Confessions of a Ruff, Rugged and Raw 9ja Guy – PART 3 (ME AGAINST THE WORLD)

CHAPTER 1 – 24

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CONFESSIONS OF A RUFF, RUGGED AND RAW 9ja Guy (Me Against the World).

Chapter 1.

Never in my wildest dreams I thought I would move from school to school like a woman changing pads, cos I ought to have been rounding up but yet I am starting all over again, at 24, the year 2010, but one has got to take life as it comes, not every plan falls in place, not every goal is reached but it still doesn’t stop one from believing and dreaming, as one still breathes its a fresh air for hope and a better day.

I got into my new environment a new and laid back man, casting the frat attitude aside cos if fence no fall, goat no go climb am, I needed no lecturer to school me on being wise and being in my very best behavior, so I had crossed my heart never to get myself related to anything cultism ever again or so I thought, I relegated myself to a jew man, a complete 48, and never to associate myself with anyone who was a cultists and coz in this environment, a private school at that, my very last bus stop and my last shot at getting a degree, I had to bring out the very best in me, from my heart of hearts and my soul of souls.

It was a private Uni in Ife, Osun State, and I had gotten my admission to study Mass Communication. The rules as at then were that 100 level students were to stay in the school hostel, while 200 level upwards were to live off-campus.

My very first day, after I had done the rigorous exercises that goes with registrations for a new student, where you had to line up behind a very long queue, do this and do that, while the people in charge tosses you from one place to another to get the signature of this person and that person, very annoying, stressful and tiring shitt, regardless one has got no choice than do whats needed to be done..

I located myself with the things I had brought from home to the school hostel and finally locating my room and got inside to meet three guys who were all younger than I was (but who age help), and had ourselves introduced and then I picked a spot, close to the door, and this is where another chapter of my life began hoping it would just go as I had anticipated.

The hostel I got assigned to was block 8, and it has 8 rooms, four on each side, more like a face me I face you apartment with four guys in every room, with this same block 8 turning out later to be well known on campus cos of things and havoc created by these certain 32 boys who later didn’t just

become friends but shared a bond and we became brothers, tho nothing good comes easy, so blood had to be spilled, prices had to paid to get to that level.

That very first night, cos of the kind of person I was, I wasn’t satisfied with just knowing who my roommates where, I wanted to know who I shared the Block with, so I had to go banging from one door to another, just to make sure I see and know everyone, and then give myself a bit of a hint of how to handle myself.

I had gotten myself together and resumed lectures immediately, cos this time we ain’t here to play, my motto was to stay far away from trouble and make my study my number one priority, after two weeks when more people had resumed and lectures were beginning to get intense, the HOD came in on a cold morning and insisted we got ourselves a Course Rep for the department, he said his job was to oversee but we were to do the picking ourselves, and four people had to be nominated while the rest of the class were to vote. In this particular class of mine, we had like 13 guys and about 83 girls, so we had ladies conquering this department in terms of their numbers which is mostly so in the most Art department, Theatre Art and Mass Comm the main culprits. While I did music in Delsu, there were more girls too but the guys weren’t as scanty as it was in this new department of mine.

Four people were handpicked to stand up and I was one of them, and surprisingly after the voting, I was elected the Course Rep, I no go die, I took it with pride and assumed my duties with immediate alacrity. I was to take the day to day attendance and every student had to pass through me to get certain materials that involved the class, I was the link between the students and my HOD as well as other lecturers, but regardless students still had their own personal relationship with whichever lecturer they dim fit.

During this two weeks period, I had gotten acquainted with some other guys I presume my age range who without a doubt I knew this school couldn’t have just been their first, tho mostly on assumptions, not till I spoke with these individuals one on one.

Now, I have a disability in my looks, and that is I look way younger than my age facially, I am just
very fair in complexion with a very young face, there wasn’t anything I didn’t do just to change the looks, I remember quite well from my 18th year while my mates were growing beards, I wasn’t getting any and was complaining really bitterly about it and when I always inquire what to do, I get things like,

“Go buy weed”, “Guy, rob spirit”

“Guy, mix Ogogoro and weed”

All the friends that gave me that advice my God is watching all of you, if I demand thunder for you people, they will call me wicked. I spent money on spirit after spirit, Igbo after Igbo, Ogogoro after ogoro, nothing still came, so I just finally gave up, but thank God now Sha, at 32 small don manage to come out under the jaw, the Lord is good., now I even appreciate my looks more.

So I get mistaken for my young looks a lot but now I take it as a good thing.

The second weekend after the resumption, on a Saturday hot afternoon, bored in my room watching movies on my laptop, I decided to move my legs. I came out remembered a group of guys I had conversed with briefly before, so I decided to go look for their room, I already knew their block which was directly opposite mine. There’s this particular one amongst them, very fat, so till date I don’t even know his real name cos the whole school calls him Jigga cos of his looks and he has the loudest bass voice I know, so as I stepped into the Block it was his loud voice that made it easy for me to locate his room.

I got there, knocked, the door wasn’t locked but was slightly closed, so I forced my way in. The first person I saw was this little stature looking guy who’s bonk was next to the door, had his laptop faced to him rapping skillfully to a song I never heard before which I later got to know it was his personal recorded song, he was so good at what he did I was in awe, before I brought myself back to reality, who later introduced himself as 6, who is the Young 6ix making waves in the music industry today, and then at the far end was Jigga and then Barry and Bj occupied the other two spaces.

Myself, Jigga, Bj, and Barry had gotten into a previous short conversation while 6 was the one I was seeing for the first time.

We started talking about stuff and you know how talk leads to talk, we started talking about school, and Barry made it known this wasn’t his first school coz these three guys were facially matured with all the thick beard and said the school he’s been in, and then Jigga and Bj goes to say the same mentioning the schools they had attended before this private Uni, so to set the record straight, I was like,

“Una own good na, na my third school be this”(Your story is cool, this is my third school),

And the next thing that visited my ears was

“Shut up abeg, see this small boy wan dey feel among”(Please shut it, the small boy wants to feel
among) fired Bj

It touched me to my marrow, so I quietly said trying to control the already brewing anger,

“Guy no ever tell me to shut up again for your life, no go dey look this face, like this gan with all this
beard I fit come senior you”(Guy, don’t you ever tell me to shut it, and stop looking down on my young looks, I wouldn’t be surprised if I were older than you),

This motherfucker took what I said personal, and he goes again,

“Na so una go just dey fabu up and down, abeg get out jor”( That is how you guys go about telling
lies, please get out),

This time his voice had changed already raising his voice at me, and one thing about me I had seen enough bullshitt in my life, nobody scares me, especially when I am speaking my truth and talking from the heart, and that was when my anger ignited and I was trying to correct him, he brought out a driver’s license and in it he was 22, with all his strong beard and I was 24 with not even a single strand.

“We no even be mate, see this small boy, I give you two years”( We ain’t even mates, small boy, I am
two years older), I fired,

And that was when he got aggressive picking offense for me calling him a small boy, and then forged forward holding me by my shirt, which the roommates had to quickly jump in before it could
escalate any further. Then and there I had gotten enough insults from this dude and wasn’t ready to
swallow any further bullshitt,

“This shirt wey you hold so, if you no pay for holding my shirt, make I know wetin cos am“( You are going to pay for having the guts to hold me by my shirt), I thundered in anger, stepped out immediately and then went straight to get my birth certificate as proof to show the rest of them, the funny thing is I am far taller than this guy and even fleshier than he was, the only difference was his bearded face that made it look like I was far his younger Bro, offense I had already taken for dragging me by the shirt.

Jigga and Barry told him to apologize but his ‘Ego’ wouldn’t let it ‘Go’, he refused something I had already told myself won’t go unpunished.

“Guy, I no dey like talk too much, I no dey tolerate shit, I go clear your doubt” (Guy, I don’t talk much, I don’t take shitt, I am going to blow your mind), I calmly and confidently told him.

Not like I meant it as a threat, but a simple I am sorry would just kill how he had made me feel at that point in time,

“Omor abeg, nothing dey happen jor”(Nigga you ain’t going to do nothing), he confidently fired back
in a disrespectful tone.

A response I had taken very personal, without uttering another word, I left the room quietly and went to mine, with only one thing in mind, Bj.

Chapter 2.

I wasn’t angered by the things said back by this punk of a guy but definitely how he disrespected me and acted immaturely, and in truth I didn’t know how to teach him a lesson, no matter how tiny it is cos if things like this aren’t put a stop to it tends to brew bigger insults in future. I had told myself since he was wrong and a simple

‘My guy no vex’,

Which could have just killed the whole drama that had played earlier, and for a guy like me with the kind of orientation I had gotten in the past and I mean streetwise, it has eaten deep into me I don’t let things like this go just like that when I get treated like shitt while all I was doing was to be very friendly as possible, and might not be the same day you had me messed up but be sure when I have your time, you will get what’s coming for you, an attitude I finally learned to slowly let go off, one can’t keep living life that way cos its not always about violence.

Now, the thing is how do I clear this guys disrespect to me was a misery I didn’t know how to solve but I just knew whenever the chance presented itself, I was hell going to take it, and I am that kind of guy, if you disrespect me, hurt me, do something that really touches me then you got my whole day all messed up, mood changes, and I could spend the whole day hissing from time to time, unless something miraculously drags my attention away.

I sat on my bed thinking about nothing in particular and dozed off, only to be wakened by a tap on my back by Jigga, opening my eyes was him standing there with Barry,

“Guy make we go outside school, one woman like that Iya Ayo, make we just dey there drink make
we settle you and Bj” said Barry

“Bro, I no dey play, I no get bierbier no mean say person go dey follow me yan balls, I swear down
em no know me”(Bro, this ain’t no joke, I have no beard doesn’t mean I should be talked down on, I swear that dude doesn’t know me), I replied and that’s when I noticed the day had slightly gotten dark on glancing at my Nokia express music phone to see it was a few minutes to 7 pm.

“Bro, no reason am jor, we don even tire for am, I go find room outside school last last, I no fit do this hostel thing with all these small small boys abeg, guy wear clothe meet us for front of
school”(Bro, let it go, we are already tired of him, I am going to look for a place off campus cos I can’t stand these kids, dress up and meet us in front of school) Jigga said.

They left while I prepared, wore a clean top and a nice pair of trousers and a palm slippers then stepped out.

On getting there it was a full house, Jigga, Barry, Bj, 6, and a host of other guys I had been seeing their faces on campus but personally being together in a hang out for the first time. What was on the table were two big bottles of Chelsea dry gin and 3 bottles of plastic coke with everyone holding a disposable cup in hand.

I had gotten there quite a bit late with 6 already showing off his rap prowess, killing it with punch
lines and rhyming with everyone one’s name he knew sited in the gathering and he was doing it so effortlessly and without stress, letting everyone know as long as this school is concerned he was the rap king, without a doubt I saw pure talent but had no idea how big his dream was music-wise.

For most of the time, all we did was listen while he rapped on and on while the more he impressed the more we brought out our phones to record, clap and from time to time when he drops a rare punchline, you would here Barry and a few guys go,

“ woooooo!, did you fuckkking hear that shi”


Each to their own exclamation, but the more you go tripping, the more he goes hard, more like some sort of motivation, he was truly a freestyle genius.

We had gotten so carried away with what was going on that Barry, Jigga had forgotten they were supposed to settle a dispute between Bj and myself, almost everyone had gotten tipsy on dry gin, I wouldn’t say I was tipsy, maybe close but I can’t blame anyone coz gin gets into the system more than beer, as a matter of fact, no one mentioned our dispute, everyone was just carried away by the effortlessly rapping 6, who basically rapped for almost the whole time we were there, and he enjoys his attention. From time to time myself and Bj shared weird glances at each other, but whenever our eyes met all he got was a mean look, while he gave me a dangerous smile in response, and I got his message, but all that triggered the anger which had built and piled up back in me.

After spending about two hours, we all decided to carry that highness, step back into campus and
hunt the girls, operation go ye all and scope any babe you like with your highness, it mustn’t waste.

We stepped back into campus about past 9 pm, guys were just echoing,

“Make we go love street”

Love Street is the street in front of the girl’s hostel, in fact anywhere around the girl’s hostel is love street with street lights mounted at strategic points and once it gets dark every night, you see guys dressing up and the only music you’ll hear is

“I dey go love street”

And if you stepped out from 7:30/8 pm you have the whole place crowded and most people you see at different corners are in twos, a guy and a girl 90 out of 100, the remaining 10 would be a certain clique or group chilling at a strategic spot.

As we got to the school gate, I was behind Bj, I intentionally was walking behind him coz I still had that anger brewed in me, just as we had gotten off a better distance from the security post and guys already splitting up in cliques, I said

“Guy, you know say you fuck up today???”(Guy, you know you fucked up today?) telling Bj in an
angry tone,

“Guy abeg dey one side jor, nothing dey happen”(Guy, fuck off, ain’t nothing happening), he angrily

I didn’t want to know what was giving him the confidence and I really didn’t care either, and just as he was completing the statement what he got back was a straight punch to the mouth with all the strength my right hand could gather, being a bit tipsy and didn’t know what my reaction would be, he had scampered to the ground, while I went straight for him without thinking twice, before Barry, Jigga and the closest guys to us rushed and drew me off him,

“Guy if you no get respect, I go teach you, that apology I for force am out of your mouth, your
Gene”(Guy, if you got no respect for people, I’ll teach you, I would have forced out an apology from
your mouth, fuckk you) I said to him,

“Na me you rough handle like this, you go see” he replied, snapping his fingers and then dashed off.

What his plans were, I didn’t know and I still didn’t care, but I had gotten my relieve,

“Ken, I know say this thing go happen cos I observe your mood when we dey Iya Ayo shop”(Ken, I knew this was going to happen cos I saw it in your countenance while at that woman’s shop) said Barry,

“Omor guy you dey Para oooo, you no dey forget something oooo, but guy e good as e don happen like this”(Guy, you don’t overlook things, but it was good it happened this way) Jigga added with his baritone voice, wording it in a very funny way.

Other guys at the scene were trying to inquire what had transpired between us, but I left without giving anyone an explanation leaving Jigga, 6, Barry to help with it.

As I bounced off from the scene, taking my time and walking majestically, I had only one place in mind, and that’s back to the Boyz hostel, right in the entrance of the boys hostel was a canteen handled by an indigene Yoruba guy by name Amazing, well that’s what we knew him as, my intention was just to walk straight to my room, get my meal ticket and use the ticket to get food for the night.

Heading back I was watching my environment, the street leading to the boy’s hostel had no street
light, with thick bushes on both sides.

Just as I got to the middle of the road, I heard a voice saying

“Ohun ni, Ohun ni(meaning that’s him, that’s him in Yoruba)”

And before I knew what was happening I had been cornered by 5 guys, including Bj, making 6, then that was when it processed in my head the reason for his overconfidence all along, right there in the dark.

Chapter 3.

Did my mind beat faster than normal?, yes it did,
Was I a frightened?, maybe a bit but not like I was scared scared.

The first attack was a slap on my chest, it was Bj

“You abi”, he said,

“Ni suru, ki lon she e na” (In Yoruba, calm yourself, what’s wrong with you), another guy shoved him

“Oya, da ke” (meaning keep shut).

While all this was going on, all I did was observe, I have been in this game long enough, whichever way this goes, I get hurt or not, I should be able to know my next move, so just incase things get crazy and out of hand, I know the weakest link to push through and save my life, if it gets to that point.

“Wetin this my padi do you? “(what was it my friend did “, one asked who sounded like the boss amongst them, cos every other person was mute while he stood right in front of me, face to face, confronting me.

At this point I already knew what’s up, cos I played this game and I did it so well. Immediately I pulled the strings together, these guys were frat men quite alright, and from a few slang I already

knew which one they belonged to, and who says private universities don’t do cultism too. It is
everywhere, as long as you have a gathering of youths.

Now, I didn’t get surprised of how these guys had aligned themselves within just two weeks of resumption, but for guys into system, it’s the easiest thing to do entering a new school or environment , if you still want to be part of the game regardless of wherever you had been
practicing it from, all you need do is make your contacts, walk around, have a meet and then identify yourself and before you know it you have a full house right there.

As soon as he asked me the question, I already knew what was going on, and already gotten a clear message, Bj wasn’t one of them, he only had one as a very close friend and during their conversations, most definitely a word like this must have been passed to him by this certain close friend of his,

“If anybody at all do you anyhow for this school, just let me know”

And that’s obviously what just happened. Now how did I know so fast, and come to this conclusion this quickly, that’s cos in the game, if you belong to a certain frat, it doesn’t matter if you are wrong or right, once men align, fall out to go treat a certain fuckk up, once you have that person on sight, or cornered like I was, there ain’t going to be any questions asked, I am gonna get fuckeddd up the way they choose or had planned , and if my crime is just to hurt me, and while doing what is it they are set out to do, that is when you’ll get questions like,

“We wan know who you be Who you be”

And this would be while my fuckkk up is being treated, and after what’s done is done, you’ll hear
things like,

“Go call anybody wey you wan call, we dey wait” (Call anyone you know can fight for you, you are
being waited for).

So Bj was only a friend, which made my mind more at ease, tho not completely cos anything can still happen, and the reason this approach is used is when they really want their friend to join the game, more like if you were part of us, we would have fuckeddd this guy up straight up, only in extremely rare situations they will come at you without any questions asked or confrontation of some sort, or in cases where you have been on their radar for quite some time and just looking for that golden chance to pounce on you.

I looked at the guy, and I explained to him while others listened exactly what had transpired, right from when I was in the his room, letting them know I wasn’t going to just let it slip away just like that, cos I know what my eyes have seen and while I spoke, I spoke with so much confidence which gives one an edge in tight situations like this, cos in the rules of the game,

‘The jonsing ones are treasures to the rugged ones’ (meaning, the weak ones, ends up as an office
for the more confident or rugged ones)

In the rules of the game, the ones who suffer the most are the ones about to be brought in the game or freshly into the game, if you’re newly brought into the game, a lot of your brothers will have a go at you, will always want to have a one on one identification and orientation convo with you , not for the sake of it but knowing as a fresh man there would be a whole lot of things you wouldn’t know thereby capitalizing on those flaws and extorting you off your valuables which could range from your phone, jewelries or whatever they feel is good enough for them to take, the only options you have is to get drilled,, buy brews or pay in cash, depending on who drags you to a corner and how street smart and hardened he is in the game and then you might just have to let those go and probably get new ones, with time no one will tell you to toughen up as well as getting a better know how of how the game works, things done to you you do to the ones before you and the circle goes on.

This situation I had found myself I had to show confidence and never exhibit fear, cos fear can easily be spotted, either by legs or hands shaking and a break and tension in your voice, but I was too street smart for it cos I know the game, since I was being outnumbered, I could leave their midst loosing my phone, the confidence throws the others off guard, making them ask themselves who you are and why you are so composed,

After my narration, the guy who stood in front of me with the confrontation, looked towards the direction of Bj and then said,

“ Olohun o fuccck up, to ba fe wole, ko wole, ti o ba fe wole, ma ma wa ja, no to ri pe, o ro pe a ma wa ja fun en” (Meaning, to God you fuckeddd up, if you want to be a part of us then be, if you don’t want to then stop looking for trouble just cos you feel we will come and fight for you “ he said not knowing I understood Yoruba well, cos I was born and bred in Lagos.

“ Guy, you get luck oooo, make I leave am like that “ I fired back at Bj, right in the midst of his own
saviors, it was all part of the game,

“ Bro, abeg, nothing do you, dey go jor”( Bro, you did nothing wrong, you can go).

Now, what he just did was played with Bjs mind, this is one of the ways to break the defenses of someone who you are eyeing or nurturing to join your fraternity, making him feel miserable like the only way these guys can truly have my back is if I was part of them, and most of the time, a lot of young men fall for this, which at the end leads to destruction, all in the name of ruggedity, not like you become richer, or get a certain amount of salary weekly or monthly, and what people never
know is, it’s different from the outside, only when you become one, you will begin to discover things on your own that was hidden from you, even if you were going to be told anything while you were asked out the way a guy hunts a pretty damsel that catches his fancy, it will be sugarcoated, that’s when it dawns on you what you’ve truly gotten yourself involved in, ‘Who no go, no know’.

I got back to the boys hostel, just as I was about stepping into my block, I heard someone playing the Piano and singing alongside it, which just brought memories and shiver all over me, knowing this is what I used to do, one of my passions, something I really loved enjoy doing till I started drifting away ever since I left Delsu, and one thing about life, if you leave something, it leaves you, going back to that thing, the ideas would be clearly there but your skills would have become stall, you notice you are not good at this like you used to anymore, and it would take time and continuous practice to get back to that level you once were and it would be difficult to get back at that level especially when you have a lot of new things going on for you thereby not having that kind of dedication and time for it anymore.

I stopped immediately, and located the room and yet again, it was the same block as Bjs, as a matter of fact, directly opposite his room.

I knocked and without waiting for a response from the other end, forced my way in, seeing four different guys all at their strategic bonks, I introduced myself and asked what their names were , and then got talking to the one who was playing the Piano, he called himself Mister Sam, but I chose to call him MS, which he was perfectly cool with cos btw that was what almost everyone on campus knew him as.

I offered to play, cos it had been a while, telling him about how music use to be my thing in my former school, and this guy was passionate about music it showed in the way he played and sang, the only reason I wanted to play was to see if I still got it, I still was able to, but my fingers had gotten stiff and I was making too many mistakes on my scales and I couldn’t even play all the keys anymore without making errors, unless a particular selected few, like the Key C, C #, F, and F #.

Finally I had gotten a new friend in MS, cos we had spoken a whole lot, things I can’t begin to mention , just when I had decided to take my leave, get to my room and get myself my meal ticket, on stepping out was Bj, just stepping in into his block, and there we was, face to face, just the two of us and that was when I realized I had punched the left side of his mouth swollen, with the help of

the passage light giving me a clear view, I burst into laugher, which infuriated him. My reason for laughing hard at him was his failed attempt at mobilizing a group of boys to beat me up,

“For your mind, you dey expect say by now blood for dey comot for my eyes, ears and mouth abi, na
play you dey, Mugu” I teased, firing at him without remorse,

“Guy, you fuckkk up, you no suppose do me like that for front of school” he replied angrily, pointing
a finger to my face

“Ogaaaaaa, focus ooo, no let your finger enter my ears ooo, be like you wan chop another round “ I
said, shoving his finger off my face,

And the short man that he was , began pushing his chest against mine, as we were going back and forth, guys on hearing the noise had already started stepping out to see the new drama,

“You dey find person wey go kill you this, night abeg go lick soup”, I said,

Took myself out of the equation and headed straight to my room, I had gotten my revenge and that
was that, ain’t no need going back on forth on it.

“No worry, this thing wey you do this night, you go see, shey we dey this school together”, he yelled behind as I left, while all I did was stretch out my arm and gave him the middle finger.

Chapter 4,

It was Sunday morning, and while most students prepared for Sunday service, I didn’t feel like going anywhere so I decided to stay back. I was bored in my hostel room, obviously I couldn’t just stay all by myself when for a fact I wasn’t in prison, so I decided to go chill at the Cafeteria at the entrance of the boys hostel and just watch TV as well as passersby.

I took a seat at an isolated corner just for the sake of minding my own business, though there was a guy who sat not too far from me I wasn’t paying attention to, not until a phone call he received drew my attention, for the obvious reason it was the native dialect he spoke that drew my attention. It was Kwale, where my mom hailed from.

After he was done with the call, me always excited whenever I hear someone speak that language, for no reason it makes me feel a certain way inside, and there I was trying to start up a conversation like a guy who’s just seen his crush and trying to impress,

“Nwene mmaru, de lo di “ (my brother, how are you), I asked with a smile on my face,

And with smiles on his face, he replied,

“Guy, you be Kwale boy?”

“9ja halfcast, my mom na Kwale, dad Ibo, but I dey speak the language based on one side”, I replied
in affirmative

He laughed and then dragged a seat next to me and then a proper introduction ensued,

“My name na Ogor, and 200 level Mass Comm”, he said stretching forth is hand for a shake,

I grabbed the outstretched hand firmly,

“Ken, Mass Comm, 100 level”

And another new friendship was birthed.

Now, I am not someone who just jumps into friendship cos as a matter of fact I really don’t have friends in real life, probably three, when I say friends I don’t include people I chill and socially hang out with, while the rest are online friends and I have only seen just one in person, but that doesn’t mean I don’t hang out, have a drink with people within and outside my vicinity every once in a while, to me they are people I know, while people I consider friends are people I share a relationship with, we both know at least certain things or quite some things about each other, cos I tend to be extremely careful about who I make friends with, an experience my Mr nice guy side of me has thought me in the past, where I currently reside, been there two years and no one has ever come
knocking on my gate and say they are looking for me but it doesn’t mean when I see niggas when I step out I don’t shake hands or show love depending on how I feel and how my pocket is at that point in time, so I isolate and keep to myself and calmly choose my friends so I don’t hear stories that touches the heart tomorrow. I make myself a misery for others.

This new friend I think I just met, without him knowing I was already taking my time to study him, observe things as much as I can before deciding where to place him in my life, and that starts with giving him a benefit of doubt.

While we were talking, he talked about being hungry and didn’t know how his next meal will come from, which was a lame thing for me giving that school had barely resumed for two weeks going into the third, but I acted like it was nothing.

I took him to my room, brought out provisions and asked what was it he cared for, and he said golden morn would do.

He ate as much as he could and I opened my big peak powder milk for him and this was me giving
my first impression ‘Mr Nice Guy’.

After he had had breakfast with my provisions, he took me to his room and just as we were stepping
in, I hadn’t even sat down,

“Guy for your life, no ever try this rubbish wey you do, why you go change my laptop battery put your own wey no dey last 5 minutes for my own, even if my battery wan cast, e no fit fast like this” a roommate of his who shared the exact kind of laptop with him angrily said,

“Bro, I just buy this battery, go look for who exchange your battery” he calmly replied back, feeling
very confident,

All I did was just kept mute, observing every little thing I could, before I make a thief a friend and everyone starts thinking we are one of a kind cos I take that saying to heart

‘Show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are’

When I was fully in the game, when I was still carrying it on my head, there goes an orientation that says,

‘Stealing is allowed but don’t get caught’

But it has never been my thing, I still stick to my personal belief and the way I was raised, so I never take what belongs to me unless in rare cases which is based on the game, if you are having a one on one identification with a fellow frat mate and you notice a whole lot of flaws in his identification or not knowing his orientations properly, it is your right to drive him and take whatever treasures you feel he has on him, and he has only three ways to get it back either by drinks, by drills or by cash, the choice is his to make, those were the times I had taken things that weren’t mine, not things belonging to the innocent or neutrals.

While they went at it back and forth, arguing about the laptop, he still acted like he didn’t care, turned on his laptop, brought out two laptop pads and then fixed a PES game for us to have a go at each other, while we went at it, I still was observing every single thing going on with this new friend of mine and this new room I was in.

After about two games which I won with clear margins claiming the bragging rights that I was better than him, he paused the game and asked for some time that he needed to put a call through to his dad.

There he went, 15 mins he was still on this call, telling who was on the other end how he was broke and needed two hundred thousand naira to sort things here and there, it wasn’t even the call that caught my fancy, but the reactions from his roommate.

“Ogor don start to dey whine himself, I swear down em no dey talk to anybody” a roommate of his
named Jimmy said very confidently bursting into a hysterical laugh , while the others joined in

I was the stranger here in ‘wanderland’ , so I was oblivious of what exactly was going on,

“How much how much, I dial him number the more, e ring out “ same Jimmy said, still laughing hard, deeping a hand into his pocket trying to piece some naira note together, challenging anyone who was up for a bet.

Now the funny thing here was he wasn’t even saying it to just my hearing and his other roommates but to the hearing of Ogor himself who was standing at the door, acting like someone who was the son of the Governor of wherever he came from, and he was dead serious about this call of his, not giving a hoot what anyone else was saying.

“Make I blow una mind” Jimmy said,

“Abeg who get credit for em phone for here” still asked Jimmy

Just then Tosin, the one who had been going back and forth over a laptop battery with Ogor offered his.

Right in front of our eyes , he took out his phone, copied Ogors number into Tosin’s phone and then
dialed it, and just as he had predicted Ogors phone started ringing right in his ears,

Everyone of us erupted into laugher, Jimmy must know him so well then and for the scammer that he is, but another funny thing was Ogor wasn’t having any of it, he took his phone off his ears, busied it and went ahead with his imaginary call, like nothing happened, this time stepping out of the room completely.

After a while, he came back,

“See if I dey on serious call like that no ever disturb my call again” Ogor said directing his anger to

To my amusement all Jimmy and the rest of his roommates did was laugh hard, as for me being the stranger, it was a very strange and funny sight for me to behold, hadn’t seen a jonsing like that before.

He walked back to his bonk where I sat,

“Free these fools make we continue our game jor” he confidently said,

That performance alone was enough for me to know everything I needed to know, I needed no soothsayer or a seer to tell me to thread with caution regarding this new found friend of mine.

Chapter 5,

After what I had just experienced I already had clear knowledge of the kind of guy I was dealing with, if I was going to be sticking around this dude for whatever reason then I have got to be extremely cautious, when dining with the devil, you need a long spoon.

After a while of playing PES on his system, he started telling me he had limited time to leave the school hostel, cos within a short period the school authorities would start giving them a hit, so as to create bonk space for freshers, he told me he was searching for a place as we spoke right in town, Ife, cos this school of mine was located in Ipetumodu, a local town in a certain community but as at then it was a fifty naira ride to OAU, and to the main town.

“So you fit dey come around come chill, I go let you know once I don get and tidy the place”
( You can come around and chill, I will let you know once the place is set and ready) he told me,

“No shaking, I dey with you”(No p, I am with you on that), I responded,

“Guy, I no go lie for you, this guy wey you dey see so na Akwe oooo, shine your eyes oooo, no talk
say I no tell you, na we wey don dey this school before you come go tell you as e dey go”
(Guy, I am not going to lie to you, this guy is a criminal, we have been in this school before you came, so we are to tell you the kind of person he is), Jimmy said, giving me a stern warning,an advice I took very seriously.

Ogor went at him, while they exchanged strong words back and forth, but I had gotten a clear message.

After that day passed, I didn’t know what I did, but for some reasons best known to him he was acting so nice, he would call me out to go chill with him at Mini mart, a spot right at the far end of campus that had a bit of everything you would find outside, video games, Amala joint, snoker joint, and a host of other relaxation spot, while he would foot the bill for whatever it was we had, but something wasn’t right, probably cos of the warning I had got as well as things that had transpired the first day I stepped into his room, maybe he was preparing for the kill, or was being genuine and I was just overreacting but in time I was certain to know.

I returned the gesture when I could, would take him to my room while we fed on my provisions if I had to and not too long people were beginning to notice us.

After he had won my trust, maybe his mind told him so, then something happened,

Now, cos of the kind of life I had lived in the past, it has affected till date, I am a really poor sleeper, the slightest of noise wakes me up, no matter how tiny the sound is, sometimes I even jerk to a sound, I mean like get up very quickly, wanting to know what it is, and it is that bad that even when I get high on alcohol, I don’t pass out for long, I still would wake up in the middle of the night, the only time I really enjoy a good sleep has to be either when I take a cough syrup when I have cough for real , a sleeping pill, a certain drug I take sometimes to make me eat and sleep or a sweet female body to cuddle tightly next to mine naked in bed.

This particular night, after the running around for lectures and all that jazz a typical 9ja student faces on campus, even though most of us who resided in the hostel slept pretty late, maybe having long playful discussions with your mates, or playing a video game, or probably anything at all that keeps you awake for long, the regular hostel kind of life,

My bonk was close by the door, by the right side if you’re walking into the room from outside, I had a window which was by the side of the door and most times I wonder why it was there cos it was at the side of the passage and these windows as at then had no net asides a burglary proof.

Most nights, I sleep with my mosquito net on, but for this night I didn’t, cos there was power, and if there’s power you have the fans to keep you cold for the night and mosquitoes find it hard to thrive under such situations.

When I sleep at night with my mosquito net set, I don’t put my head where this window is but the opposite direction, and I would have my phone by my side, not far from my head, but this night it was the other way round without the net.

In the middle of the night, I just had this feeling someone was standing by the window and like I said, I ain’t much of a deep sleeper, I wake up with the slightest of noise, even the sound of a flying cockroach would wake me up. As soon as I raised my head, was right there a hand that had already grabbed my phone, cos I had slept putting my Nokia XpressMusic phone behind me when it ought to be in my face or I had probably switched position at night like everyone does.

Based on the fact that I sleep being cautious of my environment, I had that sharp agility and as soon as I saw the hand through the burglary proof with my phone in hand almost succeeding in his business for the night, I reached for it and grabbed it, holding this hand by the wrist, my intentions was to slam that hand against the iron burglary, if e wan break make e break, I didn’t want to know, but this particular person was skilled at what he does, he was able to drop my phone and free himself from my grip very quickly, more like a slippery hand and then dashed off.

Now, another problem was that our metal door knob was faulty, you’d have to insert the bottom of a spoon or fork, twist it to get it open, a spoon was kept permanently at the rare end of my window side for that purpose. I opened the door as fast as I could and dashed out too looking for who this person was, my instinct was already pointing towards a culprit.

I came out and didn’t see anyone but there’s a way the hostel was built, it was in sections and if you stood at a certain spot of the vicinity you would be able to have a clear view of the whole block. If my instinct was right about who I thought it was just pulled this stunt on me , then there was no way he would have gotten back to his block in such short space of time, even Usain Bolt wouldn’t cover that distance that quickly especially how fast I got out.

Before now, I have heard about cases of missing phones, where students wake up and their phones missing and it gets missing for life and no culprit was yet to be found.

I told myself, today

“we die here, if na to dey awake till daybreak I no mind, today I must know who just try this rubbish with me” (Today, I am ready to stay up all night to find out who this person is), I said, talking to myself,

I sat at a spot where my eyes could cover every inch of the boys hostel but I was more focused on the blocks at my own end, cos there was no way the person would have come from a far away block and get back to his destination within a speed of light,so whoever it was wouldn’t be so far away but in hiding, and I had already calculated it would be stupid of me to stand entering block by block
searching for who it was, I could easily loose the person since I was alone and there wasn’t anyone
else to mount guard for me.

“Today na today, I no wan know who you be, but if you tire, Olohun you go come out”(Today, I don’t want to know who you are but when you are tired, to God, you will come out of your hiding) I said and took a sit at a visible dark corner waiting for bushmeat to catch the hunter.

Chapter 6

This incident was going on at the thick of the night, around some minutes past 3am. I sat where I was boiling, terribly angry and truly I didn’t even know what my next reaction would be like if I succeeded in getting the culprit, it didn’t even register, at that very moment the only thing I had in

mind was to know who this person who had the guts to come rob me of my phone was . As time went by I would sit, stand, pace around while I kept waiting for this person who I knew must have hidden somewhere to come out of his hiding, wearing nothing but a boxers.

10 mins, nothing, 15 mins nothing, about 25 to 30 mins later, someone stepped out from a block next to mine, mine was block 8, directly opposite was block 9 and the one next to mine was block 10.

He had a phone on his ear, faking a call and probably must have gotten tired from where he hid spying on me and knowing as long as it was this particular night, I meant business, the front light erected at the top outside of the block was enough for me to identify who this motherfucker was, it was Ogor.

Immediately I headed straight to him, my instinct didn’t fail me, all along while I was out there and pacing about I kept telling myself it was him, and cos my instinct was right and I already knew the expected, it killed the action I ought to have taken, pour out that anger on him I was feeling at that very moment,

“Guy, if you reach church this Sunday, thank God well, cos that your hand na break I wan break am before, and why I dey leave you this night and I no blow your left eye swell, raise alarm make boys begin fall out, na only me know why, no dey form like say you dey any mumu call “, I said and slapped the phone he had on his ear spilling on the ground,

As I did, I wasn’t expecting him to react, cos he wouldn’t have enjoyed what would have been next, all he did was put on a fake smile, while he went trying to recover the phone I had slapped off his hand in anger,

“Jonsing man, so for this full hostel, you no see who you wan even rob, na me wey you dey claim be
your Guy, XpressMusic oooo, no worry, e get why, I go lock up.

I left him and went back to my room, for reasons best known to myself alone, reasons I was sure going to utilize and use to the highest minimum.

Well, I was fast enough not to loose my phone and he was lucky it was me, if it were to be someone else, I am certain an alarm would have been raised and he would have been beaten to a pulp like the common criminal that he is, it’s all clear now why some certain 200 level students then look at me a certain kind of way, not knowing before I came he had histories I later got to find out with time, but it this while it was certain students who knew him and those histories must have been thinking we are the same cos obviously in Pastor Chris Okoties voice,

“Birds of the same plumage, conglomerate in the same proximity”, or like we all know,

“Birds of the same feather, flock together”

Chapter 7.

After this night, I became weary of Ogor, and just gave him space, cos I needed to kill that vibe people must have thought we had or shared.

Two nights after that incident, in the thick of the night, we started hearing noises that awoken almost everyone in the Boys hostel, I rushed out in my boxers to see what it was and so did most of the other students. A young 200 level student was been mauled, reason that a Bold 1 blackberry phone was found in his bonk, and then Blackberry had only recently started trending, it was the newest thing in vogue, anyone one who was able to afford one was considered a big boy or girl, same blackberry many of my niggas used in sleeping with a whole lot of babes on and off campus then.

When I inquired from people around to know what it was, I was told a blackberry phone was stolen at the his block which was at the far end from mine, and it was found dismantled, they had been searching for it for a few hours now, only for everyone who resided at the block agreed to come together to go from room to room to do a thorough search on everyone’s bonk and bags, this guy getting beaten was someone I was seeing for the first time and according to the gist he spearheaded the search and the very person behind the idea of the bonk and bag search, only to get to his room and the lost phone was found at a far corner of his bonk dismantled with the battery and back cover taken off but piled up a spot not far from each other.

While he was being mauled, he kept yelling out he was innocent and someone had put it there, but people didn’t seem to be believe him, already blaming him for all the lost phones that had been going missing in the hostel for a while now.

Taking a look at this young innocent gentle man who could even barely talk I knew he was innocent and a victim of circumstance, my mind and instinct was already pointing towards one direction, ‘yes, that one direction, that same direction’.

The Chief security officer was made aware and that night while the school security came to drag him away almost all the boys in the hostel marched with them as well as the culprit to the school gate and then while we waited, an investigation ensued.

As the investigation commenced and was dragging on,taking quite a while as series of questions were being asked , the puzzle was falling in place and more things were beginning to get revealed. Before we knew what was happening Ogor was getting more involved in the matter out of the blue and some security personnel had gone to fetch him for questioning.

After the whole investigation which took till like 5 am in the morning, cos everyone wanted to know who the phone thief was, the very person responsible for the missing phones all along.

As soon as Ogor had gotten involved I wasn’t surprised one bit, the only thing I personally just
waited for was the outcome.

For those who don’t know Ife, it is a very fetish place, vodoo is well practiced and part of the beliefs of the land.

The Chief security officer had used his fetish prowess on Ogor and forced him to talk, how he did it,
we didn’t know, but Ogor came out clean in a full confession to him which was later shared.

He was at the block to chill with other 200 level course mates and friends, while he was there he already had his plan in mind, executing perfectly what he knew how to do best, and he stole the phone but there was no way to leave the block that night so he dismantled it and went to one of the the rooms at the far end of the block, saw a bonk that was free and without a key lock, hid it there with the intention of coming back for it.

That was his last day in the hostel, he was given an ultimatum to leave the hostel and never to be seen anywhere near there ever again.

This was when it finally dawned on me this can’t be ordinary, either this must have been a curse of some sort or just thick in the blood and can’t be washed away, or probably stealing is his way of life. Whatever it was I really didn’t know, but one thing was obvious here, this guy is a thief and I needed to keep my distance before everyone else starts seeing me as one.

And while I was telling myself all that, I was already getting a negative feedback, just the very thing I was trying to avoid,

“Na your guy na”

“Na your guy dey do all the stealing wey dey go on all this while” KY and Ade who were my room
mates said, wording it in a very mocking tone,

“Na em farm, all man dey farm their farm, una notice say me sef don give am space, which kind smelling my guy “, I said, denying him the way Peter denied Jesus in the Bible, just that in my case I didn’t wait for a cock to crow.

It was a topic to joke around with when we got back to the hostel, no one in my block had really bothered to sleep cos it almost dawn already. Since I had been seen quite some time with him, I had a really embarrassing morning, cos I had my room filled with most members of my block mates
talking about the issue, and I heard it countless number of times, the one line I didn’t want to hear,

“Na my guy”

The only good part about it was that some had truly observed I had distant myself, and they don’t see us together anymore like it was, no one has also complained about any lost item or had any reason to believe I was a thief. We have been seen hang out at Mini Mart, chill at my room, or at his playing PES on laptop, so to clear the air cos it seemed like a perfect opportunity, so I asked a random question, directing it no one but everyone,

“Una know wetin make me give that guy space?”

“Why, we dey hear” getting something like a chorus reply from almost everyone,

It was even beginning to seem like I was summoned to court, with everyone playing the role of a magistrate and court audience at the same time,

I started narrating my encounter a couple of days ago , that very night he tried to steal my phone, taking my time explaining how it all happened and even before then, the signs I had noticed before that very failed stealing attempt.

Since they were the plaintiffs bringing a case to myself the defendant, they had their own questions
asked, why I didn’t just have him fucked up that night, Gareth who was always acting intelligent asked, I simply told him I just didn’t want to cos I had taken him as a friend, but trust me if it was someone else who I didn’t know at all or rarely spoke to, I would have handled it differently, but based on one side, e no get where e touch, that guy must dey useful to me last last.

After everything, we all reasoned and laughed about it.

Chapter 8

I was at this private university, Oduduwa University precisely, with mostly 75% of its students coming from at least a decent wealthy background. Not like I was from one, but at this particular time my parents could afford my fees.

This was really my best shot at getting a degree after everything that had happened in the past, especially my very first school, so I always carried that at the back of my mind, cos if I had gone the way I was suppose to, acted like I ought to, like a child who was well raised growing up as a church boy, I wouldn’t even be in that campus, I would have been long done with schooling and pursuing my quest for happiness as well as other things that makes a man a man, but here I was dancing round circles.

Most times when I was alone I would ask myself questions and I damn sure well know the answers to my very own questions, quite alright I had my flaws, stubborn, strong headed, always not wanting to let things go without getting back at an offender, as well as how I joke and play around was the same way I get easily angry but this wasn’t the Ken I once knew, the path I had previously taken, things I had gotten myself involved with had all piled up over time turning me into into this kind of man that I was, and I had myself and myself alone to set things right, work on me and either make myself like I was or probably better.

So I had this one final shot, one I intend to use very judiciously. It wasn’t that I changed a lot but I
allowed myself to become a victim of circumstance, thereby allowing a lot change me.

Gareth shared the same block with me, his room was before mine and we were course mates. Fresh ajebo warri boy, you will barely hear him speak pidgin, most of the time he speaks in fluent English but in a warri accent , these are the kind of guys you’ll know it has been a routine right from home and as a child, he was raised that way, tall, dark and handsome, with the beard at the right places making him even cuter, never accepts his wrong and always want to be the most intelligent one when we are all gathered having a group discussion with other guys, the only way you can get him to

accept his wrong is ‘just Google it and show him the answer of the issue being talked about’, and then just maybe, you might have him shut for a few secs, but he still won’t completely agree he was wrong,

“This answer you are giving me, it is someone that put it there” 9 out of 10 he would always say, so
the smart ones amongst us avoided him during an argument like a plague.

We had a test on the Friday of that week, after the Ogor banishing incident. He respected me for one thing only, not cause I was older (as age is just but a number), but just cos I was the course representative of his department.

This was the very first test of the semester we were to be having, and I was already beginning to like this guy, he started coming close to me for reasons best known to him, and soon since we were course mates and resided in the same block, we would go to lectures together, chill out during breaks with our other course mates.

He had walked up to me the morning before the test,
“Ken, we are having a test tomorrow, how are we going to do it” and he had asked me in his cool
ajebo warri voice,

“How else we wan do am if no be to read” I replied,

“After today’s class, let’s take our time to read together, share ideas and prepare for it, tho I have glanced through but not like I have read read”, he said,

In truth it was the kind of positive vibe I needed around me, someone who could always remind me I
wasn’t here to play,

“I dey with you Bro, let’s do this”, I said in excitement.

Thursday night, our worlds collided and we went hard jacking up for a test like we were preparing for a final exam, his attitude towards his academics was top notch, a gesture I thoroughly appreciated and I did let him know.

We read and prepared for hours sharing ideas and while we kept going at it we made a pact which was from his words and making,

“Ken, we are sitting down together during the test just in case I need you or you need me, and let’s start preparing for our subsequent test together, as well exam preparations and even during exams if it is possible to sit together or around each other let’s do it, are you game? “ he said in a very gentle and sweet manner,

If I had a pusssy, those words were enough to make it wet, cos since I always said it was my last shot at a degree this was the kind of vibe I needed in my life at this very moment, an offer too sweet to refuse, especially coming from someone I was seeing making his studies his number one priority, this must be an angel disguised in the form of a student I had thought,

“Fuckkk it Bro, I dey with you, I dey game dieeeeeeeee!” I replied, stressing the ‘e’ in the ‘die’, in
excitement like a guy who a babe had just called she was on her way to his place,

He stretched forth his hands and I shook it with joy, there and then a new bromance was established.

The next morning, we aligned and then headed straight for class and lil by lil people were beginning to notice us, especially other members of the class cos we were beginning to sit together, leave class together a couple of days before now.

It got to the time of the test, it was a 3 question test and we were to attempt all. Right next to me was my new cartel man,

“Do you know the answers to the questions” he asked me very quietly, as not to get noticed,

“I know one and two well, for number three I can give it my very best shot, what about you”, I
responded, trying hard the best way I could not to get noticed too,

“I really don’t know one much, I think I can do well for number 2 and maybe 3, not so sure” he

Now the way we were seated was more like we planned it, I sat next to him, so he occupied the
space as the last person on my left, meaning there wasn’t anyone on the other side.

Being the free spirited man that I am, I got on with mine and he got on with his, I started with number one which I felt I had a good go at and he started with what he felt was the easiest.

While I was writing I wasn’t really taking notice, you only take notice of anything else when you come to a question giving you a hard time.

I was done with number one and proceeded to the next I knew w I could handle, but while I was attempting my next question, he was busy copying my number one, obviously he had owned up he really didn’t get the question, besides we read and planned this, which to me wasn’t a bad idea at all, we dey together, normal level.

Something strange happened, till date whenever I remember this incident, it becomes stupidly funny.

After he was done downloading my number one and had continued with the remainder of the test, I wasn’t really paying attention initially cos I was busy and too focused on my second question, cos questions related to mass comm, a question as simple as define mass comm, you’ll be shocked you are already writing two pages of long note by the time you even notice, every lecturer wanted a detailed analysis to their questions asked.

While I was done with the second and about to attempt the third that was when I realized Gareth was covering his sheet with a booklet. At first I got confused,

“Is this dude covering his test answers from me?, cos I obviously cannot see anyone else spying on his work from the other end”

I was like,

“Bro, are you done with three? “

“That’s what I am having a go at right now” he replied,

“Then why are you covering your sheet? , put it down let me see” I calmly said,

“Chill first, when am done” he replied,

That was when my doubt was cleared that I was the one he was shielding it from, but this dude copied mostly everything I wrote on my number one and mostly did what we told each other we would do, so the sudden change in attitude was giving my brain shiver, cos it just couldn’t process the scene.

This incident blew my mind into pieces, I am surprised I still have some left, this na university oooooo, dem no dey carry first, besides we read together, you copied mine, so what was he trying to prove, I detest despicable acts like this, or someone trying to take advantage of me or acting too smart cos if I reason your matter e no go funny.

I got extremely pissed and irritated, didn’t ask him or say any word to him again, I just attempted the
third on my own, while I was going at it and when time was almost up, that was when he said,

“I am done, do you still need it? “

Not less than three minutes he said that, we were asked to submit, I didn’t even act like someone
was talking to me, this was a test of just 10 marks.

I just calmly started collecting everyone’s papers, starting by collecting his, since I was the course rep
and then followed the lecturer in charge to go drop it at his office.

Finally, everybody dey farm em farm, obviously it is all man for himself.

I tried to control my anger, but it still showed in my countenance cos I was in shock at the attitude he displayed, right then I had started disliking the sly dude of a worry boy.

Chapter 9.

I take things like this very personal, especially when my intentions are genuine, I can’t be painting my words like an artist, I should simply put it was a very annoying incident to witness, and for the kind of person I am, my whole day was already messed up, unless something just dragged my attention away and slowly let go.

I am not a man who acts in pretense, I give it how I am given, and treat you how you treat me. After the rest lecture for the day I didn’t wait for him as usual, I just bounced out of the social management department alone leaving him to farm his farm.

He knew he had done something I didn’t take lightly cos it showed in my countenance as well as the
way I related with him.

We later met in the hostel, but he acted like he did nothing wrong, so I let it be and made no reference to it, but I didn’t forget about it.

On Friday nights after everyone had come back from Love street after hunting for the best female they can find, or after the hang outs in front of the girls hostel, we always looked for a particular room where the whole block mates can just chill together, joke around, anything at all we felt we could do for fun to carry us into the weekend and it didn’t have a specific room, it just could be the room we found our selves at that point in time.

There was another block mate of mine by name Murphy, till date we are still very much close friends, as a matter of fact he got me into Nairaland and into writing, I had no idea I could even pen down something to anyone to read, relate and enjoy. We just had so much in common, yellow pawpaw like me too and that till date when we step out together people mistake us for brothers, it was with time in the hostel we found out our genuine fondness for one another,he was known on campus as Shine, cos he was such a flashy kind of guy, easily noticeable with charisma and very lively attitude.

He came up with the idea while we were in his room as well as a host of other block mates including Gareth, that we should all go swimming the following day and just try to get the best fun we can out of that Saturday, he had already inquired about where we could get one in the local town between Ipetumodu and Ife, an idea everyone loved immediately and jumped into.

We fixed the outing for 12 noon, did a general contribution to get a bus to shuttle us down there, while we used the morning to do our regular washing and clean up that’s piled up from the beginning of the previous week that needed to be attended to.

We got ready for it, for those who had already gotten new girlfriends on campus, they were free to invite them, but the shuttle we had arranged for was to take the guys to and fro while the ladies sorted themselves out.

Everyone dressed up the best they could and then we stepped out to the school gate with the already arranged shuttle waiting for us to convey us to the location.

On getting there, we realized it was more like a local mini park situated at the center of Ipetumodu and Ife, and we needed to pay five hundred naira per person to get in. We mobilized ourselves, got that sorted and went in.

It wasn’t a really an exotic place, but it was OK and better than staying at the hostel just roaming about for the weekend.

We got on with our fun, changed into swim pants, for me I don’t know how to swim, I just go inside the not too deep part play around there, and if I was with a babe, we just stay around and not to deep part and play around, I really would love to learn but only if I had a female instructor, cos I have noticed even guys that have never swam in their lives will go to a pool and start acting like professional swim instructors just for the sake of tapping current.

We drank, danced to music, played in water and rocked any ass we found closet to us, while we at the same time observed the invited babes from the hostel, going back on forth who had the biggest, boobs, ass and best shape, more like feed the eyes, have fun and enjoy the moment.

We were there till about 6 pm in the evening before we decided to call it a day and head back to campus.

We were able to get another bus to shuttle the guys back, after first sending the ladies off. Gareth was sitting the front seat, while I was sitting directly behind him at the center passangers sit, Murphy was sitting same sit as me. Myself and Gareth had barely had a decent conversation, more like we had been avoiding each other, but personally I really didn’t care.

We were making random jokes and making a laugh, I can’t really remember right now what exactly I
said, but out of nowhere Gareth just said,

“Ken please shut up, you people are making noise”

At first, it took a couple of more secs for it to process cos we’ve been drinking all day and was a bit tipsy, but everyone clearly still had their shitt together. After word he said finally processed, I replied back saying,

“If you wan form boss, go your papa house go do am, don’t ever in your life ask me to shut up ever again, age wise we are not mates at all”

He was 20 and I was 24, though he was was taller, not like he works out but bigger than me, your typical ajebo boy.

When I said what I said, I meant it with all the meanness I could gather, letting him know this was far from a joke.

Oluwole, another guy who shared a room directly opposite mine, was sitting at the last seat of the bus. After some minutes of quietness, he said directing his comments to Gareth,

“Gareth, dem no born you well, if you know say you no dey fear Ken, tell am make em shut up again”

More like the devil testing him, now this wasn’t just about the shutting me up for no reason at all
but reasons best known to him, but the piled up issues between us before now.

After about two minutes, I heard,

“Ken, abeg shut up jor” Gareth said very cunningly and slowly,

As soon as he was completing the statement was a dirty slap that landed at the top of his head from me, as he turned while trying to hit me back was another punch to his face, the driver who was in motion had no option than to stop in the middle of the road, as soon as he was stopping, was the same time I forced my way out of the bus, opened the front seat and dragged him out.

Chapter 10.

We stood in the middle of express way, I held him firmly by the clothe trying to choke him by the neck, while he held me firmly too as we went at it trying to slaughter one another. A bus driver who was zooming past us had to scream,

“E ma pa ra yin” ( Don’t kill yourselves),

While we were going at it, other friends of ours had quickly rushed out too as well as the driver to stop this madness going on right there in the middle of a busy road.

“oooh God, una no let me do my mind” I was screaming after they had succeeded in pulling as apart.

We got back into the bus after calmness and peace was restored, I didn’t utter another word till we got back to school and so did he, while on how way back, Murphy said directing words at me in his well structured English and soft voice of his,

“Ken you need to take it easy with your anger, like wtf, that was a fvcking express way with incoming
vehicles, anything could have happened”

Everyone supported his motion which was obviously the truth,

“Omor I go dey give you space now, Guuuuuuuuuuy” said Oluwole said in a very playful manner, tapping me by the back,

“Guy, na you be the main devil, no be you tempt Gareth”, Remmy fired back at him, another friend of ours who was Murphy’s roommate.

“I know but I no know say Ken go Para like that” Oluwole replied, before everyone finally decided to die the issue.

After getting back, much later I took my time to ponder on what had transpired, to me I had made my point clear, I treat you how you treat me and respect you if you respect me regardless of your age and status, besides I had told myself it was no fun making enemies with your fellow block mates, we are men and not ladies who would keep malice for as long as it could carry them, but for men, we can fight, draw each other’s blood and would still sit together after the incident breaking bread and drinking wine cos what’s done is done, what’s gone is gone and we only just make do the best we can with the remainder of the situation.

In this case it wasn’t even about being the bigger man and letting it go. After a couple of hours, I went searching for him. I went to his room, he wasn’t there and then I began going from room to room and found him at the last room by the left of the Block.

I found him, laying there very quietly and then sat beside him and was like,

“Gareth what’s up”

“Cool” he simply replied, looking at me surprised,

“I came here to you like a man, cos in this block no matter what happens I won’t keep malice with anyone, it doesn’t matter if I am wrong or right, please you already know, mind how you talk to me, I didn’t mean what happened today, I am sorry for heating you in the bus and dragging you out like that, thank God it didn’t escalate any further, I am sorry Bro “ I said to him with a sincere heart,

“ I know I was wrong, but I wasn’t expecting you to act like that, I was only fvcking messing with you, I see you as a big brother but I think from now on I just have to be giving you your space “ he said, sitting up and already having a teary eye,

That was when it dawned on me my actions had touched him, cos before now he had thought we had this bromance going on between us.

I gave him a brotherly hug, and told him I was truly sorry for the last time and none of it should be misinterpreted or taken personal and left it at that, whatever way he feels to act afterwards is his decision to make and I would completely understand , and then walked out.

A brief history about block 8 boys:

We had a host of very talented young men, Gareth was a music producer, as a matter of fact the very best we had in the whole school, Murphy was a former VJ for the Nigerian idols, a writer and very ambitious, who had previously schooled in Madonna before this time, Remmy was a talented dancer who had his own dance crew on campus, J Dollar was an aspiring rapper who already had a record deal and was the only one who could standoff 6 in a freestyle battle as well as giving him a run for his money, and they both just had to respect one another cos they were phenomenal at what they did in their way Skippo was another block mate who was J Dollars manager, Professor who was

so brilliant he came out with a First Class myself who was myself, Sir King, and Marcus(Rest in peace) as well as other sweet guys that completed the strong Foundation of the block 8 dynasty.

Some certain nights, Gareth would invite 6 to our block, and then play on speaker the best beats he’s produced, cos he had his own musical sets, while 6 and J Dollar battle it out, and all we could do is just listen and watch in awe, clap when we can especially when they go hard giving us mad punchlines.

Those nights were my favorite nights and sometimes some of us wished it was everyday. I still miss
those good’ol’dayz.

Chapter 11.

The 2go Madness.

Myself and Gareth left what had transpired between us behind, even though it still had a break in our relationship cos afterward we didn’t vibe like we use to, to me, the vibe died at that test hall after I saw first hand the sly side of him, it was from that moment I understood the kind of person he is, the same thing Murphy had noticed too, with me not knowing he had been studying him too. He always wants to be at the top, gets upset without even trying to hide it when you do better than him in a test, or had a babe finer than his, simply put he just wanted to be that top dude without rivals in any aspect at all amongst our clique of friends.

The following week, after that drama died down, on the Friday evening of that new week, I had gone to chill in Sir Ziky’s room, this room also had Sir T and then Jones and Dapo. As of 2010, Sir T, Sir Ziky and Sir K were around 26 years old, the most matured men of our block, so we added Sirs to their names as a sign of respect when addressing them, not that it was necessary but we just made it that way.

The two Sirs were talking to me about what had transpired the previous weekend and was pleading with me to take it easy with my temper and should always try to overlook certain things, cos if they take every little thing these little boys throw at them then they will have to be beating up people on a regular, and I completely understood.

I had noticed as they were talking to me they were more focused on their phones like they were both in some kind of competition, and for those who were into 2go that period, when it was like the hottest thing

around, should understand completely well what I mean, with that constant sound that emanates when you receive a message or enter into a certain 2go room, it was a strictly a hookup site.

“This one wey una just focus on una phone and na the same sound both dey bring since I enter here, wetin dey happen, una dey do competition”?, I asked playfully but very curiously, cos before this moment I had only been hearing about 2go, I knew it was a hook up site but didn’t really have a strong idea how it worked.

“Omor, Ken na 2go oooo, we dey do who go fit control babe pass, my own dey come tomorrow, Sir Ziky own dey come on Wednesday” Sir T replied, you could see the excitement written all over his face.

Shebi na babe competition, this is definitely the kind of competition I like,

“Abeg how dem dey register, make I join the competition sharply, delay is dangerous” I replied without any hesitation.

They both gladly told me how, and right in their room I started my own registration, got done, entered different rooms and began adding the ladies and then left them, headed back to my room to face the new job I had just gotten employed in.

Usually, once it’s 7/7:30pm to 8pm, you would have the hostel almost empty, all man would have disappeared to Love Street and as at this time, I hadn’t any babe, the first girl I tried talking to from my department always kept telling me I joke a lot so she doesn’t know when I am being serious and when I am actually joking, I dey call you come outside your hostel, we go fine one corner chill, you say I dey joke, shey mo jo basket mouth ni (Do I look like the Popular Comedian Basket Mouth?), as a matter of fact, a couple of girls told me that, so I let them be for the time being.

As 2go finally gave me a job as the Head of Women affairs, I decided to take my job very seriously, something wey dey sweet. Everyone in my room had headed out leaving me behind with my phone, and I didn’t even care.

I started messaging different girls at a get-go and was getting responses here and there till I finally caught the attention of one particular babe and then she engaged me for most of the night as we got to know each other.

When I message girls there, I don’t go asking them to be my gfs, come on, this was a hook up site, so I took the mindset any woman I met there came there for one reason and one reason alone, Dr Piakantus, so I go real hard, telling them what I intend to do to them, and I meant it, unless something happens when I finally get a meeting in person.

Myself and this babe who was a final year student in Imsu held it down most of the night, she liked me straight up, she had viewed my Pic, and I had viewed hers, the feeling was mutual, and she was feeling all I was saying, as well as the things I was telling her I would do to her,

“This one you are this lively plus all these things you are saying you are good at, hope it’s not mouth” she had asked as we conversed, after going very deep in our convos,

“A trial will convince you” I had told her.

We spoke from that Friday night afterward, talking every day with me trying to prove a point to Sir T and Sir Ziky I could beat them in their own game too, the point is not having a chick to chat with but actually convincing her to journey down from wherever she was to come to you, she showing up for others to truly see and you smashing was the conquest.

There was a bit slight of class between myself and this chick, she was 26 and I was 23/24, she was in her final year and I was in my 100 level, cos for me, I hide nothing, I say my things as they are, it’s up to the other person to accept me for who I am, so I no really send, and the way she spoke and acted was on a class of her own.

As the day went by, she was loving my resolve and self-confidence, cos this was a babe who as we kept getting to know ourselves was comfortably living in a well-furnished room and parlor apartment in school, while on the other end was a guy who was trying to convince this big chick a younger guy who was residing in the hostel telling her he’d make her feel a way no other man has, and I was having my way into heart(pussy).

“Wait, if I decide to come to see you, where are we going to stay, are girls allowed to stay in your hostel, how’s the place like”? she was curiously asking,

That was when it started dawning on me, I can actually make this babe show up, she was within my grasp and power, all I needed do was to give her a lot more convincing.

“Girls are allowed to visit but not a sleepover, you need to just let me know when and for how many days you’d be staying, I have a host of friends with houses off-campus I can easily use their apartments comfortably” I replied,

This very moment, I hadn’t anyone in mind, and I hadn’t money to lodge, I was strictly on my 15k monthly upkeep,

“I think if you are serious I can come around on Friday and leave on Sunday, you need to be very sure cos I wouldn’t want any form of embarrassment whatsoever ” she said,

That moment I started celebrating, but after a while, I still realized I needed a place to use without even knowing where to start from, cos this particular conversation was happening on a Thursday, 6 days after loads of intense dirty talks and chats.

“I will have that sorted out, I will give you a heads up before nightfall, you are in safe hands, just relax, ” I said to her trying the best I could to ease her fear, even though she had every reason to.

Here I was cracking my head, I already had the bounty in my possession, place for the slaughter was were my challenge lied and that was when the thoughts of Ogor rang in my head.

This is a very stupid move I told myself as soon as his name came up, but with everything that transpired between us, this was the time and moment he’s got to pay his dues, finally for once in his life, he can be useful to himself and to me and after assessing my decision, I put a call to him, hoping he was going to be worth it and at least for once not going to fall my hand.

Chapter 12.

This had to be the silliest risk to take, trusting Ogor at a time like this, but I had no other option than risk it all,

“How far Bro, wetin dey xup” I said immediately he picked,

“This one you dey call me so, shey I dey safe?” he reluctantly asked,

“You dey safe, I like use your place, I get compartment all the way from Imo State” I excitedly replied,

“When she wan show and how long she dey stay” he asked,

“If you give me go ahead like this, she fit possibly show tomorrow, go back Sunday” I said,

“You na my guy, no wahala, make she fall in” he replied,

“Abeg, I use God beg you, no chop my eye, I be your Guy, I be your Guy, you nack me 1-0, text me the address” I said to him

He just laughed and then ended the call and after like 30 minutes later, he sent me a text.

Before now, I hadn’t been to this new place of his since he got banished from the boys hostel, so I had no clue what his place was like, and if this chick was going to be comfortable, I just decided to be strong- minded at this time cos it was more like a critical situation with me needing a savior, since I already knew the kind of guy I was dealing with here and still needed to be very watchful and observant about every single thing.

That night I made it known to her that I already had a comfortable place ready for us, a place I hadn’t been to, I wasn’t sure of and didn’t even know if it truly existed cos Ogor might just be fooling me on the other hand.

We chatted all through the night till the early morning, telling each other nothing but sweet nothings, while I was doing all the sweet-talking and all, I didn’t take it too seriously she was going to travel all the way down from Imo State to Ife just to see me a complete stranger she had only known for about a week, my mind was telling me she wouldn’t and I truly wouldn’t be disappointed, but my Piakantus was already nodding to the things she said she was going to do it, so if she finally didn’t show up, my mind wouldn’t be disappointed but my Pian definitely would.

She was the big girl here on a class of her own she didn’t fail to hide, so the topic of transportation wasn’t even raised cos I had none to give in the first place. I gave her a description of how to get to Ife and let me know when she touches downtown so I find my way to come get her.

That Friday morning, as I was getting ready for class, I had already made the announcement of my Obosiasis on the way to everyone who cared to listen in my block and was already bragging to Sir T and Sir Ziky how I was about tying them at one apiece ,

“How much you send am for transport”, Sir Ziky inquired,

“Senders, na so dem dey send, I no fit start wetin I no fit finish” I replied,

“Dey there dey deceive yourself, you believe say person go use her transport from Imo State come Ife, Priick don finish for there abi” Sir T replied wording his words in a mocking manner, which got others laughing hard,

I started laughing too cos I was beginning to look stupid, cos before now, I didn’t even reason it to this level.

I left for class still giving myself courage she was going to make it. At breaks, I would purposely call, just to hear the background of where she was, if there was any clue she was truly in a bus conveying her down to me, cos some babes bad, dem fit just carry phone put am near standing fan make breeze dey blow the phone as dem dey talk to you.

I got my laptop bag and arranged a few stuff and left campus at exactly 12 noon, and went in search of Ogors place, I didn’t know if she was going to make it , I wasn’t having any of it that she was truly on her way either but I just gave the whole thing a benefit of a doubt, cos even if what Sir T had said sank in, I was the one wearing the shoes and could tell from her emotions and the vibe between us, deep down I knew I did my convincing enough and as a matter of fact she liked me from the very first day we got talking cos we never stopped until this very point.

I finally located Ogors place without even giving him a call I was on my way, It was in Ife (town), a face me I face you apartment, a single room with all 6 tenants sharing a toilet and bathroom which I had already inspected, it was decent enough.

His room was surprisingly well furnished, had everything in it, nice taste for a thief, AC, Flatscreen TV, Big Bed, A cooking gas, a red soft rug on the floor that covered the entire room very beautifully. It was quite a nice taste for a student, finally, I had the slaughterhouse ready but there’s only one thing left if she was going to show up or I would just have a swell weekend regardless and head back to school the next day. Like 2 Baba, I was just hoping she showed up make Amaka no go disappoint me.

Chapter 13

I kept my hopes alive, calling at intervals to know where she was and each time she would give me a different location in a progressive manner, all the same I still had mixed feelings.

“E be like she dey road tru tru, this babe dey whine me jor” both thoughts turning my head into a wrestling ring and slugging it out for a World Championship belt, while my mind stood in the middle giving her a benefit of doubt.

“She dey road” my mind said to me in assurance,

From the pictures she had showed me, Amarachi was cute, water melon boobs, real bursty , average height and chubby, a combo I was pleased with, just that pictures can be sometimes deceiving, so the best bet was just to wait up and see for myself cos I have had a very terrible experience about a blind date in ABSU, an experience I wouldn’t want a part 2 of.

While myself and Ogor chilled, watching TV with his gen powered on, he would ask from time to time where she was and if she was truly on her way and each time I would give him an answer in high hopes, cos I really wanted to see this babe, she was lively to talk to over the phone, matured conversations, great company and as far as I know for the number of days we had gotten acquainted fun to chat with, I would simply say we just jelled.

Some minutes past 5 pm, I got a call from her she was already in Ife, amazed on hearing this, I informed Ogor and then I dashed off to go pick her in excitement.

I got to the park cos it wasn’t far from his place, about 5 minutes bike ride, so I didn’t stand her up for too long, as soon as I got down from the bike, it was very easy for me to spot her from where I stood, she matched the exact person I had been seeing in pictures but to top it up she looked even prettier in person with all the weapons of mass destruction I had seen in her previously sent pics, that alone gave my whole body a tingling feeling but the most excited one was my Piakantus.

I walked up to her in confidence, gave her a long warm hug, swinging her from side to side to make her feel comfortable as well as making her see the excitement in me that I was glad to see her, and honestly I was.

As I was withdrawing my neck from hers after the hug, I quickly planted a quick kiss on her lips much to her amazement which looked like she had just applied a lip gloss on, she needed to start feeling the comfort and excitement right from the get-go, cos in case this was a one-off weekend I needed to make the best out of it.

“You are even finer in real life than in pictures” I said,

“Thank you” she smiled and from smiling, she let out a laugh,

“What’s funny, did I say or do anything wrong?” I curiously asked,

“Nothing, that’s one hell of a welcome, I feel special already” She replied,

She was who she said she was, no forming, no acting, I saw the class on how she dressed and presented herself, but one thing I quickly observed was a ring that looked more like an engagement ring firmly placed on her finger, but I really didn’t care, as long as you are here and you could journey down all the way from the east to the west, then I gotta take it as an honor cos even if I had all the cash in the world at this time, I wouldn’t leave school, travel down hours for a complete stranger I had barely known within the space of 7 days.

We boarded a bike and headed straight back to Ogors place, who himself was impressed to see her, especially with the huge load on her chest that I had already taken off from her top and bra with my microscopic eyes in my mind already, something wey dey sweet, cos with all her swag and neatness if this babe no sweet I go like find Amadioha go make I go ask am why and how come.

“Please, make yourself very comfortable, Ken you have yourself a very sweet woman here” Ogor said, complimenting and ushering her in.

For the first time in his miserable life, I was hoping he wasn’t going to steal anything and allow me to enjoy my guest in peace, at least just make himself useful.

I had already told her how things were for me, so she doesn’t get disappointed with anything, and she seems to completely understand.

An hour later, Ogor called me out and informed me he was heading over to a friend’s place not too far from the house, but would be showing up on Saturday to freshen up, chill a while and still let us be.

As he was leaving, I followed him and got big 5 alive juice and a bottle of baron red wine, make the night for dey go well.

I got back, fixed what I had gotten in the fridge,

“You shouldn’t have bothered or should have asked me first, you don’t even know if I take alcohol,” she said,

“Na play you dey, make I open this wine make you no drink am whether you no go sleep for outside” I playfully said as she erupted in laughter,

“You are my guest, I don’t need ask, this weekend is just to treat you like a queen the best way I can,” I added, pushed her to the bed and then we started to kiss.

After a minute, she asked,

“What are we eating this night?”

“We will stroll out to get it when it’s completely dark” I replied.

She asked for water to freshen up, I did, she came prepared with her wrapper, night gown, short towel and all the things a woman needs for a weekend get away , I didn’t want to rush cos I had her all night, while she was undressing, I was getting the water ready and placed in the bathroom and then led her there to freshen up.

By exactly 8 pm, we stepped out to get food for the night, two plates of fried rice and chicken in a takeaway pack and Suya, she refused me paying, it was embarrassing but I gotta let her flex her muscles. I got to notice she wasn’t doing all that to impress me but before now I had schooled her on how things were with me and there was a difference in class in terms of age, 24 to 26, 100 to final year, she just acted on how I made her feel for the past couple of days we had gotten acquainted.

We got back, ate, and at the same time washing the food down with the wine and juice, mixing both in different glasses and made sure we downed the whole thing while we gisted about everything we could think of.

We even had a better vibe than we did over the phone, it was like we had known each other long before now, a flow we went on with.

At about 10 pm and the lights off with only just the radiant of the TV blessing us with its light and giving the room a romantic setting while MTV Base jammed on, I reached for her lips as we both laid on the bed, as my hand moved towards her boobs to free them from the shackles of the wrapper tied around her chest while she still worse her nighties underneath, that was when we both knew everything we had been talking about these past days was surely going to go down.

Chapter 14.

While she was bathing, I had placed condoms at strategic corners I knew I could reach easily, sides of the bed, under the pillows.

As we kissed and while I had gently freed the tied wrapper off her, leaving just her nighties, I had to do my usual ritual before any putting of a number 1 inside a number 0.

I made her lay by the side, my left hand underneath her nighties fondling gently one of her tits, leaving my right hand to find my way between her legs to confirm if this pussy is legit or not, cos for a well-deserved pusssy I go all in, especially with me being a kind of guy that loves foreplay on a pretty clean woman more than the actual penetration sex itself, cos I take sex as an art to fully be exploited and enjoyed.

My right hand found its way in between her legs, with a finger locating a certain wet paradise, I made sure I got enough contact as much as I wanted and fondled her clit a bit which was a decoy of what I was stylishly trying to do.

After I had done what I wanted, I stylishly brought my hand out and pretended my nose was itching bad and needed to be scratched, all in a bid to confirm it this pusssy was worth the stress or not.

On placing it on my nose, was a very satisfying aroma that emanated, smelt good, clean and at the same time odorless, I would have been disappointed if it was otherwise cos this babe acted on a certain class I would call sophisticated, chocolate skin, fresh and clean by just mere looking at her, she obviously takes looking after herself as an expensive thing, which was already a turn on, needn’t I forget I didn’t know what kind of deodorant she used, but as we had ourselves in each other’s arms trying to tap into one another’s treasures, she smelt amazingly good.

As soon as I had confirmed what I needed to, I just got up, made her sit up and then rolled her nighties off that sweet body of hers, leaving her in her birthday suit, while all I had to do was free myself from the shackles of my boxers, allowing my Pian and balls to freely dangle in joy ready for the mission ahead.

We had spoken about a lot and she was obviously waiting for me to do all I said I was going to do to her.

I made her lay very comfortably at the very centre of the bed, kissed her forehead, her eyes, while I caressed her hair backward on and on with my left hand.

Kissed her chicks, her lips, slowly licked around her neck with her wiggling her waist as I did that, kissed around her shoulders down to her fingers and sucked on every one of them.

I got to her gigantic boobs kissed and licked around both boobs very gently and slowly, and used my tongue to lick and dance my tongue around them without having to suck them at all, while she was her hands to rub my head very aggressively, wiggling her waist and letting out Lil moans here and there.

Without sucking cos I was still certainly going to come back, I went to her belly region, kissed and licked around it as well as the sides of her waist slowly and gently going down while she twisted and turned even more, like every kiss and lick around her waist region down was causing her electric shock.

With her legs spread wide, and her trying to reach for my dick and would caress and sometimes feel she was almost going to force it into her pusssy,

“For today, you’re going to have to learn how to wait, cos we ain’t even started yet, you asked for this” I told her in a very calm and sweet manner,

I kissed between her thighs, while she massaged my head like I had dreadlocks and she was playing with them kind of way.

I reached for her clit, kissed it and started using my tongue to dance and play with it increasing and reducing the tempo, while she was letting out loud moans this time,

“Tell me you love me” I would tease,

“I swear I love you” she responded,

“You not talking to me, call my name and tell me you love” I fired back while I went on playing with her clit

“Ken, I love you, I love you” she responded

All of us know say na lie, but when something wey dey sweet dey happen, anything and everything is allowed.

I kissed and licked around her thighs slowly down to toes.

I turned her around, making her lay down with her belly, kissed and licked her slowly from the top of her neck, slowly down to her spine, around her back, her spine even more, while she let out moans, and whenever I got to her ass, I bit it a little and then kissed her around it, and after much satisfaction of mine as I was turning her yet again and making her lay down with her back, I reached for her boobs and this time went hard, sucking it, first, suck around the sides slowly all the way to the nipple and put my whole mouth on it like I was trying to choke myself with it.

If this was a one-weekend thing, I have decided to give her an experience to go back and fantasize about.

After much of the sucking of her boobs and fondling with them,

“It’s your turn, now do to me what you please, we are not done yet, you’ll have a mad kind of foreplay you’ve never had before”

She went on trying to replicate my fit, trying to do me like I just did it, but it was obvious she wasn’t good at it, it seemed more like a novice trying her hardest to impress.

It all changed when she got to my dvck, that was the part I realised she wasn’t a novice on this one, she cupped her small mouth around the tip, used her tongue to play around it and then would gulp on it like she was going to swallow it, it was my own turn to wiggle and let out manly moans of my own, something wey dey sweet.

As she went on for a while, I felt she deserved better and shouldn’t be cheated out,

“Turn around and stay in this position,” I said to her, directing her to stay in a 69 position,

As she gulped on mine, I was at the other end on her, play around her clit with my tongue, tongue fuck her, suck her silly, and at intervals when the sweetness became too much to bear, she would free her mouth from my dvck, rest her head on my legs, letting out loud moans,

It was one intense hell of a foreplay, going almost an hour plus without the actual sex in itself,

I dipped my hand underneath one of the pillows, stretched forth my hands and handed it to her, as she was unwrapping it and trying to roll it on my dvck, her phone started to ring, and this time power had gone off but there were noises coming out from the outside and a church was having a vigil, the sounds of their speakers blazing.

To my amusement, she picked the call after the phone rang the second time and the tone of her voice changed,

“Hello baby, I am in church, I went for a vigil, I just walked out of the premises to pick” she said,

“OK take care, pray for us,” the voice on the other end said,

I didn’t even get myself worked up, na me wey dey with the Obosiasis be the most important person in her life at that very point in time,

My mind took me back to the ring I had seen on her fingers and I came to my own conclusions she was probably engaged and was just trying to get the best and have her best fun before someone ties her down.

After she rolled it, I turned her over, and gave her missionary sex, it was still intense between us, so we locked lips very tightly as I trusted in and out very very gently and slowly, we weren’t just fuvcking but making love.

If I try to take my lips off in anticipation of trying to initiate a new sex position, she would hold me tightly back, with her legs already vibrating curved around me firmly,

After three different tries and she gave me no chance and still held me firmly with our lips still locked, I decided to increase my pace, and within 6 minutes she whispered in my ears she was tired, and she had already cum twice all that time during the intense foreplay.

In disappointment, I stopped and sat up , but surprisingly knowing fully well, I wasn’t happy, she got up, pushed me back to the bed, took out the condom and then gulped her mouth on my dick, giving me a head till I came allowing her boobs to be used for my cum ground.

It was already hot in the room cos it had gone on for long and power was out, I went out to get water for both of us, we showered together, got back in, talked for a while, that was when she opened up to me she was engaged and the person who had called was her husband to be and their wedding is fixed for after her final exams which was two months away, but I just told her I took nothing personal and we both agreed to be great friends and this was her first actual intense make-out session, she had never done anything like that and the experience was worth it, after a while we dozed off wrapped in each other’s arms and by the time we opened our eyes it was morning already.

Chapter 15.

As I woke up, I casually dressed up, while she kept asking me where I was going, but I refused to tell,

When I was done, I leaned forward to where she laid in bed, kissed her forehead and then on her lips,

“Lock the door behind you, I want to quickly get something outside, if you hear a knock like this on the door, just know it’s me” I showed her how the knock would sound like,

“Anything other thing you hear, just know it’s not me” I added,

It was a certain knock I had learned from the frat I belonged, cos since it wasn’t my place, it wouldn’t be nice going to the door without her clothes on.

I went out to get plantain, eggs and some packs of noodles. I got back, knocked as I told her I would while she opened.

She wanted to quickly go out to go brush, so she makes us breakfast, but I told her I was going to handle it and all she needed do was tidy the house, let me know when she wants to freshen up and paste so I have that all set up for her.

After going back and forth, I still insisted I would make breakfast,

“Just relax, I gat this” I said to her while she let out a huge smile.

It was a a face me I face you apartment, it was just a single room. He had already told me on where and how to, if she needed to do any cooking.

I brought the gas out, placed it not too far from the door and started preparing breakfast, while she came out from time to time, watch, laugh and continued with what she had to do.

I got water for her to shower, but she only preferred pasting first, it was while we ate she boldly asked,

“Did you know why I choose to not shower yet”?

” cos you want us to bang first” I replied a bit lost by her question.

She let out a loud laugh and then replied,

“Biko I am even yet to recover from last night”

“We didn’t do anything na, abeg wetin we do?”, I playfully asked,

“You said you were going to bath me yourself, you hadn’t done that yet, so come and finish what you started ” she replied in confidence, ignoring my question completely,

That was when I realized every chat and every word said before she got here, she had taken every bit of it very seriously and in truth, I had even forgotten I said that.

After eating, I got me water from the well closeby just at the backyard of the building in addition to the one I had already gotten her to make it enough for the both of us and then I finally did that which I had said I would do which she wanted and reminded me of, while she did the same, it was just a pleasure and joy watching those huge tits without nothing on and washing them too, it wasn’t such a bad weekend after all, something wey dey sweet. Amadioha no need worry again cos I got no question for him, this same one, this particular one, she follow dieeeeeeeee.

We chilled, afterward and trying to make out plans for where to go hang out that Saturday but we were yet to come to a truce and decided to let it be for the time being cos there was still a whole load of time ahead of us since it was just the morning.

It was 11am, Ogor still hadn’t made it to the house, as we laid in bed, from talks and plays we started an intense romance, my hands underneath her top that hadn’t a bra on, the zipper of my trousers unbuckled to

make her get a better reach of the Pian, and me having no top on, goes a heavy knock on the net door, cos I had opened the main door with just the cotton standing as guard blocking the view between the net door and the room to create space for more air,

This was happening around some minutes to 12, Ogor wouldn’t bang on a net door like that in his own house, so it was annoying already.

“Who be that” I yelled from the inside, but instead of getting a response, I got a terrifying knock on the door as a response to my question asked.

She began to adjust herself and after I was satisfied with her getting dressed up, this time including her bra and panties, I made way for the door, only to find three mean-looking guys with no smile,

“We dey find Ogor, abeg where em dey and who you be” one of them, fair in complexion had asked,

“Na only me and my babe dey hear since yesterday evening, I no be anything, just a friend wey come chill” I humbly replied,

“We dey call am since morning, em no dey pick, if em reach here, tell am say if we catch am, na die em dey for this town” another replied and they left.

On hearing the threats my guest had begun panicking, She didn’t feel safe anymore and she started asking me a series of questions who the mean looking guys were, and why they were looking for him.

I did all I could to calm her down, letting her know something must have transpired, it fucked up the day and the plans we were trying to make for it cos she was in fear.

About some hours later, as if that wasn’t enough, they came back, this time four in number, with Ogor in their midst.

As soon as they showed up, they barged straight into the room and started looting the things inside, while he stood there watching, carried his deck, speakers, Flat screen, this time it drew attention of neighbors and the a few people around,

“Abeg Bro, wetin this Manchi do” I asked, walking up to one,

“Em come our compound yesterday, as em comot, two blackberry phones miss, we dey ask am em dey deny, we just dey come from one Baba place, dem confirm am live say na em take am, so once em provide the phones, em go get em stuffs” he angrily replied, giving me a load down.

At that point, I lost all the strength in me, cos it was very embarrassing to me, to my guest, I guess a leopard never changes its spots after all.

Chapter 16.

Amarachi seemed very shocked judging from countenance from where I stood, this wasn’t the way I would have wanted this lovely weekend I had only just started enjoying cut short.

Ogor himself stood speechless for a long while feigning innocence before stylishly discharging from the scene to God knows where.

I needed no seer to tell me anything cos from time memorial I knew what he was capable of already, it was just a risk I had to take so I had to shoulder the responsibility.

I stood outside for a while still extremely embarrassed by what had just transpired listening to neighbors judging the case,

“I swear em do am live, em don thief me before, I no wan too cast, na why we no dey yan again” a neighbor by name Joe Boy had said while conversing with another neighbor. (I swear he did it, he has stolen from me before, I don’t want to go deep, it is the reason we stopped talking).

I was doing my best not to get involved but just listen and then, stepping out was Amara fully dressed in a nice top, beautiful Jean trousers, hair rolled up and a slight makeup beautifully done on her downcast face.

My heart started pounding, cos I took it she had prepared to leave, but she just sat down in front of the compound, and then I joined her, reached for her left hand and locked my fingers with hers,

“I am extremely sorry for this heavy embarrassment” I said, in a bid to calm her down cos anyone in that situation would be very uncomfortable especially when you are a stranger in no man’s land.

I was certain if this was happening quite early in the morning she would have carried her hand bang and zoomed off, cos for a woman, if you go somewhere you are not comfortable and feel the slightest threat on your life and you seem not to get protection, the best bet is to find your way, that is why it is advisable always hold your vex money (Anger money) when you are going elsewhere or leaving your comfort zone even if you have your best friend where you are headed or being invited to, this is life, anything can happen, trust no one till you find in the person, and even when you do, still use your head.

She kept quiet, looked at me and just smiled,

“I won’t lie to you, this was one of the reasons this guy got banished from the school hostel, it’s sad he still does it here, I know how you feel right now, chill with me, it’s me you came to see, nothing will happen to

you, depends on if you trust me enough from the little you’ve known about me and what we have shared, first thing tomorrow we can both leave” I preached, trying my best to convince her,

In truth I was having a swell moment with this babe, the vibe was there, we weren’t even acting like we had just met, we clicked and had a pure liking for one another, I seriously didn’t want the sins of Ogor to cut this moment shut.

“OK I believe you, please can we go out?” She gently asked,

“Where would you love us chill out?” I asked,

“I really don’t know, OK let’s go to your school” She responded,

“OK, let’s go” I replied,

With our hands still locked, we walked back to the room but just as we were about stepping back in so as to get prepared, someone said to me,

“Omor Bro, dey careful with Ogor ooo, dey very careful with am ooo” Joe Boy said to me(Bro, be very careful with Ogor) , who this time was standing by the corner of his room having a talk with someone who I assumed to be the girlfriend fixing for themselves something to eat.

“Trust me Bro, I know am pass you, no worry yourself” I responded (Trust me, I know him more, don’t worry about it).

His advice was cool, but I didn’t appreciate it for how it was passed to me, cos my guest was already shaken by this and hearing that can only make her even more uncomfortable and very edgy, something I bet he wouldn’t understand, I would have preferred he called me aside, but it was what it was already.

We got back into the room, I got dressed up, locked the door and hid the key somewhere close to the room hoping if he got back and needed an entrance, he would ring me.

We got a bus from Ife conveying us to campus. As soon as we got in, she started taking pictures, smiling and laughing at my jokes here and there, I took that as a sign that she let go of the embarrassing incident that just happened, at least for the time being.

As we were walking in I was telling her which was which, showed her my department, school auditorium, wherever we got I told her while all she did was take pictures.

I walked her down till we finally got to the Boys hostel since it was Saturday evening, it was a full house, there were boys everywhere with eyes on us, till I got to block 8 where I had my goons, they had to put this

one on the record board with Sir T and Ziky the likely most impressed cos they had laughed it off and doubted it when I first brought it up.

We spent hours playing around in school and when it was beginning to get dark, we got off Campus and shuttled back to Ife.

Chapter 17

We got back to Ife and got what we wanted to eat cos she had told me on the way she wouldn’t want us coming out again for anything else. I had been expecting Ogor to call me asking for his key but surprisingly he never did, meaning he never did come home afterward.

We got in and it was an empty house just like we left it staring back at us. I noticed something else, since we got back she had been acting extremely different and very uneasy.

Maybe the fear of having someone just barge in, or maybe what she had previously witnessed was giving her some kind of trauma making her very uncomfortable, I guess the only thing left on her mind at this point will be to wake up healthy and sound in the morning and just leave.

That kind of feeling on its own was a joy and mood killer. We ate and then freshened up for the night, but instead of her putting on her nighties, she decided to wear both a bra, a pant, a Jean short and a top.

That alone was a message in itself, she wasn’t feeling safe anymore and there was no need to ask her even though we both know to sleep with a bra on with those gigantic tits will only make her uncomfortable.

I only laid with just my boxers on while she laid next to me folded by my side with her head on my chest.

It was this night she really had the time to tell me things I didn’t know about herself and so did I, one thing was for sure, not like if I really wanted us to hit we wouldn’t, but her mind just wasn’t there.

She started letting me know if I knew the risk she had taken and that from the moment we got talking she just had a special kind of liking for me and if she was given the chance she would date me but she’s getting married in two months with date already fixed just a Lil further after her final exams.

And she had enjoyed every moment right from when she came but since what happened happened she has been scared and I can as well get my own place much later and if she was buoyant enough when I would be needing it she would be glad to assist.

That was when I believed her liking for me was genuine.

“Seriously I am not in a rush, I will be in the hostel all through my 100 and in my 200 level staying off campus was a certain thing” I responded to advice.

“I want to tell you something, but don’t laugh or take it another way,” She said.

“I have a friend I’ll love to hook you up with, but please don’t tell her we have fucked” She added, and then giggled.

“That’s not fuck na, we made love, and that’s what I feel like doing to you right now” I replied back.

“Whatever, don’t just tell her what we did” She replied.

I concurred to the offer she gave, and she stretched her arms to get her phone not too far beside where she laid and showed me a few pictures, but this babe was still older than me, she was 25 and was schooling in Abj but flawlessly caramel beautiful.

I didn’t understand the reason for her wanting to hook us up but I decided to oblige her of her request, shebi na something wey dey sweet.

“Babe, person no go throwey sweet wey dey em mouth cos another person from somewhere promise am biscuit” (A bird in hand is worth two in the bush) I said to her looking into her eyes.

She started laughing at the proverb even though she was a little lost or do I say acted lost like she didn’t understood what I was talking about.

“Biko, what does that mean?” She said and then sat up looking at me,

“We will talk more about your friend when you get home, for now let’s focus on you and I” I said, dragged both of her arms in a way she forcefully leaned on me and I began to kiss her.

After kissing for a while she said to me,

“I swear down, I want you but you won’t enjoy me cos I don’t know, I am feeling uneasy, I swear you won’t understand ” She responded.

“I completely understand” I replied in disappointment.

I am a guy who at the same time loves sex but can control my urge, I didn’t need to start showing it in my countenance or forcefully trying to have my way, or begin to beg for sex, or tell her all the sweet words my

mouth can tell just to get down on her cookie jar, so I drew her close and made her lay on my chest the way she had laid while we talked in the thick of the night.

“Let’s play truth or dare” She said out of nowhere.

“Okay” I responded.

We spent most of the night playing truth and dare, but there wasn’t really much of a truth in the game rather a Dare and Dare, cos all we did was dared one another.

We went at it for a long while,

She started with I dare you to suck my boobs for 10 mins,

And that was how we had a mad run of dare games and did everything other than having sex.

At the end, she had sucked me till I came, everything it was a woman would do to a man and everything a man would do to a woman cos going into details would be a long write.

After the intense Dare game romance, we slept off till the early morning. We both got prepared and then I saw her off to the Park, but this time calling Ogor to let him know where his key was.

I stayed there at the Park with her till the bus got full, we kissed from the side of the window before the bus took off, as we were both making gestures at each other, that meant we were going to keep talking on the phone.

That was the last time I ever visited Ogor or ever called him for anything and that was the last time myself and Amara saw in person.

Shortly after we saw, just as she had said she was getting married in a few months, she did get married to the same guy who had called her and they have two lovely kids together.

Two days after she had gone back, we still kept talking, she requested for my account details and I did get an alert for 5k. On why she did that, I didn’t know, probably for reasons best known to her, but one thing I could say was she was such a nice sweet fun person with a special kind of liking for me and the feeling was mutual.

Chapter 18.

We kept talking while she had gone and she did introduce me to her friend, we got talking but nothing really concrete materialized even though she liked me too, the distance was too much, she was in Abj and I was in Ife, no one was ready to compromise and with time it friendship died a slow death on its own, last I heard from her from Amara was that she’s married now in resides in Kogi State with her husband.

With Amara already done and dusted with it was on to the next one cos we still had this 2go control competition still going on in the block with we in the competition knowing ourselves. My bringing Amara from a far distant state gave others hope who had seemed less interested pick up interest too, so it was about to get even hotter in the block.

Since I was trying to be the new 2go master, chatting and climbing up levels, cos back then they had novice, intermediate, master and the highest was the legend level even if I had skip some I sure can’t remember.

I got started talking to this new chick who claimed to be a law student and yet another 26 years old babe.

I did all my usual sweet talking just like we all did for those who used 2go that year can pretty much relate.

I stepped on her case hard till she gave in, back then if you wanted to know you truly had a girl on your side or won her over or better still if she had fallen for you was asking for nudes, and once she obliges you, you are damn right you have an Obosiasis you can plug your Pian into.

She did tell me she loved singing and she had been to Nigerian Idols audition a couple of times, and I for one love singing too but less practice has made me loose my powers but even if I do now, I still have the potential in there, so music was part of what drew us close coupled with all the sweet talks of devouring one another when she came.

It was back to the same old shit, a place for the magic to happen. I thought had and decided to go to Sir K’s room, his room was opposite mine and he had recently joined the 2go musketeers,

There was a certain Prince of Imafon land, by name Olu who I shared a block with , he told me only had a room outside and it’d be nice if I spoke to him and see if he could be of help.

Needn’t I forget to mention, when Sandra sent me nudes of her boobs, it was one of the lovliest I had soon, that was the first time I was seeing a nipples so long so I couldn’t wait to see it in person and put my mouth on it which I didn’t fail to let her know.

I found Olu and opened up to him about my predicament and how he was the only person who could rescue me.

He didn’t even struggle to give me an answer, he just asked when she was coming,

“When she dey come no be issue, just assure me say I fit use your place” I protested.

“See Ken, this my house na me and my elder brother dey use am, but em no dey around now, once you ready let me know make I go show you the place” he said to me. (Ken, I share this apartment with my elder Bro, he isn’t in town now, let me know when you are ready).

I thanked him for his life saving gesture and started creep walking in front of him while he bursted into laugher,

“Na Toto dey make you dance like this? ” he said out loud. (Are you dancing cos of Pvssy?)

“My brother, no be something wey dey sweet?, as I never get school babe, make I dey wound 2go babes first” I replied in excitement,

“Na true, na true, 2go master” he hailed while he raised his hand for a high five and I jammed mine against it.

I informed my new catch of the development but worded differently, I told her I had a place off campus I share with a friend but still have a bunk in the hostel, so from time to time I do a rotation.

She agreed she was coming and we fixed a two day visit, she touches down on Friday and leaves on Sunday.

I finally let allow know when she was coming, so we fixed out time after lectures to go see the place.

I got there, it was not half as furnished as Ogors but one thing I was certain about was my peace of mind and zero embarrassment. I thanked him and told me he was going to hand over the keys to me to come do any tidying I needed on the very day she had told me she was on her way which I didn’t argue at all about.

From the pictures she had sent, she wasn’t the prettiest of girls but presentable, I didn’t know if it was love or lust but the only thing she called me was my Baby.

After chatting during free time, once it was 12:30 am we would transfer the affair to night calls were she would sing me songs and blow my mind with her amazing voice, dammmn that girl could sing.

Whenever she asked me to, I just couldn’t cos she made me feel like I was a learner, but after much of her pet names, teasing and all I still fell for her scam.

The more we talk, the more it got intense and according to her she had started going crazy about me and made her roommate aware she was in a relationship with me and was forcing her to talk to me over the phone.

“Hello, this is Kate, I am her roommate, Sandra has told me a lot about you, please don’t hurt her, cos she has told me she’s seeing you soon” her friend had told me during one of those night calls.

“Which one be she loves me Bla Bla Bla, na Toto dey scratch am and how intensed things had gotten between us, do show abeg” I said in my mind (Whats it with the love, she probably wants to get dicked)

“I can’t wait to see my baby too, make sure you take very good care of her for me OK, I don’t want anything at all to happen to her” I said to her in response.

We knew what was going on, whether she was genuinely in love was her to answer, I for one knew what I was doing on the site.

After two weeks of chats and midnight calls, we fixed our meeting for the weekend, this particular babe, I didn’t stress myself at all, I was just certain she would show up she was very into me.

Chapter 19

On that very Friday, She called me informing me she would be leaving by 10am that morning knowing fully well Benin to Ife wasn’t much of a distance, probably 3 hour ride depending on the road is.

I informed Olu that morning, so he handed me the key, but I was the course rep so needed to be in class.

I had to time myself cos I still needed to tidy up the place before she showed up and not do it while she got there.

I barely could concentrate in class, not cos I was overly excited but cos she could ring me anytime she was in front of my school, cos it wasn’t a hard place to locate, my reason for being restless was cos I needed to go tidy this place up.

On Fridays there wasn’t really much of lectures but the last lecture always held from 12pm to 1pm and that was it for the day.

I left school as soon as it was 12, I would handle the rest later I told myself. I quickly took a bike as I stepped out of campus right into Ipetumodu where Olu’s place was located.

I didn’t want to make it seem like I was new to the place, I needed to familiarize with the place as much as I could cos I had told her I shared this place with a friend, so I don’t seem lost in my own house.

I got there and realised the whole students residing there were all 200 level students of my school, all friends to Olu’s elder Bro, but they were faces I had chilled with during those rap battle nights at my block, so it was very easy to mix up with them.

“I get package this weekend, she dey road like this, so I go dey here till Sunday” I announced to them as I had met them at the passage gisting.

“Nothing do you, feel free” a short one among them by the name Daddy, who I had once worked out in the boys hostel one time like that.

I rushed in and started tidying the place, with some dishes that looked like they were used like two weeks ago, oozing out very offensive odour, cleaned the whole cobwebs, swept the dirty rug.

The room seemed more like for strictly sex purposes cos it didn’t look like where someone really lived, especially these guys who were Princes.

It was just a room with a bed, rug, empty hangers with very few clothes, few dishes, a dirty looking stove, no TV, no musical sounds.

I tidied it up till it looked decent enough for my liking, wetin Toto dey cause so, make this one no sweet first then we go get problem.

Went out to inspect the toilet and bathroom and thankfully it was decent enough.

After doing a serious unpaid job and then settled in, it was just one thing and one thing left only, Sandra.

For some reasons I couldn’t explain, I wasn’t excited like I was when I was about to see Amara but this one seemed even more in love, I was just waiting to see how she looked like, cos ever since my Absu experience I dreaded situations like this, but that pink thing under that place no dey still let me hear word.

I freshened up and I sat with the boys outside and already given them the load down that it was a 2go runs and I was actually going to be seeing her for the first time, before I go over talk pass myself and e come backfire.

It was around that kind of past 4pm she rang me and told me she was in front of my school, I quickly dressed up, took a bike and headed to the school gate, hoping to see a sweet looking Sandra.

Chapter 20.

I got to the front of the school, as I was highlighting from the bike, my eyes were already scanning everywhere and had gotten a clear view of a babe sitting by the pavement with a small hand bag by her side, I knew she had to be the one, just that I couldn’t get a crystal clear view from the distance I stood.

She was looking towards my direction too probably hoping I was the one, so I waved at her and she she waved back, stood up and was coming to me, I didn’t have to pay the bike, I just told him to wait so he would convey us to where he picked me from.

The closer she got, the better view I got. Now for a silly guy like me, I don’t know how other guys do theirs, but when I look at a woman, the first place my eyes catches is her boobs and then her face.

As she was walking towards me, I was seeing a sweet girl, not too slim and not chubby at the same time, she was in the middle, hips a little bigger, moderate boobs and as she finally got to me I could see her face clearly, moderately beautiful.

I opened my arms out for a hug and she walked in, and then I asked while still holding her,

“How’s your trip”

That one question I asked triggered a very lengthy answer. I didn’t know if she loves to talk or was excited to see me, but she talked to me till we got back to the house, telling me about her trip, what happened to the driver, the hold up, how long the trip had taken and how happy she was to meet me and from the moment she met me, she didn’t call me by name not even for once, but Baby.

It was obvious from her attitude this particular babe was into me, so it was good cos it means I didn’t have to stress myself.

I got water for her to shower and while she was doing that, I had gone out to get her something to eat, cos this one no dey hide anything, she dey talk dieeeeeeeee, so she didn’t hide how hungry she was.

After she had eaten and settled in, I was outside with Daddy, Roland and Femi just gisting. It was a fenced compound, so when we walked in they were outside and had seen her. While she was inside eating and trying to settle in, as I was with them, they had told me

“That babe tight oooo” (She was alright) they had said, the way guys would always applaud.

My phone rang after like about 20 mins, she was the one calling, probably feeling uncomfortable with me not in sight, I quickly got the message and didn’t pick, I just told them boys we would talk later, make I go chill with my control.

As I got in, the first thing that hit me was,

“It’s not fair nau, you just left me all by myself, to talk to myself?” She fired.

I just started laughing immediately I heard that cos in my mind, I was like this one dey vex oooo

“I am sorry, I was just sitting by the corner with my neighbors, I needed you to be comfortable first” I replied back.

“Please don’t go out again, stay with me” She replied.

“OK ma, I am here with you now, just be ready cos all that singing you have been doing over the phone, you’re going to be doing it in person” I said to her.

“If na that one na you go tire, just don’t get tired of me, cos me I like talk” She said.

Obviously she needn’t say that, cos I had already figured that out. She seemed lively and really wasn’t acting and was being her exact self, she matched the exact personality I had been talking to over the phone, cos during the night calls I would sleep off at intervals while she was talking, sometimes if she noticed I had slept off, she would hang up and call me back, she was just the exact same in person.

I knew I was in for a fun, long and hopefully sweet weekend. To make her feel even more comfortable, I went to the bed where she sat, placed the pillows behind my back sat up with my back leaning against them, while she sat in between my legs with her back resting against my chest.

She was just tying a wrapper but I was still fully kitted with everything I had on me when I went to pick her up. Just as I had anticipated that was when the real gist started, the babe put am for gear 3, still match acceleration join.

Chapter 21.

She kept on talking, telling me about school and a whole lot of stuff I didn’t seem interested in, it was more like she was doing the whole talking and even when I try to talk she cuts me off, tho not like she was doing it on purpose but more like someone who just enjoyed talking.

I didn’t want to make her feel bad by asking her if that’s how she talks, cos it was even more different in person. I guess she was already relaxed and feeling very comfortable with me, but the truth is I wasn’t feeling her, especially how her mouth dances without stopping.

One thought came to my mind,

“Make I give this babe one mouth whether her body go calm down,” I said to myself( I should try putting my 1 in her 0, if that’s gonna calm her down”

I made her lean forward and then removed my shirt and then my singlet, leaving me with just my Jean trousers and a boxer.

Before this very moment, while we had our conversations over the phone, we had a truce of hitting it off as soon as we got in but I don’t know about her cos I didn’t feel that connection so I didn’t make any move and neither did she, maybe she was shy or maybe she was exhausted from the trip, cos definitely someone who is free to talk like this with a guy she’s meeting for the first time can’t be shy or maybe I was just completely wrong.

Whatever the case may be it was sure time to find out cos I guess when she saw me started taking off my clothes I had noticed the talks were reducing and her breathing was changing, so she was expecting a move she didn’t have the balls to make.

Well, she didn’t need to have any cos I already have two balls wrapped in a special sack with enough milk for just the two of us, so she didn’t need to worry.

As she went on still gisting about school but this time in a more calmer tone, dem no dey tell person, I just turned her head and reached for her lips while she rushed it like someone who had just finished 40 days and 40 nights fasting and needed a meal so bad.

As we kissed so passionately, I reached for her wrapper, before I could even try dragging it off her, she had dragged it off herself. So the thing hold Talky talky Mommy like this, na em she just dey talk plenty talk since, if you call someone who loves alcohol an alcoholic, then this babe for the short period of time she had stayed was a talkaholic.

She made herself very easy, adjusting very swiftly for me to take the wrapper off her, and as if that wasn’t enough, her wrapper wasn’t so attractive anymore as she had paused the kiss, dragged it off completely, squeezed it, and threw it to where she had kept her bag, I wonder if that’s how you ladies treat your wrappers cos I was certain if it had mouth it would have shouted “its not fair oooo” leaving her birthday suit with one of the maddest, moderate standing boobs I had seen with the longest nipples my eyes had behold in my whoring career.

Her boobs weren’t too big and it wasn’t small either, if our kissing gave me an erection the sight of her body and that boobs with nipples long like an antenna attached to a snail very erect started making my Pian nodding like an agama lizard that had just fallen off the roof of a house like someone possessed I stood up and started trying to take my clothes off like they were on fire.

At that very split second there were, but for the first time in my life I was finding it difficult to take off a simple Jean off my legs, maybe the excitement and tension got a better of me, see the kind thing wey hide

under wrapper since na em person just decide say she wan turn room to talk show, (snapping both of my fingers), some girls can be wicked Sha.

As I was struggling to take off my trousers and boxers at the same time, I didn’t know if it was me or the trousers didn’t want the boxers to go off first before it, either of both just lacked that few secs of patience.

As if that was not enough, I had taken a fall on the bed and that was when both of us on seeing the madness burst into laughter, it was a crazy and funny sight to behold.

She leaned forward and helped me out, cos then we had just started slim-fitting every one of our clothes to go with the new trend then.

As soon as she helped dragged them off my ankles, we dived into each other’s arms only that this time things had taken a new twist, I had laid on her, while she was underneath, my right hand underneath her waist with her hips raised a Lil up and then I said,

“Close your eyes”

That as when I finally had some quiet and peace and finally the party had started, someone can no longer talk but kissed with fire and a burning sensation, if I hear say this one no sweet and I no carry play card protest, make I know why.

Chapter 22
Drowned in the moment, filled with pleasures and forgetting the troubles and burdens of the world at least for the time being, locked in each other’s arms like prisoners in a cell of ecstasy, bind by the chains of love, craving to tear each other apart as our gaze were set on one another, it was that moment being preached about a couple of weeks now.

As I took my gaze to her boobs, staring back at me was this nipple pointing towards me, like a small straw planted around her areola, this was the longest and most erect one I had seen, I couldn’t wait I just had to put my mouth on it.

As I sucked just on it, she wiggled her waist firmly rested on my hand underneath it, just to let me know how sensitive it was.

“Please suck my boobs” She whispered almost like one who had lost her voice.

For someone like me who enjoys and loves foreplay, my intentions were to take my time, but she was acting too impatient cos as she said that and I obliged, she reached for my Pian with a hand and was stroking and slapping it on one side of her laps.

I sucked hard on her boobs with the technique I know how to, suck around it and avoid the nipple, suck just the nipples and then finally suck the whole boobs and the nipples together even sweetly and harder.

With this position and a twist of things different from how I’d love to do them, It would be hard to know what kind of pussy she had.

While I was still sucking, she dragged my head upwards to hers and reached for my lips, and then I noticed a movement like she was almost trying to slip my dick into her pussy, then I paused and withdrew myself back almost immediately,

“Babe, calm down na, why you rushing” I asked looking into her eyes very gently.

“Please just make love to me, I need you inside me” She said, her eyes burning with passion already telling I can’t wait anymore.

“So you want us rush one quickly” I asked again,

She nodded,

“At least allow me wear a condom” I said,

I stretched my hands where I had previously hidden the condoms, got one, tore it off with my teeth in one swoop, cluck click, rolled one on my diiick

Gave myself as a burnt offering for the adventure allowing her slid it into her Obosiasis herself.

For some reasons, I still placed a hand underneath her waist, maybe cos of how attractive I found this body to be, and then we went on missionary.

While I was trying to do things my way, she wanted things her own way, normally I would start with a slow stroke and increase the tempo with time, but all I heard I say was faster.

While we were at it, I was beginning to notice a certain kind of smell, but first giving myself a benefit of doubt, as we went on, the smell increased.

She seemed like someone who loved being in control, she turned around, this time me laying on the bed with my back against it and her on me, this time the smell was getting clearer and clearer as she bounced on my Pian, with me relaxed, playing with her boobs and frolicking her nipples.

After a while, I turned her round, and as she turned, positioned for a doggy was a very offensive smell oozing from her pussy region, my appetite was beginning to dwindle and my diccck was beginning to respond to stimulus but in the opposite way.

I inserted and was trying the best I could stroking from the back, but now the smell was getting even worse and the whole room was beginning to choke me with the odour.

It was getting worse and my dick was loosing its erection, until it almost did, now it was clearer, the whole room was casted, everywhere oozing like something died, that sec I pulled off without cuming, I lost interest in her beautiful body, sex and already was getting irritated.

I stood up, took off the condom and it was smelling like a rat had died in there,

“Baby, did you cum” She had asked.

Na went I went no be only cum, truth is I couldn’t even answer her question, I neither said yes nor no, I just went out quietly to get a bucket, freshened up, told her I had kept water for her, but surprisingly she said she would when it was dark, though had cleaned up with a tissue.

I just quietly went to one corner of the compound where Daddy sat smoking, I collected a stick of Benson lit it, blew one in the air causing the gods under my breath trying to forget the trauma I had just ‘sexperienced’

After that, I molded my weed and then smoked up to clear my head coz for real I felt very very irritated.

My question tho is, with the whole room smelling like something died and with her seeing how my countenance changed, does she know before now she had a smelling pussy hole but still decided to come embarrass herself cos I wasn’t understanding.

Omor this one, this same one, if no be one thing, una for see am for CCN and BBC as person carry play card dey protest, na just say I no see card board and marker. Certainly this one no sweet.(long hiss, pheeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww ).

Chapter 23.
I stayed out, tho were I sat with dem boys, we raised our voices from time to time over arguments relating from politics to sports and entertainment, so I was sure she heard my voice from time to time and knew I didn’t go too far, but surprisingly she didn’t bother me like she had done the first time.

“This one wey you dey outside here since, go dey with your babe na” Roland had said.

I didn’t know he was a time keeper in his former life cos I wonder what his business was with my guest.

“Chill Bro, is it your oil?, she go dey around till Sunday, no worry if I need assistance I go come knock your door” I replied with low tone weed mode voice, as they all laughed.

From the moment I rolled the condom off my dickkk, all the excitement I had in me died and I was beginning to get irritated and just couldn’t wait for the mini honey’bitter’moon to end.

I had so many thoughts going through my mind especially after I had smoked up, wondering why a 26 year old fair enough good looking babe can’t look after herself properly, cos I personally don’t think a grown up woman wouldn’t have an idea if her Obosiasis oozes or not cos if I was a woman I definitely would know, not after the whole room was oozing very badly, unless I was the only one with a faulty or over sensitive nose.

If she doesn’t know and didn’t perceive anything, there wasn’t any way I was telling her with my mouth, cos if I was in such situation it would better be someone I am much acquainted with to say it to me than a guy I was meeting for the first time, but either way one way or the other, my actions will say it without hurting anyone’s feelings cos the last time I witnessed something like this was in Absu with Chibaby.

I got back inside when it was beginning to get dark, she just laid on the bed, scrolling through her phone, and by then the smell has subsided cos the window were wide open, and why all that went down was so glaring was cos the room had just one window.

“Wear something let’s stroll and to see if we can get something to eat” I said.

She stood up, still naked with her banging body and beautiful boobs that wasn’t attractive to me any more. She still hadn’t showered since the incident.

For a very neat guy like me, I take cleanliness very seriously, I could tolerate anything but certainly not dirtiness, maybe she didn’t know I was observing these things too.

We got out, ate out, got back. She didn’t shower until much later in the night when I had used the water I had kept for her to shower and then gotten another for her.

I let her do her thing and do it whenever she pleased but one thing was for sure our rapport had dropped and the conversations wasn’t as pleasant as it was before the sex and all of a sudden her battery had gotten low cos she wasn’t talking like she was before, just short convos and short replies here and there.

Maybe she knew, maybe she didn’t, I didn’t care but her attitude tells me everything I needed to know.

Much later in the night around past 11, she had gone out to shower and then got in and joined me on the bed after locking the door as I instructed her to from where I laid.

There was some quiet, I laid by my side backing her, cos for real I couldn’t hide the fact I was irritated, she laid behind me, wrapping her hands around me with her nipples piercing my back.

I kept mute, acted like I had slept but I wasn’t, after about an hour of laying still and it felt she couldn’t take it any more, she said

“Baby, please turn around”

“Who be your baby” I said cursing under my breath.

Now I was scared for me cos this babe could have an affection, ain’t no way she didn’t perceive what I had perceived or feign not to have an idea even she decided to journey down to see me, cos if I was seeing someone for the first time, it’s normal for one to be in their best behavior cos you certainly want to impress.

I ignored her, pretending like I was deep in my sleep.

“Please nau, turn around” She said again, this time tapping and shaking me by the shoulder.

The room was very dark, with just a tiny reflection of the moon pouring its not so bright radiant from the outside, but still it was dark.

Back then most of the houses in these small towns had windows made of wood and the the regular ones I was familiar with in towns or cities.

I finally turned around, pretending like I had just woken up, in my mind expecting she wanted to talk about the incident, but to my utmost shock all she did was just started kissing me, obviously wanting to initiate sex.

I withdrew from her

“I am tired babe, you are still here, let me sleep please” I said in a husky sleepy voice in pretense.

I turned around, this time backing her and laying flat on my belly. Na she know who she dey try kill, na play she dey, she dey learn work. (Another long kiss, pheeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwww).

Chapter 24

I stayed like that and waited for sleep to pick me even though it was hard to come by, I am human, how can I sleep so easily when a nipple is piercing me at my back like a needle, I get feelings too na just that the nipples just didn’t want to have human sympathy.

No matter how hard the nipple pierced me, one particular Chief wasn’t just happy and wasn’t going to party cos it has a mind of its own and I doubt it would want to go through that road again, especially this one road, this same bumpy road full of potholes it had passed not quite long ago, I am certain if my Pian was a vehicle it would have somersaulted like 50 times and suffer from possible broken bones.

Sincerely I didn’t know when this sleep came, I just know it didn’t come when I wanted it to, but I pretended I had long slept off before the sleep came even though she was all over me.

You wan draw oil, e dey sweet you like this and yet you no fit clear the weed from the land, how is my Pian supposed to respond when the coast is not clear.

In the middle of the night, it was still her being all over me that woke me up and wanting to initiate sex, but my brain who was in total agreement with my Pian was on strike, I wasn’t feeling a thing to make me get an erection.

One thing I kept asking myself was, isn’t this reaction and sudden change of mine not suppose to let her know something was wrong even if she was feigning not to know or maybe she wanted some more drama to get the message, no wahala, I will turn my Ramsey Noah on if it makes her get it.

I still managed to sleep till it was dawn. She asked me to take her to my school and spend some time which I didn’t have a problem with.

After we had eaten and freshened up, she was in a joyous mood for reasons best known to her and that was when she blew my mind with her singing, not just me but from every other neighbor who was home.

Situations like this, I was expecting people to complain she was disturbing the peace of the house cos the room kind of echoed, plus she sang at the top of her voice, instead people who were coming out, guys and ladies alike were asking,

“Omor, who get that voice, who be that, who dey sing?, Who’s singing”

I heard that over and over again, it was more like they didn’t even want her to stop. For a guy who studied music, played certain instruments and sings too, I could relate, but far from it this babe was an Angel when she sings, it was like something was seeing for the first time. She doesn’t just sing, it’s the way she sings from within, showed it in her facial expressions, how she switches keys, more like I had only seen someone sing so good on TV. That moment it just felt like I should fall in love with her over and over again and finally just adhere to her sexual advances, like turn her around right that very sec, give her doggy while fondling her nipples and whisper in her ears as I lean forward,

“Beyonce should be your apprentice, Rihanna should come to learn how to sing from you”

Fuccc!k, she was that good. I decided to do a duet with her, she asked which song I knew well and if she knows the lyrics then we could. We finally picked R. Kelly and Celine Dion: I am your Angel.

I sang the guys part and she sang the ladies part, the part I was Solo she would back me up and the part she was Solo I would back her up, we did it from start to finish and as we were concluding the song, we started hearing claps from outside, that was the only true moment I was proud of my guest sincerely speaking, at that point we seemed like the very perfect couple but just that gallop the day before was ruining our romantic moment cos if it wasn’t for that, dammmn right I would have been slow banging that ass while we do a duet to her moans.

The claps from neighbors had to force us out of the apartment cos there were people who hadn’t seen her and neighbors knew before now they knew everyone who lived there and none sings asides for Roland that raps and Daddy a hip hop lover acting as his manager.

“Babe, I need to say this, if it was you singing which I know it was, please don’t waste this talent, go for project fame, Nigerian Idols or something, you are fu! Cking good” Daddy fired at her upon sighting her.

“I have been to Nigerian Idols audition twice, it doesn’t work as people think, na man know man, arrangee arrangee” She replied back almost immediately.

“Are you for real?” He asked,

“For real, I do music on the side, sing in a club hotel, working on something for myself, I’ll just take it one step at a time and see”

“I am her manager now, I go handle her well, my fine sweet babe” I said praising her before everyone

“Ken she sing pass you by far, but that una last song, una wann everywhere” Femi said (Ken, she’s a much better singer but the last duet, you two killed it

“You see me follow you argue?, I dey learn work where this one dey ooooo” I humbly said

After much of the praises and compliments which was quite great, we went back in, as we did, I just rushed, pushed her to the wall, kissed her passionately while she kissed back, we went at it for a while and then I paused it before it could get any further, my intentions were to make her feel good.

That was the last time I really sang or did a duet with anyone, I can’t even remember the last time I sang, I only hope I don’t completely lose the voice someday, cos even if there aren’t any intentions to make something out of it it’s still nice to try from time to time so I don’t lose it completely, but since Delsu and Absu, I hadn’t had a woman who loves singing or music to inspire me.

Around 2 pm, we strolled to campus, as I took her to show her around.

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