girl, as we spoke i was already imagining how kissing her ll be like, i doubt if we kissed, i ll be able to sleep that night, i still needed to find out more.
As we kept talking, i got a bang at the door, no doubt i knew it was Susan, i did something crazy but it was a risk i had to take. I opened the door for her to come in, and just as she got in, she said,
‘’i have been waiting for you, what have you been doing?’’,
I was suppose to cover the mouth piece of my phone, but i didnt, i freed myself, and still holding my phone in my hand knowing Cynthia was hearing us, i replied,

‘’I slept off, as i woke up my girlfriend had given me lots of missed calls, so i had to call her back’’ i replied, believe me, i really calculated was i just said, cos i was sure of answering any question that was affiliated to it.
‘’ok, am going to my room’’ she replied,
‘’ok, i ll let you know when we finish talking’’ i said,
She left, Cynthia heard every single thing i said, and i knew the next thing would be questions, ‘trust women’, and me, i be google on my own, trust me i must get answers too,
‘’who was that?’’ she asked, (i talk am, she must ask)

‘’my neighbour next door, the girl u saw yesterday just as we were leaving, Susan’’ i replied,
‘’ok i remember, that girl that came out of her room as we were
about leaving, what does she want’’ she asked,
‘’she wanted to help me massage my face and head, but i was too
drunk, i slept off to the extent even your calls couldnt wake me up’’ i
replied(shebi na answer she want), she giggled and was like
‘’eyaaah, you are not even strong, how many bottles did you even
take?’’ she asked laughing,
“you dont want to know, so did you notice anything when i was talking to her?’’ i asked,
‘’what?’’ she asked, being very direct,
‘’so you didnt notice i told her i was talking to my girlfriend?’’ i
asked, anticipating her response, cos i did that on purpose,
‘’I did, but wait ooo, so that girl couldnt wait till dawn to the extent she had to come check on you, she must be very nice oo’’ she said, but the way wey the babe take talk the thing get ‘K’ leg oo,
‘’her room is next to mine, she must have heard my voice and knew i was awake(for the babe mind dis guy is so sincere, i changed the topic, i knew i had won her trust and respect already, cos for her mind, if i had something to hide, i wouldnt allow her listen to our
conversation), so what do you have to say about being my girl’’ i
asked, then sat up waiting for her response,
‘’you ll find out tomorrow when i come’’ she said and chuckled,
Then i knew her case was a done deal, e clear say i don blow her mind, Bokoharam things, i remember asking her what she wore, and she told me, ‘oya nah wetin come remain again nah, abegi leave matter for Matthias jare’

We talked all through the night till 4.30, it was the best midnight call of my life, it was just off the hook, i couldnt sleep till dawn, i was just over excited, i remember greeting every1 i saw that morning, wether i senior you or you senior me, i no wan know.
I was busy expecting Cynthia, and abt 12/1, i hrd knock on the door, opened it, it was Salma.
(ooo oh God wetin dey worry me sef, that was the first thing i said to myself), as i saw her, i knew i had fvvcked up, i just didnt play this part of my game well, i was lost with Cynthia’s Beauty, hunting her like a lost treasure in ‘Treasure Island’, i just channeled all my attention to her and forget i hadnt reached out to Salma in days and even the times she gave me a few missed calls, i stupidly didnt reach her back, $h!t!, my bad, but i was only realising way too late, now she has given me an unexpected visit, maybe she had thought i had been with some other Girl thats why i had been avoiding her, and with the fact she barged in on me and met bruises on my face and my back, scar on my head, $h¡t!, i just killed myself, and Salma was the caring type, shes very soft, so soft that lil things make her cry, and as she has seen the injure, i bet you, this girl might stay with me till the next day, wanting to pet and take care of me.
The problem now is Cynthia might call and tell me she’s coming any time soon, and i pray since she has known my place, she doesnt give me an August visit just as Salma did, if not, then it means i just signed my funeral, i might loose both, i will have to come up with the best stunt of my Life, ‘but at a time sha, i dey see Danger cos
wahala dey’. I fvvk up gaan, i know, nobody gats tell me.

‘’Baby what happened to you?’’ she asked in shock as soon as she saw my face, walked in touching my face, and with the belief that Cynthia was going to lemme know before she comes, i wasnt ready yet, i was still on a beach 3quater with no shirt on, now how do i answer the question?,
‘’I got attacked’’ i said,
‘’Baby you mean you got attacked and didnt even bother to reach me (this one be say she don begin cry oo), where?, when did it happen?’’ she asked crying,
‘’Oo oh, please stop nah, if you are crying now, what would you want me do?,(went close to her, wiping her tears with my thumb), i went swimming with Raphael and Eddy yesterday, i had a lil misunderstanding with a guy, and out of nothing, it had escalated into something big, i didnt know the guy had friends around, so i got a lil beating’’ I expatiated, at least just incase she heard anythingelse somewhere, what i just told her, seem like the truth,

‘’so they did all this to you?”, she asked, accessing my face and body, just the way Customs access containers, even rubbing places i had no wound,
‘’where they cult guys?’’ she asked again,
The questions were becoming too much, and for me that wasnt the time for that, i just needed look for a way to digress to something else, and that something else is looking for a way to make her leave cos if not, ‘e don red be that’, my heart was beating so fast already like it would rip my chest off,
‘’Babe i dont really know, what do you think?, i want to even go out’’,
‘’and you couldnt even tell me, thats bad’’ she said angrily,
(If you vex sef, i swear nah em even make sense pass, i said to myself), i just told her i want to go out she pretended like she didnt here, since she was beginning to get angry, i just felt getting her even more exasperated might be a good card for me to play, as i was pondering about what to say next, my phone started ringing, i picked it up from my bed, it was Cynthia, Choi ‘omo nah dying
things’, i wouldnt be so stupid to pick the call in front of her, so i tapped the silent button to kill the ringtone, then placed the phone on my ear,
‘’Hello, hello, mtcheeew, (took the phone off my ear), mumu dem, na so dem go dey flash person, cum dey wait make i call back like say nah my papa get mtn’’ i lamented,
Then with that opportunity i kept my phone on silent completely and threw it inside my pocket, (Guy beta find way now oo, if Cynthia continue to try ur number and you no pick, she fit begin come oo, you know say she know here, my mind told me), Bro your next move has got to be awesome, if not, you are dead,
‘’Come, what were you even saying sef, that i didnt let you know what(yelling), so you start getting restless and worried, see dont even bring that leg” i said, yelling at her,
‘’what do you mean, am your girlfriend for crying out loud, if you dont tell me, whoelse will u tell?’’ she said angrily and sat on the bed.
Choi, i don die, she don balance for bed,
‘’dont gimme that crap, you talk to me like am a Baby or something,
if you dont like how i do things, please leave, i hate rubbish, stop talking like a baby pleassse’’ i said, forming to be angry(na scope oo),

‘’what!, did you just say?, i should leave, am talking like a Baby, cos am trying to make my bf see he was wrong for not telling me he was attacked, mtcheeeew, rubbish’’ she said, stood up and left angrily,
As she did, i knelt down on the floor to catch my breath, Damn!, that was close, ‘’God punish Satan’’, wan pour sand for my garri, i go beg am later, she no know say nah scope, Cynthia please you can come now, nothing dey happen, i brought out my phone and dialled
Cynthia’s number.
‘’Hello Baby, am sorry i was in the bathroom,(me wey don bath
since) thats why i couldnt pick your call’’ i said as soon as she picked
the call,
‘’ok, am about taking a Bike right now to your place, hope you cooked for me’’ she asked laughing,
‘’no p nah, shey you go chop Lion, base on my Queen wey you be, thats what i cooked for you, i ll just dish it before you get here so it wont be that hot again’’ i said, trying to be funny,
She laughed out hysterically,
‘’Ken, i swear you crazy’’ she said(laughing),
‘’e don tey wey i don dey crase, the beauty of it is that you are the one driving me crazy’’ i said, trying to flatter her, and then to pave the way for glorious visit,
‘’hmmmn, thank you sir, see you soon’’ she replied,
After the call, i called Raphael and Eddy immediately and told them about the new development, just incase Salma was being inquisitive, at least even if she does, i had already covered up my loop holes.
I quickly arranged the my room in world record time, i had done the basic things i needed do when i got up in the morning, i sat down on the bed waiting for her, and as i did, different thoughts were going through my mind,
‘’Guy after all this whole wahala, hope say the babe worth the stress sha, just incase one thing, lead to another come go do mistake lead to something, that same thing wey dey sweet, i no wan hear say she still be Virgin ooo, and that Obosiasis gats match with the Beauty,
cos Ken, if not, Ken if not…umm’’ i was talking to myself,
‘’Guy relax, with the package and everything, she go worth every penny of her Beauty’’ i consoled myself,
Not like i had the sex in mind, but with the new drammatic change between us, anything could happen, i was already picturing how it was going be like, my lips cuddling those small beautiful kiss of hers,

i became restless but in a good way, like i was expecting something good, that was going to happen to me for the first time. Pictures of her, her smile, her company, started reflecting in my head, from one flash back to another, i was carried away with thoughts, finally a knock on the door brought me to reality, i stood up, kept my composure and went to get the door, it has got to be her a 100%, i wasnt expecting anyone else, it was that Pretty face i was expecting to see and just as i grabbed the knob and opened the door, Damn!, it was my Pretty Cynthia staring at me with smiles, sparkling at the front of the door, at least this time around, my thoughts didnt miss lead me, i remember her wearing a black jean, and a nice top gripped to her body, light make up, i smiled back at her, took like two steps backwards, opened my arms, waiting for her to come in and come give me a hug.
She walked in, closed the door behind her, then walked into my arms relunctantly, like she was shy(come i no want Shyness here ooo, i said to myself), i held her very tight to myself,
‘’awwwww!, ma beautiful Baby’’ i said, tossing her from one side to
the other,
But i noticed her hands were still down,
“i ll sand you now, come on hug me jor, if nah phone now, your mouth go dey sharp like razor blade’’ i said, dragged her hands and placed them on my neck, she laughed out, tapped me a lil on the chest with her palm, then finally gave me a warm hug like i would have wanted it, that, lifted my spirit, so as we freed eachother from the hug, i summoned courage, held her head with both hands, and pecked her on her fore-head,
‘’you are looking Beautiful my Princess’’ i said,
I had no chair in my room, so i offered her the bed to sit down, i asked her want she wanted but she kept insisting she was full and wanted nothing, but i disagreed, i went out to the near by store to get a bottle of malt and one Short Bread Digestive Biscuit, the smallest size, served it in a plate for her.
I am a blues and R n b guy, i just played a nice collection i had, it was what suited the atmosphere at that moment, switched off the t.v, this is not the time for movies, i dont want any distractions.
For a long while, she was just quiet and for no reason my heart was just beating fast again, i was scared, and i didnt even know what was scaring me, i sat directly opposite her, watch her as she ate, she ate very very slowly(shyness), at intervals we stared at each other countless times, competiting on who smiled the most, then tried putting some biscuits in her mouth.

‘’guy you sef talk something nah, my mind kept pushing me, like say em dey vex for me’’, i swear, not like i didnt know what to say, my P was were to start, guess it happens when a guy rates her girl so high and they are alone for the first time
‘’you said we would talk but you ve not said anything yet’’ i said very
‘’you too, you ve not said anything yet’’ she replied back(her head
I waited for like another 8 to 10mins, just watching her, heart beating fast, finally,
(Bro fvvck what to say, she wont kill, i said inside), moved her malt and biscuit to 1 side, leaned forward and reached 4 her lips.
I leaned forward and reached for her lips, knowing the least i could get was a Slap, but with the impression i had given her so far, i knew i was safe, as my lips cohered with hers, she kissed me back in return, then i knew we were both being silly, having the who would make-the-first-move fear, she kissed really good, and within me, i was like,
‘’e make sense say you sabi kiss, at least this puts me on a 50/50 chance that you are not a Virgin’’,
Her eyes were closed as we kissed, then watching her do that, calmed my nerves, then i joined her in closing my eyes too, but opened them at intervals to watch her mood, i kept on telling myself severally,
‘’So Ken fi—nal—ly, you ve gotten this girl, if am dreaming, please i
dont ever want to wake up’’,
As we kept kissing, with one of my hands beneath her jaw, then caressed her hair back and forth with the other, and when i had gotten her relaxed, she finally raised both of her hands she had been resting on her laps all the while we ve been kissing and placed them on my chicks, caressing them, as she did, my evil mind was like,
‘’Ken nah only hair you wan caress?, e don enter am, she don dey caress your chick, touch br€a$t nah this man’’,
I wanted to do it, but on a second thought i was scared that ll be going too far, that i had to take it one step at a time, the time ll surely come, cos e sure me say i must behold everything wey she possess, i ll still get there, at least this is a good start, if not today, very soon, i dont need to perplex myself, and as it is, i dont even need her to tell me ‘yes’ anymore, the kiss had said it all.

We kissed for a long while, my Piankantus, erecting inside my tight pant i wore, specially for the occassion, i didnt want things to be too embarrassing, then she finally pulled herself back, then smiled and pecked me on the lips at intervals, cos as for me i knew if she was waiting for me to stop, she would have been wasting her time.
Believe me, that one long kiss changed the atmosphere between us, it re-ignited back my confidence, i became calm and free, then i asked myself,
‘’Guy, what was scaring you before, mtcheeeew, after the kiss, you
don die now?, if to say you touch b¤¤by, nothing for still happen”

‘’Wont you massage my face for me again?’’ i asked her, as we sat on the bed, my face directly opposite hers, just lil space was in- between our lips,
‘’what do i use, robb or hot water?’’ she asked,

‘’robb keh, you want to kill me?, i ll keep blinking my eyes like pepper entered them till you leave, or you think we are done kissing?’’ i asked, then pecked her lips,
She giggled, then replied,
‘’am sorry Sir, hot water it is then’’
I stood up, offered her my hands, she held on unto them firmly, then i pulled her up, we both walked to the Kitchen, as she was lighting up the stove, i was filling the kettle with water to the quantity i felt ll be enough for the massage; as i dropped the kettle on the stove, we both walked to the room holding hands.
I dragged her by the hand, went to the new standing mirror i had bought that week, the last one ended up in Esosa’s head, held her from behind, my hands around her tommy, as we stood in front of the mirror
‘’Check out the colour combination, i just dey pity for our kids, the
albino go mad gaan’’ i said,
‘’Its a lie jor, they ll look Beautiful’’ she said laughing,
I was already hitting the hammer on the nail head, the babe has said yes already naw, look at my questions and look at her answers (Guy Gba gbe Oshi, as one of my Yoruba friend ll always say), just feel free.
‘’i have been waiting for you to ask for your Lion, abi you change your mind?’’ i asked,
‘’oya where is it?” she asked (laughing),

‘’thats what is touching you from behind nah, its still hot shey?’’ i
‘’Yeeee!, am dead, so thats the Lion you meant, spoooilt Boy’’, she
said, turned around and started hitting me,
Base on scope man wey i be, i fell on the bed, while she climbed on me, sitting on my belly, she kept hitting me playfully, and nah wetin guy man dey like, i playfully turned her around, and went straight for her lips, closed my eyes as we kissed, the kiss made her calm with her eyes closed, my confidence had fully come back, this time i said to myself,
‘’guy anything wey wan happen, go happen ooo’’,
And as we kissed eachother passionately, one of her hands this time, rubbing my bare chest, i reached for the b¤¤b$, caressing them one after the other together with her top.
As we kissed, crazy emotions ran down my veins, i felt the electricity around me, no doubt i was in-love with this Girl, i was sure going to date her, my hands still caressing her soft br€@$t together with her top very gently, then the thoughts of how i ll be able to date her simultenously with Salma began to ring in my head, its a government School for crying out loud, if i play my cards well, i knew i could handle it, all i needed do was to be extra careful, though it was really going to be a tough one.
Salma was also another Pretty girl but Cynthia’s complexion, gave her an edge, she was the first light skinned girl i had gotten involved with, her looks really dazzled me, cos generally in Nigeria, there are more dark skined girls than the fair ones, maybe like 2 fair girls in every 10 dark skinned girls, you could look at a dark girl and take your eyes off, then continue with what you doing, but not the other way round with a light skinned girl, cos of their Flashy and Catchy complexion, when you take one look, you ll want to take another, and then another look again, so whenever i was with Cynthia, i always felt fly cos it was always all eyes on us, her looks always drew attention.
As we went on with our romance, i started imagining how her being nak€d was going to be like, i tried picturing how her b¤¤b$ ll be like, i guess maybe fairer than even her body, cos have noticed, most
ladies have seen nud€, their br€@$t is always lighter than the whole body, the dark ladies are no exception, i concluded it is cos of its always covered with a bra; the colour of her n¡ppl€$, maybe dark or red, her body, her <unt, hope she wasnt a Virgin, i ll find out soon enough.

I had already gotten sooo lost in thoughts, it was a strange noise that kept going on and on that brought me back to reality, it was the sound of the boiling water, when i opened my eyes, hers were still closed, i swear this babe was lost, i knew for sure even without being told by a Soothsayer that this babe hasnt just falling for me, she was in love with me, i was so certain about it. I struggled to take my lips off hers, cos it really felt good,
‘’the water is boiling” i said,
We both hurriedly stood up and ran to the Kitchen, she took the kettle off the stove, lowered the fire and then blew the stove breeze trying to quench it the fire.
‘’If you use this kind hot water touch my face, e go just peel oo, we ll
have to wait a lil’’ i said
‘’dont be scared you hear, even if its going to peel, it wont peel much’’, she said laughing,
‘’you are not serious, you for just tell me say you hate me nah, abeg
abeg abeg, open the cover of the kettle make e cold small,’’ i said,
She laughed and opened it, and just as she did, i dragged her by the hand, leaned on the wall right there in the Kitchen, then she leaned on me with her back, my hands on her belly,
‘’lets wait here a lil for water, have you heard me sing before’’ i
‘’No’’ she replied,
‘’ok, lemme do a lil something for you, the song has a question, when am done, i ll be needing an answer from you, and its something you gats answer, so do we have a deal?, if not, just tell me not to sing’’ i said’’,
‘’ok we have a deal’’ she replied,
For real, i am a good vocalist, blessed with a lovely voice, sometimes when am home during breaks, and go to Vigils with my mum, she ll always beg me to render a special number, cos at the end, her friends in church ll always praise her, Joy of a mother i guess.
I sang her the chorus of an old song done by ‘Black Tribes’, which they titled ‘My Girl’, the lyrics went like this
‘’would you be my girl?,
I promise say i go treat you right, My love is true,
Girl yes my love is true x2,

Ma girl, ma girl, ma girl, Ma girl,
Ma girl, ma girl, ma girl,
Ma ma ma ma ma ma Girl,’’
I doubt even if she knew the song, i just know
She was blown away, maybe my voice i guess, cos she turned around and was like,
‘’wooow, lovely voice, Kenny yes, yes’’ she said, and this time
around, she made a move for the first time to give me a kiss.
I guess i am just lucky to be able to do lots of things, i could write poems, paint, draw, sing, play the keyboard and lots of other stuffs, guess its just talent, am just lucky and blessed, and i used them as my trips when i want to blow a girl’s mind, the only thing i know am not good at is dance, but at a time i still dey manage dey try small small sha.
Cynthia’s issue was finally a done case, and i didnt bother myself to ask her if she has had or had a bf, maybe after i don spurlush the Obosiasis i fit come try ask.
She helped me with the massage, just as she said she would when we talked at night.
My time with her was awesome, the romance was crazy but no sex, but it was a good start for us, our journey just begun, and as soon as i saw her off, i dialled Salma’s number immediately.
I know i owe her an apology, a big one at that, i felt kinda bad asking her to leave, but a nigga did what he had to do, She was my Girl, i knew her soft spot, so i knew the right buttons to press, besides that was the first fight we ve had, so i didnt know if she would pick my call or not, ve not been in that situation before, but i was going to find out soon, i had gotten myself prepared for the battle ahead, i already prepared the things to say, just incase she picked, it kept ringing, i was already giving up for the first dial, in the process of making up my mind, getting ready for a second dial, she picked it up, i rushed her, i didnt give her a chance to say anything,
‘’Hey God!, Honey,
My Sugar’’ i wanted, to go on but she cut me short,

‘’Kenny please, pleaaasse, stop it am not in the mood for that’’ she

‘’Baby am sorry, i was still going to tell you, i just didnt want you to get worried first’’ i pleaded,
‘’Ok tell me what i did wrong for you to ask me to leave your house(her voice breaking already like she was about to cry), pleaase tell me, what is it i said wrong, is it wrong to want to know if my boyfriend is ok or not, if he wouldnt tell me things, who else will he tell?’’ she said, and just as she completed the statement, i was hearing her crying at the other end of the phone(this babe sef, very tender, you wan dey make me feel bad, i said to myself),
‘’Baby am sorry naw, i didnt mean to,
My love,
My Sweetness, My Pretty Salma,
Baby am so sorry, shey you know you hurting me by crying,
remember what you feel is what i feel to ooo’’ i said, trying to calm her down, but instead it looked like i just added fuel to the fire, cos she increased it to gear 2,
‘’ok can you imagine, you ve not called me for days now, i ll call you, you wont pick and you wont reply any of my calls, Kenny what is it have done to you?’’ she asked crying even harder,
‘Oga e like your tactics no dey work oo, abeg change formation,
apply Akonuche(wisdom) abeg, my mind told’.
I ve not been in that situation with her before, i became perplexed, and she was still crying,
‘’ok where are you now?’’ i asked, ‘’ am home” she replied,
“Baby hope there’s no one there, listening to you cry?’’ i asked
‘’I am inside my room, have been feeling terrible since i left your place, thinking of what i ve done wrong to you’’ she said,
Eyaaah, Kai, I swear, as i hear that thing, cold enter my body, my conscience kum begin dey judge me,
‘’Baby am so so sorry, lemme make it up to you, am taking the next bike to your place, i cant take it anymore, your tears are hurting me’’ i said, then hung up.
I had no choice, i had to quickly shower, dressed up casually, and the took a bike, and headed straight to her place.

I got there, my mind, skiping a lil, not like i was scared, i was just bitter i made her cry, (me wey dey like peting), i just had to make it up to her,
Knock Knock Knock,
My fist banged on her door, as she opened and saw my face, she started crying again,(ooo God, not this routine again, i told myself)
As i walked in, the first thing i did, was went straight down on my knees, reached for her hands and held them with mine,
‘’Baby, i didnt mean to, pleaase, pleasse, please and please, forgive me, it ll never, ever happen again’’ i said, and while she kept crying, and wouldnt say a thing, our hands still stucked firmly together, i just had to make the tears stop, nah me wrong am i know, i know what hurts her is me telling her to leave my place, just like that out of nothing, am sure she just couldnt comprehend it or solve the puzzle what exactly went wrong, coupled with the feeling she was having that i was acting weird, am sure she had never thought in her wildest dreams, i could open my mouth and tell her that.
Since my coming over, kneeling down and pleading couldnt solve the tears, a nigga had to change to another formation, then i had to try some other means. I stood up and did a lil something crazy, at least it was the best ve got at that point in time, if it didnt work, i wonder whatelse I would do,
I started singing a song 2face sang i was conversant with, with every passion and emotion that i had in me, and as i did, i kept wiping her tears with my thumb, the song, went like this
Sang it twice, wiping her tears, my eyes gazing directly into hers, while i rubbed her by her arm at intervals, and as soon as i was rounding up the second time, she moved her head towards mine, and then we started kissing, and as we kissed, i was like,

‘’Choi! Finally, Praisssse the Lord, Aaaaa-lleluyah,
Omo e no easy ooo, that was some reaaaal emotional $h¡t, some
Ramsy Noah $h¡t, wow’’.

After we stood right in the middle of her room kissing, i held her tight afterwards with her head resting on my shoulders, our hands wrapped around eachother, at least thank God, she had stopped crying,
‘’Baby am sorry ok’’ i whispered in her ears softly, ‘’ok’’ she answered, still holding eachother tight, ‘’so hope you ve forgiven me?’’ i asked,
‘’yes’’ she replied in a moan like tone,
‘Now its over, whats next?, was the question i asked myself, nah to convince am remain so we could go to my place, i wasnt going to go to school the following day, not with my bruised face, cos everyone that knew me would just know i had gotten into a fight or something and they ll start bombarding me with questions like Osama, i wasnt ready to face all that, so they were tendencies i wouldnt go to school for the next three days, and even if after the three days, i had not gotten satisfied with my face, then no school for me that week, besides school just resumed and that was my first week of resumption for the semester.
I freed my grasp around her, and pulled her head slowly from my shoulders and placed it in a position were her head was directly opposite my face, her hands holding onto my shirt, my hands firmly on her waist, i leaned forward, pecked her on her fore-head, both eyes, both chicks, her nose and then her lips,
‘’Baby am sorry, ok?’’ i said gazing into her eyes, ‘’ok, ve heard you’’ she replied,
‘’oya pleaasse, gimme that your sweet smile, you are always using to blow my mind’’ i teased, and just as i completed the sentence she had started smiling,
‘’Choi see smile, ooh oo Baby am angry, ooh oo God, i don vex,
whats all this nah’’ i teased, she was giving me a big grin this time
around, like she knew i wanted to say something silly,
‘’Baby what is it?’’ she asked with curiosity,

‘’Baby where were you when Agbani won Miss World?, Baby
where??’’ i asked,
And my Salma can laugh, Choi, if i start teasing her, nah me go later beg am say iyaff do, she started laughing hysterically and it made me feel good, cos not too long, her tears were making me choke with guilt, as she was laughing, i continued,
‘’Baby see, see, i swear ( i dipped the next finger after my thumb on my tongue, raised it up pointing to the Sky) if Agbani fit win Miss World as she be so, nah em be say you go win Miss Planet nah, all the whole planet together ooo, Agbani wey i fit count the meat for her body’’ i joked,
And this time, she left my shirt, sat down on her bed, and was laughing really really hard, i swear i miss the babe laugh, expecially the expression on her face when she does it, there’s always this huge vein on her fore-head when she laughs(laughing), and as she was busy laughing, i recieved a text message, i brought my phone out of my pocket and then glanced through it, it was a message
from Cynthia, i didnt read it, i quickly kept my phone on silent incase she starts calling,(i go read am later, i said to myself), then i dipped the phone back in my pocket,
I went to where she sat, then squatted in front of her, held her by the hand,
‘’Baby whats funny now?, so person no fit tell em babe truth again, na wa oo’’ i added, but she was still laughing hard,
‘’mtcheeew, you sef you dey go dey reason all this girls wey dey form beauty pagent, dem get ur kind of smile? Chi…ne…ke(i echoed), see shape nah, see hips(dragged her up and was forcing her to spine round for me), see back, see front, are they blind?, their mama left ear jor’’ i added,
She freed her hand from mine, knelt down, and was laughing so hard, see one mighty vein just bulge out from this babe fore-head, tears coming out of her eyes, due to the excess laugh,(i missed this, i told myself), she knew if she didnt stop me, i ll keep talking, i squatted in front of her again, and was truly going to go on talking, she quickly used one of her hands to cover my mouth,
‘’Kenny please stop, please stop, my tommy is paining me’’ still laughing, she held onto my mouth like that till she controlled the laugh, i humbly kept quiet waiting, but at intervals pretend to say something, her hand was stuck in my mouth, i was only humming, she was able to reduce it and then said,
‘’Baby ve really missed you” leaned forward and kissed me, ‘’Lets go to my place naw’’ i said,

‘’no no no no no no(shaking her head in disagreement, then forming a cry tone with her voice), you are spending the night with me’’ she lamented,
‘’ok no p, put water on the fire for my massage, lemme get credit around, i aint got nothing on my phone’’ i said, pecked her and stood up,
‘’ok’’ she said smiling, guess she was happy i wouldnt be leaving,
The credit ish was a lie, i needed to read my recieved text and then call Cynthia, so as i went out, i quickly went through the text, it read,
Choi!, no be small matter, ‘t¤t¤, something wey dey sweet’,
Blown away with the text, i dialled her number. PAGE 62
Cynthia’s phone ringing, my phone placed at the side of my ear, ‘’Ma Baby,
Ma Beautiful Baby’’ i praised her as she picked,
‘’how are you dear’’ she asked, i could hear her at the other end of the phone giggling,
‘’like minds, do you know have been tinking about you since you left too, and for every single time, all you make me do is smile’’ i said,
‘’wow!, you know, am just surprised, have never ever thought something like this could happen to me, i use to think it was only in the movies, meet a guy on Monday, fall in love with him and then start dating him on Sunday, that same week, its really crazy you
know’’, she annalysed, while i listened and quickly thinking about
the next thing to say,
‘’I got your message, i was blown away expecially the part that read ‘you are in love with me’, and do you know i was typing a message i was going to send you too as well but left it half way with my phone charging to quickly get something outside with the intent of completing it when i get back and send it to you, but came back and surprisingly saw your message’’ i narrated,
I had thought fast and planned my next move, already knowing what i ld do next,
‘’woooow, this is crazy, we were both tinking about thesame thing
at the same time’’, she said in excitement, ‘’Like i said before, Like minds’’ i replied,

‘’Kenny i love you”
‘’thanks, but always remember i love you more, the scars on my body are prove of it, Cynthia(i called her name in tender tone), i ll do anything for you’’ i said,
‘’Thanks dear, i ll call you tonight, please i dont want to hear stories, i want to hear your voice’’ she pleaded,
Hell no, there’s no way we are talking tonight, no naw, am with
Salma, i had to look for an excuse,
‘’ok, but my phone is still charging cos it was on low battery before, pray they dont take the light, call me, but just incase its switched off, know it wasnt intentional, i go try charge am sha, i ll send you
the message right now’’ i said, ‘’ok am waiting’’,she replied,
There was no such thing as me typing her a message, and how do i go about it, if i take toomuch time, she would know i had been typing, so i went straight to my sent messages, and edited a text i had sent to Salma a long time ago, then forwarded it to her, the text read,
I hadnt walked up to 10/15 steps after i sent that message, it was that quick, my phone had started ringing, without reasonable doubt i knew that i knew i knew(lolz) it was Cynthia, i was still holding my phone in my hand, cos i was expecting two things after that message, it was either she sent me a reply message or she called, Salma called me too when i sent her that, it was a self composed message, i once had a girlfriend that kept writing every single message i sent her in a book, i was the best literature student in secondary school, i loved poems, it was my thing, i still have a book i wrote them till date cos i remember vividly well back then, there was nothing like chating, it was strictly text messages, so what i did then was had my special book for writing poems, i love everything that has to do with Arts. I picked the call and what i was hearing on the other end of the phone was,
‘’muah, Muah Muah Muah

Kenny i love you, i love you’’ said the familiar voice from the other
I couldnt say anything rather all i could do was laugh, i wasnt
expecting it to get to that extent though, i told her the ‘i love you’ reply too, then she reminded me about us talking at night, i told have heard her.
I knew already my phone was going to be off, but i wasnt going to tell her that, at least raise her hopes high, and not kill her happiness, i could always swindle my way out the reason why my phone was off and i was certain she wouldnt doubt me.
The whole idea initially was taking Cynthia to bed, and make her pay for that one hell of an embarrassing slap, but instead, i got blown away by her beauty, the beauty changed a niggaz mission, for real i knew i was in love, and i wasnt ready to let Salma go either (buh guy are you loving this two shollies at thesame time, i go must rugged am o, i encouraged myself).
And another thing i liked about Salma was, she isnt the monitoring type, she hardly goes through my phone looking for who called me and who didnt call me, and who texed me and who didnt tex me, i guess it was the trips i gave her, i must have made her trusted and believe me, but Cynthia, i do not know about, i ll find out soon, shey we just met, so we are still in the nursery stage of our relationship.
After talking with Cynthia, i kept my thoughts going on in my head,
as i strolled back to Salma’s apartment.
I strolled back to Salma’s place, with different crazy thoughts running through my mind and head, when i got there, she had been waiting for me, you could see the look on her face, but why that
look?, like it meant ‘what took you so long?’, i really didnt take time,
it was about a 10 to 15 minute stroll,
‘’Baby what took you so long, if i knew i would ve gone with you oo’’ she said, faking her voice in a cry-like tone, she loved doing that, and the next thing she expects whenever she did that was me petting her,
I laughed out, went to where sat, sat next to her, placed a hand around her shoulder, pecked her on the Chick, then said,
‘’am sorry naw, i had to stroll to the junction before i could get
recharge card, remember today is Sunday, you missed me shey?’’ i

‘’lemme jor, lemme jor(trying to shove off her body from my hand that rested around her shoulders), ok where’s my card’’ she asked, turned her face looking directly into my eyes, with one her palm stretched out towards me,
‘’Ahn Ahn, you didnt tell me to buy for you nah(laughing), so i
thought you had’’ i said, like she wasnt happy with my response, as she was making the move to stand up from the bed, i grabbed her forcefully and pushed her to the bed, and quickly reached for her lips, i kissed her passionately as she reciprocated the kiss in return, the plan was to get the thoughts off what she just told me off her mind.
After a while, she got up, went to the Kitchen to get the hot water she had boiled as well as a piece of cloth, it was about a quater past 8 then, she helped me take my shirt off and singlet, then went on with the massage, i moaned lightly in pain at intervals, and for every time i did, she tried to mitigate the pain, by making her massage
gentle, and would always say ‘’Baby sorry’’ whenever i showed the pain expression, but base on things, i was over doing it cos me sef love petting.
After that, she was all over me, she had cooked already before i came to see her, she just warmed and dished our food in a plate, we ate together and at different times, fed eachother,(for my mind, aw be like, dis night no go be Childs play oo, o ma bag gaaan), after that, we went to shower.
And just as we were done with our bath, we kissed eachother right there in the bathroom, slowly and passionately down to the bed, i made her lay her down with her back on the bed, kissed her slowly, gently and nicely from her forehead, then both eyes, both chicks, her ears, kissed and licked them, then tickled them with my tongue, as she danced her leg back and forth, scattering the dressed bed already, came down, kissed her nose, then reached for her lips, then her jaw, used my tongue to tickle and lick her neck all over, kissed her shoulders, then her arms down to her fingers, sucked them one after the other, as she moaned lightly, i went to her breast, kissed
them all over, licked and tickled just the n¡ppl€$ alone, danced my tongue around it, then sucked on it for a while, then kissed down her tommy, dazzled my tongue around it, then watched her hands clunged on the bed, like they would rip it off, her eyes closed, she was biting her lips, her body made making certain demostrations, reacting to the things my mouth did on her body, i moved down her
<unt, she was already wet and driping, i kissed it, kissed her <lit, her thighs raised up, as i moved my mouth to one of her thighs, she held me by my hands, trying to pull me up, like she couldnt take it anymore, i refrained, freed my hands my hers, went down her thighs, kissed and tickled them with my tongue, all the way down to her legs, i did the exact same thing to both thighs and legs, kissingly

and licking them very slowly and gently, she had almost ripped the bedsheet off, i could see a large part of the bare bed,
I kissed and licked my way up back to her <unt, her body vibrating, my d¡<k hard, i quickly reached for one of the pillows, and placed it beneath her a$$, making the already driping p¤¤$$y very visible, her legs spread wide open, then reached for it with my mouth, i sucked and tickled with my tongue, it was a make up sex for my wrong action, so i gats make it crazy.
The sound of her loud moaning filled the room, i tried hard from the position i was to get her facial expression, and believe me she was long lost, her hands caressed my head all over, as i kept on sucking and dancimg my tongue around it, i was hearing her voice lightly pleading with the words,
‘’Kenny please i need you inside,
I need you inside please’’,
As i took my mouth off, i noticed she had already come, then i leaned forward, inserted my di<k, and starting thrusting slowly, i went on for like 5 mins, changin the pace of my thrust at intervals, nt 2 lng, she had started squirting all over me, i wasnt embarrassed, i had seen that b4, i only just paused, leaned backwards weneva she did, went bck to thrust in, this time she wasnt moaning, i guess i ll call it shoutin, it went on for a lil while longer, then came.
Not too long after that $€x, Salma had slept off like a Baby, leaving me alone awake, i suspected that crazy romance must have taken lots of strength out of her, it was the first time i saw her squirt and the second girl after Chizzy amongst the host of girls i have had s€x with, maybe Cynthia would add to the list, i dont know yet, there’s only one way to find out, and i ll find out soon, maybe when she wakes up i ll have to ask her if it was her first experience.
I couldnt sleep, i had to look for a movie to watch, and it wasnt like the time had really gone, it was just few minutes to 10, back then in Abraka, there was an 8 ‘o’ clock curfew, so people hurriedly got to
their houses before 8, at worse a few minutes past 8, so 10 ‘o’ clock then looked 1am in the morning, everywhere would be so silent to the extent, you would hear the frogs croak, if you are out after 8 to 9pm, you gats be a strong man.
As she kept sleeping, i tried hitting her in pretence hoping she would wake up, cos ma gage for $€x, nah at least two rounds, one round dey be me like punishment, but the babe just layed helplessly like a log of wood on the bed.

I really relaxed and took my time doing all that long romance process, it must have gotten into her.
One crazy thought came into my head, that kept ringing it like a bell in me
‘’Guy dis babe don pass out jor, you and Cynthia fit talk this night, guy she no go know, this one wey don reach her village for Edo state sinceee’’
I was beginning to think it was a good idea, cos i wasnt feeling sleepy at all, and watching her n@k€d wasnt helping me, it was aggravating my erection, my Piakantus kept rising and falling, when it became toomuch, i had to look for where she kept her stuffs, got a another bed-spread and covered her unclad body.
(i go yab you later no worry, sha wake up later before day break make you gimme round 2 ooo, i mummured),
And just as i was anticipating talking to Cynthia at night, another mind told me,
‘’Guy come on die it!, no just try that thing wey you wan do so, you
wan kill yourself by yourself, if she come wake up nkor’’,
So i locked up on the issue, instead decided to send her a message, and after that, switch off my phone, i ll tell her tomorrow that my phone went off after i sent the message to her, and was able to charge it at the early hours of the morning, nah me dey in charge, e sure me say she no go doubt me. I took my phone and composed a message that read,
‘Cyntia, i wsh u cud open ma hrt and take a PEEP, u ll see my plans 4 u are not to make u WEEP, cos i feel u so DEEP, praying i ve u for KEEP, i wsh i cud be the one to buy u a JEEP, so u ll stick with me lyk a CLIP, hold un2 u nd neva let u SLIP,
Damn!, check out ur LIPs, Ur HIPs, u re so so Swt. Swt drmz honey’’.
I waited to see the delivery message, and as soon as i did, i switched off my phone, knowing fully well that if she hadnt slept, she would call me after reading it.
I continued with the movie, not like i was enjoying it, but i was awake doing nothing, i just dont like Nigerian movies, i couldnt do a thing about it cos it was what Salma had to offer me, most girls love naija movie alot, the only time i get carried away by a naija movie is only when its comedy, Mr Ibu, Osuofia, Oke Bakassi, Charlse Nnoje, Aki and Pawpaw and the rest, since there was no naija comedy movie, i had to adapt, at least just for the night.
I watched on for a while, layed on the rug, my head resting on the edge of the bed, before i knew it, i had dozed off.

I woke up in the middle of the night to pee, reached for Salma’s phone and looked at the time, it was about 2.30 or so, the movie had stopped playing, i had to switch everything off, peed, got back, switched on the light just to take a good look at Salma who was still lying helplessly on the bed,
‘’Babe howfar nah, shey nah so this night wan be?, no no no, spend the night here, i don spend am now, you lemme dey sleep, are you trying to tell me theres no more sex this night?, so no round two?’’ i was just ranting within me,
On a second thought i wanted to go back to bed, when something to spoke to me inside,
‘’guy wake am up jare’’,
I joined her in the bed, tapped her a lil, just when i thought she was making the signs of waking up, saying some dreamland languages i dont understand, she rolled over and backed me, so i chilled and left her to sleep,
‘’Guy no worry, e go be to 3 now, time still dey’, i said within me
consoling myself with high expection,
‘’ok na true sha time dey, shey i go comot here 6.30/7am’’ i said,
As i layed on the bed, i didnt know when i slept off.
I woke up later i was seeing radiants of light penetrating through the cotton reflecting in the room,
‘’Guy shey day don break?’’ i asked myself,
I quickly reached for her phone and looked at the time, it said few mins to 7
‘’mtcheeeeeeew, so nah so dis tin finally end?’’ i asked myself, stood
and got my clothings and started dressing with sadness. PAGE 65
I dressed up and was ready to leave, i was kinda bitter, with the feeling i was $€x starved, but on a second thought something told me,
‘’Guy calm down free the babe jor’’
This wasnt our first time spending the night together, she had never slept off on me like this before, since it was my first time of seeing her squirt, there were tendencies it might be her first experience, i ll find out from the horses mouth later, so i had to cheer up and tried not to be selfish, truly it must have really taken alot outa her, i concluded

I went to where she layed on the bed still sleeping, shook her body till she opened her eyes,
‘’I want to start going now’’ i said, she looked at me with her sleepy
eyes and asked drowsily,
‘’is it day break already?’’,

‘’yep, its almost seven’’ i replied,
‘’wowww(sat up)Baby am so sorry, you know i wouldnt just sleep off on you like that, i was so weak as if all my bones were broken after
that stuff last night’’ she said in disappointment,
When she said stuff, i been wan yab the babe but i just calm down before she go begin cry, cos shes got talent in Cryology and Laughiology at thesame time, if she go all this XXX, i bet she would win, so i decided to take it easy on her.
‘’its ok i understand, this one you are calling it stuff, dont you know the name?, or was last night your first time?’’ i asked and was anxiously waiting for her response,
She nodded her in reply,
‘’yes, pleassse what’s it called” she asked with plea,

‘’Its called Squirting, its alot different from orgasm, a woman can reach orgasm several times during sex, but squirting is the highest level of heavenly feeling’’ i explained,
She was just looking at me in Shock, i was surprised, thinking she was faking the new look on her face, she was 20/21 then, howcome she doesnt know about it, as she kept quiet staring at me, i continued,
‘’orgasm is an intense moment of sexual pleasure, but squirting is the highest peak of heavenly excitement, you are even lucky, some women dont experience it through out their lifetime’’ i added,
‘’Goddd!, Ken-nn-ny, Kennnn, you this small boy, howcome you know this much?’’ she asked in amazement, held me by my shoulders firmly and was shaking me,
‘’Chill jor, but the small boy is lecturing you on Sexology 202 this morning, instead wey you go rush carry your biro and jotter, you sit down for bed, mtcheew, i read books and have done stuffs too’’ i replied,
She started laughing hysterically, i was beginning to wonder what i said that was so funny,
‘’i wonder what ll happen when you get to 25/30, na wa oo’’ she

‘’wo, see, me am leaving, its too early to start talking about
squirting, lecture continues later’’ i said, stood up and was walking
towards the door,
‘’are we fighting?, at least gimme a kiss before you leave naw’’ she
Maybe i wouldnt mind having my round 2 now, i turned back, walked back to where madam sat on the bed, bedspread wrapped around her br€@$t, bent and kissed her, we kissed for a while but i noticed my mind wasnt prepared for $€x, i stood up,
‘’Babe, i ll call you later’’ i said and took my leave.
I took a bike home and as i walked into my apartment the first thought that came to my mind was Cynthia, i switched on my phone and called her immediately, she spoke i soon as she picked,
‘’Baby what happened naw, your phone was off through out the night’’ she sobbed,
‘’my dear am so sorry, it went off after sending you that message, they just brought the light now, am talking to you with my phone charging’’ i said,
‘’do you know i woke up at different times at night trying your number?, i really wanted to talk to you, i missed you’’ she sobbed,
‘’see, if we dont talk tonight, i go like know why, its a must, even if i
ll ve to charge my phone directly to the transformer’’ i teased,
She began to laugh,
‘’seriously, you are sick’’,
‘’at least thank God you know, and yet still love me, meaning we are both sick, 2 sick people in love, it takes two to tangle, hope you like the message i sent?’’ i asked,
‘’(laughing), i love it, i love your messages,
We talked for a while longer, she asked if ll be coming to school, no way i was going to school with my scar face, at least not till my mirror convinces me that i was better if not ok, so i told her i wouldnt.
She said she was going to come check on me in the evening hours after lectures.
After the call, i did a lil few necessary house chores, brushed, had my bath, prepared something to eat, then relaxed with a movie.
Where i sat on the bed, different flashes of occured incidents were coming to my head, i noticed i hadnt had Susan’s time since that night, then as the Flashes kept going on ond off, i remembered this

weekend was Sly’s weekend, we ll be riping his a$$ off but to be sure things still stood thesame way and hadnt changed, i ll ve to hang out with dem guyz before the week runs out, first lemme call Chuks, i reached for my phone and dialled Chuks’s number.

Capo wey dey game’’ I thundered, as soon as Chuks picked the call, ‘’Rugged you my Manche’’
‘’Capo wey dey waan the place, dem know dem?, dia mama left
ear’’ i thundered, hailing Chuks in respect you’’,

‘’D, i say Rugged you dia’’ he thundered back in return, ‘’Baba i dove oooo” i said,
‘’Rugged you dia, wetin dey happen?’’ he asked,
‘’your boy loyal ooo, Capo howfar about the sly runs nah, shey we
still dey play am dis weekend?’’ i asked,
‘’you suppose don dey ok before Saturday nah, come see me dis evening first sha’’ he said,
‘’Baba, abeg i use God beg you, make e be tomorrow abeg, dat Babe, dat Oyibo babe wey cos matters arising on Saturday dey show dis evening oo i swear’’ i explained,
He started laughing,
“Choi, dat pu$$¥ go collect today livvve, nah to dey give am remain oo, bad guy, the t¤t¤ must pay’’ he said,
I couldnt help myself, i laughed so uncontrollably, that it took me a while to reply,
‘’Baba i no fit laugh abeg, if she comot here on time, i go show, but if not nah tomorrow evening your Boy go show ooo’’ i said,
‘’ mak sure say you Fu*<k am oo, no forgive that pu$$y oo, if you come dis place, i ask you about am and you tell me no, you go do frog jump’’ he replied,
Our conversation was crazy, i laughed almost all through till we finished talking, he said some crazy ish, then we talked about other things.
So my going to Grammar School that evening all depended on howmuch time Cynthia spends with me whe she comes.
For a long while i was restless, but with a good feeling, i couldnt wait for her to come,

‘’Guy shey your Piankantus fit enter the Obosiasis today?, will it enter, will onething enter inside one round-thin-nng?, I kept asking myself,
There must be something, driving me crazy about this girl, and i knew what is was, we just met, i still barely know her, so the only thing that can be driving a nigga crazy is nothingelse but her beauty, and as crazy and funny things can be, she was the finest girl my eyes have seen but yet, the quickest date i ever had, i just cant imagine me walking with a girl and for everytime, people ll always look, guys ll talk, its mind blowing, i dont get that huge attention with other girls. Tina, Chizzy, Esther, Salma are all pretty dark girls but never
drew that much attention, Cynthia’s beauty got me into a fight that gave me scars, so i wouldnt be wrong rating her the finest amongst all, her complexion really gave her an edge.
I was sitting down on the bed. Restless, finding it difficult to concentrate on my movie, instead of me watching the movie, the movie was watching me, i kept looking at the time at intervals,
‘’nah wa ooo, see as time slow today, howcome, can you imagine, upon all the films wey i dey here dey watch sinceee, nah still 12 ‘0’ clock, mtcheew, person go die here ooo’’ i was lamenting,
As in eenh, i just couldnt take it anymore, all of a Sudden, it was like the day drank 10 bottles of Codiene, it was so slow in my eyes, if i dont do something about my condition soon, the thoughts of her might kill me before she even comes. So i made up my mind to go out and play some video games, play Playstation 2 to kill time, at least if i dey there dey play game before i go know, time don go. It felt like a perfect plan to me but on a second thought i asked myself,
“guy wait ooo, you no fit carry this face go School, but you fit carry am go play game, see wetin t¤t¤ dey cause’’ a voice told me inside,
I thought about it but the truth was that there was nothing i could do, (me i no fit stay dis house, see as action film be like say nah Jonny Bravo for my eyes).
“If anybody ask wetin happen, i get accident noni’’ i had finalised.
I went out to play PS2, and it payed off, i had people to talk to, crack jokes, laughed, and before i knew it, it was like someone was using his finger to speed up the time, i go be like,(2 don nack, ok na 4’0’ clock now oo), just like that, while i was there, she sent me a short message around that kinda 3pm or so that read,
‘’ m’ in class ryt nw, Nd tinkn bout u’’,
I hadnt the chance to read the message immediately, but when i did i was like .

“Damnn!, i swear i don blow this girl mind too, anh anh, i come dey think say nah only me the thing dey do ooo’’
At least the equation balance dieee. I left there around 6, and it was when i got home i realised how hungry i was, i quickly had to fix myself something to eat,
‘’Nah wah ooo, nah past 6 ooo, nah when this babe wan show, no
time oo’’ i said to myself, my blood was hot, i couldnt wait, the thing was just doing me ‘tin ni ni tor noo’, (you guys wont under’STOOD’, lol),
I was about reaching for my phone to call her when my phone started ringn (you wan try rushing?),
I dived my phone on the bed the way the Legendary Paraguan Goalkeeper, Chilavert wont, sure thing it was Cynthia, i picked it,

My sweetness’’ i said,
‘’ dear am on my way i had to go eat and freshen up at home first’’.
‘’E don set oooo, will the 1 enter the 0 today?, will itttt?’’ were the questions i was asking myself, as i was anxiously waiting to see her pretty face, i quickly sprayed my bodyspray under my arms and my neck, (i gats scent sweet nah, wey be say i no dey misuse hard drugs wey no dey good for my system),i go find out soon, and not too long i was hearing a knock on the door.
‘’E don red ooo’’ i said to myself and went to get it,
She was putting on a Jean trouser and a nice top, and a small long hand bag, she looked awesome but when i saw her wearing a Jean again i was like,
‘’na wa oo, yesterday jean, today jean again, guy you sure say this babe no be virgin?, babe no just use me play oo, you see yourself?, if to say una do the night call now, you don press br€@$t, you for fit ask am’’ was talking to myself inside as i smiled and open my hands for her to give me a hug.
Before she came, i tried giving my room a romantic setting, i was using a muti-colour purpose lampholder with two bulbs that has different colours of blue and red, so i went for the red one, i had also fixed that same blues collection, the appearance of the room was dangerous in a romantic way.
I offered her the bed to sit down, and sat right in front of her,
‘’O my God, my love,

My Sugar
My Sweetness how are you?”, i asked,
Her face bent down, i had to place my hand beneath her jaw raised her face up to make sure she was looking at my face, (if she still dey shy, me i no dey shy again),
‘’am fine’’ she replied,
To prove i wasnt shy, i leaned forward to give her a kiss, first on her forehead and then on the Lips, after i did, i asked her,
‘’do you know why the meaning of what i just did?” ‘’what” she asked,
‘’the kiss on your forehead stands for respect and the one i gave you
ond the lips is for Love, i respect and love you, Jesusss!
Fine girl “ i teased and gave her a quick peck on the lips, she started giggling,
That would kill some shyness in her at least. What i did really helped, she freed herself and was able to look at me well and talk.
I asked her how she was, how her day went, and she told me about it in details, describing how it went, the things she did, that she was kinda worn out and had to go home and freshen up, that she didnt want to come to my place looking exhausted.
We spent the next 30 minutes talking about stuffs, and as we talked i was reasoning deep, planning my move, strategizing the way i could get down to the Obosiasis cos at time the babe deserve special fvvuck for my hand, i worked for it, but nah to reach there come be d koko.
We had talked close to 40 minutes’ no show yet, i still hadnt come up with a good plan, since nothing was coming to my head like it had become stagnant all of off sudden, i had to change the topic, she no come here to just come discuss nah, so as she kept talking, i kept staring at her pink lips and i made it very obvious, when she finally noticed, she asked,
‘’why are you looking at me like that?’’,
‘’its your lips am looking at, you are so pretty when you talk, and all i feel like doing is grab your lips and kiss it” i answered
She started blushing, and trying to cover it up with a smile, as i noticed, i said,

‘’Come and lie down here, any part of your body i kiss, i ll tell you what it means’’, i said as i tapped the bed,
She seem interested, like what i just said sounded nice.
She playfully layed down on the bed, with the eagerness to know and face the challenge i just tabled before her,
“e be like this scope make sense die ooo, Obosiasis on my mind’’ i
said to myself,
I positioned myself like i was sitting on her tommy but wasnt resting my weight on her,
‘’ are you ready?” i asked, ‘’yes’’ she replied smiling.
‘’Lets start from your hair’’ i said,
I packed lil of her hair with my fingers, smelled it up, then kissed it,
‘’this means am saying you re Beautiful’’,
Kissed her forehead, ‘’Respect’’ i said, Pecked both cheeks,
‘’this one is just a greeting’’ i said, Pecked and licked her ears a lil, “am telling you am horny’’ i said, Kissed her lips for a long while,
‘’means i love you’’ i said,
Kissed and licked her around her neck,
‘’it means lets make love’’ i said,
Kissed both of bo/obs through the top she wore,
‘’oya whats the meaning of this one” she asked,
‘’Relax nah, shey am the one in charge, why your blood they hot?’’ i
asked as she laughed,
It means take me to ecstacy,
‘’Bad guy”, she said and was laughing, the plan was to get her in the mood,
I went down, raised her shirt a lil to expose her very light skinned tommy, kissed it,

‘’means put me in the mood’’ i said,
Went down to her jean, kissed the area of her <unt through it,
“take me to Paradise’’, i said,
She started laughin, i pulled myself forward, reached for her lips, we started kissin eachother passionately,
(at least i don giv am sign say na $€x tins)
We kissed passionately, her response to me and the way her body reacted to our sweet romance made it clear to me that my idea of getting her in the mood worked, na just to try reach down unbuckle the jean remain.
Just like i did yesterday, one of my hand was placed on her br€@$t, caressing them through her clothes, as she closed her eyes caught in the moment of the romance.
As we kissed, i started moving my hand that was caressing her bo/obs downwards slowly,(if i succeed unbuckle the jean, to remove the bra, no go be wahala, so i thought), i was dying to see this
br€@$t cos for so long i had been wondering how its going to be like, imagining also the expression on her face when i suck and tickle her nipp|€$, the shape of her bo/ob$ and how beautiful its going to be like, how making love to her ll be like, the way she ll moan, i had really anticipated the whole thing in my head.
I moved my hand down slowly till i got to her jean, then was trying to unbuckle the button, she grabbed me by the hand, and then dragged my hand up, but we didnt stop kissing.
I dont give up easily, cos with the way this girl was almost eating my lips, i had no doubt we ll make love today, i tried again as we kissed so deep, our tongues colliding against eachother, went down with my hand trying to unbuckle her jean again, she held my hand again, this time i had to voice out, cos we ve gone past a certain stage were i wasnt shy anymore,
I paused the kiss and then asked,
‘’what is it?’’,

‘’you wont like what you ll see’’ she said very calmly,
I tried processing what she meant by that, if she meant she was still a virgin or she was just being shy, so i asked again,
‘’what i ll see as in how?, are you still a virgin?’’ i dropped the High Blood Pressure question and was praying she said no, cos if she said yes, a nigga might just have heart attack,

She started smiling and was like,
‘’what if i tell you i am’’,
My mood was already slightly changing,(omo after all the stress, which kind rubbish be all dis one, i said to myself),
‘’i wouldnt doubt you naw’’ i replied her in aggitation,
Like she noticed the disappointment on my face, i swear i couldnt hide it,
She smiled and was like,
‘’am not, am seeing my p, i could show you if think am lying, am wearing a pad right now’’ she said,
Reached for her jean and was trying to unbuckle it herself,
I held her hands and stopped her, leaned forward and kissed her, but she shrugged me off, pushed me backwards and asked,
‘’was that why your mood changed?’’
This time no lies, i had to speak my mind,
‘’have been dying to make love to you, thats why, have thought and
dreamt about it” i calmly said,
‘’its not my fault, i ll love to make love to you too” she said,
The statement gave me goose pimples all over my body, at least that was fair,(the babe don dey get mind to yarn me things, e make sense, so i thought),
So what she said, made me summon courage, so i asked her,
‘’what do you think?, spend this weekend with me pleassse’’ i
‘’ok, i ll think about it, weekend is still far” she said,
That was so fair too, i could deal with that, she just gave me enough time to convince her before weekend.
We had some more romance, i enjoyed my time, since she told me she was on her p, i was easy on her, i only kept caressing her bo/ob$ through her top, this weekend, e sure me say nothing go escape, my part is to make sure i end up convincing her.
She left around that kinda 7.30, base on the curfew thing in town starting by 8, and how protective i was about her, i followed her on a bike home, then told me she ll call me at nyt as she hightlighted from the bike and then tuk d bike back home.

It was late already, i couldnt go to Chuks’s place again, i just ate, was watching a movie and then slept off, it was her call that woke me up in the middle of the night.
We talked about alot, then i pulled this stunt on her, trying to pave way for the weekend, there was a poem i wrote i used for my runz, i got use to it, till it wouldnt leave my head anymor,
‘’Cynthia, i want you to call all the alphabets, from A to Z one after the other, starting from A, and i ll tell you what you mean to me with each alphabet,
She sounded excited,
‘’ok, A” she said,

‘’u r ANGEL’’ I replied, ‘’B’’ she said,

‘’C’’ she said,
‘’u r CARING, i answerd, ‘’D’’ she said,
‘’my DARLING’’ i replied, ‘’E’’ she said,
‘’u r ELEGANT’’ i said, ‘’F’’ she said,
‘’my FINEST’’ i replied,
‘’G’’ she said,

‘’my GIFT’’ i answered, ‘’H’’ she called out,
‘’u r HUMBLE’’ i said, ‘’I’’ she said,
‘’u r INTELLIGENT’’ i answered, ‘’wow! J’’ she asked,
‘’ my JOY’’ i responded, ‘’K’’ she asked,
‘’u r KIND’’ i replied,
‘’hmmm, how did you know?’’ she asked,

‘’cos its written all over you’’ i answered, ‘’ok ooo, L’’ she continued,
‘’u r ma LOVE nah’’ i said, ‘’M’’ she asked,
‘’u r MILD, like the evening breeze’’ i said, ‘’hmmm, bieeeeby, ok o, N” she said,
“u r NICE n NEAT’’

PAGE 69 ”u r OUTSTANDING” i said, ”P” she said, ”u r PRICELESS,
”Q” she said, ” u r ma QUEEN ”R” she said, ” RITZY AND ROMANTIC” i replied, ”S” she said, ” SWEET n SEXY” i said, ”T” she said, ”ma TREASURE”, i replied, She didnt want to let go, she kept going on and on, she really wanted to get to the end of it, i brought the challenge, so i was ready for it, she continued, “U” ”u r UNDERSTANDING” i said, ”really, ok oo, so whats V” she said, ”u r ma VISION” I replied, ”W” she asked, ”u r ma WIFEY” i replied, ”wooow, you killing me here, X” she called, ”u r ma XTACY” i said, ”YYYYY” She said, ”u r so damn YUMMIE” i teased, ”the last, Z” she said ”u re ZEALOUS” I replied, ”wow, Baby from A to Z, thanks somuch” she said, ”Thats what you mean to me, you are sooo complete from A to Z” i added, “i swear i feel like kissing you right now” she said, But base on the sharp guy that i am, i had to give her response a lil twist, cos i did what i did cos of what i wanted her to do for me, ”Dont worry, just keep the kisses for this weekend ok” i said and was curiously waiting to hear what her response ll be like, ”i dont know about that one, ve not spent the night in a guyz house before” she replied, ”good thing you just said ‘Guyz’, thats what makes me different, am just one guy, am sure you know am different from the rest, nah one day something take dey start” i said, trying very hard to convince her. I finally know now shes not a Virgin, i didnt want to start asking how she lost it, the first guy, when she had $€x last, my plan was after Piakanteeing the Obosiasis, i ll then relax and ask her all the things i want to know, i wasnt ready to listen to any heart breaking news, cos am always getting the feeling she has a Boyfriend, if not in School, maybe at home, and even if she did, i cared less, cos i know i ve the upper hand, the magical incident that has transpired between us and for the fact i was closer to her means i had better access to her, and have won her heart as well, those reasons were enough for me to Careless. We talked till it was 4.30, and i kept hitting the nail on the head about her coming to spend the weekend with me, she really didnt come to terms with me about the issue, but i knew i was going to win the fight, i was

sure about something, ‘say once she come that weekend, e don open the book like that, she go dey come like that dey go’. I didnt go to School the next day, i stayed at home through out, i remembered there was something i wasnt doing right, i hadnt called Salma, nah so i go jonze myself naw, when she doesnt see my calls, she ll come to look for me at the weekend, and that ll be disastrous, i had to quickly go get Credit to call her, and this period was the time i need to put on my best, call her frequently everyday, tease her, in order to put her mind at ease. That evening, freshened and dressed up and went to Chuk’s place, as i highlighted and payed the bike, as usual, dem Guyz where outside smoking weed with a bottle of St Remi standing on the ground, with two to three glass cups. As they saw me, everyone started hailing me, the last time we hanged out was on Saturday, so the incidents of the things that went down that day, still lingered fresh in their minds, i had to give everyone, one after the other the frat pleasantries, hailing eachother with the use of slangs. I joined them smoking and shared the St Remi with them, and before i knew what was happening, everyone had turned my visit into an Interview, questions flying at me like a snipper’s bullet, ”D, howfar, Capo say una yarn yesterday say you say that babe come your side” Flames asked, everyone focusing on me with all seriousness, ”She come on Sunday, still come yesterday” i replied, ”Choiiii” everyone shouted, ”you don draw the oil?” Chuks asked, and as he did everyone kept quiet waiting for me to respond, it was kinda funny when i saw the seriousness in their faces, so i started laughing, ”see as all of una serious sha” i said laughing, ”come on talk jor, who u dey use play for here?” Solo said playfully, ”ok, make i no lie, we don kiss, romance, i don press br€@$t, we for fvvck but she dey see her period” i explained, ”oya gimme 5, i say gimme 5 dar, i like this guy” Chuks said, giving me a very hard shake that almost ripped my palm off, ”she dey come spend the weekend with me, she go crash nah, so una know wetin go happen” i added, they started hailing and celebrating, i started wondering, nah me wan fvvck, nah dem dey celebrate, wetin dey happen?, ”what of that Sly fine babe that time?” Perry asked, ”we still dey nyash nah, i ynassh am on Sunday” i replied, ”Baddd guy” everyone shouted, ”come wetin you dey even tell these babes dem sef, dem just dey give you t¤to anyhow” Solo asked(laughing), and all i could do was laugh ——
”Baba howfar for the Sly matter?, shey we still dey play am abi?” i asked Chuks, ”time still dey nah before saturday your face go don dey better, everything still dey as planned, shey you still remember how i take talk am that day?” he asked, ”you say me and Hefty go dey front entrance, Flames and Solo go dey the back entrance, then Perry and Samba nah em go knock for the guy door, once the guy open, we go begin show in pairs, then burst the idiot, if em ready to pay, we go match am come here, but at a time, me i like touch am sha” i annalysed, ”your head pin well yakata, but nah Saturday early

morning nah em i want make una play the guy, make e no be evening again, make e be say nah sleep eyes em go take open door, meaning say u go sleep for this Kaba friday night” he explained, Spending the night there on Friday wasnt new, besides it would enhance our preparation and make us take our time to strategize well. The guyz i was going with for this mission are men that have made names for themselves(we ll get to that), Samba, Solo and Hefty were Executioners(the name speaks for itself), Flames had gotten to the Ibaka rank, Perry was a Point 1(cant explain that too), they were Kings in the game, Men that had fought wars, done and seen things, i was still up and coming though but was coming up quick, i fast growing faster and bigger than my size, cos i had gotten recognized by the league of men, and when these men addresses me, they do it like i was their mate, unlike some guyz who were even in the frat before me, i had started doing stuffs and gained respect, cos the more crazy things you do, the more respect you get, there you dont wait to be respected, you ve got to earn it, so i had been doing that, the Blacks ruled Delsu then, so i was covered and protected. While i sat dragging in and puffing out my weed, my brain started re-capturing the Scene, things started re-occuring exact way they happened, the way the slap landed on my face, the eyes that was on me. I had taken away his girlfriend from him, now the next thing i want to do is hurt his pride, i ld love to hurt him real well, but i don know how, i just decided to go as the spirit leads, and when my spirit leads, bad things happen. I had an awesome time, smoking, drinking and cracking jokes, and when it was beginning to get late, i had to bid them farewell in order to beat the 8pm curfew time. I got home and all through that night it was all i thought off, i started picturing his ugly face, i would really want to see that confidence of his when i storm his house with my men, i want to see the look on his face, when he gets visited by an old time unwelcomed friend, my heart started beating fast, and whenever i take weed it makes me reason alot, and most times i reason things right, i couldnt wait anymore to get my hands on the mudafucka, i found it difficult to sleep at night, it started wishing i could fastforward time, who knows Salma might have dated him outa fear, or he might have even threatened her ‘Choii, my Salma’, and my P was when i start dating a new girl i always cared less about her ex, i hardly ask questions, i prefered knowing what i need to know not everything she wants me know, i became restless, all of a Sudden i wanted to know everything, cos his case was different, since i couldnt take it anymore, i had to call Salma. I waited all night till it was 12.30am, waited for the time to get to 12.35, to keep my Xtracool balance safe, then dialled Salmas number. I drifted her attention to love matters first, wind and teased her so as to disgress her mind from the main reason i called, and when i had made her laugh and feel good, i entered the ‘Topic Sentence’ of my calling her, ”Baby please tell me about Sly, howcome he lays his hands on you,

yet you kept dating him” i asked with curiousity, i wasnt convinced that She didnt opened her mouth to tell that guy yes, and with the way my heart grew cold like ice-block for the guy, i was ready to use whatever she told me against him. ”Baby shey have told you before that we met during my registration in my 100level” she said, ”you ve not answered my question, are you trying to tell me that you opened your mouth and told that guy that looks like Agbero yes?” i asked again, and with my dealings with women, i notice when i keep hitting the topic without changing the subject for a long time the truth ends up coming out, i kept pressing harder with the belief something wasnt right, before finally said, ”We met last year, its a long story, he’s been treating me, he was even threatening to rape me, when the pressure became toomuch, and i had no one to run too, i had to give in and concede to him” she explained, as i heard it, i was, ”Ennnnh Ehhhnnn, i talk am, i talk ammm, i knew something was wrong, i come dey think say i don high”. ——————————-
CONTINUATION ¤¤¤ When the ones you love get hurt by someone else, thats when you know howmuch you love them. After she finally said ‘yes’, i was filled with rage, the anger in me was like a ballon filled with toomuch air and was ready to burst, i was sure if Sly was next to me at that moment, i would have killed him, but i knew that time for vengeance was soon, it was only going to be few days before his ‘judgement day’ comes, i was having the initial thought i had taken something from him and all i just needed do was hurt his pride, not knowing all the while i had gotten it all wrong, my thoughts were antiquated, i needed to open my eyes and come back to the real world and get my thoughts right, it was this dude that took something from me, you could do whatever you want to me, but you ll only be crossing the line when you hurt my woman, and if its someone i love, you had just taken the fight to a whole new level, Sly just did. I started wondering why she kept it to herself and didnt tell me, why she lied to me the first time i asked her, was the threat that bad, i felt like scolding her cos the fact that the mudafucka still was able to get between her legs drove me insane, i felt movements bolting in my head, i only tried not to yell at her, ”Salma you would have at least told me” i said trying to keep my voice cool, believe me i was forcing it, i didnt want to scare her more, ”what would you have done?, i didnt just want him to hurt you, he slapped you once in front of me before” she replied sobbing, It was then i knew this girl had really been looking down on me all this while, she just saw me as a guy who cracked her jokes and made her feel good, she had given herself the perfect sketch of me, as an easy going guy, who stayed outa people’s trouble, the aje-buttish kinda guy just the way she was, but it wasnt her fault, i dont brag about myself and the frat i belonged to, i try to be in my best behaviour, i only showed myself if situations called for it and a nigga had no choice, i didnt see it as something one should beat the chest

and be proud of, so she didnt know i belonged cos situations between us had never called for it before, but this time, i was willing to let her know, and am going to do it in grand style, she had been living with the devil himself but didnt notice, hell just broke loose for myself and Sly, we just had to find out who ruled hell. ”babe whats even wrong with you sef, you keep saying hurt me, hurt me, shey nah so dem take dey hurt person?, he slapped me in public, cool, were you expecting me to fight him there?, then if people ask wetin happen, the answer go be nah cos of one babe, babe i was seeing for the first time, he was your boyfriend my dear, i had other plans, there’s more to what the ordinary eyes can see, but no worry i go clear your doubt real soon” i explained, my anger already beginning to show, ”please dont do anything $tup¡d, Kennn pleassse, am begging you, you dont know that guy, he is a cultist, very dangerous” she said, i could hear her at the other end crying, (Wetin dey worry this one sef), the way she keeps hammering on the guy being very dangerous and a cultist was really pissing me off, i sure say the guy go don hipe himself dieeee were she dey coupled with lots of empty threats he must have being dishing to her, so she must have been seeing him as the hardest man in school, but i ll find out myself how dangerous he is soon. ”stop crying, i ll call you to meet me up on Saturday somewhere, when i do, hurry and dont keep me waiting, it might be in the morning, just make sure you looking really good” i said, then hung up I swear i had evil intentions and i couldnt wait to exibit it, plans coming up in my head. After the call i wasnt feeling myself at all, i was feeling terrible and there was only one thing going through my mind and head ‘PAY BACK’. I kept thinking about the whole thing till friday but before then i had called Chuks and told him i wanted to discuss something with dem guyz and it wasnt something i could tell him on phone, so they waited in suspence till i showed up that friday evening, i left my house with my school bag that had a trouser and shirt, with my small had bag that had something dangerous in it. That evening as we sat outside doing the normal hemp smoking and siping from a bottle of 501, the issue came up, ”D, so wetin be the thing wey you say you wan tell us” Chuks asked as everyone kept quiet waiting for me to voice out, I stood up, walking from one end to the other, my glass in one hand and my smoke on the other hand, they sensed it that what i was going to spit next wasnt going to be ordinary, i stood in front of everyone, my head raised up, my eyes red, gazing back at them, and finally said, ”una no go believe say Sly dey use threat means dey forcefully fuck my babe anytime wey em want sinceee?” ”Ehhhnnnnnnnn!!!” everyone chorused. ————————————
—————————————- PAGE 72 The question i dropped
swept everyone off their feet, this was really the height of it, it was really a shocker and very exasperating question as well, ”Guy wait first, repeat wetin you just talk, cos i no hear you well” Chuks said, standing up from where he sat, ”I say that guy dey use threat fvvck

that babe anytime wey em like, infact nah threat means em use get the babe last year” i said calmly, slowly and gently making sure they got my message, word for word, What i said spoilt our lil party, i could see the reaction in everyone’s faces, hatred and disgust were written on them, ”That guy nah bastard ooo, we suppose treat that guy fuck up well, Ken, how you take know?” Flames asked, ”See wetin happen here, e don tey wey me been dey reason the matter, cos i dey always dey wonder how the guy take get the babe, and again anytime wey i bring the guy matter up, she go always dey talk say ‘the guy is dangerous’, ‘the guy is dangerous’, ‘she doesnt want the guy to hurt me’, e don toomuch, so last night i go pressurise am till she come open up gimme” i explained, ”shey she know who you be?” Solo asked, ”No” i replied, ”Nah why she dey yarn like that nah, guy let am know jor, but i swear that guy dey mad oo, that guy is going down tomorrow” Solo said, ”just watch wetin go happen tomorrow, e just dey vex me say that fool has been fvvckng that girl since we started dating, em don price me, em gats pay ooo, nah heavy insult to me i swear, em just take advantage of the poor girl sha” i replied, As we were talking about it, i was still getting pissed, and just as i pressumed, they all felt thesame way too and couldnt wait to get their hands on him ”guy so wetin dey your mind to do am” Chuk’s asked, ”Baba if i tell you say i know like this, i swear nah lie i dey lie, anything wey em see make em take am like that, but i for like make we move the baggar come this end, make we tidy the fvvuck for here, ‘if you want to catch a hunter, you start with its prey’, the sweet thing be say we don do our home work, like this we get upper hand cos we don know how we go take cramp am” i said, ”But wait first, that guy get mind sha ooo, wetin em be again sef” Hefty asked, ”Ebere say nah Pirate, bloody pirate” Chuks replied him, We talked about the issue all night and still stuck to the plan, but there was a lil change, and that was matching him down over, it was a special case and thus needed to be treated specially, that dangerous guy ish that Salma has always sang about him, i wanted to see for myself how dangerous he was, i owe him that, to look at his ugly face, i was restless. I found it difficult to sleep at night, with the thoughts of the whole whole incident that was going to happen the next morning going through my mind, i decided to call Cynthia at mid-night, trying to confirm if she was still coming to spend the weekend with me, but she was relunctant about the issue and was still giving me thesame old stories that she wasnt sure and that she hadnt done it before and i wasnt in any mood to start begging my a$$ off, i had other things on my mind, i had my mind on the Sly’s mission the next day, i just couldnt wait, when she told me she wasnt sure, i just locked up and said ok. We really didnt talk much cos i wasnt ready for formings, i finally concluded that after everything, i might as well try again, try and talk her into coming but for that moment, the game wasnt there, when i am settled i ll have her time. As i layed on the bed in Chuks’s room in the middle of the

night, i started reasoning how that morning would be like, what would Sly’s face look like when he sees me and my entourage, i just couldnt wait. We woke up in the morning as early as 6.30 am, everyone got ready, Solo, Hefty, Samba, Perry, Flames and myself, i wore my black trouser and top i took along with me, hung my small bag across my shoulder, likewise the rest too, everyone with his bag across his shoulders. We gathered together while Chuks dropped his final words and then, we took a bike and headed to Sly’s place. ——-
PAGE 73 We took a bike and headed for Sly’s place, two on a bike, it was still early hours in the morning, as i sat on the bike on my way there i was hoping we met him, i couldnt wait to get my hands on him, i became jumpy, my heart beating very fast, thinking about the look on his face when he sees me, i still didnt know what i ld do to him but i knew that either way it goes, someone was going to get hurt cos i was feeling very upset, anger burning within my chest, i was filled with rage, and before i knew it, at thesame time i had the thoughts of Salma running in my head, her tears, the pains, the humiliation, and the crazy things he must have done to the defenceless girl, who was so scared and didnt know who to run too, the particular thought that was driving me mad was him forcing her to bed even after we started dating, ‘choi!, insult, my precious Obosiasis, no fear at all, base on the strong man he thinks he is’, today i was ready to clear his doubt and make all of Salma’s pain go away, she was my Girl, so she deserved better, i was ready to put an end to this misery and make sure he never ever goes close to her again, i want to hurt him to the extent that when he sees Salma, he ll take another way, thats howmuch i wanted to hurt this guy, my hatred towards him had gotten to a whole the level, as in the height of it, i have never detested someone like that in my life before but this particulr guy was worth it. we got there finally, highlighted and told the bikes to wait behind for us, they knew us, they took us on missions, some of them were town decks ( indigenes that belonged). The compound was very quiet, it was a face me i face you kind of apartment, it was almost 7 ‘0’ clock in the morning, a dark girl like that was outside washing, as she saw some weird looking guyz dat wasnt smiling, all dressed in all round black with lil bags hung on around their shoulders, she paused and stared fearfully, (as far say nah campus environment, if you see men like that, that early you sef go fear) nobody said a thing to her, cos no one had her time, we had already done our home-works, so we knew exactly where the retardee’s room was, we didnt need anybody’s help in identifying it. We stuck to the plan, nothing was to change, myself and Hefty stood at the entrance door, his height and body alone covered the whole entrance, we called him hefty cos he was so huge, he works out alot with a Rambo face to match, as the poor girl washing saw the arrangement, she ran leaving her clothes behind, stood from afar and watched, i wonder who was chasing her but base on logistics, it

was out of fear. Flames and Solo went to the back entrance, stood there like Angels guarding heaven’s gate, while Perry and Samba went to Sly’s door. Samba took the job of knocking gently on the door, while the rest of us watched from were we stood, as he was knocking with one hand, the other hand was inside his bag. He kept knocking for a while, and finally i could hear a voice i was conversant with coming from inside the room, ”who be that? Who be that?” the voice kept asking, but no one was in the mood to answer, As i heard the voice, i gave dem guyz a sign to confirm that he was the one, and i got signs and gestures in return which i interpreted to be they were glad we met the b@$tard at home, Perry gave me a sign, placed a finger on his throat like he was going to slice it, ‘yes’ it is about to go down. When the persistent knock continued on the door, the mudafucka(Sly) had no choice than to open it to see who his knocker was, just as he opened the door, he met a bull(gun) pointing angrily on his head, just like bushmeat catching hunter, i was waiting for the James Bond as Salma had always portrayed him to be, expecting him to shout, but the guy was as silent as a mute.
Samba and Perry forced him into his room, where i stood, i could hear Samba’s voice, ”Come go down before groundnut enter your head” He thundered, ”nah wetin i do, nah wetin i do” i could hear the mudafuckers voice crying out like a voice in the wilderness, we started entering his room one after the other, he kept seeing strange faces, one, two, three before he knew he had seen five armed men, he would be wondering who he offended, before i finally entered and rescued him from his misery, misery from who he has offended, in my mind i was like ”this would be fun, this is judgement day” …
———- PAGE 74 As i got into the room, i met Mr man with both kneels on the floor, finally he had seen a familiar face, he had just his boxers on, i had this wicked smile on my face, it felt good, i was calm and relaxed, why shouldnt i be?, i had my league of men around me, who had given me the honour to stand in the middle, right in front of the cock$ucker, guyz werent smiling, cos it wasnt time for jokes, Samba was still pointing his bull at him, even if Sly had seen my face just once in his lifetime, i guess he shouldnt or wouldnt have forgotten a Guy he slapped in public, and a guy who’s babe he’s been devouring forcelly, i really took my time cos the incident had already ran into months, he must have thought i had forgotten about it, but i remember i told him he would get my message, all i needed do was give myself a perfect timing, which i ended up doing, as he saw my face he didnt need to put on his thinking cap. As i saw him, even with the wicked smile on my face, it was like the rage that was filled within was reloaded cos this time the anger was two times more, i thought Ebere said he had a roommate, if he truly did, that saturday morning was his lucky day, cos he would have had his own fair share of the punishment, before person go come later hear em own. We were hearing voices to be

that of their neighbours, talking to themselves outside, ”wetin happen, wetin happen” they were asking themselves repeatedly, but no one had the guts to come close(abi the person no dey fear?), cos the $tup¡d person that loves his neighbour somuch would have gotten himself/herself into trouble too. I unzipped my bag and brought out my Axe, Hefty stood on the door with his big body, with a bull in hand as well, ”Guy, you remember this face” i asked, He was reluntant, kept quiet and wouldnt answer, he was wasting my time for crying out loud, i wanted to hear him say he knew me, out of anger, i slammed the axe on his cheek with the flat side, with all the force my hand could dish out, ”guy we no want dulling for here, you remember me?, yes or no nah em i wan hear?” i asked him again, He managed to say yes with his hand holding his cheek, this was exactly what i wanted, it was my case, the guyz just allowed me do my thing, ‘an eye for an eye’, thats what have always heard people say, but this day i was going to add spice to that statement, cos i wouldnt be satisfied with just ‘an eye for an eye’, i wanted ‘an eye for the whole body’, it wasnt me being slapped by this guy that was hurting me anymore, this vengeance was for my Pretty Salma, Vengeance they say is sweet, i hadnt started enjoying this one ”guy listening to this story i said ”fvvck up nah bad thing, for my life i hate fvvck up dieee, there was peace in Heaven untill Lucifer come fvvuck up, got felt betrayed and threw him down, gave Lucifer time to change and beg for forgiveness but the dude wouldnt, God finally tag satan for destruction, set the last day on earth to put an end to the cocck$ucker, Bro that day nah ‘judgement day’, and Sly today nah that day for you, you are the Lucifer in the story and nah me be god, guy come on get up” i said, After my small epistle it was like my anger increased again, i didnt know if the dude was scared to stand up, the almighty Sly as poor Salma had always protrayed him to be. I had to forcefully make him stand up, and just as he did, an unexpected headbutt landed gracefully on his lips, the sound of it made everyone shout, guess they didnt see that one coming since i had a weapon in my hand, he started bleeding profusely, ”that day you just dey feel yourself, you slap me finish dey ask me wether i know who you be?, today e go shock you cos if i no clear your doubt i go like know why” i said, ”thunder fire you” Samba said, everyone began raining insults on him, ”D, howfar make we match am dey go, be like people don dey gather small small, i no feel the settings” Hefty said peeping outside, No one gave a fvvck if the mudafucka was bleeding, we hadnt even started yet, just as Hefty completed his statement, i heard someones voice in the room saying, ”Ken abeg no vex, abeg make una no do me like this abeg, abeg” it was the voice of the cocccksucka, but our well of sympathy and pity had run dry, all we had left was sand in the well, i dont think the sand would be of any help to him, i was surprised he knew my name, he had just proven it to me that he knew Salma was my girlfriend, and must have taken me for a jew man. ”you get mind dey fvvck my babe

shey?” i angrily asked, turned my face to dem guyz and was like, ”e no get wetin una wan tell me ooo, dis guy no dey comot here with this boxers oo, we dey match am go naked liveee” i said still burning with fury ”na wa for you oo, guy flex nah, we dey solidly behind you, anyhow wey you want make e be, nah so e go be” Solo replied, I turned back facing Sly, ”Guy abeg remove that boxers” i said calmly but angrily… It just began
—————— PAGE 75 ”Guy abeg remove your boxers” i said calmly but angrily, He was dumbfounded, then i started having a rethink, ‘is it not this same guy that had been threating Salma, ‘Sly the Almighty baddest’, at least i was expecting some sort of attitude, then i realised it wasnt his fault, look at the armed men that came for him, so why the guy no go humble?, he placed his hands on his boxers but couldnt pull it off, at that particular moment no one gave a damn, i just wanted to act according to the pains my heart was going through, no time to look Uche face, even if he likes, he could cry me a river like Justin Timberlake it wont move me an inch, my heart had become as strong as stone, ”see abeg make una no do me like this, abeg” he said with his hand still holding his boxers, his head moving from side to side looking at everyone ”this one dey mad?, abi you think say we dey play?” Samba replied him angrily hiting him with the bull on the forehead, Samba’s reaction made him understand it wasnt a joke, but the dude still found it difficult to take it off, i guess he must have been reasoning his neighbours, how shameful it would be, but if his neighbours were his Problem, he was in for a shocker, cos from his place to grammar School, Chuks’s place was quiet some distance, he should be worried at the eyes that was going to be on him while we left, but who gave a fvvck about the dude, ‘fvvck up nah fvvck up and every fvvck up must be treated’, nah the O.T ‘forgiveness is a sin’, but this guy’s fvvck up had degree, so all we needed do is oblige him with a graduation certificate, and it was this cerficate we ll be dishing out to him, dude aint seen anything yet cos hand never touch well, ”come take that thing off” Solo said, landing a dirty slap on the mudafuckaz face, ”i say make you remove am, use your hand remove am by yourself” he shouted again at him And before anyone could say Jack, he humbly complied taking off his boxers, As he did, everyone started laughing, yabbing the mudafucka, the first thing my eyes gazed on was his black di<k, ‘the thing shrink come small, i suspect say nah fear, so nah this thing this guy take dey piakantee my Salma Obosiasis, can you imagine no respect’ i said to myself, but sincerely i couldnt keep it to myself anymore, at a time i just gats voice out, ”guy so you mean say nah dis thing you take dey spurlush my babe, even when you know say we dey date, cos i know say you know, you just feel say i be jew man, meaning i know go fit do anything, sotey you dey piakantee the Obosiasis, no respect, i swear you go know as e dey go today” i lamented angrily, I swear it was really painful, cos nothing hurts a guy more when he finds out someone he loves is

sleeping with another guy, no guy go like share em woman, but this particular incident, the blame wasnt on Salma, she was like this guy’s sex slave, thats what hurts me more, having sex with her whenever he pleases and there was nothing she could do about it, he threatened her to the extent she was scared to tell me, cos i know he must have told her he would hurt me if she didnt comply, cos she kept saying she didnt want him to hurt me, that the cocccksucka was so dangerous, how annoying, meaning she was forcefully sleeping with this guy for my own protection in her mind, Choi, i swear i don suffer sha, the thoughts of the whole thing was killing me inside, the more i thought about it, the angrier i became, and i was ready to shower my anger on this guy. “I go make sure say i fall this guy hand pieces today” i said to myself, i kukuma don clear am say today nah judgement day for am ”i think say dem say you be strong man, see as you humble, person wey see your face now go think say you be better person” Flames lashed at him with those words, ”Oya match” Perry thundered, pushed him forward, This mudafucka was staked n@k€d, nothing was covering his nudity, his forehead swollen, mouth bleeding, we pushed him outside, ”abeg nah, make una no do me like this, abeg” he kept repeating these words over and over again, but too bad dude didnt know those new found words would be his new anthem, As we stepped outside outside, we met strange faces, guyz and gurlz, but no one could come close, they were just mummuring within themselves, some even stood watching from a distance, dude was in shame and couldnt raise his head up, i was behind him, his black ugly a$$ staring at me, as we walked towards were our bikemen waited for us, i brought my phone out of my pocket without thinking twice i dialled Salma’s number straight up, she picked the call, ”Hello” she said, her voice sounding very drowsy, ”Babe get up right now, wash your face, take a bike and come to Grammar School, stop at Angel’s Villa, when you get there call me, i ll come pick you” i said and hung up immediately, no time for jokes. ——————————————–
—————————— PAGE 76 Just as people watched, we climbed the bike and zoomed off to Grammar School, it was some minutes to 8am already, when we got there, Chuks and the rest where outside waiting for us, smoking hemp to calm the nerves and step down, this will be an experience Sly ll never forget, all the way from Campus 2 to Grammar School with no clothes on, and the bikemen worsened issues, they werent in a hurry, they took their time riding their bikes with their speed on a slow pace, anyone that saw us had to take another look, he’s done his, this time was my time, and my mind was made up to enjoy it to the fullest, anybody wey dey talk another thing nah for em pocket. Chuks area was inside, though it looked like a close, his compound was like a barracks self-con, like up to twenty five to thirty apartments, and all the apartments were occupied by all round guys, everyone belonging to thesame fraternity, some where even two in a room, with a black huge gate

and a spacious compound inside, it was really a dead end expecially if you were an enemy, sometimes i wonder how they did it, this particular frat having been occuping this house, even before i got admission into School, this guy doesnt know what he just got himself into, if he knew, he would have ran for his life, i had other good plans for him, if he survives this one, i doubt if he ll ever get himself in trouble again. Before we left, most of the guys were still sleeping, but before we got back, everyone was up, outside crowded, as they saw him, they started laughing, like nah em dem patiently dey outside dey wait, we matched to were they were. Dem guyz had another option of taking him inside the compound, but i guess this particular fvvvup they wanted to treat it outside, and this area was a busy one, they were lots of other hostels around there, soon this movie will still draw alot of attention and lots of passers-by too. ”This guy don already dey bleed for mouth, nah who wound am?” Chuks asked, ”you dey ask again?, you no trust your boy again?, nah headbutt master nah” Solo replied him, everyone started laughing, ”Ken abi, ” Chuks asked, ”as we hear the sound all of us shout, e bi like were them throw grenade” Solo teased while the others were busy laughing, ”nah wa o, that small thing nah em be like say una don mend am tire” Chuks asked, the next thing he landed a hot slap on Sly’s cheek, ”come on go down, you still dey stand?, or you no know wetin you do?” he thundered, dropping the question for Sly to answer, He went down immediately it didnt take him a second, this should be his most fvvvckep up moment, a guy washing clothes brought his dirty soapy water and poured it all over his body, from his head down to his toes, ”you get mind sha, you go by-force my guy babe, you no even fear” Samba yelled at him ‘Kpooooza’, landed a dirty slap on his wet back, “come on do frog jump” he shouted at him, ”from this place to that place like that dey go” he said demostrating, giving instructions to the squating Sly, I just sat at a spot watching, ”but wait first oo, is this not desame Sly Salma has been telling me about, that he was dangerous and would hurt me if i did anything stupid” i was asking myself, since our collision today he hasnt opened his mouth to say anything, at least i expected him to show some kinda attitude, but instead, the guy just turned his Clergy man on acting so humble, ”Bros abeg, Bros abeg Bros abeg” i kept hearing him say repeatedly, It was over thirty minutes i called Salma, she had since not shown up, i had to take call her again, i took my phone and called her a second time, and as she picked it up, ”Salma where are you” i asked, ”i wanted to shower and paste first, but am done, am about taking a bike now” she said, at least this time her voice wasnt drowsy ”be fast, when you get to where i told you lemme know, call me and i ll come pick you up” i replied, ”where is it are you taking me this early morning, it had better be good, if not, you ll see what am going to do to you” she said jokingly, ”see abeg do fast, you are keeping me waiting” i replied, then hung up, i wanted to be very serious this time around,

she has been taking me as just a mere joker, a guy that was never serious with things, but this time i wanted to give her a treat, make sure i blow her mind, earn my respect from her in a whole new level. My guy was slugging it out, busy with his frog jump sweating it out, with no boxers and Singlet on, his blockus was just dancing, the incident was already drawing other people’s attention. After a while, my phone started ringing, it was Salma, i told dem guyz i was coming, and headed to the junction to get her, i picked it up the 2nd time, ”where are you now?” i asked, ”at the junction, next to Angel’s Villa”, i walked till were we could see eachother from a distance, i waved at her, she started walking towards were i stood. —
– PAGE 77 I
wasnt in the mood for Childs play or jokes, my face was so strong, ‘Boyz were’nt smiling, i had something to prove to her, and i hope she would be able to take what she was about to see, my mind was made up, (today you go find out who i really be, the highest thing wey you fit do nah to break up with me, when you finally find out say the jovial and playful Ken belong, which i doubt she would, i said to myself), i really wanted to see her reaction when she sees her ‘almighty Sly’ jumping from one end to another n@k€d doing frog jump. I stood where i was till she walked up to me, freed my hands open for her to come in and give me a very warm hug, she was looking very good, so i held her for a while and made sure her bo¤b$ had a good grip on my chest, ”Goodmorning” she said as we still held eachother close, ”morning my dear, you look sweet and smell nice, this one you dressed like this, this is not a date o” i said, she was wearing a blue jean, shes got a crazy hips, so the waist just come out even me be like dammn!, a nice top cant really remember the colour with a long hand bang, she had changed her hair style different from the last time we saw, who knows, i told her about meeting someone, she must have thought it was a date. ”am scared o, look at bushes everywhere, hope say no be money you wan use me do?” she asked, and just as i ll always say when i want you to find out something yourself, i replied, ”there’s only one way to find out, this is more than a date” ”ok oo, so where are you taking me to” she asked, All this while this conversation was going on, we had already started walking majestically to Chuks’s house, my hand firmly rested on her hips, funny enough i just did my own thing how i felt i wanted to handle the situation, nobody knew Salma was on her way, and i felt good cos she was looking hot, with the make-up and everything and to me nah prestige, some original A1 to my C.V, “Babe relax jor, nah me dey yarn, there’s this special friend i want you to meet, ve told him lots of nice stuffs about you, sha dont start tripping for him cos this dude is fvvvcking handsome” i said, ”wooow, are you serious?” she asked, I held her down with conversations and made sure i drifted her attention far away that even in her wildest dream she ll never ever believe she was going to see Sly soon, i kept it cool, but i was plain no jokes, she noticed i

wasnt smiling but there was no time for too many explanations, i just wanted to take her unawares, to me i took it like the best gift a guy would give his girlfriend in a situation like this, she wasnt expecting me to buy her a box of chocolate and say, ”eat this and forget Sly he ll regret what he did to you”, if this doesnt make the pain go away at least it ll ease it, i was sure i was going to shock her that she ll be forced to want to write that day somewhere and maybe celebrate it like her birthday if she wanted to ‘just saying’. We walked majestically till we got to a spot where we both could see lots of guyz from distance, with a guy who looked like he had no clothes on, frog jumping from one end to another, and getting hit at intervals by different guyz, just that we couldnt get a glimse of anyone’s face. When she saw the act from a distance, she was like, ”Ken, where is this, where are you taking me to”, ”erema relax, nothing dey happen, my friends hostel is around there”, i said, with my hand still resting firmly on her waist, We kept walking but she was nervous, she asked me again, ”Baby wait oo, is that guy really n@k€d?, look at how those guyz are hitting him, thats wickedness, what did he do ?” But instead of me to answer, i didnt know what happened, i just started laughing, as in laughing hysterically, so hard that i started coughing, she kept persisting i told her what was funny, but no be her fault, if only she knew, nah only me just know why i dey laugh, but when i finally got hold of myself the only thing i could say was, ”e be like you never know as e dey go, you go know soon” As we got closer, she took her, she took her eyes off the nud€ guy, for her mind nah, Solo and the rest guyz started hailing me, some were insulting me playfully like, “D i swear your papa, you be b@$tard, Bad guy”, I kept hearing different things till we finally got to that spot, just the small break wey i take, before i return dem don mess my guy up anyhow, she backed me, and was dragging me by the hand, ”lets go and see the friend nah, whats all this” she was lamenting, then i replied, ”Babe calm down look at the guy here” i forcelly turned her over pointing to the frog jumping guy, She shyly took a look, then finally looked well, behold it was Sly, ”OH MY GOD!” she shouted with her mouth wide open. —————————
PAGE 78 Salma was in shock, her mouth was wide open in surprise, like she couldnt believe what her eyes had just seen and still seeing, for her mind i suspect say she go be like, ”is this really Sly?”, His face swollen, mouth bleeding, body wet, marks on his back, he was ashamed, he couldnt even look at his sweetheart in the face, he just concentrated on the job that was administered to him, froging jumping from one end to the other, blockus bouncing, his jumping pace had reduced, like he was getting tired with time, the guyman never know as e dey go, i wan fvvvck the guy up today, cos nah my day; as she was still looking at him in shock, i wanted to make her know it was my doing, she go confirm nah ‘dia mama left ear’, i walked to were he was, ”guy nah wetin be dis nah?, do dis thing well nah, when you dey tear me slap

den dey molest my babe you no know abi” i said and tapped him on the head hard, all nah for show ooo, i wan just allow the babe confirm me say like this i no be joker, say me sef rugged ‘o buru onu chochocho’, ”wetin be dis one nah, the water for this guy body don dry nah” i shouted, posing my comment to the guys washing clothes nearby one of them was like, ”wait make i rush rinse dis cloth finish, everyone started laughing out loud, it was now a comedy show and a show of shame, they knew i wanted to end whatever fear and respect Salma had for the mudafucka, dem guyz were hailing while some were playfully insulting me, Chuks was just busy laughing with his weed in hand were he sat, guys already rolling up, cos they all knew what i was doing, lots of guys and girls had come out of their hostels coming to watch the new block buster movie live on the street, and just as i had requested before, the guy came to pour him the water, I didnt feel like hiting him again, i just wanted to humiliate him, i was using scope to look at Salma as well were she stood, she placed a palm on her mouth, for my mind i be like, ”correct, making brain, shey you been dey show urself before, no be power dem dey use rise priccck, no be by mouth, nah by action”, I left him then went to were Salma was and stood next to her, i hadnt stood up to ten seconds, she dragged me by the hand and took me to a segregated place, ”Jesus! Ken you are crazy?, how did you go about it” she asked, At first i thought about what to say thinking she would be angry and end up scolding me, but at the end of it all, the bottom line was that i had proven my point, if she wan vex or para for me, make she go lick soup, nah for her pocket ”how keh!, he fvvcked me up and sexually molested my girlfriend for crying and loud and you asking me how?” i replied, i was serious, i wasnt laughing cos she has always felt i was a butty boy and her personal clown who always made her laugh, stayed outa trouble and couldnt protect her, thats why she has always said the guy was dangerous and i should stay away from him as not to get hurt bla bla bla, i swear this erema been really look down on me dieee. When i replied her with my frowned face, and was probably expecting her to feel remorse for him, start crying or plead on Sly’s behalf, she started laughing, it started from a giggle, then the pace of the laughter started increasing. I was wondering what was making her laugh, i couldnt figure it out, i started smiling and then asked, ”Babe what’s funny now?”, ”you wont understand” she replied, ”wetin dey worry dis one, talk jor” i said, ”Baby you wont understand, if someone had told me he/she saw this guy like this, i wouldnt have believed” she said, ”why?” i asked, ”thats why i said you wont understand, this guy use to feel himself like he is so untouchable, like he is the most dangerous being in the whole of Delsu, i tremble when am with him cos of the fear he has impacted in me and the kinda person he has portrayed himself to be, ve never feared anyone like that in my life before” she explained, ”so you are suprised and never in your wildest dream thought i could deal with this guy shey?” i asked, ”yes

and am loving every bit of it, Baby like you dont have an idea what this fo¤li$h guy made me go through” she replied, ”i wanted you to see for yourself, i told you i was going to call you today to meet me somewhere right?” i asked, ”yes” she answered, “I ve planned it before now and wanted to take you unawares, cos if i told you i wanted to deal with your Sweetheart Sly, you would have been on my neck ‘he is dangerous, he is dangerous, i dont want him to hurt you'(faking my voice to that of a female, trying to mock her)” i said, She laughed out loud and started hitting me playfully, Within me i was glad it made her feel good, even if i couldnt correct her pains, i was able to make her smile and ease her pain, i think she’ld be happy that no one was ever going to make her go through that again, as long as i was still in that school with her. That is not the end. PAGE 79 “So you mean you know all dis guys here” she asked, ”yea, as a matter of fact am one of them” i replied, There was nothing there to hide anymore, it wasnt like i was even hiding my identity before, but no situation had called for giving out my identity since we met and besides i wasnt the type that bragged about my belonging to a frat, i only respond when am being stepped upon, you ll hardly know if i belonged and if someone even told you, you would doubt it cos of my jovial and gentle nature, i hardly speak in public, but when am with my close friends, or people am really conversant with, i go on and on running my mouth like a tap. ”Kennnny, since when” she asked with curiosity All this while wey me and this babe dey yarn, my guy was still busy with his frog jump ooo, for her mind, she felt i just joined or maybe i met one of the guys explained what happened and he agreed to help me deal with Sly, so i had to clarify that, ”its been long nah, before we even met sef” i replied, ”and you didnt tell me” she said, and started hitting me again, people were just watching us were we sat, looking at the drama that was going on between the couple(us), without any doubt, i knew she was feeling good about the whole thing, cos she was so relaxed and happy, it was written all over her pretty face, and nah my day, nah just to dey show myself and flex my muscle dey go remain, cos today bushmeat don catch hunter i held her firmly with both hands and was like, ”Babe park well jor, relax, erema relax, wait first, were you expecting me to wake up one day and start telling you, ‘babe you know who i be?, i be dis, i be dat, am not like that, cos nothing led to it, do you know i got Sly’s name and address from you?” i asked, She looked so surprised cos she didnt know i had things all worked out all along, ”are you serious?” she asked with surprise written on her face, “yea for real, its been a long time coming” i replied, ”how?” she asked again, ”you remember the first time you cooked for me?, before we had sex right there in the kitchen?” i asked, She paused for a while, i guess she was taking her time to remember, before she finally replied, ”yes”, ”it was that day, i playfully got it, maybe you wont remember cos you were busy laughing and you didnt know

when you told me were he lives, i still got his number from your phone, besides i was curious about you guys really dating, look at the guy naw, he’s not worth you, were he blew it was hitting you in public, in front of hundreds of students, wetin you wan tell me again?, and i remember asking you that same night about the incident and you said it wasnt the first time, the day i got his address, i ask you nah say so em dey beat you and yet you went on with the relationship, nah em be say the guy thing sweet die, i knew what i was doing all along” i said taking my time to pour out a piece of my mind to her and everything ve noticed all along and just kept quiet like a fool like i didnt know. When i was through with my narrative essay, she was speechless, and barely could say anything, at least me i sha don clear am, ”but Ken, you are really something else, i swear i love you” she said, But at a time no be love matter we dey yarn, but i understood the perspective she was coming from, the fo¤l treated her roughly, mal-handled her, and just when she thought her new boyfriend was a quiet and gentle guy who stayed outa trouble all of a sudden she was finding out there was more to him than just the things her eyes had being seeing, ”Salma, you see this guy so, i ready make this guy do this thing all day, ve got all the time in the world, the only way i would allow him leave here is that he has to beg me first for the slap, cos i really didnt see any reason for that, if no be say the guy wan just show himself and secondly that guy go gats put em two kneels for ground, apologise to you and swears never ever to come 100 miles near you again, and him gats give me em word for everybody front, if not like this me i no send am” i said angrily, She started laughing again, and i was wondering again what was funny in the statement i just said, this time, i didnt bother asking her what was funny, cos i dey para, ”i swear if someone had told me you belonged and was this mean, i wouldnt ve believed” she said, ”my dear, some days are like that, no be by mouth, nah by action” i replied, ”so nah which frat be this” she asked, But just as she asked, i started hearing my guy’s voice, ”see abeg, guys abeg, all my laps dey pain me i no fit do again, i use God beg una, make una pity me” he was pleading ”You better continue, no lemme stand up from here oo” Chuks said loudly, mak em sha continue make em no let Capo vex.

Just when i thought Sly’s continous plea had saved me 4rm answerin Salma’s question, she didnt just want to let it go just like that, so she asked again,
‘’Baby tell me nah, what frat is this’’,

‘’why you wan know, nah food?, the good thing is that this guy is paying for his sins’’ i replied,

Trying to deviate her attention from the question,
But the babe wouldnt let go, she kept persisting, i tried standing up but she dragged me back, and reached for my lips quickly, she kissed me for a while, it drew the attention of others, so they started shouting and i guess Sly must have seen that too, am sure she knew exactly what she was doing.
After the unexpected kiss, base on woman power, i just ‘loose guard’, i forget myself and the guys hailing didnt help matters, i had no choice than to give her a lil insight even if i didnt want to be direct or straight.
‘’you want to know shey?’’ i asked, ‘’yes’’ she replied excitedly,
‘’am putting on a black top and black pants, likewise some of my friends here, you can see most of other guys are putting on at least a touch of black, black singlet, black handband and the rest, so does
that ring a bell?’’ i asked,
‘’Blck A*?’’ she asked curiously looking at my eyes and
anticipating my response,
‘’i dont know ooo, nah you talk am, no be me ooo’’ i replied,
She started hitting me and laughing,
‘’Bad boy, i wonder how you managed to keep it away from me all
this while’’ she said,
‘’you expect make i dey use am sing anytime we dey together before?’’ i replied,
We didnt ve Sly’s time again, we just sat where we were talking about stuffs and watched the way Samba and others took Sly’s matter personal, hittin and pourin him water and made sure he continued his frog jump, i doubt if that guy go forget that punishment that day cos the frog jump for hours reach to get groin injury.
We sat der till it was past 10, i been dey wait make Salma tell me say make we pity the guy say e don do, but the babe no even send, the things she was talking about was far different from having pity on
him, and whenever i try to chip in Sly’s issue, her mood changes, she becomes sad, her voice changes as well, that guy must have really fukkcked her up for her not to have any remorse for him, cos even me come begin dey pity am small small as dem dey sand my guy even dey use belt flog am, so at a time the guy no even get mouth the way em dey claim, e sure me say the guy just chop witch not to long before we had our first encounter, be like the thing come dey shark am like kainkian, but when i reasoned what he did to Salma

and the way the slap came, my well of pity will just run dry all of a sudden again, cos at a time the guy lucky, some men dey fall person for this kind thing, or put groundnut for your leg if dem no wan snie you, so he should count himself lucky cos am sure my other men ll do worse, me i just wan give am better punishment.
The punishment went on and on and when my Guy couldnt take it anymore, i started hearing a familiar voice shouting my name,
‘’Ken abeg,
Dem go kill me here oo, My leg,
Ken abeg’’ it was Sly lamenting
The way he said it was so funny that everyone started laughing, Salma not excluded, i laughed too, imagine someone begging his enemy for help, how ironic.
He couldnt frog jump again, he just sat on the ground, but no one seems to be giving in to his plea, instead dey kept flogging him,
‘’next time if you see person babe, you go dey run, go ask of me, nah me be Samba, D pity you nah, i for don light you since if nah me’’ Samba said,
Still flogging him, be like the thing pain the guy die, the way em personalise the matter,
When i kept hearing him shout my name for mercy, i had to step in, i took Salma by the hand and went to where they were, begged Samba and the rest to hold on a lil, while everyone kept quiet watching, the street was crowded with people who stood outside their hostel watching, but nobody came close cos they had no business with us.
With Salma right next to me, watching her ex lying helplessly on the floor crying, marks all over his body, head swollen and mouth bleeding, i asked him,
‘’guy shey you know say nah you price me sha?’’ i asked,
“i know, guy i know say i fvvvck up” he replied with voice breaking,
‘’i no get p with you, see who you suppose dey beg here, if she talk say make dem leave you, dem go leave you and if she say you no dey comot here, na so e go be, so talk to her’’ i said,
He started begging her with his two kneels on the ground, unclad
with is shrinked p€nn¡$,

‘’Salma am sorry’’ he said,
‘’na so dem dey use beg?’’ Chuks landed a dirty slap on his cheek,
that took him back forcefully to the ground,
He layed like that for a while like he was perplexed,
‘’tell am say you go no ever come close to am again, say you go dey give am 1000miles anytime wey you see am, and if anything do her make we come back for you, and you must buy drink for one month every wkend to appease the gods, jonzin man’’ Chuks said.
Chuks layed down the terms and conditions for Sly’s release for everyone to hear and be a witness, he had to kneel again and beg Salma,
‘’Ken abeg no vex, forgive me’’ he said,
Solo angrily landed a slap on his face,
‘’shey this one dey craze?, wetin you dey talk sef, talk well jor’’ Solo
‘’Guy i don tell you make you no dey beg me, am i not God, i dont forgive sins, beg Salma nah she you suppose dey talk too, anything wey she decide nah final’’ i said,
Maybe he didnt know how to face Salma and beg her, i guess it must ve been shameful for him and he didnt know how and where to start from, he had better look for a way cos if he does’nt itchy hands ll keep touching him.
It was almost 11, since that we caught up with him, thats like 4 hours of unbearable pain and beating, when he wakes up in the morning, body go tell am, i doubt if em go fit get up from em bed cos his laps would be killing him due to the pains he would undergo from the long hours of frog jump he must have done the previous day.
‘’Salma am sorry, please help me beg these guys, they ll kill me
here’’ he said,
‘’shey nah because i no wan talk since, gimme that belt, beg am well, all those things wey my Capo talk put them inside the beg, abi this one dey craze’’ Hefty said in a angry tone,
Collected Simba’s belt he had been using on Sly, then was walking to where Sly knelt, but i intercepted him, and pleaded for him to calm down, cos the guy huge like ‘Batista’, if em use that kind huge hand flog sly nah em be say nah dying things, not that i was having compassion for Sly, but i don already tidy em fvvvck up, e sure me say nah me give am the most embarrassing day of his life, i don

fvvck the guy up, mess am up where the babe wey em sexually molest dey, pushed him to the every end, where he had to beg his prey for forgiveness, there’s no other revenge as with as this, if he sees her anywhere, em go hide em face for shame, and that day ll always ring a bell in his head.
‘’ok, ok, abeg make una no touch me again, i know as i go use beg am’’ he said, with both kneels on the ground,
‘’Guy so don know abi?, confirm, now you are talking” Chuks
‘’yes i don know, make una no touch me again’’ he(Sly) said
sounding exhausted
As i was watching the murdafucka talk, i was talking to myself like
‘’guy wait oo, no be this same guy wey dey show emself that day for department be this?, wey dey ask me you know who i be?, you know who i be?, was it not this same guy that has been threatening Salma, and had been forcefully taking Salma to bed thinking i cant do anything?, nah em dey here dey beg like this?’’
As those many thoughts were going through my head, i almost lost it like almost wanted to say it out, but if i did, i ll only be escalating the matter, dem guyz would get angrier, like am refreshening the wound and his beating and punishment ll continue, i just locked up, cos i had already caused him enough pain, punishment, humiliation and embarrassment. I kept quiet and allowed him continue with his plea,
‘’Guy do well ooo, use your brain this time’’ Hefty said,
‘’Salma i ll never come anywhere around you again, i ll keep my distance from you, please am sorry’’ he said,
Salma just kept quiet smiling and watching Sly, for her eyes the thing go still be like film trick, cos of the level wey this guy don give am,
‘’guy you no talk am well oo, i wan hear the 1000miles for that statement, and put am too make we hear say if anything do this babe make we come for you, simple’’ Chuks said,
‘’Salma i wont come a thousand miles close to you and if anything
happens to you they should hold me responsible’’ Sly said,
“enn ehn!, was that so hard?, nah now you come’’ Solo echoed in
Sly had no choice than to give us that guarantee, it was his only assurance of leaving that environment, cos it was the only thing all men wanted to hear,

‘’So Salma should we let him go, yes or no, no fear anybody, tell us, if you are shy, whisper it into Ken’s ear, he ll help you say it out’’ Chuks said,
She acted a lil shy for a while and then said,
‘’so howfar, you never yarn about the drink, how e go be?, base on appeasing the gods, make we beg am on your behalf for your fvvvck up, you go need beer men for one month, every weekend, Mr man please enlighten us more on that’’ Chuks said,
‘’that one no be problem’’ Sly replied,

‘’correct, and nah today you dey start, now now now, three crates of beer’’ Chuks said,
‘’abeg, make e be two, Bros abeg’’ Sly pleaded
‘’Capo lock up, shey Esosa go bring two today, plus two making four, its managable’’ Solo said mockingly,
As everyone laughed,
‘’oya, guy get up make you dey go house’’, i said, refering to the
kneeling Sly,
‘’Hefty and Samba, when una match this guy go house make em
wear cloth, then buy the beer dem carry am come’’ Chuks ordered,
‘’Bros, abeg make una find me any nicker or trouser make i wear go
house abeg’’ Sly pleaded, talking to me

I pleaded with Chuks to help me tell someone so help me with a short, he was like,
‘’you dey help am beg for nicker, Hefty and Samba make una match
dis man go house, make em go wear cloth, buy our beer carry am
The deed has been done, i had done what was on my mind, and to some extent restored Salma’s pride and dignity once more, i believe she would be feeling relieved after the whole thing even though i took her unawares, i felt it was the best thing to do, and i was sure after what has transpired that day between myself and Sly, there’s no way he would want to cross Salma’s path again. ‘shame go dey
catch am sef, so em no go like wan fall em hand’.

I was able to finally persuade Chuks till he ordered someone to get a short for me which i gave to him, i had a a shirt and jean trousers in my bag which i wore the previous day to Chuks’s place, but i didnt just buy the idea of helping him with mine to cover his n@k€d body, cos some guys like juju(fertish things) like mad.
I handed the shorts to him to cover his shrinked blockus while Hefty and Samba matched him back to his house, then the rest of us stayed back waiting for the crates of beer.
‘’which time Esosa dey even bring em own come?’’ i posed the
question for anyone at all to answer,
Cos ve only been hearing of Esosa bringing crates of beer every weekend since school resumed for that semester but ve never been there to witness it with my eyes and nah my home boy before he fvvvked up, and since that incident we hadnt seen eachother, so i was curious, i needed to relax today and see everything for myself.
‘’E dey be mostly afternoon stroke evening, but if we call am make em bring am come now now now, em go do am, em no get choice nah’’ Solo answered my question for me,
‘’wait oo, ‘D’ never dey here with us before wey Esosa bring beer come shey?’’ Flames asked,
‘’no mind am, nah only woman time em dey get for weekend nah’’
Solo replied,
I dont know if Solo forgot himself that Salma was right there with me, he wanted to go on before i quickly gave him a sign, then jumped in intercepting his conversation half way,
‘’see as you take talk am like say the woman plenty, my babe dey
here oo, before you talk wetin go make am dey reason another
thing, not knowing i would do anything for her’’ i said and quickly
gave her a fast kiss on the lips,
‘’Honey Sweety Sugar,
Salt’’ i said and stuck my fingers on both side of her waist trying to tickle her while she laughed out loud, ‘all nah still format sha’, before person pour sand for my garri.
‘’’D’ you still dey here nah’’ Flames asked,

‘’where you want make i dey before?, i dey here gallantly, abi you no want make i follow una drink beer today?’’ i asked, while others laughed.

Without being told, i knew if i were to be in thesame room with Salma today, it was going to be one crazy hell of a $€x, due to the day’s incident, (una know that kind sex where you do a girl a big
favour, or help her do something really nice wey be say the babe go ready give you anywhere for her body wey hole make you fvvvck, the nose, ear, middle of the breast, puci, mouth, as far say the place get hole sha, i.e if e possible ooo!, before some people go dey reason another thing).
Where i sat i was just busy reasoning this girl, she was looking so hot and with a new hair as well, i started reasoning her without anything on, my d¡<k erecting, my guys dem just busy dey look the babe, and you know guys, dem must talk when the babe leave.
I was wondering what to do, cos i was sure Salma wouldnt want to go home again, she would want to follow me home and spend that weekend with me and i was expecting Cynthia for the weekend too, though the last time we spoke she said ‘she hasnt done it before, bla bla bla and all that’, story that touches, nah one day something take dey start, i hadnt spoken with her today, so i had a final attempt of convincing her, i gats taste the pu$$¥, e no get wetin anybody wan tell me, something wey dem wan take kill me for Abraka Resort that day, so it was left for me to plan myself well, but what do i tell Salma, i thought for a while then came up with this idea,
‘what if me and her enter Chuks or Solo room run things, then she could go after that if we ve had $€x, i ll tell her i wouldnt be going home today base on things, then after we are done and i must have seen her off, i ll reach for Cynthia and try and talk her into coming around, if she dulls me, i ll control Salma and tell her i finally went home, she could come around’,
It sounded like a perfect idea, i stood and went to where Solo sat and then whispered into his ear,
‘’Bro, i go like use your room me and my erema, so how e dey be?’’ i
He just codedly deeped his hand into his pocket and handed me his key.
‘’you get mouth die’’ i whispered to him,

‘’check the extreme end of the bed, you go see condom” he replied,
I excused myself, told Salma i was coming then headed straight to his room to see if it needs any tidying up.
I got to Solo’s room and i thanked my Stars that i didnt just take Salma along like that, it was messed up, if i had taken her there and

she saw what i saw, the Konji wey hold her for disappear, but my own for still dey cos the thing hook me for throat dieee.
I wouldnt blame him, there was no time to arrange the house cos we woke up and left for Sly’s place as early as 6.30 to 7.00 ‘0’ clock and since we got back, we ve all been outside.
The room was in disarray, a few clothes littered around, the bedspread was almost off from the bed, his t.v and dvd remote was almost at the entrance of the room, the rug looked like it hadnt been swept in ages.
I took off my shirt and trousers first folded and kept them in a corner, took small close-up, poured it in my mouth, i had no brush, make i sha just dey lick am like sweet dey go first, make e for gimme fresh breath, then arranged the bed, removed the littered clothes, folded and kept it were he keeps his clothes, swept every corners of the room, tidied it till i was satisfied, cos i was sure of what was about to go down ‘something wey dey sweet’.
If i had brought her there when it was untidy, she would have insisted we go to my place.
When i was done, i sharply ran into the bathroom to shower ‘delay is dangerous’, i dont use peoples towel, but this situation was critical, i dive the towel like say my life depend on am, cos that bath was one of my hardest, i went through hell, as i was bathing my Piankantus was so hard to the extent it was nodding its head like a
red-neck lizard, i couldnt wait, i had anticipated the whole $€x in my head, picturing her n@k€d body, her sweet big standing b¤ob$(but not as big as Susans), her mad hips, her crazy body and how wet she gets, her wetness gives me motivation and inspiration, i love it when my women gets wet alot, it gives me an unexplanable feeling that runs through my veins straight to my head, and with some kinda electricity all over my body, with every single thrust i make, Choi! I couldnt wait.
I got out of the bathroom then headed to his rack where he keeps his cosmetics, i creamed up, sprayed all the sprayables, the pef oo, roll on oo, deodorant, every gaddam thing, even rub powder join, but the craziest part was that all this while i was busy with these things, my Piakantus was still standing like Zuma Rock, and nodding its head and saying
‘i don ready, i don ready’
Oga calm down nah, you dey ready wey the Obosiasis wey you wan piankantee still dey outside, i even pleaded sef, but Jay-Boy wont listen.
I wore my singlet and my boxers, J.Boy rose my boxers up ooo, e no even be like say i wear something, i wore my black pants, for where?

J.Boy no still gree oo, it was still standing like a Soldier ready for world war five, very very visible, and i cant go outside like that cos men go use me fiikpa.
I wasnt having enough call card, i would have called her to come inside the compound, and then go outside to catch up with her, so to avoid story that touches and further future embarrassment i had to patiently wait for John Thomas to relax, i kept waiting but to no avail, i had waited for like 5 to 10 minutes before my phone started ringing, finally i was excited thinking it was Salma, but when i reached for my phone, i met another surprise, behold it was Cynthia, for no reason my heart just started beating fast, i had to compose myself before i picked it,
‘’Hello Baby’’ i said,

‘’how are you dear’’ she asked, ‘’am fine and you?’’ i asked,
‘’am good, whats wrong, ve i done anything wrong?, you ve not spoken with me for days now’’ she said
‘’am sorry honey, ve been busy’’ i replied,
‘’i miss you, where are you?’’ she asked, ‘’same here, in a friends place’’ i replied, ‘’i ll be coming in the evening’’ she said,
Maybe i didnt hear her well, so i had to be sure, is it coming to see me or spending the night and leaving maybe on Sunday evening, she ll be in a better position to answer the question sha,
‘’ok, you ll still leave shey?’’ i asked fearfully,
And i wonder why i was acting that way, maybe nah because i never draw her oil thats why,
She noticed the slight change in my voice so she started laughing, but no p sha cos very soon i know say bush-meat go catch the hunter,
‘’no, i ll be spending the night and leaving in the evening tomorrow’’
she said,
She blew my mind with that statement, and after the call i was relieved and excited, and finally noticed my Piakantus had cooled off, Salma had given me like 2 missed calls while i was on the phone with Cynthia.
When i saw her name on the screen, it was starting to trigger my emotions and arouse me, i had to quickly run out, stood at the gate,

her face looked moody, i just gave her a sign with my hand, telling
her to come, then i held her hand as we headed to Solo’s room,
Room Of Life.
(As we walked down to Solo’s room),

‘’you left me outside just like that with all those strange and dangerous faces’’ she said, her face frowned,
‘’madam am so sorry, i just had to freshen up, Nne ndo” i replied,
‘’freshen up sinceeee’’ she said, stretching the sinceee in the statement,
But come to think of it, did i really take that long?, if i did it wasnt my fault, my Piakantus was proving stubborn so i had to compose myself for a while, wouldnt she have been embarrassed if i had come out of the gate and everyone and herself could see my
€r€<tion from my trousers, even if dem see us dey go inside at least
make e look in a cool way.
As we got inside, Choi!, no be small thing oo, my blood was hot, and as you guys ll always agree with me that ‘delay is dangerous’, i pushed her to the wall, my beginning to €r€ct Piakantus resting on her body, my lips stucked in hers, as we kissed, my hands rested on her hips, i paused for a while and asked,
‘’you really want to know why i took so long?’’

‘’yes, i even called twice, it was on call waiting’’ she said,
I checked my account balance and showed her, to make her know i hadnt enough, like 1 to 3 naira sha, but i remember i had very little call credit, and i had deleted Cynthia’s number from my recieved calls just to be on a safe side
‘’shey you see i dont have much, lemme break it down for you why it took me so long’’ i said,
She nodded her head in agreement, our faces directly opposite eachother, just lil space in-between,
‘’my dear its this thing touching you below ooo, i don bath finish make i come outside come carry you, nah em the thing just get up, as in it was hard that i had to stay back and wait to avoid further disgrace from my friends outside, i know dem well well, the yabbing no go get mate’’ i explained,
She started laughing at me base on laughing Jackass wey she be, sometimes, it gets to make me wonder if am really funny or maybe

she finds me funny or she just like to dey laugh sha, but anyways it nice seeing her like that being so relaxed and comfortable around me, it makes me feel good.
‘’so why was it like that’’ she asked,
As all this talk dey go on, my Piakantus had gotten harder, but forcefully pressed against her body, just that we still had our clothes on except for my shirt that wasnt on me,
‘’ok the truth is that, while i was bathing, i was wishing you were with me cos that is were it all started from and i had anticipated the whole you being with me thing in my head, like we having it right
there, and…’’ i said,
And as i was going to go on with my story it seemed i had either ar¤u$€d her or she wasnt interested in what i had to say anymore or she loved what i said, just taking a wild guess, she knows better.
As my conversation with her got intercepted with a crazy passionate unexpected kiss that knocked me off my defenses, since it was what i had wanted and been anticipating all along, i reciprocated in a wild way too, my hands went straight holding her b¤¤b$, cuddling them through her clothes, Choi!, ‘something wey dey sweet, with no honey, sugar, salt or maggi ooo’,
As the wild romance went on, our tongues in eachother’s mouth like
we might ea them up like chewing gum, one of her hand holding my
€r€cted d¡<k through my pants, my hands cuddling her b¤¤b$, and when i couldnt condole the electricity running through my body, i reached for her shirt and helped her take it off, dragged her a lil behind me, getting her back off the wall reached for the tiny buckles of her bra, it seemed a lil difficult to unbuckle but i kept trying till it opened while i took it off her hands allowing her b¤¤b$ to dangle freely, Choi!, you wan try booby, this babe had a really beautiful
breast, with lil long n¡ppl€$, this particular babe dey blow my mind
sotey nah just make i dey shiver remain.
I made her lean on the wall back, make the bed calm down first cos even the Bible says,
‘’there’s time for everything’’
This particular time was meant for the wall.
Without thinking twice, i reached for one of her b¤¤b$ with my honourable mouth, sucking at first, then tickling her n¡ppl€$ with my tongue as i cuddled the other with the other hand and made switches at long intervals while she reacted to what i was doing with a light moan, her body doing little dances then her hands caressing and cuddling my head all over.

It seems the intensity was becoming too much, she held onto my singlet within arms reach while i raised my hands up for her to take it off, then i reached for her trousers, unbuckled and stroke it off her, took her panties off, while she reached for my pants trying to
take it off together with my boxers, ‘Babe wasnt smiling’, which she
finally successfully did, clothes littered everywhere.
Just as John Cena would say ‘our time is now’ we were both n@k€d,
Finally we were both unclothed, our eyes gazing at eachother at first, my d¡<k as hard as a rock pointing towards her direction, she reached for it swiftly grabbing them with both hands as we kissed, but this time it was my back against the wall, she kissed me slowly and gently taking her time like she had the whole time in the world, from my forehead, my nose, my lips down till she got to my Piakantus, she licked around the tip with her tongue first then went further having the full length in her mouth as she accelerated back and forth, i couldnt understand the electricity i was feeling around my body, it was as if the electrician that did my wiring did a lousy job cos it was like two negative wires were touching eachother, causing some electric spark in my brain, running down to my legs.
She spat on it severally, as she continued with the sucking, and she did it so well sometimes i felt she would swallow it. When i couldnt take enough of it again, cos the sensation was getting intense and my legs were beginning to get weary out of excitement as i stood with my back against the wall, i had to cry out,
“Baby please lets go to the bed’’ i said,
The way i said it was so funny that she had to laugh but i guess she must have understood what i was going through, the feeling is just unexplanable.
We found our way to the bed, and she continued from were she stopped, she was the kinda girl that loved romance alot before $€x, we only had a quicky once since we ve met one time like that in the Kitchen, any which way i was down for whatever as far say nah that same one thing wey dey sweet, abegi gbagbe oshi i love pu$$¥ oo, Salma’s own brings me joy, belike special honey dey inside i no just understand, but am still dying for Cynthia’s own, no hard feelings i worked for it.
Back to the matter, i rolled over turning my Baby making sure her back was against the bed, she has been flexing my Piakantus come forget say this life nah turn by turn, finally she has been trapped in my zone all i gats do now is show her my bedmatics prowess.

I started my normal kiss-lick from head to toes thing, shebi you like romance well well i go give am to you, i took my time as usual kissing her nicely, gently and slowly started from her fore-head, ears, both chicks, and as i got to her lips, i reached for her cunnnt with one of my fingers just to check how wet she was, and she was really really wet, she must have started getting wet all the while she was busy using her mouth to dance skelewu on my piakantus, i went on with my tickling, while she made slight moves with her body like one being electrocuted as well as a slight moan, by the time i had gotten to her belly, using my tongue to dance, tickle and lick around it, i heard a small voice that called my sexy name in a sexy manner,
‘’Ken please make love to me, i cant wait again’’ the voice said, ‘Be like the erema never know as e dey go, you first dey do your
own dey laugh, shebi you like romance dieee, so erema wait
patiently’ i said to myself,
But base on things i lock up like say i no hear, i continued with my tickling, when i got to her pu$$¥, babe was already dripping, i tickled and sucked her clit, as she kept on saying,
“fvvck, Fvvck’’,
I sucked on her <unt dangling it with my tongue at intervals, she dragged my head up, looked at my face, i could see the veins in her forehead bulging out, she come be like small pikin wey person dey matreat,
‘’Baby please am dying here, make love to me’’ she said like she was
I ignored her and tried reaching for her <unt that tasted like fried chicken again but she dragged my head up again,
‘’Baby why are you doing this to me, please make love to me’’,
I been wan laugh but i just compose cos to me the thing funny, cos if nah me talk like that she go laugh, i trust am, and she go use am dey whyne me say i no strong, base on good boy and gentleman wey i be, i decided to hearken to her plea, good thing nice guys like us still exist(lmfao),
I inserted my piakantus into the so wet dripping and tempting obosiasis, missionnary things on point base on logistics, as i did i heard her echoed,
Which i interpreted to be a sign of relieve, started with a slow thrust and then increased the pace at intervals, it was a mix of the two, you could call it remix, it went on like that for a while and then i

leaned my head 4ward reaching for her lips, kissing and $€xing, it
felt so good, murdering two birds with a stone,
After a while, i rolled over while she climbed ontop, she was a good waist whiner, and it blows my mind, i relaxed as she danced her
<unt around my di<k, jumping down and forth on it, her eyes closed, our hands clinged into eachother, and after a long while, i told her i felt like coming, finally i came and she fell on me, like she came too, our bodies still stucked on eachother, her br€@$t buried on my chest, di<k still stucked in her <unt, then i realised the $€x was ‘skin to skin’.
The $€x was awesome, i had been anticipating it for way too long, i was suppose to use a condom but i was in another planet during the romance and didnt even know when i slotted my piankantus into her obosiasis without the thoughts of a cd coming to my mind but at a time the obosiasis was worth it, all i can do is hope and pray i dont get to hear stories that touch later, but am sure she would take care of herself base on big girl wey she be cos that’s not the first time we ve been having $€x without cds.
We layed on the bed exhausted from the first round of $€x, our
bodies still stucked on eachother, sweat dripping all over our bodies,
‘’Babe go to the bathroom, squat and wash up lemme mix salt and water for u’’ i said,
‘’ok’’ she replied.
She got up, i stood up too and showed her the bathroom, while i
went to Solo’s kitchen, looked for salt and mixed it with quater cup of water, and as soon as she got out, i gave it to her to drink, (please dont ask me who thought me that, e don tey wey person don learn
‘good’ thing).
After the little drama, we layed back on the bed and not too long we had started kissing again, and it led to a full blown $€x, before we could say Jack we had settled for round two, the same round two i didnt get the last time i went to her place, i loved round two cos it was crazier and i last longer anything after round one.
After our $€x celebration, we went to the bathroom, had our bath together, then we dressed up, but she had to wait for me to put the room in order, sprayed the air with solo’s body-spra¥, and then i locked the door while we walked to meet the rest outside.
As we got outside, the beer part¥ had alread¥ started, $l¥ don alread¥ show up with some crates and the¥ had even alread¥ started drinking, the onl¥ thing missing was speakers for music.

I walked out majesticall¥ with m¥ princess as them gu¥s were pla¥full¥ raining insults on me, she was just laughing, we had onl¥ sat down for few seconds when chuks handed me a bottle of beer, i opened it with m¥ teeth, watered the ground a lil with the beer for the Gods and said some jonzing slangs in pra¥ers while others responded.
After drinking m¥ beer a little,
‘’e remain make we rent deck and speakers make music de¥ pla¥ de¥ go oo’’ i said jokingly,
‘’if ¥ou rent am for us no be bad thing’’ flames said.
I had been watching sl¥ were he sat, so i excused m¥self from Salma, then went to were he gentl¥ sat,
‘’gu¥ howfar abeg make we rubb mind’’ i said,
He just looked at me and followed me, i took him to a corner, but it wasnt hidden, ever¥one could see us where we stood,
‘’guy wetin dey happen’’ i asked, ‘’i dey’’ he replied,
‘’gu¥ she¥ ¥ou know sa¥ nah u first price me’’ i asked,
He kept quiet and couldnt sa¥ an¥thing, he was just staring at me,
“gu¥ she¥ nah lie i talk?’’ i asked,
But the dude kept quiet and was still staring at me like he’s got some evil things in his mind, but i no send am, i just wan clear am m¥ mind sha,
‘’gu¥ see make i clear u, the first time we¥ we see, u fit tell me exactl¥ wetin i do wrong we¥ make u tear me slap?, see forget who u be, me i no send u, u dont just go about slapping people, ask m¥ men for here i dont look for trouble, u no fit ever know sa¥ i belong sef, nah u fvvck me up, tid¥ m¥ babe join with the belief sa¥ like this nothing i go do’’ i said,
I wasnt through ¥et but he was tr¥ing to interrupt me,
‘’gu¥ wait she¥ nah me call u, if to sa¥ e get wetin u wan tell me u for come meet me, but as par say nah me use my leg come meet u, allow me finish then u fit yarn me wetin de¥ ur mind’’ i said,
‘’ok, i de¥ hear u’’ he said,
‘’that da¥ we¥ u slap me for department wetin i tell u?, sa¥ u go get m¥ message, gu¥ forget i nice, cos if to sa¥ nah an¥ of this men u do all these things, i swear u for no de¥ waka with ur leg, u sef know as

e de¥ go nah, so no think am cos if nah me do u dis things, u go treat
m¥ fvvck up too” i concluded,
‘’ i don hear u no p, make we just die the matter’’ he said,

‘’nah something de¥ lead to something, at least we don know eachother now’’ i said, stretching out m¥ hand to him to shake,
He held onto it as ever¥one watched, and that was it.
I went to salma who was complaining about the smell of the weed and that she wanted to go home, i held her b¥ her hips base on shakira we¥ she be and saw her off,
‘’bab¥ what the fvvvck was that’’ she asked, ‘’what’’ i asked,
‘’what were u gu¥s talking about, that u even shoke hands sef’’ she
‘’mtcheee, i was just clearing him his fvvck up, forget that gu¥ jor, he wont come an¥where near u again, trust me’’ i said.
I assured her of her safet¥, then made her know i ll be spending the next 2 days with my friends, just to clear the coast for cynthia’s coming,
‘’whenever u want to see me, just call me’’ i said,
I stopped a bike for her, kissed her, paid for the bike and watched on till i couldnt see her back again.
After I saw her off, I strolled back to hang out with them guyz but I was very cautious of time cos I wouldn’t want Cynthia to get home before me, aside that I would love to get home before her so as to keep everywhere tidy before she comes, even if she won’t be going
home today, e go make sense make everywhere dey neat before she show. I looked at my time and it was almost 4pm, be like say I dey run out of time.
”Omor e be like say I go soon dey step oooo” I said out loud for
everyone to hear
”Dis man nah where you dey rush go sef” Chuks asked ”I wan reach my end cos I dey expect visitor” I replied ”Who be that ” he asked,
”Capo nah wa u ooo, I been tell una before nah say Oyibo dey come spend the weekend with me and she don even call me sef say she go soon show and I no want make she reach house before me” I answered

Everyone shouted like say nah breaking news I drop,
”Choi, this boy you too like woman, suffery for tootoo oooo, no be oil you just draw” Solo shouted,
”Shey nah your pr!ck?” I asked,
”Nah wa ooo, so you go chop Oyibo this weekend” Flames asked, ”My Brother nah so I see am ooo” I replied
”I wonder wetin you dey even tell all this babe, no worry I pray Salma catch una” Samba said,
”See all of them, enemy of progress, I dey come jor” I said,
Then went inside to get my bag, I came out and heard them still talking about my matter, no time to waste,
”Omor nah cutting out things oooo” I said
Giving everyone the normal frat pleasantry shaking, as I went on shaking everyone one after the other, we heard the sound of a bike coming towards our direction and stopped not too far from us, when I heard the sound I turned around and behold it was an old
time friend I hadn’t seen in a while, it was Esosa that highlighed from the bike with two crates of beer which the bikeman helped him bring down, as soon as I saw him, I took a sit, make I just observe wetin dey happen,
”D, shey I tell you say em go soon show” Flames said, ”I can see” I replied
I seriously don’t know how I felt when I saw him, no hard feelings anyway, if he gave me his hand I ll shake him cos I had long forgotten what happened between us, I had moved on a long time ago. He carried one of to crates walking down to where we were while the bikeguy helped him with the other, but as they dopped the crates, I stood up,
”Omor guys nah movement oooo, Esosa howfar nah how your side”
I asked
”Ken, I dey, longest time” he said, offering me his hand for a shake, I
”Bro e don tey wey I dey here, I dey step like this” I said ”He get wetin I wan even see you for” he said,
”Shey you get my number nah, later things Bro, guyzzz nah later ooo” I said,
”D, remember wetin I tell you, just be careful” Chuks warned

”Capo I hear you” I replied and stepped.
I took a bike and went straight home, took my clothes off and got a 3quater and a singlet on, tidied up my room, the kitchen, had my bath and was patiently waiting for Cynthia, my heart beginning to beat fast, it would go on like that cos I hadn’t really had my grip on her, nah untill I don draw the oil before my mind go rest then my
heart ll stop beating. I waited till 6 but she still hadn’t showed up, so I went out to get hundred naira card for my phone and then called her,
”Babe, where are you now” I asked

”Arranging my stuffs, I ll be there soon” she said,
”Shey nah your full bag you wan carry, please be fast, am home now
and am missing you like crazy” I said
”Ok, am almost done, just gimme 15 minutes” she said, ”Ok baby, tell me you love me” I said
”I love you” she said,
”Aiit, be fast please, cos am scared I might die if you take more than
that time you ve just told me” I said,
She just laughed it off.
I waited patiently watching my time, my heart beating fast, I was dying to see her, I was so restless, trying to watch a movie but just
couldn’t concentrate, I was had been waiting for this moment, I was wondering howcome she just changed her mind without me even convincing her, I guess the small space I gave her made her miss me, but its all good, my dream weekend weekend about to come to reality, me and Cynthia alone for 2 days, I was imaginning the things we ll do.
Finally just as she promised, she kept to time cos 15 to 20 minutes after I spoke to her on the phone I was hearing a knock on the door, though my heart was beating fast, but I felt a huge relieve within me and then a huge smile on my face followed, I knew without doubt she was the one.
I went to the door and opened it and behold I was blown away with the Beautiful creature that was staring at me in the face, I was very excited, first I helped her with her bag, held her by the hand and ushered her in, and immediately we got in, I dropped her bag on the bed, dragged her close to me and gave her a very warm hug, I hild on to her and didn’t let go for a long while, then leaned back a lil, kissed her by the forehead, then her lips, we kissed for a long long while before I realised I hadn’t asked her how pretty she looked and how she’s been all this while.

”My Baby, yu are the finest thing ve seen today, how are you and how ve you been” I asked,
”Am fine, ve really missed you” she said, ”Not as much as I do honey” I replied
”You know that’s a lie, if not you wouldn’t ve gone a few days without hearing my voice” she replied,
I had no answer for the last statement so I answered her with a sweet long kiss. We stayed together for a while, me on the bed, my back resting on the wall, my legs open, while she sat in the middle, her back resting on my chest, my hands caressing her belly, not through the clothes this time, I raised her top a lil, no fear fear this time, she dey my zanga, so before she show she know everything wey go happen. She told me she wanted to prepare Egusi soup,
One of my favorites and asked which ingredients I ve, I took her to the Kitchen so we could check them together, then we both went to the marke to get the rest things she ll be needing opposite campus 2, you wan try fronting?, I come dey use the erema dey catch trips, ours hands stucked together, eyes gazing at me and my Oyibo.
After the buying at the market, we got a bike and headed home, there as no time to watse, she headed straight to the kitchen and started cooking, as a good boy that i am, i helped her lit the stove while she did the rest, but hunger wan finish my life cos i remember i hadnt really eaten anything meaningful, i still had cornflakes, but nah garri, milk, sugar and very chilled water nah em just hungry me, i had the rest except for cold water and groundnut, i went out to the shops nearby, got groundnut and cold pure water, i bought the pure water from my chemist friend, funny bastard like that, who engaged me in a very comic conversation,
‘’ke ke ke ken my man,
Ke ke ke the original ken himself, any other ken for this school nah
conterfeit’’ chemist said, hailing me,
And me i know this guy dieee, no be ordinary hailing, e get wetin dey em mind, and i gats know,
‘’bros chemo dis 1 wey u dey hail me like dis, am i safe’’ i asked,
But he just started laughing,
‘’i see you and that fine girl nah, so nah that thing you wan chop only u, as see am the time wey bike drop am nah, she carry 1 small blue bag” he said, with a grin,(see em yellow teeth i said to myself),

‘’so you look am sotey u even carry the colour of bag for head wey she carry come, nah wah for u oo, abeg later jare, hunger wan finish me for here’’ i said and was about taking my leave when he dropped another bomb, this one, in the next 10 years i wont forget it,
‘’dis kind girl if u chop am finish nah to just drink better cold water, your body go come make kuule’’ he said, opening his wide mouth and yellow teeth to smile,
I couldnt help myself that i had to laugh out so loud that i almost choked,
‘’i just chop am finish nah why i come buy this half bag of cold pure water make i take dilute am nah, abegi later jare before u use laugh take kill me for here’’ i said, and ran for my life.
I was kinda amazed vvhen he told me the colour of bag she came with, i was like
‘’na wah for some people sha oo’’.
As i got back i went straight to get a plate, then made my garri as i wanted with enough milk and my 20naira groundnut, then na five- five naira them dey sell am. I took off everthing i wore and was left with my boxers and singlet, balanced ver¥ vvell and vvas flexing this thing before me, as she saw me, she went to get her own spoon and i vvas like,
‘’i think say oyibo people no dey drink garri’’ i asked, ‘’dont even go there’’ she said laughing,
‘’oya nah, u are welcome onboard’’ i said,
We ate it together, i thought she vvas going to eat lil and drop the spoon, but for where this babe follow me bumper to bumper de¥ nack this thing and it was reducing very fast with time, i swear i had to voice out,
‘’stop nah, shey u are still going to eat eba’’ i said,
‘’are ¥ou not going to eat eba too, lemme alone jor’’ she said,
‘’stop nah, remain this one for me, ¥ou know say nah ¥ou senior
me’’ i said,
She started laughing,
I carried the plate and ran to the kitchen but she still chased me, inside me i was like,
‘this girl ve got to be kidding me’

No be small dragging ooo, if i take garri wan put am for mouth, she go hit am with her spoon, it went on like that sotey the garri wan begin swell,
‘’stop nah, mind ur old age, i ll spit inside ooo’’ i said,
‘’spit nah, is it not desame spit i taste when we kiss?’’ she asked,
I finally gave up and allowed her continue eating with me till there
was nothing left to eat in the plate, for my mind i was like ‘
Its nice ooo, this girl is fun to be with oo, it really promises to be one
crazy sweet weekend’ just taking a wild guess sha oo,
‘’dear, i enjoyed the garri ooo cos of the cold water’’ she said,
We picked it up from there, and engaged ourselves in conversations as she cooked, most of the time i held her from behind, my hands around her waist as we gisted, we talked about alot, different stuffs, many that i cant remember, but there was this one that went like this,
‘’baby i ll love to meet ¥our friends’’ she said, ‘’Which friends’’ i asked,
‘’the ones that came to our aid at the resort the other day’’ she said
I was beginning to wonder what for, abi she wan blend?,
‘’Why, what for?’’ i asked vvith curiousity,
‘’just to say thanks to them for at least coming to our rescue’’ she
‘’no p, i ll take u along with me on a good day’’ i replied.
I sang for her, we kissed, joked, laughed, and step by step i vvas beginning to enjoy my dream weekend, she told me she loved me severally with that scary intense look, staring directly into my eyes, and most part of it i felt my conscience almost eating me up, but a man has got to be a man, for now i was playing my cards well.
After she finished cooking, it had already gotten a lil late like that kinda 8pm or so, and the good part about abraka then be say we dey get steady light, she made eba while i helped her turn it, but vve didnt eat immediately, the garri and groundnut was still in my system, we sat on the bed for a while, thesame position before we went to the to market, my back against the wall, legs open, and she in-between, with her back resting on my chest, our eyes gazing at the movie on the t.v, i wanted to shower but i ld ve loved to do it vvith her, at least for the first time in my entire life lemme see her without nothing on, make i confirm how beautiful she really dey, but

my liver was failing me, i just couldnt tell her, i guess its cos its something we ve not done together before, and i knew if i continued like that we might end up bathing seperately that night, so i decided to say it out any possible way i could, she wont kill me but my heart vvas beating very fast like it would rip my chest off, i didnt even know she had felt it since her back was resting on my chest, she paused the movie turned around her head directly opposite my face and then asked,
‘’Why is ur heart beating fast like that?’’ raised my singlet and then placed her yellow paw her on
My chest,
The question was unexpected, i just loose guard first dey look am like mumu dey think whether make i lie or make i talk true, but i remembered that statement i always hear people say that a problem shared is a problem solved, so i humbly voiced out shyly,
‘’i wanted to tell you that i want to shower but didnt know how to put it thats why’’ i said,
‘’is that it?’’ she asked vvith her mouth wide open, like she was surprised or something but una no go blame me, even me ma sef no even know why,
‘’Yes’’ i said and nodded in reply,
She started laughing,
‘’You could ve at least just told me’’ she said, still surprised,
Me wey dey commot shyness from her before, but nothing do me sha cos some days are like that,
‘’thats vvhat i just told u now’’ i replied, ‘’ok lets go’’ she said,
She stood up and then i helped her undress, first her top, jean, bra and then finally her pant, as soon as i had gotten her nude, come see goose pimples for all my body nah, the br€a$t yellow pass all her body, red nipp|€s, her thighs had this pant mark, it has formed a
permanent shape there, it was very fair like the br€a$t too (cynthia
no vex for me, i apologise for describing how sweet ur body is, lols).
She was looking even more prettier than when she had her clothes on, my piakantus stood up immediately like it was giving her a standing ovation, clapping for her through my boxers, she reached for my singlet and boxers and took them off,
‘’Why is it hard’’ she asked,
See question ooo, if em no see anything shey em go stand ni?

‘’see question, its cos of u naa’’ i said.
She laughed it off and then we went together to the bathroom to shower, if it was salma or someother girl, something go happen for there, but this particular girl was making me do things with fear and caution but there was no need to rush cos vve have all night and another additional day, i just know that very soon am going to cross that bridge of fear.
As we got out of the bathroom, the $ex was on my mind but i had to patiently wait for it, she wanted to put on her nighties but i urged her no to,
‘’so why dont you want me to put something on’’ she asked,
‘’cos you ve the most beautiful body ve ever seen, and all i want right now is ur body next to mine, no distance in-between, not even ur nighties’’ i said,
She was speechless and didnt say anything at first, then replied me after a while,
‘’Wait oo, are u trying to say we are going eat n@k€d?’’ she
curiously asked,
‘’there’s always a first time for everything’’ i replied.
I was finally able to convince her, then we went to the bed, i placed a pillow on my back and then we sat in our normal position, her warm back resting against my chest, but after a long while we became hungr¥, she vvent to the kitchen to dish us food, shey she been dey ask whether we go eat the food without anything on, she no even know the time wey she chop finish without even remembering, but sincerely she cooks well, her cooking was really nice, i commended her for it.
We layed back on the bed after eating, sitting in our usual position, she was so focused on the movie showing on the t.v, but my attention was on her, when it went on like that for way too long, i just grabbed the remote and switched it off the t.v, she was asking me why i did that, i turned her round and replied her with a kiss and made sure i didnt let go of her lips.

PAGE 91 I dont just know why i was always being cautious about this particular girl, enough has got to be enough, as i turned her round and reached for her lips, i didnt let go oo, i held on to it and the good thing was that she reciprocated with her eyes closed and
without delay i cuped one of m¥ hand around one of her br€@$t,
inside me i was like, ”no be babe wey dey ask me now now why i off

t.v?” vwe kissed on, while i carressed her brea$t, i bent my head as we both sat on the bed so close directly opposite eachother and
reached for her br€ast, e don tey wey i don dey to put my mouth there and suck as i want, and lucky me this particular night was my night, i sucked one and caressed one and switched my mouth at intervals like my life depended on it with all the emotions and passions that ran in my vein, while she pushed herself forward caressing my head with one of her hand then caressed my di<k back and forth with the other, i sucked for a long while, i didnt even want to let go ‘my dream br£@st’, ‘boooby of life’, Why should i let go, no wa¥ am letting it go so soon, i fired on, sucked, tickled and licked on her nipple on and on like that, she made slight moans and gradually we fell on the bed, i went on sucking this bre@st, my very first yellow pawpaw br£@$t, she was below and iwas ontop, and then finally, i started kissing her from head to toes, as i did that i tried reaching for her obosiasis to see how wet it was, then stylishly placed the finger on my nose like i was scratching it, it was my method of checking how neat a girl is dovvn there, not like i vvas doubting her being a clean girl, but i just had to go with that statement that says, ”trust but verify” When i placed the finger i inserted in her obosiasis on my nose for verification, it was odourless, e be like say i deep my finger for clean water then put am for my nose, no odour at all, then i was satisfied, ”ken u can go ahead and flex this obosiasis, nothing does u” i said to myself, i freed myself after doing that, after i was done kissing, licking and tickling her from her fore-head to her toes, gently, nicely and slowly, i turned over lying with my back on the bed vvhile she climbed over took my former place, trying to do me what i did to her, which she succeeded in doing, she licked and sucked on my piakantus like it was a lolipop, as i vvas using m¥ fingers trying to rip my bed off outa excitement, within me i was like, ”this babe must teh me where and when she begin do all these things oo, if i no ask am make i know wh¥” i was talking to myself, cos normally e dey blow ma mind cos so far i rate salma as number one, untill my time with Cynthia nah em i go come know who get mouth pass. As i was thinking about vvho vvould be better, she inserted my piakantus into her very wet obosiasis, ‘oturu kpkeke’, i was like damn, it felt so good and very warm, it looked like i was in paradise. —————————————-
———————————– PAGE 92 As she inserted my piakantus into her obosiasis, i found myself in paradise cos it felt so good, it vvas warm, and coupled with the fact that i had been anticipating and dreaming about having $ex with her made me even more lost, i couldnt help myself i just had to turn her, i wanted to be the one doing the thrusting, but something misterious happened that was worse than recieving slaps, this particular one was more embarrassing.!, highest falling hand ever, abeg make una no laugh me cos i swear i can explain, as i turned her over, my d¡<k still stucked in her obosiasis, i started thrusting, one two, three,

four, five and sixth thrust, you wont believe i came, it was so embarrassing that i was looking at her and myself in disappointment, cos make she no go dey reason say i be two seconds guy, cos if nah so i for no just start wetin i no fit finish, i moved out then she stood up, went to the bathroom to wash up then came back while i went to the bathroom to wash my d¡<k too, then toweled it, went back to the bed to join her. Oya Kenny D, time for explanation, i just gats explain cos even if she tried hiding it i could see the disappointment written boldly on face, babe no just think am at all, no just go there rarara, come go dey reason say i no fit satisfy you oo, i cant fit to fall my hand like this, on how kwanu?, ”erema its not what you think oo” i said, ”as in i dont understand” pretending not to knw or notice what just happened between us, ”i know you might feel i just fucked up but thats not how i am, am not a one minute guy” i said, ”i never said u are, i understand” she said. But i know she didnt say that from her heart but rather was only trying to make me feel good, and for me to make her ve a different thought about me, i gats clear her doubt by proving myself, ”see, lemme make u understand better, i ve been dying to have this moment with u, as in make love to you, i ve dreamt about it countless of times, i am still even trying to process it in my head that for real i ve u right here with me, its just too good to be real, u d prettiest girl ve shared a bed with, so i was just lost, so carried away and over excited” i had to relax and explain, she smiled, didnt say anything but leaned forward and reached for my lips, i guess my explanation to her made her feel good and was convincing enough, but the ball was now left in my court to prove myself and place my name in the league of men, cos there’s nothing like satisfying a girl in bed, i pulled myself backwards after we ve kissed for a while, ”if i was a two minute guy, i would ve long come, either when vve vvere romancing or when ur mouth was on my d¡<k, it hasnt happened to me before” i said, ” baby its ok, ve heard u” she said, We started kissing again, took my hand and used it to rub her cunnnt, making me know she was still wet and vvanted me inside, i got the message perfectly well, so we kept kissing untill we gradually laid on the bed, my piakantus already hard, so this time i had to make sure i dont disappoint Nigerian government, just like that Peak advert with Kanu, but this one was the remix, ” Kenny D, i know say this time u go make us proud”. I inserted my piakantus into her wet and warm obosiasis, missionary style at first, started with a slow thrust and increased the pace with time, i pounded on her as she moaned out, just to prove to her i could school her on this issue, that i have a masters degree in sexology even though i flopped at my first interview, i thrusted and whined and after a vvhile, she took over the steering and took control of the wheels while i sat comfortably at the drivers seat, she was ontop this time i was below, she jumped up and down on my d¡<k, her yellow pawpaw br€ast bouncing like a basket ball, i stretched my hand to hold it, caressing and squeezing it

at intervals, she danced on my d¡ck at intervals, winding her waist slowly, at least i had beaten the two second mark, i know i ve earned back my respect but i needed to add swag on it. I carried her to the t.v stand and made her hold on to it with her hand, her back bent downwards,waist in thesame level with my piakantus, vve activated our package into the Doggy data plan, i searched for her cunnnt with my d¡<k, my best style in the whole world, i wonder what i would do without Doggy. As i located it, i started thrusting from behind with my hands holding her shoulders, i would ve held her hair but first impression matters, make i fvvvck vvith care and respect base on logistics, i kept thrusting, then paused at intervals and danced my d¡<k around her cuunnnt like i was drawing a circle, and she made loud moans abi nah scream i go call am, i gats play the movie make e cover her voice, cos her moan-scream is really loud, i held unto my thrust, as she continued, “aw aw”, With every thrust
and circle i made.
——- PAGE 93 After the second round, i was proud of myself, and i wonder how it would ve been if i had come early again like the first, i for run mental, cos i wouldnt be able to stand her or look her in the face, but for the fact i cleared her doubt, i had every reason to rant and run my mouth like a parrot. I really enjoyed her company and we hardly slept that night, we watched movies after the that session of the escapade, with her wrapped in between m legs, our eyes gazed on the movie. As we sat romantically on the bed, i kept gazing at her beautiful yellow pawpaw body as the t.v was pouring the radiants of its light on her, i swear, its one of the most beautiful bodies ve ever seen, i wanted to keep it to myself but remembered the ladies love praise, so i decided to shower praises on her. I paused the movie, ”erema can u do me a favour?” i asked, ”What” she simpl replied, ”please stand up, help me on that other bright bulb, i want to show u something” i said, she stood up quickly without hesitation, and switched on the bright bulb i told her to, cos i get another 2 seperate bulbs sharing a lamp holder for one side, red and blue, those ones nah when i wan give the room dangerous setting, i copied that scope from a friend sha. After switching on the bulb, she was walking back to join me on the bed, when i told her to please just stand, she was kinda confused though but obliged. I stood in a corner, watched for a while, before she finally noticed it was her body i was taking my time to gracefully look at, and i knew exactly what i was doing, if she doesnt ask or say something, i ll continue vvith my gaze, but she finally asked, ”baby, why u staring at me like that?” Were are exact words, then i replied her saying, ”You are the most beautiful creature ve seen on planet earth, Cynthia i swear u re beautiful”. Not like i was whinning her, but believe me, this beauty has been worth all my stress so far, sweet shape, pretty face, standing bo¤b$, flat tommy, well shaved p_$$¥ thats thesame vvith her face, i sure me say no be shaving stick she dey use, cos even me be like can a p_$$¥ be really this fresh?, nah

just to carry my plate of eba remain, put am ontop dey chop am there dey go, ‘ooo ooh, una no go understand’. She smiled and told me thank you severally, i doubt if any guy don admire her like that before, I vvent close to vvere she stood, held her hand and said ”see, vvhen i first undressed you, damn!, i wish u were able to put your hand on my chest, and feel my heart beating very fast, u ll know whats next, i swear i vvas lost in ur arms, cos i couldnt believe am with you for real, babe, am enticed by your charms, just the wa¥ my heart is beating right now” took one her hand and placed it on my chest. She was speechless and only leaned her head forward to kiss me, we kissed for a her while before she pulled back and said, ”ken, enough of the swearing, i believe whatever you say, u dont ve to do that to prove your point” ”no vex ma, nah so e dey do me if i dey serious” i replied. She laughed it out, thanked me with kisses for the praises in appreciation with lil tears that rolled down her cheek, which i presume to be tears of joy, so i switched off the light vvhile we went back to the bed, but this time, the movie has got to wait, theres more about this girl i dont know, and we spending time together is the opportunity for me to know them, all i need do was ask my questions, but guy wait oo ”did i just bring out tears from her eyes?, i think say she go don hear am tire say she fine” i asked myself. I don draw the oil now, so to ask anything no go hard me, i like even know how many guys she don date, even if dem plenty i no go too feel bad, ”so tell me stuffs nah” i said, ”like?” she asked, come do her face as dem dey always do face, i could see her well, thanks to one of my colour bulbs, ” i said u beautiful and u dropped tears, i thought u would ve gotten tired of hearing it” i asked, she started laughing, but wetin funny?, ”Why are u laughing, whats funny?” i was forced to ask her, ”do you know i ve dated just one guy before u in my life, and i can count howmany times we had s€x, i told u theey dont lemme out much at home, and the few times ve gone out, guys find it difficult taking to me, even here in school, guys that come close to me find it difficult to open their mouth and be free with me and its so annoying like they are scared or something” she explained, e be me like say i miss road, i just opened my mouth like mumu in shock looking at her, ”the guy i even dated at home was my childhood friend, so you see, but u ken, u are really crazy, i just love your attitude, u are the first guy to tell me something nice about my body, isnt that enough to make me cry for joy?” she asked, but i couldnt answer, for my mind i was like ‘sumbori has gat 2 be kiddin me’ PAGE 94 I couldnt believe what the fuck she just said, if its the new prank in town, she had better stop it, mehn if nah true a nigga is just lucky having good girls coming around him, but at a time good girls dig bad guys maybe cos of the attitude and things involved cos on a normal day, lets be real, a girl with her normal senses will detest and run away from a cult boy, though being a kushman wasnt something i was proud of so i try to be in my best behaviour, try and be very

loyal, humble and gentle the best possible way i can, you ll only get to know who i was if something called for it, lots of people back then never really knew i belonged, but i knew if i had told Cynthia from the beginning she would ve given me a big space. Lets say I did something like this, ”babe howfar, see i like u, just be friends with me and i ll protect u, am i dis and dat of so so so and so” that doesnt sound right but many guys do it cos it works for them, but i dont cos i might be putting my life on the line without knowing cos enemies are everywhere, sometimes situation can get critical to the extent your own blood ll be against u, so i traded very carefully but reacted when i get stepped upon and do i it with my brain and not with my mind, cos having tomuch mind can lead to one’s downfall. Cynthia shoke my defenses like mad, making me feel so guilty, especially when she said, ”kenny i love u, please dont hurt or break my heart, u see what ve done today, ve never done it before in my life spending a night alone and being this free, n@k€d and relaxed with a guy before, am just crazy about u” she said that, holding both of my hands, knelt on the bed, i had to join her do desame, i could see the seriousness in her eyes, the emotions and passion in every word she just said, a tear rolling down one side of her cheek, but what is all this, why all this babes dem just dey make me feel bad, dey make me wan pass out from guilty conscience, ”i wee run mad ooo” it wasnt love at first with these girls. Here’s the truth. The truth with Salma was that i noticed she fell for me cos of the incident that transpired the first day we met, so i saw that as a yard-stick i wanted to use against Sly, turn her away from him, sleep with her, enter her system and make em loose her for just that one slap, i had no intent whatsoever to date her, cos Chizzy was still there to around the corner. As for Cynthia’s case, she humiliated me in public, my friends said she vvas so pretty and hot and i had a bet with them (Raphel and the host of others), that no matter how long it takes and no matter how beautiful they said she is, and how they downgraded me that i couldnt do it, the whole idea vvas getting very close, turn my Ramsey Noarh on and take her to bed, shikina!, that was it. On trying to form being a player, i got played, cos they ended up making me fall in love with them, now the question is was that i wasnt good at being a player or i got played, but in real sense i played my part well just that when i finally got to the end of the road, it was way too late cos i realised they were sincerely good girls and they werent worth being played, it wasnt like i had been in love with Cynthia all along that was why i got shy, tensed and scared around her, it was her beauty that was hitting my panic button like that, the real love started this night, if i wasnt a good player then i would ve fallen in love with Susan too sake of sa¥ na me deflower am, that one pun@n¡ nah my own, anytime wey i get her time i go enter there, i get the key to her driver’s seat, original one for that matter, no be say nah duplicate, i even ve her engine with the chasis number intact, so make una free that one. I couldnt help myself with my

heart beating fast, water being wan fall comot from my eyes with the mood and atmosphere of the room and the unbelievable things she had told me that night, but i tried hard to hold it back before i knew it water just the roll dey comot, no be say i dey cry oo, but the thing just sha dey roll out, her own nah one eye, my own nah the two, as i was helping her vvipe hers with my palm, she was wiping mine too with her thumb, u could sense it without reasonable doubt the emotions i vvas feeling inside, some Romeo and Juliet $hit, e remain make i just begin tell am say i fit die for am like Jack for Titanic, no be small thing oo, nah this kind love do this guy ‘Shayne Wade’ wey make am go sing ‘Breathless’, the truth was i that ” I was in Love”, i couldnt keep it to myself so i dont get choked up and ve cardiac arrest, i just had to voice out, ”Cynthia i swear i love u”, and believe me that was the first time i really meant it. To be continued… PAGE 95 When i told her i love her, this time i meant it, the feeling just developed immediately but there’s a problem, i feel love for these three special girls in a special way, i know i could handle Chizzy cos of the distance, she’s in Madonna for crying out loud, not my fault, distance made things escalated into this, ‘out of sight is really out of mind, but the we still held things down, at least, her i can handle, but how long would i go on with Salma and Cynthia like this without getting caught, how do i schedule my time for both of them, and i wasnt ready to let any of them go, ‘something wey dey sweet, if i hear say i allow any one go, two beautiful girls like that, wey be say bomb no dey my head, omor anyhow wey e wan be, make e be oo’. That was my final conclusion, as we knelt on the bed forming Romeo and Juliet, professing love to eachother, i didnt plan for things like this but i had to accept things as they come, the emotions running through our veins became too much, just speaking eachother’s mind wasnt just enough, we tried sealing the new found love with a long kiss, but the kiss couldnt do the sealing,
touching entered, from touching, d¡ck became angry, nippl€$ became hard, and before we knew what was happenning, kneeling on the bed turned into lying on the bed, to me it felt like i was about making love to her for the first time cos i felt so different, i cant even explain how i vvas feeling, my heart beating fast again, i added all the emotions in my body to this particular moment, my brain having electric spark. We la¥ed on the bed kissing and romancing, it was so crazy that vve kept turning eachother over and over and was rolling out of the bed to the rug at intervals, laugh and then roll over back to the bed, memories still fresh, it was so crazy, and we both knew that the crazy romance wasnt going to seal the love, but one sweet s€x ll do, and we finally settled for it. This time we didn’t bother to stress ourselves with too many styles, we had already had one mad s€x that night that made her legs vibrating like a phone, so it was strictly missionary style, i was on her and after a long series of wild romance, kissing and sucking her cute boob$ and rolling from

one end of the bed to the ground over and over again, i finally inserted my piakankus into the her already wet dripping fresh oyibo obosiasis, from the beginning to the end of the $€x was a very slow thrust back and forth all through, kissing and making slow love at thesame time, and with the passions boiling inside me like a boiling oil, i was just lucky my heart didnt get fried with the magical way i was feeling, i lasted for around nine to twelve minutes but it vvas one of my best s€x ever, and when i noticed i was going to come, on trying to pull myself out with the intent of pouring it on her laps or belly, anywhere the madness and sweetness of the coming led me to, but certainly not this nevv bedspread i just layed that night, she dragged me back and held on to me tight, so i calmly came on her with both of us moaning like wild animals. ”aawwww” if you know what i mean. But when she pulled me back, inside of me i was like, ”What the fucck was that?” but i wouldnt blame her cos maybe that was how she probably felt at that moment, she was just carried away, so i understand. After i came, i still layed in the exact position on her when i came, we stayed like that for a while talking, ”ken i love you” she said, ”i love you too” i replied, ”promise you wont hurt or break my heart” she said, and this was the part scaring me, it was what i just didnt want to hear, cos i doubt if i go fit keep am, i dont think am that good in keeping promises, besides this particular promise is vvay beyond my league, cos the situation of things is making it difficult for me to do that, but i cant run away from the question, its not an option, i gats just answer. I been keep quiet but when she waited and i hadnt answered, she repeated the question for me, i kissed her for a long while, then pulled back and gave her an answer, cos asking me the third time, ‘o di very risky’, it ll look suspicious, ”Who in his right senses would want to hurt a girl as pretty as you, am suppose to be counting myself lucky to have you” i replied, trying to deviate, but e no work oo, ”thanks, so, promise?” she asked again, ”Yes, promise” i replied. Now she has made me do it, i ll ve to work my ar$e off twice as much to make sure i live up to expectation. She gave me a long kiss in excitement, then i pulled her up and dragged her to the kitchen first, gave her salt and water to drink, then to the bathroom, we showered got back to the bed, her head on my chest, part of her body on mine, a blanket covered up to half our bodies, talked a lil and then slept off.

We woke up on Sunday morning and first thing I did was ran to
Chemo’s shop cos I Wasn’t ready yet to be a father, cos my mind
wasn’t really at rest, not till she has taken the drug, when I got there it was his boy I met, he sleeps in the shop while Chemo the owner of the place had an apartment somewhere not too far from that

vicinity, and this was the first time I was coming that early to get
Postinor, and this boy hadn’t sold it to me directly before.

”Guy howfar shey you go fit sell Postinor for me” I asked very

“ Bros I no sabi where em dey keep am ooo, come later nah when em come back from church” the boy replied

I wanted to go back but on a second thought, I remembered ‘delay is dangerous’, cos make like play like play now nine months later Junior don set in, I pity for am cos em go drink Garri tire, after my thoughts I was like,

“Abeg gimme em number make I call am”

He gave me his Bosses number and I called em, the guy just dey talk so many funny nonsense but at the end the good thing was that I got what I wanted, after we spoke, he told me to give the phone to the boy, I did and after they had spoken, the boy gave me back the phone and he said he has told the boy to attend to me, he did, I payed and left.

On my way back to the house, I called Salma , just to clear my airways and any atom of her getting suspicious, me talking to her means she won’t bother calling me afterwards as far as I ve checked on her to know how she was doing and making her aware I was alright too. I told her I was still with my friends and would be returning to my place on Monday, make she no go miss road now come jam me for house, nah dying things be that, bottomline I tried being extremely careful.

When I got back I gave Cynthia the sweet I bought for her to lick if you know what I mean, and then I arranged the house while she took care of the chores in the Kitchen, when I was done with mine, I went to join her holding her from behind, then we had this conversation,

“I ll go tomorrow morning, am not leaving today again” she said,

I started laughing and aked why?

“I just feel like” she replied

No doubt, I knew she was having a nice time and according to her this was her first weekend with a guy,

“I know why you changed your mind” I joked

“Why” she asked eagerly

“You are enjoying this thing that is touching ur bombom right now nah, Choi!, that 1 thing, that sweet thing, something wey dey sweeeeet”” I said playfully

The babe leave wetin she dey do begin burst laugh, I fit dey joke but at a time I dey use scope talk true, power of Blocku$, Choi!, after dem go dey pretend. After she had controlled her laugh, she said

“ You are not serious”

I playfully pushed her to the wall, my body pressed towards hers and was like

“Say the truth, tell me my thing is not sweet, and I won’t allow you taste it again”

“Ok its sweet, its sweet”she said

“Oya tell me you love it” I said

“I love it, I love it” she replied laughing hysterically.

When we were busy with all that, my Piakantus was gingering its swagger but I just had to calm down, make I no use pu$$¥ take start my Sunday.

We ate breakfast that morning and she reminded me that I owed her going to her church with her, the deal we made before she allowed me take her to Abraka Resort, so I agreed going to her Church with her. Since the incident of the Resort I hadn’t gone to Church, choir rehearsals or any rehearsals at all .

We worshiped at Christ Embassy located at campus 3 close to the Predegree Hall, I was feeling so fly my Princess holding onto my hand no letting go, to the extent I started asking myself what was so special about me that these girl were seeing, cos me wey get myself no dey see anything, I look at myself and see an ordinary Guy, but no need to get myself worked up, they ll be in a better position to answer me, and trust me, I must ask.

To cut a long story short, my weekend with cynthia was awesome, after Church we still went to the Resort but this time around we had a nice time with no troubles, and our faces had become a popular figure due to the past incident, I remembered the guards at the gate before we entered telling us

“Una don come again oyibo?, make una suffery una hear”

We had a nice time, got home, chatted, joked, laughed, had s€x severally, watched movies, we did stuffs sha. Before she left that morning, she had bathed, dressed up, got ready to leave, I was about seeing her off and as we got to door, she dropped her bag down, kissed me for a long time, and was like

“ I ll miss you, I ll miss you,Make love to me again”.

When she was taking off my clothes, it was like she was going to rip them outa my body, we had it one more time that early morning then I finally saw her off, within me I was like if I hurt this girl am in soup ooo, I need to be extremely careful but all the same what an

awesome, I finally had my dream girl, dream s€x and dream
weekend, all thanks to Cynthia.


It was the end of the semester, Chuks had this girl he calls his number one, I don’t know if he loves her, what we all knew was that she was his number one cos he had a handfull of girls himself. This particular girl was in her 300 level and Chuks was in his final year, she had been having a problem on a certain course like that and had been carrying the course over. Her name was Martha. I was chilling with dem guys one evening when Chuks brought the issue up, that Martha has been carrying the course over since her 100level and he has decided to write it for her, when he brought the issue, I didn’t like the idea of him writing it for her cos there were other ways he could go about it like paying someone else to do it, the risk involved was just too much, one could get expelled from such act, right from time, ve always used my brain not my mind, I wouldn’t write an exam for anyone, love no dey that one.

We all advised him not to but Capo nah always Capo, they do their things their own way, he insisted it wasn’t a big deal that he was conversant with the course, He was a Social Science Student. Since he wouldn’t listen has gotten his mind made up everyone gave him space to allow him face his fate. He went ahead.

“Make una forget, nothing dey happen,no be today person don dey run that kind parol” was his response when we were trying so hard to discourage him.

I was home reading during that period of exam, I hadn’t a paper that
day when I got a call from Solo,

“D, howfar where you dey?” He asked, he sounded tensed cos am very good at observing things.

“I dey house, I dey read , anything?” I asked

“Bro kasala don burst ooo” he said,

“Wetin happen?” I asked aggitatingly

“Ooomor dem catch Chuks today ooo” he said

“We tell am but em no hear, dem no dey use pressing iron iron kpomo, I dey come, where you dey now?” I asked

“I still dey school chill I go branch your side soon”

We warned him.

We warned him but he didnt listen, he just felt he wouldnt get caught, too much mind, imagine the confidence, it was really a dumb thing to do. I couldnt concentrate on my reading again, i couldnt wait for Solo to come around and gimme the full gist either, cos ve heard about similar situations and i never heard of any that ended up well, so we just pray his connections help him out if not his story might just end up tragic.

I tried Chuks’s number severally, but he wouldnt pick, i guess i wasnt calling at the right time, i was just restless and couldnt wait to hear about the latest development if things had become better or had gotten worse.

After i had waited a long while, Solo finally came and saved me from almost going crazy from the thoughts of things that might ve happened.

As soon as he got in, i didnt even allow him catch his breath or sit down, i rushed him vvith questions, i was so eager to know the rest of the story,

‘’guy howfar wetin happen?, how dem take catch am?’’ i asked,

‘’how dem take dey catch person before?, guy see no blame anybody cos we warn am, nah em no just gree listen to any of us’’ he replied me, lamenting,

‘’i even dey call am but em no dey pick, how u take know?’’ i asked,

‘’nah em call me tell me’’ he said.

We talked about the issue for a long time, kept deliberating but couldnt come up with anything meaningful, i prepared something for us to eat, showered and then we both headed to his place cos we both wanted to hear from Chuks himself what really happened.

Before we got there, the news had spread like wild fire, all them guys were sitted outside talking about thesame thing, wetin u expect wey be say nah Capo dey involved. We joined them talking about the issue and waiting for Chuks to return, but the truth vvas that we have no idea how concrete the matter had gotten just hopefully waiting to hear things from the horses mouth cos the last time i heard about someone getting caught when writing exam for someone, the person got rusticated, so as we talked about the issue, vve kept praying that his doesnt end up like that cos it ll be a disaster, someone who was already in his final year and was looking forward to graduating that year, that story would be crazy, say

‘em go write exam for woman, then them catch am expel am’

Its a terrible thing, i wouldnt do it even if the girl’s p*$$¥ were to be made of gold, there are better ways one can go about that, not jeopardizing his education, no guy in his right senses ll put his education on the line to embark in such risky adventure, i keep wondering what he was thinking.

He didnt show up till it vvas dark, i just couldnt go back home even if i had paper the next day, i had made up to pass the night there with them, and when he did show up, bro wasnt smiling, he vvas looking so tired and unhappy, and was kinda tipsy, then finally we knew things wasnt alright.

He just walked pass everyone, didnt say anything, instead walked straight to his apartment, we wey dey wait to wan know things couldnt even ask him anything when we saw his face angry, from there i sensed it that it vvas a serious ish.

Myself and Solo decided to go to his room and try and talk to him to know the situation of things, cos when one gets caught, the next thing ll be facing panel.

We got to his room and tried engaging him in conversations, at least know whats up and calm him down, now is’nt the time to apportion blames but look for a way forward,

‘’baba howfar nah, wetin be the situation of things now?’’ Solo

‘’abeg we go yarn later, i no dey in a good mood now’’ Chuks

He wasnt in a good mood to talk to anyone, so we just allowed him be, later at night when he must ve relaxed the issue ll be revisited.

We stayed in his room that night, waiting and hoping he was going to talk to us, after he slept and woke up, we had to force him to say something cos it wasnt getting funny anymore, so when the pressure became toomuch, he had to voice out,

‘’that matter serious oo, headache dey worry me like this’’ he said,

‘’so wetin be the situation of things now’’ i asked,

‘’i no even know how the woman take catch me, e just be like film, the matter dey school now, like play like play dem don carry me go registrar office’’ he sobbed,

When he said that, that was when we knew the issue had really gotten out of hand, and whatever happens to him, it wouldnt affect the girl he took the risk for one bit, nah dry fasting and prayer sure pass now oo.

It started like a joke, vve thought everything was going to be alright, at this stage, the prayers of a host of ruggedmen couldnt help another rugged man, its situations like this that makes one
remember the past with ‘had i known’ being the only word that
could come out of one’s lips, just only if Chuks listened to the advice from other niggas, then maybe things wouldnt ve ended up this way.

Our exams get to last for like three weeks to a month then, sometimes even more, i had just written my last paper for the semester and decided to stop somewhere on campus to get a bottle of coke and egg-roll to kill my hunger for that moment at least since i didnt eat before gracing the exam hall, cos it was my last and i didnt eat too before going. I was busy sipping my coke with the help of a straw and was devouring my egg roll when Solo started calling again, and after Chuks’s dangerous adventure, its been from one bad phone call to another, i no dey ever hear good news,

‘’howfar’’ i asked,

‘’i dey, e don red ooo, where u dey’’ Solo replied,

‘’i just write exam finish, i still dey campus-1 sha, wetin don red?,
wetin happen?’’ i asked in curiosity,

‘’bro i no fit tell u with my mouth, i like make u rush come campus-3 come see something” he replied,

‘’ok, on my way there’’ i said.

Campus 3 was where the social science department and the predegree hall vvas located. When Solo sounded like that, i knew this time around it was something bigger than what we ve been hearing before, who knows maybe the worse had just happened, but i tried hard not to get myself worked up cos i was left in suspense to come find out the rest myself.

I forced myself, rushed what i was eating in record time and as soon as i was done i went outside the school gate and then got a bike to convey me to campus-3, as i got there, i called Solo to give me directions were he was, he did, so i found my way to his department.

As soon as we met,

‘’guy howfar wetin happen?” i asked

‘’calm down, follow me, e get wetin i wan show u” he answered,

Still lost in suspense, i just followed him without any further questions, my blood was hot, what could it be?, i was on tenter- hooks to know,
Or shey somebody fvuck up?’ i was asking myself as we walked side
by side in a haste.

After a long walk i noticed we were approaching the notice board, from there i vvas beginning to feel something terrible was wrong but shouldnt just conclude, i ll wait to know what the p really is, and just as we finall¥ got to this gigantic faculty notice board, he said,

‘’abeg wetin be this we¥ dem write here, cos i just like make u see
am with ur n@ked eyes’’ .

I love shades alot, 8/10 u ll see me on shades, i took it off first so i could really get a clear view of what Solo found difficult to tell me on the phone,
Behold what i saw was heartbreaking, it was enough to get a nigga speechless like Michael Jackson, i opened my mouth wide in shock, somebori has got to be kidding me.

Chuks names, matric number, department and level was boldly written on the board, with a short note beneath the above information that he has been rusticated and vvas no longer a student of the school.

After going through the short note, i shouted in exclamation to the extent, it drew the attention of people around, i started droping tears for my manche, like it was me it happened to, i sat down not too far from the board and was lamenting bitterly,

‘at final year, where does he start from, how would he go about the new development, what does he tell his parents, if only he had listened, sometimes we blame devil when we are architects of our own mishaps, after four years, i felt beaten up like i was the one
rusticated’, while Solo was trying hard to calm me down.

‘’ D, stop nah, make we comot here, see people dey look nah’’ he

After trying hard to calm me down, he said he was through with exams and that we should go hang out somewhere to reason and clear the head,

‘’guy i wan smoke up abeg, nah wetin fit relax me right now be that’’
i said.

He took me to a joint like that, never gone there to smoke before, he bought some parcel of weed, we rolled up and then i started smoking Chuks’s pain and sorrow away,

‘’i just wonder how em go dey feel now, if me dey feel like this” i
asked Solo,

‘’guy smoke up abeg, the babe no dey at fault, the mistake has been
made’’ he replied,

Just to free ourselves from the pains we were going through, we smoked our eyes out, i smoked up till i vvas trying to force my eyes open, my eyes don close.

After the smoking i became very high, but getting high didnt do the magic instead i was sober, i found my vvay home with the intent of going to Chuks’s place late in the evening, but out of highness when i got home i found Susan’s door opened, so i found my way in.

Not like i had anything in mind, i just wanted a shoulder to lean on, someone to cry my pain to, and saw the Heaven’s gate opened, a place of calmness, i decided to pass through the Heaven’s gate instead of continuing in sober and pain.

As i found myself in, was this gigantic booob¥ standing inside the top a nighties staring towards a nigga going through pain like it would devour him, it was Susan standing in front of me with that same nighties,

(the nighties make sense die sotey she turn am to her favourite night wear, but this babe just wan purposely intimidate me, why she go still dey wear nighties around 2pm).

As i walked in and saw that one thing, that same thing i told u about, i was like

‘’What the fvvck, not again’’,

How can one $h¡t keep happening to thesame guy, i cant explain how i felt but i just knevv i had electric brain sparks, very loud one,


At first i doubted myself if anything vvould happen cos eventhough i had her chasis number and original papers, we knew i hadnt gone anywhere close to her room since the night i first took Cynthia to the Resort and got my a$$ wiped, nah this one nah em yoruba dey call,

‘’e le gidi gan’(meaning, ‘this one is strong’).

Before i entered i had nothing in mind but after i savv what i saw, that thing oo, made me have something in mind,

‘’erema whats up nah, you just forget me like that, no paper today?’’
i asked

I was ready to take whatever bomb she throws at me, cos she has seen Cynthia and Salma countless number of times, expecially the times they spent the weekend at my place, i vvas able to prevent those two from clashing till the end of the semester, thanks to me for being lucky.

‘’am through with exams, this one you came to my room today hope everything is alright?’’ she asked,

Me i know say if i answer that question, i don fuvvck up, so i changed the topic immediately cos i had no excuse whatsoever to give her,

‘’they just expelled my best friend from school for writing a paper for his girlfriend’’ i said,

At that point, it was the best thing ve said in a long time, cos i gained all her attention, i guess she had pity on me,

‘’are u serious?, how?’’ she said, curious to know what i ll say next,

‘’i swear, i couldnt bear it, i had to smoke up, to clear my head?, he is like a brother to me’’ i replied,

She came close to me with somuch interest to hear the full gist of the story, i sat on her bed vvhile she sat next to me.

I narrated the story for her and kept the contrete details to myself, i just expatiated about a good friend who got caught writing a paper for the girlfriend, she felt my pain trying to pet me, we kept gisting while she kept pitying me, all the time we were talking it was this girls b¤ob$ i was looking at, maybe i vvas acting under the influence of the weed, who knows, (she was just using it to molest me, innocent kid).

I had toomuch intimidation that i couldnt bear it any longer, i had to man up, e don tey, no be today, what ever r say, she wont kill me,

‘’i swear ve missed u oo’’ i said,

“kenny stop it please, just say u miss the sex, cos i see your girlfriends all the time here and am not as fine as them, so dont tell me u miss me’’ she said,

‘’ok i admit, i miss the s€x, but u are not suppose to get angry now, we aint dating, we both know u and i ve dates’’ i replied,

I made an attempt to kiss her, but the babe was so inform, she vvas ontop of her game, she dogged it neatly, (the babe was fast),

‘’i know but try and understand it hurts cos it makes me jealous, are u forgeting u took my virginity?’’ she asked,

Her reply knocked me and shock me off my defences, i wasnt expecting that even in my wildest dreams

‘that awkward moment when a nigga feels guilty’

I was almost falling for it, but ve had enough lately, these girls trying to make a nigga shiver in emotions, (not again, am done with that
$hiitt, i said to myself), aint nobody making me do that again,

‘’Wait, did i just hear u say take?, i didnt take anything oo, u gave it to me, stop making me feel bad, i de¥ make room jejeje wey u come meet me say guy take’’ i replied,

“u think its funny shey?’’ she asked,

I had been observing since i came, and all the time she had spent with me with that dress on, she never wore panties, so i doubt if today go be any different, since talking and talking was doing more harm than good to our conversation, i had to substitute it for action.

I relaxed as she kept expanding the deflowering issue, making it look like a cigarette dropped close to oil pipes, making the fire so huge with thick and mighty flames, i was patient watchin and targeting her lips. She kept rapping lik Tupac Sharkur droppin me big big punch lines, i didnt say anything, eyes on the mission, before she knew it, i had grabbed and pinned her on the bed, finger in her cunnnt, she was already wet.

PAGE 100
She was wet and yet still forming, what nonsense, and i dont know how to hide things like that, i must talk,

‘’so were already wet and yet still doing shakara for me’’ i asked,

‘’leave me alone oo, i was watching a romantic movie before u came’’, she said,
Trying hard to push me away, like she really meant it that i wasnt going to sleep with her or must ve crossed her mind, i aint getting

in-between her legs ever again, i ll find out which of the decisions she has made.

As vve la¥ed on the bed, vve kept dragging, and m¥ di<k had already gotten hard, so since she had no panties on, i just unbelted and unzipped my trousers but didnt take it off my waist, so whenever i ve any slightest chance, i ll just smartly bring out my piakantus for insertion and she knew i was hard. I did all i could trying to sweet talk her but none of it worked, and base on pride i also didnt want to beg for the $€x,

‘’ken we are not suppose to be doing this, go to ur numerous girlfriends, we are not dating” she kept saying,

But all this while we ve been having it, no one brought the issue of gf and bf, so why now?, except she has some hidden agenda shes not telling me, with the stuffs she was saying and way she was acting, it was obvious she was beginning to add emotions to our friendship, just then i knew that the obosiasis vvasnt sure for me today and i didnt want to complicate issues and start telling things i didnt mean, like,

‘i love her, i ve feelings for her’ all in the name of drawing oil.

I was able to drag the hand of her nighties off her, down to her belly, exposing her booob$, but the girl is bad sha, she meant business, she allowed me suck them while she moaned lightly but whenever i make the move of trying to bring my d¡<k out, she ll quickly close her legs, see punishment, if she no go allow me do, why she come dey allow me suck booob¥, just giving me false hope for nothing.

The drama continued for a long while like that, when i try hard to find my finger into her cunnnt, and i get there, when i try thrusting my fingers back and forth or tickle her c|it, the babe go just join her legs together, so tight that my finger ll hang there and wont be able to move, and i finally locked up and told myself,

“guy dey go ur room cos nothing for you today, i ll leave to fight another day, maybe with a formation this time around”.

But that decision came way too late, cos i we were still both on the bed and just as i was about to get up, adjust and go to my room, with the intent of my piakantus calming down, her elder sister walked in and met us, i didnt even know she was around, i guess it was because of exams that was going on, she hardly stays at home, she was a hot runs babe that period. It was so embarrassing,

‘fuvvck, i no fuvvck, nah punishment i dey since, if i knew, i would ve left there since, i vvas feeling for myself’

My di<k was still hard and visible through my trousers, Susan’s booobs was exposed, from where i wan start to dey explain from, the picture she saw was that i am messing around vvith her kid sister, and who knows she might think shes still a virgin not till now we got caught.

I couldnt say anything at all, i just adjusted my trousers, zipped up, while Susan did desame, i couldnt even say i was sorry, i just bent my head down in shame and excused myself to my room.

As i left the room, and was trying to open my door which was directly opposite, i vvas hearing their voices echoing loud out of the room but Susan’s sister’s voice vvas louder as she vvas screaming at her sister, like they didnt want me to hear what they were saying, so they spoke in their native dialet, i just entered my room and was feeling guilty, i even get luck say i we werent completely n@ked like other times, but she vvas half nud€ so i dont think it even made any difference.

I was restless inside my room, all of a sudden i was scared, for what?, i dont even know, so i decided to run away from the house, run to Chuks’s place and hang out with them guys, then get the rest gist, maybe even crash there, i just needed to avoid Susan’s sister for a while, i quickly showered, changed my clothes, i just smoked, i
was as hungry as hell, but fear couldnt lemme stay back and eat, so i decided to get food on my way there.

After i had dressed up and vvas ready to leave, i started hearing knock on the door,

‘’nah who be that’’ i yelled,

‘’its me Beatrice, i want to see you” i heard an angry voice from the
other end.

As i hear the name, my mind nearly run out of my chest cos it was Susan’s sister, the same reason i was planning to run out of the house,

‘’ What is it she wants to talk to me about, e don red, i don die today’’ i said to myself,

I went to get the door,

‘’goodafternoon” i greeted in humility.

The babe strong face, she no answer,

‘’please lets see in my room” she said

PAGE 101
”ok, am coming” i replied,

I was panicking, my heart beating very fast after she asked me to please see her in her room, and with the fact i didnt know her much was even riskier, cos i had no idea what she was capable of and what her reaction ll be like,

”guy why u never comot since?” i asked myself,

If i had gone out on time i would have saved myself from this lion’s den i was about to enter, Beatrice ready to feast on me her prey, i just wonder the kind eye wey she go take dey look me now. I brought out my heart and placed it in my palms cos it was too much for me to keep inside when it kept beating 50times per secs, then activated my good boy attitude, was in my best behaviour,

composed myself the best possible way i could, then knocked at their door and went in,

“please sit down” said Beatrice,
directing her hand towards the plastic chair in the room next to the reading table while both of them sat on the bed, as i sat down calmly on the chair with heart beating fast, i knew the next thing was going to be an atomic question, i doubt if i go even fit summon courage to answer.

I sat down and just as i was expecting, the high blood pressure question came,

”please what is it between u and my kid sis, u re ken right?” she asked,

I managed to answer the second question, took my time to breath fast and think, waiting for her to ask me again, cos i didnt even know where to start from, i dont know or have any clue what Susan might ve told her. She asked again,

”What is it u ve going on with m¥ kid sis”

As she asked again, Susan was trying to talk but she yelled at her in their native dialet which i interpreted to be keep quiet, cos Susan became mute, so i answered her and said,

”it depends on what she has told u”,

”guy shey nah because i dey speak English?, i dey ask u question u dey refer me to my sister” she said angrily like if i dont give her answers, she ll beat me up.
When she shouted at me, it helped cos it rebooted and scanned my brain,

( on a second thought, it wasnt like i stole anything or killed somebody, so why am i being scared, what if we dey date, i said to myself)

I tried hard not to be rude cos nobody would like a guy fvvcking his/her sis and there’s nothing between them, cos even me go fight the guy myself, so i decided to use my brain, instead of my balls

”shes my girlfriend” i replied,

”for howlong ve u guys been dating?” she asked, ”like three weeks to a month now” i replied,

”so u trying to tell me u love her right?” she asked again,

If she had called me seperately and asked that, i wouldnt think twice before answering, hell no!, no way am answering that in Susans front, cos whatever i said ll surely be used against me in the court of love, Susan ll nail me with it, so twisted the answer,

”i care about her alot, right from day one u moved in here, ve always had my eyes on her” i replied,

”the reason am asking u all this is because i want to hear things from u, if i ask her, she wont tell me the truth, trust me” she said,

so nah me she believe?, she continued,

”guy make i clear u, let it not be that i left my kid sis at home and because u stay next door, u twisted her head and took advantage of her, if she tells me anything, i swear u wont go free oo, i dey tell u my mind, i go end your fine boy for u, i don hear, u can go, just sha no use her play, cos i bad, as in i bad well well” she expatiated in a threaning tone.

”ok i don hear” i replied and then calmly left the room, Damn that as another busy day at the office,
”thank God say she no blow my eye” i said to myself as i came out, trying to catch my breath and then place my heart back to my chest.

I ll ve to see Susan later cos i go like know wetin she tell her Sis then know how she feels about my response to her Big Sis. Some peeps wouldnt ve taken it lightly, cos with the way her face was frowned when she knocked on my door, i thought by the time she was through with me, i ll only be left with my corpse cos i was so frightened.

As I got back to my room, that was when it dawned on me that i hadnt eaten something meaninful, but when i was busy with my interrogation at the FBI’s office, i felt nothing at all, and if i spent the next 2 minutes trying to cook i might just drop dead, i quickly arranged garri and groundnut first, before the worms in my belly starts feasting on my intestines.

After eating, i chilled till evening, there was no need to hastenly leave my house anymore, then headed for Capo’s place to hear the gist first hand and if there was any new development. At about 6.30 when i got there, Chuks wasnt home, just Solo and the rest outside,

moody, the atmosphere vvas just quiet everyone was in their mourning mood, and just then i started feeling the pains again, like a wound trying to heal and got bruised hard again.

PAGE 102
Everyone had different things to say about Chuks, bringing suggestions they know in their hearts wont work but just say them for the love of a brother so as not to make things look as bad as it is. I was hungry so i and Solo went to eat at a buka not all that far away, he said the place was his favourite, while we ate, there was nothingelse we talked about other than Chuks’s explusion,

“so like play like play oo, dem rusticate Chuks sha” i said, ”mehn na so me sef i see am o” he replied,
”em no suppose write that exam, wetin stop am from using mechinery?, i no even expect say em go use em hand write am” i said,

We talked about alot concerning thesame issue, but i remember when Solo couldnt take anymore of the conversations, he begged me to die it, when i kept quiet for a while i didnt know i had given him the platform to think and put himself in Chuks’s shoes, then gather momemtum to cry, the next thing i heard was,

”Ahhhh Capo” he said banging his fist on the table, ”Ahhhh Chuks na so?”
He kept on banging his fist on the wooden table repeatedly, repeating the exact same words, i could see his veins bulging out from the fist and face, eyes closed,

”Ahhhh Chuks, Chuks were u wan start from” he said, and when he opened his eyes, turned his face to look at me, i saw tears gathered around his eyes, that was when i knew howmuch pain Chuks’s situation has caused him.

My emotion mode activated itself immediately as i saw the tears in his eyes and this guy nah my Bros, if my Bros mate go fit shed tears, who come be me?, before i knew what was happening, water just begin come out from one side of my cheek, it was so emotional cos we were feeling his pains, where and how does he start from, and then he was around 26/27years, if i were the one i might die of frustration, how do i face the real word?, how?, cos this whole thing started like a joke on a chilling evening with dem guys, we were

talking about stuffs, one talk led to another, and Chuks said it jokingly that he was going to write a paper for the his lady, we warned him, he didnt listen, maybe he had done it before and gone away with it who knows, this last one must ve been a bad call, maybe he just felt with his level it wouldnt end up the way it ended, or he must ve loved and cared for her that much but out of pride wont own up to dem guys, if not why would a guy put his career on the line for pu$$¥, even me with my extravagant passion for pu$$¥ wont try it,
‘shey i swallow bomb ni’.

E don happen be that be say e don happen, whats next?.

We got back, smoked up kept chilling for Chuks to return as everyone was gisting, it had gotten dark like some minutes to 8pm.,

“D, you get unit for phone make ¥ou call Chuks?” Solo asked,

”We dey call am since, em no dey pick, una fit still try am sha” Samba said cutting in as i was about to reply Solo,

After Samba said that, i knew frustration had set in, for him not to be picking his calls,

”make i still try sha whether em go pick” i said,

I tried like four times he didn’t pick, i paused and after a while i continued without stopping,

”i go continue if em no pick, even if nah to run down em battery, cos like this i don dey fear” i said,

I didn’t give up on my quest, even though he busied it at intervals, when he saw i meant business and wouldn’t stop, he picked it and i kept it on speaker as everyone gathered around in rush, wanting to talk to him at thesame time,

“Ken wetin happen, u wan run my battery down” he said very very calmly,

”no vex, your men dem just dey worried, we wan know where you dey” i replied,

”i dey fine, tell dem make dem no worry” he said not knowing the phone vvas on speaker,

”Capo nah Samba be this, where u dey” Samba said with a loud voice,

”i say make una forget ehh, i dey fine” he replied, ”nah where u dey no be how em ask” Flames louded,
Everyone tried their best trying to ask him, but hard man wont tell, it went on like that till i exhausted the little airtime i had. We waited patiently till it was past 8, yet he hadnt showed up, thats when we knew he wasn’t coming back, getting a bike after 8pm was a miracle because of the curfew attached to it.

I slept in Solo’s room that night, woke up the next morning feeling to chilling cos i didnt ve to bother anymore about exams again and the tension attached to it before writing a paper, stayed back waiting for Chuks and strategizing my next move on Susan, stupid girl that didnt lemme know her sister was around, and kept me with her stand still, allowed me see the treasure in the promise land and still didnt allow me enter and behold the treasure,

(if i do mistake catch that girl one on one again inside thesame room, i swear her own don finish cos she don die for my hand be that) i said to myself.

PAGE 103
I was there till like 10am and Chuks still hadn’t showed up, and this period after exams is when one’s gf wants to spend her last time with her man before going home, the last oil drawing and enjoyment of the semester, and my p is that i had more than just a gf, so my heart was skipping on how to go about it, i didn’t tell Chizzy i was writing papers, cos normally she ll want to come around from Madonna uni, to spend time with me before i go back home, our school calenders were way different, sometimes i might be on session she might be home and vice-versal, so i made a decision this time around not to let her know, cos i wouldn’t be able to handle the drama, i had Cynthia and Salma already to contend with, then i still needed to treat Susans fucvck up, and ve not hanged out with Tina for a long while cos i didn’t want to disturb her, cos she was in her final year and would be busy with stuffs (how nice and considerate i am), but i missed her and i wanted to draw the oil again, i aint got a p with her at all, there was nothing to be scared of cos we aint dating, the real deal was between C and S.

I had to get credit, made a few calls, they all still had exams left to write, but i made Tina understand howmuch i was dying to see her and lucky for me, she was finishing papers before others, then told C and S that when they were through they should lemme know, i just had to be extremely careful, cos if the U.S and U.K collide in battle at

my place, i might as well end up loosing my head, and as time went by, i had really gotten so deep with Cynthia and Salma, i cared about them alot and i showed it, just that they both felt they had a faithful bf who would do anything for them.

I stayed at Solo’s place till it was 12noon, and since Chuks still hadn’t shown up, i had to go back to my place and then dropped a message for Solo that whenever Capo returns, he should give me a beep or better still inform me in any possible way he could.

That day past like that i didnt get any info from Solo and when i called and ask, things hadnt changed one bit cos he hadnt returned, i tried calling him severally, he wouldn’t pick, it was then i concluded that maybe he took some time to himself to relax and reason, like the expulsion thing has really dawned on him, all we could do is keep faith he is alright and nothing happens to him, his brain must probably be messed up with different thoughts, maybe he didn’t know we were trying to stand by him so he doesnt do something crazy.

The next day in the evening, i was in my room watching movies when i heard a knock on the door, as i went to get it, it was Beatrice again, so this time i was wondering what it was, or maybe Susan had told her something else,

”Good evening” i said,

”Whats up, am travelling today like right now” she replied, “Wow so soon?, are u through with exams” i asked
”Yea, yesterday, i just wanted to let u know” she replied,

But i had to ask myself the reason why she was telling me, cos just yesterday she was yelling at me cos of her sister, (if nah so then the babe no send, she just cleared me her mind and freed herself, how nice, so i thought). I was impressed cos i wasn’t expecting that.

”You and Susan right?” i asked,

”No just me, cos am not going straight home, Susan ll go whenever she feels like, nah she know wetin she wan still dey do for school, just take care of her sha and watch her well” she concluded,

I was surprised like,

‘Wtf, sombori has gat to be kidding me, is this babe for real?, or she is testing me’, i was asking myself.

I needed to be sure, but i didnt know how and what to ask her, i just kept quiet, she went in grabbed her bag, base on say she tell me, i had to give her the respect of seeing her off, I helped her with the bag,

”lemme walk u down a lil, make i quickly rush wear something” i said,

So i just rushed in grabbed a shirt, wore a 3quater, carried her bag, she spoke to Susan in their native dialet, like her last words to a Sis, i didn’t know what it was but i just sha know she wasn’t insulting me.

I walked her down to the junction, stopped a bike for her, she sat and then i handed her bag over to her,

” i ll get your number from Susan” she said, ”ok, safe trip” i replied,
I stood and watched the bike zoomed off, and it was then i knew she meant every bit of what she said, she be that kind babe wey no just send, but on my part me just gats dey careful. As i was walking back to the house, i had this huge grin on my face, like,

”Susan u don die for my hand today”

This world nah turn by turn, and my turn was now, i took my time and walked majestically, cos i knew were i was headed, no other place if not her room, i got there knocked, she didn’t answer, so i pressed the knob and behold it was opened, believe me that babe knows what she’s doing.

PAGE 104
This babe knew what she was doing, i could sense and feel it from hundred miles away, she left the door open purposefully knowing i was going to come back, when i got in, she was sitting carelessly on the bed, wearing a spargetti top and a very short skirt, laps exposed, i doubt if that was what she was putting on before her sister left, and when she saw me, she didn’t even bother adjusting her legs, she was just mute, eyes on the t.v screen.

This time was vengeance things, i need answers to what she did to me the previous day, so without wasting time i locked the door from behind to avoid ‘shoot bird em mama fly’, as i did, i could hear her laugh, within me i was like,

”Wetin dey make this one dey laugh, be like u never know as e dey go, today me and u go die here”,

After bolting the door from behind, i grabbed her remote and paused the movie first, make she think say i come here come play first, seriously i missed having $ex with this babe and i was just certain she did too, if not that i noticed she had started adding emotions lately, and who knows if she purposely held me down for her sister to come catch me, who knows if it were just her plans wanting to hold me down, i might not ve all the good things she want but i was sure if it was that thing, that same thing, that one thing wey dey sweet, i was giving her well, cos ve a friend that always tell us most times i hung out with him that,

”if u go too close to a girl, and there’s nothing at all between u two, and u aint fuvvking her, she ll insult u one day, and if u ve a friend or neighbour u re close to, the good thing u can do is make sure u fuvvck her well, she no go see mouth take insult you”.

And i know i was fuvvcking this babe well, and i know well that she was enjo¥ing it even alot better than me. When i paused the movie and sat next to her on the bed, making sure our faces were close and directly facing eachother, i was perplexed for a while, i couldn’t say anything, my eyes were just gazing at her booob$, much of it ver¥ visible from the spagetti top, i just decided to react under the way i felt, i leaned forward to kiss her, and noticed she kissed me back, no struggles, no fights, no gragra, vvith her eyes closed, i was surprised, as w e kissed, i passed a hang under her spargetti to reach one of her mighty booob$, still no stress, no hassles, no gragra, i raised it up to her neck exposing both booobs as they fell apart towards different directions, (small girl vvey never pass 20yrs, see vvetin she carry for front), like play like play, i had started sucking both as she massaged my head with her hands, made light moans as i sucked and tickled her nippl€s till they became really hard, as i did all that, i was asking myself,

”Was it not this same girl, that wouldn’t let me freely touch her yesterday?, is it that shes missed me or there’s something i cant seem to lay my hands on”

Any which ways, i knew something was wrong and i gats be extremely careful, but all the same i decided to go with the flow. The tension was getting higher, d¡<k getting harder, so i decided to pull off her stretch short skirt down, that rested beautifully on her legs and exposed most parts of her laps and short legs, when i deeped my fingers in the sides of her waist, dragged the skirt down, to my amazement, she wasn’t even wearing a panties, and she was really wet, i was kinda shocked, cos i didn’t know what to think, is it

that she knew i was coming back to her room after seeing her sister off, or knows she fvucked me up yesterday and wanted to make up for it, or gotten pregnant and wanted to roll it over to me, or had fallen in love with me, i was just having different thoughts, but on a second thought, it could be anything at all, but mehn eagle eye tins, eyes on the ball.

Above all, i wasn’t going to abandon my job, i ll ve to finish what i started,

” but what if i pay her back by walking out of her like this” i asked myself,

I doubt if i could cos i love p*$$¥ toomuch to do that, and besides the konji hold me die, with the fact ve not had it with her for a long time now,

“Wait am coming” i said,

I ran to my room first to get two cds, cos this girls action today was to good to be real to me, so just incase she wanted to bring the leg of being pregnant later, i could stand a chance to defend myself that i wasn’t the owner, so for my mind i don block that road.

I got back and she had already taken off the spag top from her, skirt from her legs, just nud€ on the bed, obvious she was waiting for me, i undressed and joined her, we started to kiss again to arouse us, i had the cds in one hand, no letting go, but with her reactions i felt she missed me, cos she was so into me, if i was wrong about that, i know somehow, something has got to be right, and i ll pull it out of her mouth today.

PAGE 105
Kissing, rubbing, touching, pressing, caressing went on for a while as we were tr¥ing to arou$e ourselves and get in the mood after the lil break i took, i had lots to ask but didn’t want to kill the moment with talk, after drawing the oil, she ll tell me what i need to know.

I sucked her boob$ like mad, tickled her huge and hard nippl€$ with my tongue, switched at intervals, my di<k had gotten hard as a rock pressing towards her body, and later she climbed over, leaned backwards, then located my di<k with her mouth, sucked on it back and forth. When i said i was coming, i didnt tell her i was going to get a cd, but as i layed on the bed with her, i thought she had seen it, cos while i was sucking her bo¤b$, i had to support them with my hands cos of the size, so i dropped the cd at the edge of the bed, but when she had sucked on my piakantus, spitting on it at intervals as

she did, till i had gotten really hard that my banana shaped di<k was pointing directly to the ceiling, standing hard without the help of a walking stick, just as she made the move to sit on it, i leaned forward and held her laps from under with my hands,

”i brought cd, just help me roll it on” i said and reached for the cd where i dropped it and gave her a sachet. She didn’t say anything but rather smiled, collected it, tore it open and clunged it on my di<k, and as soon as she vvas done with it, she directed it to her wet obosiasis, eyes closed, within me i vvas like since i didnt see, sense or feel any strange reaction from her after i brought the cd issue, i might as well just be wrong about the pregnancy fantasy, but all thesame there were still things i needed answers to.

She kept jumping up and down on me, br€a$t boucing as she did,
while i layed under going with the flow and feeling it, this girl
entered the s€x company right before my very eyes and now she had improved really well, the last one we had was mad, she was on me, kept on banging, and after a long while, i turned her over, i wasn’t really enjoying it with the body-guard i had protecting my piakantus, i took her 2 that same reading table, made her hold on to it and thrusted from behind, i kept thrusting, while she made loud moans, i wanted to go play the movie but couldnt bring my di<k out and walk to where the remote was on the bed,

”so if she wan shout, make she shout, no be new thing” i concluded,

I had a p with cds, cos it takes me toomuch time before i ld come, i had started it so i gats finish am like that. I kept thrusting back and forth while her moan increased in sound, we went on, till she said,

”lets go to the bed, my legs are paining me”

We got there and continued, i was on her, kept fvucking until i finally came.

I stood up, went to her bathroom, pulled off the cd and flushed it, waited there to make sure i wasn’t seeing it in the closet again, just to avoid stories that touches the heart later. I got back and joined her on the bed, it was time to start getting answers to my questions,

”Susan vvhat happened yesterday, and all of a sudden why are u being so nice to me today?, pleassee dont lie to me” i said, rubbing her head as she layed her head on m¥ chest.

”ok, where do i start from” she asked, ”anywhere” i replied,

Then she started,

” i broke up with my bf i told u about for like almost 3months now” she said,

”What happened?” i asked,

”kenny, i dont know, i dunno, do u think something is wrong with me?” she asked, raised her head to look at my face, waiting for me to give her an answer.

”no, u are ok” i replied,

Within me, i was telling myself,

‘Babe no just go there, no even think am, if u think u are going to end up making me feel guilty and emotional, aint no way am letting that happen to me again”,

She continued,

”i don’t know why i dont last with m¥ bfs, within few months, ve lost 2 guys, seriously i think ve not been able to get u off my mind, since the day u disvirgined me, and me staying directly opposite u aint helping me at all, i dont know if u feel desame way” she said

My ear first dey ring, ‘Whinnnnnnn’
If i hear say i feel desame way, i never ever reason reach that side before sef, so wtf is she saying, but i just didn’t want to be mean by giving her a direct answer,

“its not even a matter of if i feel desame way, u know my babes naw, u no go like be one of, abi nah lie?, they spend time with me here, and u cant cope with that, am to bad for u oo” i said,

”that’s what am saying, they make me jealous, remember u disvirgined me, so it hurts” she said,

The more she kept using the deflower issue as a yardstick against me, the more i vvas getting upset,

”see stop using that against me, come up vvith something else, if u ve fallen in love with me just admit it” i replied, stood to dress up angrily,

”I ve told my sis about everything” she said Her sis?, WTF…

PAGE 106
Her last statement caught my attention, i had m¥ boxers in hand and was about to put it on when i heard that statement,

”I ve told my sister everything”

I dropped my boxers back cos i was like wtf!, told her sister what?, i wanted to hear the rest, so i humbly joined her in bed back, be like i been under-estimate the babe potentials.

”Wait o, what did u tell her” i asked,

”everything that has happened between us nah, she replied,

”as in, how did u tell her, what and what did u say” i asked in curiousity,

”We were talking about stuffs sha and guys too, so she started asking me questions, i told her i ve feelings for u and she asked if u know about it” she said,

my mind kinda came down, if that was all she told her, but on a second thought, i decided to verify to be sure,

”is that it?” i asked,

” no, and some other things sha” she replied,

I was beginning to get angry, cos i was running out of patience,

”What’s wrong with you nah, shey u wan dey use me play?, what other things?” i asked, trying so hard to be calm,

”u know already, that u took my virginit¥, and we ve being seeing eachother ever since” she replied,

That was when it dawned on me that i had fuvvcked up, i started realising the answers i gave to her sister way too late, (no wonder she was giving herself empty threat, not me, be like una never know anything, i go change am for una two, i said to myself), then i started having the feeling that they must ve both planned the incident to tie me down, cos she must ve said lots of crippy things to her Sis who

must ve had compassion for her kid Sis, and then they strategized on how to get me in the act and then, make me commit, cos this babe was struggling with me during the incident, and when i over powered her, finally got my finger in her cunnnt, she was already wet,

”come o, when did u tell your sister all this?”, i asked,

”a long long time ago, its not this period she just came oo” she replied,

”then u two now planned me abi, that’s why your sister was threatening me shey?, i swear she never know as e dey go, i swear this is the last i aint coming anywhere near u again” i said angrily, stood up from the bed and got my stuffs.

She just sat there watching me, the threat thing started pissing me off, i had my clothes back on and then gave her my last words,

”Susan u just proved it to me that u are a fool, at your age, you started having feelings for me after u gave me your virginit¥ right?, what stops u from walking up to me, show me, talk to me about how u feel, instead of doing what u did yesterday, making your sister coming to threaten me, nah by that one?, tell her i said you shouldn’t come close to me again, make she do wetin she wan do” i said angrily banged the door and went to my room.

Some minutes later, i vvas hearing knock on the door, i swung it open still in my vex mood, it was Susan i saw standing in front of me with tears in her eyes,

”can i come in?”, she asked,

I didnt reply but rather demostrated with my hand telling her to come in. She got in, i locked the door, she stood in front of me, so i chilled at the entrance, resting my back against the door with my hands folded, no time for mumurity, i didn’t ve that time to start asking her why she was crying, i just relaxed waiting for her to talk,

”Ken am sorry, don’t mind my stupidit¥, lately i started getting jealous when someone else comes looking for you, i don’t know what’s wrong with me, i just started having feelings for u” she said crying, but me don turn hardcore all of a sudden,

”if u had told me like this, wouldn’t we ve worked something out instead of your Sis coming to threaten me?” i asked,

”no oo, i didnt tell her to do that, i just told her how i felt about u

and she said i shouldn’t worry that she was going to take care of it” she said,

”so tell me the truth, yesterday’s incident was part of her plan right?”,

”Yes, when u came in, i quickly sent her an sms, and she replied telling me what to do” she replied,

Can you imagine, rugged $tupid elder sis, finally the truth still came out, that was when i knew she had fallen for me for real, cos a girl in love ll do or say anything to win the heart of her man, the mumu sis now, no go know say her younger Sis don cast am.

”see do me a favour, stop bringing up ‘the me deflowering you thing, always trying to use it against me, we both know how it happened cos i know u might ve told ur sis i did it but wouldn’t tell her how it happened, or am i lying?” i asked,

”No” she replied,

“then she was threatening me, i laugh her sha, if only she knew, she for no try am, see babe u not a baby, next time u talk to me like a grown up, what if ur Sis wasn’t in a Delsu?” i asked

After the heart to heart chat, i drew her close and hugged her, cos i was back on track, and could handle her.

PAGE 107

After that day with Susan, she spent the night in my room, i lied to her about me travelling home soon, went to Solo’s place to chill, pretending to ve travelled, through out that period, Chuks wouldn’t recieve calls and therefore didn’t reply calls, we only could send our words of encouragement through sms, maybe he just wanted to be alone and clear his head.

For my Ladies, i had to be extremely careful, i made sure Susan had traveled before i vvent back home, first vvas Tina cos she was through with exams before my Chairladies, so she came around and spent a night vvith me, for no reason, this babe just likes me and i dont even know why, she had a bf, but whenever we hung out we did stuffs.

And as for Cynthia and Salma, i knew since exams were over, i ll barely have an excuse for them not to come to my place whenever and however they wanted, and if that be the case i decided to spice

up my plan cos i couldnt afford them clashing, by chilling in their own end, then since both of them knew the kinda guy they were dating, when i was with one, i told the other that it was end of the semester, so there’s always a frat general meeting and it would take a few days and that i would be busy but would holla whenever i had a free time and they bought it,
‘Why should i lie?’, i had placed these girls in a height were they wouldn’t ve doubt whatever i told them, they always saw truth in my lies.

After Tina, it was Salma i hung out with in her place, stayed there for three magnificent and awesome days, i had already played Cynthia so she wouldn’t ve to bug me with calls, cos there was nothingelse she could worry about, no lectures, no hurrying up to do anything, she ll just be left with the thoughts of being with me, so playing her the tape was the best thing,

‘make she no disturb me, i go halla at am when i dey free’

And played Salma desame tape so i wouldn’t ve to exceed the three days mark. My time with her was awesome, (una know the rest).
After our time together, she kept insisting we travel desame day but for crying out loud our destinations were different, she was going to Portharcourt and i was residing in Lagos, when i asked why, she said jokingly,

”i don’t want u sharing my Piakantus vvith someone else” she said,

”u know what?, just take it with you while traveling and bring it back for me safe when u are resuming next semester” i replied,

I was able to convince her to go and that school wasn’t safe that period cos different frats would be having their last meetings, so school go dey hot. I saw her off to the park after we had showered in the early hours of the morning the fourth day, gave her deep kisses severally at the park without caring who was staring, she was looking so hot, so the kisses nah for two things,

(i) for the guys to clear road, for those wey dey reason to collect number, make dem forget am,

(ii) to clear her doubt that i aint hiding anything, so she just gats relax her mind, since i could kiss her severally in front of everyone, why she go doubt me?.

Then i was saying lots of na$t¥ things to make her laugh since i knew it vvas part of her weak-point, i made her laugh so hard to the extent she was drawing the attention of other passengers around,

and the kinda look is that kind were u ll be like,

”What the fvuvck is he telling her that’s making her laugh like this”

Cos she was the only one laughing hard, i was just normal, it was just to get her mind from some silly thoughts. I waited till her bus was full, stood there, waved her goodbye till she left.

And when i couldn’t see the bus again, i alerted Cynthia that i vvas going to be vvith her soon and that i vvas done with them guys, she was so excited and was like i vvas going to give her the full gist.

After the first weekend at my place, it didnt end there, she spent more weekends but never collided with Salma, the first weekend changed the perspective of our relationship, she became freer, sometimes she would send me crazy sms and even call and say them, like

”Was thinking of u and am wet”

”baby i miss u and feel like making love to u right now”

Sometimes, i ll joke with her, like ”Kai!, this girl u don spoil finish” She ll be like,
”baby u thought me, nah u teach me” and we ll laugh over it.
I went home, changed my clothes, took some new ones and like two boxers, cos since she was the last girl standing, i could spend close to five days or more, the babe company dey blow my mind. I took a bike and off i went to my
Oyinbo’s place. As i got to her apartment, knocked on her door, i don’t know if she saw me from the window, she just started screaming in excitement, seriously without going in yet, i was already feeling good and welcomed, as she opened the door she didnt hug me instead she jumped on me, as in her legs weren’t touching the ground, screaming.

PAGE 108

Without going in yet, i had already felt loved, appreciated and
welcomed, i couldn’t say it out but had to ask myself,

‘’Wow, is this howmuch she has being longing to see me?’’

It was an awesome feeling, she held on to me like that for a while, even me be like wtf, before she finally got down, held my hand as we went in, the room was filled vvith aroma of something nice, i guess should be coming from her kitchen, i hadnt even sat down she had started rushing me with kisses,

‘’i miss u, i miss u’’ she said repeatedly,

As in the way she welcomed me was enough for me to make me ask
myself what was it in me she saw that’s so special,

‘’babe, this place is smelling nice, what’s cooking?’’

‘’guess’’ she asked

I tried but got one right and didn’t get the other when she asked me for a second try, before she told me what it was that as i told her i was coming she decided to prepare something. I felt blown away, wow.

I relaxed, she kept pestering me to tell her about how my past three days went base on the tape that ve played her, so i just gave her the gist how its normally done that i just had to stay for the other two days, telling her the story like it happened the previous three days, as she listened with keen interest, the babe wan just hear bad thing, dey happy as she dey listen(some girls like bad guys sha), asking me questions and wanting me to give concrete answers, and vvhen i pause, she be like,

‘’please continue please’’

I sha tell am as e dey go, as the food was getting ready in the fire, but she quickly went to check on it at intervals, i just wonder what she was enjoying in the story. She brought the food later for us to eat, beans and fried plantain.

After eating, i slept off immediately cos the past three days i had been busy with Salma, she had dehydrated me so i needed to regain my strength. I slept till in the early hours of the evening, with the
gist i had given her, she knew i was busy so she didn’t bother at all to disturb me.

After i woke up, she prepared indomie and egg for us to eat, then we decided to talk a walk together, i swear this babe just knows how to make me feel special, she had these unique way of treating her man nice, as we walked she held me by the hand, her fingers swapped into mine, and i ll be like,

‘’Wetin dey shark this babe about me?, what is it she sees me that is blind to me’’

But i just go to free myself and enjoy her company. The difference between herself and Salma was that, when am with Salma i get to do the pampering, she loves peting like mad, but it was the direct opposite in Cynthia’s case, she does the pampering when am with her, showers me vvith petting and all i needed do was sit back, relax and enjoy.

Like joke we spent another 5days together, it was awesome, nice atmosphere, good cook so it meant good food and above all mad sexx, for the five days we fuvvcked everywhere in the house,
kitchen, bathroom and the room, the only place we didn’t fuuvck
was the verandah. Kenaz

PAGE 109

Our intention was spending three days but we ended up spending five, we would have even spent more, if not for the fact that we became the only ones in her hostel, school had gotten dry, alot of people had gone home, so base on logistics, i saw it as risky. We had our last mad sexx on the early morning of the sixth day, sweat dripping all over as we pounced on eachother. We had our baths, we dressed up and gathered her bag.
When i was at Salma’s place, a friend of mine that leaves in thesame hood with me called me asking when i ll be travelling, so we could go together. When i was at Cynthia’s place, i vvas keeping him posted, so i had timed it to the exact day i ll be parting ways with Cynthia for the semester, so that morning he vvas vvaiting for me at the park, Cynthia and i went to my place, so i could arrange my stuffs too but we weren’t headed towards desame direction, she was travelling to Sapelle Delta State.
We both went to the park, she boarded a bus going towards her destination, while myself and my friend that had wanted us to travel together paid for the Lagos bus, but we all went somewhere to eat first, my guy requested for beans and yam, i asked for white rice and stew but Cynthia wouldn’t eat, she said she doesnt eat before embarking on a journey that it has become part of her tradition.
As we got back to the park, our own bus was left with just 2 sits, one at the back and one behind the driver’s seat, so he sat at the back while i sat in the one behind the driver, but first gave Cynthia a kiss, cos her bus hasn’t even gotten half of the passengers they wanted, i just wan create awareness say she be my girlfriend, shey e easy to get fine girl as babe?, cos she was sobbing that she would miss me, i just gave her a tight hug swinging eachother from right to left before we kissed then i vvent in and sat down.
She watched and waved till i couldn’t see her again,
‘’ken i swear u be man, this babe make sense die, i no say u go get
this kind mind’’ were Nduka’s words that echoed from the back, his voice had this huge bass.
‘’oga calm down, calm down, nah my wife nah em u just see so oo’’ i
As we travelled, he kept bringing up conversations, but i didnt put much interest cos our seats were apart, and with the bus on high speed the noise couldnt make me hear him clearly, so when he felt it that i was straining myself to hear him, he locked up.
I slept off, it was Nduka that woke me up, i opened my eyes and almost everyone had highlighted from the bus, i noticed the bus was parked in a beautiful spot,
“guy where be this’’ i asked,

‘’We dey Ore now, e be like nah where all this drivers dey eat, guy belle just dey bite me’’ he said,
‘’Why u sef go dey travel come dey chop beans, ok u expect make e no bite u shey, nah play u dey u never see anything yet, if nah $hittt u better go $hittt now’’ i replied
‘’ no be $hittt jor e just dey bite me, e go stop’’ he said.
We looked around if we could get drugs but we didn’t , after a while, the driver came out and started yelling at his passengers to come in, threatening to leave whoever doesn’t come in on time, so vve hurried back to our seats and began the journey back.
Like an hour later i heard that same familiar loud voice from behind,
‘’driver abeg stop i wan $hittt’’ Nduka thundered
I started laughing cos that fvvkcing took so long, i had been expecting him to say that since, maybe the thing being dey hook am since, but em gats just voice out when he couldnt bear it anymore.
‘’Why u no $hittt we¥ i stop for Ore, i no dey stop for anywhere again till i reach Lagos’’ the driver shouted back in reply,
‘’abeg no vex, e no catch me that time’’ Nduka replied, ‘’i don talk my own’’ the driver replied,
When he saw the driver was serious, he kept his cool and didnt say anything again. I was just laughing hard where i was,
‘’this guy don die today’’ i said within me.

He kept quiet till we got to Ibadan, like he couldn’t take it anymore,
‘’all of una dey this bus wey i dey beg this man, e go surprise am novv i go $hittt inside this man, e go surprise am novv i go $hittt inside this bus’’ Nduka angrily said,
‘’oya $hittt nah’’ the driver replied,
‘’abeg stop make em $hittt, abeg driver, abeg’’ myself and others
pleaded with the driver
‘’make em $hittt for the bus, i no dey stop” the driver replied,
‘’Ken make una no beg am again, e go be am like film now’’ Nduka
The bus became quiet even Nduka himself didn’t say anything again, after a vvhile, i heard girls screaming at the back, as i turned to look back Nduka was unbelting, i started laughing thinking it was a joke, before i knew it, he had squated dovvn, i started hearing sounds like electric spark,

My guy true true dey $hittt live and direct for back, i swear no be person tell driver before em match break.
PAGE 110
What started like a joke before my very eyes had manifested into reality, the girls at the back with him climbed over to the next sit screaming ontop of their voices like they were running from an anaconda that was trying to devour them, i just quietly sat were i was laughing out my intestine, before i knew it, everyone was struggling at the door, see competition, like say the first person to highlight from the bus get one special award that is worth millions of dollars, i just kept calm cos if to say i join them i for wound myself, upon all the struggling, it was still the driver that came to their rescue and when he did, una wan try diving?, see as people were flying out, they just became talented divers all of a sudden.
I was the last to get down and before i did, the whole bus was already smelling. Can u imagine o, upon say i come down dey do
‘’Fummnn! Fumnnn!’’ base on the smell, the driver come still dey
ask me,
‘’shey em $hittt true true?’’
Nah dis kind question dey make me reply person say ‘there’s only one way to find out’,
‘’enter inside the bus nah, shey we follow beg u make u stop before?’’ i replied,
E be like say the driver been dey doubt, cos i swear even me when i saw him unbelting, i thought maybe he was trying to frighten the driver or something, i never knew he was really going to do it.
‘’dis boy u $hittt for m¥ motor i swear e no go better for u o, just come down find water and omo take wash am o’’ the driver was yelling,
Nduka took his time o, as we were outside, it was the drama that
was on everyone’s lips and it was this kinda journey whereby everyone that boarded the bus were all students, i didn’t even know as my guy was inside doing his thing, his ears were attentively outside. One of the girls that sat alongside Nduka was telling me,
‘’Your friend is really crazy, what guts’’
Una wan try the denying?, this one pass Peter own sef for Bible, i denied the friendship so fresh and so clean,
‘’Babe calm down, which one be friend again?, i just met the dude today ‘’ i replied,

‘’but i saw u guys together with the fair girl, na una 2 last enter motor nah’’ she attacked me again, and other people around were listening to our conversation,
‘’nah so una take dey fail exam, so because vve last came together means he is my friend shey, nah the girl be my babe, but i just met this guy at the park today” i replied in defence.
Nduka finally came out of the bus, as he did everyone moved back, even me sef join them, u wont believe this dude used his face towel to wipe his ar$$e cos that was the first thing he flinged away as he got down.
‘’Ken your mama, thunder fire u, u dey deny me abi?’’ he thundered
with his loud voice.
But i locked up, kept deaf ears like it wasn’t me he was talking to,
‘’go find water and omo was that thing, do fast make person comot for here’’ said the driver,
‘’if i wash that thing i swear make i die’’ Nduka replied,
People became against him, complaining that he was delaying the journey, expecially the girls, but my guy locked up and wasn’t even answering anyone,
‘’go wash that thing u dey crase?, if u dey cult, no do am reach here, i go beat u like small pikin for here’’ the driver was just speaking too many grammar, all in the name of wanting Nduka to clean the bus,
‘’see all of una wey dey make noise dey waste una time, if i wash that thing make i no see better, inshort before i reach house make trailer jam me, shey i no beg am make em stop?’’ he replied angrily, picked a lil stick on the ground, bit it and pointed it to the sky, letting everyone know he meant what he said and wasn’t going against his word.
What he said infuriated the driver, so he was angrily walking towards Nduka, as he did, Nduka was walking towards him fearlessly, we knew if we didn’t intervene they would fight, so we rushed and held them,
‘’u think say nah by that one?, i say if i wash am make i die, una dey hold am, make una leave am, i just need one minute with am’’ Nduka replied,
I hold my guy dey laugh. We were there for hours trying to resolve things, at the end, it was still the driver that paid some people at the road side to wash it and as they did, he was telling Nduka,
‘’find another bus, cos i no go allow u enter this motor’’

‘’oya gimme my balance nah, e no pass like that’’ Nduka replied.

I watch comedy sotey i no fit laugh, people were like this your friend nah character. After it was thoroughly washed, we got back in, Nduka wasn’t an exception, be like the driver no get the guy strength.
As we journeyed back to Lag, there was perfume and bodyspray competition in the bus, everybody hold em own for hand dey spray everywhere around them, the air, their clothes, it was a crazy experience i just couldnt stop laughing till i got home. Till date i laugh hard whenever i remember it and share with friends.
PAGE 111
After the dramatic end of the semester and session, i vvas happy i was entering my 300level, my experiences this session defined me cos, it affected part of my life till date, most critical moments of my life, but lemme take it bit by bit like have been doing, small small we ll get there.
Since i became a kushman, i just wonder why my beginning of the semesters were always dramatic, but this particular semester the drama was nasty, am short of words on what to title it, maybe after my narration i would give it a title.
It has always been my pattern and tradition to resume school late, like maybe 2 weeks after resumption cos i purposely just want friends and girlfriends to miss me, i love the mad reception attached to it, e dey make me be like Celeb, everybody go wan see you at thesame time.
Before i resumed i had alerted almost everyone, then waiting for my reception to grace me when i land, so i resumed on a Sunday. I arrived in the evening, left Lag around 12, it is like a four hours journey if the driver is steady. When i arrived, most of my neighbours were outside, everybody wan chop me.
‘’We go drink today thankGod’ ThankGod said (one of my
‘’guy howfar shey e sure?’’ Juni asked, ‘’ i dey, nothing dey happen’’
It was our tradition, that day you resume, u get to buy drinks, and since say i just show money dey so no shaking. I went in dropped my bags, freshened up, briefly said hi to Susan cos i knew it was the both of us that night and then went to meet them outside, we were 5 guys including myself Juni, thankGod, Emmy, and Laurence, i dropped 1000 naira for the girls, say make dem use am buy bread, then myself and the guys would go drink.

We gathered ourselves in excitement and went to Flex bar in Ekejeta not too far from the house, base on say nah Sunday, the place was full, there was no space to accommodate all of us, so we decided to change our route, base on say dem wan just drink, everybody begin bring suggession which other bar we fit go, and the biggest bar was in campus 4, campus 4 nah brewy on em own, at the end, we all decided to go to Campus 4.
We boarded bikes that conveyed us there, and while i was on my way to School, Salma and Cynthia had both told me to let them know when i touched town, i was suppose to, but it skipped my mind when Juni and the rest where attacking me with the beer
issue, and as bad as it was i hadn’t even called any of my frat brothers and told them i was in town, it was one of my greatest mistakes, it was either i was $ttupid or i just forgot, the way those guys take attack me was a bad call on my part and they were all jew men as far as i know then.
As we got to campus 4(it is not a campus, nah hostels and beer palours dey there, i guess it must ve have been the ruggedity of the environment that made Students gave it that name).
It was thesame bar i drank the day myself and Timber crashed at the Resort, that mad Saturday i took Cynthia swimming, as i wanted to go in, i realised i needed airtime, so while drinking i could reach out and let the people that needs to know, know i arrived safely,
‘’make una fall in make i rush buy card, make una order wetin una go drink, i dey come now now’’ i said.
I went to a shop nearby that had all the networks banner placed on the sides, which meant they sold airtime while my friends went
inside, I got mtn card of 200naira, recharged my phone but couldn’t
make any calls cos i needed to relax and do it.
As i walked into the bar majestically, my eyes started moving from one seat to another looking for my friends, i sited them from afar but there was a table close to them that had like 12 – 15 guys, maybe even more, they were much, i just randomly pick 15 as the estimate.
As i proceeded to the table vvere Juni,Thank God and the rest sat i just decided to keep looking at the other table cos as a Kushman i gats dey OBS die especially in situations like that, as in naso e wan just take happen sha, cos i just started feeling downcasted when i saw them, i love shades, so on this faithful day i had a dark shade on, as i kept getting closer, the faces were getting bolder, and when i had almost given up on their faces about to take my face off, my eyes caught a very familiar face,

Loo and Behold that familiar face was Sly’s face, he was with his men, who knows he might ve even sited me before i sited him, as i savv him, my heart flew out of my chest cos i knew i was in enemies territory.
Now that’s what i call being ‘UNLUCKY’.
Maybe that was just how it wanted to happen, i had made the mistake from the beginning, so the only thing i could do was to either save myself from the mess and face the worse cos this time my destiny lied in my own hands and in this kind of situation, if they got hold of me, the treating ll be crazy and that’s if i even survive it.
As i got a bold glimse of Sly’s face as i approached the table were my friends sat, my heart flew out of my chest, as i saw him, i stood still were i was immediately, and i didn’t know why, i was confused cos ve never been that scared in my life before, not knowing he hadn’t even noticed me cos of my shade, but me just feel say the guy don see me, but just has my brain rebooted and made me wake up from my slumber, it dawned on me he hadn’t noticed me yet and that i needed run the race of my life, faster even more than my legs can carry me, but i was already trembling in fear, so instead of me to just turn and run or walk away quickly from there, i was walking backwards slowly with the intention of moving away from them before i run, you guys wont blame me cos i was scared to death, cos who knows maybe my life would ve ended that day, even if it was Sly that offended me first it didn’t matter cos he must ve narrated the issue to his men, so one way or the other they would ve been planning or planned to hit back when their number one target(me) delivered myself to them in a platter of gold, so there was war already between the two frats just that it was still in its toothling stages.
When i was stupidly walking backwards out of fear, trying to give them as much space as i can before i take off, that was when Sly noticed me, as he saw me, i swear i saw the shock in his face, he stood up from his seat but the luck i had was that i had given them enough space, it was when he stood up i took to my heels,
‘’nah the guy be that,
Nah the guy be that’’ i heard him say as i ran out of the bar,
I ran as fast as i could, as i was trying to stop a bike, i sited Sly and his men ran out of the bar looking for me, but the foolish bike wey i dey stop just waka pass me, were he went to stop was the direction Sly and his men were chasing me from,
‘’stop there,

Stop there,
Stop there’’ i was hearing different voices,

Just to let me know men weren’t smiling, that they needed my head,
i heard gun shots as i ran,
‘’kpola, Kpola’’
I didn’t know if they were shooting at me or shooting it in the air, i just know i heard gun shots as i ran, when i heard it twice it was then i knew if i get caught i might not live to tell what happened, my heart was in my palm, when i heard the shots and yet still didnt feel any pain, with voices shouting,
‘’hold that guy, Hold that guy’’
This incident vvas happenning on a Sunday evening, broad day light, people were watching live as i ran for me life, i was running and praying,
‘’God please i dont vvant to die like this’’

My problem now was ‘how bike wan take stop for me like this’ i was
asking myself,
Damn!, make God keep us alive make we no see bad thing, cos one wont understand what it’s like trying to save your live, before your own e¥es you see people coming for your life to take it, as i ran, i was thinking about what my parents would do, if they heard i vvas shot to death, and as bad as it was, it was thesame very day i left home, my Dad prayed for me before i left, tapped me on the head after the prayers, saying,
‘’go well my son, it is well with you”,
It would ve broken their hearts not just as an only Son but an only child as well, if my Dad would survive it, my mum wouldn’t , they wouldn’t ve forgotten that day for the rest of their lives, men don see things oo, person suppose don dey six feet.
Stopping a bike at that moment vvas the hardest and maybe wrongest decision to make, cos i had guns stucked in m¥ ar$$e, waiting for the groundnut to be released inside, i finally ran till i got to were i saw bushes, i swear without thinking twice i ran inside, it was when i started running inside the bush i realised i was on bear foot, cos things started piercing my legs but i didn’t care, i didn’t even know when my palm-slippers left my legs, i wanted to relax but was still hearing gunshots, meaning they ran into the bush too, this dudes wanted me that bad, i didn’t know where i was even running

to if it vvas a dead end, i just wanted to do my best to save my life, not till i ran out to an isolated tiled road, and just as God
Would ve it a bike just dropped someone not to far from where i ran out, as i ran to them they trembled, the girl that highlighted from the bike was still searching for her purse in her hand bag to pay the bike man, i jumped on the bike,
‘’guy abeg dey go some cult guys wan kill me’’ i shouted,
As he heard me, he zoomed off instantly and didnt bother collecting money from her again.
PAGE 113
I hadn’t told the bikeman where i was headed yet, i just wanted to go far away from my stalkers, i ll just say the bikeman was more than just what the ordinary eyes could see, he was on top speed, i had to keep looking back at intervals if they were behind, it was when we had driven far i saw them run out from that spot i ran out from, and i had spent 3 years in Abraka, i never knew this road existed, it was so isolated that bikes hardly even pass, that was another luck i had cos vvho knovvs since that’s how bad they wanted me, they would ve boarded a bike too and continued with their chase. It was when i couldn’t see them behind me anymore, i could finally breath again,
‘’ Bros God go bless u’’ i said to the bikeman,
‘’no worry, no mind those boys, them send them come school, see wetin dem dey come do, nah so dem kill one guy for my side last week, i don carry the guy for this my bike before’’ he replied, and kept gisting me about different killings.
I was still confused on where to go, cos i don’t know if Juni and the rest left there cos if they know they are my friends, they would drill them and get my address, so i decided not to go home first, not till i had spoken to any of them on phone.
After i had escaped, that was when i realised ve had some bruises on my body and hands, then some piercing under my feet, i told the bikeman to take me to Cynthia’s place at Campus 3, when we got there, i asked the bikeman howmuch was his money but he refused collecting a dime, i collected his number, and forced 1000naira into his breast pocket, 500naira note each, and told him i vvas going to call him later, and thanked him for saving my life.
The first person i called vvas Solo,
‘’fine boy u don show?’’ he asked immediately as he picked, ‘’i swear no be say childs, u for hear say i don die’’ i replied, ‘’una motor get accident?’’ Was the next thing he asked,

‘’(sighed first), e pass accident oo, Sly and em men almost fall me for Campus 4 novv now now, sotey dem even dey shoot as them dey pursue me, but groundnut no touch me sha’’ i said,
He shouted in shock,
‘’ enhhhhhn, wetin u go find there?, where u dey now?’’ he asked,
I gave him Cynthia’s address. After the call, i went into her Compound and before i got to her apartment, my phone started ringing, it was Juni, as i picked it, the very first thing he said was ,
‘’ Ope oo(meaning thank God in Yoruba) i swear we think say them don kill you, fear wan kill us cos we been dey try your number e no dey go’’ he said,
There wasn’t any need to get upset cos it was the plain truth, they were hearing gunshots so vvho in his right senses wouldn’t ve thought desame way too, they had to put their phone on a speaker, they all wanted to talk to me at thesame time,
‘’Where una dey now?’’ i asked cos to me that was the most
important thing,
‘’We comot there immediately as them start to dey pursue you’’
Lawrence said,
It vvas like Cynthia heard my voice cos i vvas already standing at the front of her door, i was looking like an abandoned child, my clothes were looking like rags, i vvas on bear foot, bruises around both hands, she opened the door and couldnt believe her eyes, i just gave her a sign to relax using my hand to rub my chest cos i was still on phone, if not i knew she would ve screamed, i just calmly went in as i continued with my call,
‘’so them no stop any of una shey?’’ i asked to be sure,
‘’No we just even reach house sef, where you dey now?’’ Juni asked,
I didnt want to answer the question cos i dont trust nobody, anything fit still happen,
‘’i dey safe make una no worry i go soon show’’ i replied,
After the call Cynthia almost ate me raw, cos she heard part of my conversations when i was on phone, so as a smart girl she knew something critical must ve happened.
‘’Baby what happened to you’’ she asked,
I hadn’t even said anything yet tears don begin fall out of my Erema
eyes, within me i be like,
‘’i never talk, u don begin cry, if i come give u the real gist wetin u go come do?’’

I had to sit her down and give her a full download of the whole gist making sure i didnt leave anything behind, as i was narrating, she was jittering, shaking vvith fear, and was shocked how close i was to loosing my life, me wey don already tell am say i dey road, that when i touch down i ld let her know, then later she hears a different story that i was shot dead in Campus 4, she was finally glad i got lucky and escaped.
This incident made it a full blown war, any which way i survived so someone vvould take my place, i never in my wildest dream thought Sly wanted my head, the last time i spoke to him, i felt it he had a treasure box of hatred deep down, but am glad i survived cos now it meant no more loop holes, sure thing vve go strike back. Sly just declared himself wanted
PAGE 114
It didn’t take long i got a call from Solo telling me he was around, not too far from the Pre-degree hall that i should come pick him up. I went outside and saw him accompanied with Hefty and Flames were they stood, just waved at them, as they came to meet me at Cynthia’s gate, cos one could clearly see the Pre-degree Hall from her house, though it was just a ¾ minute walk, as i saw them i knew Solo must have spread what i told him to the rest, so they came weaponised, each carrying lil hand-bags around their shoulders.
When they got to were i was, they knew it wasn’t funny cos i was already looking beat up, my rag clothes and my visible bruises, am a fair guy, so mark dey quick show for my body.
‘’D, wetin happen?’’ Heft¥ asked,

‘’Baba abeg make we enter inside first’’ i replied, cos i don even tire,
i had gotten weak,
‘’nah wah for u oo, if no be one thing, i suppose tear u slap, u just act like say u be jew, how u go enter school u no let your men dem know?, so we for just dey, hear say dem don use u count scores, strong man like u’’ Flames was lambasting me angrily,
He was so right, cos even me know say i fuukck up big time, cos it was just a thing line between myself and death on this day, i became as calm as the morning breeze, it was the first real life and death situation i faced in my life, all alone, no back up, no friends, just me, myself and I against Sly’s entire world, that was how it felt, even as at when they showed up, i was still in that shock and tension mood, what happened earlier was still processing in my head, it took me days before i got my real self back.
As we got into Cynthia’s apartment, it was straight to what happened, they wanted to know how it all went down. I calmly told them what happened without leaving or missing a single word of the

scary movie as they kept quiet and payed complete attention to what i was saying, as i was narrating i swear i was still shaking, the kinda stories u ll tell your kids, and they ll tell their kids too(cultism nah bad thing o, no be beans at all).
After i had given them the full download of how everything went down, they blamed me, criticised me for my mistakes and warned me never ever to make that kinda mistake again.
‘’You know wetin?, make we dey go our side” Solo said,
‘’i swear Sly dey go down, cos this school no fit contain us again, so somebody gats fall’’ flames said, vibrating in anger,
‘’nah Lion tail dem match so nah’’ Hefty replied Flames in anger too
‘’make we dey go, if we reach Kabal we go yarn’’ Solo said,
One of the reasons why Solo wanted us to leave was that they were things needed to be addressed and a quick gathering of the Brotherhood to know the next step to take, things Cynthia need not hear, and since i was still tensed, i needed to be around them untill i got myself and for my protection as well.
“make we first reach your house make u carry few clothes, then change, you no dey sleep for that house through out this week’’ Solo added,
Cynthia was insisting she came with me, but Hefty scolded her to stay back that it vvasnt safe, that she could come see me the next day but certainly not today, red eye things, no time for fairy tales and Romeo and Juliet, cos something big was about to go down, so she saw us off to the gate, she would ve seen me off pass the gate but she was told to go back for her own safety, cos nah the exact weakpoint wey them fit take enter me be that, she said she ld call me with tears in her eyes, stood at the gate watching us leave. I was just rigid, i couldn’t talk or do anything.
Just as we strolled to the extent Cynthia couldn’t hear our words
again, the first thing he said was,
‘’Wetin be that other dark babe name?’’ he asked, ‘’ Salma’’ i replied,
‘’call am make she come meet us for grammar school, nah she dem
know, them no know this one” he said,
I called her immediately and told her i was in town, that we gats see urgently, and that she should come meet me in Grammar School, she was so excited not knowing what was on ground, if only she knew that it was just by a miracle i was calling her, that when i called and her told her i was coming to School, it would ve been my last.

Am sure she ld give me her own version of cryology by the time she sees me.
Solo, myself, Flames and Hefty, all took a bike and headed to my place first. As we entered my compound, everybody that lived there were outside talking about the issue, the Ladies not excluded, even Susan was there listening, as they saw me and three hardlooking men they kept mute, before Emmy and the rest summoned courage to ask me a few questions, but i couldnt even answer,
‘’We go yarn later’’ was all i could say
I went in gathered some clothes, foodstuffs, changed and then i left vvith Solo and the rest to Grammar School.

PAGE 116
We headed to Campus 2, and as we got there most of dem guys were already outside, meaning the gist was no longer a new thing, they ve already heard about it, i was shocked when i saw Chuks cos i had no idea he was around, cos even during my hols at home i tried calling him severally but he wouldn’t pick or return my calls and
wouldn’t reply my messages of encouragement and support either, so i had no idea about his whereabout. It was my story they were talking about, and since i had shown up, nah normal thing they wanted to hear the full gist from the horses mouth, i hadn’t even sat down yet, they started bombarding me with questions as to how it happened, Chuks was the first to ask,
‘’come wetin i dey hear say happen’’ he asked, with uncontrollable anger that was written all over his face boldly, the atmosphere was so calm, it was like somebody died, after Chuks asked, almost everyone starting rushing me with questions one after the other.
I took my time explaining myself how things happened, as i did men were raking at intervals, pouring out their mind how they feel about the issue how the matter wont die down just like that and how they wanted Sly to go down, but not until they cleared me my fuvvck first,
‘’D, i no expect this kind thing from u, even person wey just chop
witch no fit fuckck up like this, what if to say dem snie u?’’ Chuks
told me angrily, i couldn’t even talk cos i knew i fukckep up big, cos i didn’t think with my head, i became tensed even more as the pressure of my critics increased, it was Solo that intervened on my behalf that me surviving the incident was enough to make me learn, their anger was,
Me touching town and didn’t allow them know, and,

Going to a place as dangerous as Campus 4, which could be another
frat’s mothership,
I just got carried away with my special reception thing, allowing it take the better part of me. After drinking, my intent was going to Grammar School to give them a surprise visit, but it turned out to make me look $tupid which would ve cost me a mighty mistake which i wouldn’t ve been able to correct and learn from, so when
the lambasting became toomuch, Solo had to plead on my behalf, that it was way forward that was next, i just calm like say dem dey bully me, but the lashing was worth it cos i deserved to hear them.
Not too long while we were still talking, Salma showed up, she just saw men gathered smoking, we all kept quiet first when she first came to were we where, as she greeted everyone, Chuks told her immediately to go wait for me in the compound or look for somewhere to sit and wait,
‘’nah me tell D make em call am, u remember sa¥ nah cos of this babe nah em we take treat Sly fuckck up, so like this she no dey safe’’ Solo tried explaining to Chuks, maybe Chuks must ve forgotten or something, cos normally if not that she was involved, she wasn’t suppose to be in our gathering.
When she heard what Solo said, that was when she started sensing that things weren’t alright, i looked dull, i wore a longsleeve so she wasn’t able to see the bruises on my hand, if not she for don shout,
So they had to give her an insight about the incident, but not in detail, they just told her Sly and his men almost killed me today, that they were shooting at me, that she would ve heard i had died, that i only escaped by miracle, Hefty’s exact words to Salma was ,
‘’ e be like say em time never reach, that’s why dem no kpuff am, if not em for dey 6feet by now’’,
I had to excuse myself, took her to a side and explained how the whole thing went, i expected her to cry, she didn’t instead she became scared, not just for me but even for herself, she just
couldn’t believe the story, she was speechless, her mouth wide open expecially when i told her about the shots and the bush part and how i luckily met that bikeman, that if not i wondered what would ve happened when i got to that isolated road, even told her how my Dad prayed for me and tapped me on the head, told her the exact same words after the prayers,
‘’go well my son, it is well with you’’
She started taking it so deep that it was just destiny, saying things like,
‘’ it isnt just the bike man, God planned your escape, that girl that
entered that Bike is an Angel from heaven’’

She also said, God answered my Dads prayer, that God used the Girl she claimed was an Angel to direct the bikeman to that spot waiting for me, that i didn’t even know where i was running to but i vvas been led to the bike, (some many many spiritual talk like that sha, i never even knew she was that spiritual), well even if what she said might be true, i just know i survived and sincerely didn’t know how, cos i seriously thought i would see my end, but still kept praying the survival prayer,
‘God please dont let me die’
To Be Continued.
PAGE 117
After i had finished talking with Salma, we went back to join the rest of dem guys, and Chuks told Salma not to stay at home for the next 2 weeks, and giving her reasons why she shouldn’t, letting her know her life could be in danger and that since Sly knows where she resides she could be used as bait to lure me into a striking position, she was told to go to a friends place to stay, which she agreed she would do, and then she was told to leave. I saw her off briefly, she was so scared, i just told her to keep herself safe for me, that i ll keep in touch, and reachout to her on how we ll be seeing, and that was when she started crying, cos me, i was sure we ll get Sly,
meaning i was a step ahead of him, and that step is ‘he doesn’t know we could use Ebere to get him. I just had to pet her that i was ok, all she needed do was do as she has been told.
When i got back to were dem guys where, Samba was ontop of his voice,
‘’make we enter Campus 4 now now now, make them see who get game pass’’, he kept saying it countless number of times but Chuks kept insisting he wanted Sly’s head first,
‘’make una no worry, that guy grave don dey ready like this, we go use that babe take get am, Ebere, i go let una know once e set’’ he explained, so everyone chilled, that after Sly, we should get ready for the war.
‘’abeg if u know say u no get am for body, abeg better cook yourself
oo, D, expecially you, you need am die” he said.
‘’make una leave D for me, i go carry am vvaka’’ Solo said,
Solo just had that natural likeness for me, but initially it was Chuks, the closeness vvas still there, Solo’s likeness started after my encounter with the guy that slapped the hell out of me at monkey joint.
I had things confusing me, cos from what i observed Chuks was still our number one man. At the end of the session, there was suppose

to be a baton handover of Capon to the number two man, but it didn’t happen, our last meeting only ended in jiration and strong rugged advices from Samba who was the number 2 man then and
that when we resume we should toast as many freshers as possible,
cos our first meeting for the session was going to involve initiation of new bloods into the brotherhood, just as it happened in my time.
Chuks couldn’t go home cos of his condition and the top men came together to agree about his leadership so as not to complicate things, he vvas still going through alot with the expulsion thing, as Solo told me as we got in, cos i just had to ask. After he cleared me stuffs, he picked up his phone and made a call,
‘’ Baba goodevening sir, abeg shey u dey busy?,
I wan carry person come make u cook am’’ he said,
He spoke with whoever it was for a long while, and after he was done, he said he was going to take me to Benin on Wednesday,
‘’guy u get luck toda¥ o, Wednesday i go carry u enter Benin make dem cook u, nah the Baba wey dey do work for me” he said,
I had no choice i just nodded my head, cos i was still upcoming so i needed someone to carry me along, and Solo offered himself to lead me through, and i just had to give in.
Before i got admission into school, even if i had my own tempra- mental issues, i was brought up in the Christain way, i went to Church, never missed any weekly or Sunday service, played the keyboard on Sundays, led my choir, was once a youth secretary, and here i am living a whole new different life, directly opposite from the other, what went wrong?, now i ve almost graduated to the level of seeing a Babalawo(herbalist) for fertish powers that ll protect me from bullets and knifes piercing my body.
What a life, thats why i always say it doesnt matter how u hold a child, pikin wey wan spoil go still spoil, but all desame give your kids the best upbringing you can, i plan on making them learn from my experiences too.
Even after i joined the Brotherhood, i still get to sit back and ask myself every once in a while how i got to where i was, nah me just use my own hand go meet them say i wan bam.
That evening Chuks invited Ebere over, as we gathered again that evening, and i was asked to narrate the story all over again, so i did, and after i did, Chuks told her
‘’Sly want this man head, shey u see am?, so em gats fall first cos
this school don dey too small for 2 of them’’ he said to her as we all
kept quiet listening,

So he asked Ebere if she still had a good rapport vvith him?, funny enough she said they spoke yesterday, so he told her he is giving her the duty of luring him to an isolated place where he could easily be apprehended, she said it was nothing, that the guy even likes her like crazy, so that would make it easier, so she said she vvas going to plan an outing between them both and would let us know when they are together, the place and time, it sounded perfect so we agreed on that.
PAGE 119
After the agreement that night, Ebere left telling us to keep our fingers crossed waiting for her message. That night, i hardly slept, i was thinking about too many things at thesame time, first i was scared about the Herbalist thing, didnt ve a clue what to expect or how it would look like, never been to a Herbalist house before, so it was fricking me out like mad, and i still hadn’t really recovered from the encounter with Sly and his men, i was remembering every fukcking thing, how i was running for my life, the bush part, the whole incident, how deep i was about to get, when it became toomuch, i had to go knock from door to door looking for weed, cos i just needed smoke up to clear my head, i was already thinking more than my head could carry, i finally got weed through the help of a Brother, smoked up till i was high enough to make me sleep and forget my sorrows but spoke with Salma and Cynthia first to put their minds at rest and to be sure Salma had moved to a safe place, which she told me she had done, i even had to speak with the friend she moved in with, just the normal talk
‘please take care of my Baby for me’ and all that stuff,
I stayed back at home that day, i couldn’t go to school out of fear and i was told to stay back as well by almost everyone, so i adhered to it. Solo didn’t go to School too, he stayed back as well. Later during the day when the Babalawo ish started messing with my head again, i had to confront Solo again to give me an insight of what am likel¥ to face, so i did,
‘’Baba abeg tell me how that package wey we wan run on Wednesday go be like nah’’ i asked,
‘’till we reach there, u go see with your eyes, nah wetin go make u
man be that, no waste your time cos i no go tell u anything, just
chill’’ he replied
I was mad when he said that, as in to myself oo, them no born me make i react nah, i no dey fear face?, i was mad cos i was kept in suspense, i just felt he would ve given me an insight since he has done it before, and the way he said it the previous night say ‘the
Baba nah em dey do work for am’, means its something he has been
doing a long time now, the only thing he did was just that he kept

encouraging me, giving me mind, that i shouldn’t be scared, so after many words of encouragement i swallowed everything into my system and finally just couldn’t wait for Wednesday to come, just get it done with and know its past,
‘it doesn’t matter how and when a man dies, the truth is that we are
all gonna die someday’
‘i was already living in sin, so why don’t i just finish what i started’ I signed up for it, so i finally made up my mind i ld do it after Solo’s
gingering and encouragement.
Wednesday finally came, i hardly slept before the dawn of that day, not that i was scared, but this time i was looking forward to it. We took off that early morning around 6.30/7am and headed to
Aduwawa Benin City, the distance wasn’t much, like an hour
We got to this isolated place in the middle of nowhere, i swear that was when the main fear started, he led the way as we walked through bush parts, it was a long walk till we finally got to a mud house, within me i was like,
‘’how the hell does this guy know this place?’’
As we got there, he started shouting,
‘’Baba ¥our pikin don come oo’’
Then i heard a voice from inside the mud house that asked us to come in.
We got in, i saw this old looking man with a scary old face,
‘’my pikin how u dey’’ the old man asked,
‘’Baba fine sir’’ he replied, prostrated on the floor flat, i joined him
‘’nah the person wey u tell me say u wan bring come be dis?’’ he
‘’na him oo Baba, nah m¥ brother be dis one o’’ Solo answered him,
It was obvious they had spoken about the whole thing, this was another crazy experience. He(the baba) left us inside, then joined us after a while, making some preparations and as he did, the next thing i heard was,
‘’D nah movement things oo, i go show tomorrow, when em finish
just let me know, i dey town’’ Solo said,
I wanted to run mad when he said that, like i couldnt believe what I was hearing, meaning i ll be passing the night in this creepy place,

‘’so u mean say i go crash here?’’ i asked him very well to be sure,
‘’calm down, no think am, nothing go do u, me wey do am i die?’’ he
He started with his words of encouragement and gingering thing again, so finally i chilled, but seriously nah one mind. I summoned courage as i watched him leave, my heart beating in a way have not been able to describe how till date.
PAGE 120
I summoned all the courage i could gather, one mind, since Solo that brought me survived it, then i knew i would, all i could do was wait for the worst, i never in my wildest dream thought i ll ever find myself in a Herbalist house for protection, thesame me that would be the first to stand up and read a Bible verse in church services when the Pastor quotes a verse, something ve done countless number of times even while my parents watched, it was a crazy turn around that even myself cant explain how i got here, and my parents would be at home so proud that they brought me up well no doubt.
I tried my best to clear the thoughts running through my head, as i watched the Baba walk into an inner room, where i sat that looked like his reception room where he attends to his visitors, i was hearing him clearly making incarnations, even if it sounded scary, i was ready to face whatever it was. In situations like this, what drives a nigga crazy is especially when u are doing it for the first time, u dont even know what they ll tell u to do and that was what made me restless, and another thing was i didn’t eat before i left cos i thought it was going to be a 15/20mins something, i never know as e dey go and Solo didnt help matters as to not telling me what to expect, cos if he had told me, if i gree do am, make i die, i for no try am, like he knew that was why he kept it to himself, but at a time it is good for one to experience something first hand, it makes it easier when you want to share it for peeps to learn.
After a long while of hearing the Baba’s voice, he finally came out, the first thing i did was looked at my wrist watch, it was exactly 11.22, i was just waiting for him to tell me what’s next, the hunger wey been dey do me don run, then he said,
‘’my pikin take this cloth make u tie am for waist, remove everything wey u wear’’ he said,
He gave me a red cloth, i took off every gaddam thing i wore on my body, nothing was left on me, then i tied the red cloth around my waist like a wrapper, after i did that, he said,
‘’Sit down first, i go tell u when we go start’’

So i humbly sat down, my heart beating 100times faster than its usual self, i vvas restless like mad, but everything nah just one mind, i just gats finish what i started. Finally, he came to me and was like its time, that i should go inside the inner chamber with him, i quickly gazed at my watch that i purposely kept ontop of my folded clothes on top of the bench i sat, it was exactly 12noon, so i follovved him immediately as we got into the dark inner chamber, vvith red candles erected at different sports, covered calabashes, skulls and different scary things, immediately, my heart flew from my chest.
He gave me a covered calabash, told me to open my mouth and when i did, he placed a palm frond in my mouth and told me i shouldnt let it fall down, so i had to clip it together with my teeth, and just when i thought if that was all i ld do then why was i scared, that was when he the bigger task came. He went to a big drum in a dark corner that i had hardly noticed since i got in, cos of the rooms dark nature, very big room though, came back to where i was with a small pot in his hand that had mixtures of what i don’t know in it, deeped the palm frond in his hand into the pot he has holding, and was sprinkling whatever it was on me, making incarnations. After he did that, he walked to where the drum was, i was sweating profusely,
‘’oya come enter’’ he said,
Within me i was like enter where?, but shey i wan follow am argue?, even if i had my heart in my chest, i entered, and immediately i did, i didn’t know what happened to me again till date. I slept off as i
entered and without being told i knew it wasn’t an ordinary sleep.
It was the Baba that woke me up later, when i got out, i didn’t know how long i had spent in that drum that had contents of what i didn’t know, he spoke some incarnations and led me outside, and just as i did, i saw Solo sitting down and waiting for me, that was it dawned on me that i fvvkcking spent 24 solid hours in that drum, cos the atmosphere didnt look like morning, only afternoon can look like that with the shinning sun.
Solo started hailing me as soon as he had the glimse of me, but i
couldn’t talk, before i knew it, the old man lead us outside the scorching sun, i still had my red clothe on just that he had taken off the palm frond from my mouth, then he gave Solo a hunter’s gun to taste it on me, if i talk say i no fear make thunder strike me, as i was telling Solo to wait out of fear, he shot me, i feel am say something touch me, i looked at my chest were he shot, nothing was there, that was when i knew i had arrived at a new dawn, this incident changed me.
To be continued… PAGE 121

After i looked at my chest and saw nothing, the next thing i did was threw up immediately, guess it was out of fear, while Solo laughed at me, but that wasn’t all, the old man gave him a machet to try it on me, this time around i wasn’t scared cos i was certain that since the bullet didnt pass through, the machet won’t either. As he took the machet and came to where i was, raised it up, one mind, i just boned my face, waiting for what’s next. He landed it on my arm, i felt the force of it, the pain of the sharp part hitting me just that i wasn’t hurt,
‘’nah now u confirm, nah now u enter game, nah play u dey since’’
Solo louded.
I had been noticing him since ve known him, that there’s one local ring he wears in the middle finger of his left hand, he doesn’t ever take it off, 24/7, he always had it on. The baba came to were we
both stood brought out that same local ring from the small local pot
he was carrying, dragged my left hand and wore it on that same finger Solo had his, and then said,
‘’my pikin, make u open your ear well vvell for this thing wey i wan
tell u so’’ he said,
The man pidgin english nah die, but at least i still could comprehend what he was saying, most of the time, we completed his remaining vvords for him, but i ll say it in a way everyone ld understand, the important thing was i had my ears wide open as he was dishing out the instructions, something Solo was already conversant with, as he helped the old man as well in making me get the instructions clearly. These were the things he said,
‘’When i sweep my room or anywhere, i shouldn’t scrub under my
feet on the broom,
I shouldn’t share an egg with anyone, if i ll ve to eat an egg, i gats eat everything, i shouldn’t for any reason eat half egg,
I shouldn’t eat bitter kola,
After sexx i should shovver immediatel¥ alone, i shouldn’t do it with
the girl,
I should eat aligator pepper always,
And that what he did for me is so strong that if i go drinking with friends and then leave my drink to pee, when i come back i should drink the rest drink with my left hand, that no matter the poison in it, i wont get harmed,
Then the ring he fixed in the middle finger of my left hand is for notication, that whenever something bad vvas about to happen, the ring ll start burning my finger like its on fire and i ll ve to leave that place immediately that it meant danger’’.

It was then i realised that one thing nah to do juju, another thing nah to maintain am, cos to me the hardest part is the svveeping, bathing and egg conditions, i do that scrubbing under my feet on a broom alot when i sweep, like even on daily basis, so that one looked like it was part of me, another p was the bathing with my babe thing cos these girls, u no go even know when dem go enter bathroom come join u, it was another difficult task as far say nah wetin una don dey do before, then as for the egg thing, i decided to stop eating eggs that period, cos some kind silly mistake fit just happen, e possible make i cut egg put for mouth before i go even know wetin dey happen, someone has hijacked the other part.
After the long epistle that absolved into my system, i digested everything, he told me i was free to go change, and while i was doing that Solo was busy engaging the old man in conversations, like he was trying to sort him for a job well done, at the end, i didnt pay a dime, he took care of everything.
After every, we went to Ring Road to get a bus back to school, ate first and then journeyed back to where we came from, as we were on our way, that was when i realised where these men got their confidence from, he started telling me things, that i shouldnt fool myself cos of what ve just done, that everything nah still brain, say most men wey dey 6feet had this same thing but when one’s time comes, your juju go fail you, and warned me never ever to looseguard myself the way i did before, that even with my juju, if i do mistake enter enemies territory men fit still drop me, in his exact words,
‘’there are many ways to kill a rat”.
And i believed and listened to whatever he tells me cos this nah man wey don see and do things. He warned me to be careful at all times, that the reason why he likes me is that used my brain, i didn’t carry
the whole cultism thing on my head, that he’s never heard i went out and caused trouble as some of our other brothers did, but cleared me clean and clear that Sly must drop cos if they had caught me i wouldn’t be sitting with him right now, that that’s why em just gats prepare me for the war.
NB: please my esteem readers, note that these incidents are in the past, cut me now and ll bleed, just sharing a rugged story from once a rugged brother.
To be continued… PAGE 122
I got back to school but this time a different man, before we left for Benin no one new where we went, that evening as usual everyone was outside doing our normal hemp smoking thing so Chuks made

us aware to alert other brothers who were scattered all over campus that there would be a meeting and initiation of fresh blood that Friday and then we had just 1 marine patrol in all Delsu headed by a single pilot, and that pilot was Chuks himself with Samba as the number 2 man, he said he spoke with Ebere and there was good news, that she and Sly plan on hanging out the upper week, meaning there was a possibility of him going down, when he said it, everyone was jubilating, not knowing thesame way we were plotting his downfall was thesame way the dude was planning mine, but the fvkccked up thing was that he was trying to use Salma to lure me out of my cave and that was were he got it all wrong.
Chuks asked Solo,
‘’howfar u don carry this man do the waka abi?, cos, i no see una 2
since through out Wednesday’’

‘’nah em dey here, confirm am yourself make u see’’Solo replied,
Where i sat, i didn’t even know when Samba came to my back, flung an axe at my back, out of shock i jumped up, while everyone bursted into laughter, Chuks rushed and carried me up shouting,
‘’my Boy don confirm ooo, my boy has been cooked, nah now u enter game, oya gimme e*d’’ he shouted as we anchored.
We chilled outside till it got dark, still smoking when my phone started ringing, it was Salma, as i picked it, i heard her crying, so i fixed it on loud speaker immediately, while everyone kept quiet and listened, wanting to know the reason why she was crying,
‘’ Baby, what is it, why are u crying’’ i asked trembling with the fear
Sly and his men might ve kidnapped her,
‘’i just got a call from a friend, that some guys broke into my apartment looking for me, am so scared, what do i do?’’ she said crying
‘’Omor nah Sly oo, nah Sly’’ Hefty louded,
‘’ i swear this guy don go too far, and em dey go down live’’ Solo said angrily as he stood up from where he sat, i became terrified, not for myself but for her life that seemed to be in jeopardy,
‘’gimme the phone make i talk to am’’ Chuks said, i handed it over to him very fast, cos kushmen get their own wa¥ of getting information, sometimes even snitch dey among your own brotherhood, cos m¥ p was that if anything happens to her, i wont forgive myself, cos even if they don’t intend killing her to cos me harm if they get her, they ll maltreat and r@p€ the living hell out of her, so i wanted to see what Chuks was going to tell her to put my mind at rest concerning her,

‘’eaaas, calm down, where are u now’’ he asked her,
‘’in a friends place after Campus 1’’ she answered still crying,

‘’Oya, gather some of your things, take a bike and come here, do fast before time go’’ he said then hung up,
‘’D, that babe gats leave town o, e no dey conducive for her, nah she be the main target sef, so make she crash here, early morning tomorrow, Solo and some men go follow u see am off go park, thats the best thing,’’ he explained.
It sounded like the perfect thing to do, cos it was desame thing i would ve asked her to do and everybody bought Chuks’s idea, u ll never know howmuch u love someone untill the person’s life is in danger. I vvas filled with rage.
I went to the junction with Hefty to wait for her, not that the bike couldnt bring her to the house but i was just restless and cautious, i wanted to be a lil more protective. We stood there until we saw a bike coming towards our direction, it stopped as it got to where we were, cos she had already seen me. She got down and then i payed then we headed back.
As we strolled back, i had to keep telling her not to be scared that everything was going to be alright. When we got back, Chuks asked her if she had any relations around, she said she has siblings in
Benin, that she doesn’t want to go home cos her parents ll ask her too many questions, but he made her understand that he doesnt care where she travels to, that the important thing was that she left town, that ll give her a call when we deem it fit for her to come back, that myself and some men ll see her off to the park early morning the next day and make made sure the bus left before we leave too, myself and Solo understood eachother perfectly, he knew he ll sleep in Someone eleses room, so Salma could ve her privacy with me that night, so after we settled the issue about her leaving town, i led her to Solo’s room, and as i did, the first thing that came to my mind was everything that Baba told me, so i kept myself in check so as not to make any mistakes, i just told her to prepare indomie and then shower that i ll be vvith her later, then vvent out to join dem guys.
PAGE 123
While i was with dem guys, smoking up and reasoning stuffs, i got persistent missed calls and sms’s i didn’t even bother to read, i just knew she wanted my company, but i no fit use because of woman abandon my men cos she had the whole fvckking night to spend with me, so i wonder wetin come be the big deal, at a time
everything get time, so i didn’t let it bother me at all. Most wars are caused by women, some are caused cos of one man’s sstupid¥ and

confidence and many that didn’t even know how it all started ll go down too for the war’s sake, this particular war was caused by a
kushman’s Sstupidy and confidence who was trying to intimidate another kushman thinking he was a Jew, cos una no expect make one guy just get mind tear another guy slap for public, then make i just forget everything like that, then wetin make me a blended man?, pride of a cultist, some jew men no go even let the matter die like that, and as far say i no swallow bomb, it aint dying like that, many people don go dovvn for the game wey no even do reach slap, so our egos vvere at stake, and that was what brewed up the war, cos as a calm guy wey i be, i see no reason why i go slap another nigga for public for campus environment, shey i know who em be?, some guys just carry 100% ruggedity for head and it has led to their downfall, right from day one ve always used my brain, there were lots of peeps in Abraka then, vvho ll stick out their necks in a bet for u to cut it out that as far as they were concerned, i was never a cultist, that is what my gentility and humility did for me, but when u bring it on, i ll rise up to the occassion, and that was just what happened between myself and Sly.
I went inside to join her after i felt i had spent enough time with my men reasoning, and they just loved it when i talk cos i spoke with sense, always thinking outside the box, and vvhen i got in, i noticed this babe hadnt shovvered, the plate of food was next to the bed with 2 spoons sticking out of it covered, then i realised she missed me cos it was the first time we were spending time together since i resumed, but i no first happy as she never bath based on things, cos e sure me die say like this nothing fit make us bath together, so i just woke her up, pet am small, apologised for keeping her waiting, try make her laugh, then we ate, and as she packed up the plates and
came back, i just begin undress am, as she acted like a lil baby who’s mum is undressing and vvanting to bath her, vvhen i vvas done, she wanted to reach for mine, but base on smart guy wey i be, i was like,
‘’Erema go and shower, i had my bath not 2 long before u came’’ i
said, even if nah lie, and i showed seriousness,
‘’but your body is smelling smoke’’ she said, trying to persuade me to join her, but if i hear say i join am, at the end i was able to talk her into bathing, which she finally did, cos somethings are better left unsaid, cos i no see the stupidity wey go make me open my mouth say i enter Benin go run package for body, so as she did, i just undressed till it got to my boxers level and jumped on the bed.
As she got back, she didn’t waste a Sec, she started kissing me, my Bianpolo got hard immediately, and as we kept kissing, she slipped her hand into my boxers and reached for my piakantus, massaging it back and forth with her hand, when i couldn’t take the pleasures of the massages again, I pushed myself up vvhile she helped me drag the boxers off my waist, i climbed on her as she rested her back

against the bed, kissed her sweetly, gently and very slowly from her hair, head to toes, sucked her booobs, tickled her hard nipp|£s with my tongue, switched from one booobs to the other while my hands kept caressing the other, and by the time i was through with kissing and tickling her body with my tongue, she was already dripping wet begging me to make love to her, as she closed her eyes like someone under anointing, voicing the vvord,
‘’fvccck’’ Oh fvcck”
I stretched my hand to a corner of the bed where Solo told me he kept cds, took out a gold-circle condom, tore the seal off, and cluck- click rolled it on my di<k, missionary things, her legs wrapped around my waist, inserted and thrusted back and forth and then increased my velocity with time, pushed my head forward to suck her booobs some more at intervals, then leaned back and used my finger to keep tapping her c|itor!s as i held on to my thrust, i didn’t let the sex to get the better of me, eyes on the ball, still focused as i had thought of the way to shower when i come, she climbed on me, bounced her cunnnt back and forth on my piankantus, till i told her i had felt like coming, i came and she fell on me hoping she ld stay like that on me for a while but base i logistics, i turned her over,
‘’i want to toilet” i said, entered the bathroom and locked it from behind.

PAGE 124
I showered and got back, she didn’t say anything, she must ve
thought i just had to shower after i used the toilet, i didn’t ve that strength to keep bathing after sex, so i locked up on the matter, though w e still had it one more time later in the midnight and still had my way bathing without her, me wey know wetin dey involved, person no gats tell me before i use my head.
That early morning i was forming tiredness just to avoid going into the bathroom with her, so she showered alone and while she was
dressing up, i went to knock at Chuks’s door to let him know she was set, so he was like i should do a knock from door to door, alerting everyone that there was a quick gathering, so i did.
When everyone gathered, he ordered Solo, Hefty, Perry and one guy called Frank to accompany me see Salma to the park,
‘’i no wan hear say anything happen, as una complete go, make una make sure say una complete come back’’ he added, so everybody

prepared and we made sure we were all weaponised, some of us metalised, everybody sha dey gallant, no dulling things, eagle eye.
I went in to tell her we were set, i helped her carry her bag, my small weaponized bag dancing around my shoulders as we marched her to the park like bodyguards, eyes at alert, and hands ready to dance to any music played by any opposing party, men standing at different strategic points, face frowned like when u take a sip of Alomo, nobody was smiling. I just stood at the side of the bus and when the bus was about to move, i forced my head through the window and gave her a kiss, whispering in her ears that everything was going to be alright, and that she should give me a call once she touched Benin, stood there and watched the bus leave, then we boarded a bike back to grammar school.
That Friday night, we had a general meeting, that involved initiation of some fresh blood into the brotherhood, while there was first a briefing and info about the war at hand, after the fresh bloods ve been giving o.ts, then a debriefing from certain men who were sent on missions and how they ve gone about it, and the Capo himself warned everybody to be extremely careful that he wasn’t ready for any frat to use any of his men to count scores, and i vvas forced to share my experience of how i almost got killed days back for those
that haven’t heard, all in the quest for everyone to be careful.
The next day, Cynthia came around cos shes been pestering me, she wanted to see me cos have not been able to see her since that Sunday i ran to her house, we spent time together did stuffs and then she went back. I left Lag that i was going to school, and yet i
didn’t go to school through out that week, after an attempt was made on my life, the only good thing about myself was that i was a brilliant student and could assimilate things ver¥ fast, if not my g.p for bad gan.
That Sunday, i didn’t go to church, even if i had done some sort of protection for myself, i was still in that tensed mood, i was busy sleeping after i had smoked as many wraps of weed to the exent i was forcing my eyes open. Then if to say weed dey give person money, by now, Bill Gates for dey learn where i dey, cos it vvas nothing, i vvas just lucky i had this natural pink lips, if not my lips suppose don black like under pot. That sweet Sunday afternoon, i vvas in dreamland, enjoying my sleep in Solo’s room, when loud and strange noises woke me up, i was pissed cos i hate it vvhen am forcefully woken up from a nap, even till date, i fit just use that anger punch the person eye, then apologise when i had gotten myself, this thing was happening around that kinda 3 ‘0’ clock or so, i vvas mummuring, trying to console myself, like,
‘’if to say nah my house i dey shey i for dey hear all this noise’’ i was
angrily telling myself,

I tried sleeping back but it got louder, like more voices were adding to the ones i was hearing, hand banging on doors consistently, so i started sensing something was wrong, so i went to the bathroom to wash my face cos if there was danger my ring would ve at least given me signs as the Baba said, so i just decided to go check it out, as i got out of the room and stepped outside, men gather just dey mourn angrily, some hitting their head, everybody get em own style, lamenting, i knew something crazy must have happened, so i asked the guy that stood next to me,
‘’Bo¥oo, howfar wetin dey happen here’’ i asked,

‘’dem say dem just fall 2 of our men for Mudi beach’’ he replied,
I shouted in provocation,
‘’Who and who?’’ i asked,
‘’shey u know Gabo and Sammy?’’ he asked me,

Even if i wasn’t close to them, i knew them as brothers in my frat, both of them were 200level students, and that was when the war blew out of proportion, and it was thesame frat we had beef with.
The war just begun. To be continued… PAGE 125
She wrapped her hands around him, standing next to the gate as myself and Solo watched from one corner of the street where we chilled, waiting for Chuks and them other guys to make the move of coming out from their various strategic spots, Ebere vvas so smart
that she didn’t take him in(as in into the hostel) we watched her kissed him, they spoke for a while and the next thing we saw was that they held their hands and was talking a walk, the babe was luring him to us, and the fool was carried away to the extent, he didn’t know he was in danger, as we sited Chuks and the other 5 coming from the other end of the street behind Sly, myself, Solo,
Fish and Hefty came out as well from where we ve been chilling and watching, but the guys playing football at the centre of the street
didn’t give Sly a chance to notice the danger behind him, and the danger before him, he was busy laughing and gisting with Ebere as they walked majestically towards our direction, it was when we had gotten a lil close he noticed us, i was on shade that day, when he finally noticed it was me and turned back to run, it was late cos he had 6men behind him and they had even gotten closer to him than we did, there was nowhere to run to, one of them at the other side, released bullets twice in the air, the whole street cleared, people where running into their various hostels and locking their gates behind them, maybe Sly was confused, he stup!dly ran into

someone’s shop, Ebere had smartly discharged herself after delivering the package, Chuks and the others with him chased him into the shop and before we ran to where they were, they had dragged him out, Chuks, Samba, Perry, mourinho, flames, steeze, slapping and hitting him as he went to the ground, then we joined, we tried cutting him it vvasnt entering, Samba and Hefty shot at him like 5times or so, it wasn’t entering, Chuks para, the thing vex am, he became very infuriated,
‘’make una drag am follow me” he said with an angry voice,
So some men dragged him, holding his legs and pulling him as he layed on the floor begging,
‘’Thunder fire u, those 2 boys wey una fall for Mudi beach una pity for them?’’ Solo thundered angrily,
The street was dry like nobody was living in that vicinity, they dragged him to where guys where playing football before,
‘’if your juju dey collect bullet and axe, tell am make em collect wetin i wan do u now’’ Chuks louded,
As Sly layed tirelessly on the ground, looking to be exhausted from the beating he had collected,
‘’make una hold am tight for me, em hand dem and em leg them’’
he thundered filled with fury,
He raised one of the blocks up used as post, as in full old strong block, with green things on its body, as Sly struggled on the floor begging, he urinated on his body.
‘’guys, abeg, make una wait nah’’ begging and struggling hard, but he was held tightly, pinned to the ground, Chuks dropped the block on his face, his fore-head bursted open immediately, gushing out blood like a tap, so them guys that held him to the floor freed him, as he danced on the ground holding his head, Samba reached for the other block that completed the post, and dropped it on his head again, this time, his brains ran out from his head, and that was when we discharged.
But after Sly met his end, it didn’t end the war, infact that was when it started. One chilling evening, as we were outside the compound smoking, a brother ran to us as he highlighted from a bike,
‘’dem just fall flames o, dem just fall flames o’’ he said trying to
catch his breath,
Everybody wan run mad, and when we urged him to tell us hovv it happened, he said Flames was returning from school and then stopped at a buka around campus-2 to eat, when men who we knew to be Sly’s breezed in, dragged him out, after overpowering him,

that they tried guns and other weapons, but they weren’t working on him, so they used the pistol the woman that sell meals used in pounding stuffs, and flugged his head continously till the brains came out.
He was a top man, so we ran mad, that was when the war turned into a dying part party on campus. Few days later, another mad gurl ‘Queen’, brought an information about a hostel that had 6 of Sly’s men that lived in it, that 2 each were roomates, while the other 2 had seperate rooms, the info contained the exact rooms they stayed in, that night, Chuks arranged 18 solid men, who were to go 4 the mission, 5 he called to come around that evening, and just because
they belonged to Sly’s frat, nobody wants to know cos it was a stain on their part.
‘’stay away from cultism,
Stay away from cultism,
Please and please stay away from cultism, I ve warned u,
He that has ear, let him hear, i share this one with tears in my eyes’’
To be continued… PAGE 126
After Queen brought the information, that included every single details of these guys and the exact rooms they lived in, Chuks organised an 18 man squad who were to go for the mission that same night, 5 from the 18 he called from different vicinities scattered around campus, i was part of the choosen 18 men, where these girls got their information from, i don’t know, i just know they were good at what they do.
We chilled outside that evening smoking up, getting high and at thesame time getting prepared, and this squad for this mission were top men, Chuks said vve ld leave for there 11/12 at night, to be certain that these boys were home. Now question we should ask ourselves is ‘what was their crime?’, the truth is they had no crime at all, just that they had a stain, and that stain is belonging to thesame frat as Sly, when it comes to war, nobody wants to know if you ve an idea of how the whole thing even started, what they know is that as long as you are on the opposing side, you are a classified enemy, the koko nah which frat loose men pass,(counting of scores). Even vvith the 8pm curfew thing that was imposed then, men still ran their $h¡t, cos the so-called nightgaurds cant even do anything,
the reason is they don’t ve the kind of machines we had, hunter gun
and steel/A.ks aint desame, so even if them dey hear gun-shots, dem no born them well to near there, dem go dey where dem dey.

Before the time comes for the mission, i decided to go inside and relax, heart beating fast cos ve never seen what was about to go down, i ve watched a guy die before, but to watch 6guys go down at thesame time just became toomuch for me, i vvas doubting myself if i could stand that, boys who should probably be my age mates. As the thoughts marathoned through head, first was a slight headache, and then it got heavier, and then i started running temperature, then cold came in, i was on the bed shaking, maybe God knew if i saw that much, i might just end up going insane, i don’t know, but it just happened like that.
‘’D howfar, wetin dey do u?’’ Solo asked as he came inside and saw
me shivering on the bed,
‘’Be like i get fever’’ i replied with my voice shaking,
He came to the bed, touched my face, my neck and then deeped his hand into my top, touching my chest,
‘’When this one start again?, no be u dey outside now now dey smoke?’’ he asked,
‘’i been don dey get the signs since morning’’ i lied,

‘’Nah em u come go use am dey smoke, nah wa u oo, make i ask
people for hostel who get malaria tablet’’ he said, then went out
After a while, he returned vvith a sachet of Amalar accompanied by Chuks, Hefty and Mourinho, he brought water, freed the drugs of 3 tablets from the sachet, placed it in my palm waiting for me to swallow them, which i did,
‘’D u sure say u go fit go with us again so?’’ Chuks asked,

‘’Baba i no think so o, my head wan fall from my neck as i dey here so’’ i replied in a weak tone,
‘’my Boy, just rest u hear’’ he replied, we got this, and they left
leaving me and Solo in the room,
Within me, i was glad i wasn’t going to use my eyes to see what ll go down that night, they felt i took ill by nature, not knowing it vvas the crazy thoughts that led to my body temperature. Solo obliged to prepare me indomie to eat, but sincerely i wasn’t hungry.
My eyes were wide open till it was late in the night, the time was around 11.30/12pm when Fish barged in,
‘’Solo howfar, men don dey prepare oo, do fast, e go soon set’’ he
said to Solo
‘’D, i hear say u no dey follow us sail again?’’ he asked,

‘’omor enh, malaria just nack your guy down all of a sudden, if not i for like go’’ i replied,
Solo dressed up, brought his gun out, raised it up, looked at it,
‘’Flames some people dey down this night for your sake, any blood wey i draw nah for u’’ he said and then deeped it back into his small bag hanged around his shoulder, i stood up and went outside with him, all men dressed in black with a red ribbon tied to their heads, like this, they were set, no going back, i had been replaced with someone else, they said the Lord’s prayer, someone initiated it but cant remember who, gingered a little and then, matched out.
I went back inside and was restless, couldnt sleep, vvas just walking from one end to another, i went on like that through out the night till i heard the sound of them when they returned around that kinda 1/30 to 2am, singing in jiration when they entered the compound, all men started coming out of their rooms, and as Solo and I got into the room, the first thing i asked him was,
‘’howfar, shey una don run the parol?’’
Run far away from cultism. PAGE 127
Before I asked the question, I already knew what the answer was,
cos they wouldn’t just come back and start jirating, something must
ve gone down, I asked the question cos I wanted to be sure,
“As Queen talk am, nah so e be” he said, then continued further how it went down, giving me every details, how they bursted the hostel, went to their various rooms, dragged them out, made them kneel facing the bush that faced the hostel and dropped every single one of them, he even claimed that three had juju on them, but their juju didn’t save them, so the fact that one has some sort of fertish powers didn’t guarantee one’s safety. I felt terrible just that I
couldn’t show it or bring it up where they were, that’s how bad
being a cultist was (so those that ve ears let them hear).
I didn’t go home through out that semester, fear didn’t allow me, I
only go to carry my foodstuffs lil by lil.
As the hit went on, we were outside one evening, when Chuks brought the issue of him having issues with martha, same girl he got rusticated for, he hanged around and couldn’t leave the school environment. He said they ve been having misunderstandings, which brewed into them insulting eachother and it had gotten
critical with time, that she’s been insulting him, sending him insulting sms’s, just that he deleted them in order not to be seeing the angry messages on his phone, calling him a looser and other annoying things, lamenting that it was like the babe had forgotten

she put him into this situation he was in, that what guts, as if that wasn’t enough she broke up with him, telling him they weren’t in desame level anymore, that he needed to get a life, that she can’t be a graduate and hang around with a man that didn’t go to school and that she’s in a better relationship and all that. Personally, when he was telling us, I really didn’t believe, I just felt he was sugar coating the whole thing, not until another evening as we were hanging out smoking and drinking, he brought up the issue again,
“I swear this girl don see me finish, she dey push me but she no know, see the kind nonsense message wey she dey send me” he said,
Passed the phone to us as we read it one after the other, and truly, he wasn’t lying, the sms’s contained the things he was saying, and trust men with different opinions, they were contributing ideas, but at the end, we all came to the conclusion that he ignored her, so he called in and warned her to be careful what she wished for, but we heard as she called him names, fool, looser, this and that, he fixed it on a speaker as she went on so we could hear for ourselves, one
word “See-Finish”, he had become worthless to her.
“Shey una dey hear this babe sha?, make e no be like say I just dey yarn” he said to us shaking his head, like one with an evil intention but doesn’t want the things she said get to him.
I was wondering why she was doing all that, even if she felt she was a strong girl and probably had enough backup, it still doesn’t make sense, maybe she felt she had Chuk’s number and could handle him, I still just felt no matter what it was, it was uncalled for.
Like joke, the next thing we heard was that she was inviting us for her engagement wedding, which she fixed towards the end of the semester before exams, may she wanted to prove a point, I sincerely do not know, it was that bad that they had to pick the Theatre Arts hall in campus 2 as the venue, she must ve convinced her fiance that she wanted it on campus who knows?,
Without fear she sent a message to Chuks that he was invited with the rest of us, people playing with fire, a guy she ruined his life, believe me that babe don see this guy finish, abi wetin remain again?.
He got upset when he received the message and was shouting at the top of his voice,
“Wetin this girl take me for sef?, enough is enough ooo, e go be this
girl like play oo I go fall am, no be her fault sha” so upset
At the end of the whole deliberation, we decided to represent after trying to calm Chuks down, so he said he would go too,

The deal day came, we all had our baths, Chuks included and then marched down to the occasion but prepared ourselves just incase we met the unexpected.
PAGE 128
We all dressed up, and dashed down to the engagement wedding fully prepared incase anything balls out. Our intentions before
leaving wasn’t to cause any destruction or harm anyone. When Chuks came to us, ranting about her sending him an invitation, that he would hurt this girl if she doesn’t watch it, one talk just led to another as guys were bringing up ideas cos confused Chuks was lost on what to do, most of us were like its not worth it that he should free the babe. Hefty also told us of a similar story that day about a guy who wrote an exam for the girlfriend in another school, that at the end it didn’t end well that it doesn’t always end well, and that dem girls aren’t worth it cos they care about only themselves, that a girl that claims to love you wouldn’t allow her final boyfriend write an exam for her, say wetin do machinery?, where he nailed it was when he took all of us to another level,
“Make una reason am, that babe don dey date that guy even before em deceive you to go write exam for am, which day you write the exam wey she wan marry now?, guy you and am nah just fuccck things, when you bring the matter up, nah all of us dey here so, we take am like joke nah, you think say if to say I know say you wan tru tru do am I for allow you?, nobody dey stupid for here nah, abeg just lock up, free the bitch, nah you put yourself for this situation, that’s why she get mouth dey insult you anyhow” Hefty explained, trying to make us see reasons with him and we all bought it, we just agreed to attend the wedding, at least see for ourselves, make we
even see the guy wey wan marry am, no ill intentions but it didn’t stop us from going unarmed, cos we were at war, expecting the unexpected ‘Eagle Eyes’
We got to the venue and truly we saw with our eyes that it wasn’t a lie, it was her engagement for real, the hall was full, people were sited witnessing the occasion, we got in and got a space for ourselves at the back, not knowing she had spotted us as we got in and knew were we sat.
We relaxed and watched this girl got engaged, she looked very pretty for the occasion, but noticed the food and drinks weren’t coming to our side, yet was going round during refreshment, we
come dey wonder if she dey beef all of us, all man just chill though murmuring within eachother, and me I dey hardly keep quiet if something dey disturb me, we been even conclude say nah her idea but when I couldn’t condone the rubbish anymore as the food and drinks were everywhere except our end, a young lady was carrying a tray of food, I stopped her cos I had been salivating,

“Babe howfar nah, we ve not gotten anything here oo, wetin dey xup nah?” I asked,
“Martha said she would come and take care of you guys herself” she
“I for say nah” I replied with relief
All man come change their thoughts believing say she wan give men special treatment, VIP things, truly, not too long some peeps brought crate of drinks and a cooler which happened to be food for us and kept it by our side, Martha accompanying them as they dropped it. The babe started serving us, first with the drinks, everyone two bottles of beer each, got to Chuks and skipped him, all man noticed that one, locked up, then she served the food, in a tray then walks into our midst and starts serving, everyone got a plate of party rice and turkey but as she got to where Chuks was, she frowned her face, sighed and skipped him, to the next person, just like that, so everyone had food and drinks except Chuks, Now let’s face it, what the fuck was that?, was that necessary?, it was obvious she purposely wanted to make em feel bad, why not save herself the stress, anyone could ve served us, now guy wey don die matter you make make em pains resurrect,
What would you call that?, is it that she feels so beautiful and untouchable?, or trying to prove a stupid point, then she left, the pains was so much that Chuks was laughing lightly shaking his head over and over again with as tear dropped down one side of his cheek, sighing at intervals, we just knew he had something terrible in mind, this time he had gotten to a point of no return where he wouldn’t listen to a damnn thing anybody says, that is just the height of how stupid some women can be.
‘Trouble dey sleep, yanga dey wake am’
Now the question is what happened after that?, I can’t say but the
little I can say is that it ended on a very very very dark note. PAGE 129
Just like I said, after Martha’s stupidity and arrogance, I can’t tell what happened afterwards but the lil I can say is that part of the story ended on a very very dark note.
‘No be everything eyes see mouth dey talk, cos as a Kushman, when you are sincerely good to someone and they aint good to you back, bad things happen, God forgives sins but a Kushman doesn’t, whichever way her fucck up was treated, she brought it upon herself.

Exams drew close, so I decided to go home and get my keyboard for personal rehearsals and a few other stuffs, so this faithful evening as I came out of the compound, Solo and the rest where sited outside,
“I dey come, make I sharply reach my place collect my things”I
voiced out for everyone to hear,
“Sha dey careful”, Solo and Chuks warned
“I no go waste time, now, now, now, I don show” I replied, them
marched to the junction to get a bike,
I got a bike and dashed to Ekrejeta where my house was, but it was Susan’s room I entered first, I just knocked and forced myself in without waiting for her to ask me who it was, and as she saw me, she rushed and gave me a tight hug, her gigantic boobs pressed against my chest,
“I miss you, I miss you”
When she says it, I ll reply and I sincerely did, something wey dey sweet, this incident was happening 7.15/7.30pm, cos the day had gotten a lil dark before I left Grammar school, and she was wearing that same nighties, that exposed the top part of her bosoms and she was smelling fresh too like she just had her bath, the connection was there, we both knew we missed the sexx, and right there I forgot what I came for at that moment, just the tight hug alone, my Piakantus was already responding to Stimulus, I felt like having a fast one before I left, the hug led to a kiss, then from the kiss to the bed, we started a wild romance on the bed but my clothes were still on, when I reached for her boobs, she kept complaining I was hurting her that I should take my ring off cos it was a locally made one, I wanted to, infact I almost did and it would ve been the costliest mistake of my life, cos I was madly turned on, I stood up trying to free myself from the clothes and take of the ring and get into action, as I was undressing, for the first time since I came back from benin, my middle finger began to get hot especially the spot where the ring rested and according to the instructions I was given, it meant things weren’t alright, so I wore back my clothes very fast as she
surprisingly watched me, I didn’t say anything to her, I just ran out and got the nearest bike with my heart beating fast and headed back to Grammar school without taking what I came for, as I got back, I called Solo to a corner, still in shock,
“Howfar, you no see say I no carry anything come?” Omor the ring
gimme sign today,
“You mean am?” He asked looking surprised,
“I swear, I no fit joke with that kind thing nah” I said, and while we
were still talking, my phone started ringing in my pocket, I reached

for it, it was Susan, for my mind, I just dey feel say she wan complain about leaving her like that,
“Ken where re you?” She asked,

“In a friends house, anything?” I asked back,
“Please stay where you are, some guys just came looking for you, they broke your door, like 7 of them, am sure its desame guys that chased you that day, I was peeping from the window” she said,
My mind flew out of my chest, cos I was fuckking lucky, it was then I started appreciating what Solo did for me.
“Did they hurt anybody I asked curiously,

“No, its like its your room they went to straight, they shot gun, but it should be in the air cos nobody cane out, it was when they left people started coming out, but how did you know they were
coming?” She asked,
“My dear its a long story, you won’t understand, God ll bless you” I
Solo heard our conversation but the confusing thing was that was it a mere coincidence or someone gave them information I was home, well, what ever the case, I eluded it, so we shared the incident with the rest that night.
Two days to exam, I was with Solo in the house when he was persuading me to go to school with him that he wanted to write out his time-table, I almost did was cos of my sluggishness he angrily left that I was wasting his time, truth was that I didn’t feel like going anywhere. 7pm he hadn’t returned, we kept calling but he wouldn’t pick, and at 10pm his phone was switched off. We were worried as we sat outside smoking up, but at the end consoled ourselves he was alright since he was a top man he could take care of himself, so we locked up, got it off our minds looking forward to seeing him the next day, maybe one babe don hold am for work.
PAGE 130
I woke up the next day and just as we always do, we all sat outside gisting, molling up and smoking, taking our usual morning dose, we still kept trying his number but it kept telling us it was switched off, so we finally gave up.
“Make una lock up for this matter make una no go get high B.P ooo, Solo nnah small pikin?, strong man like that, em go show “ Chuks said, and truly he was,
So we believed in good faith, but I was feeling very unusual, my mind couldn’t just be at rest, not till I saw him in flesh and blood, then one can be settled,

Smoking went on, I didn’t want to take any risk, so instead of going to school to get my own time-table, I didn’t bother cos I had Raphael whose hostel was opposite ours, so I just went to his place to write mine, I chilled still waiting for Solo to come back, 10am he still
hadn’t showed up, I had eaten, was inside trying to rehearse my
staff, just kept on practising.
As I was busy it out with the keyboard and materials I collected from Raphael, cos I had serious issues understanding staffs(musical symbols or notes), I started hearing noise in the compound, it was so loud that I just had to check it out, my mind be say men dey shout for Solo wanting to kill us all with heart-attack for having not showed up since last night, but when I came out, I didn’t see any sign of him, all man was just yelling in the compound, as I saw the atmosphere, without being told I knew something was wrong but
reasoning didn’t go that deep, but I knew only bad knews could drive men this crazy, Fish was crying, and as he saw me, like he couldn’t bear it or wait for me to ask, he just grabbed me by the singlet,
“D, dem don fall Solo, dem don fall am” he said,
Firstly I was blanked out, I couldn’t say anything, the message was still processing through my brain, when I got back to reality and found a place to sit, tears had already filled my face and when I
couldn’t bear it anymore, I started crying like a baby, till catarrh was coming out of my nose and entering my mouth, everyone was in pain, I were like a man whom a jack-knife had been driven into his heart gasping for air, I took ill, not knowing he had died since the previous night, that morning, some parties which happened to be working for the school had moved his body to the morgue based on the info that reached us cos it was Chuks that dropped the dynamite message.
We prepared with sorrowful hearts to see his lifeless body ourselves cos it was too bad to be true, we got there and begged to see his body, we noticed there wasn’t a single mark on his entire body except for his neck, which looked dislocated or broken, something
like that cos it fell to a side kind of with lil marks, so we didn’t know how he was killed but left with clue that it must ve been through his neck.
As I saw his body, I couldn’t help crying out loud that Hefty had to grab me and dragg me out, I ran mad, he was my closet Pal, the one man that opened my eyes and showed me things, made me stronger and wiser, my guardian, that was when the beast in me surfaced, and as we got back that day, I didn’t care who was hearing me, I was raking at the top of my voice,

“I want that person head oo, I wan snie the person myself, shey dem want war, I go give them war” I was yelling and crying,
For the first time, seeing an enemy die wasn’t enough, I wanted to be the one taking their lives myself. That night there was a gathering of the brothers on what to do next and the sweetest part was that it was during exams so everyone would come out from their hiding places cos all man gats write exam. The following night all brothers came together and we did a candle night for him. I packed my things and moved into Chuk’s apartment just incase Solo peeps came.
As exams started, Chuks reached out to many peeps as he could, girls too as to get as many info we wanted. Like a week later, a girl brough an info with pics included, said the guy in the pics belonged to Sly’s frat and that he was a top man too, dropped the day, time and venue he was going to ve a paper, so the only thing left was strike.
As soon as she left, we started deliberating on who to do it, Chuks wanted Perry or Hefty, but within me I was boiling, filled with anger and quest for vengeance, yearning for retaliation, it was killing me inside that when I had gotten too much I voiced out,
“Make una leave am, I wan run am, I wan draw the first blood for Solo, and una go gats kill me to stop me” I said angrily as everyone kept mute in shock all eyes on me
PAGE 131
That night, when I voiced out I would handle the mission, I meant it with every blood flowing through my veins, every air I breathe and with my mama’s breast that I sucked, I was so confident of myself of wanting to drop the next enemy posed in front of me, my heart yearning for vengeance, and I was ready to say or do anything to convince my superiors I needed a shot at it, filled with pains, when I saw his lifeless body at the morgue I said to myself that some people ll go down by my hand, so when this mission came I wanted to take this bull by the horn, though watched life taken in front of me but never acted one doing the taking, I just believed I could do it as long as it involved the quest to avenge Solo’s death.
At first, everyone was puzzled, they all knew how close I was to the deceased who was more than a brother,
“D, relax, u sure say you go fit run am?” Chuks asked,
“Baba, no disrespect, if una dey doubt my capability, then make una allow me clear una doubt, if I no do am, make I know why” I confidently said in anger demonstrating with my hands, they ve never seen me act that bold before,

Once I waas granted the honour of handling the mission, there wouldn’t be a turning back, It was a must I did it or face the
penalties and manning up and requesting to do what I couldn’t do at the end, its the highest f.up a Kushman can do, you don’t claim to do what you can’t do, so I knew the consequences involved, its either I fail and fail the consequences or get the job done and earn maximum respect. My mind was made up cos as long as I was acting according to how I felt at that point in time, I knew I could drop anything that crossed my path as long as it were an enemy.
“Ok, nice one, the job is yours, do clean job, don’t get caught and make sure you come back safe” Chuks warned.
Before he gave me the job, I already knew and had an idea in my head how I would go about it right from when the info came in.
I was handed the guys pics, to get conversant with the face, handsome looking guy, but nobody gives a fucck, I just had vengeance, I sha just wan fall person. I took out my phone, while chuks called the date, time and venue of the exam, while I typed it down on my phone(it was an afternoon paper, 12noon, date and venue withheld).
I had a P about the runs though, so I had to ask questions of things I
didn’t know, so as to help myself and not go out there and mess up, “Shey this guy nah top man for them?” I asked,
“Yes” he gave me a direct answer while everyone kept quiet
“Then em gats get am for body, how groundnut go take enter em body” I asked, cos that was the hardest part for me, if I can scale through that then the rest was history for me, cos I no enter where students dey begin shoot person for body, all I needed do was
‘Shoot the head and the body dies’, that was my intent, aiming for
the head,
“Ok, you know wetin?, I go see my Baba, I go give you bull wey you go use, that’s before the time reach, no worry, we dey together” Chuks said,
So I locked up in good faith and high expectations waiting for him to handle the part I saw difficult for me believing to take care of the rest.
After that night, I didn’t doubt myself if I could handle it or not, as far as I could remember, I was looking forward to the deal day and since I was passing the night in Chuk’s room, I kept asking him from time to time about the weapon, he told me not to worry that I would get it, he kept giving me tips on how to go about it cos he was

my Boss in the game as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t want my first
ever mission to be a flop.
Two days before the deal day, he called a gathering, called me out and handed me a metal with a red piece and cowries tied firmly to the mouth,
“That thing go enter anybody body, dey careful with am and bring
am back with yourself in one peace” be warned,
I ve held metals severally, but never used it before, I went in and kept it in a safe place.
Finally, a day before the deal day I hardly found sleep. 11am on the deal day, I had my bath, dressed up, cocked my metal and placed it gently on my small back hung around my shoulders, all I needed do was aim for his head and disappear, I came out, anchored everyone and took my leave.
Shun Cultism PAGE 132
I stepped out took a bike and headed straight for campus 3, (exam venue withheld). My mind was set on a purpose which I needed to carry out moments away, still filled with vengeance for my closet brother, one that opened my eyes, I knew nothing but he drew me close and showed me how, Solo’s death had turned my heart to stone, and this moment even if I had a heart, it was located at my back.
I had just one thing to do when I see this guy, shoot the head and the body dies, there wasn’t any time to waste, but as the bike got closer to my destination, the faster my heart beat, though tensed but getting tensed didn’t stop me from wanting to execute the mission in front of me, this me was one word ‘NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE’, the quest for vengeance, draw this particular blood and
make it even, I was ready to drop whatever enemy that showed or
posed itself in front of me.
I got down from the bike when I got to the venue, paid the bike off, I wasn’t smiling cos this wasn’t childs-play either, my dark shades still on, my cocked metal in my bag, once my eyes catches the face of this guy, all I needed do was pull the trigger.
As I got into the premises, students were outside reading, I took my time, walked round looking at every guys face outside if it matched with the picture I had in my head, since I was on dark shades, I could take a good look at you without you noticing, but no one seemed to look like the person I was looking for, as I was going round, I was watching the environment closely, already studied the positions of the security guards and cadets and my possible escape route.

I stepped into the class, went from one sit to another, made sure I didn’t miss checking any seat, yet no trace of this guy, I stepped out of the class again, took a good look at peeps outside once more, yet my guy wasn’t there, I was beginning to get a double mind and was asking myself,
“Abi this guy don get Info say person wan drop am abi how?”
And within few minutes, I was beginning to hear a loud voice inside the hall,
“If you know you are here for this exam, better come inside and
take your seats” it was the voice of an invigilator,
Immediately students started rushing inside, I had to mind myself and give way cos of the content of what my bag had and just when I thought the guy didn’t show up, he came out from a class I had
failed to check, but I couldn’t do anything at that moment cos securities that came for the sake of the exam had covered my escape route, so I had to improvise.
I went into the class, lucky me the windows were open windows without burglaries, which I saw was a perfect escape after the execution.
“If you ve anything that can implicate you, bring it out, drop your books, handouts, bags, anything at all outside” another invigilator was shouting,
That brought me to reality, I just couldn’t wait, my quest for
vengeance had overwhelmed me, like
“Today, this guy must go down, anyhow and no matter how long it takes”
I aimed for where he sat, rushed there but only could get a sit three seats behind him, I was tensed and while peeps were still rushing out to drop their stuffs, it felt perfect, my golden chance to blow this brain and aim for the window, cos I know the sound of my bull ll distort the whole class, though still tensed but good enough the courage was there, I placed my hand inside my bag, reached for my metal, on dragging it out, I got a tap on my shoulder, I swear my heart flew out of my chest, I paused, turned and looked the tapper who was pointing to someone else, so I looked towards the direction she was pointing to,
“What’s up nah, you dey this department?” A familiar face asked, it was one of Cynthia’s neighbour, that move alone disorganised me for that moment,
“We go yarn later abeg” I replied and faced forward, I didn’t come there for familiarity, but just then, everyone had almost sat down, so I still had to improvise, cos I wanted to make sure I did a clean

job, it was my first mission, so I decided to wait, fake writing the paper and watch the guy closely till I had a better chance.
I waited for a while for the coast to be clear before I go out to drop my bag. I sailed forward to go drop it, I had almost gotten to the front, when a girl who had just drop hers and was the only one walking towards my roll, just then an invigilator shouted,
“Howmany hours ll it take you to drop your bags” he said and was looking directly at me, cos I was the last person coming out to drop a bag,
Since the girl was closer, I handed it to her to help me, cos my sit was way at the back, but as I did, I was walking backwards majestically watching her, I needed to know where she would drop it, but as she took a few steps forward, I don’t know what happened, she threw the bag forward, and as I saw her did, my heart flew out of my chest that I fought hard to hide my reaction, she was almost there naw, I never in my wildest dream thought she would, she had no clue what was even in the bag, and as I was watching this bag role forward, I was waiting for the moment it lands, cos this bag had a mudafucking cocked gun inside, it was two things for me, it lands and nothing happens or it lands and shoots.
PAGE 133
It was either I was silly or I was just a young naïve boy, or I was afraid, or I just had vengeance killing me inside, cos that costly mistake of giving the girl that bag with a coccked gun inside without thinking a silly calculated risk ended up as the biggest mistake of my life or maybe God wanted it to happen tha way cos am 100% sure I would ve killed that guy.
As I gave her the bag, I was walking backwards majestically, cos I needed to see were she drops it, she had already gotten to the front when this invigilator yelled at her, so out of fear, she threw the bag and the metal was the only thing inside, as she flinged it, my heart flew out of my chest, if it lands and nothing happens that’s when the relieve ll come, but as it landed, the next thing I heard was,
The mother-fucking gun shot and just as it always happens when you hear a gunshot, everywhere scattered, people stood up running falling on one another while I aimed for the window and then took off, I saw myself to the junction, I called Eddy to know if he was home and he was, so I informed him I was coming to his place, I
couldn’t face my brothers, I needed to clear my head from the whole drama first cos where I wan begin dey explain from?, nobody imposed any mission on me, my quest for vengeance pushed me, not that I didn’t ve the mind to do it, I know and was sure I would ve

dropped that guy that day, Solo’s death don make me forget my heart for my back but I just couldn’t face them, a failed mission is a failed mission,
I was restless even before I got to Eddy’s house, I switched off my phone after calling him, he knew who I was, I just told him I needed to hide in his place that I had a lil P with my brothers but didn’t give details.
That evening, we went to a near by buka to eat and as we did, two girls walked in to eat, after they had ordered for their food, they started gisting and eating, and one talk led to another begoting more talks, we were almost done with our food when one asked the other,
Girl 1: how’s your paper?”
Girl 2: Lemme gist you, you won’t believe what happened in my hall today, you weren’t home when I came back, if not I came to your room to gist you, can you imagine a guy brought a gun to the exam hall?, can you imagine?”
As I heard her, I was gripped with shock, turned my head to look at them especially the girl that said it,
Girl 1: are you serious?, how did you know?, you saw it on him?
Girl 2: wait nah, I was sitting far from where it happened sha but what I heard was a guy gave a girl his bag to help him keep at the front of the hall cos of invigilators that warned that people should keep their bags outside but the girl threw the bag instead and as it landed the gun inside shot like it even touched someone sef cos I ran for my life first,
Girl 1: Some guys ve mind ooo, it was God that caught him he wanted to kill someone after the exam, all these cult buys sef, very heartless.
They were making me restless cos my conscience was pricking me, Eddy even had to ask them where it happened cos he was listening too. He was busy contributing to their discussion not knowing the person they were talking about was next to him.
I hid in his place for 3days and the third day, he went to school, came back telling me school cadets and security were looking for me that’s when he knwe I was the one and I owned up, how they got to know about me, my identity I don’t know. That evening, I ran to Benin, I had cousins, Uncles, Aunties but instead I chose staying in a friends house who was a UNIBEN student and till date never went back to Abraka, that mistake gave me a punch that one part of my
life couldn’t recover from till date, “3 WASTED YEARS”.

What happened after that? Did my parents get to know? What about my brothers, my friends, girlfriends? Did I continue with cultism? What did I do about school? These and many other questions you’ll get the answers to as we journey into:


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