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Love street was this magical little world that came alive in the night. Situated just in front of girls hostel, you would find girls of all shapes and sizes milling around, clad in body-hugging outfits that could make a Reverend Father reject the word of God. And of course, where there were girls, the boys were bound to be too. Farmer was a regular visitor there. In the two years since he resumed at this institution, he had tried so hard but was yet to get a girlfriend, but he remained hopeful that one day the gods would smile on him and make him get a yes from one of the many objects of his affection. I had changed my mind and decided to follow them to this Love street I’d heard so much about. The only person on my mind was Folake, for that was the name of the girl I’d bonded with in class, and it was better than being alone in my room just pressing my phone. As much I considered myself to be an introvert, I also hated being alone sometimes. The four of us walked down together and slowly we began to separate, Farmer on the prowl to get his ever-elusive missing rib. Usher put a call through to his smoking hot, crazy girlfriend and she came around in a huff, jumping on his tall frame and kissing him on the mouth without a care in the world before dragging him away by the hand. Olorunwa and I stared at each other awkwardly. And then there were two. I moved away from him and called Folake. She was super excited to hear my voice and came out shortly afterward. She gave me a full-frontal hug that warmed the senses and took my hand as we began taking a stroll that beautiful night. I turned to wink at Olorunwa who was staring after us, his wide mouth ever open. I don’t think I had ever seen his mouth closed before.

“I can see you are feeling much better now,” I said.

“Yes o, thank you so much for caring. I was really surprised you called me this night,” she gushed.

“Why would you be surprised?”

“Nothing, it’s just… never mind. So how are you enjoying it here?”

“It’s not bad, I made some friends and I recently met someone really special so I guess I have a lot to be thankful for.”

“Really? Who is that special person?” She asked.

“One girl like that oh. She likes covering herself in old women’s wrappers,” I teased as she hit me on my shoulder playfully, laughing hard.

“But I’m not wearing old women’s clothes today na,” she said, staring down at herself. I stepped back dramatically to appraise her. She was wearing a tank top that hugged her body tight as if for dear life, it was as if her deliciously big bòobs were struggling to breathe. And bum shorts that revealed dark, smooth, creamy, chocolatey legs.

“I can see that. You look like a snack, I can just eat you up,” I said like a pervert, licking my lips.

“Eat me as how? Am I fufu? Or am I amala?”

“You are all of that plus more my dear.”

We joked around about a few stuff, gisted until it was time for them to lock the girls’ hostel gates. We were reluctant to leave each other, and even after they had locked the gates we still stood there talking to each other, staring deep into each other’s eyes. From the corner of my eyes though, I thought I could make out this guy staring at us. I thought I had seen him earlier that evening too but I paid it no mind. We said our farewells and I went back to my hostel room feeling on top of the world. As I sat on my bed my phone beeped. I whipped it out to see that I had received a message from my sweetheart Folake.

“Thank you for making my night so special. I’m glad I met you.”


My roommates began trooping in one after the other. Olorunwa and Olumafon came in first, bringing all the noise from Yorubaland with them. Sometimes it would seem like things had gotten so serious between them, what with their raised voices and whatnot, but las-las, no one would throw even a punch, no physical fights, nothing! Then why bother shouting at the top of your voices all the time with so much adrenaline like the world was about to come to an end? These niggàs needed to learn how to chill out. Usher came in next all cool and skinny as usual. I teased him and asked for the one-millionth time if it was juju he used to get that girl. I was promising him that I would report his ‘unholy’ affair with that sèxy piece of àss to his fellowship pastor when his phone rang. It was his hyperactive girlfriend. There went my conversation with him, for I knew that he would be on the phone with her for the next 30 minutes at least. And in came Farmer, he hit the center of the floor dramatically, dancing an awkward dance in a celebratory mood. When I asked what the occasion was, he told me he was able to get two fresher’s numbers tonight and he was going to do whatever it took to make them fall for him hard.

“See ehn, I don perfect my game. If dem no fall for me no be my papa born me (I’m going to get those girls, they don’t stand a chance),” he boasted. He stood upright all of a sudden and looked at me intently like he’d just remembered something.

“That girl I saw you with this evening, is she the one?” He asked me.

“The one that what?”

“The one you’re toasting (wooing) na.”

“I’m not toasting her,” I replied stubbornly.

“Okay but she’s the one Olorunwa and Olumafon were talking about right?”

“Yes she is.”

“That girl get boyfriend oh,” he said casually.

“No she doesn’t,” I fired back. How could she have a boyfriend?

Could she?

“I say she get boyfriend. I come dis school before you, I know everything wey dey happen for here. (I know everything that goes on in this school, she is in a relationship).”

When he saw the disbelief written on my face, he tapped Usher impatiently on his shoulder, disrupting the call he was making with his girlfriend who he had seen only a few minutes ago. Usher held the phone away from his ear and looked up at Farmer angrily.

“What is it?”

“Mgbo, the girl wey we see with Wayward Pikin this evening, she get boyfriend or she no get boyfriend? (Does the girl have a boyfriend or not?)”

“She has a boyfriend, he stays in Block 10, the block opposite this one,” he said dismissively before returning to his phone conversation with his sèxy aśs girlfriend. Such a mystery, the two of them.

I suddenly remembered the guy I had seen staring at us on two different occasions this evening and everything sort of clicked.

But, if she had a boyfriend, what was she doing with me? Was my life in danger? Why was everything happening so damn fast?

What to do, what to do…

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