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The next morning I was in a queue trying to fetch water from the tap when we all heard a serious commotion going on from Block 11. As aproko (a gossip) wey I be na, I joined others to go see what was going on. A fight had broken out. This short, really dark guy came out, sweat all over his body and boy, was he ripped! He was built like a beast, biceps, and triceps everywhere. His face was hard and looked like something that was made of concrete. Looking at him sent a feeling of dread rushing down my spine. This was someone I wouldn’t want to meet on a lonely road on any given day. He walked with a slight limp, but that only served to add to his menacing look.

“I no wan kill person pikin o! (I don’t want to kill someone’s child),” he said, pacing back and forth in agitation. He ignored all inquiries of “what happened?” and “wetin happen?” from fellow aproko people like me. I wondered who in his right senses would even challenge someone like this. This guy looked like someone who had nothing to lose. He looked like he could stab you and then stab himself just for the fun of it.

And then I saw him, the contender, he was tall and skinny, soft, looking like a momsy’s pet. However, he was also very angry, whatever that was worth. He came out from his room screaming, “Where him dey? Where the bàstard dey?”

As soon as he laid eyes on the scary, beastly, roided-out gremlin he lunged at him without even a second thought, as the brave and angry mothèrfucker that he was. Boys cleared the road for them, no one even attempted to separate the fight, and in hindsight, I would hardly call that a fight. Because the kind of beat down that the slim dude received was traumatic to watch and has forever remained etched in my memory. The gremlin wrapped his thick muscular arms around his neck and put him in a chokehold. He lifted his delicate frame off the ground effortlessly and slammed him hard into the ground. And then he sat on him like food was ready, and began pounding on his face in the most brutal manner you could ever think of. Eventually, about three boys had to collaborate to lift the gremlin off the tall dude before the situation turned critical. It was a herculean effort and the gremlin wasn’t pleased. He kept screaming like a raving lunatic.

“I tell una say I no wan kill person! (I told you guys that I don’t want to kill anyone!)”

Soon, the show was over and we had to go back to our boring, unexciting lives. I tapped a fellow onlooker and asked what the name of the scary dude was and he told me.

“Daddy… His name is Daddy.”

Malheureusement, pour moi c’est cher. Cela fait déjà deux mois que je prends un générique. Jusqu’ici, je n’ai trouvé aucun problème ni effet secondaire.

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