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After my core Economics lectures that day, Folake called me to ask if I was through. When I said yes, she told me to escort her into town that her dad sent her some money which she wanted to withdraw and use to get some stuff. I wasn’t doing anything else so I obliged her request and off we went. From the corner of my eyes I couldn’t help but admire the beauty that was Folake. She wore a figure-hugging gown that revealed a little glimpse of her ample bosom, and I found myself taking a few moments out of my sinful and lustful thoughts to just thank God for life. As we got to the bus stop, the strangest thing happened. Folake started wincing and bending over in pain. When it first started she was about to fall but I caught her just in time.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” I asked fearfully but she never answered me. I asked if we should go back to school but she shook her head in the negative. She implored us to keep going.

We took a bus down to Ife and I had to carry her down and handle her carefully as we walked into the bank to make the transaction. I felt like a husband whose wife was pregnant and in labor. I did not like that feeling. People were staring at us wondering what was going on but I just had to be strong for her. She made a withdrawal, picked up a new ATM card, and then we took a bike to the pharmacy and a supermarket to buy more than a few things. It was at the pharmacy that I learned that she was suffering from painful menstrual cramps and I was just wondering why she couldn’t have just said that in the first place. We got back to school with bags full of stuff which included supplies, provisions, and takeaway from an eatery. I escorted her to the front of her hostel and handed the two nylon bags I was carrying but she took one and handed the other back to me. I tried to refuse it but she insisted.

“Why?” I asked her.

“Because you deserve it,” she said, looking at me through eyes that spoke words I was refusing to decipher.

“You really scared me today.”

“I know and I’m so sorry, sometimes I have menstrual cramps that are extremely painful but don’t worry, I’ll take care of it,” she said. We hugged each other and I headed off to my hostel room.

I got there to find everywhere abuzz with news that there was a show going down in two days and it was to be one of the hottest shows on campus. There was this guy in my room selling tickets and I had to promise him that I’d buy one later before he agreed to leave. It would be nice to go along with Folake anyway. This one that her boyfriend had decided to be invisible. I was very happy with myself. I planned to live life to the fullest in this new environment I’d found myself and engage in all the fantasies and depravities that all my time wasted in Madonna university had deprived me of. This was only the beginning and I couldn’t wait to see where things went from here.

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